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Pure Vanilla Chapter 6



         Daniel was the first to wake up, reaching around to stroke Noeth’s hair. He was rewarded with a sleepy mumble, the Loner curling up tighter.


         “don’ wana get up.” He heard quietly.


         “Was that telepathy?” He asked, getting a sleepy nod as Noeth rubbed her cheek against his chest. “Talking too much work?” Another nod. With a grin, Daniel jumped to his feet, Noeth sliding to the ground with a yelp.


         “GAHYUEEEE!” Noeth shrieked, scrambling to her feet and glaring at Daniel. “That was MEAN, Master!”


         Daniel’s eyes lit up. “Well, at least that part worked.”


         Noeth looked at him in confusion before eeping and covering her mouth with her hands. “Didn’t mean it!” She forced out.


         Daniel laughed, grabbing Noeth’s waist and lifting her to give a quick kiss. “You let me know how you really feel too early.” He teased. “Now you’ll never be able to live it down.”


         Noeth squirmed out of his grasp and shot out the door. “Still gonna try!” She called back as a parting shot, Daniel catching a nice glimpse of her ass before she disappeared into the treeline.


         Laughing quietly to himself he began packing up, getting back to the road by mid morning. A half ration made up his breakfast, and he chewed it sedately as he followed the road. He couldn’t see Noeth, but she made sure he constantly knew she was there, the light telepathic contact pulsing and changing as the day wore on.


         Noeth hadn’t returned by the time Daniel set up camp for the night, so he released both Cyrene and Trish and explained who she was.


         “You just let her run off, Master?” Trish asked incredulously. “What if she gets eaten by a feral?”


         “She can teleport, and has precognition.” Daniel replied. “She’ll be fine.”


         “Where are we traveling, Master?” Cyrene asked.


         Daniel glanced at her. “Why do you think we’re traveling anywhere?”


         Cyrene gestured around. “I can feel the wind. It’s different than around Cardiff.”


         Daniel gaped at her. “You can feel that?”


         Cyrene looked at him in surprise. “I, well, yes?”


         “I think you broke Master.” Trish said good-naturedly, patting Daniel’s jaw closed. “That’s a handy ability.”


         “It’s not really an ability.” Cyrene tried to explain. “Everywhere just feels… different. I don’t recognize the breeze here, but I know it’s not Cardiff.”


         “I meant the breaking thing. But that’s still useful.”


         Cyrene giggled. “I guess.”


         “You’ve got a sixth sense for weather.” Daniel explained. “I guess it also translates to this. Right.” He clapped Trish on the shoulder and gave her a bashful grin. “As far as I was told, you’ve got a few more days to go before a taming. Cyrene, on the other hand, needs it tonight.” He grimaced. “And I’ll be walking a lot harder tomorrow, so I need some sleep.”


         Trish made a face at Cyrene but nodded. “Alright. Good night.”


         Daniel recalled her and nodded at Cyrene. “After you.”






         Three days later they had almost reached Magikunt Village. The road had been nearly barren, only two ferals sitting in Daniel’s pocket to show for the trip. However, he had discovered something along the way; he was beginning to form a delta bond with Cyrene. When he had questioned her about his suspicion the night before she had immediately joined him and Trish for ‘experimentation’. While inconclusive, Daniel was pretty sure he had felt the similar feeling as Noeth’s telepathy during the sex. This had led to a dejected Trish wondering why she wasn’t forming a bond, which had led to more sex as she attempted to catch up, which had made for a very tired tamer but very happy harem that morning.


         Noeth had also shown up with a satisfied smile on her face, but she had refrained from joining in, instead recounting everything she had seen the few days prior. At Daniel’s request she had also promised to check in more frequently during her explorations, even agreeing to stay nearby once in a while. Like now. She was currently keeping pace slightly behind Daniel, her nude form tantalizingly out of sight of his peripheral vision.


         “Will you stay out while we’re in the village?” Daniel asked curiously.


         “I… Don’t think so.” Noeth replied quietly. “I don’t like cities.”


         “Magikunt Village is pretty small.” Daniel offered. “Only a few hundred people even live there.”


         Noeth shuddered, unseen by Daniel. “That’s still too many.”


         “Ok.” He replied cheerfully. “We’ll rush to the center and then you can teleport me back to Cardiff. Lea probably needs to be tamed today.”


         Noeth blinked. “Lea?”


         “Oh right. You haven’t met her. Lea is my Armsmistress, but she’s newly evolved. She’s currently forging her armor back in Cardiff.”


         “I see.” Noeth murmured, a thoughtful look on her face. “What did she evolve from?”


         “An Amazon.” Daniel replied, twisting around to look at her. “Why?”


         Noeth shrugged. “I’ve always wanted to learn to fight. I’m ok with my blade, but I’ve only ever won once.”


         Daniel looked blankly at her. “Blade?”


         Noeth raised her hand, a shadowy sword appearing. “Dark blade.”


         “Oh.” Daniel turned back around. “Well, Lea would probably be happy to help you. And Trish can help you with your swordplay.”


         “I’d like that.”




         They walked in silence for another hour until the ocean spread out in front of them, the small village now visible.


         “Noeth, I think this is fine for now.” Daniel said gently as he turned and saw her shaking slightly. “Can you take me back to Cardiff real quick?”


         Noeth nodded, taking his arm and teleporting them outside the city limits. “Ball?” She whispered.


         Daniel recalled her, making his way into the city and to the forge. Pushing inside the quiet store, he looked around and went to enter the back room.


         He pushed open the door, coughing loudly as a cloud of smoke billowed past him. “Moira? Lea?” He called, wading through the cloud towards the storage areas. “Hello?”


