As it turned out, walking into town with a sword dripping blood was an excellent deterrent for tamers, as anyone who looked their way saw Valk's sword and suddenly found interest in something else. Despite the bruise that ached on Hana's hip, along with the gems draining her stamina to refill, she managed to wrap Valk's arm around her to assist him as he hobbled his way into the city. Fortunately for the pair, the Center was located fairly close to the entrance. 

Making their was to the desk of the the Nurse Joy, with his free arm Valk held out the ball containing the Medra set it down.

"This girl right here. I don't think she could be any closer to death if she tried, maybe she already passed away inside the ball, I don't know. But I really don't think a simple healing cycle with be enough for her. I would however like to request one for this girl here though." Valk said. He and Hana exchanged a look, then he pulled out a ball from his pocket and recalled her, setting it next to the Medra's.

The Nurse Joy gave him a confident smile as she took Hana's ball, placing it into the machine. "Don't you worry about a thing sir. I've seen many girls in my day, in various states of health. I'm sure I can get this one raring to go in no time, and if not I have some friends for emergencies."

"Thank you, but you don't have to try too hard on my behalf. Anyways, my leg is killing me, would I be able to get a room as well please?" He asked. She nodded and handed him a small key with the number 6 on it. "It's just down the hall to your left, can't miss it." Valk nodded in thanks and placed his hands on the counter for support as he forced himself to stand up. Leaning against the wall, he eventually made his way to the room and nearly passed out on the bed, all the exhaustion from the day hitting him at once. When his growling stomach drew his attention to the clock, he groaned internally to see it wasn't even noon yet, and idly wondered how to pass the time.

Reaching down to his belt, he pulled off Nina's ball and released her onto the bed with him. Looking around, she looked a little annoyed, until she saw her master with a chunk of his leg clawed off.

"So I guess I owe the lady with the magic fingers a thanks, huh?" She asked. Valk's eyes opened a bit wider in shock.

"Oh, so you can talk after all." He said.

"Yup! Threshold case, in case you were wondering."

"Well, that raises a question then. What do we call you?"

"Oh please oh please oh please oh please tell me you changed my name to something cute!"

Her sudden outburst made him slightly wary when he answered "Nina" but the sigh of relief and huge smile on her face put him at ease.

"That's really cute, I love it. My old name was horrible, they named me Greta. Just saying it makes me want to gag. They said some Megami told them it meant great strength or something, I say they found a Trixie dressed as a Megami and she ruined my life. An when I find that little bitch, I'll let her know my 'appreciation' for her advice." She finished off by strangling an imaginary foe, which both amused and worried Valk at the same time, so he thought it best to change topics.

"By the way, by 'Lady with the magic fingers' did you mean Hana?"

"Oh is that her name? Yeah, the Eva. My memories of when I was feral are a little fuzzy, but I can clearly remember how her hands made me feel. Oh just thinking about it..." Nina trailed off, lost in thought as she softly began to purr. Valk shook his head in amusement, and as Nina closed her eyes, lost in her fantasy, he reached out and scratched behind her ear. She let herself enjoy it for a moment before springing back up, looking very serous for some reason.

"Right, so, can I ask you something Master?" She asked hesitantly.

"If it's about my leg, let's just say that Medra got it worse." Her eyes shot open at the mention of a Medra, let alone that she got the worse end of their confrontation, but shook her head and refocused.

"No, I mean, well yeah actually, I was curious, but...what are you gonna do with me?"

"Well, Hana and I had planned on keeping you, but now that you say you're a threshold case, plans can always change if you want to go home." He said, carefully choosing his words. She let out a huge sigh filled with relief, visibly relaxing every tensed up muscle she had.

"Oh thank the gods, I was afraid you were gonna sell me to a ranch." She said, laying back on the bed.

"Oh no, not even. When Hana found you sleeping in that clearing, it must have been love at first sight, she nearly begged me to add you to the team. By the way, if you thresholded into a Kitten, where did you come from?"

"Cerulesbian City."

"How the FUCK did you get here?!?"

Had Nina not been laying down, she would be now as she burst out into laughter at that. Valk could only sit there and watch as she lost herself in her fit of giggling, while his mind continued to try and piece together what her travel route could have possibly been.

Nina eventually sat up, wiping a tear from her eye as she came down for her self induced high.

"Aha, ah, that was funny. To answer your question, I can't be too sure. I mean, obviously it didn't take one day, and I think I've been feral for a while." She said, now racking her brain for answers.

"How did you get feral in the first place, if I might ask?"

"Well, that's a bit of an embarrassing story. You see, I was a late case, and it kinda just hit me all at once. Not even kidding, one day flawless beauty, next day covered in fur. Gotta say though, it keeps me nice and warm. Anyways, my parents and even my older brother were kind of put on the spot to find me a tamer who wouldn't just dick me and then sell me off, so yeah, time ran out. Last thing I remember is that the opened window of my room looked awfully inviting. Next thing I know, this Eva is giving me the best petting of my life." She explained. Going over her story in his head, Valk winced slightly when he thought of something.

