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Growing Pains Chapter 04



         Barry pushed air through his nose, forcing his arms to keep moving. He grit his teeth, pushing through the pain suffusing his whole body.


         “That’s 50, Master.” Rebecca called, watching him collapse. “You’re done.”


         Barry groaned, rolling onto his back. “I haven’t done that many pushups before in my entire life.”


         The Tomboy grinned and helped him to his feet. “Well, you have now.”


         Barry gave her a resigned shrug. “True.”


         The previous three days had been non-stop. Aside from a few hours on Wednesday morning, the first full day they had been away from the training site, Barry had been pushing himself and the harem. He could tell Cammie was right on the edge of an evolution, and was preparing himself for a weekend trip into the nearby forests to find her a few solid fights. Meanwhile Rebecca was unchanged, keeping up with her strength and endurance training as usual under Mira’s watchful eyes. He wasn’t completely sure, but she seemed happier, almost like the constant stress was bolstering her instead of draining.


         “Give me a minute.” He gasped. “Then we need to go to the ranch.”


         Rebecca nodded, helping him through the door and into the main house. “I’ll start the shower for you, Master.”


         Barry hissed when she let go, feeling the burning in his legs from the strenuous workout. “I wonder if we should leave Cammie behind.”


         Rebecca poked her head back out of the bathroom. “That wouldn’t be fair, Master. She should go with us.”


         “Yea, I know.” Barry winced but raised his voice. “CAAAAAAMMILLLLAAAAAA!”


         There was movement outside, the Salalexis bursting in through the door a moment later. “Master?”


         “Get dressed.” Barry gestured at the leaves and dirt that specked her body. “And wash up, please. We’re going to the ranch soon.”


         Cammie nodded, stepping back outside and shaking to clear the worst of the debris before running down the hall and vanishing into the vacant master bedroom. Barry’s parents had vanished again, ostensibly running tests for his dad’s new business deal. He figured they were just giving him space to unwind.


         “Ready, Master.” Barry staggered into the bathroom, pulling up short when he saw Rebecca standing nude next to the shower.


         “Really.” He asked tiredly. “I ache all over.”


         Rebecca smiled. “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to, Master, but I can wash for you.”


         Barry shook his head. “Fine, get in.”


         He stepped in behind the Tomboy, waiting for her to spray them both down with water and start lathering soap. He sighed softly when she pushed up against his back, her small breasts ballooning out and rubbing down his skin. “I really do want to get to the ranch today.”


         He felt Rebecca’s hands start massaging his shoulders, the Tomboy moving slowly and deliberately. “I know, Master.” She murmured, bumping her hips forwards to grind against his butt. “I just want to make sure you remember your Alpha, no matter how sexy this new girl you’re going to get is.”


         “I told you I would.” Barry replied, grabbing some shampoo and starting to work it into his hair.


         Rebecca slowly pressed herself fully against his back. “I know.” She whispered. “But you know how I get.”


         “I know you like to fuck the new arrivals with me.” Barry replied, rinsing out the shampoo and turning. “So it’s not all bad for you, is it?”


         Rebecca’s eyes widened when she felt his member jab into her stomach. “You’re-“


         “Hard as a rock.” Barry replied, firmly grasping her side so she couldn’t escape. “You have nobody to blame but yourself.”


         Rebecca tried to twist away but Barry had taken care to keep his hands soap free so his grip was secure. She cried out when he lifted her slightly and drove her body down onto his shaft, bracing against the shower wall so he didn’t slip and fall.


         Rebecca moaned, laying her head and chest against his as he slowly moved up and down inside her. “Oh Master.” She breathed, feeling every inch as it scraped her insides.


         “That’s a new trick.” Barry gasped, feeling Rebecca’s muscles pulsating around his shaft. “You haven’t done this before.”


         Rebecca panted. “It’s working?” She cried out as she felt him cum, following it a second later with her own orgasm. The two slowly recovered together, letting the water wash them clean again before they vacated the shower.


         Cammie was waiting outside the bathroom door. “Master Barry needs to get dressed, my Alpha.” She muttered sullenly.


         Rebecca shot Barry a glance and shrugged, letting a smile play across her lips. “I think so too, Cammie. Let us know when you’re ready, Master.”


         Cammie was still pouting when Barry reemerged, Rebecca sitting serenely in the living room. “Come on!” He yelled. “I scheduled a transport from Meek. They’ll be here any minute.”


         The two pokegirls followed him outside, watching the teleport pad together. Around four minutes passed before something appeared, the pokegirl looking around and focusing on Barry. “Are you master Barry?”


         “I am.” Barry pulled out Rebecca and Cammie’s pokeballs, recalling the two and stepping forwards. “Do you need to see my credentials?”


         The transporter shook her head. “No need, sir. We will come out inside the main building.”


         Barry nodded and took her hand, watching the scenery change to an indoor room. The two stepped off the teleport pad, Barry thanking the girl and exiting the room.


         He was staring at the receptionist’s desk and quickly made his way over, pulling out his pokedex with a smile. “Good morning. I’m Bartholomew Messer, I’m here to claim a pokegirl?”


         The receptionist nodded, holding out her hand for Barry’s pokedex. “Let me just confirm your identity, sir.” Barry waited for her to scan the device, smiling when the receptionist straightened slightly. “I have you right here, Sir. Did you have a specific pokegirl in mind, or would you like me to call a qualified assistant to help you?”


         “I have a breed in mind, but not a specific girl.” Barry replied. “I would like to look at all your available A-Bra.”


         The receptionist’s eyebrow rose. “A-Bra, Sir? You are aware that the A-Bra breed is notorious for sleeping nearly the entire day.”


         “I am.” Barry replied. “But I figured since they’re only here at the ranch, they’ve at least maintained a minimal sleep schedule.”


         The receptionist nodded slowly. “It’s true that none of the ones I know sleep for more than 14 hours daily, and mostly at night. Alright Sir, I will contact an assistant right away.”


         Barry smiled at her. “Thank you very much.” He took his dex back, sliding over to a nearby chair and waiting.


