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Growing Pains Chapter 01


         The class began to shift when the final bell rang, their teacher doing his best to shout over the commotion. “-and seniors, make sure you’ve handed in your- MAKE SURE YOU’VE HANDED IN YOUR TRADESMAN APPRENTICESHIP FORMS BEFORE FRIDAY!” He made aborted motions at the door as students began escaping en masse. “IF YOU DON’T YOU WON’T BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE PRELIMINARY TESTING!”


         One of the students who had already left shifted his backpack and pushed into the afternoon sun. Right on schedule he felt hands shoving at him, but with the practice of six years deftly avoided the grabs and tuned out the shouts. ‘Pokeboy!’ ‘Freak!’


         He shouldered his way past a knot of chatting teenagers and slid into line behind a happily chatting girl and guy. The girl barely glanced at him but the guy took a moment to stare at his goggles before shrugging and turning back to his companion.


         “Human, or mostly.” he thought to himself as he watched the two talk. “Which ‘pure’ family? Not the Rasticos, their daughter disappeared last week.” he unconsciously stepped forwards when the line shifted. “Wonder if she understands what will happen if she thresholds.”


         In front of him the two said their goodbyes, each taking the hand of a uniformed pokegirl and vanishing. He stepped up and nodded to the attendant. “Bartholomew Messer. Home, please.”


         The psychic inclined her head slightly. “Of course, Master Barry. This way, please.” She gestured to a thin near-human pokegirl.


         Barry stepped forwards and allowed the teleporter to take his hand, mentally counting down from three and blinking to ease the transition.


         The pokegirl let go and bowed. “Thank you, esteemed Master.” She straightened. “It is my obligation to remind you all end-of-schooling paperwork must be submitted, or you will forfeit the school’s boon.”


         “I know. You are dismissed.”


         The girl bowed again and vanished back to the waiting queue. Barry turned and stared up the hill at the mansion that dominated the grounds. His father’s offices.


         He could feel the eternal yearning to get in, to break it from its pristine and sterile look, if even for a moment. But he resisted, turning instead to the modest home that sat hidden away behind a copse of trees. He carefully wiped his feet before stepping inside, kicking his shoes under the bench and pulling the goggles from his head. “Mooom. I’m home from school.”


         “You’re home early!” The voice drifted through the living room as Barry shed his backpack. “Go wash up, we’re almost done.”


         “Whatever.” Barry grumbled, stepping inside the nearby bathroom and splashing water over his face. He paused, his slit eyes staring back at him, before growling and scrubbing harder, taking care to clean the raised scar that bisected his right eye socket.


         “So, anything important today?” Barry finished wiping his hands and exited, shrugging at the figure leaning against the couch.


         “All of the graduates were done a week ago. The only reason we need to still go is so the school doesn’t look like it’s losing enrollment.” He gave his mom a quick hug, shying away from her whipping tail and sprawling across the couch she was leaning on. “It’s stupid. I hate that place.”


         The Flarebra sat on the armrest. “Bullying again?”


         “It’s nothing special. Pokeboy, freak, loser. I’m just waiting for the week to be over.”


         “Oh? Chosen a tradesman to accompany?” Barry turned his head and gave a half wave to the man that had just walked in.


         “No, and I’m not going to.”


         His father paused. “Really? Why not?”


         “I don’t know what I want to do.” Barry rolled onto his back again. “Besides, I’ll probably just end up working for you, right?”


         His father sighed and shook his head. “I don’t want that for you, son. I want you to find what you want from life and go for it. Use your gifts to succeed.”


         “My body only hinders me.” Barry replied bitterly. “I’m an outcast. Unwanted.”


         “Just because those bullies say it doesn’t make it true.” His father walked over and squatted in front of him. “Barry, 1 in 3 people have some sort of bloodtrait. Even those families that have made themselves important by claiming purity of blood are no exception. And we’ve never claimed to be anything like that.” He gently laid his hand on his son’s shoulder. “You have been given a gift. Use it.”


         Barry refused to meet his father’s gaze. “My appearance isn’t a gift.”


         “We’ve been over this.” His mother said softly. “It is a gift that my eyes and scales are all that I gave you. It is a gift that the rage many draconian children inherit passed you by. It is your father’s charisma that will take you to success, and it will be your strength that pushes you past any shame or ridicule those weaker than you will give.”


         “You are a born teacher, Bartholomew.” His father squeezed his shoulder. “You are a fine young man and a great leader. The world will give whatever you want it to.”


         Barry exhaled through his nose. “Maybe.”


         His dad chuckled and stood. “Hey, if you’re not sure, go with the Hunter apprenticeship. No matter what you do with your life, knowing how to fight ferals will always be important.” He winked. “Besides, it’s one of the programs that starts you with a pokegirl, right? Don’t want to pass up a good thing.”


         “I guess.”


         “Go for it.” His dad called back as he exited back to the den. “Worst case scenario, you hate it, don’t like the girl you got, and sell her back for a decent price.”


         His mom patted his knee before standing as well. “I think it’s a good idea, honey. Your father usually has those.”


         Barry couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yea, he does.” He waited a few moments for his mother to start walking away before continuing. “Thanks, mom.”


         The Flarebra glanced back and gave him a warm smile. “Always, darling.”







         Barry chucked another rock, watching it crack against the nearby tree and skitter away across the ground. Around him the other students had split up into their various cliques, though he could see a handful of solitary people just like him.


         Heads turned when a tauric pokegirl ran up, sliding to a halt and letting her rider dismount before shifting and standing smartly behind him.


         Barry dropped the rock he had been examining and stood, slowly making his way towards the man as he began to speak.