         He could hear the clanging of metal as he got farther in, and followed the sound until he stood in a softly lit room. A figure sat in the middle, banging a hammer against something. He looked around in confusion before gasping in pain as his eyes shot open.


         Moira stood over him, concern on her face. “Daniel? Daniel?”


         Daniel groaned and sat up, looking around at the familiar forge room. “What happened?”


         “You walked in, slipped, and bashed your head against the wall.” Lea replied worriedly, the Armsmistress covered in sweat and soot. “Are you feeling okay?”


         “Fine.” Daniel grumbled. “I had a weird hallucination.”


         “Well that’s not good.” Moira said, picking him up. “Anything to be worried about?”


         “Looked like someone was at the forge, and it was real smoky.” Daniel replied. “Probably nothing.”


         He missed the look on Moira’s face before she turned away. “Wait here, ok?”


         Daniel rubbed at the tender spot and glanced at Lea. “So? How’s it going?”


         Lea brightened at his question. “Really great! I’ve finished the pauldrons and helmet, so now we’re working on the breastplate!” She paused. “Which reminds me. Do you have any sort of symbol?”


         Daniel frowned. “A symbol? Not really. Why?”


         Lea shrugged. “I want to mark the armor somehow.”


         “Oh.” Daniel thought a moment. “I do have a sort of family crest.”


         Lea’s face brightened. “Yea! That’ll work!”


         “Alright, here it is…” Daniel said, navigating through his ‘dex until he found the symbol. “Looks like that. Moira can get you a physical version if you need it.”


         Lea shook her head. “No, that should be fine.” She picked up a fire iron and wiped her face. “I should get back to work.”


         “Before you do.” Daniel called, stalling her. “I’m here for a reason.” Lea looked at him blankly. “It’s been five days.”


         Lea blinked slowly. “It… Has?” She glanced around. “Wow. I didn’t even notice.”


         “We’ve been working around the clock.” Moira chimed in, stepping back into view with Angelica behind her. “A quick taming would be good.”


         “Angelica?” Daniel asked in surprise. “What are you doing here?”


         “Oh, just visiting.” Angelica breezed. “Everything’s fine, Moira. He’s in control.”


         Daniel looked between the two, understanding growing on his face. “You thought the hallucination was important.”


         “Of course not.” Moira replied flippantly. “Someone definitely tried to contact you, but they weren’t very good at it. Go fuck lea so we can get back to work.”


         Daniel’s face reddened, and he could swear Lea was doing the same under the soot. “If it really wasn’t important.” He mumbled.


         “Pants. Off. Both of you.” Angelica chided. “There should still be a bed in the back?”


         Moira nodded, pushing them none-too-gently towards the break room. “Hurry it up.” She watched them go before turning to Angelica. “Was it the same one that sent you to his father?”


         Angelica grimaced. “Probably. He’s avoided the only Celestial that’s crossed his path though, as far as I can tell. And I’ve marked him with a warning, so others shouldn’t attempt anything.”


         Moira sighed. “What’s this great threat, again?”


         “Something that shouldn’t be disturbed.” Angelica replied sadly. “Unfortunately, the alliance has sent many to their unnecessary death.”


         “Well Daniel has nothing to do with it.” Moira said firmly. “So the alliance can go stuff it.”


         Angelica chuckled. “I agree. It’s why I’m protecting him.” She nodded to the Armsmistress. “I should get going.”


         Moira waved. “Thanks for checking. Good luck.”


         Angelica nodded, fading from sight. A few moments later she teleported, coming out behind a walking pokegirl with her energy blade already sparking at the girl’s neck. “Hello, Nika. I should have known you were the one ignoring my warning.”


         The pokegirl stopped. “Uriel.”


         “That’s not my name anymore.” Angelica spat.


         “I know.” The girl turned, ignoring the blade. “There’s a new one carrying that name now. Why did you abandon the mission?”


         “You would say I fell to corruption.” Angelica replied. “I would say that my eyes were opened. Stay away from the boy.”


         The Seraph brushed her hair out of her eyes. “And why should I do that?”


         “If you don’t, I will kill you.”


         The pokegirl laughed and Angelica winced as her aura flared. “You are nothing compared to me, girl.” She pushed Angelica’s arm aside. “You will be happy to hear that I intend no harm on your precious little human. I merely wish to give him a gift. Once he is ready.”


         “He doesn’t need one.” Angelica growled, fighting Nika’s influence. “He’ll do fine on his own.”


         “I know he will!” Nika replied in excitement. “That’s why I need to give him something! A tamer, driven, climbing the ranks and becoming well known. A tamer like that needs a good celestial, to keep him focused. Wouldn’t you agree?”


         “She’d just be corrupted. Like I was.”


         Nika made a disappointed noise. “You think too highly of the boy. Well, I’ll just have to choose one who won’t.” She tapped her chin. “Or one where that won’t matter.” She grinned. “Ooh, yes. One where her very presence tells the right story.”


         “If she can’t fight, he’d refuse her.” Angelica managed to get out. “You’ll fail.”


         “I might have before.” Nika conceded, snapping her fingers and dropping her aura. “But you’ve been very helpful.”


         Angelica cursed and forced her mind clear as Nika teleported away. “Damn Paragon.”






         Daniel took a deep breath, lightly blowing across Lea’s body and chuckling when it reacted. “It’s been strange not having my voice of conflict these last few days.”


         Lea made an unhappy noise and rubbed at her nipples, trying to undo what Daniel had done. “I’m suddenly not able to remember missing you.” She said drily.


         “Aw, you know you love it.” Daniel teased. “Oh! When you get back, you’ll probably have a student.”


         Lea blinked. “A student?”


         “Yea. I picked up a Loner at the ranch so that I could teleport around and keep traveling while still being able to be here when you needed me. She wants to learn martial arts.”


