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Growing Pains Chapter 03



         Barry cursed when the bushes snapped back, smacking him across the face. “REBECCA! WHERE ARE YOU?”


         Somewhere ahead of him the Tomboy slowed, Barry’s voice drifting by her. She nervously looked back, the reality of what she had just done sinking in. “Is Master angry? I ran from him.” She began to hyperventilate as she realized how stupidly she had reacted to something she had wanted. “Master loves me, he loves me, go back, he forgives you-!


         Movement in the tree ahead of her froze Rebecca in place and she desperately searched for the source. A tiny form caught her eye, the pokegirl even shorter than she was. They stared at each other, Rebecca frozen by her indecision, the feral deciding whether or not the half naked girl was a threat.


         “Rebecca!” Barry yelled again, shoving through the undergrowth. “Come back!”


         Rebecca’s brain clicked when she saw the feral look in the direction of Barry’s shout. Each decided on their next action simultaneously, the feral slowly sliding towards the noise.


         The small girl cried out when Rebecca slammed into her, the Tomboy’s fists glowing with energy. She briefly fought back, spitting in Rebecca’s eyes and wiggling free before bolting directly towards Barry. Rebecca howled in wordless rage, dropping her body low to the ground and pushing her feet into the soft loam furiously.


         Barry heard the noise, slowing and watching the direction warily. He screamed when the panicked feral burst out in front of him, careening into the Tamer and sending them both crashing to the ground. He barely had time to realize that this wasn’t Rebecca before the Tomboy burst into view, her eyes alight with rage. She leapt onto the flailing feral, driving her fists and feet into the wailing pokegirl before grabbing her whipping tail and preparing to throw her.


         Rebecca staggered when the feral twisted, the tail coming free in her hands and freeing the small pokegirl to attack back. The girl screeched, the dark green scales striping her body glowing and releasing a torrent of energy that blasted the off balance Tomboy back. Rebecca screamed in pain, blood flecking the leaves around her, her skin sliced open by the Razor Leaf attack. Barry yelled, drawing the feral’s attention for a split second. “REVVY! TAKE HER BACK DOWN!”


         The feral whirled back to the Tomboy and hissed, her long tongue flicking in an attempt to intimidate Rebecca. Rebecca ignored the weak attempt and Yelled, the killing intent freezing the feral in place just long enough for her to get up to speed and drop to the ground. The slide took the feral by surprise, knocking her forwards. Her theatrics were cut off as she ate shit, dirt and debris popping up from the force of the impact. Rebecca seamlessly slid to her feet, jumping back in and placing her foot directly into the feral’s ribcage.


         This time there was no sound as the feral flew, crashing to the forest floor a few feet away to lay unmoving. Barry could see blood pooling where the feral had bitten her own tongue, though the tougher skin and scales had kept anything from breaking through after Rebecca’s kick.


         He quickly grabbed an advanced P-med and ran to the feral’s body, spraying the medicine into her mouth. “Thank you for not breaking this one.”


         Rebecca watched him in confusion. “Master, aren’t you going to catch her?”


         Barry emptied the dose and slid the empty vial back into his belt. “I want to tame her today, so I need to make sure she’s stable first.”


         “Wouldn’t it be smarter to use a healing machine for a new feral?” Rebecca asked quickly, feeling a twinge of jealousy from Barry’s words. “We don’t have one out here.”


         “Usually.” Barry conceded. “Good thinking.” Rebecca was starting to perk up but deflated again when he continued. “But we need all the help we can get. Having a second pokegirl, even if she’s only freshly tamed, will be worth it when we go after the others.”


         “Excellently reasoned, once again.” Barry whirled away from the unconscious feral and stared at the uniformed figure. “Congratulations, cadet. You pass with flying colors.”


         Barry squinted at the pokegirl. “I don’t recognize you.”


         “I am Master Roger’s pokegirl.” The girl explained. “I was assigned to watch over master Mark, but as the two of you stuck together I was helping Samantha tail you.”


         “Samantha?” He heard the rustling of leaves behind him and craned his neck around to see a formless shadow drifting over the ground. As the pokegirl stepped into the open he could finally see her body and recognized the colors she wore. “You’re one of Timothy’s girls.”


         The pokegirl inclined her head to him. “Well done on both captures, master Bartholomew. As Hanteil said, you have passed with flying colors.”


         Barry grabbed an empty pokeball and pegged the feral, picking it back up when the capture tone sounded. “I knew this was a test.”


         Samantha smiled mischievously. “You did well, sir. Your entire little group should pass easily.”


         Barry watched Hanteil wave her hand, prompting Mark and Lagearna to step out from hiding. “If we pass, what now?”


         “You will come with us.” Hanteil replied. “As each cadet passes this test they are removed from the group, leaving the remaining cadets. Congratulations; you both have passed in record time. Your Hunters will explain further.”


         Barry fell in beside Mark as the group began walking deeper into the forest. “You alright?” He muttered.


         Mark chuckled. “Hanteil scared the shit out of me, man. I thought it was going to be a repeat of yesterday.” He shook his head. “Nah, she just congratulated me and told me what was going on. I guess there’s a secondary campsite we’re headed to where we’ll be able to rest and wait for the others to finish.”


         “What will happen if they don’t catch a feral?” Barry spoke up. “Half the group has already completely wasted two days playing politics.”


         He couldn’t see Samantha’s savage grin but could hear the Shednobi’s pleasure in her voice. “It will not end well for them, master Bartholomew. As you say, they have wasted two days so far. They only have two left.”


         Barry shot a glance at Mark. “We get two days off?”


         He immediately regretted his question when both Samantha and Hanteil began laughing and quickly ducked his head, praying that they wouldn’t elaborate.


         They didn’t.


         It took a solid twenty minutes of walking before they reached the campsite. Barry stared in amazement as they passed through the camouflaged wall, the tightly packed forest falling away to show an enormous compound. Permanent and semi-permanent buildings littered the area, and the number of pokegirls populating the grounds was astounding. He counted thirty before giving up, but it seemed like every pokegirl from their instructors’ harems was out and about.


         “Master Bartholomew, come with me.” Samantha gestured, Hanteil doing the same with Mark. “Bring Rebecca and your new feral.”


         Barry nervously followed along, trying and failing to take in everything around him as they walked to a sheet metal cabin. Samantha stopped in front of the door, coming smartly to attention and rapping on the door. “MASTER! Your cadet has passed his test.”


         There was some muffled movement and Timothy opened the door after a few moments. He had managed to throw on his pants but the rest of his dress made it clear what had been interrupted. “What? Barry, you’re done?” He stared at Barry, wide-eyed. “What- what day is it?”


         “Day two, Master.” Samantha replied.