         “Good morning, everyone. I hope that everyone here signed up for the Hunter apprenticeship, because otherwise, you are in the wrong place.” The man paused, glancing around the group before continuing. “Very good. As you all know, your orientation will be over this weekend, and you will begin your time with your assigned Tradesman starting on Monday. However, unlike the other programs, your orientation will not be classwork, or reading, or written tests.” He smiled at the scattered muttering. “You will be given your pokegirl today, and it is expected that you spend the entirety of Saturday getting to know them. Sunday, you will report to an assigned location, where you will be tested to see if you and your new pokegirl will be able to complete the week-long apprenticeship. This will be physical, it will be grueling, and if you are not ready to put in the effort required to succeed, it is better that you leave now. The administrators will be happy to help you redeclare.”


         Barry watched as two guys glanced at each other and quietly raised their hands. The man nodded and pointed, prompting the two to scurry away to a nearby teacher.


         “If there are no other faint of heart?” The man looked around expectantly. “Excellent. Everyone, please follow me.”


         Barry fell in with the group as it began to follow. Now that he was closer he could see the uniforms the man and pokegirl were wearing, and how different they were from the school uniform.


         “Hey, who is this guy?” He muttered, catching the attention of another student next to him.


         “Dunno.” The guy muttered back. “Probably a liaison of some sort.”


         The walk wasn’t far, and soon the group stood in front of a small building. Their guide gestured. “Those of you who indicated preferences on your application, please step inside. Your chosen girls, or the nearest approved version, have been assembled.”


         Barry and three other boys waited as the rest of the group filed into the building. He watched as the man directed the procession before closing the door behind them. “What about us?”


         The man turned and nodded at him. “You four indicated you either had no preference or were unsure as to what you wanted. So, we will be giving you a showing of a variety of girls bred across Johto and Indigo.” He chuckled. “Of course, your school will deny that we provided any pokegirls from outside the league.”


         “Nothing but Johto, got it.” One of the other boys laughed. “So, where do we go?”


         “Tania will show you there.” The man gestured and the pokegirl stepped forwards. “I need to stay here to make sure some of the rowdier girls are taken care of.”


         “So, you’re a Hunter, then?” Barry asked as the pokegirl began walking away.


         The man nodded. “That’s right. And you are?”


         “Barry.” Barry blinked. “Well, Bartholomew. Bartholomew Messer.”


         “Bartholomew... ah, I remember your file. Why do you wear those goggles?”


         Barry reflexively touched the lenses. “They’re darkened.”


         “I see.” The man glanced over to where the last student was disappearing. “Well Barry, you should probably get going. Don’t want to be left behind.”


         “Uh, right.” Barry quickly rejoined the group, pushing past two of the boys and falling in beside the one that had previously spoke up.


         The boy turned and gave Barry a grin when he pushed up. “Hey mate.”


         Barry returned the smile cautiously. “Hey.”


         “I’m Jonah.” He held out a hand that Barry shook. “No nickname, but I heard yours is Barry?”


         “Yea.” Barry glanced at the pokegirl they were following. “This... isn’t what I was expecting.”


         Jonah chuckled. “How do you mean?”


         “Well... I mean, this was a pretty small group to begin with.”


         Jonah nodded. “You’re an outcast like the rest of us, huh? I’ve seen you around the grounds, always running, never looking back. So what is it with you, family dirt? Made an enemy of the wrong group?”


         “How do you know it was me?”


         Jonah smirked and pointed at his eyes. “You think there are other students that wear goggles like those?”


         Barry sighed. “Probably not.”


         “There you go.” Jonah bucked Barry’s shoulder. “So, what’s your story?”


         “You’ll just act like the rest once you know.”


         “Look, you don’t have to share if you don’t want to.” Jonah jerked his head back at the boy right behind them. “But as long as its not worse then Eric’s shitshow, nobody’s going to be surprised.”


         “I’ve got Tamer’s Disease.” Eric called. “Pretty severe case. Family hates me because they tried to cover it up and I had an attack. At school. You probably heard about it.”


         Barry looked at Jonah. “The fire last year?”


         “Yea, that was the cover story. But how could a fire happen when we’ve got dedicated firefighting pokegirls on the grounds?” Eric started snickering. “Well, when they’re mobbing a dude with Tamer’s Disease, they’re not exactly able to do their jobs. Are they.”


         “I would guess not.” Barry took a deep breath. “That’s a blood curse. Right?”




         “I’ve, my body is. Different.” Barry explained slowly.


         “Oh, that’s all? Got weird eyes?” Jonah snorted. “Really. Here I thought you were going to say something life shattering.”


         Barry was saved a response when the pokegirl they were following stepped to the side. “Please step forward, sirs.”


         Barry glanced at her as they passed before turning his attention to the four groups arranged ahead.


         One of the Tamers stepped forwards. “Tania, you can return to your Master now.” The pokegirl bowed her head and left as the man continued to speak. “As for the rest of you, each will work today with one of us to choose the correct pokegirl for you.”


         “You’re Barry?” Barry turned and nodded at the Tamer that was waving at him. “Come on over.”


         He stepped up. “So, what are we going to do?”


         The Tamer pointed at the four pokegirls behind him. “I’d like you to take a look at my four girls here. See what about them tickles your fancy.” He grinned. “I’m not giving you any of them, mind, and they won’t get their feelings hurt if you don’t like them. Just take a look and we can start narrowing down what you want.”


         Barry nodded and ran his eyes over the first pokegirl. She was dressed in a similar manner to the one called Tania, with a button down shirt and short skirt. Unlike Tania, which he assumed had been a Rapitaur, this pokegirl had a less human face. Her skin was striped black, matching her hair, and the proportions didn’t match up as they should.


         “She’s a Z-Bra.” The Hunter explained when he saw where Barry was looking. “First or second generation feral, can’t remember which. That’s why she’s got the stripes but not much else.”


         Barry nodded slightly. “I don’t know that breed.”


         “Noir.” The girl stepped away from the group and changed into a tauric form at her Tamer’s command. “She’s a Dark/Ground type. Very versatile and adapts quickly. Two things that are invaluable when fighting ferals.” Barry watched black wings sprout from the centaur’s back, Noir flapping them a few times before summoning a shadowy sword and twirling it in time.


