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Pokegirls Unlimited

By Platinum Otter

Chapter 9 - The Lull

I sat in the office for a while reading articles and trying to decide how to break this bombshell to my girls.  Eventually I got up and headed back to the house avoiding Scarlet's tripwires which she'd pointed out to us earlier.  When I got back the girls were all wearing skimpy silk lingerie and engaging in a spontaneous pillow fight which, if I had to bet, probably spontaneously started around the time Friday heard me walk in the front door.  It was a show for my benefit and, while the fate of the world rested heavy in my heart, I was not one to waste such a bounty.  I hadn't realized it till now but I think I was a little lonely in my old life.

Grinning but not saying a word I picked up Scarlet and tossed her onto my shoulder.  Then I gave her a few solid spanks before tossing her off onto the bed as she shrieked and laughed.  Harley was next and she squirmed as I spanked her but followed her sister.  Seren started to run but was too late as I scooped her up and tickled her tummy till she squealed.  Then I flipped her onto the bed on her stomach and gave her behind two swats that had her purring.

Friday had backed up to the wall and was sidling along it while grinning at me like a maniac.  I made a fake lunge toward her right side and she shrieked and moved to the left which was just what I wanted.  I trapped her in the corner and then with one hand pinned her arms above her head against the wall as I devoured her mouth.  She strained against her arms to mold her body to mine and a storm of sexual energy broke over us all.  

The girls on the bed were watching with rapt attention while absently stroking and fondling each other.  I took my time with Friday, bringing her passion to a fever pitch.  We had been running around naked all day (a favored pastime of mine back home, albeit previously restricted to indoors) so there was no need to strip anyone.  

I broke from the lip lock and, without releasing her arms, moved down to give a sharp suck on Friday's left breast which drew a sharp hiss.  (Having my long gorilla arms is sometimes handy.)  I used my other hand to search out her slit and probe it.  She was already wet and warm and she moaned as I slowly sank one finger in all the way to the hilt.  Some people go for just a knuckle or two, but I have skilled hands and I know my way around the female anatomy.  With my finger buried I turned it upwards and then felt along her front wall until I found a spongy spot.

Then I used my secret Chinese art to turn my finger into a vibrator on her G-spot.  (In all seriousness I think I have something like a short in my brain that can trigger controlled seizures because I can make my fingers turn into a blur.)  She squirmed and cried out against the wall and in no time was having an explosive orgasm.  I was pretty sure with this technique and more foreplay I could make her squirt but that was an experiment for another time.  Right now I was interested in the main event.

I lifted her leg up over my shoulder using her arms pinned to the wall to support most of her weight as I positioned her.  Then I slid my shaft up into her to the hilt without a pause as she let out a low continuous moan in my ear.  I began thrusting in and out of her while holding her against the wall.  I'd always wanted to try this position but I'd never had a girlfriend light enough to do so.  I had the last month of sexual gymnastics to thank for me being strong enough to do it now.

Friday wrapped her other leg around my waist and I began to go to town.  I was fast approaching an orgasm and her moans told me she was coming up on her second but my hands were occupied at her wrists and waist so I started laving my tongue across her neck, collar bones, ears, and face.  When I reached her face she turned into me with a passionate open-mouthed kiss and we were still kissing when she sprinted across the finish line screaming, the flood of juices and spasming in her sheath bringing me along for the ride.  

"Wow," came from the bed.  "That was fucking hot!"

I looked over to the bed to see it was Harley who had spoken and who was now staring at us and panting as I continued to slowly pump Friday's pussy as she came down.  The girls on the bed hadn't been idle and Scarlet and Seren were playing one of the FaerieCutes' favorite games, Living Dildo.  As a tiny Seren thrust herself in and out of Scarlet's sweetness she was rubbing everything in reach and driving Scarlet crazy with sensation.  I didn't know if Seren had yet gained enough control of her psychic abilities to share in Scarlet's pleasure, but from her own increasing moans I suspected she had.

I lifted Friday off the wall without pulling her off my member and carried her over to the bed that way.  I laid her down and then I drew another moan from her as I slowly withdrew at the new angle.  Shifting her further onto the bed I chivied her up onto hands and knees and then got Harley positioned on her back under her with little urging.  All the awesome scenery had me recovering pretty quickly and I began to tease Harley's thighs, stomach, and breasts with my hands while she went to town on Friday with her hands and tongue.  As soon as I was hard again I began easing it into Harley but found her so loose and wet that at the last moment I slammed it in eliciting a loud moan from her.