         “Day- Barry, you’re supposed to still be scouting.” Timothy sounded genuinely taken aback by what he was seeing. “Nobody finishes on day two.”


         Samantha cut Barry off as he began to speak. “Your cadet spent the entirety of day one investigating, identifying, and formulating a plan with three other cadets, Master. They began early this morning and at least two have captured their ferals. Your cadet included.”


         Timothy blew air and shook his head in amazement. “Well, well done, Barry. This has bumped you up more than you can possibly know.” He glanced behind himself. “Right, your feral. What is she?”


         “I don’t know.” Barry held out the pokeball. “Some kind of lizard I think.”


         “Lizard.” Timothy humphed. “You’d know if it was the Charamanda, so it’s probably the Salalexis. No, I don’t need her, she’s yours.” He grinned. “Samantha, can you show Barry to the medical building? He should get that feral healed and cycled before trying to tame her.”


         “He said the same thing upon capture, Master.” Samantha replied.


         Timothy’s eyes widened. “Did he now? I want your full report by tonight.”


         Samantha bowed, watching Timothy close the door before turning to Barry. “This way, sir.”


         Barry followed her to a large concrete and rebar structure with a crudely stenciled red cross over the doorway. “We have machines set up inside, sir.” Samantha bowed to him, much to Barry’s surprise. “Congratulations.”


         Barry watched, stunned, as the Shednobi melted into the shadows, staring at where she had vanished for almost a minute while the camp moved around him.


         “Master.” Rebecca gently shook Barry out of his reverie. “I would like to be healed as well.”


         Barry turned and let out an embarrassed chuckle. “Sorry, Rebecca. I forgot you were even there.”


         The cuts had begun to knit together but the tomboy still had dried blood flecking her chest and face. “How?”


         Barry opened his mouth to explain but closed it again when Rebecca stuck her arms behind her back and shoved her chest in his face. “You know, the reasons are escaping me right now.” He recalled her and pushed inside.


         He had taken two steps towards one of the stations when the other person inside registered. “Mark!”


         Mark glanced back, grinning when he saw Barry. “Yo! How’d it go?”


         “Hold on, let me put Rebecca in for healing.” Barry called, jogging over to a PPHU and sticking both pokeballs inside. “Had a chance to look at your new girl yet?”


         Mark shook his head. “My cycle’s running. I did get a chance to scan her, though. She’s a Boobisaur.”


         Barry raised an eyebrow. “Boobisaur? I thought they weren’t good with powders, just their vines and stuff.”


         Mark shrugged. “I thought the same thing, but Roger explained that the ferals they released here all showed some sort of extra skill. That way we’d learn that you can never know every facet of a battle until it’s done.”


         “So, you’ve got a Boobisaur that can spout… what, exactly?”


         “Hell if I know the name for it. But it paralyzed Lagearna real good.” Mark replied. “What about you, what did you pick up?”


         “Timothy called it a Salalexis.” Barry replied. “I’ve never heard of that breed before.”


         Mark frowned. “Salalexis… No, neither have I. Wonder how rare it is.”


         Barry shrugged and looked back at the machine. “Dunno, but she fought well for a feral. I think I’ll enjoy having her around.”


         Mark turned and retrieved his pokeballs when his PPHU beeped. “Alright, I’m going to look around. Great job out there, Barry. See ya.”


         Barry waved as he left, walking over and waiting for his own machine to finish. When it did he pulled the balls out, pushing back into the midday sun.


         He briefly considered what to do before steeling himself and waving down the least intimidating pokegirl he could see nearby. “Excuse me?”


         The girl turned and Barry winced. “You’re one of the cadets.” The inhumanoid girl growled. “What.”


         “Uh, I need to tame a feral?” Barry squeaked, shrinking back when the girl seemed to grow as she approached him. “I don’t know where I can do that.”


         “Oh!” The girl brightened, instantly returning to her normal size with a cheeky grin. “I thought you were catcalling me or somethin’. You newbies do that sometimes.”


         Barry watched her face shift into a much more pleasing arrangement. “No, but if you don’t mind me asking, what are you?”


         “I’m a Rakshasa.” The girl replied. “Shapeshifter. Sorry if I spooked ya, but… y’know.”


         “Right. Catcalling.” Barry shuddered. “So, uh, where can I go?”


         “You been assigned your housing yet?” The girl frowned when Barry shook his head. “Odd. Go talk to your Hunter, they’ll know where to send you.” She peered at his shirt. “Timothy. Alright, if he’s done fucking his dragon, he’ll know where to send you.”


         Barry was going to ask her to elaborate but raised his hands instead. “Alright, I’ll do that. Thanks.”


         The Raksasha gave him a two-finger salute, turning back to her own errand. Barry quickly hurried away, trying to get his breathing back under control before he made his way back to Timothy’s cabin.


         He stared at the door, remembering the Raksasha’s words and Timothy’s own appearance when Samantha had interrupted him the last time, and decided instead to wait. He grabbed a nearby barrel, dragging it over by Timothy’s door and sitting back.






         About half an hour later he heard the door open and looked up to see a fully dressed Timothy stepping outside. “Hey.”


         Timothy jumped, nearly banging his head on the doorframe. “FUCK! Barry, what the hell!”


         Barry blinked. “Sorry, I didn’t want to barge in on you again, so I waited.”


         “Fucking shit.” Timothy glanced up at the top of the door. “Nearly bashed my head in. What do you want?”


         Barry held up the feral. “I need to tame my new pokegirl, but I didn’t think I should do it in the middle of the camp.”


         Timothy sighed. “Sorry. No, that would be bad. You probably want to know where you’re living for the rest of the training.”


         Barry snorted. “Yes.”


         “Follow me.” Timothy turned and locked the door to his cabin. “You’re on the other side.”


         Barry followed the man across the compound and up to a row of giant tents. “A tent again?”


         “Yes and no.” Timothy silently counted down the row and stopped in front of one. “Here you go.”


         Barry opened the flap, stepping inside and gaping at the space. The base was set on what felt like actual wood, a sealed coating covering the floor. The tent sat immobile, each panel moving slightly as air circulated but without the flapping and sagging he had gotten used to. “Is that a bed?”


         Timothy gestured. “A real bed, yes.” He continued pointing. “Storage is over there, we’ve already grabbed your gear, and that right there is a secondary surface.” He rolled his eyes. “Or a couch, if you’re not a stuck up boss.”


         Barry laughed nervously. “This is really nice for camping.”


         “You’re not camping anymore, Barry.” Barry turned to see Timothy looking at him seriously. “You’ve passed. The paperwork is being processed right now to award you your provisional license.”


         Barry’s jaw dropped. “I passed?”