         He looked up when he felt a presence touch his mind, standing to meet the Alaka-Wham that was walking towards him.


         “Should I even follow you?” He asked, “or should I just allow you to see what you’re looking for and wait here.”


         The Wham blinked and smiled. “Ah, you are well experienced with Psychic pokegirls. Please follow me, sir. I will summon the pokegirl that would fit you best.”


         Barry followed her into a well-furnished waiting room, frowning when the Wham turned and locked the door behind him. “Should I be worried?”


         The psychic pokegirl glanced at him in surprise. “Apologies, sir, I should have explained. I can not guarantee that she will stay awake long enough for you to return to your own home, so I assumed you would want to tame her here. I am closing the door to ensure your privacy.”


         Barry glanced back at the room, finally noticing the bed that was tucked into the corner. “Ah. Would you still let me review the other girls to make sure for myself that you’ve brought the right choice?”


         The Wham smiled warmly and bowed her head. “Of course, sir. I will bring a viewer the same as when you chose your Tomboy.”


         Barry chuckled, walking over and inspecting the furnishings absentmindedly. “Thank you.”


         He watched her exit through a different door before pulling out Rebecca’s pokeball and triggering the release.


         Rebecca blinked at him and glanced around. “Master? Where are we?”


         “Still at the ranch.” Barry started pulling off his shoes and pointed at the bed. “I got a Wham assigned to me so she did the time honored tradition of reading my mind and deciding what I’d want before I did. Annoying, but useful.”


         Rebecca nodded. “So, we’re taming your new pokegirl here, Master?”


         “Mmhm.” Barry refrained from starting to work on his clothing just yet. “I want to pick up an A-Bra to help round out the harem. The attendant says she’d probably fall asleep before we could get back home.”


         Rebecca cocked her head at that. “Why do you say an A-Bra would round out the harem, Master?”


         “It’ll give us a dedicated ranged pokegirl.” Barry replied. “And it will help cover for your weaknesses.”


         “I have no weaknesses.” Rebecca replied loftily. “I am my Master’s perfect pokegirl.”


         “Mmmmmmhmmmmmmmm.” Barry smirked. “You keep telling yourself that.”


         “Maybe I will.” Rebecca muttered sullenly.


         They both turned when the attendant returned, a tiny pokegirl padding along behind her. The Alaka-Wham smiled at the two, a small bag levitating out in front of her. “These are her belongings, sir. And here is the viewer I promised.”


         Barry took the screen, taking a good look at the A-Bra in front of him first. She was stark naked and stared back at him expectantly, her brilliant amethyst eyes sparkling against her golden skin. As she moved further into the room he could see that she was shorter than Rebecca, but probably between her and Cammie, somewhere around the 5’ mark or just above. She flicked her light gray hair back out of her eyes, the ends swaying back and forth over her ass. “You are to be my Master?” She asked, her voice suffusing the room even though she never raised it more than a whisper.


         Barry slowly nodded, not even glancing at the device he was holding as he gave it back to the smirking Alaka-Wham. “That’s right.”


         The girl’s antennae slowly lifted out of her bangs, twitching slightly when she began to read his thoughts. “You are fair.” She looked at Rebecca. “She is content.” She turned back to him and smiled happily. “Good morning, Master.”


         “Just like that?” Barry muttered, watching the attendant lift some papers and begin the same paperwork that he remembered Timothy filling out previously. “Uh, don’t I need to do that?”


         The Wham shook her head, busily scribbling at the forms. “It is my duty to assist you, sir.” Her own antennae twitched and she rose, walking out the door. “I will be back in a while.”


         Barry glanced back to see the A-Bra staring at Rebecca and he chuckled. “Well aren’t you the cute couple.” He watched as the A-Bra stretched up and tenderly kissed Rebecca’s mouth, a deep scarlet blush spreading down the Tomboy’s cheeks.


         Rebecca felt the A-Bra drag her fingers along her neck, shivering when the shorter girl hooked her fingertips beneath her shirt and easily pulled it over her head. She didn’t even know when or how her arms had moved to allow the motion, completely lost in the sea of purple that stared up at her.


         Barry watched Rebecca collapse, the Tomboy flopping limply onto the bed. The A-Bra climbed up, securing the position he had expected Rebecca to take again.


         Rebecca’s mouth hung open slightly, her mind separated from the pleasure and motions of her body while she tried to comprehend what was happening. “I… am… Alpha?” She thought frantically, screaming when the A-Bra masterfully hit the most pleasurable areas. “Dominate… Do- dom…


         She moaned again, the A-Bra’s face and glowing purple eyes invading her thoughts. She could hear whispers, the words just out of reach but the meaning clear. They promised pleasure, as long as she would just submit. Try as she might, she couldn’t resist.


         The petite pokegirl grinned down at the squirming Tomboy under her and waved her hands. Rebecca’s body went still, her limbs spreading into an X from the telekinetic force.


         Barry whistled softly when the A-Bra began fiercely ravaging the immobilized Tomboy. He wasn’t sure how many times she came before he decided to give her a break, sliding in behind the pokegirls and hooking the A-Bra away from her victim.


         Rebecca stirred feebly when she felt the A-Bra’s psychic hold dissipate, rolling her head over and looking blearily up at her Master. She could only watch while they fucked, Barry taking firm control of the petite pokegirl with none of the hesitation she had been overwhelmed by.


         Rebecca slowly closed her eyes, trying in vain to force out the sounds and screams as the two tamed. How had this happened? What had she…?








         Barry staggered through the door, cycling each pokeball’s release before falling face first onto the living room couch. “Rbekgetd.”


         The three pokegirls looked at each other and back to their mumbling Tamer. “Master, are you alright?” Rebecca asked cautiously.


         “Gtfd.” Barry rolled over and stared blearily at them. “Food.”


         “I think he wants you to start making food.” The A-Bra interjected. “Master’s thoughts are tired but I think that’s what he’s telling you to do.”


         “Uh, sure.” Rebecca stepped away, watching him worriedly as she walked to the kitchen. “Why is he acting like that?”


