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Pure Vanilla Chapter 5



         “Daniellll!” Garth yelled, waving at the pair. “Over here!”


         Daniel walked over, carefully moving through the various ropes and floats that littered the dockyard. “Hey, Garth. Am I early?”


         “Can’t be early for the first day.” Garth replied with a grin, raising the bottle he was holding. “B’sides.  We’re just…” He trailed off as he realized who Daniel was with. “Oh. Hello there.”


         Sarah turned away. “Not interested. Get more action from my Boobisaur than you could offer.”


         Garth winced. “Ouch. Alright then.”


         Daniel rolled his eyes and stepped past Garth. “So, no battling today?”


         “Nah.” The man replied. “Today’s the day we figure out who we want to cheer for.” He laughed. “Me, I like to find a good rookie. Kinda like you, Dan.”


         “I’m flattered.” Daniel replied, his voice dripping sarcasm. “Where we setting up bedrolls?”


         Garth made a general sweep towards one of the drydocks. “That’un’s not scheduled for anythin’. You can set up there.”


         “And we’re allowed to do this…?” Daniel continued.


         “Ain’t nothing coming in or goin’ out anytime soon.” Garth replied. “We’re all on vacation down here.”


         “Cool.” Daniel glanced at Sarah. “Well?”


         “I’ll take my chances walking back every night.” Sarah replied. “I can’t get rained on in the pokecenter.”


         “Can’t get rained on in a tent either.” Daniel countered. “Well, if there isn’t anything exciting happening today, I guess I’ll set up my gear and figure out the lineup for tomorrow.”






         “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Wales Regional Tournament!” The announcer called excitedly. “For the next few days, we bring together sixty of the finest Tamers our great region has to offer in order to see who will make up the national team in the Blue League championships. Battle conditions are chosen at random with only the top fifteen earning the right to represent Wales. So without further ado, let’s meet our competitors!”


         “What’s the composition like?” Daniel whispered, the broadcast being projected on the wall in front of them. “Like, rookies this year.”


         “Only four rookies.” Garth replied. “Me, I like the looks of number 55. He was the fifth place finisher in his county but beat out two veterans, one of them a championship Tamer, to get there.”


         Daniel nodded absentmindedly as the sixty Tamers were paraded out to various levels of applause. “How many from last cycle’s team?”


         “Only 8.” Garth replied, pointing out the Tamers he meant. “They’ll probably each take a spot again this cycle. Each was first in their county except for number 17. He took second, lost it to a veteran who’s favored to make the team as well.”


         “And now folks, we’ll be creating the first round bracket.” The announcer continued. “This cycle we will be having a swiss-style tournament composed of three rounds. The top fifteen will be our national team. And now, the bracket!”


         The feed cut away to a board with all sixty names on it before the names began shuffling rapidly into groups of two. Beside him Garth made a disappointed noise as number 55 ended up with number 35. “Bah, that’s not going to be an interesting match. 35’s shown pokegirls completely destroy 55’s lineup.”


         “Doesn’t mean he’ll lose.” Daniel replied. “Hey, look. All eight of the championship team are against each other.”


         Garth nodded, the top six pairings reading the first place county finishers. “Makes sense. This first round isn’t randomly paired, it’s putting the county results to good use.”


         “Doesn’t that mean some of last cycle’s team won’t make it?”


         Garth shrugged. “Not necessarily. If they’re doing swiss, there’s only going to be… Seven or eight Tamers with a perfect score. At most. Losing one does not mean you’re out of the competition.” He chuckled. “Losing two, however, does.”


         Daniel did some quick math. “There would be twenty or so contestants for the last few spots.”


         “And at that point it comes down to match statistics.” Garth replied in satisfaction. “Makes every match count, even the ones that seem to be blowouts.”


         Daniel grinned. “Take out just one pokegirl, and that might be what you need to make the team.”




         Daniel watched as one of the top pairings enlarged to the full screen, two short bios and pictures popping up. “Looks like the first match is about to get started. I’m going to grab some food, want anything?”


         Garth shook his head. “Na. I’m still a bit hungover.”


         Daniel nodded. “Cool. Oh, almost forgot.” He said, pulling out his three pokeballs and triggering the releases. “Trish, Lea, you know Garth but not by name. Garth, Trish is the Slicer here, and Lea is the Amazon. After our battle I went ahead and tamed the Airmaiden. Her name is Cyrene.”


         Garth nodded. “Smart move on her. She cleaned up nice.”


         Daniel snickered as Cyrene blushed. “Do you have to flirt with everything you see?”


         Garth grinned. “Defense mechanism. You never know when a nice word will save your skin.”


         Daniel rolled his eyes. “Trish, Lea, Cyrene. You especially, Cyrene. We’ll be going over the recordings as well, but I want each of you to study the fights today.” Excusing himself, he walked over to a grill where a couple of pokegirls were busily cooking. Taking some KATTLE and a drink, he made his way back as the announcer finished going over the two Tamers’ harems.


         “And now, we shall decide the format!” The announcer cried, a roulette wheel beginning to spin, settling slowly on 3v3. “And there it is! Three pokegirls on each side, and…” He peered at the fine print. “…No substitutions! The first to three points wins the round!


         Inside the arena, each Tamer withdrew a pokeball and waited the referee’s countdown. On one they released their pokegirls, the referee waiting for a moment to make sure each was ready before dropping his flag. “Begin!”