         “You did.” Timothy’s face broke into a smile. “Congratulations.”


         “I passed.” Barry repeated numbly. “Wow.”


         “Stay alert.” Timothy dropped his voice. “Until you’re told otherwise, you’re still a cadet.”


         “But you just said-“


         “Barry.” Timothy urged. “I like you. I like you a lot. So I’m telling you a few things you shouldn’t really know yet.”


         Barry clamped his mouth shut. “Yessir.”


         Timothy grinned. “This should be good for taming a feral. Already got her cycled?”


         Barry nodded. “All set.”


         “Cool. Have fun.” Timothy backed out and secured the door behind him. “See you later.”


         Barry waited for his footsteps to fade before grabbing Rebecca’s pokeball, releasing the Tomboy and immediately slamming into her in excitement.


         Rebecca yelped as he impacted, her shirt falling free from where she had it wrapped around her waist and fell backwards onto the mattress. “MASTER, WHAT- Wait, what?”


         Barry laughed and jumped on with her, stroking her side and engulfing her mouth in a kiss. “We pashed.” He cried, still trying to swallow Rebecca’s tongue as the two kissed passionately. “Gud job.”


         Rebecca squealed happily, wrapping her arms around him and pressing him against her bare chest. Barry felt himself let go and before he knew it the two were both naked with each other. He felt pure happiness when Rebecca cried out beneath him, feeling nothing but her body as the two moved in time.


         Eventually he slid to the side, Rebecca still shaking happily while she continued tending to his erection. “Stop.” He gasped. “I need to wait for- damnit, Rebecca, stop!” He grabbed the Tomboy’s hands and pulled them away from his dick. “I need to tame the feral.”


         “I don’t want you to.” Rebecca moaned, scooting over and sobbing when he slid off the bed. “Master!”


         “What is wrong with you?” Barry asked in exasperation. “You didn’t expect me to only have you forever, did you?”


         “I dreamed.” Rebecca whined. “You’ll forget about me, you’ll-“


         “Rebecca.” Barry said sharply. “No. I will NOT forget about you. I will NOT abandon you. You are, and always will be, my first pokegirl. No new girl will ever be able to take that away from you.” He held up the feral’s pokeball. “Just as she will always be able to claim that she was my first captured pokegirl. Or second pokegirl, if she would rather go with that.” He shook his head at her pleading look. “There will be many firsts, Rebecca. You will always be my first.”


         She hung her head. “I’m sorry, Master.”


         “Don’t be sorry.” Barry sat back down next to her, allowing her to gently keep him erect. “Now that there will be more than one pokegirl in my harem, I’ll need an Alpha.”


         Rebecca looked up at him hopefully. “You will?”


         Barry shrugged. “I can’t exactly trust a random feral over the pokegirl that I’ve personally trained, can I?”


         Rebecca’s eyes lit up. “No, you most certainly can not, Master. Your Alpha would never allow it.”


         Barry chuckled and pushed her hands away again. “That’s my girl. Now get off the bed, I need some space.”


         Rebecca got to her knees and moved so she was hanging onto his back. “You’re sure you don’t need help, Master?” She whispered sultrily.


         Barry felt his penis quiver as her breath blew across his ear. “Keep going like that and I might.”


         Rebecca giggled and licked his cheek. “I’ll hold her down for you, Master. After all, your Alpha needs to protect you at all times.”


         Barry moaned when he felt her rubbing against him. “Is that- ah- is that really the reason?”


         Rebecca nuzzled his neck. “Mmhmm. But more than that, I want to do what you do. Be with you.” She blew air across his scales. “Besides. I’ve always loved fucking the girls.”


         “There’s the truth.” Barry muttered, turning around and releasing the Salalexis onto the bed. “Ready?”


         Rebecca immediately let go, prowling towards the dazed feral and leaping onto the tiny girl. The feral immediately started squirming, her tail feebly slapping at the naked Tomboy as her addled brain tried to fight back. Rebecca just snickered, bending down and pulling the feral into a deep kiss. When it became clear what was going on the Salalexis focused, twisting her tail around Rebecca’s leg and towards the Tomboy’s still wet pussy.


         Barry was content watching the show but remembered that the pokegirl lying face up was still feral, and dangerous, so he quickly oriented himself towards the two girls.


         Rebecca moaned when she felt the Salalexis’ tail penetrate her, stretching her legs until the tail couldn’t do much more than flick against her labia. This had the added bonus of giving enough space for Barry to sneak in, roughly grabbing the feral and yanking her towards the edge of the bed.


         The Salalexis cried out when she felt Rebecca break contact, her cries of confusion ending when she felt the new set of hands roughly fondle her breasts. Her tail flailed, having lost its grip on Rebecca’s leg, and she squealed when Barry rubbed his penis against her dripping opening. He teased her a few times before slowly penetrating, using the Salalexis’ breathy screams to gauge when he should move.


         On the bed Rebecca had recovered and crawled towards the feral. Barry watched her turn, first presenting herself to him before slowly lowering her pussy onto the squealing feral’s face. She was watching him smugly for less than a second before her mouth popped open in a silent scream and her arms buckled.


         Barry watched in fascination as the Salalexis’ tongue flicked in and out of view, the feral expertly manipulating it to pulse inside Rebecca’s vagina. He swore he could see it pushing her stomach out slightly but attributed that to a trick of the light, turning his attention back to his thrusts. The feral faltered when he picked up the pace, allowing Rebecca to prop herself back up in shock before moaning and falling face first onto the bed again.


         Barry felt himself start to cum and slowed, fondling the Salalexis’ breasts while he waited for the urge to pass. He had almost recovered when his eyes popped open at the feeling behind him. The feral had managed to feel her tail around to his butt and the sudden pressure made him release, shooting deep inside the double-teamed pokegirl.


         Whirling he ripped the tip of the Salalexis’ tail out of his ass and angrily pushed it away, a wealth of confused emotions cascading through him as he watched the twitching feral.


         “Master?” Rebecca gasped, slowly crawling off the Salalexis’ face, the girl’s tongue leaving a trail of her cum as it slipped out of her vagina. “Did you- are we-“


         “She’s an interesting tame.” Barry replied honestly. “I think she was about to start probing my ass.”


         Rebecca’s eyes widened. “Oh, I didn’t- are you- did you, like that, Master?”


         Barry shot her a suspicious glance. “Why.”


         Rebecca’s face blanked and she looked at him innocently. “No reason, Master.”


         Barry’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not going to say yes or no. It surprised me and was done without my permission.”


         Rebecca wisely didn’t say any more, instead rolling off the bed and walking over to him. “Are you done, Master?”


         Barry felt his flaccid cock. “Yea, I think so. Sorry that you didn’t get to finish today.”