"So your parents and brother are probably worried sick, huh?" He asked. She starred at him blank faced for a minute before realization slowly dawned on her, changing her perky disposition to one of guilt and worry.

"Oh hell, yeah they are, or at least were. Where are you headed?" She asked, hope evident in her voice.

Valk simply chuckled a bit in response. "I mean, our goal is to dethrone the champions of each league, so that city is on our list, but if you'd rather see them in person than call them on that video phone over there, be my guest." He motioned over to the desk off to the side of the room, a medium sized computer sitting on top with a dial pad jutting out. Without saying a word, she leapt off the bed, tripping over the sheets a bit as she made her way to the desk.

"I mean, if you want to give your brother a free show instead of wearing something, be my guest." He said, unable to help himself but tease the poor girl. Looking down at herself, the blush she had shown clearly through the fur as she humbly made her way back to him and sat on the bed. Now it was his turn to laugh as he grabbed the pack next to him and dug out some of Hana's clothes.

"There you go, I'm sure Hana won't mind lending you her clothes just to make a call." Nina accepted them gratefully and slid on the simple plain blue t shirt and shorts, grateful that the Eva had a hole in the back for her tail. Once she found herself acceptable, she gave herself a little nod and made the call.

From the bed his leg had confined him to, Valk could only hear what Nina was saying, though was able to gauge the conversation from that alone. She was a little shy at first, then apparently greeted with shouts of worry, and finished up with a tearful reunion and really began talking when a knock at the door drew both their attention. Valk made to get up, only for Nina to force him back down as she went to see who it was. Their visitor had been an Ingenue, holding a small silver tray with one ball on it. Looking past the Kitten, she saw Valk laying on the bed and nodded.

"Here you are, your Eva is perfectly healthy again, though I'm sorry I can't say the same to you." She said, noticing his leg. Valk simply waved it off as he finally felt the P-med he took earlier take effect, his leg giving off an itching burn. "Also, your Medra was 88 kinds of fucked up. I would go into detail, but...well, Sugi wanted to tell you in person." Her voice got quieter at the mention of who he thought was the Nurse Joy he had met. She left at his nod, and Nina released her alpha. 

"Finally, I hate being inside that damn thing. Also, are those my clothes?" She asked, gesturing towards Nina.

"Yeah, she had to borrow them to make a call to her family. Also, she talks. Threshold case. Now, we can talk more after lunch, I am starving. If you could go find me the biggest steak I have ever seen in my life, that would be great."


Two days of bed rest and some gentle, yet still painful tamings from a very spoiled Eva, Valk was finally up on his own two feet. The Medra, however, was still in treatment, but should be released soon. 

Hana had told him she had been able to record the fight with his dex, and had recommended they head to the Police Station, and claim the bounty.

"You know if we're lucky, we might get enough for a PPHU. If not, we save half of it and spend the rest on supplies, agreed?" Valk thought aloud. Hana mulled it over for second, weighing the pros and cons, but before she give her input, she felt someone pull her tail. She yipped loudly and whirled around, backhanding whoever it was, slapping the hell out of a young female tamer, who was sent sprawling to the ground. She had a bit of a shocked look to her as she got up, holding her cheek, then her shock quickly turned to rage.

"You. You little upstart bitch! How DARE you strike your mistress!?"

Hana just kinda stood there, taking that in for a second before turning to Valk. "I dunno, a PPHU is pretty expensive, and I would have to keep recharging it, which costs me stamina."

The young woman didn't take being ignored lightly, and once again grabbed Hana's tail, quickly yanking it, forcing her back to her. "Bitch, I was talking to you!" At this, Hana turned around again, pulling her tail from her grasp and stood directly in her face.

"Alright, first off, I am as straight as a PsyDyke is gay. Second, my tail is not something to be pulled, it is for my master to adore and comb and pet. And lastly, I have a master. I have a collar, I have an ID chip, I am not your bitch, you god damn cunt."

She took it all in, then turned to Valk, an evil grin on her face. "Fine then. You, Salvage battle, I want the furry bitch."

"2v2 Alpha off limits." He responded immediately. Valk knew he was more than likely going to get challenged to one sooner or later, and was glad the challenger got to make the rules.

"Fine, that suits me just fine." The lady said, her smug look fading slightly when Hana snickered uncontrollably at her.

"What is so funny? Or are you just that eager to be licking my boot?"

"Gods you are dumb. I'm the Alpha!" She managed to choke out between laughing. The woman turned to Valk, her look of rage very much so back on her face.

"Asshole, you can't do that! I challenged you for that one!"

"Hey, you're the one who agreed to it, not my fault you don't ask questions." He responded coolly. She was fuming by now, and angrily threw a ball out, releasing a lithe looking girl, a little shorter than he,  could have been human. Hana reached for the dex as Valk released Nina. The confused Kitten looked around at her surrounding, before spotting her opponent and the opposing tamer, then looked back at Valk with a pleading look.

"Master, I don't have that much experience fighting." She said pitifully.