         “I think I’d appreciate that.” Lea whispered. “Thanks.”


         Daniel leaned over to draw her into a kiss. “You’ll like her.”


         “Probably.” Lea sat up and began pulling on her clothes. “You should probably get going.”


         “Eh.” Daniel sat up. “I guess I could start the walk to Aberystwyth, just so Noeth can teleport us there later.”


         “You named her Noeth?” Lea asked. “That’s a pretty name.”


         Daniel smirked. “You don’t know welsh?”


         Lea frowned. “No. Why?”


         Daniel chuckled. “No reason. That word describes her in welsh, but I’ll let you guess what it means.”


         Lea looked thoughtful and shrugged. “Alright.”


         “Leaaaa?” Daniel could hear Moira calling. “You done yet?”


         Lea grimaced and began pulling her clothing on faster. “Shit. I need to move.”


         Daniel chuckled and gave her a jaunty wave. “Have fun.”


         Lea nodded quickly. “I’ll be back with you before you know it.”


         “I’ll be back in another couple of days.” Daniel amended. “Moira said two weeks, so that’s what I expect.”


         “Alright.” Lea pecked his cheek. “See you then.”






         Daniel reached the edge of town and started to reach for Noeth’s pokeball before pausing. Redirecting his hand he grabbed Trish and Cyrene’s instead.


         The two materialized and began looking around, Cyrene testing the air and looking to Daniel questioningly. “What’s going on, Master?”


         “I remembered that we didn’t do any shopping after challenging the Cardiff gym.” Daniel replied. “As a reward for winning, each of you can tell me something you want. Clothes, a special meal, something like that. Lea’s is going to be her armor, since it’s costing me a fortune.” He grumbled.


         “Can I get a cemented bond?” Cyrene asked jokingly.


         “That’s going to take a couple of weeks.” Daniel replied with a smile.


         The two girls looked at each other, Trish shrugging. “I’ve got nothing, Master. Can I hold off until I figure it out?”


         Daniel nodded. “Sure. Cyrene?”


         The Airmaiden fidgeted. “A heavy metal.”


         Daniel blinked. “Are you sure?”


         Cyrene looked at the ground. “I am.”


         “Do you want that now?”


         Cyrene looked back up at him. “As soon as possible, Master.”


         “Alright.” Daniel pulled out his pokedex, navigating for a few moments and canceling something before putting it back away. “Then I’ll get one for you.”


         Cyrene looked at his ‘dex curiously. “What was that?”


         “Something that will have to wait for a while.” Daniel replied. “Don’t worry about it.” Cyrene looked concerned but Daniel waved it away with a smile. “Honestly, Cyrene. It’s something that can wait.”


         “Alright.” She said quietly.


         Trish still had no idea what she might want, so Daniel recalled the two of them and went back into the city. Browsing around, he soon found a store that sold evolution items and purchased a heavy metal, picking up a pokepack as well and transferring the contents of his backpack into it. The lighter load had him nearly skipping as he left the city limits and released Noeth, the two of them teleporting back to where they had started the day outside of Magikunt Village.


         “Are we still going into the village?” Noeth asked softly.


         Daniel wrapped his arm around her shoulders and held her tightly, doing his best to stop her shivering. “Not if you don’t want to.” He replied.


         Noeth took a shaky breath and nestled her face against his chest. “I wouldn’t be able to stay off the ground.” She mumbled.


         “What if I kept your pokeball out?” Daniel asked, removing it from his belt. “I’ll keep my finger on the recall trigger. If you don’t feel comfortable, I’ll press it.”


         Noeth reached up on tip toes and draped her arms around his neck in an awkward hug. “Thank you.”


         Daniel let go of her and prodded her stomach, earning an embarrassed yelp as Noeth disentangled herself and shot away. She stopped after a few feet and watched him warily. “Are you going to do that while we’re walking?” She asked cautiously.


         Daniel laughed. “I just couldn’t resist.” He teased.


         Noeth grumbled but stepped back to him, allowing him to drape his arm over her shoulders as they began walking into Magikunt Village.


         “You know, I just thought of something.” Daniel said as they passed the first few houses. “You don’t like crowds. But you might be the reason people crowd you.”


         Noeth’s head was on a swivel as she made sure not too many people were around. “Huh?”


         Daniel resisted the urge to grope her and settled on tickling her side instead. “You’re absolutely beautiful. And you don’t try to hide it.”


         Noeth raised an arm hesitantly to cover herself but dropped it again. “I’ve… never needed to.” She replied.


         “Well I’m not saying you need to.” Daniel replied. “I was just saying that maybe people will want to come and stare.”


         Noeth took a sharp breath as she realized what Daniel was saying. “Can we buy some clothes while we’re here?” She asked in a panic. “Please!”


         “Only if you promise not to wear them too often.” Daniel replied with a grin.


         Noeth made a frustrated noise of assent as they passed onto the main road, it being thankfully clear of people. They passed a few stores before Noeth pulled Daniel into a small boutique and began rummaging; the pokegirl behind the counter excitedly joining in once Noeth explained what she wanted.


         Daniel surreptitiously slid the ‘Open’ sign to the side and stood in front of the door in order to guarantee Noeth’s privacy as she flit around, holding up outfit after outfit as she searched for something that fit.


         It didn’t take too long for the two to single out the few pieces that worked for her and Daniel was called over.


         “What am I looking for?” He asked.


         “Well, Sir, your pokegirl specified that she wanted things that were quick and easy to don and doff.” The store pokegirl replied. “These are our only articles that can be opened in order to be removed, instead of slid on over the head or legs.”


         Daniel picked up a blouse and looked at the buttons running across the front. “What, no underwear?”


         “Why would I need underwear?” Noeth asked curiously.