By the time I was done with Harley I was almost spent, but a quick dose from Scarlet had me raring to go again and I ravaged both her and Seren at the same time by placing Seren on Scarlet's face and licking her breasts while teasing her sensitive bits with my hands.  The combined assault of myself and Scarlet plus Seren's new ability to feel the pleasure others were receiving had her cumming in no time and I decided not to let her stop.  We kept working her, despite her cries of protest, and forced her to break into a string of orgasm after orgasm until I couldn't tell where one stopped and the next began.  After about ten minutes her eyes lolled back in her head and I decided we should give her a break.

In the meantime I had been pumping steadily into Scarlet and had brought her to several small orgasms but I wanted to give her at least one big one and was approaching another one myself.  Picking her legs up I turned them in toward each other like she was sitting in lotus position but on her back.  This caused her tunnel to tighten and I fucked into that knot of pussy like a jackhammer drawing moans and shrieks of appreciation from the girl as I took her to cream town.  

When we were all done I briefly poke-balled everyone as a prophylactic and then we all grabbed a shower before bed.  J.T. Must have enjoyed showers with his girls too as the shower was really a small room and had eight heads.  Even better, Friday found a Jacuzzi tucked away in one corner under what I had thought was just a wooden deck for keeping towels and clothes out of the water.  We had a warm relaxing soak and then shuffled off to Scarlet's silk nest which I'd decided earlier was softer, roomier, and more comfortable than the house's bed.


The next morning I waited till we were at breakfast to drop the bomb.  They took it much better than I'd expected.  I guess since all but Harley had never been in a town except Tamington they really didn't have much of a sense of loss over all the people who were wiped out by zombabes beyond how they would affect us.  As we were far from any major cities and miles off the beaten track from any towns there was little to draw zombabes out here.  We'd need to stay vigilant, but, at least for now, we were relatively safe.

That day began our training.  I wanted everyone to learn any natural techniques they might not have realized they had yet but which were listed on their pokedex entries.  Scarlet, in spite of having had her new form the longest, still had an ability which she hadn't noticed because it hadn't come up, Chi Healing.  She practiced with small cuts on her arm for most of the day and by that evening could heal small cuts on any of us in an instant.  The cutting hurt, but it was amazing to watch and feel the wound pull itself closed and seal like it had never been there.  While I hated to cause my girls pain I told her I wanted her to practice on a big cut tomorrow so she knew what she was capable of.  I would be standing by to use a p-med dispenser or even pokeball her if needed in case something went wrong.

Friday and Seren spent most of the day taking turns practicing their Shield and Aura Barrier techniques while the other practiced attacking them with PsiBlast or PsyVibe.  Harley was having fun trying out her new GunFu techniques on trees and getting used to summoning and dismissing different types of handguns.  I thought we were going to have to build a Hogan's Alley for her to get much practice on moving targets, but she was rapidly depopulating the area of flies and mosquitos, at least flying ones.  She kept shooting off their wings and leaving them, alive but grounded, for other insects.  Her accuracy was scary good.

While I watched everyone practice, ready to jump in with a p-med if needed, I pulled out the pokeball of the girl we found in the basement.  Now that things were settling down and it looked like we'd be staying here for a while I wanted to see what she was.  My pokedex kicked back a verdict of Dark Elf.  I wasn't really sure I wanted a Dark Elf.  They were known for certain behavior issues and I liked the way my girls got along.  On the other hand I did have some Dark T2s  with techniques I would love someone in my harem to have.  I also  had the Mana Crystal to make her an Enchantress and as a veteran gamer I would LOVE to have access to magic items.  I'd discuss the options with the girls before I let her out.

That night, since noone in my harem was a pure vegetarian anymore, I made a large dish of spaghetti with meat balls for everyone with garlic bread on the side courtesy of our benefactor's freezer.  It was nice to be able to make this normal simple food quickly and easily after all the work we'd had to put in lately to provide our own.  We relaxed for a bit, had a quick five-way, and retired to bed.  Before we fell asleep I told the girls about the Dark Elf.

"We should dump her."  I was surprised that Harley was the one to voice objection.  "I was in a harem with one once.  She treated everyone like servants."  This was the first time Harley had seemed to remember anything from before Friday dropped her at my feet.

"Well, one of the options I was thinking about was evolving her to an Enchantress," I said.

"What if she doesn't want to?" Friday asked, knowing now I would probably make it a choice.

"I suppose we'll cross that bridge when we come to it," I replied.  "At worst we can place her in storage in the pack with the ferals and release her when we reach another world."