         Both pokegirls materialized already in motion. On one side a Demon-Goddess blitzed forwards, the air around her shimmering as she cast various spells during the short interlude. Across from her a Golden Elf sang, the pokegirl almost seeming to ignore her closing opponent as she drew her sword and continued her preparations. Right before the Demon-Goddess could attack, a small sphere flew up from behind the Golden Elf and burst into a kaleidoscope of light, the Shinesphere attack forcing the charging Demon-Goddess to falter. Taking her opportunity, the Golden Elf lunged forwards, her sword seeming to come alive as it sought a way through the Demon-Goddess’ defense. The two continued for a few seconds before disengaging, neither seeming to have taken much damage. At a few words from her tamer the Golden Elf began circling, her sword waving between stances. The Demon-Goddess turned with her, bracing as the Golden Elf planted her foot, jumping in to land a heavy blow that threatened to break the Demon-Goddess’ guard. With a scream she resisted, pushing back and throwing the Golden Elf away. Her tamer shouted a warning but too late as the living sword the Golden Elf left behind began sprouting vines that split and twisted around the Demon-Goddess. She managed to break a few before being overwhelmed, the bonds tightening down as the Demon-Goddess fought for breath.


         “We yield!” Her tamer shouted, triggering her recall and waiting for the referee to call the point. At the countdown he triggered his next pokegirl, calling a command as an Alaka-Wham materialized. All activity in the ring ceased as the psychic gazed at the Golden Elf, her tamer shouting a few times before shaking his head in disgust and triggering her release.


         “Sure hope elf boy has a counter.” Garth muttered. “Otherwise this fight just got real boring.”


         On cue the tamer released a Sidhe, the pokegirl looking around her before settling on the Alaka-Wham. Daniel winced at her appearance, the outlandish figure causing him to have to look away every few seconds. One of the times he looked back he was treated to seeing the Sidhe standing over the Alaka-Wham, the psychic girl completely unable to fight the fey influence.


         “What a fight, folks!” The announcer cried excitedly. “Our contestant number one has taken the lead, two to one. But between these two juggernauts, anything is possible!”


         The Alaka-Wham’s tamer seemed to deliberate too long, prompting a count from the referee. Making up his mind he released a bird pokegirl, who began flying upwards as the countdown finished. Daniel barely had time to look at the registry for her breed before the Sidhe teleported to her opponent, lightning crackling around her fist as she pounded the Divette back to the floor of the arena. The girl hit hard, the electricity playing across her body as she struggled to get up. The Sidhe didn’t give her a chance, dropping like a stone onto the Divette’s back and flattening her. The entire viewing party winced as she got off, the Divette still conscious, but her spine very clearly broken.


         The referee raised his flag as the Divette was recalled, two Raphas hurrying forwards to take her for intensive care. “Tamer 01, Marcus Reed, is the winner.” He called. “With a score of three to one.”


         The announcer picked back up as the crowd roared, many chanting Marcus’ name. “And there you have it folks. Leading with his Golden Elf Orla, and closing with his Sidhe and Alpha Tania, your returning team captain Marcus Reed has taken his first match. Already he looks ready to take our Welsh team to the championships once again!”


         Daniel waited for Garth to walk away before sidling next to his harem. “Well?” He asked expectantly.


         “The Elf is easy, Master. Keep her at range and yeh win.” Cyrene said in a bored voice. “The Sidhe, nae as much.  She seems t’ be well trained and has a variety of attacks. Can’t keep her away, so yeh’d have tah fight her toe t’ toe.”


         “And at that point it’s a skill matchup that we’d be likely to lose.” Daniel supplied. “I thought the same way.” He settled back while the next matchup was being presented. “We need to get stronger.”


         The matchup was over quickly, a complete blowout as a Slutton went to town on her opponents, the last pokegirl opting to surrender rather than fight. The rest of the top matches went the same way, blowouts or near blowouts, setting the six winners up for top spots.


         The excitement around them died down after a few hours, most of the tamers leaving after the first few matches. The low tier fights came next, with Garth’s predictions proving accurate as number 35 took out his favored 55, a tamer by the name of Erren.


         Trish looked around carefully as the day wore on. “Master, why has almost everyone left?”


         “They want the exciting parts.” Daniel murmured back. “The first few rounds are the high profile fights, then we get a few days of nothing special, and then the last day holds all of the tie-breaker fights. Those are exciting again, because you know who can still make it and who can’t. If, say, you see two tamers at 0-2 fight, it doesn’t really matter, because neither of them can make the team. But if the thirteen placed finisher and, say, the sixteenth place finisher have a match? Both will be fighting for their lives, because whoever wins will take a spot, and the loser will probably be dropped out.”


         “I see.” Trish yawned slightly. “Then, we won’t have much to do until then, right?”


         Daniel returned her yawn with a grin. “Oh, far from it. We’ll be going over every match. I want us analyzing each tactic and come up with our own ways to counter them.”






         Cyrene hit the ground hard and slid for about a foot before coming to a rest, Daniel waiting a few moments to recall her. Across the impromptu arena one of the other tamers stood, his Coldonta standing patiently in her normal form. Daniel popped Cyrene’s pokeball into Sarah’s PPHU, waiting for the cycle and releasing Cyrene once again. The Airmaiden worked her arms, striding forwards to take up position once again.


         “Remember, dodging is what you want to do.” Daniel called. “You might face this situation in a real fight one day. You need to wear her out, not try to take her down.”