         The A-Bra perched on the side of the couch, head slightly cocked while she listened to Barry’s internal monologue. “Did you train before coming to get me, Master?”




         “He’s just tired.” The A-Bra looked up at Rebecca. “He needs some sleep, Alpha.”


         “Well, then let him nap.” Rebecca replied. “Come over here so I can show you how to cook.” She waited, turning when there was no response. “Hey-“


         The A-Bra had curled up next to Barry, both Tamer and pokegirl slumbering peacefully. Rebecca stared at the A-Bra for a few minutes before slowly turning back to the kitchen and starting to prepare ingredients the way Barry had shown her, listening with minor annoyance to Cammie’s retreating footsteps outside.


         “Fine,” she muttered, “I’ll just do it all myself.”


         Rebecca felt the anger start to rise as time went on, slicing at the vegetables with more and more strength until a tomato she grabbed exploded in her clenched hand.


         “FUCK!” She spat, wiping at the spots across her top. “I liked this shirt.” Sighing, she pulled it off, continuing to cut until she had a good variety. She glanced over to see Barry still asleep and covered the bowl, sticking it in the refrigerator and pulling out a pile of meat, slowly rolling the ground KATTLE into patties.


         She felt the rage begin to build again when she thought of the two other pokegirls and carefully set down the meat in her hands, grinding her teeth together.


         “Alright.” She muttered. “The A-Bra has an excuse. Cammie fucking doesn’t.” She started to turn towards the door, intent on chasing down the Salalexis, when she slowed. “She doesn’t know how to cook.” She grimaced. “That’s her excuse.”


         Rebecca stared out the door, her hands slowly relaxing. “I’m supposed to fix that.” She thought despondently. “I’m the Alpha.” She winced, shaking her head when the thoughts from that morning pushed back in. “If I’m the Alpha, I should be the one doing what she did to me.” Rebecca glanced back at the sleeping A-Bra. “Am I too weak? Will she take my place?”


         The girl stirred, her antennae twitching. Slowly she opened her eyes, Rebecca’s despairing thoughts invading her dreams and forcing her awake. She slowly sat up with a yawn, blinking at her still slumbering Master and sliding to her feet.


         The muttering from the kitchen caused her to turn, her eyes brightening when she saw her Alpha busily working. “Can I help?” She asked sleepily, padding over and staring at the surprised Tomboy. “Alpha?”


         Rebecca froze up, staring at the nude pokegirl. “Did- How-“ she shook her head. “Were you reading my mind?”


         The A-Bra blinked owlishly. “I’s asleep.” She yawned, stretching with a happy groan. “I’like sleep.”


         Rebecca let out her breath, shaking her head slightly. “I need to talk to you.”


         The A-Bra nodded, making towards a chair but stopping when Rebecca started walking away. “Alpha?” She finally noticed Rebecca’s state of dress. “What happened to your shirt?”


         Rebecca grimaced and waved. “Come on.”


         The A-Bra followed her curiously into the master bedroom, watching Rebecca quietly close the door. “What is it?”


         Rebeca sighed, staring down at where she still held the door handle. “He likes you.”


         The A-Bra blinked. “Do I threaten you?”


         Rebecca tensed at the perceptive question, her fingers pressing against the metal. “What you did to me this morning, I... as Alpha, I...”


         The A-Bra’s antennae uncurled slightly before she forced her curiosity down. “Did I scare you, Alpha? Did you not like it?”


         “What are you trying to do?” Rebecca hissed. “To show him how helpless you’re able to make me and then act as if I’m still in control. What’s your plan?”




         “MY NAME IS REBECCA!” Rebecca screamed, whirling and glaring at the other girl. “USE IT!”


         The A-Bra blinked at her in shock, her antennae lying still on top of her head. She fought not to run, facing the seething Tomboy nervously. “A- Re- Rebecca,” she squeaked, “what- what- what did I do?”


         Rebecca growled, clutching at her head and fighting back her tumultuous emotions. “I can’t stand this.” She laughed, the sound cutting off unnaturally when she grinned desperately at the ceiling. “Why are you doing this to me? Who are you to do this to me? Who are you?”


         The A-Bra shrank back when Rebecca took a step forwards, her antennae uncurling as she prepared to fight or run. “Re- Rebecca, please, tell me what’s wrong!”


         “YOU ARE!” Rebecca screamed, tensing in preparation to blitz the terrified A-Bra. “I DON’T UNDERSTAND!”


         The girl screamed when there was a crash, Rebecca gasping as she felt the door explode inwards. Before she could turn she was slammed to the ground, Cammie leaping forwards and smashing seeds into her back. Rebecca fought the vines that began to sprout but was soon hogtied, a ripple of fear flashing through her mind at the feeling. “Another one? No! NO!!


         “MINA!” Barry rushed in past the squirming Tomboy, wrapping the A-Bra in his arms as she cried. “No, please, I’ll figure this out. We’ll figure this out.” He began rocking her in his arms and turned to glare at Rebecca. “WHAT are you doing?”


         Rebecca couldn’t move from the bondage but her eyes glistened as she sobbed, staring at Barry’s mix of horror and bewilderment with her own distress and uncertainty.


         The A’Bra suddenly stood, her tears still flowing, and broke free to throw herself onto the Tomboy. “I couldn’t know!” She cried, trying to hug Rebecca the best she could. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t know, I wanted to… to…” She hiccupped, pulling away so that Rebecca had space. “I’ve ruined your happiness, Alpha, I’m so…” She trailed off, staggering back and collapsing against the bedframe with her antennae twitching.


         Barry shared a bewildered look with Cammie and gestured for the Salalexis to get off of Rebecca. “Rebecca, if Cammie releases you, are you going to attack Mina again?” The A-Bra gasped when she finally realized he was calling her by name and began sobbing again uncontrollably.


         Rebecca screwed her eyes shut, blinking them rapidly to clear the tears. “I’m going to take that as a no.” Barry nodded. “Let her go, Cammie.”


         Rebecca felt the vines loosened and twisted, frantically tearing them off and curling up into a ball in an attempt to regain her composure.