This comment drew four stares and I realized I might have forgotten to get around to discussing plans for the future with everyone.  I made a visible show of face-palming hard in hopes it would save me a verbal or physical trouncing.

"I'm sorry.  I forgot with everything going on.  I've never sat down with everyone to discuss our future."  I paused a moment but noone immediately jumped in so I continued.  "The long and short of it is that this world is dead.  All news on the web is months old.  I searched for survivors but couldn't find anything recent and one of the last posts I found said that the last bastion in North America had fallen.  Apparently they factionalized and in the fighting the mage keeping the barrier up around their enclave was killed.  If any other groups out there are surviving they're keeping quiet about it.  Friday, I'd like you to take a crack at it and see if you can find anyone I've missed."

"You've yet to reach the part about another world," Scarlet prompted.

"Right.  Well, it's fairly obvious.  If there's nothing left here we should leave.  This world has both magical and technological means of dimensional travel.  They won't be easy to find, but they are out there.  We're going to stay here until we're strong enough and then we're going to go looking.  An Enchantress would help a lot with this since she could make us magical armor to repel zombabe poison among other things.  We may have to make a few trips to gather ingredients or equipment but we could build her a workshop right here."

"I have a good idea where we might find an old mechanical portal, but it's not going to be easy to get there.  We'd have to go all the way to Scotland, er..the Blue League, and hope that this universe was like some others I've read about.  That one's a long journey and a crap shoot as to what we find at the end.  An Enchantress might also be able to make us a magic detection device that would find us something a lot closer, either magical or mechanical in nature.  As to the magical means, I know where a spell should be, but we'd have to travel all the way to the Blood League.  I think I'd rather try for Sco-Blue.  It's also possible that if the right computers are still running Friday could find the location of a lab in this hemisphere that was working on the tech or a school of magic which might have an intact library.  Anything maintained by solar power still seems to be running and as I recall Johto outfitted a lot of central government buildings with it."

After a moment's thought I added, "The chances of finding a magic school are probably pretty slim whatever happens.  I think Tenoch Titlan is the only major one in this hemisphere, but we might find the personal library of a mage.  Then again if worst comes to worst we may some day have to try for one of the bigger places."

I was really tired by this point as I wound down and the others had grown quiet so with Harley snuggled up to me on one side and Scarlet on the other I went to sleep.


I woke to the gentle bobbing of Scarlet's head as she gave me a fantastic blow job.  When I had finished she smiled at me and said, "That was by way of apology."

"What for?" I asked

"While you were asleep we took the Dark Elf outside and released her.  We wanted to evaluate her before we decided if she could stay, but when we released her she was still unconscious.  I think there's something wrong with her.  I tried healing her but there was nothing to heal.  Seren tried her Psychic attack too, but she said the girl was just asleep."

I pondered this for a moment.  "Could it be that she evolved from an Elf and somehow retained the Elf feral coma?" I asked.

"What's that?" she asked.

"When Elves go feral they first get sleepy and then eventually find a place to hide to fall asleep.  It's a form of suspended animation and they can remain dormant like that for years.  Noone's every really measured how long it can last, but the theory is forever, based on the way their metabolic processes shut down."  I paused.  "If she's in a feral state then so much for asking her about becoming an Enchantress.  I won't rape a woman, although I understand that in the context of pokegirls they may not have enough mind to give consent.  In this case I have another solution.  If we evolve her to an Enchantress she should wake up on her own."

"Does that mean we'd be stuck with her no matter what she's like?" Scarlet asked.

I couldn't say no to those beautiful emerald eyes.  "Let's just see what she's like," I said.  "If she can't play well with others I'll store her until we reach another world and then let her go her own way."

That earned me a very nice kiss that could have grown into more if not for my traitor stomach who chose right then to give a roar that would put nearby lionesses into heat.  Laughing at me, Scarlet backed away toward the kitchen with her hands up.  Her laughter turned into a squealing shriek as I chased her down the hall trying to tickle her.

That morning I wanted Friday to get comfortable with her new lightning techniques.  We'd work on power and endurance later, but right now she just needed to get to the point she could use them when she wanted to.  

I didn't want her to evolve into anything else until she had enough experience to become a Data Dog so I searched through our stores and found a small box containing three Everstones.  I dug out a ring with a setting size that fit and used some super epoxy I found at the store and some small pliers to seal one of the stones into the ring and glue the metal tabs to the stone after I'd bent them closed over it.  It wasn't a professional job, but the epoxy said it would permanently bond anything but a particulate nano-surface to anything else so I was confident that the stone wouldn't pop out.  