         Daniel coughed, putting the blouse down and glancing at her. “To avoid giving your tamer a boner?”


         Noeth grinned at him. “Why would I want that?”


         “No reason.” Daniel replied quickly. “That seems like a stupid idea.”


         “I really like you.” Daniel heard in his head, the telepathic contact glowing with Noeth’s happiness. “I’m glad you bought me.


         “You won’t like me when I force you to fight.” Daniel tried to send back, but only succeeded in sending Noeth into a fit of giggles.


         “Anyway.” Daniel picked the blouse up again. “Are you sure these will fit?”


         The clerk glanced at Noeth apprehensively. “Actually, Sir, they won’t. Not without some alterations.” She used the back of her hand and lifted Noeth’s breasts, causing her to blush and look away. “Your pokegirl is much… larger than any of those pieces. Which is why we would need you to choose one or more for alteration.”


         “Well, it’s not really my choice.” Daniel said, looking at Noeth. “You should choose the one you like best. It’ll be all you wear for a while, probably.”


         Noeth glanced over the clothing and reached down to pick up a black miniskirt and blue leather corset. “Then, probably these.”


         The seamstress tsked and took the corset, running it over in her hands. “This will be a bit harder to alter.” She glanced at Noeth, pointedly ignoring Daniel. “You’d be overflowing.”


         Daniel could feel his face reddening as he started imagining Noeth walking around with huge cleavage bouncing and jiggling and had to walk away for a moment. When he came back the other pokegirl had disappeared with the clothing, Noeth standing there with a matching blush covering her face. “Will people still stare?” She asked.


         “I will.” Daniel replied honestly. “I’ll be staring more than the way you are now.”


         Noeth screwed her eyes shut, a smile flickering on her face as she sat down. “But other people?” She squeaked.


         “Not as much as now. And if they do, well, they’ll just know there’s no way they’re seeing you in their bed.” Daniel said, reaching down to hoist Noeth back to her feet. “I’ll be the only one enjoying the way you look clothed, and the way you look naked.” He considered for a moment. “Oh. And if anyone bothers you, I’ll punch ‘em.”


         Noeth giggled and opened her eyes. “You’d get in trouble.”


         “I’d rather you thought well of me.” Daniel replied honestly. “A little trouble would be worth your trust.”


         That sobered her up, the two standing in silence while they waited for the pokegirl to return with the clothing. It took about half an hour before she returned, the corset now sporting a set of clasps and an extended chestpiece.


         Daniel paid while Noeth squeezed into her new clothes. Finishing the transaction he braced himself and turned to see Noeth waiting for him. The skirt was clasped below her waist, displaying her pelvic region but stopping just before her bush. The corset was slightly shorter than he had thought it was, and her midriff was clearly exposed, the set displaying a quite large amount of skin. Glancing upwards he had to bite his tongue when he saw her bust. Just as the seamstress had warned, Noeth was at least a full cup too large for the corset, and the excess was giving her an absurd amount of cleavage.


         “I was right.” Daniel said after a moment. “Seeing you in that is better than seeing you naked.”


         “But you’re the only one who’ll see me naked.” Noeth replied nervously.


         “And me.” The seamstress piped up. “But I’ll never share, miss.”


         Noeth giggled and curtsied, her chest staying surprisingly still from the movement. “Thank you.” She looked at Daniel, her smile fading as she remembered where they were. “Do we have to get going?”


         Daniel nodded softly and went to the door, glancing out. Seeing only two people on the street he gestured for Noeth to join him, the two walking quickly to the gym.


         As expected, Noeth drew quite a few stares as they entered, the tamers set up inside ogling her. Eventually though they all turned away, much to Noeth’s relief.


         “Good afternoon.” Daniel greeted the secretary. “Are you open for challenges today?”


         “Sure.” The man replied, his eyes fixed on the screen in front of him. “You’ll have to get in line. Shouldn’t be more than a few hours.”


         Daniel grimaced. “A few hours.” He looked around. “Shit. Come on, Noeth.”


         The receptionist glanced up when he heard Daniel mention Noeth’s name. “Noeth? Terrible name for your pokegirl.”


         Daniel paused and looked back. “And why do you say that?”


         “It’s obviously false.”


         Daniel shrugged. “I only just bought her these. She doesn’t plan on wearing them long.”


         The receptionist grinned and shifted his posture slightly to tap at his computer. “Have a seat. We’ll get you in next.”


         Daniel blinked in confusion but nodded and sat down next to the door, Noeth hovering at his shoulder.


         He had only just sat down when a door opened, a tamer in an over-the-top Gaelic costume rapidly vacating the gym.


         <”’S bad enough they lie, they disrespect me too?”> A voice roared in welsh. <”Damn foreigners!”>


         The rest of the tamers in the lobby shifted slightly away from the door as a man walked in and glared around. <”Anyone ELSE going to pretend to be Welsh?”>


         Daniel stood and waved. “Hi. I’d like to challenge the gym.”


         The man glanced at him and brightened, his face becoming much more inviting. <”Sit down before I tear you apart, you idiot.”> He said cheerfully, motioning for Daniel to come forward.


         Daniel sat down and crossed his arms. <”If that was supposed to test if I understood you, it needs some work.”>


         The man roared in laughter. “Come on in, boy.” He glanced at a trembling Noeth and his face immediately changed to apologetic. “Sorry for frightenin’ your pokegirl.”


         Noeth mumbled something in welsh that Daniel didn’t hear which caused the man to laugh again. “It’s very alright. Come on in and les’ get you two registered.”


         Daniel followed, pulling Noeth gently behind him as the door swung shut. “I thought I’d have to wait at the end of the line.”


         The man snorted. “Nah. Those blues can wait forever for all I care. Let’s get you a nice challenge.” He took Daniel’s pokedex and plugged it into a console. “Harem. Which is this one?”