         “Rebecca.” She looked up at Barry’s call, wincing at the look on his face. “Mina is acting like she understands why you just… I don’t know. Attacked her?” His eyes hardened. “You had better explain.”


         Mina caught her breath. “Master, she-“


         “Mina, I am asking Rebecca.” Barry’s voice was cold. “If you feel like you need to add to her explanation after you may, but it is best for her if she explains. NOW.”


         Rebecca tucked her head, tears dripping off her face again. “M-Master…”


         “I’m waiting.” Barry turned when Mina began to speak again. “Be quiet. If she is unwilling to tell me why she has a problem with you being here I will be forced to choose one or the other. And her chances aren’t looking very good.”


         Mina stilled and Rebecca jerked when she heard the A-Bra’s voice whisper in her head. “Please… Alpha. Sister.” Rebecca gasped at Mina’s desperate longing. “Answer him so I can make this right.


         “I,” she croaked, “I thought, thought she was… I don’t know what I thought.” She began to cry again. “Back at the ranch, how she… how she made me feel, I didn’t know how to respond, how to move forwards. I thought she was, was trying to take alpha away from me, I didn’t know what to do!” She screamed, crushing her face into the floor. “HOW COULD SHE DO THAT TO ME? HOW COULD SHE MAKE ME FEEL SO GOOD AND LEAVE ME SO HELPLESS?”


         Barry stared at the sobbing Tomboy, turning to Mina after a moment. “Please elaborate. I know what she’s saying but I can’t understand her reaction to it.”


         Mina stared at the broken girl. “I did something I thought she would want.” She shook her head slightly. “I used my power to give my Alpha what she wanted most when she tamed me, but I never stopped… Never stopped to discover whether it was what she needed.” She turned her tear-soaked face to Barry. “Don’t punish her, or send her away, Master. This is my fault.”


         Cammie was glancing between the two. “Master, what happened at the ranch?”


         Barry’s lips thinned. “Let me make sure I’m hearing this correctly. Rebecca, when Mina dominated you, it felt good.” He continued at her wail. “Mina, you did that because deep down it’s what Rebecca truly wanted.”


         Mina bowed her head. “Yes.”


         “But because you’re a Tomboy, you have an image of yourself as being the dominant half unless it’s with me and having Mina do it destroyed your veil.” Barry sighed when Rebecca’s sobs increased. “You know, I’m going off your screams at the moment and would appreciate it if you just talked.”


         “I AM SUPPOSED TO BE THE ALPHA!” Rebecca screamed. “THE STRONGEST!”


         “Gods help me.” Barry muttered. “Rebecca, there is nothing wrong with allowing someone else to take control over you in bed, no matter how strong you are.” He winced when she hiccupped. “I did it to you on our first night! You didn’t break down then.”


         “Bu-but she- she-“ Rebecca sobbed. “She was- nobody, new, and I-I-“


         “You’re a hopeless bisexual who acts tough on the outside.” Barry snapped. “I get that you’re confused right now but what happens between the two of you when you have sex and what happens in normal life don’t have to be the same damn thing.” He pointed at Cammie. “You.”


         Cammie meeped. “Me?”


         “While you were feral you tried to stick your tail up my butt.” He snorted at her reaction. “Yea, girlie. But I’m not trying to kill you for it! It happened, I didn’t like it as much as feral addled Camilla wanted me to, but that’s ok. It was an experiment and I’ve moved on.”


         Now he had three pokegirls in various stages of breakdown, though Camilla was still more composed than Rebecca. “Are you going to send her away, Master?”


         Barry turned and scooted closer to Mina. “No, I’m not. I’m also not sending you away, and I guess I won’t be punishing anybody.” He glanced at Cammie. “I’m considering punishing you for the stunt with your tail.”


         “Feral.” Cammie said quickly. “No what Master talks about.”


         Barry choked and started laughing at her sudden fearful pidgin. “Damnit, Cammie.”


         Rebecca had finally gotten her sobs under control and she straightened out, looking at Mina. “I’m sorry.” She whispered. “I just needed… needed to know what you meant for me.”


         “I know.” Mina whispered back. “I see that now. I just wanted to make you feel good A-Ms… Rebecca.” She struggled with what to call the Tomboy and finally gave up. “I want you to love me, Sister. I saw such, such joy in your heart, and…” She looked up at Barry. “And it was all for him. I wanted some too.”


         Barry sighed, walking over and easing Rebecca up into a sitting position. “There we go.” He sat with her, gently brushing hair out of her face. “You know, when Timothy brought me to the ranch to meet you, he called you an irreverent little bastard.” He chuckled when Rebecca hiccupped. “I think I have to agree with him.”


         Rebecca whined, dropping her head onto his chest. “I’m sorry Master.”


         “It’s alright.” Barry murmured. “Mina says it’s alright.” He gave the A-Bra a cheeky grin. “Well, now that that’s out in the open, who wants to eat lunch?”


         “No.” Barry blinked when he felt Rebecca struggle upright, taking an unsteady step towards Mina. “I want something else.”


         Mina stared up at her, her eyes widening when she felt Rebecca’s intention. “Alpha-“


         “Let it all out.” Barry grinned when Rebecca grabbed the smaller girl by the sides, lifting her up and throwing her squealing onto the bed. “Get your feelings out.” He blushed when Rebecca reached over the side, grabbing the hidden drawer and yanking the whole thing up with her. “Oh dear.”


         Cammie grabbed his arm, trying to pull him away as Rebecca began pulling sex toys out at an alarming rate. “Master, we should leave them alone.”


         “Yea, Mina can teleport if Rebecca goes too far.” Barry allowed Cammie to pull him out, staring at the damaged door. “Ah, shit.”


         Cammie drew her fingers across her breasts, the line of scales lighting up and disgorging seeds into her hands that she slapped along the doorframe. Barry watched the vines weave together, forming a solid wall. “That’s handy.”


         “It’s something I’ve been practicing, Master.” Barry flinched when he saw her turn and recognized the look in her eyes. “They are having fun together.”