Friday was quite happy with her gift and gave me a hug and a kiss with some serious body English for it.  Before we could go too far I drew back with a final peck and put her back to work on her attacks.  There'd be plenty of time for fun.  For now I wanted her to work on her skills.

Harley was testing her Black Spike Dance which created telekinetic spikes she could direct but could be combined with her elemental bullets to grow six inch spikes from wherever they hit.  If she shot the ground under someone they'd have to keep their feet moving to avoid being shanked.  If she hit them in the chest they'd likely only survive long enough for someone to call them a corpse.  At the same time she was maintaining Iron Defense which Seren was occasionally testing with her PsyVibe.

Later Harley would be letting Seren practice Psychic and Hypnotize on her.  Eventually she'd be using those on all of us so we could practice resisting them.  Double Team would be difficult for her to practice as she was going to have to teach it to one of the other girls at the same time she, herself, learned before they could effectively use it.  We'd hone her Foresight on another day as well.

Scarlet had succeeded in closing a larger wound saying it wasn't really any harder than a small wound.  It just took more chi.  I wasn't willing to see how she did with organs on us, but maybe if we had any critically injured ferals I'd let her play doctor to test her skills.  In the mean time I started feeding her Fighting technique T2s.  Today it was Gattling Strike.  We had a Gattling Punch one as well, but I figured the Strike would probably combine better with her silk tendrils.  This afternoon she'd learn Aura Guard and Chi Blast.  Then we'd start working on combining some of her techniques.

I'd decided that night to evolve the Dark Elf but spent several days preparing first.  Since I had them I decided I would use all the Dark and Magic technique T2s on her before I evolved her in hopes that some of them might survive her transformation.  Evolution can be weird like that.  Each morning and evening I would choose one of the T2s and use it on her.  Then I'd leave her in her pokeball so her mind could absorb the knowledge.  I wasn't even sure this would work, but I figured it wouldn't really hurt either.

After a week I was finally ready to wake her up.  I didn't want her getting violent so I had Scarlet give her a tiny dose of her lust poison just to nudge her mind toward the right direction.  If she still decided to attack then I'd pokeball her and give it up as a lost cause.  As the girls watched I pressed the mana crystal into her hand.  

When the light faded we got our first look at our new friend.  Her skin had been a dark blue before her evolution but was now a rich vibrant blue shot through with a few silver streaks here and there.  Her breasts had remained luscious D's but her hips and ass had shrunk from overgenerous to a lovely set of curves.  Her hair, which had been black before, had shifted to a vivid emerald that set off against her new skin tone in interesting ways.  She had small points at the tops of her ears like a Vulcan and a pretty face slack with sleep.  Her lips had gone from voluptuous to merely lush.  

The girls had kindly cleaned her up earlier but she came to us with no clothes except a vine belt which noone could figure out how to remove.  It had no clasp and seemed to cling to her tightly.  Still, the important thing was she was now going to wake up...any time now... ... ... ... ...

"...well, crap," I said.  "There goes plan A.  Alright.  Someone is going to have to do the deed sooner or later or she'll never wake up.  Scarlet, please stay close in case she gets violent after she wakes up.  Everyone else, I'd like you to go back to your training.  We'll handle introductions tonight."

With Scarlet in tow I picked up the girl and carried her inside to the bedroom.  We had taken most of the merchandise from the store and moved it to the house so I had no trouble finding a variety of lube.  I did a thorough job, cleaned her up, and then pulled up a chair to read until she woke up.  

The first inkling I had that there was a problem was when Scarlet caught the Enchantress in midair with her silks.  The girl had leapt right at me.  I had a close-up view of crazed silver eyes and knew she wasn't in her right mind.  She grunted and struggled for  a few moments before Scarlet hit her with a light dose of Paralysis poison.

"What's wrong with her?" Scarlet asked.

"I don't know," I said.  "Maybe she's having some weird reaction to the way we changed her or her coma state was caused by something else.  I've never read about anyone doing this exactly the way I did and her coma was unusual to say the least."

"So what do we do with her?" Scarlet asked.

I started to say "I could take another crack at taming her and see if she calms down" but before the words even left my mouth the top of the box with all our evolution stones in it flew off and buried itself in the wall.  The box spilled over and I dodged to the side as most of the stones shot like arrows through the air to slam into the Enchantress.  As they struck her she began to glow until with the last one she became blinding.  When the light finally faded she was hanging limp in Scarlet's silks.