         “She’s impressive.” Barry conceded. “But I don’t know if I want a centaur.”


         “That’s fine.” Noir returned to her human form, the dark enhancements vanishing as she stepped back to her place in line. “What about the others?”


         Barry looked at the bunnygirl. “I was surprised to see you had a bunny. Aren’t they all airheads?”


         “You’re not here today to critique my pokegirls.” The Hunter’s words were curt, cutting off a possible response from the pokegirl in question. “You’re here today to figure out what kind of pokegirl you would like to have as your starter. And no, as a matter of fact, not all bunnygirls are useless airheads. You can explain for yourself, Leizi.”


         Barry watched the bunnygirl straighten. “I am a Lopiki, sir. While it is true the Bunnygirl evolution line contains many low intelligence pokegirls, I am not one of them. I am a Ghost/Electric evolution of the Bunnygirl, well suited to team play and leadership. In fact, I act as Master Timothy’s Alpha.”


         Barry blinked in surprise. “You’re his Alpha?”


         Leizi gave him a cool look. “That is correct. Sir.”


         Barry turned to Timothy. “I apologize for calling your Alpha an airhead.”


         Timothy cracked a smile. “Forgiven. Well, does she tickle your fancy?”


         Barry shrugged. “I’m interested, but I don’t think I like ghosts.” He turned back to Leizi. “Now that I’ve got a better look at her, she’s not fully solid, right?”


         “She’s solid enough, but I understand your inhibition.” Timothy nodded down the line. “Next?”


         Barry didn’t even look at the draconic pokegirl. “My mom’s a dragon.”


         “Ah.” Timothy rolled his eyes. “You never know. Some Tamers are into that kind of thing.” He nodded his chin at the glowering dragon girl. “Sapphire’s a Dronza. Fierce as hell with a one track mind. She can’t remember if she was a Harpy originally or whether she was always a dragon, but I’d prefer to believe she was a Harpy Lady that evolved and couldn’t get as much time in the arena because of it. I know she does.”


         Sapphire’s fierce expression wavered for a moment before she glanced away.


         “Right.” Barry looked past to the last pokegirl. “Well, I guess that leaves her.”


         “You’ve had a near human metamorph, a furred humanoid, and a scaled inhumanoid to look at.” Timothy summarized. “You’ve liked some aspects of each, so we’re getting closer.” He glanced between Barry and the fourth pokegirl. “Unless you’ve found a better match.”


         Barry shook his head slightly. “I like her, but not the feathers.”


         “Hestia is my starter.” Timothy smiled at the half naked pokegirl. “She’s a Blazicunt, a Fire/Fighting brawler who I just can’t seem to make wear a shirt.”


         “At least she wears the wrap.” Barry observed, pointing at the cloth wrapped around the Blazicunt’s chest.


         “And she wears her shirt around her waist.” Timothy grumbled. “What about her don’t you like?”


         “The feathers.” Barry repeated. “And I guess the same thing as the first one, her face isn’t really human.”


         “Yea, Hestia has a bit of feralborn in her.” Timothy shrugged. “Well, I think I’ve got a decent handle on what you might like. Come with me.”


         Barry waited for him to recall the four pokegirls before falling in behind as they approached a tent on the side of the clearing. “What are you going to show me?”


         “You want something very near human or near human, with care that any body changes don’t change the structure of the face.” Timothy recited. “No feathers, no ghosts, and no dragons. That leaves a pretty large pool to choose from.” He frowned. “Probably should avoid fur too?”


         Barry bit his lip. “I won’t avoid it, but yea, probably.”


         “That narrows it down considerably, so I should be able to find something for you pretty quickly.” Timothy gestured him inside and sat at a small fold-up desk with a machine set up on top of it. “Let me pull up a few options and then we can talk about specifics.”


         Barry waited for him to type in a few qualifiers before stepping forwards when Timothy called. “Here, take a look at these.”


         Barry glanced between the two figures. “What are they?”


         “That one is the Tomboy Breed, and that is the Slicer.” Timothy explained. “Both are very near human breeds that have a multitude of evolution paths to choose from.”


         “Why’s she holding a hammer?”


         Timothy nodded at the Slicer. “That’s a fighting line. The Slicer starts with some kind of weapon and as she evolves either specializes or generalizes that skillset.”


         “I see.” Barry shook his head. “I don’t think I want a fighter like that. What does the Tomboy do?”


         “The Tomboy can be a lot of things, but she evolves into more elemental breeds than the Slicer can.”


         “Then I’d like that.” Barry decided. “A Tomboy.”


         “A Tomboy it is.” Timothy tapped the image and a dozen more popped up. “Any preferences on appearance?”


         Barry reddened when the man manipulated a control and the images all became nude. “What’s that about.”


         Timothy glanced back in surprise. “Oh, come now. You mean to tell me this is the first time you’ve seen a Pokegirl naked?”


         “Well, no, but...”


         “I have dozens of Tomboys that you could choose from, bred for unique qualities and temperaments.” Timothy handed Barry a screen. “I’m sure you know your school spends a lot of money on these programs. We do our best to give each student exactly what they want in return.”


         Barry sighed and took the screen, nervously looking at each naked pokegirl in turn. “How do I narrow it down?”


         “Top right, there’s a dropdown.”


         Barry hurriedly unselected the nude setting, removing a few hair and eye colors from the mix as he did. Slowly, over the next half hour, he continued narrowing the terms until there was only a single screen of choices remaining.


         Timothy looked up when he heard the screen Barry was holding beep. “Narrowed it down to three?”


         “Uh, yea.” Barry quickly turned the nudity back on when Timothy got up. “Just, uh, making the final choices.”


         “That’s fine.” Timothy peered over his shoulder. “What about those three do you like best?”


         Barry stared dejectedly at the image he had thought was his first choice. “I want one with at least some chest.” He sighed and removed the flat chested pokegirl from the pool. “Guess I’ve only got two left.”