"Don't worry, we win either way with Hana. Besides, this'll be a good way to see what you can do."

Nina gave a heavy sigh and looked back to her opponent, who was punching the air in practice. She studied her for a moment before she realized just what she was put up against.

"You want me to fight an Amazon?!?"

"Knew she was some kind of fighting type. Don't worry Nina, just do your best, show me what you got."

She sighed again, and turned back to see the Amazon rushing towards her, fist cocked back for a punch. She gave a cute squeak and leaned her body back farther than what should be possible, just barely ducking the punch. The fighting type looked back, a little confused at how she missed, but went back for a barrage of blows. Nina was very light on her feet here, practically dancing around each punch, though her face showed more fear than confidence, as if she was waiting for the pain to come any second. With the final punch in her flurry of blows, Nina leaned her body back again, this time springing back up quickly, smacking her head into the Amazon's face. Both of them recoiled back, the Amazon clutching her face and cursing, Nina holding her head and whimpering.

"Cheap-shotting little shit!" The Amazon spat out, her face bleeding from her broken nose. Nina was rubbing a red spot on her forehead, tears trying to work their way on her face. The Amazon rushed forward once again, her frustration getting the better of her as she charged in and rained down punches. Each time a fist came for her, Nina just barely managed to move out of the way, feeling the wind rush by her face from the force of the attacks. As she reeled back one more time, Nina closed her eyes waiting for it. A moment passes by. When nothing hits her, she opens her eyes to see her arms slightly up, long red, bleeding marks all along the face and chest of the Amazon that was laying on the ground. Both tamers stared at her, their jaws hung open slightly at disbelief from what they saw.

"Nina, what was that?" Valk asked.

"I...I don't know." She answered in a shaky voice. The other tamer, having gotten over her shock, was beside herself in anger, recalling her girl and shouting enough obscenities to make a Piratit blush. She threw out another ball, this time a girl clad in red, her claws and flamed tail the first thing to catch their eyes.

"Now my alpha, bring shame upon those who dare mock me!" She yelled hysterically.

Valk leaned in close to Hana and whispered "I think this girl is a few cards short of a deck." Hana simply giggled as the battle began, a Flamethrower getting their attention. Nina jumped out of the way, the Charmela ready for her as she lunged forward with her claws. Even though in mid air, Nina's body contorted and spun around the Slash attack, dodging and bringing her leg to smack the back of the fire type's head in the same movement. She stumbled forward, rubbing the spot on her head and turned back, spitting another Flamethrower at the Kitten, confident she could hit in this close range. She was wrong however, as Nina jumped over it, landing her clawed feet on her face, kicking off it and leaving long marks behind.

The Charmela grabs her face and screams in pain, her eyes clawed shut as she blindly waves her head around, trying in vain to find her target. A recall beam hit her and the match was over, the girl now just seemingly given up, her face cold and blank. She threw her dex carelessly at Valk, who caught it and promptly tossed it to Nina.

"You know what little girl, you did all by yourself, why don't you choose."

Hana had to help her navigate the dex menu, but eventually found the harem list. Looking over it, Nina's eyes shot wiiiiiiiiiiide open and she practically knocked the other tamer down, bouncing over to her and pointing at one of the girls listed, saying in a high pitched voice "Thisonethisonethisonethisonethisonethisonethisonethisonethisonethisone!" 

The tamer's face didn't show any anger, in fact she seemed almost relieved to be rid of whatever Nina had chosen as she handed the ball to Nina, who clutched it tightly to her chest.

"Find yourself a new friend little one?" Valk asked.

"Oooooooooooooh my yes, I found the bestest friend ever!!!" Nina was ecstatic, holding the ball to her chest as if her life depended on it.

"Alright, well that should be a fun surprise when we get back, but let's save introductions for when we get this bounty deal settled, alright?"

Nina nodded and reluctantly handed it over, a very cute pout trying to change his mind. Valk simply patted her on the head and put her back in her ball.


"Not quite what I had hoped for, but as we said, save half, use the other for supplies I suppose." He said with a sigh. Though the Denmother at the station had been grateful beyond words, nearly smothering him to death in a tight hug, the bounty had been worth 400,000 SLC, not enough to buy the PPHU they had hoped for.  Not wanting to haggle with the police however, the gave their thanks and left. Now back at their room in the center, Valk and Hana were making up a list of things to get before they set out on the road again.

"Oh yeah, might help if we knew what our new friend is if we're gonna get food for her."

He took out Nina first, as she seemed most excited about their new addition, and then released the mystery girl. He was then immediately glad he didn't release her on the bed, as she might have broken it. Standing at nearly double his height, her entire body was covered in slightly curly silver fur. Pearly white fangs peeking out from her muzzle, a generous C-cup chest was plainly visible due to lack of clothes, and a powerful tail softly waving behind her. She took a moment to take in her new surroundings until she spotted Valk, and was about to say something, when a very loud, very excited "SHE'S PERFECT!" cut her off, and was promptly tackled by a Kitten half her size.

