Valkerous Denei. 18 years old, 6" even, fairly muscular from years of training, and as of today, officially a tamer of the Indigo League



Though he set the alarm for seven, wanting to get a head start on his journey, it wasn't until half past ten when a rather weary looking Valk came stumbling down the stairs, followed by a very happy Eva. Dressed in only her panties and a loose fitting shirt that belonged to her master, Hana practically skipped down the stairs behind him as the two headed for the kitchen, Valk's mother and father waiting for them.

"Well well well, look who finally decided to get out of bed. Thought you would want to get a head start, seeing as today is the big day." His father said. 

"Hey now, don't look at me. Little miss over here was dead set on one more attempt at breaking that bed." Valk was quick to reply. Hana simply smiled, waiting for Valk to sit at the table before plopping down in his lap, sighing in content as she leaned back into his chest. Valk's mother, an Armsmistress, couldn't help but smile as she laid a plate of eggs, toast and bacon in front of the two, watching them devour it in a matter of seconds. 

As she made her way back to the sink to continue washing a burnt pan, his father cleared his throat to get their attention. 

"Alright son. Since today is the day you two go on your journey, every tamer needs supplies if they plan on surviving. So with that in mind, we have a few things for you." He said. He then pulled out a package from beneath the table, a brown box wrapped in smooth paper. Valk carefully tore it open and peered inside at the contents. Inside, a simple red Pokedex and five pokeballs. Valk took the balls, placing them on the notches of his belt, and placed the dex in his pocket.

"The good professor sent that just yesterday. Apparently he thought that since you already have Hana, a trip to his lab just to get these would be a waste of time." He explained. After seeing his son take the contents, he made his way over to the couch, making to reach behind it as the Armsmistress opened a cabinet and pulled something out. His father pulled out a somewhat beaten up back pack and handed it to Valk. 

"Shes a little battle worn, but it'll do. This Pokepack here was infinitely useful on my journey, I can only hope it does the same for you. I even put a few P-meds in there for you just in case." He said. Valk bowed his head in thanks, and went to test the durability of the worn out pack. 

After triple checking the straps and material holding the bag together, making sure it was still sturdy, he heard Hana let out a little gasp and couldn't help but smile. He not only knew what was her gift, he had personally chosen it. Hana couldn't help but go wide eyed as her trembling hands carefully picked up the gold colored collar, an ID chip implanted on the side. She shakily put it around her neck, the collar snapping shut and locking in place. She turned to Valk and gave him a look that made him think they wouldn't be leaving for a few more hours yet.


As Valk and Hana grew up in the middle of a route, the great outdoors were nothing new to the pair. However, the mere knowledge that they were on their own, out on a journey, everything just seemed...more. The air seemed fresher, the leaves looked greener. The only thing that seemed a little off putting was how quiet everything seemed. Hearing a few clicks to his side, he turned his head to see Hana had a one point snuck his dex out of his pocket and was going through it.

"You know you can ask for things right?" He said, not really caring that much. 

"I could, but this was more fun. Anyways, I was just curious about something." She replied. Now curious as well, he leaned over her shoulder, but instantly lost interest as she saw the page she was on. Hana rolled her eyes at him as she went back to reading up on Medras. 

"I know you hate dragons, but all the more reason to learn about them in case we come across them."

"If you say so. I however don't want anything to do with dragons." He said in a bored tone. 

With a couple hours of silent walking down the path, the two of them grew a little restless. Hana gave the dex back to Valk and told him to wait here as she walked ahead a little bit. Straining her ears, she tried to hear anything, any signs of ferals or anything around. After a minute, she finally gave up as she couldn't hear anything at all. Walking back to Valk, she grew a bit more nervous. Normally even back at home, there were a few ferals roaming around. She could even remember one time a Bunnygirl managed to find her way into their backyard before getting chased away.