         He watched as the Coldonta ran forwards, doing her best to corner Cyrene as the Airmaiden ran and spun to dodge away. The Coldonta’s tamer clapped. “There you go!” He called. “Eira is strong and tough, but slow.” His grin faded as Cyrene stepped back in to fire an attack and was knocked over by the Coldonta’s charge. “And if you let her catch up, you lost.” He called drily.


         Daniel sighed, waving his arm to signify a halt. The Coldonta came to a stop, Cyrene breathing heavily as she nursed her side.


         “You’re supposed to be at range.” He muttered to her. “Why do you keep trying to brawl?”


         “Lea and Trish do it better.” Cyrene replied, bowing her head. “I’m sorry, Master. I want to- I need to be better than they are.”


         Daniel gazed at her for a moment. “I prefer brawlers. I’m one myself. But you’re not, and that’s ok. As I left home my parents reminded me that I needed to cover my weaknesses. Trish and Lea are short-ranged, easy to keep away. You’re not. I thought you would help cover our weakness.”


         Cyrene remained silent.


         “Seems like a mental problem.” The other tamer called, his Coldonta already walked off to his seat. “She wants to be punchin’ shit.”


         Daniel shrugged at the man and waved his thanks, watching as he followed his pokegirl. “Cyrene.”


         “I’m sorry, Master.” She whispered. “It will nae happen again.”


         Daniel watched her carefully but shrugged. “Ok.” He turned, waving for Trish and Lea to join them. “Down days, right?” He asked cheerfully, the projection showing a 1v1. “Have you two come up with a battle plan for the fight I gave you?”


         “We’d lose.” Lea said bluntly. “Nothing would work against that team. The only way we’d have a chance was if Trish or I could get close, and even then it would only be a matter of time before we fell over. And it’s impossible to begin with.”


         “Can’t be right.” Daniel muttered. “There’s got to be some way.”


         “We’d need a strong fire or electric type.” Lea continued. “Powerful at range and could keep them from getting close.”


         Daniel grumbled, but relented. “I was never going to be able to do this with brute force.”


         “It’s as Mistress Damika said, Master.” Trish replied. “We can try our best to make our fights close ranged, but Lea and I cannot fight at range.”


         “Doesn’t mean I have to like it.” Daniel muttered under his breath.






         The crowd roared as Marcus’ Sidhe fell to the ground and was recalled, the Venom Mistress who had taken her out standing ready for her next opponent. “Marcus is in trouble, folks!” The announcer called excitedly. “It looks like our team captain has met his match in number 36, Griffith, an up and coming star in the competitive scene!” The scoreboard ticked, showing Marcus behind, two pokegirls to one. “Marcus’ first two rounds were closed out without needing to go past two pokegirls, but he’s stuck now! In this first to three free substitution round, he’s lost both of his heavy hitters!” The announcer seemed to almost be falling out of his booth as he screamed into the mic. “He gets one chance now! What’s it going to be?”


         “Ref!” Marcus called. “Can I get a pause?”


         “Contestant Marcus has asked for a pause.” The referee called. “Contestant Griffith, is this acceptable?”


         The other tamer shrugged. “Sure.” He motioned his Venom Mistress closer to their platform and began discussing something quietly.


         Meanwhile Marcus had jumped off his platform and out of sight of his opponent, where he released two pokegirls. Daniel couldn’t quite make out what either of them was but Marcus was having a panicked conversation. A minute passed, and the referee called the two back to the arena. “Contestants. Release your pokegirls.” He watched as the Venom Mistress walked back out and looked at Marcus expectantly. “Contestant Marcus?”


         “On your count, if you would.” Marcus replied, and Daniel could see him clutching a pokeball so hard his knuckles were turning white.


         The referee cocked his head but nodded. “Three. Two. One.”


         Marcus triggered the release beam, a form materializing for a split second before vanishing. Daniel frowned and rubbed his eyes. It had looked like the pokegirl hadn’t fully appeared before disappearing.


         “Uh, did he release a pokegirl?” The announcer called. “Did anyone see anything?”


         The Venom Mistress backed up as a fog began to fill the arena, her tamer staring across the arena in confusion. “Yo, what’s this?” He called at Marcus.


         Marcus muttered something beneath his breath and the entire stadium gasped as the fog surged forwards, streaming into the Venom Mistress’ nose and mouth until the pokegirl collapsed, her face frantic as she suffocated.


         “Helwyr.” Marcus called. “Show yourself.”


         The fog condensed around the spasming Venom Mistress for a few seconds until Griffith recalled her and it returned to covering the arena. At Marcus’ call it split to show a short pokegirl clad in a metallic bodysuit. The pokegirl’s eyes glowed as she controlled her spell, the brief glimpse quickly fading as the fog closed in once again.


         “Point to Contestant Marcus.” The referee called. “Contestant Griffith. Release your next pokegirl.”


         “What the HELL is that thing?” Griffith yelled. “Nothing in your declared team looks like that!”


         “She’s there.” Marcus replied. “You didn’t look very closely.”


         Daniel watched the feed, his face pale. “What the fuck just happened?”


         “A magic pokegirl.” Cyrene replied, her eyes darting as she surveyed the battlefield. “Master, we would be slaughtered.”


         Back in the arena, Marcus’ opponent had released a pokegirl. The mist closed in once again, but the Whorizard roared her defiance, the flames she spat burning off the cover before it could get near. This continued for a few minutes, the fog creeping closer, the Whorizard dissipating it. Eventually a patch managed to sneak through the Whorizard’s guard and the pokegirl burst into view.