Nina was purring her little head off, hugging as tight as she could to the canine breed she had chosen, nuzzling her cheek in her fur. "The beautiful fur, the soft touch, and so much to love! I finally found the perfect one! My dream puppy!"

"Puppy? Puppy. Did this Kitten just call me a puppy?" She spoke with a hint of a royal Welsh, which Valk couldn't help thinking it was the perfect accent for her. Then he remembered a small kitten was hugging a large wolf. She grabbed Nina by the scruff of her neck and yanked her off, lifting the purring thing to her face.

"Listen here fuzzball, I am not a mere 'Puppy', I am a Lupina! And as for you" She turned to Valk now, looking at him sternly "I assume you won me in a Salvage match, and while I am incredibly grateful to be away from that psychopath, why in the Thousands' name would you chose a Lupina while you have a cat?"

"You know, that is a damn good question. Nina, why in the Thousands' name did you chose a Lupina?" He asked. Nina was too busy, however, to hear either one talk as she struggled against the grip. The Lupina rolled her eyes heavily and dropped her, the poor Kitten rubbing her backside as she stood up, and suddenly got a little nervous.

"W-well, you see, you know how I said I was a late threshold case? Well, I thought I was going to end up a tamer, and I was obsessed with dog type pokegirls. I mean I was head over heels gaga in love with them. I went down to the local ranches to play with Puppys, I stopped travelling tamers who had dog girls out with them to play with them as long as I was allowed, I even snuck a stray Doggirl in one night and tamed her. So yeah, even thresholding into a cat girl, I still looooooove canine breeds to death! And she's just too perfect!" She apparently couldn't help herself, and lunged back into the mass of fur coating the Lupina, snuggling back into a comfortable spot.

Slowly shaking her head at the Kitten clinging to her, she turned back to Valk. "So, am I right in assuming you won me?"

"Yup. Crazy bitch came up and grabbed Hana's, the Eva right here, tail and started shouting how she belonged to her or something."

She let out a groan of disgust, yet nodded her head as if it was common. "Yeah, sounds like her. From what I got when she ever let me out, she was far more than spoiled. She wasn't handed things, she took them, and no one stopped her. Anyways, can someone help get this girl off me?" This time Nina had a death grip on her, because try as she might the stronger Lupina could not get her off. Valk chuckled a bit and grabbed the tip of her ear and yanked down, getting a loud yowl in response, peeling off a reluctant Nina.

Leaving Nina to rub her sore ear, Valk turned his attention back to his new girl. "So, does the lady have a name?"

"No, no I don't. She never gave any of us names, just calling us by our breeds." She answered with disdain.

Nina jumped right back up at this and once again hugged the Lupina. "My poor puppy! Lucky for you, I have the perfect puppy name."

In a swift movement, she plucked Nina off her and lifted her up to her face, growling menacingly. "Call me puppy one more time, and I'm going to be the one hacking up a hairball, are we clear?" She threatened, giving special emphasis on her fangs.

With a childish smile on her face, Nina looked her in the eye and said "Nope!". She wiggled free of her grasp and tackled her again, putting enough force behind it to knock the unsuspecting canine on her back and went to work, scratching and rubbing all over her body. She struggled at first, trying to grab the Kitten, but as agile as Nina was, she was never able to get her, and was doomed to suffer the Kitten's administrations. A few minutes of Nina's assault on her left the Lupina on her back with her limbs sprawled out, tongue hanging out slightly as she pants to get her breath back, her tail wagging uncontrollably. Nina was laying on top of the poor canine, licking spots on her fur, lazily grooming her. 

" did you...just what did you do to me?" She asked through ragged breathing.

With a sweet smile that held just the tiniest hint of a smirk, she looked back and answered "Like I said, I love canine breeds, so I know how to make them feel good. And I plan to treat my perfect Shira like the queen of puppies that she is."

"Shira, huh? That's...not so bad...I guess. And I told you...I'm not a pupPYYYYYY" Her sudden tone shift came from Nina moving, from licking her fur down to somewhere far more personal. Valk and Hana looked on from the bed, shaking their heads in amusement at the events before them.

"So, how long do you think Shira will last?" Hana asked, stripping her clothes and settling herself on Valk's lap.

"Until what?"

"Until she gives in to Nina and becomes her 'Perfect Puppy'"

"Oh Lupina's are a proud breed, I think Shira has enough will in her to last awhile, but not forever. I give it a month or two before Nina tries to collar her herself."

"Will you let her?"

"Ask me in a month or two. For right now, I seem to have a few ladies that could use some attention."


Taking the rest of the day and some of the next to get idle introductions out of the way, and for Shira to try her best to get Nina to stop calling her "Puppy", the group had returned from a brief bit of training. It frustrated Shira to no end that no matter how hard she tried, the Kitten proved too fast for her, yet Nina couldn't bring herself to harm Shira, preferring to scratch and pet her into submission rather than attack, which made their match go longer than needed.