"I don't like this Valk. This route is far too quiet. No Titmouse squeaking, no Bunnygirls moving around, I don't hear or see anything." Hana said in a rather worried tone. Valk moved a hand to the handle of his sword as they moved forward, Hana sticking very close to his side. 

With one more hour passing far too peacefully, Hana grew more annoyed than worried at this point. She held out her hand to get Valk to stop, and took a step off the path to the right, jumping into the treeline. A full minute went by before Valk jumped with a start, hearing Hana let out a rather girly scream.

"HANA!" Valk ran as fast as his legs would carry him, bolting to where he last saw her. Upon reaching a small clearing, Valk couldn't help but sigh deeply at the sight he came across. In the little clearing, he found Hana hugging a very, very happy looking Kitten. When Hana began scratching behind her ears, Valk could hear the purring from a few feet away. Sighing again, he walked over to them as Hana was giggling madly, seemingly falling in love with her new pet. 

Valk kneeled down in front of the Kitten to get a better look at her. Covered head to toe in black fur, her ears were a nice contrast in being snow white. A modest C cup chest, lovely, round sapphire eyes, and tiny pale claws poking out of her paws, as if kneading the air in her pleasure.

"Oh my god she is just too cute! Poor little girl was all alone, just sleeping in the middle of nowhere. Oh master, please please please can we keep her?" Hana asked as cutely as she could muster, batting her eyelashes for extra effort. Valk heavily rolled his eyes at her, but couldn't help it as a smile forced its way on to his face as the Kitten looked up to him, tilting her head in an adorably fashion.

"Hana, what is our goal for this journey?" Valk asked, doing his best to keep his composure.

"Beat the champions of each league, yes I know. But come on, think of all the possibilities! Chesire, Cheetit, maybe even Griffon if we can find the right stone! Are you really gonna let all that potential go to waste?" She asked. Valk looked at the Kitten one more time before letting out a heavy sigh. He pulled out a ball from his belt and held it up to her. She seemed to think for a second, then leaned her head forward, pressing it to the ball and disappearing inside. The ball shook once before clicking shut, signaling a complete capture. Hana nearly squealed as she quickly snatched the ball out of his hands and let the Kitten back out, latching back onto her and resuming her petting, the Kitten far more than alright with this.

Valk managed to tear his eyes away from the cuteness in front of him and looked up to the sky. The twilight sun was fading fast past the treeline, and Valk took that as a sign to set up camp for the night. 

"Hana, sun is going down. Let the poor girl go and set up the tent while I get supper started." 

Hana reluctantly pried away from the Kitten and set to work, fishing out the tent of the pack and got to work setting it up. Valk made himself of use as well, pulling out his sword and chopping off a few loose branches he thought would be good firewood. The Kitten however, did everything she could to get in the way. Jumping on the tent before it was made up, pawing and kneading at the cloth before curling up and resting on it. As much as Hana wanted to let it go, they had a job to do, so she put the little girl back into her ball temporarily so she could get to work.

With the tent set up, the Kitten let back out, and their dinner made and eaten, the three of them soon found each other in the tent in a small circle. Hana was scratching the Kitten's back, causing her to purr softly as she nuzzled her head into her chest affectionately, while Valk was lost in thought. After a minute, he cleared his throat, getting the attention of both of them.

"I've been thinking, and while I don't know for sure what this little girl with become, maybe she'll decide when that day comes, we should still name her." He crawled up to her and cupped her cheek with his hand, the Kitten rubbing into it. "So what do you think about the name Nina?" He asked. The newly named Nina took a second, tilting her head before pouncing on him, knocking him down on his back as she purred loudly.

"Well, I guess she likes it." Valk said.

"I guess so. But then again, maybe she's just after something else"


Hana awoke rather suddenly, but after a brief check of her surroundings, couldn't figure out why. Blinking the sleep from her eyes, she couldn't help but smile at the sight of Nina using Valk's chest as her pillow, the Kitten curled up and laying on top of him. Taking a moment to stand up and stretch, her back giving a satisfying crack, she went outside to get some fresh air, the inside of the tent smelling profusely of sex.