         Timothy stopped Barry as he reached for another click. “If you’ve only got two left, I can request them both and let you choose.”


         Barry considered the offer before shaking his head. “It’s probably not a good idea to give the one I don’t choose false hope. That’d give her eventual Tamer an issue to work around.” He shrugged. “Besides, they’ve got their psych profiles right here.”


         Timothy raised an eyebrow. “Spoken like a true Hunter.” He smiled. “Alright, so which one do you choose?”


         Barry hesitated and slowly pointed to the image on his right. “Her.”


         “What did it, the hair style?”


         Barry let out a nervous laugh. “That and her profile is a bit more what I want.”


         “Sounds good.” Timothy reached over and manipulated the main machine. “Looks like she’s not available for transport right away. Want to wait?”


         Barry stood and placed the screen back on the table. “Is it possible to go to where she is?”


         “Eager, are we?” Timothy grinned. “Sure, we can do that. Let’s see... she’s coming from a ranch... in... oh, that’s interesting. She’s a Meek bred girl.” He grumbled. “Would have preferred to deal with Kilroy, but I know some of the workers at Meek. Shouldn’t be too bad.”


         “Isn’t Meek the one with the pokegirls running it?”


         Timothy glanced at Barry. “Who told you that?”


         Barry shrugged. “My dad’s a big businessman. I overhear conversations sometimes.”


         “I see. Well, it’s true and false. There are some pokegirls running the ranch, but it’s owned by the league.” Barry nodded and waited for Timothy to continue. “Regardless, it produces some good pokegirls. Let me release Tina and we’ll get going.”


         Barry stepped back from the red light, watching as a small figure materialized. “What’s she?”


         “Tina’s an Enchantress.” Timothy explained, holding out a hand to the dark-skinned pokegirl. “She can teleport us to Azalea.”


         “Meek Conservatory, Master?” Tina asked quietly.


         “That’s right.”


         “Please take my hand, sir.” Tina reached out to Barry. “I see you know what to do.”


         Barry nodded and took her hand, silently counting down. When he opened his eyes he could see that they had appeared underneath a low awning, the city of Azalea spreading out to his left.


         “Thanks, Tina.” Barry turned to see Timothy returning the Enchantress to her pokeball. “Alright. This way.”


         Barry continued his turn and stared at the building that dominated the space behind them. The Meek Conservatory was massive, though he had heard about how Kilroy was supposed to be the largest ranch in Johto. If this was smaller, he couldn’t even imagine how large that had to be.


         “Stop staring and let’s go.” Timothy barked, prompting Barry to run forwards until he had caught up to the Hunter. “My request should have made it through by now, so they’ll be expecting us.”


         Barry stared as they approached the front doors. The windows along the outside had been full of figures dancing in and out of view as they snuck glimpses of the two men approaching.


         Barry blinked to normalize his vision when they passed through the doors, the harsh sunlight quickly transitioning to a soft ambient glow. The pokegirl behind the desk glanced up and smiled as they approached. “Good morning sirs, and welcome to the Meek Conservatory. How may I assist you today?”


         “My name is Timothy Gardner, Hunter.” Timothy withdrew a badge and handed it to the receptionist. “I put in a pokegirl request a few minutes ago.”


         “Let me check that for you, sir.” The receptionist tapped at her keyboard. “I see you put in a transport request for a Tomboy, is that the request you are referring to?”


         “That’s the one.” Timothy took his badge back and put it away. “My charge decided he’d rather meet the girl here as the transport request was delayed.”


         “Of course, sir.” The receptionist glanced at her screen. “The pokegirl in question is still in the middle of morning exercises; I can give you directions and her exit materials, if you wish.”


         “There would be a qualified attendant to help us?”


         The receptionist bobbed her head. “Of course, sir. If you would rather wait, she should be processed within twenty minutes.”


         “We’ll take the directions.” Timothy smiled. “Showing her in action will be good for Barry.”


         “What do you mean, ‘in action’?” Barry whispered as they began to walk away towards the marked gymnasium the receptionist had indicated. “What are we doing?”


         “You passed your Tamer test before being allowed to apply for this apprenticeship, but that stupid thing isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.” Timothy replied. “What you need, and what you’ll get here in a few moments, is a firsthand demonstration as to what a pokegirl can do. You have a healthy mixture of respect and curiosity already, but you need a frame of reference. Hopefully these exercises will give that to you.”


         Barry remained silent for the rest of the walk, stepping inside the indicated door.


         Timothy entered behind him, calling over a nearby attendant and explaining their destination. The uniformed pokegirl nodded, pointing down to where a group of Very Near Human pokegirls were gathered around something.


         “Is that her in the middle?” Barry asked.


         “The attendant says so.” Timothy replied. “Come on. I think I know what they’re doing.”


         As the two walked down towards the gym floor he could finally see the object that the group was clustered around. The pokegirl on the bench slowly lifted an enormous weight set, methodically going through her reps as the men approached.


         “I’ve got to go prepare for lunch.” He heard one of the pokegirls say. “Can you finish up?”


         The gray-skinned girl nodded, gently replacing the bar and rolling off the bench. “Thanks for the spot.”


         The speaker nodded and helped remove the plates, removing eight before the pokegirl Barry had chosen waved them off.


         “I need to test myself.” Barry heard her clearly say. “Leave it at 800.”


         He nearly choked when the scrawny girl slid under the bar and effortlessly lifted it free, the previous lifter standing by to spot. She quickly pumped three reps before the men could finally make it to the group.


         “Good morning.” Timothy called. “When you’re finished on the bench, we need to speak with you.”


         The girl lifted her head slightly even as she continued her set. “Good morning, sirs. Are you the ones I was told would be coming to meet me?”


         Timothy nodded, gesturing for Barry to speak up. When he didn’t respond he glanced down, jabbing the stunned teen in the side. “Barry.”


         Barry blinked hard. “Uh. H-hi.”