         Rebecca shook her head slightly and wrapped her arms around him. “She did more to me than I could imagine.” She whispered. “But I wasn’t going to turn down my Master.”


         Barry smiled and kissed her tenderly, breaking away after what felt like eternity. “God I love you.” He whispered.


         Rebecca’s eyes glowed with happiness as she responded. “I know, Master.”






         Barry whistled as he walked through the evening light. After leaving Rebecca and the feral to clean up he had discovered the bathhouse, and one refreshing shower later, had circled back to find the feral sitting up and alert. She hadn’t said a word as he walked in but understood his direction, going with Rebecca to wash off. Since then they had returned, along with a delivery from Timothy. Barry thought it was kind of creepy that all three of their uniforms fit so precisely, but had explained it away by remembering that each of them had at one point been scanned and measured extensively. Himself at the school, Rebecca at the ranch, and the Salalexis when she was captured for the training program.


         And he had to admit that the Salalexis cleaned up beautifully. Though she was shorter than Rebecca she flaunted a larger chest, a combination which had led to a hilarious comparison between the two in uniform.


         “Each of her melons are as big as both of yours.” Barry snickered. “It looks like you stuffed your head in her shirt.”


         The Salalexis had grinned even as Rebecca glowered. “Master.”


         “Oh, it’s not your fault.” Barry breezed. “You’re supposed to be flat as a board, so having any size boob is a miracle already.”


         He had left Rebecca despondently fondling herself while the Salalexis smugly bounced on the couch.


         He juggled the basket of food and opened the tent door, squinting suspiciously at the scene inside. “Rebecca…”


         The Tomboy glanced up, dusting her hands off as she got off the struggling Salalexis. “Oh, welcome back, Master. We were just wrestling.”


         The girl shot to her feet, instantly retreating as far away from the Tomboy as she could and staring at her. “Alpha says. Wrestle.”


         Barry tsked. “I need to ask Timothy for a better T2 for her. I can’t stand pidgin talk.”


         The Salalexis blinked. “Sorry, Master.”


         Barry looked at her in surprise. “Wait, you were faking it?”


         The girl nodded quickly. “Sorry, Master. I, know how to speak correct. Well.” Her face twisted. “I know, but it’s hard.”


         Barry held up his hands. “Don’t stress yourself. I’ll still get a grammar T2 to help you.”


         The girl sighed and nodded. “Thanks, Master.”


         “Right.” Barry put the basket down and opened the top. “According to the information I pulled up at the mess, you like meat, right?” He nodded when the Salalexis perked up. “Yea, you. I need to name you too.”


         The girl nodded and slid towards him. “I like meat.”


         “I’m sure you do.” Rebecca muttered, giggling when both of the others stared at her. “What! With that tongue, I’m sure she can give a mean blowjob.”


         Barry and the Salalexis shared a look before Barry shook his head. “We can try that later, but for now, eat.”


         The girl eagerly took the covered plate and popped the top, staring in awe at the stacked steaks. “For me?”


         “Sure.” Barry pulled out another plate and handed it to Rebecca. “I put- Hey!” He started laughing. The Salalexis had grabbed a steak and shoved half of it in her mouth, but stopped at his shout. Now it hung half out as she stared at him guiltily. “There’s a knife and fork in there. At least cut the thing a bit if you’re going to eat with your hands.”


         The Salalexis took her bite and put the rest down, nodding in embarrassment. She dug through the wrapping, pulling out the knife and cutting a large strip from the steak.


         Barry purpled when her long tongue shot out and grabbed the slice, her hands still busy turning the rest into manageable pieces. “So, Rebecca.” He stuttered, still staring at the Salalexis. “Have you, uh…”


         The Salalexis glanced up when he trailed off, her tongue hanging slightly out of her mouth. “Masther?”


         “Cammie.” Barry blurted out. “Short for Camilla. That’s your name.”


         Cammie beamed and wrapped her tail around his leg. “Thank you, Master.” She said happily. “Love it.”


         “You’re welcome.” Barry wrenched his gaze away from her and back to Rebecca. “I believe you now.”


         Rebecca was watching him. “You didn’t before?”


         “Iiii…” Barry trailed off. “I had no way to understand.”


         Rebecca grinned and dug into her food. “You wiiii-iiillll…”






         Barry groaned, opening his bleary eyes and staring at the tent wall. He yawned, stretching and starting to roll out of bed.


         There was a tug and he was dragged back, Cammie staring at him. “No.”


         Barry chuckled nervously. “You had me twice yesterday, don’t you think…”


         Cammie’s eyes stared deep into his. “No sex.” She said forcefully. “Cuddle.”


         Barry shrugged and let Cammie wrap her arms as far around him as she could. “How are you feeling?”


         Cammie was running her fingernails over the scales along his spine. “You’re like me.” She gazed at him. “I didn’t know, before last night.”


         “Does that mean good?” Barry asked hopefully, laughing when he felt Cammie’s tail slap his thigh. “Yes?”


         “I have Master.” Cammie growled, bumping her forehead against his chin. “I feel good with Master.”


         “I know you used the T2 I scrounged up after dinner last night.” Barry replied. “Is it still hard?”


         Cammie shook her head slightly. “I’m just trying to be different.” She squeezed him tightly. “Is it too much?”


         Barry thought back to everything she had said so far that morning. “I don’t think so, no. I found it more cute than annoying.”


         Cammie relaxed. “Good.” She kissed his chin and giggled. “I wanted cute.”


         “Just don’t lay it on too thick, and it’ll stay cute.” Barry traced the patterns of scales on her body. “These are pretty.”


         Cammie shivered at his touch. “You think so?”


         “I do.” Barry gently stroked her side. “You know, I haven’t seen you anywhere other than in bed since I made you mine.”


         Cammie giggled. “Is that bad, Master?”


         “No.” Barry replied. “But I’d love to see all of you.”


         Cammie flicked her tongue, grinning when Barry’s eyes flicked to it. “But I do good in bed.”


         “I’m not arguing.” Barry replied. “That was something else last night.” He colored when her tongue began coiling in midair and shifting back and forth. “Stop that.”


         Cammie purred, running her hands along his chest. “I feel you.” She whispered.


         Barry abruptly pushed away, shoving his growing erection back down and looking for his pants. “You said no sex.”


         Cammie sat straight up with a worried expression. “No, Master, I’m sorry, Master I was just teasing I-“


         Barry glanced back and Cammie relaxed when she saw he wasn’t angry. “Too much teasing and I’ll ignore what you say.” He replied seriously. “And that would be bad, for both of us. I need to respect what you want, and you need to make sure you don’t hurt the little guy.” He glanced down at his penis. “It’s already sore.”