"...well...that was a hell of a thing..." the Enchantress said as her chest heaved.

"Are you alright?" I asked her as I carefully did not approach.

She raised her head and looked at me.  Her eyes were now a shining gold with a bright glow to them.  She looked around the room and trailed from Scarlet to the tendrils that were holding her suspended.  As she looked back at Scarlet her eyes narrowed and she frowned.

"If you promise to be nice I'll release you," said Scarlet.  "I had to grab you because you were about to attack our man."

The woman cocked her head at me and then smiled.  "I'm sure we could work something out," she said, "but I'd rather not have an audience."

"Considering the first thing you did when you regained consciousness was to try to attack me I'm not sure I'm comfortable being alone with you just yet," I said.  "I wanted to ask you to join my harem though so if you accept we will have the chance to get more comfortable together over time."

She frowned at me.  "Harem?  What is this nonsense?"

"You know," I said. "Tamers, harems, pokegirls becoming part of a harem, all that jazz."

"Why would I be part of a harem?!  If anything it is you humans who should be in harems, and shame on you sister for helping him," she said as she turned to look at Scarlet.

"Great," I said.  "Of all things we found a man-hater and she just ate all of our evolution stones."

"I do not hate men," she said.  "I have never had one but I am told they can be much fun."  Turning back to Scarlet she demanded, "What unit are you with?"

"Unit?" Scarlet asked confused.  "I am part of Sean's harem."

"No you stupid chit," she chided, "who is your commander?  Are we still on the midwestern front?  I had a mission in Indianapolis.  Are we anywhere near there?"

Her words were confusing until one idea struck me that, as incredible as it sounded, made things fit.  "Are you talking about the war?" I asked her.

She gave me a stern glare.  "Of course I am you fool.  What else would I be talking about."

"What is the last thing you remember?" I asked her although I had an inkling what her answer might be.

"Our troop was ambushed by humans aided by pokegirls.  I was separated from my transport and driven east...I remember getting sleepy after days of running and then..." Her brow furrowed.  "I think I crawled into an old refrigerator to hide...That's the last thing I remember."

"We found you in a pile of rubble in the basement of a house.  The pile partially collapsed after we removed you and I remember seeing an old steel fridge back there," Scarlet said.  "What war though?"

"She means the Revenge War," I said looking at the Enchantress.  "Madam, I hate to inform you, but the Revenge War has been over nearly three centuries now."

She gaped at me.  "What year is it?"

I pulled up the date on my pokedex and showed her the screen.  "The AS calendar was adopted after the war and stands for After Sukebe.  The AS era officially began in 2002AD.  That would make 307AS the equivalent of 2309AD."

She stared at the screen. "How?..."

"Were you evolved from an Elf?" I asked her.

"..Yes..." she cautiously replied.

"Well, I have a theory that when you evolved you retained your Feral Hibernation state.  It matches what you remember about getting sleepy.  Did you keep any other aspects of being an Elf?"

In answer the belt at her waist unfurled to reveal itself as two clusters of vine whips that grew out from her sides just above her hips.  "I was an experiment," she said proudly as we stared.  "The Master was going to make more of me when I came back if I succeeded on the mission.  Of course...I never did make it back, did I..."  She hung her head.

"If we promise not to attack you will you promise the same?" I asked.

She seemed to consider her options for a minute before nodding sadly.  I nodded to Scarlet who gently set the girl on her feet before moving over to give her a tentative hug.

"HEY!" the girl screamed.  "Not so hard!  What are you, an Amachoke?"

Scarlet was bewildered but I'd read the Enchantress entry.  "We thought evolving you might wake you up without me having sex with you so we used a mana crystal to turn you into an Enchantress," I said.  "Unfortunately they are known for having sensitive skin."  

She looked down at her arms and noticed they were bright blue for the first time.  "I evolved?" she asked as her eyes widened.

"Yes," I said, "but when you woke up you were crazed.  Then suddenly all our evolution stones flew into you and it looked like you evolved again although I've never heard of an evolution trigger like that."

"Not quite all," Scarlet said pointing to two small boxes which had flopped out of the big one and landed on the floor.  I quickly scooped them up and stored them in my pokepack in case she did it again.

"So the question becomes what are you?" I said as I unclipped my pokedex.  A quick scan told me she was an Archmage.  She had somehow drawn the necessary magic overload from the evolution stones she'd absorbed.  "Huh...you've fully upgraded to an Archmage.  The only times I've read of something like this happening before was with an Author invo....  Oh, shit."