         “Is this why you’re always naked?” Barry asked in a resigned voice, allowing the Salalexis to push him back and onto the couch. “So you’re always ready for me?”


         Cammie’s tail wormed its way across his stomach, popping open his shorts and lifting his shirt. “I don’t like clothes.” She slid along his body, tracing her tongue up his face. “They get in the way.”


         Behind her Rebecca teased her way along the tiny A-Bra’s body, longing to make Mina understand.


         “I do.” Mina screamed in pleasure from Rebecca’s attacks. “Sh-ow me, - my- - AH-“ she cried out again, the telepathic connection snapping off when she lost focus.


         Rebecca felt the psychic hold begin to envelope her again but it was easy to ignore. She shivered but continued controlling the A-Bra. “Sometime.” She whispered, happily feeling the power fade when Mina submitted. “Not now.”







         “She’s still asleep.” Barry glared at Rebecca. “What did you do to her?”


         Rebecca purpled. “No-nothing.”


         “Well do you feel better?” Barry huffed. “I was going to take us hunting today but because of your little stunt I need to get everyone happy again.”


         Rebecca bowed her head. She was still recovering from her outburst the day before and Barry had made it plain that she wasn’t in the clear just yet. “Please forgive me, Master.”


         Barry sighed, scanning the storefronts while they walked. “You’re probably wondering what’s coming next.”


         Rebecca felt tears beading in her eyes. “Yes.”


         “You’re no longer the Alpha.” Rebecca screwed her eyes shut, tears dripping on the ground. “But at the same time, I don’t have a pokegirl that can fit that role well. So you get a second chance, Rebecca. Show me that I can use you as my Alpha and I’ll reconsider when another candidate stumbles along.”


         Rebecca nodded miserably. “Thank you, Master.”


         “Sure.” Barry pulled up short. “Hm. I think I’ll leave you here for a little bit.”


         Rebecca followed his gaze and moaned in despair. “Please no.”


         Barry glanced away from the sex shop. “Yes. You need to have a healthy way to relieve those tensions.” He handed her a small credit chip. “If you never use it with the harem, that’s fine, but get something you would be willing to let me use on you.” He smiled slightly when her breathing quickened. “That got your heart fluttering, didn’t it.”


         Rebecca palmed the chip, nodding slightly. “I’ll figure it out, Master.”


         “See you in a while.” Barry watched her step inside before wheeling around, ducking down a side street and emerging back on the main drag. He ducked inside a nearby shop, picking up a few small items and continuing on down the line. Reaching an evolution shop he stepped inside, avoiding the predatory attendants and picking up a water and round stone that went into a small bag on his side. Rebecca was his only pokegirl that regularly wanted to wear clothes, so he walked past the rows upon rows of boutiques and stopped in front of a small building.


         The bell over the door tinkled when he pushed inside, prompting a pokegirl to scurry out of the back after a few moments. “Welcome to Carmen’s Creations.” She said brightly. “Mistress Carmen isn’t here today, but I may take your order.”


         Barry dug in his pocket, withdrawing his goggles and setting them on the counter. “I’m an old customer. I need some alterations done, if possible.”


         The pokegirl picked up the goggles, producing a jeweler’s glass and peering closely. “Darkened lenses, full field of view.” She looked up, blinking at what she saw. “Oh, you use these to hide your pokegene, sir?”


         “That’s right.” Barry glanced around. “If you can add a magnifier and optic scanner to them, I would pay handsomely for it.”


         The girl frowned, turning the goggles over in her hands. “I assume you wish to link the scanner to a pokedex, sir?”


         “That’s the idea.”


         The girl tsked. “These lenses are far too thin to safely put in addons like those. I can do a rebuild, or an extension, sir.”


         “Rebuild.” Barry slid a chip over the counter. “Money is no issue. Carmen knows my family.”


         The girl looked at him quizzically, taking the chip and sliding it into her computer. Her eyes bugged when the number appeared and she glanced back at him. “I, uh, will get in touch with Ms. Carmen right away.” She stuttered. “May I, may I ask your name?”


         “Bartholomew Messer.” Barry replied. “She’s a bit more familiar with my father, Timothy.”


         “Timothy and Bartholomew Messer.” The girl recited. “I will make sure she is notified immediately, sir.” She stared longingly at the credit chip before handing it back. “It’s better for you to hold onto that, sir.”


         “Thanks.” Barry looked at the goggles still in her hand. “I’ll leave those with you. Carmen knows how to reach me when she has questions.”


         He pushed back onto the street, sparing a glance back and laughing when he saw the pokegirl tripping over herself to get to the back room.


         The rest of the stores he visited were uneventful, and he soon found himself back in front of where he had left Rebecca.


         Stepping inside, he began to look for an attendant but saw Rebecca first, brightening and walking over to the Tomboy.


         “Hey!” He said happily, glancing between her and what appeared to be a Domina that she had been talking to. “How’d it go?”


         Rebecca nervously smoothed her shirt. “I found something, Master.” She held up a bag. “Um, I was thinking I could show you what it is. Sometime.”


         Barry chuckled. “Sure.” He was starting to ask the Domina a question when something about Rebecca caught his eyes. She was dressed in her regular skimpy clothing and he could see a symmetrical light red set of lines running up and down her stomach.


         Rebecca caught him looking and squealed, shoving her shirt down in an attempt to cover the mark. “MASTER!”


         Barry’s eyes snapped up and he could see the new marks her shirt had previously been covering. “You’re making it worse.” He said quickly.


         The Domina laughed, patting Rebecca fondly. “Have a good day, hun.”


         Barry pulled out her pokeball, recalling the mortified Tomboy and nodding to the other pokegirl. “Thank you.”


         The Domina grinned. “Thank you for your patronage, sir.” She looked like she was going to say something else but chuckled instead and vanished deeper into the store.


         Barry was starting to leave when a thought struck. He pulled out Minerva’s pokeball, triggering the release and catching the slumbering A-Bra. “Hey!”