         “Noeth. The Loner.”


         The man glanced over and cocked an eyebrow. “Why you name her-?”


         Noeth had already unbuckled the corset and was in the process of slipping it off her arm when he turned around and she froze. “Hi?”


         The man shook his head and turned back to the console. “Alright then. Answers that question. Slicer, Armsmistress, Airmaiden.” He nodded. “Solid start. You’ve only got three pokeballs there, though. Who’s missin’?”


         “My Armsmistress.” Daniel explained. “She only just evolved a week ago, so she’s still making her armor.”


         “I see.” The man tapped a few keys before unplugging Daniel’s dex and handing it back to him. “Well, I’ll be honest, Daniel. You step in that arena with me, you’re gonna lose.”


         Daniel frowned. “How do you figure?”


         “She’s obviously new.” The man replied, jabbing a finger at Noeth as she peeled off the skirt. “You’re missing your strongest pokegirl, and your other two aren’t anything to brag about.” He raised his hands and waved to keep Daniel from getting angry. “Hey, I’m not saying you’re a bad tamer. I actually know all about your fight with Julie last week. Watched it a few times. I’m just sayin’ that you’re not ready for me yet.”


         Daniel stayed silent while he continued. “Here’s what I suggest. Go do some training. Figure out what your Loner can actually do. Come back and challenge me once one of your other girls have evolved.”


         “I’m already here.” Daniel reasoned.


         The man relented. “Sure. One on one. You win, I was wrong. I win, you go and train. If your strongest can’t beat my pokegirl, you’re not going to beat me in a full fight.”


         “For the badge?” Daniel asked hopefully.


         The man roared with laughter. “No, no. For the right to challenge me for the badge.”


         Daniel made a sour face but nodded. “Fine.” He took Noeth’s clothes from her and digitized them but stopped before recalling her. “Noeth. How do you feel?”


         Noeth blanched. “Please don’t.”


         “Ok. Sorry.” Daniel soothed, recalling her and weighing his options.


         “Try the Airmaiden.” The man supplied. “I’ll be using a fire type. She’d probably be your best bet.”


         Daniel nodded and released Cyrene. “Cyrene. We’re at the gym.”


         The Airmaiden glanced around and nodded to the other man. “Hello, Sir.”


         He grinned. <”Another beautiful name.”>


         Cyrene blushed and curtsied. <”Thank you.”>


         Daniel held out her battle gear and gave the man a glare. “Would you mind not trying to take my ‘girls?”


         The man laughed. “I wouldn’t dream of it.” He paused. “Ok. I definitely would. But she’s safe.”


         Daniel grumbled to himself as Cyrene went off to change. “By the way, you know my name from my profile.” He said. “But I haven’t heard yours yet.”


         “Brian Benoit.” The man replied, sticking out his hand. “Gym leader.”


         “oh.” Daniel took it and shook. “Why am I two for two?”


         “Because you’re an unlucky bastard.” Brian replied with a grin.


         Cyrene came back out after a few minutes, clad in her blouse and skirt. “I’m ready, Master.”


         Daniel sighed. “We’re not actually going to battle today, Cyrene.” He looked at Brian and shook his head. “I’d rather not have to watch Cyrene get hurt for no reason. We’ll be back in a week.”


         Brian clapped him on the shoulder. “I know that was hard to do.” He said amicably. “Me and my girls will be waiting your challenge.”


         “Once I have Lea back in action, we’ll be back to take you down.” Daniel countered.






         Daniel cursed and slammed his hand against the wall of the gym, causing Cyrene to jump and look at him in surprise. “Master?”


         “That damn asshole.” He snarled. “Claiming that you and Trish aren’t good enough for him.”


         “I’m sure he meant well-“ Cyrene started before Daniel blew past her and she had to start to jog to keep up.


         “He only gave me that warning because I’m Welsh.” Daniel spat. “Anyone else he’d have let fight and lose and learn.”


         “He didn’ want yeh to be disappointed.” Cyrene tried. “I don’ think he meant tah be rude.”


         “Doesn’t matter.” Daniel stated flatly. “He insulted you. I won’t let him get away with that.”


         “Just me?”


         Daniel blinked and slowed slightly. “Well, Trish, too.”


         He didn’t hear Cyrene’s step quicken so he was taken completely by surprise when she threw her arms around him and held on, her sudden weight causing Daniel to trip and fall to the ground with her on top of him.


         Daniel struggled to move but Cyrene was clinging on tightly. “Cyrene! What the heck are you doing?” He asked, squirming against her weight.


         “Never letting Master go.” She replied, her grip tightening. “I can’t remember my old master but he was nothing like yeh.”


         “This Master would appreciate it if you let him go.” Daniel growled, sitting up when Cyrene released him. “Thank you.”


         She sat awkwardly, her legs splayed out as she watched him. “Did I hurt yeh?” She asked quietly.


         “No, I’m fine.” Daniel replied, brushing off his shirt. “Just a bit dirty.” He smiled at her. “You know, if you want to jump me like that, I could set up the tent.”


         Cyrene shook her head slightly. “I dinnae want sex. I just felt…” She trailed off helplessly. “I felt that yeh were confused. But I also felt that yeh…” She stopped. “It’s so hard to explain. Yeh wanted me tah be… respected?”


         Daniel nodded. “I was angry at that Brian guy for saying you weren’t strong enough. I want people to look at you, and-“ He blushed. “see how amazing you are.” He lowered his head. “You’re sexy, and strong, and…” He trailed off. “I said a lot of this to Lea, too, after she won the gym battle. And I’d say it to Trish, I guess. I barely know Noeth.” He stopped. “You’re all amazing. So very, very amazing. I don’t want anyone to think otherwise.”