         Cammie giggled and climbed out of bed. “I’ll try to remember that, Master.” She grunted as she hit the floor, almost shorter than when she had been sitting on the bed. “What are we doing?”


         Now that she was standing on her own, and nude, Barry could finally get a better look at her. The glimpses he had seen when she was feral were colored by the sharp fear he had felt in seeing a wild pokegirl, so he took a moment to push them out with the warm image in front of him.


         Cammie stood at less than 5’ tall, most likely somewhere in the 4’10” range. He had felt the height difference while taming and hoped she gained a few inches when she evolved so it wasn’t as awkward. Her chest looked smaller without her shirt, somewhere around a large A cup. They were still much larger than Rebecca’s little lumps and actually hung slightly, moving as she turned.


         “Your scales.” Barry noted. “They change color, don’t they.”


         Cammie looked at him in surprise. “They do?” She twisted, trying vainly to look at the strips of scales that circled her body. “I never noticed, Master.”


         “Yea, they’re lighter today.” Barry glanced up at her muddy brown hair. “They’re kind of getting closer to your hair color.”


         Cammie patted at her long hair before jumping forwards. “What about my eyes?” She asked excitedly. “Do they change?”


         Barry peered down into her striking blue eyes and shook his head. “Still blue.” He took a moment to rest his forehead on hers. “How about mine.”


         He felt Cammie shiver. “Master…”


         “You like that too, don’t you.” Barry said, his voice a quiet rumble. “Seeing the dragon that owns you.”


         Cammie’s breath caught, unable to look away until Barry broke eye contact. “Rebecca’s the same way.” He called conversationally. “Apparently it’s a dominance thing.”


         Cammie could feel her heart pounding in her chest and she struggled to control her labored breathing. “Ye-yes, Master.” She whispered. “I… like that.”


         “I’ve always hated these eyes.” Barry called as he got dressed. “But you know, they make my pokegirls feel all hot and bothered, so I’m starting to like them.”


         Cammie stared at his back as her breathing quickened again. She could see him, the human, but the spark she had seen in his eyes was more. He was a dragon in human form, unbelievably intoxicating. And he was… no. She was his. She clutched at her groin, worried that her feelings had translated there, but relaxed when she felt nothing out of the ordinary.


         “You getting dressed?” Barry called, turning and looking curiously at the frozen Salalexis. “Cammie, you alright?”


         Cammie quickly nodded, tearing herself away and grabbing her uniform. “Yes Master.” She quickly pulled the clothing on, buttoning the shirt over her breasts and grinning when they seemed to grow. “Ready.”


         Barry released Rebecca, waving at the Tomboy. “Hey, ready?”


         Rebecca yawned, bouncing on the balls of her feet to shake out her uniform. “Ready, Master.”


         Barry led the way into the morning glow, looking in surprise at the number of tents that had closed doors. “Hey Rebecca, these all were open yesterday, right?”


         Rebecca stepped up beside him. “Uh, yea. Do you think the closed ones are occupied?”


         Barry looked around. “Let’s see, there’s us, one more for Mark, and then… One, two, three others.” He frowned. “Three?”


         “Maybe we’ll see who it is at breakfast, Master.” Rebecca replied.


         “I’m assuming two of them are Eric and Jonah.” Barry mused. “Wonder who the last one is. Alright, let’s get moving.”


         They were halfway to the mess hall when Barry noticed a cadet walking towards them. “Hey!”


         The boy looked up in surprise and waved. “Morning!” He looked behind Barry. “Hey, you got a feral too?”


         “Yea.” Barry snapped his fingers. “You were the one who got up first, scouted around.”


         The cadet grinned. “Yup, none of those other idiots wanted to leave the campsite, so I went alone with my Slicer. Caught a real nice looking pokegirl, too. And then I got told I’d get a better bed and better chow.” He patted his stomach. “All in all, I’m glad I did it.”


         “Your ‘girls already ate, then.” Barry said with a grin.


         The cadet shrugged. “Left them some rations. It’s all they need.”


         Barry’s grin wavered. “True enough. See you around.”


         He waited for the other cadet to get out of earshot before dropping the grin and snorting. “Idiot.”


         Rebecca just smiled, but Cammie looked at him in confusion. “Master? He seemed like a competent Tamer.”


         “Sure, he’s competent.” Barry jerked his head to get them moving again. “But he’s an idiot. Cammie, I feed you just as well as I eat. Speak your mind – how does that make you feel?”


         Cammie blinked. “I, I thought last night was just a special occasion, Master. You’re actually taking us to eat with you?”


         “I am.” Barry made a rolling motion with his hands. “And that makes you feel…”


         “Loyal.” Cammie replied instantly. “If you hadn’t I wouldn’t have hated you but I would have wished you had.”


         “And that’s why that guy is an idiot.” Barry replied. “I have two pokegirls who know I care for them just as much as they care for me, and that means they’re going to be more willing to fight for me, and to fight hard.” He grinned and shoved Rebecca’s shoulder. “Isn’t that right?”


         Rebecca beamed. “Always, Master.”


         Cammie was watching Rebecca curiously. “You fought me while I was feral.”


         Rebecca nodded. “I did.”


         “Then it works, Master.” Cammie mirrored Rebecca’s beaming smile. “I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I felt fear. True fear from whatever defeated me before you claimed me.”


         Barry pumped his fist. “Two for two. Yesss.”


         Cammie burst out laughing, her tail swaying back and forth happily. “You’re fun.”


         “If I ever stop enjoying life, it’ll be because I’m dead.” Barry replied with a grin. “Now come on. I’m starving.”


         The three hurried to the large mess hall, pushing inside to a low hubbub of voices. Barry led the two pokegirls to a bar, grabbing some trays and pointing down the line.


         “Last night they said to just grab whatever you want.” He called. “I saw one of the cooks, too. She’s an Iron Chef, so I assume everything is going to taste amazing.”


         Cammie stared at the spread in open wonder. “I can have whatever I want, Master?”


         “You can.” Barry grabbed her arm as she started to bolt. “But you have to use silverware in here. Don’t just start flicking your tongue around.”


         Cammie nodded. “I can do that, Master.” She nearly ran down the line when he let go, eagerly loading a plate with nearly everything she saw.


         “Feralborn?” Rebecca asked curiously. “Or not?”


         “She has scales.” Barry replied slowly. “So… yes?”


         “But her face is human.” Rebecca amended. “So, no?”


         “A few generations after feralborn.” Barry decided. “Or into, depending on where she started. Either way it explains why she eats so much.”


         “Not used to having food at all.” Rebecca murmured, watching Cammie happily prance to a table. “I’m glad she’s with us, Master.”


         “You’re just saying that because of her tongue.” Barry snorted. “You are!”