         Mina stirred, opening her eyes slowly and looking around in confusion. “Oh. Master?”


         “I thought you might like a chance to look around before I left.” Barry explained, watching Mina grow more animated as she realized where they were. “Unfortunately we won’t be able to take all those toys you saw with us. They’re, uh, they belong to my parents.” He cleared his throat. “That you... saw.”


         Mina turned back to him, a mischievous grin on her face. “What can I get, Master?”


         “Four things.” Barry replied. “I don’t care what, just find some things you’d like.”


         Mina blinked. “Anything?”


         “It has to be portable.” Barry replied. “I don’t expect to be home very often as a Hunter.”


         Mina stepped forwards, looking up at him with her antennae extended. “You’re a Hunter, Master?”


         Barry touched his forehead to the tips of her antennae, sending an electric shiver through the short girl. “Take a look.”


         Mina stood with her eyes closed for a few seconds before stepping away. “I understand, Master. I will make sure I’m not a burden.”


         Barry watched her walk away, appreciating the sway of her ass when she walked. He knew she could tell he was watching so enjoyed the view, leaning back with a smug smile when she skipped a beat and shot him a grin before going out of sight.







         “Master, there’s a third one.” Mina’s voice was tight with concentration. “She’s the leader. This isn’t good, Master, we need to back off.”


         “Can you handle her?”


         Mina blanched. “Master?”


         “Cammie and Rebecca can handle one of the Doggirls each.” Barry muttered, looking over to see Rebecca nod. “Hell Cammie is too strong, she might take out one and move on before we have a chance to react. You’ve been training with us for the last few days, can you take care of the Alpha until Cammie does?”


         Mina took a deep breath, staring resolutely through the bushes. “I can, Master. This is the only way I can get better and evolve.”


         “That’s right.” Barry patted her shoulder encouragingly. “Alright, how’s the wind?”


         “Still downwind, Master.” Rebecca replied. “Cammie should be waiting for us to attack.”


         The Doggirls were clustered around a pile of small game, the large scarred Alpha picking her way through the best parts. Her ear twitched and she looked up, staring straight at the figure that had stepped into view downwind. She briefly sniffed the air, growling when her feral brain recognized the intruder’s strategy and marked her as a threat.


         “GO!” Rebecca screamed, dashing towards the ferals. Mina surged to her feet, screaming as she sent her power blasted towards the dangerous leader.


         The Doggirl staggered, howling and clutching at her head. Her two mates froze, glancing between their incapacitated leader and the incoming threat. One quickly broke free of her fear, turning and leaping towards Rebecca with a yelp. 


         The Tomboy snarled, meeting the feral’s charge head on and grabbing at her hands. The two strained for a moment, Rebecca allowing the feral to believe they were evenly matched, before she pushed the feral’s arm aside, delivering a sickening surprise double strike to the girl’s neck.


         The Doggirl’s howl cut off, her eyes rolling back into her head. Rebecca let go, watching the feral slide bonelessly to the forest floor. A slight dribble of blood began trickling from the corner of the feral’s mouth while Rebecca turned, ready to continue her fight if necessary.


         Cammie was standing over the Alpha Doggirl, her entire body glowing. Rebecca at first thought she was charging a Razor Leaf before she realized it wasn’t just her scales but every part of her shining.


         She smiled, watching the evolution before gasping when the feral stirred. “CAMMIE!”


         She could hear Barry breaking cover behind her but didn’t see the pokeballs that began to fly, one impacting next to her and absorbing her opponent. She only had eyes for Cammie, the defenseless girl standing frozen next to the slowly rising feral.


         Barry’s hasty throw missed, sailing wide, and the feral raised a clawed hand to deliver a killing blow.


         Barry didn’t know what he screamed, or what Rebecca was saying, both instinctively running towards the two. But he did recognize the voice that rang out behind him. Mina’s wordless, raw scream blasted his ears and he stumbled, slamming his hands over his ears in pain. “How?” He thought, his face twisting from the raw psychic energy that was surging through him. “A-Bra can’t do this!


         The feral was about to strike when the energy found her. Instantly Mina’s focus tightened, leaving Barry gasping, but able to sit upright. He looked back up in time to watch the Doggirl fly away from them, rocketing into a tree and slumping as her back snapped.


         “Holy- good job!” Barry turned to grin at the A-Bra and paled when he saw her lying facedown in the dirt. “MINA!”


         Rebecca stalled, turning back to see Barry sprinting towards the motionless A-Bra, and looked hesitantly at Cammie. The Salalexis, now Mossmelon, was on her knees, looking around wildly. “Where – go!”


         Rebecca grit her teeth, continuing to her side. “It’s ok, Cammie, Mina got the feral.”


         Cammie glanced up in shock. “Min-a?”


         “Oh boy.” Cammie muttered, helping the girl to her feet. “Great. You’re absolutely gigantic now.” Cammie had shot up from the evolution, gaining nearly a foot in height and towering over the Tomboy. Rebecca hissed when Cammie’s new giant breasts slapped against her head. “You’re getting a fucking bra for those things.”


         Cammie let Rebecca walk her across the clearing, staring blearily at the unconscious A-Bra. “Mi-na?”


         “She’s not breathing. Her skin’s going pale.” Barry dropped his ear to Mina’s chest, listening intently. “She’s got a heartbeat, but it’s faint.”


         “Master, just recall her.” Rebecca urged. “We can heal her safely that way.”


         “Oh. Right.” Barry fumbled with his belt, pulling out Mina’s pokeball. “I didn’t think of that.”


         “Master, wait!” Rebecca stared as Mina’s body began to glow. “Look!”


         Barry stared, his mouth hanging open. “It’s only been three days.”


         The glow suffused Mina’s skin, returning it to a rich gold. As it traveled down her legs her body slowly lengthened, the growth accelerating when her breasts suddenly pulled off her chest and hung off each side. As the light began to die Barry could see that her proportions otherwise hadn’t changed, leaving her extraordinarily petite with an enormous chest.