They were just discussing what to they wanted to eat when a series of violent knocks battered their door. Startled a bit, Valk jumped up rushed to open it, nearly getting smacked in the process. Once opened, Valk barely had time to recognize the guest was a Night Nurse before she grabbed the neck of his shirt with one hand, the other very firmly holding a large glass mug half filled with a tan colored liquid. From her flushed expression, Valk could take a guess what it contained. 

She looked at him very angrily for a second, not saying anything, then in one go, chugged the rest of her drink and smashed the mug on the ground, glass shards scattering everywhere. An Ingenue hesitantly approached with a broom and dustpan, beginning to clean it up while never taking her eyes off the enraged nurse. She took a few breaths to collect her thoughts, then faced Valk.

"Alright, so look. I know, really I do, that your first words were, and I quote, 'This girl is as close to death as possible'. I get that. I know that, when I was a Nurse Joy, I should have felt sympathetic to a girl in that much pain and that poor a shape. I know that. But HOLY FUCK was this bitch a pain in our asses!" She started out calm, but suddenly exploded into a screaming fit.

"A few scratches? PFFT! Healing cycle fixes that right the FUCK up. Torn wing? Little trickier, but nothing I can't handle. SEVERED. FUCKING. SPINE?!? And she's still alive?!? No, sir, I cannot do that myself. Listen, we have a team of specialists we call when we get a girl in here a healing cycle can't fix. It's not often, in fact it's pretty god damn rare, but they are there. But when they saw how this girl was 88 kinds of fucked up, they nearly fucking quit, this bitch needed that much help. Internal bleeding all along her tail, nearly every bone in her body had to be broken so we could heal it correctly, the spine was a BITCH AND A HALF, and it wasn't even in the right fucking place to start with! AND THANKS FOR TELLING US SHE WAS A FUCKING FERAL MEDRA! SHE WENT FUCKING BALLISTIC ON US AS SOON AS SHE COULD FUCKING MOVE!" As her tirade went on, Valk could see her face getting redder and redder as she yelled more and more, until her face went blank all at once. She took a few more breaths and with her free hand pulled out a ball from her pocket and thrust it into his chest.

"Here you are sir, your Medra is healed up back to perfect condition. Have a good day." She spoke very slowly, as if trying to force the words out, then promptly stormed off, presumably to her room, as she entered one and slammed the door shut as loud as she could, making the Ingenue maid flinch. 

Closing the door, Valk turned to see his harem looking at him, their mouths slightly agape, unsure how to take in what just happened. He looked to all of them then down to ball in his hand, then broke the silence in a strangely merry voice. "Alright, more money for us. Wonder how much we can get for selling a fully healed Medra."

Just as he was about to make his way to the computer, he felt a hand grab him. Looking back, he saw Hana with a look of unease on her face.

"Something you'd like to add?" He asked, keeping his good mood going. Her look grew worse, as she seemed to try and find the right words, which made Valk's small grin fade away.

"Hana, love of my life, forgive me, for I thought you didn't know me at all and were thinking of keeping a dragon on the team."

Her hands shot up defensively at this, shaking her head quickly. "No no no, not that, but I was thinking. She seemed a little too strong, don't you think so?"

"How so?" Valk asked, furrowing his brow.

"Valk, she stayed standing in a Dark Matter attack. I may have been holding back so not to cause damage to everything around, but I don't care what feral you are, you get hit by a Dark Matter attack you don't see coming, you hit the ground."

"Where are you going with this?"

"I'm saying she has to have a tamer Valk. So let's pump the brakes on selling her to some random who will just use her as a trophy, and try and get her back to her tamer."

Valk mulled it over for a second before sighing, giving in. "You're right, as usual. Ok, got any idea how to find the dude or girl?"

Her look of unease returned and she looked away, mumbling something.

"I'm sorry, didn't catch that. What did you say?" He asked, leaning in extra close. Hana turned back to him, the nervousness clearly shown.

"We...have to ask her." She said in a small voice.

Valk, to Hana's shock, gave a nod and small shrug in agreement. However, he turned back to face Nina and Shira, the former currently nestled very comfortably in the latter's lap, much to her obvious annoyance.

"Nina, Shira, gonna need your help with this. Get the taming restraints set up. Once I let this Medra out, Hana will stop her in place, and we'll get her hooked up. Then, it's down to you two to get her tamed, and I apologize in advance for making you do this." He said. The two gave a nod, and Shira stood up sharply, knocking Nina off her lap. Looking back at Hana, she gave a nod, and Valk released the dragon in the middle of the group. When she appeared, Hana immediately used her Psychic to lock her in place, and this close up and not in battle, Valk had a chance to really look at her.

A full head taller than him, her entire body was coated in deep ocean-blue scales. Lavender hair cascaded down just past her shoulders, a firm D-cup chest that begged to be touched, and legs that belonged wrapped around her partner's waist, if they weren't strong enough to snap them in half that is. Her wings were folded up at her sides, and her tail seemed flexible and as long as she was tall. Her claws were black, yet almost shining, much like her eyes. Valk shook his head in disdain when he realized he liked what he saw.