Guess that would be my fault though She thought with a smirk.

Stepping outside however, the Eva became thoroughly puzzled. The sunlight was barely breaking through the horizon, the dew on the leaves and grass far too fresh, and the early morning fog far too present. Hana couldn't help but feel something was off, seeing as it looked about six or seven in morning, and she usually woke up far later than that. She about to shrug it off, merely think it a fluke or from sleeping in a tent, before a faint roar could be heard in the distance. She paused, waiting to see if it would go off again, then she heard a deafening scream. It didn't last long however, as it was abruptly cut off, though Hana could have sworn she heard a bit of a gurgle.

Haha fuuuuuuuuck no Hana ran back in the tent and viciously shook Valk awake, sending Nina tumbling off her makeshift bed.

"Alright alright, I'm up, what's the emergency?" Valk asked in a groggy voice. Nina let out a soft mix of a meow and yawn as she stretched out in a cat-like fashion before suddenly getting hit by her recall beam. Hana tossed the ball to Valk, who just barely caught it in her haste, and watched as Hana scrambled to get all the supplies together, haphazardly throwing everything into the pack. Valk jumped up and grabbed Hana from behind, wrapping his arms around her in a hug.

"Hana, Hana calm down. Stay still for just a second, please just calm down for a second and tell me what's wrong." He said. Hana shook him off rather quickly as she scrambled for her clothes, tossing his at him.

"Look, I don't have the full story, but I do know that I for one do not want to be around a murderer day two of our journey." She said, her voice muffled slightly as she struggled to get her shirt on in a rush. Valk was about to say more when a booming roar in the distance cut him off, making the both of them pause. "Fair enough" Valk said, and rushed to get dressed as well. 

Collapsing the tent and stuffing it into the pack, the two made their way to Veridick at a bit of a quicker pace than before.

"Alright so tell me, are we moving fast because you don't want the trouble, or because you don't think you can handle it?" Valk asked. Hana took a second to think, which gave Valk reason to worry, before she replied.

"I think I can handle anything as is, since my gems are full" She raises her wrist, showing all the colors in the bracelet embedded in her at full, all of them glowing slightly. "But still, when you wake up far earlier than normal only to hear a blood curdling scream and a couple roars, that's generally a good sign that you need to get the hell out."

Hardly an hour passes before Hana scrunches up her face in disgust. Taking a whiff in the air, she follows the foul smell to its source, leading them off the path once again. A few feet away amidst the trees and bushes was a Bunnygirl, a few flies surrounding the dead body. Upon closer inspection, it seemed like her throat was ripped out, but the truly disturbing sight was that both of the poor girls legs were missing.

"Oh fuck" Was all Valk could get out. Hana on the other hand was turned away, hand covering her mouth to try and prevent her from puking. Valk took her free hand and led her away back to the path and wrapped her in a hug. It took a little bit to get her to settle down before she gave a nod, letting him know she was ok. He let go and the two continued down the path, rather grateful when the smell grew weaker. 

The two of them were able to calm down with time, though every now and then Hana looked over her shoulder, the feeling of being watched never quite leaving. Eventually, a large city came into view, and Hana visibly relaxed, Valk taking his hand away from the hilt of his sword. Just as they were about to break into a sprint towards the city, the beating of wings drawing both of their attention. Look up, Valk immediately drew his blade as a rather large Medra loomed over them, landing before them with a heavy crash, a small crater formed from the impact. She let out a loud roar, sending out a challenge to her new opponents, the hunt of her new prey coming to a climax.