         The pokegirl snorted and returned her full attention to the weights. “I’ll be done in a few minutes.”


         Timothy pulled Barry away a few steps. “Well?”


         Barry couldn’t take his eyes off the pokegirl as she continued with hardly a pause. “Did she say 800 pounds?”


         “And the one before her was lifting over 3000. Yes.”


         “But she’s… they’re so…”


         “Small?” Timothy supplied. “Young? Or did you think that because they’re given out as starters they’re not as strong as a trained pokegirl?” He shook his head. “You’re learning a lesson today that the others may not learn for a few days. Every pokegirl is deadly. She’ll be your subservient fuck toy if that’s what you want, but it won’t change the fact that she could bend you in half without any issue. It’s better you learn this now than learn it when the cuddly looking feral you just caught kills you while you’re trying to tame her.”


         Barry swallowed hard. “I understand.”


         “The only way to fight a pokegirl is with another pokegirl.” Timothy growled. “I don’t care about the heroic stories of bloodgifted tamers going toe to toe with one and walking away victorious. No matter how many times you’ve won, if you try to fight one of them, you will eventually lose.”


         Barry barely nodded as he watched the Tomboy rack the weights and stand, letting the next pokegirl take her place. “Um, what now?”


         “Here’s my wristband.” The pokegirl called in a bored tone as she walked over, unbuckling something from around her arm. “I assume you already have my exit paperwork from the front.” She tossed a small metal object that Timothy caught. “You’ll need to return that to them along with the completed forms.”


         Timothy smiled. “You’re rather impertinent.”


         “You’re older and seem to know what you’re doing.” The girl shot back. “Therefore, you’re not going to be my master. And so I have no need to impress you.” She turned and gave Barry a winning smile. “I’m trying to impress him.” She slid closer and dropped her voice to a whisper. “Is it working?”


         Timothy chuckled. “I’ll get the paperwork started. You’re up, Barry.”


         “Well.” Barry started, his eyes darting between the Tomboy’s face and her perky breasts. “Uh, I guess?”


         The Tomboy leaned closer. “You’re cute.” She peered up at his covered eyes. “What’s with the shades?”


         “Well, I-“


         “Should consider taking them off.” Timothy called from where he had found a seat. “Hiding your Pokegene in public has its merits, but I doubt you’re going to be wearing those goggles for the rest of your life.”


         “Oh, you’re a pokeboy?” The Tomboy stepped back. “What kind?”


         “That’s a rather rude term to call me.” Barry shot back. “If you’re supposed to be my pokegirl you need to show me respect.”


         Timothy sighed and looked up again. “She’s not your pokegirl yet, Barry. Have you tamed her? No. She has no need to be anything towards you.” He shook his head and returned to the paperwork. “Come on, kid. Show at least a tiny bit of common sense.”


         The Tomboy shrugged. “He’s right. Besides, it’s a valid term. I’ve heard it used all the time.”


         “Just because it’s what people call me doesn’t mean I like it.” Barry snapped. “Don’t use it.”


         The Tomboy tilted her head. “It offends you?”


         “Extremely so.”


         The girl dropped her gaze. “Then I apologize. I did not mean to offend you.”


         Barry blinked at the sudden change in attitude but decided to take the opportunity and start building a positive relationship. “Even though I don’t want you using that term, it is true that I have the Pokegene bloodtrait.” He hesitated a moment. “Would you like to see?”


         The Tomboy immediately perked back up. “I’d have seen it eventually, but sure.”


         Barry ignored Timothy’s snort of laughter and reached up to pull off his goggles. “It’s mostly just my eyes.” He stared down at the Tomboy, waiting for her to scream or back away. When she didn’t even flinch he frowned. “You alright?”


         The girl broke eye contact for a moment to look over at where Timothy was watching them. “Are you done with the paperwork, sir?”


         Something in her body language made Timothy get to his feet. “I need Barry’s signature.” His eyes narrowed and he immediately moved in between the two. “Barry, here.” He glanced back down at the hungry look on the Tomboy’s face. “Hurry.”


         Barry signed and handed the forms back, a confused look on his face that only deepened when Timothy took a look at his eyes and nodded. “What is it?”


         “Girl, you need to be captured and registered before you can do anything with him.” Timothy called, stressing the word anything. “Don’t test me.”


         The Tomboy seemed to come back to her senses at his words and she glanced away quickly. “How long?”


         “That will be up to Barry to decide.” Timothy turned, pressing the empty pokeball that had come with the paperwork into Barry’s hand. “He’s new to this. Do you have any additional clothing that you need to claim?”


         The Tomboy shivered. “They should have given you my chit.”


         “That they did.”


         “Then no. Nothing else.”


         “Good.” Timothy glanced back at Barry. “Catch her. NOW.”


         Barry quickly pressed the pokeball against the Tomboy’s arm, watching her dissolve into red light. “What was that about?”


         Timothy slowly began to laugh. “Boy, you were moments away from being pinned down and fucked until one of you fainted.”


         Barry blanched. “What!”


         “Put those damn goggles back on.” Timothy continued chuckling as Barry hurried to comply. “Let me tell you a little secret about the Tomboy breed. They’re a vulgar, irreverent bunch of bastards who don’t give a damn about anyone but their harem and master. But they love strength. You hadn’t done anything to earn her respect until you showed her your eyes.”


         “My eyes?” Barry asked curiously. “Why?”


         “You’re half dragon.” Timothy snickered. “Top of the food chain. She values strength above most anything else, and there’s nothing stronger than a dragon. I could see it the instant she looked at you. You’ll have no problems getting her to fall in line.”


         “Is… this… good?” Barry asked cautiously.


         “I’m not going to be the one who has to sleep with her.” Timothy grinned. “So I’ll let you decide that.”


         Barry could feel the butterflies rising as he stared at the pokeball in his hand but forced them down and followed Timothy out of the gym. “So… What now?”