         The Whorizard reacted quickly, lighting up her body and spitting napalm at the charging girl but to no avail. The first few strikes were deflected, the mystery pokegirl seeming to sprout blades from her hands as she danced and weaved through the Whorizard’s defense, but the slow, long-range girl was well out of her element. Marcus’ pokegirl dodged the frantic attacks, any flames that got near her dissipating. Feinting to one side, she charged directly through a flamethrower to sink her weapons into the Whorizard’s chest. The dragon pokegirl coughed, blood splattering the armored girl’s face. She twisted her blades and removed them with a flourish, the Whorizard falling back slightly before keeling over.


         The stadium was completely silent as the girl strode back to Marcus’ side, Griffith recalling his pokegirl and the referee calling the match. But the cameras had only one focus; they zoomed in on the mysterious girl’s covered face as she stood next to her tamer.


         “I’ve never seen anything like that.” Daniel said in awe. “What in the world is she?”


         “Whatever she is, she’s not listed properly.” Lea grumbled. “Either that or the coordinators made a mistake. There’re no pokegirls on Marcus’ list that match that one.”


         “Whatever she is, she’s powerful.” Daniel replied, the competition moving to the next match. “No wonder he was the team captain last year.”


         “And this year.” Daniel turned to see Garth ambling towards him. “He’s the only one at three and zero. Definitely going to be nominated captain again.”


         “Do you have any idea what that was?”


         Garth shrugged. “Magic user of high caliber. But also one that’s a master of close combat. Honestly? Maybe a Magic Knight.”


         Daniel pulled up the relevant entry, shaking his head slightly as he read. “It doesn’t quite add up to what we saw. The only way that was a Magic Knight was if it was feral.”


         “Dunno what to tell you then.”


         “Me neither.” Daniel watched the projection for a moment before shaking his head and turning away. “I’ve seen enough this year. Nothing could beat that fight.” He shivered expectantly. “I want to go to the gym. Now.”


         “Oi oi oi.” Garth reached over and dragged Daniel back. “You go right now they’ll throw you out. Wait until tomorrow, after the awards ceremony.”


         “They’re not open today?”


         “Oh, they are. But they’re watching the championships, same as us.”


         Daniel groaned. “Of course.” He glanced around at his harem and shrugged. “I guess that means we’ve got the rest of the day to train.”






         “Good afternoon. I’m here to challenge the gym.”


         The receptionist glanced up and chuckled. “Sure you are.” She waited, straightening up when she saw he was serious. “Oh. Alright, then.”


         Daniel blinked at her attitude. “Is something wrong?”


         The woman shook her head. “I’ll just see you tomorrow. There’s only one gym tamer here today, since it’s the last day of the regionals.”


         Daniel gulped. “Is it the leader?”


         The receptionist grinned. “Ding ding ding. She’s the only one who isn’t allowed to compete. Everyone else was fighting to make the team.” She turned her computer on, looking to Daniel expectantly. “Pokedex, please?”


         Daniel hesitated but handed it over. “Uh, will it at least be a fair fight?”


         The receptionist plugged his device in and waited for the scan to finish. “In a word, yes. Harder than it could be, but fair. Ms. Moon’s personal harem consists of over thirty pokegirls at various skill levels. Since you are…” She glanced at some text. “…a brand new tamer, she’ll bring a team that matches your level.”


         Daniel nodded, reaching out to take the dex back. “I guess I wait?”


         The receptionist laughed. “She’ll be out shortly.”






         “Daniel Adams?”


         Daniel glanced up, nodding at the woman who stood in front of him.


         She smiled. “Good afternoon. I’m Ms. Moon, the gym leader here at the Cardiff gym. We’re ready for you.”


         “Thanks.” Daniel got up, following her down a hallway and into a battle arena. A man stood in the referee box, a handful of medical pokegirls sitting behind him. “I, uh, wasn’t expecting this.”


         “To face me your first time?” Ms. Moon replied, a smile on her face. “An unlucky day for you, then. This fight will be a three vs three with no substitutions. Is that acceptable?”


         “Honestly, I’d prefer a two on two. But I’ll do my best.” Daniel muttered, stepping into the challenger’s box and waiting for the leader to make her way around the arena.


         The referee raised his flag. “This will be a three vs three with no substitutions between challenger Adams and leader Moon. Are both participants ready to begin?” He waited for both nods before dropping his flag. “Begin!”


         Daniel released Cyrene, Ms. Moon releasing a Cyberelf. Seeing his opponent Daniel winced. “Cyrene. I’m sorry. You’re at a disadvantage.”


         Cyrene gazed across the field with a frown. She was clad in her battle outfit, the tight blouse and miniskirt accentuating her curves. “Ai see. Unavoidable?”


         “Yes.” Daniel whispered. “Get in close. But don’t touch her.”


         Cyrene bobbed her head in understanding and ran forwards, casting agility after a second in order to juke a thunderwave.


         As Cyrene dodged her way across the field a small speaker in Daniel’s console came to life. “An Airmaiden, in my gym?” Daniel glanced up to see Ms. Moon grinning at him. “You’re either very brave or very foolish.”


         “Or very out of options.” Daniel growled back, earning a laugh. “She may be weak to your girls, but that doesn’t matter if she doesn’t get hit.”


         “Oh, of course.” The gym leader replied good-naturedly. “But she will.”


         “She never has to touch-“ Daniel replied before watching as Cyrene lunged forwards to punch the Cyberelf. “-yours. CYRENE! NO!”