"OF COURSE, OF FUCKING COURSE! THIS IS HOW THE JOURNEY STARTS, WITH ANOTHER GOD. FUCKING. DAMN DRAGON TRYING TO KILL ME!!!" Valk bellowed as he charged forward, sword poised to strike. The Medra wastes no time in snapping around, swinging her bladed tail to meet the oncoming attacker. Valk holds his sword in front of his body and jumps into the attack, putting as much of himself behind his sword as he could before being swatted to the side, colliding with a tree with a dull thud. Taking the chance given to her, Hana blasts the exposed back of the distracted Medra with a Flamethrower. The dragon type doesn't quite dodge out of the way, the flames licking at her backside as some of her scales get scorched, turning black. Turning to face her attacker, the Medra rears back her clawed hand, the tips extending and glowing a bright aqua color as she charges forward.

As the Dragon Claw attack gets ready to strike, she brings the attack down onto the Eva, only to discover her hand is trapped. She tried to turn her head to see what was keeping her from moving, but found even that impossible for the moment as she realized her entire body was paralyzed in what felt like a tight grip. Looking back to the Eva, her left eye was glowing a bright pink color, seemingly the cause of her being held in place. Hana lifted both of her hands in front of her. In one, a large ball of fire, and in the other was wild, crackling electricity. She put the two attacks together, fusing them into one as the electricity crackled a bit before snaking over the fire. Hana held out her hands, a blazing jet of electric flames jutting forward towards the immobile dragon. The Medra buckled, temporarily knocked down to one knee. She took a deep breath to compose herself before looking down at her chest, her armor taking most of the hit but still scorched pitch black, and stinging like a bitch.

Having been smacked into a tree, Valk stood up and shook off the bit of pain he felt in his back before finding his target again. Seeing Hana trap her in a Psychic grip before frying her alive with a combo attack, he took this chance to sneak behind the beast, taking the chance to charge in at her exposed back. The Medra, recovering from the blast, looked back and growled threateningly at the Eva. Now that she felt the grip on her body gone, she stood back up and brought her hand back up, just to pause again as she felt something collide with her back. Not hurting her however, she chose to ignore it for the bigger threat in front of her. Valk let out a frustrated groan as he felt his sword just graze off her armor.

The dragon type launched forward in an attempt to grab the fox girl, opening her arms wide with her wings going out even wider to try and cut off escape routes. Hana didn't retreat however, deciding to run forward and leap into the air, bringing her knee up and smashing it into her chin with a High Kick. The Medra, caught off guard by the super effective hit, stumbled backwards a bit, giving Valk another chance at her with his sword. This time however, he brought it forward and went to jab at her wing, finding success this time as his sword tore through the leather like appendage and pulled it down, ripping through it with little resistance. The Medra roared again, now becoming thoroughly pissed. Glaring at the Eva, she flapped her good wing, the gust of wind making her stumble a second, giving her the time she needed to whip around and slap her tail into her chest, sending her tumbling away. Turning back to the human, she was practically fuming.

This human, this lowly human dared to not just stand up to her, but tear her wing in two. Through all her rage however, there was a small part of her that couldn't help but be impressed at him, that part growing a bit more when the human stood his ground against her still. He raised his sword at her and took a stance, seemingly waiting for her to make the first move. The dragon brought her claws down in one swipe, grazing across the ground so fast she left scorch marks across the ground as they soon found home inside his right leg, tearing a chunk of his flesh off with the attack. She watched in some smug satisfaction as he did his best to bite down the scream of pain that so desperately wanted out, the human still standing his ground. As she was contemplating keeping him alive for some fun, she felt a hand grab her ankle. Looking down, puzzled, she saw a brown, furry hand from out of the ground latching onto her. She then felt herself get pulled down into the earth itself up to her waist, her wings forced up. Valk, through the pain, grinned wickedly as he brought his sword up and slammed it down, stabbing her right in the eye.

The Medra let out a scream of agony, releasing a Dragonbreath out in her yell as well in an attempt to get him away. Valk tried to back up upon seeing the attack, but tripped over his bad leg and fell on his ass, bringing his arms up to shield his face as the Dragonbreath attack washed over him, stinging him as he became enveloped.