         Mina stirred, her face scrunching up before she opened her eyes. “W-what happened?” She asked, her voice cracked. “M-m-mas-“


         “I’m here.” Barry grabbed her hand, staring in awe at the large antennae that now graced her forehead. “You’ve grown rather big.”


         The antennae swayed when Mina probed around and she smiled slightly. “Cammie, yay. You evolved.” She groaned, slowly moving her hand up to her face. “I have a splitting headache.”


         “Hey, don’t push yourself.” Barry firmly kept her from trying to rise. “Do you remember what happened?”


         “I feel funny.” Mina muttered. “Who’s sitting on me?”


         Barry glanced down to her unfettered breasts and chuckled. “You are.”


         “Wuh?” Mina moved her other hand up to her chest. “I- what? Oh.” She gave one an experimental squeeze. “Oh!”


         Barry couldn’t help but start laughing at the look on her face when she realized she was fondling herself and quickly returned her arm to her side. “So, do you remember what happened?” He asked again.


         “I, the feral.” Mina blinked, slowly piecing together her thoughts. “Cammie was in danger.”


         “That’s right.” Barry turned and stared at the dead Doggirl. “What did you do?”


         Mina stared up at the tree canopy silently. “I couldn’t do anything, Master.” She said slowly. “Both of you were running to help but I… couldn’t.” She frowned slightly. “Then everything went black.”


         “You don’t remember anything.” Barry pressed. “Anything at all.”


         Mina slowly shook her head. “I wanted to stop the feral. I wanted to with every fiber of my being.” She slowly closed her eyes. “Cammie’s ok. The feral’s dead. Did I do something? Is that why my head still hurts?”


         Barry sighed. “You sure did.” He thought for a few seconds. “You said you wanted to help her with everything you had.”


         Mina nodded slightly. “Yea.”


         “I think that’s what I felt.” He glanced at Rebecca. “You?”


         The Tomboy nodded. “That’s what it felt like, Master. Overwhelming.”


         “Mina I think you put, quite literally, every bit of your psychic power into one, desperate, last-ditch attack.” Barry said quietly. “You dropped both of us, and you sent the feral flying from there,” he pointed at where the other unconscious Doggirl still lay, “to there.” He pointed to where the dead Alpha was. “Now, I don’t know distance all that great from just looking at it, but I’d say that’s a few hundred feet. Wouldn’t you?”


         Mina slowly lifted her head, staring at the distance he was indicating. “That’s…” She blinked. “That’s two hundred and forty-eight feet, Master.”


         Barry shook his head. “What? Did you just calculate that? Or are you guessing.”


         “I just… know.” Mina was staring at the distance. “The Doggirl Rebecca fought was taller than her by what appeared to be five inches. The currently unconscious Doggirl was taller still by another two. Straightening her body and using it as a measure, calculating using a decreasing field of view between ourselves, we are approximately forty feet from the unconscious feral. Using my height from the ground…”


         Barry grabbed his temple and started waving his hand. “Stop, stop, stop. I don’t need to hear how you know.” He winced. “I think I know why your head hurts right now. Mine sure does.”


         Mina carefully sat up, staring down at her swinging breasts. “These are starting to hurt.”


         “We can get you a bra.”


         Mina shook her head slightly. “No, I don’t want to wear a lot of clothes if I don’t have to.” She sat for a few seconds before getting to her feet. “That’s better.”


         Barry cocked an eyebrow. “Nothing changed.”


         “I’m holding them up.” Mina replied simply, looking over at him and grinning as her breasts began to bounce on their own. “You said I threw the feral, so I was able to use some stronger telekinesis. I can just do that with my boobs.” She stretched, rubbing at her back. “Oh, that feels much better.”


         Barry shook his head slightly, turning to look at Rebecca. “We should head back.”


         Rebecca was staring at the new evolutions. “Yes Master.”


         Mina smiled sadly. “He loves you just as you are, Alpha.”


         “Oh, fuck you.” Rebecca spat.  “You’re both naked, sporting a pair of tits almost as big as my entire body. There is NO way he doesn’t like you more than me.”


         Barry watched as she turned and began stomping away, glancing at Cammie and Mina.


         Mina’s antennae twitched. “You should, Master.”


         Barry blew air through his nose. “Are you going to be in my mind at all times now?”


         Mina glanced up, trying to move her antennae back into her hair but giving up when the extra length made that impossible. “I keep hearing you, Master. I don’t want to turn that off.”


         “Sure.” Barry gestured, taking a good look at Cammie’s body as she passed in front of him. “She’s right, though.”


         “You like what we’ve become.” Mina amended, giggling when he looked at her expectantly. “But you liked us before, Master.”


         Barry whistled when she strut out in front. “You did that back in the store a few days ago, too.”


         Mina turned, giving him a cheeky grin. “I did, Master. You like it.”


         “I did.” Barry glanced past her and at Cammie’s questioning look. “I liked all of you when I first got you, and that hasn’t changed. Which stone should I give her?”


         Mina frowned. “The water stone would be best, Master. We can always find a heavy hitter, but the Pirouette is a very useful breed with her ki aura. Her typing will also help to cover our weaknesses.”


         Barry cocked his head. “Weaknesses? Rebecca says she has no weaknesses.”


         Mina shook her head. “Not including her, we would be destroyed by a Dark or Fire type, and especially a combination of the two, such as the Cerberass.” She winced. “We were lucky the feral alpha hadn’t evolved into a Hound, because I would have been useless against her if she had.”


         Barry nodded. “And?”


         “The Pirouette is a Water/Fighting type, which covers my Dark weakness and Cammie’s Fire weakness perfectly. Unfortunately this would give us a heavy weakness to Flying types, which I might be able to fight but would be terrible for Cammie or Rebecca.” She thought for a moment. “Our next sister should be something that can handle Bug and Flying types, to cover another weakness Cammie and I share.” She nodded. “Which is a type we need to be careful around now that Cammie has evolved from being a Normal type. Before we were heavily weak against Fighting types, but I covered that. Now we are heavily weak to Bug types instead, and if Rebecca became a Pirouette, we would need to watch out for Psychic types.”