         “So why didn’t yeh let me fight, Master?” Cyrene asked. “I could have done it. Or at least tried my best.” She pulled her knees up and rested her chin on them. “I can feel all these things from yeh. Why can’t yeh feel that from me?”


         “I can.” Daniel whispered. “I can feel that. I can feel your happiness when you look at me. I… felt your confusion, in the gym. When he complimented you, and then you felt proud when I claimed you. I can feel all that. Through the bond.” He sighed. “Makes me realize I need to be more careful with how I think.”


         “I like being able tah know what yeh’re thinking, Master.” Cyrene replied with a smile. “It felt good when yeh wanted tah protect me.”


         Daniel glanced at the setting sun and struggled to his feet. “We should set up camp. I’ve got your Heavy Metal for you.”


         Cyrene’s eyes widened and she leapt to her feet. “Tonight?” She gasped.


         “We’ll see if it works tonight, yes.” Daniel replied. “But tonight is Trish’s taming night.”


         “She can share.” Cyrene replied offhandedly. “She did a few days ago.”


         “And we lost nearly a full day of travel because of it.” Daniel grumbled. “Well, whatever. I wanted to get to Aberystwyth, or at least nearby, before Lea was done, but that can wait.” He looked out into the ocean before turning and traipsing a good ways off the path. “We’ll do some feral hunting out here. Train, like I told Brian I would. Next week, when we have Lea back, we’ll take him down.”






         Daniel sat watching the stars and munching on a piece of a ration while his harem moved around him. Noeth was gone; she had taken off as soon as Daniel had mentioned they were setting up a long-term campsite. Trish was currently practicing forms, while Cyrene patrolled the perimeter, using her aura to flatten the grass and remove any cover a feral might use to sneak up on them. They had already set up sonics, but it was better to be safe.


         “Trish.” Daniel called, the Slicer breaking off her movements and jogging over. “How are you feeling?”


         “Bored, Master.” She replied. “I think I know what Lea felt a few weeks ago. Nothing has challenged me lately.”


         “Except when you got your butt kicked in Cardiff.” Daniel teased.


         Trish winced. “Yes. Except for then.”


         “You still haven’t decided on your reward, right?” Daniel continued at her nod. “Have you thought about how you want to evolve?”


         Trish shook her head. “Not especially, Master.”


         “Well, that was Cyrene’s choice.” Daniel explained. “She wanted a Heavy Metal, and asked me to help her evolve as soon as possible. Would you like the same? A Psi Crystal would allow you to become a Psinin, or we could work to evolve you in some other way.”


         Trish looked at him. “How do you want me to evolve, Master?”


         Daniel sat thinking for a moment. “I think I’d like to reverse our past.” He finally replied. “You felt that I was your protector, then. I would be honored if you chose to be my protector now.”


         Trish blinked, looking at him expectantly. “And that would be?”


         “The Samurai.”


         Trish nodded slowly. “What would that require?”


         “In the future, a lot.” Daniel admitted. “I’d probably have to beg my dad to help us find a Dawn Stone, but the first step is a lot easier.” He grinned. “You just need to fight n’ fuck a LOT.”


         Trish rolled her eyes. “When you put it that way, it’s a wonder I haven’t evolved already.”


         Daniel frowned. “That’s true, actually. I wonder why you haven’t.”


         They both sat in silence before Trish got up and began to slowly walk away. “I think I know why.” Daniel heard her murmur.


         He made to stop her but decided against it, watching instead as she approached Cyrene, the two girls beginning to converse. He watched them for what felt like hours before he yawned, deciding that whatever they were talking about wasn’t his problem. Turning, he crawled into the tent and pulled out the Heavy Metal before stripping and getting comfortable.


         He had dozed off by the time someone joined him. He felt a slight movement and managed to open his bleary eyes to see Cyrene gently lifting the Heavy Metal off his arm before darting back outside and letting someone else push into the tent.


         The pokegirl crawled forwards, coming to a halt in front of Daniel where she bowed, touching her forehead to the ground and waited.


         Daniel struggled to a sitting position and rubbed his eyes to clear them. “Trish?” He asked groggily.


         The pokegirl remained in her position.


         Daniel fumbled with his pokedex, finally finding the flashlight and turning it on. “Here we go.” He peered at the pokegirl and chuckled. “Gee, that looks familiar.”


         Trish was nude and kneeling in the same position she had the first day Daniel had seen her, and at his remark she lifted her head. Daniel nodded as she brushed the tent ceiling and had to duck slightly. “You got taller.”


         Trish still remained silent.


         Daniel cocked his head and maneuvered his ‘dex into position to scan her. “Ronin. How’d you manage that?” He shrugged. “Doesn’t matter. You did.” They gazed at each other for a few minutes before Daniel reached over and pulled her out of her position. “C’mere.”


         Trish moved forwards and curled up next to him, her hands idly playing across his bare chest. “Cyrene helped me.” She said quietly. “She let me beat her up a bit.”


         “There had to be something more to it than that.” Daniel chided.


         Trish nodded. “I stopped hiding.” She murmured. “I am what I am. Nothing I do can ever change that. So I will be yours, forever, or until you no longer want me, and get rid of me. And then I will be someone else’s, if they want me. But today, and tomorrow, I will be yours.” She clenched her fists. “I accept that.”


         Daniel extricated an arm and stroked her hair. “That must have hurt.”


         Trish nodded, tears streaming down her face as she sniffed. “I always thought I could go back somehow.” She whispered. “But I can’t. Ever.” She wiped her eyes. “This is my life now.”


         Daniel hugged her and began to lay down. “Get some rest. I’ll see you in the morning.”