         Rebecca was blushing and looked away from him. “Maybe.”


         They grabbed plates and joined Cammie at her table, the Salalexis already halfway through her meal. There wasn’t much conversation as they ate, all three focusing completely on the food in front of them. Eventually Barry pushed back with a sigh, looking over at where Cammie sat watching him. “That was excellent.”


         Cammie nodded enthusiastically. “It was very good.”


         “Hey, is that- hey Rebecca, that’s Mark over there.” Barry pointed to another table. “And is that Jonah with him?”


         Rebecca looked up from her plate. “It is, Master.”


         “Neither of them have their new pokegirls with them.” Barry mused. “Wonder why that is.”


         “Barrayyyyy!” Barry turned at the voice and grinned. “Fancy seeing you here!”


         “Hey Eric!” Barry called, grinning as he made space for the other cadet. “Where are your girls at?”


         “You’re not going to believe me.” Eric dropped his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “My girl, Candace, right, she was just a horny little Kitsune. So I thought that was perfect, kept her satisfied. But yesterday, man, oh man it was horrible. We found a feral Bunnygirl out there and…” He trailed off, taking a gulp of his drink. “And Candace just ate her, dude. It was horrifying, watching her destroy that poor rabbit. She evolved from doing it, too. She’s a Vixxen now, more crazed than ever. I had to leave her in my tent.”


         Barry glanced at his pokegirls and snickered at their horrified looks. “So you left them having sex in your tent.”


         Eric burst out laughing and bucked Barry’s shoulder. “You get it, brother. Oh, and the Bunnygirl evolved into an Ingenue, which was pretty cool. I guess it’s because she knew how to fight, actually almost beat Candace before going down.”


         “S-So, your Kitsune didn’t kill a feral Bunnygirl?” Cammie asked nervously. “Just… tamed one?”


         Eric grinned at her. “This your new girl, Barry?” He inclined his head slightly to Cammie. “Oh, she ate her, alright. Ate her out.” He snickered at his own joke.


         Barry shook his head in bemusement. “You gonna take something back for them?”


         “You know, I was going to, and then that other guy told me he left his some rations.” Eric gestured. “You see him?”


         Barry snorted. “Yea, I saw him.”


         “Fucking idiot, right? Free food right here, unlimited, and he’s wasting his rations. He’ll need those when he’s out in the wild.” Eric shook his head sadly. “I’m telling ya Barry, this shit isn’t as easy as they’re making it out to be.” He noticed the looks the pokegirls were giving him and he rolled his eyes. “Yes, I’m taking them back some real food. As much protein as I can fit, especially for the poor Ingenue. She’s probably drained at this point with how hard Candace was hammering her pussy when I left.”


         “You know all about that, don’t you Eric.” Barry grinned.


         Eric laughed. “Look man, it’s a condition. I gotta fuck them until they can’t walk straight or everyone will be fucking ‘till they can’t walk. The fact that I enjoy it is purely coincidental, you have to understand.”


         Barry rolled his eyes. “Of course.” He watched Eric stand up. “Leaving already?”


         Eric jabbed his thumb at the buffet. “I’m gonna grab the food. I wasn’t joking when I said Candace is probably fucking the Ingenue dry.”


         “Cool.” Barry watched him go before taking another bite. “Interesting guy.”


         “Is he your friend, Master?” Cammie asked curiously.


         “Kind of.” Barry pointed at the two cadets across the room. “Those two, Eric, and myself kind of formed a group. We’ve been helping each other.”


         “Would you like to go say hello, Master?” Rebecca asked. “We’ll wait.”


         Barry glanced over and could see the two cadets gesturing in their direction. “Sure, looks like they’ve seen us too. Be right back.”


         He walked over, waving as he got close. “Hey guys, how’s it going?”


         “Hey Barry!” Jonah gestured him closer. “Congrats on the capture. That her over there?”


         Barry rolled his eyes and nodded, looking back to his table. “Yea, I named her Cammie.” He watched as the two pokegirls exchanged words, Cammie standing suddenly and running over to him. “And here she comes.”


         “Sorry, Master, I thought I should meet your friends.” Cammie bobbed her head. “Hello.”


         “She’s cute.” Mark smiled. “Mine’s outside, she doesn’t eat food.”


         “Same here.” Jonah explained. “Apparently she’s something called a Turtwat, and funnily enough, is part plant type.”


         Barry’s eyebrows rose. “Part plant? That would make two plant types, wouldn’t it?”


         “Sure would.” Jonah grimaced. “The plant type idea was a good one, but I guess we got the number wrong.”


         “No, I don’t think we did.” Barry said thoughtfully. “What else is the Turtwat? You said she was only part plant.”




         Barry threw up his hand. “There you go. We thought there was an ice type with how some of the dead grass looked.”


         Jonah brightened. “Sure, that’s good. Alright cool, so we did do as well as I thought.”


         “That’s what my instructor said.” Barry laughed. “Don’t sell yourself short, we did awesome.”


         “Cool.” Jonah relaxed slightly. “Oh, what’s yours?”


         “Cammie is a Salalexis.” Barry explained. “She seems to be able to use plant-type attacks, but she’s a normal type according to the dex.”


         “I thought you were about to say she was also a plant type.” Jonah covered his chest with his hand. “Nearly gave me a heart attack.”


         Barry snickered. “Nah, you’re good. Hey, heard any rumors as to what we’re doing now?”


         Jonah shook his head. “All I know is that we’re waiting for a sixth cadet to pass. Although that may no longer be the case, with that fifth guy showing up this morning.”


         Barry blinked. “Why’d you go from six to five?”


         “There’s only eleven of us total.” Jonah explained. “If they’re splitting us in half, one group would be six, and the other five.”


         Barry felt his stomach jump. “I need to go prepare.”


         Jonah nodded gravely. “I’d be ready to move out. It was a nice break while it lasted, though.”


         “Come on.” Barry said urgently, pulling Cammie along behind him. “Rebecca! We need to go!”


         The Tomboy got to her feet, hurrying after them as they pushed back into the sun. “We need to-“ Barry paused, looking over at two pokegirls sunning themselves. “Ah, that’s probably Mark and Jonah’s new girls.” He shook his head to clear it. “We need to get ready, they’re going to split the cadets in half and we’ve got five here already.”


         Rebecca gave him a crisp nod. “Yes Master.” She turned, grabbing Cammie’s arm and pushing the lizard girl ahead. “Get back to the tent and start arranging the gear.”


         “I don’t know where that iiiis!” Cammie squeaked as Rebecca started pushing her forwards. She disappeared down the row a few seconds before Rebecca and Barry did, and they entered the tent to see her pretending to be busy.