After we soothed and consoled the Archmage for a while and explained what zombabes were and the current situation she agreed to join my harem.  She turned out to be a passionate lover and only objected when I called Scarlet back in until Scarlet hit me with her stamina plus poison.  The sex after that was epic and she seemed to accept having Scarlet around although she made sure she was the one who got to sleep in my arms.  Like most Revenge War era pokegirls she didn't have a name and I put some skull sweat into what to call her.  I finally settled on Alice.


We spent many days after that just learning new techniques from T2s and practicing them until everyone was comfortable.  Alice, it turned out, did retain most of the T2's I'd used on her and so learned to use them along with the other new abilities that came with her evolutions.

Harley had been reading some of Scarlet's romance novels and had started favoring the westerns.  She had gotten Scarlet to make her some cowboyish clothes and was now going around dressed like a red-headed Dolly Parton.  I wasn't complaining mind you.  It was a good look for her.

Harley, Alice, and Seren had all picked up Rune Chains and Mana Bolt readily enough and were now spending several hours a day each reading one of the magic books.  Harley hadn't wanted to study at first but when I pointed out how much more powerful she could become if she added more flexibility to her skill set she had jumped in with a will.  I had gotten them to each pick a different book so that they could then each help the others learn their chosen spell when they were done.  They had quickly set up rules for a contest for bragging rights and were trying to outdo one another.  As long as noone sent anyone's hands to the dark dimension I decided I wasn't going to interfere.   

Seren and Friday had both been given the DreamTime T2 as soon as they finished exploring their natural abilities and Friday finally felt she understood it enough that she was using it to speed along our training.  Seren had taken a bit more time and wasn't fully comfortable with using it on others yet.  Using newly learned techniques in Dreamtime wasn't the same as using them in reality, but it made the learning process go much faster.  Friday had gone under for several long sessions to learn and practice her Teleport ability.  A few more days of real world practice with Teleport for her to get comfortable and I was going to have Seren take them all under while Alice and I watched for attackers so Friday could teach Teleport to everyone else.  

Seren had also picked up some techniques for winged pokegirls like Feather Shuriken and Air Blast fairly easily and was now working on Telekinesis as well.  Friday would be learning that one next.

Since Scarlet had less to learn than everyone else she had already absorbed the Energy Blade and Speed Storm T2s and I had started working with her on combining techniques.  We were getting really interesting results from playing with her silk tendrils, Spincut, and Gattling Strike.  She was also trying to combine Gattling Strike with her Needle Spray so she could use it as either a continuous attack on one target or an area denial attack but was struggling.  I had an idea for an improvement even on that but knew it would be much more difficult for her to combine three techniques, maybe even impossible.  Time would tell.  Even if she could only use two techniques at once I had a few other ideas for interesting combos that only she could use.

Alice was making great strides in learning her own new abilities.  We also found she had retained some interesting techniques from previous evolutions including her ability to control plants.  She had some odd elemental affinities too but we'd have to do some heavy testing to figure out what they all were.  I tentatively labeled her a G-Splice in my pokedex and marked her as being Dark, Magic, and Plant elements.  I knew that wasn't completely accurate since she evolved and G-splices don't, but it was the closest I could come. My best guess was a theory that perhaps G-splices were capable of evolving after all but required non-standard evolution triggers.  Apparently the glow in her eyes was a side effect of her evolution as I noticed it was fading after a couple of days.  

Alice became very popular with the ladies when they found out she knew the Grass Cock technique and as a group request we spent one entire evening just dping everyone.  I was glad I'd given Friday that Everstone ring because she went off into a series of orgasms like a string of firecrackers at one point.  If she could have evolved from orgasm right then I think she would have.  I continued my quest for a minimum one orgasm a day for everyone but found I had to spend at least a little solo time every day with Alice or she started getting moody.  I really didn't mind.  It just meant I got to call on Scarlet more frequently for stiff-me-ups.

When I explained what I wanted Alice to make in terms of armor to deflect zombabe poison and protect us she said she could probably make something like that but that we would need some materials and she'd need a template for armor summoning in pokegirl form.  I consulted my mental pokedex but found few pokegirls who could summon armor.  Most of them were types that were very rare or had unknown evolution triggers as well.  We'd have to access a storage unit somewhere and hope we could find one.  To that end I tasked Friday with coming up with a portable power unit we could use to activate a Pokegirl Storage Unit.  I was really hoping for a Nightmare.