         The surprised Cyberelf took the punch square to the face but reacted quickly, her body arcing as she used lightning body. Cyrene screamed in panic and tried to get away but was nowhere near as fast as the electricity that shot down her arm and pulsed through her body.


         “I wasn’t expecting that.” Ms. Moon said in surprise, Cyrene slowly falling to her knees. “Aren’t Airmaidens ranged attackers?”


         “This one loves to punch things.” Daniel muttered. “Cyrene, you goddamn idiot.”


         The referee waited, raising his flag when Cyrene didn’t get up. “Airmaiden Cyrene is unable to battle. Point to Ms. Moon.”


         Daniel triggered the recall, releasing Trish in the same motion. “Electricity again. Don’t get hit, and trust your weapon.”


         Trish bobbed her head as she took off, running at a dead sprint towards the Cyberelf. The girl fired a thunderwave, Trish rolling out of the way as it hit the ground behind her and immediately fizzled. “Rubber floors.” Daniel yelled. “Grounded or not you’ll take the same damage.”


         “Smart.” Ms. Moon replied. “But useless information. All it means is that she can’t reduce the damage she takes.”


         Daniel smiled slightly to himself, letting Trish dodge closer before speaking again. “Actually, she’s one of the few who can.”


         On cue the Cyberelf released another thunderwave, this one impacting Trish solidly. The pokegirl relaxed slightly, ready to see her opponent stop moving, and so was caught completely by surprise as Trish blitzed into her and began punching.


         “The hell?” Ms. Moon called before lowering her eyes to where Trish had been hit. “Ah. Clever.”


         Trish’s Wakizashi was embedded in the floor, the blade piercing the rubber covering and making contact with the metal understructure. The chain trailed from the blade to Trish’s belt, acting as a grounding path.


         The fragile Cyberelf didn’t last long being unable to fight back, Trish’s punches sending her to the ground long before her electricity could make any difference. “Cyberelf Mimi is unable to battle.” The ref called. “Point to challenger Adams.”


         Trish skipped back to her blade, yanking it free and holding a ready stance while Ms. Moon contemplated her. “That was not a predetermined plan. You train in the unexpected.” Trish bowed slightly, Daniel nodding.


         “Then how about this?” Ms. Moon called, releasing another pokegirl onto the field.


         The canine that appeared glanced around expectantly, settling on Trish with a gleeful grin. “Hi there!” She called cheerfully. “I’m going to bury you.”


         “I sure hope that was just a joke.” Trish muttered, dashing forwards. Her first strike went wide, the second hitting home and causing the Data Dog to howl in pain. Recoiling, Trish whipped her chain around, entangling the girl and diving in for another hit.


         Suddenly she was scrabbling, her weapon finding nothing but air. The Data Dog landed softly on her shoulders before tensing and sending Trish’s skull smashing into the ground. The rubber softened the blow slightly, leaving her still conscious, but concussed, as her opponent landed easily and surveyed her work.


         “And a one.” She called, her hand beginning to spark. “And a two. And a one-two-three!” She called, blasting the dazed Slicer with a thunderbolt.


         The impact sent Trish skidding a few feet before being yanked to a halt, her embedded sword having stopped her momentum.


         “Trish!” Daniel yelled in concern.


         Trish slowly got to her feet but stumbled. “At least I… Made her… Bleed.” She mumbled before falling facedown.


         The referee raised his flag. “Slicer Trish is unable to battle. Point to Ms. Moon.” He lowered it as Daniel triggered Trish’s recall. “The score is two to one in favor of the gym. Challenger Adams, release your final pokegirl.”


         Daniel released Lea and took a deep breath. “Lea. You’re up against two. Make it last.”


         Lea nodded slightly, unclipping her flask from her panties and taking a small sip.


         “What’s she drinking?” Ms. Moon asked curiously.


         “Nothing illegal.” Daniel quipped back. “Go, Lea.”


         The Data Dog surveyed the nearly naked Amazon with distaste. “Girl, you need to learn what a ‘dress code’ is.” Her gaze flicked to the flask. “That thing’s got a nice shape. Probably easy to… throw.”


         “SERINA!” Ms. Moon barked. “NO!”


         The Data Dog hesitated but stalked towards Lea. “Fine. I’ll beat her up first.”


         Lea blinked lazily and held out the flask. “You wanna play fetch?” She asked playfully. “Ok, I’ll just throw- whoops.” She called, tossing it slightly behind her.


         Despite the leader’s shout, the Data Dog bolted after it, her path leading directly by Lea. The Amazon seemed to sway to the side to avoid the charging dog girl before whipping her entire body back and smashing her head and fists into the girl’s chest.


         The Data Dog gasped as the fists found her rib cage and throat, Lea’s head rebounding off her bust for a much gentler impact. The Data Dog staggered slightly, gasping at her crushed windpipe as Lea groped herself sadly. “Your airbags are so much bigger than mine.” She slurred.


         The Data Dog took another step towards the flask before falling to the ground, her face blue. The referee raised his flag as a Rapha jumped to the arena floor for immediate healing. “Data Dog Serina is unable to battle. Point to challenger Adams.” He called, Ms. Moon recalling her pokegirl and waiting for the Rapha to leave the arena. “Ms. Moon, the score is two to two. Release your last pokegirl.”


         Lea’s step straightened as she walked over to her flask, nodding at Daniel. “’twas just a little sip.” She called with a laugh.