         “Over here, Cammie.” Barry called, pulling open the storage and grabbing a backpack. “Get the bags labeled tent and tarp and start putting them in here.”


         “There’s no need for that, master Bartholomew.”


         Barry jumped, turning and looking at the pokegirl in the doorway. “You’re… Samantha, right?”


         The Shednobi nodded. “I saw you run out of the mess hall, sir. There’s no need to pack, because there’s only one test left. Are you ready?”


         Barry winced. “Only one more?”


         “That’s right.” Samantha ducked inside. “I need to see your Salalexis.”


         Barry watched as she produced a scanner and ran it down Cammie’s body. “Excellent. This makes things easier.”


         “What does?” Barry asked curiously.


         “We will know when you have passed your test.” Samantha replied simply. “Please report to Master Timothy’s cabin as soon as possible.”


         “Well.” Barry said as Samantha vanished again. “I guess we head on over.”






         Timothy was waiting for them outside and he waved. “Barry, are you ready?”


         “Ready for what?” Barry asked curiously.


         “Your final test.” Timothy pointed to the front of the compound where a crowd had gathered. “It’s going to suck.”


         Barry grimaced, glancing back at Rebecca and Cammie. “We’re ready.”


         Timothy beamed. “Excellent. Head on over there, you’re the last to arrive.”


         Barry walked up with trepidation, watching as the crowd of pokegirls split to let them through. The Hunter that had spoken to them all the first day was waiting. “Barry, good of you to arrive. Take your place on the end.” He waited for Barry to get in place before speaking. “First, I want to congratulate each and every one of you. You have all done exceptionally well, and four of you in particular have set records for this training. I have every expectation that you all can move on and become amazing Hunters.” He took a deep breath. “However.”


         Barry shifted as the man continued. “You’re not done yet. There’s one more test, and I will not lie to you. It is dangerous. When you resolved to come here you were told there was no going back, that you would not leave until you were done. You chose to continue then, but now I am telling you that there is one time where you may leave.” He spread his arms. “Right now. This test is not like the last week and a half you have endured. There was danger, yes, you were hurt, yes, some cadets even came close to death. But we were always there, watching over you, making sure you survived. That guarantee does not exist for this final test. There will be no instructors. No pokegirls following you. There will only be you, your harem, and the wilds. Not many cadets survive this; I believe last year only around 60% of the cadets made it through. But if you do, you will officially be Hunters.”


         Barry could hear muttering down the line and he briefly considered which boy was having second thoughts before focusing once again on the Hunter. “If you choose to leave now, nobody will fault you. Nobody will judge you. You may keep everything we have given you, including both pokegirls, and you will be able to tell future employers that you completed Hunter training before retiring. We will not say when you left, or even that you did, only that you completed your training. You will not have a license, no, but you will have guaranteed a foot in the door to almost any police force in the league. Or as a Tamer, if you’d rather pursue that.” He sighed. “I’m looking at you and trying to understand that two of you won’t be coming back.”


         “I’m good.” Barry blinked in surprise when the fifth cadet stepped forwards. “I’ve got two great pokegirls and new skills that will help me towards the championship path. I’m not risking my life just for some shiny title.”


         The Hunter nodded. “You’re sure?”


         “Yea, I don’t need this.”


         “Alright. Your Hunter will show you where to go from here.” The man watched as the cadet walked off, his pokegirls in tow. “He’s a smart one. How about the rest of you?”


         Barry glanced down the line, grinning at the three cadets he had formed a bond with. “I speak for all of us when I say we’re not budging, Sir!” He shouted, followed by three choruses of assent. “We’re ready!”


         The man broke into a smile. “You four have been sticking together for a while now, care to explain that?”


         “We ain’t dumb.” Eric spoke up. “We cover each other’s backs and make sure we get through the day intact. We’ll watch over each other on this test, too. You’ll see Sir, we’ll make your little survival rate rocket up to 100%.”


         The man started laughing at Eric’s earnestness. “Last chance, boys. I’m not kidding when I say this test is deadly.”


         “Not moving!” Jonah belted out, closely followed by Mark. “Hit us with it!”


         The man couldn’t contain himself anymore and glanced over to make sure the fifth had vanished. “Bartholomew Messer, Mark Wehrman, Jonah Bates, and Eric Holiday, it is my absolute pleasure to declare each of you as provisional Hunters. Welcome aboard, and CONGRATULATIONS!”


         Barry’s jaw dropped when the crowd erupted into cheers, swiftly crushing in to welcome them. “WAIT, WHAT?”


         “THAT’S MY BOY!” He heard Timothy yell, yelping when he was pulled off his feet and held up in the air. “I KNEW YOU WOULDN’T BACK DOWN!”


         “What the hell is going on!” Barry yelled, looking over to see the others being similarly attacked. “WHAT ABOUT THE TEST?”


         “THAT WAS THE TEST!” Timothy shouted, dropping Barry back down and smothering him in a hug. “All you needed to do was say you were willing to take the risk and that was it!”


         “So, the test was to see if we’d be willing to risk our lives for the job.” Barry grit his teeth as it dawned on him. “Damnit, Timothy, why didn’t you warn me?”


         “Yea? That would be cheating.” Timothy had a shit-eating grin plastered across his face. “Hey, find me after this calms down!” He yelled as the crowd began pushing him away. “I’VE GOT SOME STUFF FOR YOU!”


         Suddenly Barry felt himself surrounded by more boobs than he knew what to do with as every pokegirl tried to get close and offer her congratulations. The yelling all melded together, face after face flashing past before he could even register who was who.


         “Congratulations.” He heard, focusing on Noir as the Z-Bra stood her ground in front of him. “Well done.”


         He started to thank her when the wave pushed past, returning to the deafening chaos. “YOU LIKING YOUR NEW FERAL?” He heard, glancing through the sea of faces to see the Raksasha from before grinning back. “GOOD ONE, SIR!”


         There were a few more congratulations before Barry finally made his way out of the crowd, looking around wildly and calming when he saw Rebecca and Cammie waiting for him. “Are you two ok?”


         Rebecca nodded quickly. “We’re alright, Master. Are you?”


         Barry patted himself down before nodding. “I’m alright. I was not expecting that at all.”


         Rebecca grinned. “I was preparing for the worst, Master. So what do we do now?”


         “I have no idea.” Barry glanced back at the mob. “Uh, I think we should go see Timothy. He said he had something for me.”


         “What do you think it is?” Rebecca asked eagerly. “A badge? New uniforms?”


         “I don’t know.” Barry replied honestly. “Let’s go ask.”


         The three made their way past the cabins, stopping in front of Timothy’s. Barry stepped up, rapping on the door and grinning when it immediately opened.