We made several trips into the woods to escort Alice to trees she pointed out.  She would commune with the trees and they would offer her whole branches of living wood.  She would then bring them back to the camp like cuttings and cause them to grow into whatever she wanted.

Alice took the materials we brought her and grew a forge, workbenches, and other equipment as she needed it.  I asked how the forge could survive the fire and she told me she just enchanted the wood against burning.  She said we could used some of the rings and necklaces without stones I had taken from the pokemart but declared we would need more gemstones and other things.  

I decided ruin hunting was the most likely way to get what we needed while encountering the fewest zombabes.  I did a quick search online and found that the ruin of the preSukebe city of Springfield wasn't that far of a trip from here, call it two hundred kilometers.  I'd really have preferred something closer, but most of the small town ruins would have been completely picked over by now and I was pretty sure Springfield was one of the ones that was destroyed during the war.  It wasn't as bad as Beaumont, Montana but there'd been heavy fighting and the city was abandoned and never reclaimed.  We could likely find some of what we needed there.  

For the rest we were going to have to visit a town that was actually running less than a year ago.  That meant another trip into zombabe infested waters.  I told Alice to come up with a spell to locate the things she needed and when she was ready we'd go.

In the process of escorting Alice around we captured a thundercunt in the woods and a psidyke that we ran into near the river.  My girls were getting stronger and their Rune Chains made capture a lot easier.  I debated keeping the thundercunt but didn't see that she added a lot just now.  I already had a winged flyer and an electric type so I had no need for her.  Plus I'm just not a fan of full-body feathers in the bedroom.

One day we found ourselves moving slowly along the river as Alice looked for some particular plant.  We were just passing a tall hill when a boulder came flying down the hillside to slam through Scarlet.  She hit the dirt hard with the boulder smashing her to the ground before bouncing off leaving her entire torso smashed flat.

I was stunned for but a moment as my brain caught up to what was happening but then I moved into action to snatch the pokeball from my belt and recall her.  She vanished in a burst of red light and I gave a sigh of relief she was still alive before I turned to see the "boulder" rising up on it's own two feet.  It's body was a huge round rock marking it as a galem, something very dangerous since my harem was low on frontliners.

"Everyone use energy blades or attack from range!" I cried as I put some distance between myself and the wrecking ball.

Friday was first off the mark with a Psychic attack causing the galem to shake her head before charging her.  Harley beat her to the punch though using Speed Storm to dart in front of her and fire Black Spikes through her feet at point blank range.  They slowed the girl but also seemed to enrage her as she started growling and roaring with every step.  Harley darted back out of her way as Seren flew in to slash her from behind with her energy blade.  The galem shrieked in pain but spun astonishingly quickly to smash Seren from the air with a massive rock fist.  Seren hit the ground hard and I could see her ribs had been shattered and her chest partially caved in.  I quickly recalled her as well.

Alice tried using Gravitation to bind the galem in place but it's massive strength allowed it to drag itself forward step by step even as the increased force caused blood to pour out of it's feet around the spikes.  It reached Alice and swung a fist like a large stone ham at her head.  I started to scream "NOO!" but it died in my throat as the fist passed cleanly through her without harm.  For a moment I'd forgotten that one of the dark technique T2's I fed her was Phase.

Alice teleported a short distance away and became solid just long enough to fire three Leech Seeds into the galem's back.  I, meanwhile, had moved back from the fight and was using a large tree for cover.  It was mostly in case of shrapnel as I knew the galem could punch through it without slowing down.  I would not abandon my girls though.  

"Harley!" I called.  "Use water or steel bullets!"

She heard me and switched over to rounds the galem was weak to while combining her shots with Black Spike Dance.  The galem started shrieking and roaring with every shot as steel spikes began appearing, piercing through it's rocky shell.  Friday activated her shield and hit the galem with another psychic attack.  

Between blood loss, energy drain, and mental fatigue the galem was starting to look a little unsteady on her feet.  She whirled on Friday and a chunk of her rock shell the size of a dinner plate fired off.  The plate struck Friday, knocking her head over heels, but her shield held and she wasn't seriously injured.  

Alice took the opportunity presented to dart forward and Backstab the galem with her energy blade, sinking it in to the hilt before phasing again.  The galem responded by blasting the remainder of her rock shell off in an omnidirectional wave.  A piece of the shell passed so close to my face I could feel the wind of it's passing, but the big old tree I was behind took most of the damage from my end.  Harley wasn't so lucky as a chunk of stone bounced off her forehead and she dropped like a sack of potatoes.  Without Iron Defense it might have killed her outright.