         “Well, we’re done.” Timothy rifled through the paperwork and dropped the packet and metal wristband on the receptionist’s desk as they passed. “I’ll take you back to the school and you’re done for the day. Go home, take the rest of today and tomorrow to get to know your new pokegirl.” He snapped his fingers and turned back to the receptionist. “’scuse me, we need to redeem a possession chit.”


         The pokegirl glanced up from the paperwork. “Oh, down the hall to your left.”


         Barry barely caught the small piece of plastic Timothy flicked to him. “Go get her stuff. I’ll be waiting outside.”



         It took a few minutes before Barry emerged from the ranch, quickly hurrying over to where Timothy waited. “Ready!”


         Timothy nodded. “Everything in the bag?”


         Barry nodded, slightly out of breath. “I’m good!”


         “You released her to ask about her stuff, didn’t you.” Timothy grumbled, releasing Tina and immediately taking her hand. “Back to the school landing, Tina.”


         The Enchantress bobbed her head and took Barry’s hand, teleporting them back to the familiar pads of the school. Barry let go, glancing around and nervously juggling the Tomboy’s pokeball between his hands. “The porters aren’t here now. The last day was a half day.”


         “They’re on call.” Timothy looked around and picked up a handheld. “There we go.”


         A few seconds later the same thin pokegirl appeared that had been his transport for the past week. “Master Barry, are you ready to leave?”


         “I-“ Barry started, turning towards Timothy.


         The Hunter held up his hand. “I’ll see you Sunday.”


         Barry took a deep breath when the two vanished. “I am now.”


         The pokegirl took his hand and teleported, releasing him and bowing before vanishing again. Barry took his regular glance at his father’s offices before jogging towards the house, only pausing long enough in the doorway to kick his shoes off. “MOM? DAD?”


         He slowed as he entered the living room, looking around in confusion. “HELLO?”


         A taped up piece of paper caught his eyes and he walked over to the wall. “’Barry, I’m going out for the weekend.’ He read. ‘Feel free to use the house however you’d like. I’ve told the cleaners that you’ll call them when you need them. Enjoy it. –Dad’”


         Barry’s face slowly grew hot as he realized what his father was telling him to do. He deliberated raiding the fridge first but steeled himself and walked down the hall to his parents’ bedroom.


         Pushing open the door he was immediately thankful that the equipment he had once walked in on was nowhere to be seen. The bed lay made up, basic restraints already fastened to the corners.


         Barry tossed the pokeball onto the mattress, placing the pokegirl’s bag on the floor nearby. Taking another steadying breath he pulled off his socks and belt, laying them to the side and pulling off his button-down shirt so he was wearing only his pants and white undershirt.


         “You’re not going away.” He said out loud, staring at the pokeball. “What am I supposed to do?”


         The device didn’t speak back, though Timothy’s earlier tip echoed through Barry’s head.


         “You like strength.” He muttered. “Ok. I can do strength.” He grabbed the ball and rolled it between his hands. “I’m not stronger than you, but dad says I’ve got the Trainer bloodgift, whatever that means. Seems pretty useless, but he made me take lots of martial arts because of it.” He pointed the ball and triggered the release.


         The Tomboy materialized and fell onto the bed, bouncing slightly as she oriented herself. She looked around in confusion but quickly caught on, searching the room until she could focus on where Barry stood. “Master.”


         Barry unbuckled his pants and let them fall so he was standing in only his underwear. “That’s the plan.”


         The Tomboy’s breath caught and she hesitantly reached for him. “You’re still… wearing those.”


         Barry stepped forwards, seamlessly pulling his shirt off as he climbed into the bed. “I didn’t want you jumping me right away.” He firmly pushed her back, crawling so that he was positioned over her body. “Ask.”


         The girl hesitated. “Ask?”


         “What do you want.” Barry ran his hand over her side, edging it underneath her shirt and beginning to pull. “Tell me.”


         The Tomboy’s breathing quickened as he continued up her chest. “I- I want-“ She moaned as he brushed against her nipple. “I want-“


         Barry eased her shirt over her head and threw it to the side. “You want?”


         He felt her hands grab at his head and he let them pull off his goggles. The Tomboy’s breath caught as she pulled them away to reveal his slit pupils. “I want you.” She cried, lunging up at him.


         Barry was ready, dodging away and twisting back in to slam the shocked pokegirl to the bed again. “You want me.” He growled, using one hand to pin the Tomboy’s arm and the other to caress her face. “You don’t get me. I. Get. YOU.”


         The girl screamed happily when Barry dropped his full weight on her body, pinning her down as he used his foot to drag her pants off. He could hear the materiel creaking as he did but ignored it, reaching down to massage the Tomboy’s vulva through her panties. “A dragon takes what he wants.” He growled, roughly kneading her groin as she shrieked. “And I. Want. You.


         “YES!” The Tomboy squealed, her back arching as she threw her head back. “YES!


         Barry grinned and grabbed her panties, ripping them down her legs. As he pulled them off he could hear the material pop but resolved to just buy the Tomboy new ones when he had the chance. The Tomboy cried out at the callous movement, liquid glistening against where Barry was using his knee to stimulate her pussy.


         He could feel her struggling under him but for some reason he was able to maintain his hold, none of the girl’s enhanced strength coming to bear. Barry massaged her chest, letting her calm down slightly before wiggling his own underwear as far down as he could.


         The Tomboy moaned when she felt his pulsing shaft rest against her leg, staring up at him with unbridled lust in her eyes. “Master.” She pleaded. “Please, Master, take me. Fuck me, Master, PLEASE!”


         Barry grinned, roughly forcing her legs apart and sliding the head of his penis along her slit. “You want this?” He growled, subtly probing her with just the tip.


         The girl was past the point of begging, her body bucking to force herself onto his member. Barry shifted in surprise, losing his grip slightly and panicking when he felt her slip out from underneath him.