         “No.” Trish grabbed his arm, keeping him from laying down. “I’m your pokegirl.” She whispered. “I need to pleasure my Master.” She ignored his light protests and straddled him, kissing him tentatively until Daniel responded in kind. She lay back as he sat up. “You showed Lea who was in charge.” She said firmly. “Please, show me as well.”






         It was well past noon by the time the two of them stirred. “Cyrene.” Daniel called. “You there?”


         Cyrene poked her head into the tent, grinning at the state of Trish’s body. “Yeh really gave it teh her, Master.” She said in awe.


         Trish felt at her vagina, withdrawing a dollop of cum. “Master filled me up.”


         “And now master should get some medical treatment for his balls.” Daniel groaned, rubbing a medicinal salve across his groin. “Honestly, if I don’t have sex for a week, it’ll be too soon.”


         Cyrene giggled. “But, I think we can cement the bond, Master.”


         “nooOOO!” Daniel cried. “One of the ingredients is TIME. TIME TIME TIME TIME!”


         Cyrene began laughing, fully unzipping the tent to show her wearing the Heavy Metal. “But it didn’t work yet.”


         “TONIGHT.” Daniel growled. “Give me some TIME to recharge.”


         Cyrene giggled and nodded. “Thank yeh Master.”


         Daniel groaned, pulling on his pants and looking at Trish expectantly. “You should start practicing.” He chided.


         Trish bowed and crawled outside, finding and pulling on her underwear which immediately began to dampen. Daniel watched her newly fluid movements for a few minutes before turning to Cyrene and gesturing her over.


         “No sex.” He clarified. “But we can cuddle. See if that does anything.”


         Cyrene nodded happily and started to strip. “Naked cuddle?”


         Daniel made a face. “No dick.”


         Cyrene made a happy noise and stripped until she was only wearing the Heavy Metal before sitting in his lap and letting him stroke her gently.






         “Still just emotions?”


         Cyrene nodded, crying out in pleasure when Daniel teased her clitoris again. “But I kn… knew yeh were going tah do that.” She panted.


         Daniel straightened up, ignoring her complaint. “I tried to tell you I was going to.” He said cautiously.


         Eight days had passed since Trish had evolved, and as of the latest update Lea was still a few days from being finished. She had also said she was holding off on the emblem, apparently waiting for Daniel to give her a personal version. He still had no idea what to give her.


         He and Cyrene has spent nearly every moment of their time together, Cyrene desperately trying to cement the Delta bond and evolve. Trish had fallen right into her role, guarding them while she practiced her swordplay. Her Kusarigama was still attached to her belt, but she now also used summoned Katanas to supplement her techniques.


         “I didn’t hear yeh say that, Master.” Cyrene replied in disappointment. “I just had the feeling yeh were going taOOOH.” She moaned as he thrust his fingers into her vagina.


         “Still nothing?” He teased.


         Cyrene didn’t bother talking, but Daniel suddenly felt a wave of pleasure across their budding Delta bond that made him shudder in excitement. “I felt that.” He whispered. Cyrene nodded, panting from the pleasure.


         “We haven’t tried it in a few days.” She gasped, Daniel still working her folds. “Maybe we could-“


         Daniel leaned over and placed his mouth over her groin, causing Cyrene to shriek in pleasure and fall back from his ministrations. “We could.” He said when he came up for air. “But once this thing actually works, I won’t have an excuse to ravish you constantly.” He rolled his eyes at her pout. “Alright, fine.” He got to his feet and brushed off his knees. “Delta bonds aren’t always telepathic, according to what I read. Maybe we’ve been trying to make something happen that isn’t meant to.” He said sadly, hoisting the Heavy Metal and carrying it over to where Cyrene lay.


         He suddenly got a distinct feeling of annoyance as he held the Heavy Metal just out of Cyrene’s reach and she sat up, snatching it from his grasp. “TRY.” He heard clearly before Cyrene began to glow. Daniel dropped the chain vest with a yelp, scrambling back a few paces as her body began growing, Cyrene staggering to her feet when the light began to die down.


         Daniel gaped at her as she got to her feet, involuntarily stepping back a pace. “Holy shit you got big.”


         The newly evolved Magic Knight stood a good four inches above him and she stumbled slightly when she looked down. “I feel woozy.”


         Daniel caught her arm, gently guiding her back to the ground. “I heard you, right before you took the Heavy Metal.” He said excitedly. “I think I was fooling myself. I just wanted to keep having an excuse to play with you.”


         Cyrene laughed happily, pulling him into an embrace that brought his face directly into her breasts. “It finally worked!” She cried in glee, quickly pushing Daniel free as he gasped for air. “Sorry Master!”


         Daniel poked at her chest, trying to rationalize her new height with the old image he had of her. “I think you got bigger boobs.”


         Cyrene frowned and hefted one, feeling the weight. “I think so.” She replied. Suddenly she gasped in pain, and Daniel watched as a symbol began drawing itself across her stomach. It finished quickly, Cyrene rubbing at the sore spot for a moment before letting Daniel look at it. It featured what looked to be a storm cloud as the background, a lightning bolt spearing out from it with a fist catching the bolt.


         “That’s really involved.” Daniel said in surprise. “Do all Magic Knight insignias look that complicated?”


         Cyrene shrugged, tracing the lines with her finger. “I don’t know, Master.” She looked at him. “I should go get dressed.”


         Daniel stalled her by grabbing her arm. “Can’t you summon armor now?” He asked curiously.


         Cyrene frowned. “Why would I? There’s no need tah right now.”


         “So I can see what it looks like.” Daniel asked excitedly. “Please?”


         Cyrene sighed and nodded. “Let me get dressed first?” She asked hopefully.


         Daniel waved his assent, reveling in the view as she ran off, her breasts jiggling from side to side.