When I saw Harley was bleeding from the head and wasn't moving I quickly retrieved her.  It was all down to Friday and Alice now.  If they couldn't beat her we were all dead. 

Alice had been steadily draining energy from the galem since she hit her with the leech seeds and she now returned it, unphasing for long enough to fire a Megido blast which slammed the galem to the ground but didn't send her flying thanks to her massively increased density.  She responded by firing off part of her rapidly regenerating rock shell at Alice but, again, it sailed harmlessly through her.  

As the galem began to rise again Friday hit her with another psychic assault and she floundered for a moment before beginning to rise once more.  Alice took the opportunity to hit her with a mana bolt while Friday fired off another psychic, the combined attack again bringing the galem to her knees.  This time she was slower to rise, instead slamming her fists into the ground causing the entire area to quake and shiver.  

Friday and I were both thrown from our feet.  Alice weathered the undulating ground calmly, being phased, and as soon as it was settled teleported right next to the galem.  She unphased, laid a hand against her back, and they were suddenly gone.  Silence settled over the clearing.  

"Friday, are you alright?" I called.

"Yeah," she replied, "but where did they go?"

I was about to reply when Alice reappeared next to me.  "I'm back," she said nonchalantly.

"I'm glad you're safe," I said while placing a hand on her arm to assure myself she was okay.  "What did you do with the galem?"

"I took her a little ways off,"  she said.  "She'll be dropping back in any moment now."

I was about to say in that case we'd better leg it while we had the chance when the galem returned with an earth shaking WHAM!!! as she plummeted from the sky into the ground.  "I figured that oughta soften her up," Alice said.  

There was a moment of stunned silence before the galem began to slowly pull her way out of the crater her landing created.  Alice didn't give her the chance as she fired a long continuous jet of water at her while attempting to strengthen the pull from her leech seeds.  Friday hit her with another psychic attack as well and the galem faltered.  She was struggling to rise.  

Sensing an opening, in one motion I pulled a pokeball from my belt, drew my arm back, and let it fly at the galem.  At that precise moment the galem raised a stone barrier from the ground to block the water jet.  The wall of spray splattering in every direction deflected the ball high up into the air.  Alice growled, dropped the water jet, and fired another Megido blast which shattered the shield to reveal an angry galem staring right at us.  

With perfect timing Friday distracted the galem when she hit her again with her psychic attack causing the rock type to stagger and drop to one knee.  Just as I was about to dive for cover again there was a light THUNK sound as Friday used telekinesis to guide the stray pokeball back to earth by way of the galem's head.  The galem vanished in a flash of light as the pokeball bounced and rolled to a stop.  It shook once..twice...thrice.....four times!  I thought with the fourth one she was going to break free as the ball quivered in place but then it finally stilled as the red led winked out.

There was a pause.  When my lungs started screaming at me I realized I was holding my breath.  "Gotcha, bitch!" Friday crowed as, with a gasp, I started breathing again.  Alice and I walked up to the crater and she retrieved the ball with a vine before handing it to me.

I had to try twice before I got the ball latched onto my belt because my hands were starting to shake with the adrenalin dump.  "Alice, Friday, are you two okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine," Alice said.

"Me too!" exclaimed Friday.  She was all smiles and tail wagging in triumph when her tail froze and her face fell.  "What about the others?"

"Alice," I said as I turned to her, "I need you to start developing some healing magic.  Scarlet isn't coming out of her ball until I can get her into a healing unit and she's our only healer.  I don't think she or Seren will survive outside long enough for a p-med to heal them.  Unless I bring more girls into the harem we're going to be shorthanded until we can get them back up."

Alice nodded.  "What about Harley?" she asked.

"We'll let her out to evaluate her, but if she's too badly hurt I'm putting her on the same list," I said.  I hated to think of living beings this way but with survival for myself and the women I was coming to care about on the line I might have to consider awakening some of the other ferals we'd captured just to bring up our numbers.

As for the galem it was a nonstarter.  She would make a powerful fighter, but a close combatant was not what we wanted against zombabes.  More importantly, while her rock techniques might prove useful, in all the gear I'd grabbed from the pokemart I had managed to completely neglect to pick up any taming restraints.  I forgot.  It simply hadn't come up until now.  None of my girls had ever had more than low level strength enhancements and none of them had shown an inclination toward that play in bed.  The camp store had some paraspray but only one bottle which wouldn't last long and then what? So, into pokepack storage she went.  Maybe some day...