         The Tomboy managed to grab his shoulder, pulling herself onto his penis with a cry of pleasure. Lost in her motions she didn’t notice Barry get his own footing back and screamed when he wrapped his arms around her thighs and yanked, pulling her solidly down his entire shaft. Barry could actually feel his penis hitting something when he moved again, each minute motion sending the petite Tomboy further over the edge. Barry watched her eyes rolled back, her mouth hanging open as she was overwhelmed by her orgasms.


         He gasped when he felt his own orgasm explode, holding tightly to the Tomboy’s legs. It felt like an eternity before he pulled out, staring at the thick white cum literally dripping from the pokegirl’s vagina. Swaying slightly he sat, looking over the unconscious Tomboy with a dazed expression.


         “Hey.” He croaked. “You alright?”


         He reached over, feeling the girl’s chest when she didn’t even twitch. He sighed in relief when he felt her breathing and climbed up next to her, wincing when his tender penis brushed against the sheets. “He warned me you’d do this.” He gasped, flipping onto his side and settling in beside her. “I guess you’re the one who fainted first.”


         He jerked upright when her hands moved against his back, tracing an electric line down the scales that covered his spine. “sc-a-…” He heard, glancing over to see the pokegirl’s eyes fluttering wildly. “M-as-t-t…”


         Barry grimaced, gently pulling a blanket over her and getting cleaned up. She was probably going to be hungry once she snapped out of the taming shock, and as far as he knew leaving her to recover was the best thing he could do.







         Barry hummed to himself while he prepared dinner, gazing out the window periodically to watch the evening sky. The grounds around the house were protected, though the odd feral did slip through every once in a while. He briefly fantasized about seeing one so that he could test his new pokegirl’s skills but squashed the thought.


         “Don’t be stupid.” He muttered to himself, returning his attention to the food. “She’s brand new. You have no idea what you’re doing.”


         He was still muttering when the girl peeked out of the bedroom. She quietly walked up behind him, unnoticed as Barry kept his attention on what he was doing.


         “Scales.” Barry jumped when he felt the hand running across his spine. “Dragon.”


         He turned, staring down at her. “How are you feeling?”


         The girl jerkily traced her fingers through the air as if his back was still there and made an unintelligible noise.


         Barry sighed and took her hand, leading her over to the couch and laying her down. Her eyes followed his movements as he walked away back to the kitchen. “When you’re feeling better, let me know.”


         He was pretty sure the mumbled response was affirmative. Shrugging to himself he returned to his preparation, still working even as the sun began to fall behind the trees. The last rays of light were beginning to fade and the automatic lights were coming on when he heard a noise from the living room.


         Barry glanced over his shoulder but the Tomboy wasn’t standing. Frowning, he moved the pan he was working onto a low burner and walked over to the couch. “You alri-“


         The girl stared up at him wide-eyed, a familiar bundle of cloth shoved in her face. Her other hand cupped her breast, her whole body frozen as she stared up at him.


         Barry’s eyes glanced down when she moaned again and he sighed. “Where did you find that?”


         The vibrating dildo buzzed again and the Tomboy screamed in pleasure. Barry just shook his head and pulled her hand away from her face, rescuing his shirt and airing it out. With the dampener gone he could hear the girl’s constant moans and cries from the stimulation.


         “I take it you’re back to normal.” He tried to say, stuttering slightly as he watched the Tomboy continue to masturbate. “Can you... uh, can we...” Steeling himself he stepped around and yanked the dildo out of her pussy.


         The girl shrieked and came hard, her spasm rolling her off the couch. Barry barely was able to catch her head, letting her legs and butt thud to the ground. “Careful!”


         The girl moaned again, reaching a hand up to trace his face. “M-Master.”


         Barry grunted as he scooped her into his arms. “Let’s get you cleaned up and something to eat.”


         The girl didn’t protest, only resting her head against his chest as they walked. She barely reacted when he lay her back on the bed and went to start running the water in the shower, though she was sitting up by the time he poked his head back in. “You ready?”


         The Tomboy slid to her feet. “Master needs a shower too.”


         Barry chuckled but shook his head. “Oh no. We’re going separately today. We’ve got all day tomorrow to mess around.”


         The girl purpled but bowed her head in assent. “Yes Master.”


         “Go on then.” Barry watched her walk past, marveling at how sculpted her muscles appeared as they moved under her skin. “When you’re done, I’ll have some food for you.”


         The Tomboy nodded and stepped inside the shower, letting the water run over her face first before she began looking for soap.


         Barry took a few moments to stare before tearing himself away and hurrying back to the kitchen, rescuing the meal before it could burn. He was finishing plating when he saw the Tomboy step out of the bedroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her body.


         “Feeling better?” He asked, placing the plates on the dinner table. “You don’t have any special diet, right?”


         She shook her head. “No, I can eat what you eat, Master.”


         “That’s good. Makes this easier.” Barry gestured. “If you’re hungry go ahead, or get dressed if you’d rather put some clothes on first. I’m going to shower.”


         The Tomboy shook her head slightly. “It’s late, right Master? You’ll sleep soon.”


         Barry raised an eyebrow. “Is that a problem?”


         The girl shrugged dejectedly. “I’ll eat now so you can return me to my pokeball.”


         Barry’s face morphed to confusion. “Why would I do that?”


         The Tomboy blinked. “You aren’t going to have me sleep in my ball?” Her eyes widened. “Master. Sorry Master.”


         “Just say what comes naturally.” Barry grabbed some silverware and placed it next to the plates. “I want you to be yourself. That’s the pokegirl I chose.”


         The Tomboy frowned. “You chose me, Master? I’ve never seen you before today.”


         “I was given a list to look at, and they included a psychic scan.” Barry shrugged and sat in one of the chairs. “I wanted to shower before we ate dinner, but if you want to talk, we can do that now.”


         The Tomboy hurriedly shook her head. “No, Master, please do what you wanted. I’ll go get dressed.” She seemed to relax as she said so. “Do I have a bag?”


         Barry grinned and got back up. “Yea, don’t you remember? You nearly jumped me when I asked you if it was the right one.”