         Daniel cracked a smile, waiting for Ms. Moon to release her next pokegirl. “How do you feel?”


         Lea shrugged. “That head-butt hurt a little, but not much. I’m basically fresh.”


         Daniel nodded. “Good.” He glanced across the arena as a pokegirl shimmered into view. “I think your opponent is here.”


         Lea cocked her head at the strange looking girl. “What are you?”


         The shimmering pokegirl bowed. “I am Nina. I am programmed for combat.” Her image shifted a few times until a cyborg-like being stood ready. “Thank you for the match.”


         Lea cautiously put her flask down and settled into a ready stance. “And you.”


         “Your pokegirl realizes she’s outmatched.” Ms. Moon gloated across the radio line. “What will you do, challenger?”


         Daniel stood in silence as he thought. “She can shift forms, and won’t fall for your tricks.” He called. “Never let your guard down. Get hits in whenever you can. Don’t overextend.”


         “She won’t have a choice.” The Videogirl replied, blinking forwards until she stood lazily in Lea’s face. “Hey there.”


         Lea cried out, whipping her fist through the space the Videogirl had occupied before screaming as a blade slashed at her forehead. The Videogirl leapt back from Lea’s wild counterattack, her hand shifting back as she watched the blood began to drip into Lea’s eyes. “First step. Now, can you see enough to dodge this?”


         Lea screamed again as the Videogirl dashed around her and slashed open her back, the bikini fluttering to the ground and leaving her nipples to stiffen in the slight breeze.


         The Videogirl giggled, dodging out of the way as Lea took another blind swing. “Nope. Guess you can’t.” She called, ducking back around and flicking Lea’s newly exposed breasts. “You know, I could end this in a pleasurable fashion.” She said, dodging to the side to avoid another punch. “Instead of cutting you apart, piece by piece, until you could only call for mercy.” She blocked the next hit, leaning in and pecking Lea’s lips. “I mean, I really want to play with you! Your boobies are so cute!”


         “Is… She alright?” Daniel asked in amazement.


         “You should be more worried about your Amazon, rather than Nina’s playful attitude.” Ms. Moon replied drily.


         Lea screamed in frustration, wrapping her arms around the Videogirl and attempting to crush her against her chest, earning another giggle. “Yayyy! Now I can be right next to your cute little titties!” The Videogirl called cheerfully, Daniel watching in fascination as her hair began to merge into tentacles. “But you’re making it clear you don’t waant it that way.”


         Lea grunted as the Videogirl began massaging her breasts, her grip faltering from the pleasure sparks the girl was pulsing. Finally she gasped in orgasm, her grip loosening enough for the Videogirl to squirm free. “There we go.” She muttered, her hair returning to normal. “Well, it could have been fun. Remember, you wanted this.” The Videogirl called, smashing her fist into Lea’s stomach.


         Lea coughed, doubling over and receiving a thunderbolt that sent her muscles into spasms. Picking herself up, she wiped her eyes and began looking for her opponent, only to feel another blade slice her side. The blood from her cuts began to drip down her body, forming patterns of drying material that gave her a hellish appearance.


         Daniel watched helplessly as Lea was batted around at the whim of the Videogirl. She had fought so hard. Had taken out the Data Dog with energy to spare. But as she was slowly worn down, he knew it was inevitable.


         She was going to lose.


         Lea knew it too. It was the nagging thought in the back of her mind as she took another thunderbolt. As she slowly pulled herself back to her feet in time to receive yet another punch. She was finished. She was exhausted, beaten, barely even able to move. As she accepted this, she felt a wave of calm wash over her, soothing her screaming muscles and battered bones. She smiled. She was going to lose, but that was ok. She laughed internally as the Videogirl lined up for a last hit. She’d tried. He wouldn’t be mad at her.


         She frowned as the Videogirl charged forwards, her form shifting to grow bull horns. If it was ok, then why did she feel angry? Because she was doing this for him. Her frown deepened. Why was she doing this for him? Since when had he deserved her respect? Her teeth clenched, sending jolts of pain searing through her skull. He didn’t yet deserve her respect. She was doing this for HERSELF. This was NOT HIS FIGHT. THIS WAS HERS!


         “THIS. FIGHT. IS. MINE!” Lea screamed, lunging forward to grapple the Videogirl and sending the bigger pokegirl skidding to a halt. Her wounds ripped open from the sudden exertion, sending fresh spurts of blood across her body. With a scream of frustration she tensed, her entire body beginning to glow as she slowly fought to lift the stunned Videogirl off the ground. She ignored Daniel’s panicked yells, she ignored as two of her fingers went slack, the muscles snapping under the strain. She ignored the pain until it stopped. Until she stood there, backed nearly to the wall, with a squirming Videogirl held over her head. The blood from her wounds oozed across her body, her hair staining red as the blood from the cuts across her forehead and scalp soaked in.


         “Uh… Lea?” Daniel called hesitantly.


         Lea roared, torqueing her already straining body to the side as she smashed the Videogirl into the arena wall.  The impact shook Daniel’s platform and left a slight crater, the Videogirl’s head whipping to the side to crack against the material. Lea stood for a few moments, long enough for the referee to call the point, before she followed her opponent to the floor. Before Daniel could even move the medical pokegirls were leaping into the arena.  Fumbling to remove Lea’s pokeball he climbed down, running up in an attempt to push through.


         “I’ve got her pokeball, I’ve got her ball!” He called desperately. “Let me through!”