Once she appeared, Nina and Shira took a side and moved her over to the restraints, locking her in place. Once she was firmly secured, Hana dropped her attack. Now freed of the Psychic grip, the Medra went on a rampage as best she could, biting in Nina's directions, her tail flailing about, trapped behind her. The duo was unsure how to start, when a creaking noise caught everyone's attention. The restraints buckled, trying to hold their captive, but the way they were flexing was unnerving for everyone in the room, until at once, they all snapped. The Medra sprung into action, shooting a Dragon Rage at Hana, staggering her before she could lock her in place again. Nina and Shira came at her from opposing sides, but eh dragon foresaw this, and stuck out her wings, smacking Shira in the face and sending her backwards. Nina ducked, but couldn't escape the tail that wrapped around her and tossed her to the side. Then her eyes fell on Valk.

His sword drawn, he stood there in a ready stance, glaring hatefully at the dragon before him. The Medra gave a slight grin as she crouched down in front of him. She held that pose for a second, building tension, then sprung, pouncing on him. Valk lashed out with his sword, intending to stab her through the heart, but she smacked the blade away mid pounce, and pinned him to the ground. She brought her head down to his face, growling slightly, but was silenced when Valk brought his head up and smacked her in the face. She flinched slightly, then looked back at him, and he swore he saw a hint of a grin before she dove back down and locked her lips on his.

When her tail worked it's way between them, a small blade extended, and then ripped and pulled off both his pants and boxers, leaving him exposed to the dragon. In direct refusal to this turn of events, Valk struggled and got an arm out. He used whatever leverage her could to roll the both of them over, and broke free of the kiss and started to back away, reaching for his sword. The Medra wasn't having any of that however, and wrapped both her tail and legs around him, trapping him and and forcing him inside of her. She brought her head up and forced another kiss, this time shoving her long tongue into his mouth in an extra move to keep him still, and the taming began.

The next three hours turned into a sheer battle of dominance, both hell bent on making the other submit, using whatever they had at their disposal to keep the other below them. Although Valk was forced below her most of the time, the Medra's strength giving her an overwhelming advantage as she ground her body into his, Valk managed to get on top every now and then by pure will alone. Hana, Nina, and Shira were unsure how to help, as their tamer wasn't in direct danger and the dragon was getting tamed, and were mostly forced to stay close and observe, ready to act should things get out of hand.

When it all finally ended, Valk was far less than pleased. First off, he tamed a dragon type, which had him fuming enough. His entire body was sore, and he swore he felt some bruises in places. Another thing that had him pissed off was that the Medra's entire body was entangled around his. Her legs wrapped around both of his, her tail tied around his waist, and her arms pinning his to his sides as she clutched him tight against her admittedly soft chest, all the while her tongue lazily grooming his hair, a constant, soft lusty growl going on as well. But what made him furious above all else was that the entire time they were taming, he could feel her soul do it's damnedest to connect to his, and at the end it finally broke through, and an Alpha bond was formed. So now, whenever he tried to get her to speak, all she would respond with was her breeds name.

Though he was currently as mad as he could possibly be, he couldn't do too much about it at the moment but stew in his hatred for this beast. He caught a glance out the window and saw a starry sky, and mentally swore even more at how much time he wasted on her. She grabbed his attention by stopping her administrations to his now damp hair, and rolled on to her back. She draped both her wings over him in a makeshift blanket and pulled him closer to her, pinning his head firmly between he large breasts, and quickly proceeded to nod off. With her now asleep, Valk attempted to slip free, but her grip was far too strong, and his sore body was not up to the task. He felt the bed give a little beside him, and though he couldn't see who it was, he had a good idea.

So, shot in the dark here, you're not ok.

I just spent the last who knows how long taming a dragon, which left me not just battered and bruised, but bonded to her too. Yeah, I've been better.

You bonded after just one go?

She was pushing for more, I could feel it. And I don't know about you, but if she's trying to delta bond with someone, that doesn't bode well with the whole 'she has a tamer' theory you had.

Hold on hold on. She was feral, she wasn't in full control. I'm still sticking to my guns here, I mean she had to come from somewhere, right?

And if you're wrong?

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now though, let's get you out.

Valk watched as the wings above him unfolded slowly, as well as her arms and legs. The tail was a bit trickier, but they managed to get him loose of that as well. Now free, Valk hugged Hana to him close, just glad to be rid of scales at the moment. Hana led him over to the corner that had both Nina and Shira sleeping soundly, and laid them both in with them. Nestled in a mound of warm fur, Valk felt himself calm considerably as he dozed off.


Valk couldn't tell if it was the sun hitting his eyes or the stomach of a certain wolf growling in his ear, but he was woken up by something. Taking note of the time, he untangled himself from the three furry ladies, and made a mental note to maybe get a very near human like girl next. Nothing wrong with fur, but at this rate shedding season will be a bitch. After putting on a replacement for his torn clothing, and went up to the still sleeping Medra, and slapped her hard in the face. Her eyes shot open in response, then she casually blinked the sleep out of her eyes as she sat up, made a show of stretching, puffing her chest out proudly and gave a small yawn.