         The Tomboy looked at her feet in embarrassment. “I do.”


         “Well, go for it.” Barry wiped at his face. “Phew. I need that shower after being in the kitchen.”


         He was toweling off his hair when he heard the bedroom door open again. “Hey, I’m finishing up in here.” He called, turning and staring at the figure in the doorway.


         The girl nervously held up an armful of clothes. “I found your bedroom, Master.”


         Barry smiled and took the load. “Thanks. Saved me a trip.” He rifled through the shorts and chose a light material to pull on. “I see you found your bag.”


         The pokegirl nodded. “Do you... do you like it?”


         “I haven’t had a chance to get a good look at you.” Barry replied, soaking in the view. The Tomboy stood at around 5’5”, which made her small breasts appear much larger on her tiny frame. Her dark black hair went well with her green eyes, a combination which served to highlight her face against her paler skin. She had put on a white tank top and pair of shorts that barely even covered her ass. “I like it.”


         The Tomboy’s worried expression melted away and she even laughed slightly. “I’m glad, Master.”


         “You chose the white shirt right after a shower.” Barry observed with a dry tone. “I wonder why that was.”


         The Tomboy smiled seductively. “No reason, Master.”


         “Sure.” Barry chortled. “Ready to eat?”


         The girl nodded enthusiastically and made her way to the table, waiting for Barry to sit down before she did as well. “What is it?”


         “KATTLE steak and rice.” Barry pointed at each part in turn. “The salad comes from the grounds. We’ve got some plant-types that maintain everything, and they grow vegetables for us.”


         “This is amazing, Master.” The Tomboy gazed at the plate in front of her. “It’s really for me?”


         “Who else would it be for?” Barry asked in confusion. “You’re my pokegirl, so you eat what I eat.”


         There was silence for a few minutes as they ate. “I didn’t think I’d get a Master like you.” The Tomboy whispered.


         “Like me?” Barry took a bite. “How’d’you mean?”


         “One who would treat me better than the others.”


         Barry sighed and put down his fork. “Why does the league have to perpetuate this crap.” He looked the Tomboy in the eye. “Listen. I don’t know what I want to do the rest of my life, but the last few days I’ve been researching this Hunter business and any smart one is going to treat their pokegirls well. You’re useless to me if you’re scared of me.”


         She sniffed and rubbed at her eyes. “I wish everyone thought like you do.”


         “Well it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks.” Barry said firmly. “You belong to me, so I’m the only one that matters.”


         When she didn’t respond he turned his attention back to the food, stopping when he heard the muffled sob. He glanced up to see the Tomboy’s shoulders shaking, tears beading in her eyes as she watched him.


         “What’s wrong?” Barry asked, hurriedly getting out of his chair and moving to her side. “Did I say something-“


         “M-MASTER!” The girl wailed, lunging forwards and wrapping her arms around him, burying her wet face in his stomach. “T-TH-THANK YOU!”


         Barry made an aborted motion as he tried to process what was going on before settling on just gently patting her hair. “You’re… you’re welcome?”


         She hiccupped, leaning back and paling. “Oh no, I got your shirt- it’s- I-“


         “It’s ok.” Barry firmly took hold of her hands as she tried to wipe at the tearstains. “It’s ok.”


         “I’m just- everything, you said during taming, and- I thought it might- might just be-“ The girl grimaced and pulled her hands free so she could pound at her forehead in frustration. “SPEAK! WORDS! MASTER!”


         “Stop that!” Barry tried to grab her arm but felt himself get yanked forwards by her strength. “HEY!”


         The Tomboy looked up in shock at his shout. “Master-“


         “Stop punishing yourself!” Barry yelled. “STOP. BREATHE. SPEAK.”


         The girl’s mouth hung open for a moment before she gasped, slowly returning her breathing to normal. After a minute she coughed. “Thank you.”


         “Now.” Barry let go of her arm and stepped back, edging back around to his seat. “What did you want to say?”


         She nodded. “I, wasn’t sure what you had said was real, and what… what was just empty.” She shuddered. “What you said, during the taming, and then after…”


         Barry thought for a few moments. “What part?”


         “You want me.” She said simply. “And then just now, you called me yours, and I- I just-“ She let out a half laugh half sob and wiped her eyes. “I-“


         Barry gently pushed his plate to the side. “I’m done eating.”


         The girl’s breath caught. “Are you… sure?”


         Barry chuckled and gestured at the remains of his meal. “Not much left anyways. How’s yours?”


         The Tomboy looked down and quickly finished off the last few bites. “Dfone.”


         Barry started laughing and grabbed both plates, standing and walking them to the sink. “Alright. Like you said, it’s getting late. We should get to bed.” He smiled when he heard her chair scrape back, studiously keeping his gaze on the plates he was washing.


         The Tomboy slowly pressed against his back, pulling her breasts side to side as she did. “Master…”


         Barry snapped the water off and turned, lifting her head and kissing her gently. They held their position for a few moments before he broke off, huffing as he tried to pick her up again. “Shit, you’re heavier than I expected.”


         “MASTER!” The Tomboy squealed, slapping his side and laughing. “THAT’S MEAN!”


         Barry snickered and pulled her back to the bedroom, ripping the dirty sheets off and falling onto the mattress with the giggling pokegirl right beside him. “Time for bed.” He whispered, slipping out of his shirt and watching the Tomboy do the same. “Whatever will we do?”








Tamer profile of Bartholomew (Barry) Messer

Age: 17

License: None


Blood Traits:

         Pokegene 1 – Dragon




         ??? – Tomboy





Tamer profile of Timothy Gardner

Age: 27

License: Hunter – Level 3

Clearance: Level 3


Blood Traits:

Information restricted without Level 2 clearance



         Leizi – Lopiki, Alpha

         Samantha – Shednobi, Beta

         Sapphire – Wyveri

         Noir – Z-Bra

         Hestia – Blazicunt

         Martina – Enchantress