Kicking her way out of the ground, the Medra managed to wiggle free and did her best to make distance from where she was grabbed. She soon saw, from her one good eye, the Eva resurface near her tamer, the fox girl doing her best to tend to his wound. She started weighing her options, but chose to continue the fight, her wing too damaged to fly away anyways. She charged forward again, bring both claws out to her side to strike. When she was within swinging distance, she felt the grip on her body keep her from moving once more, forcing her to remain still as the Eva stood up.

Hana managed to pull out a P-med from the pack and apply to Valk's torn up leg before whipping around and using her last Psychic to stop the Medra in her tracks. As Valk laid there on the ground, wincing slightly as the medicine took effect, Hana pushed the dragon type back, making some distance between them. Once she had gotten her far enough away for what she was about to do, Hana's left eye went from pink to black as a dark orb appeared in her hand. Though the Medra felt the grip on her body fade, when she tried to bring her claws up, her hands felt far too heavy to move. Soon not just her hands, but her entire body felt as if she was being pulled towards the ground, it taking everything she had just to try and remain standing. 

Valk took this chance to get into position, his not yet healed leg protesting movement but he ignored it. Seeing the Medra trapped in the Dark Matter attack, he hurried to a tree and climbing up it, using his sword to assist in the action as much as he could. Once he was high enough, he crawled out on a sturdy looking branch as far as he could, feeling a bit of the gravity attack pulling him from where he was. Taking aim, Valk leapt off the branch, allowing the Dark Matter to pull him down. The extra weight and momentum from the gravity was just what he needed as his felt his blade sink into the Medra's back, a sickening snap resounding as a result. 

Seeing Valk leap into her attack, Hana mentally swore and dissipated the move. Though the attack faded, the dragon let out a silent, agonizing scream as she fell face forward, unable to feel anything below her waist, the rest of her body wracked in pain. Valk wasn't fairing much better, one of his arms hanging at an odd angle. Using his good arm, he put the hilt of his sword in his mouth and bit down, grasping his other arm and popping it back into place. He let out a muffled scream, then grabbed the sword in both hands and made his way to the Medra. Panting heavily, he stood above her collapsed body, his sword pointing at her neck. Even with all the damage done to her, the dragon still drew breaths, despite then being shallow and ragged. Her one eye stared back up at him, and with nothing more than a single tear to show her emotion, she closed it and exposed her neck even more.

This sudden, unexpected act of surrender made Valk pause. He tried to shake it off as he adjusted his aim, holding his sword right above her, his hands shaking fiercely. Try as he might however, he couldn't find the strength to bring it down.

My whole childhood. Practically hunted by dragons my whole childhood, and now that I finally have one ready to die, here I stand with a blade at her neck and I can't do it? Why?!? He thought furiously. Though one side of his brain was determined to end her life, the other side begged to show mercy, that this girl had had enough. As the two sides of his morals waged war, he barely registered Hana coming up behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder. Looking to her, all thoughts stopped as he saw her small smile. Turning back to the Medra, he inhaled and let out a loud cry, stabbing the sword straight down. 

The Medra's eye opened slowly, staring into her reflection as the blade landed not even an inch away from her face. Looking back up at him, she found the human on his knees in front of her, holding a ball in his hands.

"Do. Not. Break. Out." He told her slowly. With the smallest of nods, Valk tapped the ball to her head, not even bothering to shake as it clicked shut. With the Medra captured, Valk slumped back against a tree, taking in ragged breaths as he came to terms with what had just transpired. Hana sat down next to him and flashed the same smile.

"You did the right thing. You know that, even if you don't want to accept it just yet." She said softly.

Valk simply shook his head at her in response. 

"Let's just get the next town already."


Valkerous Denei

Status: Tamer


(A) Eva-Hana lv36

Kitten-Nina lv10

Medra-??? lv35