"I can't even tell you how nice it is to have spine back where it belongs. So, what's up, breakfast time?" She asked. She had an interestingly casual tone to her voice, as if she's seen everything there is but still interested.

He took a seat on the opposite end of the bed and gave a small sigh, trying to collect himself before he spoke. "We'll feed you later, but right now, we need to talk."

"I knew it, you have been cheating on me! It was that whore down the street wasn't it? How could you, I thought I meant something to you!" She put on a fairly convincing hurt expression and looked almost ready to cry, but dropped it at Valk's deadpan look. "You must be fun at parties."

"I'm trying to be serious here. Now, my alpha believes you have a tamer, and I trust her judgement, so can you tell me how to get in touch with them?"

The Medra mulled it over for a second, then smiled to herself and nodded. "You're right, I do have a tamer, and he's pretty bad ass." She had to try and hide her chuckling as Valk gave a HUGE sigh of relief, and even had a grin on his face.

"Alright, how do I get in touch with him?"

"Well first let's get up, being in bed won't help us right now." Valk nodded, and the two stood up. As he turned to make his way to the computer, he didn't see the Medra's tail snatch up his dex, and she was currently looking through it behind his back. Valk sat down at the desk and pulled up the call menu, and turned back to see the Medra with both arms behind her back and smiling sweetly.

"Alrighty then, so what number do I call?" He asked, nearly causing another fit of giggles at his cheery tone. She gave him the number to put in, and they waited. Soon, a beeping noise was heard from his room, and he looked around to try and find the course. The Medra burst out laughing now, as she held up the dex to her face and answered it.

"Hello, you have reached an unnamed Medra. My master cannot come to the dex right now, but if you leave your name, number, and a brief message we will get back to you as soon as possible, thank you."

Tongue in cheek, Valk nodded to himself a few times, then got up and went over to Hana and gently shook her awake. Her eyes lazily opened, and as she rubbed the sleep from them he leaned in to her ear.

"Oh Hana. it seems we've come to a bridge we have to cross, yet it is completely destroyed. Tag, you're it, you talk to her." And with that, he took his place between Nina and Shira as Hana stood up, now worried slightly at how to handle this, as she found the Medra giggling to herself back on the bed.

"Oh hey, you're that Eva that does a lot of crazy things. I gotta say, you are REALLY annoying to fight." Contrary to her words, she had a fun loving grin on her face as she spoke to her alpha. Hana nervously returned the grin and sat down beside her.

"Yeah, I'm a little special like that. Anyways, don't you have a master or mistress to get back to?"

"Well my master is currently cuddling what look like two carpets of different color schemes, but seems comfy so I doubt he wants me disturbing him right now."

"No, I mean your previous master."

"I don't have one, and I kinda like this one, so I'll take him."

Hana seemed very confused at this, furrowing her brow in thought. "That's...not possible. I've read up on your breed, you're trade evolutions. You had to have had a tamer at one point, there's no other way you could be a Medra."

"Mmmm...nope! I can't remember ever having one. I mean, there was a guy who tried to tame me at one point, but I wasn't exactly right in the head, and then he had no head. So yeah, only time I can remember getting tamed is last night, and I gotta say, it was the best damn night of my life." She put on a dreamy look as she recalled it, a hand idly wandering to her chest.

Hana, however, looked like she was just told her mom had died in a fire. "You were level five'd and released feral. Oh you poor girl!" She wrapped her arms around the Medra, hugging her tightly. The dragon type, unsure how to take this, awkwardly pat her on the back as she looked to Valk for guidance on this, only to find his eyes closed and teeth grinding against each other. Inhaling sharply, he got up and stood in front of the two.

The Medra looked at him and gave a cheeky grin. "Now is it time for food?"

"No. No it is not. Look, I won't sugarcoat this. I FUCKING HATE dragon types." The Medra's eyes widened a bit, as well as her grin fading from her face.

"From the Draco kit that tried to rip my face off when I was six, to the master tamer's Dragoness who thought it would be fun to use an eight year old as target practice, to the Dracass who was a complete bitch to me from when I was nine to 12, making sure my life was hell before she moved away, to a fucking Pyrona that trapped me in a closet, bound and gagged as she had her way with me when I was 16, to a few days ago when some upstart feral Medra takes a chunk of my leg on my second day on my journey! I'd say I am more than entitled to my hatred of your type, so I suggest you think about what you want to do or where you want to go now while I'm still feeling generous enough to give you the choice."

Hana had long since separated herself from the Medra, moving to stand behind him, leaving the dragon alone on the bed as she thought over his words. Then stood up sharply, and gave a huge grin.

"So, you're giving me the choice? Then I choose to stay with you." She said simply, and wrapped her tail around his waist affectionately. Valk recoiled at this and tried to get it off of him, yanking and pulling to no avail.

"The hell do you mean you want to stay? Did you not hear the part when I said I fucking hate you?!?"

At this, she lifted him up off his feet to meet her face to face, looking him directly in the eye. "Yeah, but your story doesn't add up. If you hate me as much you want me to believe, then why didn't you kill me when you had the chance?" 