         One of the Raphas turned, grabbing him firmly by the shoulders. “Your pokegirl is fine, challenger. She is uninjured. We are working to heal the other.”


         Daniel stood in shock for a moment as he processed her words before resuming his push. “She’s NOT fine! LET ME THROUGH!”


         The same Rapha barked an order, one of the triage Nightnurses turning from what she was doing and bodily removing Daniel from the arena. “Your pokegirl is fine.” She growled. “Look. They’re moving her now.”


         Daniel watched as the cluster parted enough for Lea to be carried out and lay on the ground, the referee walking up and inspecting her. He pulled a pokeball from his belt, releasing a Hottie, the two exchanging a few words before the girl began spraying Lea with heated water. It took a minute before she shifted enough for Daniel to see, revealing that under the caked blood, her skin was unblemished.


         “See?” The Nightnurse growled. “She’s fine.”


         “How is that possible?” Daniel whispered. “I watched her get cut. She bled.”


         “And then she evolved, so she healed.” The Night Nurse replied in a bored voice. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an ACTUAL patient to attend to.”


         Daniel stood in stunned silence as she jumped back into the arena. The Hottie had finished washing off Lea’s legs and body and had moved on to her face, the mask of blood dissolving easily. But when she moved on to Lea’s hair, the water ran clean even when her hair was still red. The blonde was gone.


         “I should be handing this to her.”


         Daniel spun to see Ms. Moon watching him, a small box in her hands. “I’m sorry?”


         “Your Amazon.” The Leader paused. “No, I suppose I should say your Armsmistress. That battle was lost. You had lost. She found it within herself to win.” Her gaze seemed to pick Daniel apart. “I should be handing this to her.”


         Daniel turned away, returning his gaze only when she continued talking. “However, that’s not how things work. Congratulations on your badge, Mr. Adams.”


         Daniel took it hesitantly, turning back to Lea’s unconscious form. “She yelled something.”


         “She broke free of you.” The woman replied. “That is what she meant. Her fight, not yours. That is how she found the strength to persevere.”


         Daniel gulped. “That’s not a good thing.”


         Ms. Moon cocked her head. “That is correct. For you, that is a very, very bad thing. Your harem does not respect you, or at least that one does not. I suspect unless you do something to change that, there will be a very happy tamer on Sadie Pokens day next year. And it won’t be you.” She turned and walked away, leaving Daniel pale from her words. “Congratulations, Mr. Adams. And good luck.”


         Daniel stood there for a long time, until after Ms. Moon’s Videogirl had been healed and escorted off the floor. Once the arena was deserted, he jumped down and walked hesitantly to Lea’s side.


         She laid very still, her chest barely moving as she breathed. “Lea?” Daniel grimaced at the lack of response. “I think you’re awake.”


         Lea’s breath caught for a moment before returning to a steady rhythm. Daniel sighed, but knelt down. “I know you’re awake.” He ran his eyes over her new body. “You’ve grown. And changed.” He looked around, snagging her bikini from where it had fallen and pressing it against her bare breasts. “Look at that. You’ve grown a lot.”


         He had to leap back when she snatched the cloth from his hands and sat up. She turned away from him, fiddling with the bikini until she had adjusted the ties to her new size before turning to look at him. Daniel caught his breath as he looked at her face; her blue eyes had also changed, now an emerald green. Before, they had challenged him; now, he could feel them piercing into his soul.


         “How do you feel?” He asked weakly. Lea shrugged and watched him clamber to his feet. “Alright.” He continued, offering his hand. “We should, uh, get going.”


         Lea stood, ignoring his help. Her new height brought her gaze equal to his, and he found himself having to look away every few seconds. “I’d like it if you talked to me.” He whispered.


         He tried to look back but was forced away again by her dispassionate gaze. A few minutes passed, Daniel staring away, Lea staring at him. Eventually Daniel felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning, he could see Lea’s eyes had softened slightly.


         “I fight because you can not.” She said quietly, even her voice having changed slightly with her evolution. “I am sure if you could, you would fight alongside us.”


         Daniel nodded slightly. “I can’t come close to what you can do. So I have to fight in other ways. Through trickery, and, through you.”


         Lea smiled. “You have no parapsray this time. I could run.”


         Daniel felt his blood run cold. “You… Could.”


         Lea watched his reaction. “I made it clear that I would never call you Master.” She said, her grip on his shoulder tightening slightly. “You made it clear I did not have a choice. And because of that, against my will, I began to respect you.” She shook her head. “It held me back.”


         Daniel gulped. “I’m… Sorry, about that. You evolved because you decided to fight for yourself. Not because of anything I did.”


         Lea remained quiet, and Daniel was surprised to see tears starting to well in her eyes. “I evolved because I failed.” She whispered. “You were keeping me on the right path. I took the easy way to power, and I will be reminded of it for the rest of my life.”


         “The hell are you talking about?” Daniel scoffed. “You nearly died before you evolved. How is that the EASY way?”


         “Instead of technique, I accepted power.” Lea murmured. “Instead of balance, I gave in to my rage. I have failed.”


         “NO.” Daniel replied forcefully. “You did NOT fail. Exactly the opposite. You REFUSED to fail. Were you supposed to lose? To nearly die, just so you could have the experience? That’s ridiculous.”


         Lea blinked the tears away. “You believe I took the right path?”