         Cyrene returned a few minutes later, a huge grin on her face. “My clothing stretches.” She said happily, spinning to show off her green dress. “It’s a little bit shorter than before, but it still works!”


         Daniel grinned. “That’s awesome!” He glanced at her cleavage, relieved to see the clothing truly fit her instead of sending her breasts popping out like Noeth’s clothes did. “Armor?”


         “Oh. Right.” Cyrene stopped moving and concentrated. A few seconds later she was suddenly wearing a full set of plate armor, intricate designs twisting across each piece. She twisted experimentally. “It feels good.” She said in surprise.


         “It’s meant for you.” Daniel replied. Cyrene was clad in steel armor, but each piece was covered in twisting orange designs. The pieces were held together with shiny black leather, and she was wearing what looked almost like a bunch of straps across her head, but Daniel could see the plates in between. The leather helmet had holes for her eyes and mouth, the peak of the nose continuing down for an inch to give the whole thing a birdlike look. Of course, it wasn’t perfectly covering; Daniel could see green across the top of her breasts where the breastpiece met the shoulders. He couldn’t see seams anywhere else, so he figured the cleavage was a design feature, not a flaw.


         Cyrene turned slowly to give him a full look before resting her hands on her hips. “Do yeh like it, Master?” She asked hopefully.


         “It truly suits you.” Daniel replied. “The designs across your armor look like celtic knots. And the way it fits together makes sense since you evolved from an Airmaiden.” He frowned. “Do you have a sword?”


         Cyrene held out her hand, a weapon appearing. It wasn’t a sword, instead stylized as a double leaf-bladed axe, the long hilt wrapped in the same leather, topped with a nasty-looking spike and emblazoned with the same designs as her armor. Each side of the axe heads displayed her emblem to Daniel as she swung it experimentally a few times. Looking back to her armor he noticed it also stamped on the chestpiece, right in between her breasts.


         “It’s beautiful.” Daniel said truthfully. “But that emblem. Do you think Lea might want to put that on her own armor?”


         Cyrene dismissed the armor and frowned. “She wanted your symbol Master, not mine.”


         “Well.” Daniel started. “I think the symbols should be the same. To promote harem unity. And, since yours is unchangeable, it makes sense to use it.” He smiled. “According to the entry, it’s based on my personality, too. So in a way, it is my symbol.”


         Something changed in Cyrene’s eyes at Daniel’s explanation. “It’s your symbol, Master?” Cyrene asked cautiously.


         “Well, pretty much.”


         Daniel looked in surprise as Cyrene suddenly knelt in front of him and pulled her dress up to reveal the tattoo below her ribcage. “If this is your symbol, there is no doubt.” She intoned. “My Master has branded his servant, and I shall serve him forevermore.”


         Daniel gently placed his hand on her head. “Rise, my Knight.” He sent, praying it would make it across their bond.


         It worked, Cyrene standing and embracing him, her tears of happiness dripping on his shoulder. “I should call Lea.” Daniel said after a while.


         Cyrene pulled away and nodded. “So she can emblazon her Master’s mark on her armor.” She paused. “She’ll need tah see it.”


         Daniel grinned. “It’s not like it’s on your boobs or anything.”


         Cyrene rolled her eyes. “No, Master, I suppose not.”


         Daniel pulled out his pokedex, dialing Moira and waiting. “Hey, Moira.” He remarked as the Armsmistress picked up the line. “How’s Lea?”


         “She’s doing great.” Moira replied. “With luck, she’ll be all done tomorrow.”


         “Excellent.” Daniel crowed. “Oh, right. I have that emblem for her.”


         “Alright, let me see and I’ll take a picture.” Moira replied.


         Daniel turned, Cyrene hitching up her dress again for him to record the mark. “Got it?”


         “Got it.” Moira replied, and Daniel could see her tapping at her screen. “Congratulations to your Airmaiden.”


         “Thank yeh.” Cyrene replied happily.


         “It took a lot of work.” Daniel remarked. “It was just terrible.”


         “Uh-huh.” Moira replied. “I’m sure. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, Daniel.” She said, terminating the connection.


         Daniel put the dex away and reached up, pulling Cyrene down into a deep kiss. He made to break away but she was already pushing forwards, her hands scrabbling at her neck to drop the dress, where it lay on the ground in a heap. She moved on, pushing past Daniel’s hands and yanking his pants down, only allowing him to break the kiss once she had her secondary target in sight. Daniel groaned in pleasure as she knelt and swallowed his penis, her head bobbing up and down. She swallowed his orgasm, licking his shaft as she pulled away and guided him to the ground. Taking the lead, Daniel slapped her butt lightly to get her to turn and brought her pussy to his face, the two pleasuring each other for a while.


         Daniel eventually broke contact, twitching his nose as a drip of fluid splashed against his face and swatting Cyrene’s ass again. She turned around, straddled his cock and slowly sat down, moaning in pleasure as he penetrated her. Daniel grunted as he forced down an orgasm, letting Cyrene take the lead as she pumped up and down, her breasts swinging wildly back and forth. Finally Daniel couldn’t hold it anymore and he released his pent-up orgasm, Cyrene moaning in relief as she felt him twitch inside of her.


         She straightened up, pulling off of Daniel’s dick and crawling forwards to embrace him, the two sharing a quick kiss before dozing off in the sun.






Daniel Adams

Age: 18

License: Basic



Pokegene 2


Enhanced Senses (Auditory, Olfactory)

Latent Strength

Latent Rage



Points: 1321

Wales Gyms:




Trish – Ronin

Lea – Armsmistress

Cyrene – Magic Knight

Noeth – Loner




Sarah Evies

Age: 17

License: Basic



Access Restricted



Points: 973




Jackie – Amazon

Abilene – Ivywhore

??? – Kitsune

??? – A-Bra

??? – Marylith