         “THERE HE IS!” Timothy laughed, grabbing Barry’s hand and shaking vigorously. “Good job, Barry. I knew you could do it.”


         “Couldn’t have done it without you.” Barry replied, looking back into the cabin and grinning at the pokegirls inside. “All of you.”


         “Come in, come in.” Timothy stepped aside to let them walk in. “Barry, you need anything to drink? Parched throat?”


         Barry shook his head. “No, I’m good, thanks. I’m here because you said you had something for me?”


         “Mm.” Timothy put down the bottle he was drinking from. “Right. It’s official, and since it’s official I can give you this.” He rifled through a drawer and pulled out a pokedex. “This is yours, Barry. One brand new pokedex.” He grabbed a bag from the same drawer and held it out. “And these are yours, too. A clothing chit, valid for six tailored pairs of pokegirl uniforms, which are guaranteed to stand up to everything but the most deadly of abuse, and two Tamer’s uniforms.” He winked. “The pokegirl uniforms are basically guaranteed to withstand anything that doesn’t kill them, so they only need one.”


         “Yea, I figured when you said deadly abuse.” Barry muttered. “What else is in here? There’s three chips.”


         “The square one with a hole in it is a voucher,” Timothy explained, “that is good at any Johto ranch for an Uncommon or Common pokegirl. Not rare, unfortunately, so no Dark Elves or dragons for you.” He shrugged. “Although that’s not really an issue in your case.”


         “Nope.” Barry held up the last chip. “And this one?”


         “That, Barry, is your assignment.” Timothy beamed. “I don’t even know where they’re sending you four. But we’ll be seeing each other again soon, I’m sure of that. I just don’t know which of my posts they’re putting you at.”


         Barry stared at the chip. “Wait, this is really happening?”


         “It is.” Timothy grinned. “You’ve got a few weeks before you need to report, or at least you should. Take the time to get to know your new pokegirls, train a bit, make sure they all mesh well. Just because you have a provisional license won’t mean you get stuck with useless work. You’ll be out there with the rest of us, hunting.”


         “What if I don’t use the voucher?”


         Timothy blinked. “I don’t think anyone has ever turned it down. You need to have three pokegirls before you report for duty.”


         Barry frowned. “Alright. Guess I’ll use it, then. Where do I order uniforms?”


         “Well, all three of your measurements are in the system already.” Timothy explained, gesturing to the two pokegirls. “So when you’re ready and have decided on your pattern, you can just order those online through the outfitter. Whatever ‘girl you get from the ranch should be measured already as well, so unless you expect her to drastically change in shape you can send that information in online as well.”


         Barry slowly shook his head as he rolled the voucher in between his fingers. “I don’t know what to say.”


         “You’re welcome.” Timothy smiled. “You’ll do well as a Hunter, Barry. I know it.”


         Barry took a deep breath and nodded. “Thank you.” He shook his head in awe. “I did it.”


         “You did it.” Timothy laughed. “You want to grab your gear?”


         “Yea.” Barry glanced back at his pokegirls. “Cammie, you know where it is now.”


         The Salalexis nodded. “I’ll get started.” She called, disappearing through the door.


         “When you’re ready, come back here.” Timothy explained. “Tina can take you back to the school, or wherever you want to go first.”


         “Got it.” Barry called back. He and Rebecca ran to their tent, helping Cammie pack up before returning to Timothy’s cabin.


         “Ready!” Barry yelled, sliding into the cabin with a grin. “The school is fine.”


         Timothy looked up from the card game he was playing and nodded. “Tina, you hear that?”


         The Enchantress rose. “Yes, Master.” She surveyed Barry. “Please return your pokegirls, master Barry.”


         “Right.” Barry triggered the recalls, holding his hand out to her. “Ready. For real.”


         Tina cracked a smile and teleported, letting go of his hand. “Congratulations again, sir. I look forward to seeing you again.”


         “Likewise.” Barry managed to get out as the Enchantress teleported away again. “Damn. It’s actually happening.”


         He heard a noise behind him and turned in time to get engulfed in a hug. “I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!” His mother bawled, sniffling and squeezing even as Barry squirmed. “You really, really did it, oh Barry-“


         “Well done, son.” His dad was standing behind the Flarebra, one of the largest smiles Barry had ever seen him give on his face. “Well? Was it the right choice?”


         “I think so.” Barry gasped. “Mom, air.”


         The Flarebra cried, giving one last squeeze before letting him go. “Oh, I’m just- you’ve done it.” She sniffed, wiping at her eyes. “I’m so proud of you, honey.”


         His father was looking at his face carefully. “Barry, you’re not wearing your goggles.”


         Barry blinked, touching his cheekbone. “No, I’m not. I guess I forgot.”


         His dad shook his head slightly. “I’m happy for you, Barry. No matter what happens now, I can see that this was something you needed to do.” He grinned. “Congratulations, young man.”


         “We should head home.” His mom gushed. “I want to hear everything, and meet your pokegirls, and we have gifts for you, and…”


         Barry slightly tuned her out, sharing a look with his father. For the first time the two looked at each other, not only as father and son, but as men. Barry shivered when his dad gave him an approving nod, falling in behind the excited Flarebra.


         “You’re free.” Barry heard Timothy’s words echo in his mind. “You have already experienced reality, and it couldn’t break you. Don’t waste your opportunity.


         He nodded slightly, preparing himself for whatever was ahead. “I won’t.” He muttered to himself. “I am ready.”









Tamer profile of Bartholomew (Barry) Messer

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:

         Pokegene 1 – Dragon




         Rebecca – Tomboy, Alpha

         Camilla – Salalexis





Tamer Profile of Mark Wehrmen

Age: 16

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 1


Blood Traits:




         Lagearna – Doggirl

         Shibara – Boobisaur





Tamer Profile of Jonah Bates

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:

Unknown. Please report to a pokegirl center for testing.



         Lucy – Tarentella, Alpha

         Jane – Turtwat





Tamer Profile of Eric Holiday

Age: 17

License: Hunter – Provisional

Clearance Level: 0


Blood Traits:

         !!Tamer’s Disease – Severe!!





         Candace – Vixxen

         Clara – Ingenue


Tamer has severe Tamer’s Disease. Do not keep from taming in excess of two days. If Tamer has not tamed for three days, prepare for Frenzy.







Tamer profile of Timothy Gardner

Age: 27

License: Hunter – Level 3

Clearance Level: 3


Blood Traits:

Information restricted without Level 2 clearance.

Restricted by Timothy Gardner.



         Leizi – Lopiki, Alpha

         Samantha – Shednobi, Beta

         Sapphire – Wyveri

         Noir – Z-Bra

         Hestia – Blazicunt

         Martina – Enchantress