Valk stopped struggling at this, and looked down at himself, mumbling something.

"What was that? Didn't hear you."

He gave a small sigh and looked back at her, his expression serious, yet surprisingly soft.

"I didn't kill you...because I couldn't. When I looked you in the eye, you were too ready to die, too accepting. You weren't planning an escape, you weren't trying to scare me off, you weren't even hoping I wouldn't do it. You just looked...ready for it. I don't know if it was mercy, or pity, or how I was raised or whatever it was, but seeing that, I just couldn't do it."

The Medra took that in, thought it over, then her grin returned in spades, chuckling freely at something.

"What? What's so funny?"

"You are. You said I looked ready to die, but you've never had your spine severed have you? I barely even saw you were still there. What was left of me that I could feel was just horrible, I've never been in so much pain, that I can remember at least. So yeah, that whole 'ready to die' thing was just me in a shit ton of pain." She said between her laughs. Valk's expression went cold again, and he turned to Hana.

"Give me my sword please, I have some unfinished business."

"Now hold on, you asked why I wanted to stay, so let me tell you."

Valk looked blankly at her, letting her know he didn't care, but she went on. "Listen, I've been feral for a while, and I've had a bunch of people come after me. Most of them were whiny bitches who were way over their head, thinking they could get a strong girl for free. The rest were alright I suppose, some of those police officers were alright I guess. But no one, and I mean none of them whatsoever, could ever come close to you." She said with a huge grin, leaning forward and giving him a quick yet deep kiss. 

Valk sputtered and wiped his mouth off with his hand before looking back at her. "What did I do that caught your interest that much, and how can I reverse it?"

"Ha, what did you do? I take a chunk out of any of the other guys, most roll over and die, the rest do their best to retreat. I take a chunk out of your leg, you stand there and take it, then carve out my eye in retaliation. So yeah, like it or not you are stuck with me for life, no way in hell am I gonna find someone better than you." She gave him another forceful kiss, holding his arms to his sides this time as she held it longer, and gave his cheek a long lick just for good measure.

"Stop that!" He growled, trying to wipe his cheek on his sleeve. She grinned and licked all along his face slowly, moving just out of range of him trying to bite her, until his face shone with her saliva. He glared menacingly at her, to which she returned with a large grin.

"Come on, think about it. You need me in your team to get you over your little Dracophobia or whatever. What better way to get over your hatred of dragons than to constantly tame one?"

"I'm not taming a dragon type ever again! Now let me down!" He ordered. All he got was her grin in response.

"Nope! Not until you say I can stay."

"Not on your life."

"Well you see, I owe you my life, so like it not, you're stuck with me. So say it." She started gently kissing his neck now, the tip of her tail rubbing slowly against his crotch. Though he struggled violently, he couldn't get free of her grip, or stop her flirting.

"Hana, a little help here please?" He was able to look at her, but that exposed his neck more, a chance the Medra took eagerly as she playfully nipped at him, layering his neck with kisses. Hana looked thoughtful for a second, but shook her head.

"I'm sorry Valk, but she's actually right."

"Say what now? Hana, you can't be turning on me now, not at a time like this."

"No Valk, she is right. You've been stewing in your hatred for so long and it's beyond annoying now how you go into a tirade whenever a dragon type even gets mentioned. I vote we keep her."She said firmly. That seemed to take all the fight out of him. As he turned back, he was greeted with a smirk from the Medra, and she leaned in for one more long kiss before gently putting him down, though not removing her tail from him. Now freed, he wiped his face off and took a few breaths to calm himself.

"Fine. You win. I give up. But if you think you can walk all over me, you'll find my sword in a very familiar place, are we clear?"

"Crystal clear, master." She said, putting special emphasis on the word with a lusty growl. He rolled his eyes at her and made for the door, but was stopped by her tail still wrapped around him. He looked at her, cocking an eyebrow, to which she responded in kind.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" She asked.

"Asking you what you want? Waking the two furries up? What, what do you want from me already?" He asked, his patience thin for the day.

"I want my master to name me." She said simply.

He gave a loud groan of frustration, but still thought it over for a moment.

"Cylene. There, happy now?"

"Cylene huh? Sounds kinda fancy, does it mean something?"

"Doesn't matter, you got your name now let me go. You're not the only one hungry and we're burning daylight. I want to be on the road soon, we've wasted enough time here as it is because of you." She finally released him from her tail as he went over the two sleeping beauties. As he did, Hana motioned for Cylene to bend down, and whispered into her ear.

"It doesn't have a meaning persay, but it does to him. Pretty with a sharp undertone, he felt it would fit you." She said with a small smile. Cylene looked at Valk again, a sincere smile finding it's way on her face as she spoke back to Hana. "This may be weird to say, but getting my spine snapped in half was probably the best thing to ever happen to me."


Valkerous Denei

Status: Tamer


(A) Eva-Hana lv36

Kitten-Nina lv11

Lupina-Shira lv25

Medra-Cylene lv35