         Barry slowly shook his head. “And you just, knew all of this already.”


         Mina nodded her head and winced. “I still have a headache, Master, but it’s beginning to fade. It feels like, like my mind is moving faster than I thought it could ever move. Everything I just said didn’t even take a portion of my concentration.”


         “Well, if you were to choose the next pokegirl, what would she be?” Barry watched the back of Mina’s head, marveling at how easily she reasoned.


         “A Goblina.” Mina replied instantly. “It would be nearly impossible to find a Whorc, so raising a Goblina would be our best option. The only weakness she would have that we can not cover would be Plant, so the fifth pokegirl should be a Flying type, to cover that and help cover our strong Bug weakness.”


         “That would… Make us have a strong Electric weakness. Right?” Barry asked slowly.


         “Cammie covers that.” Mina replied. “Though when she evolves she would no longer, that is true. Well thought, Master.”


         Barry blinked. “Uh, yea. That’s what I was thinking.”


         Mina giggled. “The Whorc would help cover Electric types, but it would definitely be a weak point.” She deliberated for a moment. “If the first five fully evolved pokegirls in your harem were a Pirouette, a Wifern, an Alaka-Wham, a Whorc, and some kind of Flying type, we would be crippled by a strong Electric type. The sixth MUST cover that weakness, and having a good way to counter a Ground type would be a plus since the Pirouette isn’t very good at using her ranged water techniques.”


         “Another Plant type would leave us vulnerable to Fire types.” Barry muttered. “Is there a Water type that is immune to Electric types?”


         Mina thought for a few moments before shaking her head. “Not one we could easily access, or that you would like, Master.”


         “How about an Ice type?”


         Mina shook her head again. “Sorry, Master, but I think we would have to rely on Rebecca to handle Ground types, and use a Ground type of our own to handle Electric.” She sighed. “A Dragon type would be better, but I know you don’t want any of those.”


         “If there’s a Dragon type that doesn’t look like a Dragon, I’d be alright with that.” Barry replied. “Is there, oh encyclopedia pokegirl?”


         Mina blinked and suddenly brightened. “There is! And she is a Water type as well. She would be neutral against Electric types, but the Slowqueen is a very tough pokegirl, so she wouldn’t care as much that she isn’t resisting the electricity.”


         “And just like that, our future is decided.” Barry laughed. “Just need to figure out what Flying type we’d want.”


         “A brawler.” Mina replied. “I am ranged, a Slowqueen would be ranged, and Cammie is ranged. A physical Flying type would evenly split physical and ranged battlers.”


         “There we have it.” Barry muttered. “This is really a conversation I should have had with my Alpha.”


         Mina began to speak but froze, nearly causing Barry to run into her. “Master.” She whispered. “No, don’t think that, she- that was her fear, her…”


         Barry stopped as well, walking around and looking Mina in the eye. “She forfeited her position when she tried to kill you. I know that you forgive her, I know that she was confused and didn’t understand what to do, but I made that decision. She is only acting as Alpha until a better choice comes along.”


         Mina slowly shook her head. “I can’t, Master. She would hate me. Her fears would just come true.”


         “Her fears have already come true.” Barry snapped. “She lost her chance. Already in the last few minutes you have shown me that you are a better fit to lead this harem. I need my Alpha to be thinking ahead, to be coordinating and greeting each and every girl, to keep things from blowing up, to avoid things like what SHE did!”


         Mina kept shaking her head. “Maybe I am better for the harem Master but if you were to promote me now, today, she would break. She would hate me, and hate you, forever.”


         “What would you have me do?” Barry asked her. “Do you not want the position?”


         Mina shook her head. “If you wanted me to be Alpha, Master, I would do it. But it cannot happen right away. We would only hurt her more than she is now.”


         “So what do we do?”


         “Wait.” Mina urged. “At least a little while. How many days until we are supposed to report for duty?”


         “Monday.” Barry replied. “Five days.”


         “Let her calm down for a few days, Master. She is as worried today as she was when I... first came here.” She shifted nervously. “She is very self conscious about her body, Master. Now that Cammie and I have grown, she truly believes you will ignore her for one of us.”


         “Well,” Barry grumbled, “she’s correct for today. How are you feeling?”


         Mina felt her forehead. “The headache is better, Master.” She blinked when Barry’s words processed. “For... today, Master?” She felt Cammie’s excitement and couldn’t help but grin. “Why?”


         “Well, we’ve got to get used to your new… assets.” Barry began chuckling when the two pokegirls started walking faster and had to jog to catch up. “I really hope Rebecca is alright.”


         “She’ll find the house, Master.” Barry felt something grab his arm and begin pulling him along behind the excited Ka-D-Bra. “Let’s hurry back!”









Tamer profile of Bartholomew (Barry) Messer

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:

         Pokegene 1 – Dragon




         Rebecca (Revvy) – Tomboy

         Camilla (Cammie) – Mossmelon

         Minerva (Mina) – Ka-D-Bra





Tamer Profile of Mark Wehrmen

Age: 16

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 1


Blood Traits:




         Lagearna – Hound

         Shibara – Boobisaur

         ??? – Pidgy





Tamer Profile of Jonah Bates

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:

Unknown. Please report to a pokegirl center for testing.



         Lucy – Tarentella, Alpha

         Jane – Turtwat

         ??? – Goblina





Tamer Profile of Eric Holiday

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:

         !!Tamer’s Disease – Severe!!





         Candace – Vixxen

         Clara – Ice Battle Angel

         ??? – Nymph


Tamer has severe Tamer’s Disease. Do not keep from taming in excess of two days. If Tamer has not tamed for three days, prepare for Frenzy.







Tamer profile of Timothy Gardner

Age: 27

License: Hunter – Level 3

Clearance Level: 3


Blood Traits:

Information restricted without Level 2 clearance.

Restricted by Timothy Gardner.



         Leizi – Lopiki, Alpha

         Samantha – Shednobi, Beta

         Sapphire – Wyveri

         Noir – Z-Bra

         Hestia – Blazicunt

         Martina – Enchantress