         “I believe that you took your path.” Daniel replied, reaching up to stroke her hand. “You refused to lose. Lea, if you are still unsure and looking for validation, hear this.” He stared into her eyes, forcing himself to hold her gaze. “I could not be happier with what you did today. I was happy with what you did when you were about to lose. I know that you could care less about how I felt about you, but it does not change the fact that I think you’re amazing.”


         Lea wiped her eyes with her free hand. “Amazing?”


         Daniel chuckled. “Beautiful, powerful, strong-willed-“ He was cut off as Lea crushed her mouth against his in a deep kiss. She broke off a few seconds later, her intense gaze now longing as she looked at him.


         “I changed my mind.” She said in a husky voice. “I couldn’t care more about what you think of me.”


         “So, does that mean you’ll start calling me Master…?” Daniel asked hopefully, yelping when Lea hoisted him over her shoulder and heaved him back out of the arena.


         She levered herself out as well, picking him up with a grin. “Don’t get too ahead of yourself, sir.” She emphasized.


         Daniel grumbled but allowed her to put him back on his feet. “With the way you’re acting, I’m surprised you didn’t jump me just then.”


         “I want to.” Lea whispered in his ear. “But there are cameras absolutely everywhere.”


         Daniel shivered in anticipation. “Then let’s get somewhere more private.”


         Lea stalled as they reached the lobby. “Wait.”


         Daniel glanced at her in confusion. “Yes?”


         “Can… Can you put me in my pokeball?” She asked quietly. “I feel naked.”


         Daniel stifled his laughter as he looked at her bare skin. “Lea. You basically are naked.”


         “So, yes?” She asked hopefully.


         “Alright.” Daniel said in bemusement. “You know, you chose that outfit.”


         “And it was the right choice. At the time.” Lea replied, the capture beam sucking her up.






         “Well, isn’t this a surprise?”


         Lea shivered while Moira’s eyes picked her apart, the large man behind her conversing quietly with Daniel. “Please stop. That makes me very uncomfortable.”


         “It does?” Moira grinned at Lea’s nod. “Good.” She reached over, giving her bikini an experimental tug. “A naked Armsmistress. Now I’ve seen everything.”


         Lea snatched it back with a huff, Daniel talking for a few more moments before turning to the two pokegirls. “Lea, Bear is going to let you use his equipment to forge your armor.” He nodded at Moira. “Moira can help. How long do you think it’ll take?”


         Lea shrugged, Moira chiming in. “Two weeks. Give or take.”


         Daniel made a sour face. “Two weeks without my Armsmistress.” He grumbled. “I’ll figure something out.”


         “She’ll need to be sufficiently focused on her work.” Moira supplied, sighing at Daniel’s blank look. “She needs to be tamed regularly. Four of five days in between, max.”


         “Of course.” Daniel hurriedly agreed. “Like I said. I’ll figure something out.”


         “Arania can help.”


         Daniel shook his head. “I want to be as self reliant as possible. I’ll just have to swing by the ranch and pick up a teleporter of some sort.”


         “Good luck.” Moira replied lazily, shooing him out and turning to Lea. “Now then, girl. Let’s see what you want to do…”


         Daniel found his way to the ranch, stepping inside and bee lining towards a display terminal. Filtering by techniques, he pulled up the extremely short list of teleporting pokegirls for sale.


         Discarding the first two he stalled on the third name. “You have a Loner here?” He called to the clerk.


         The man looked up with a shrug. “We do. Nearly impossible to keep that girl contained. You interested?”


         Daniel nodded.


         “Cool.” The clerk pulled his chair forwards and began typing up paperwork. “I’m willing to give her to you for 80,000, if you go and find her yourself. She’ll be somewhere in the ranch, maybe on a roof, I don’t know.”


         Daniel cracked a smile and slid his dex over for the transfer. “How do you keep her here?”


         “Teleportation block collar.” The man replied. “You’re welcome to keep it. We’re pretty sure the mechanism is broken, anyways. Some days she’s just gone.”


         Daniel chuckled. “Great.” He looked around. “Any tips?”


         “No need.” The clerk replied, pointing at the front door. “That’s her.”


         Daniel turned to see a nude pokegirl lounging against the wall, her butt pressed back to force her chest out. He raised an eyebrow. “Where’d you come from?”


         “I was told it was time to go.” The girl replied softly, Daniel surprised to hear her gentle tone. “I am ready to go.”


         Daniel turned back to the clerk. “No belongings? Pokeball?”


         “Probably destroyed her pokeball again. Or hid it somewhere.” The clerk responded. “Thanks for taking her off my hands. Makes my job a whole lot simpler.”


         “Sure.” Daniel replied, turning back and smiling at the girl. She had jet black hair cascading down her tanned shoulders, her violet eyes gently tracking him as he approached. “Do you have a pokeball?”


         The girl nodded, her cheeks reddening. “I carry my own.” She said.


         Daniel couldn’t help glancing down at her groin before wrenching his gaze back to her face. “I see. Would you be willing to let me carry it?” He stalled her blush with a gentle pat of her shoulder. “I don’t mean now. Maybe I can take it from you tonight?”


         The shorter girl nodded slightly, briefly smiling her thanks. “You are the one I thought would come today. Where do we go?”


         “Traveling.” Daniel replied with a smile. “All across Wales. Are you from around here?”


         The Loner’s eyes sparked when he mentioned travel, then dulled as she shook her head sadly. “I am. But I have never been beyond these walls.” She looked out the door. “I watch, sometimes, from the rooftops. But I can not leave.”


         “You can now.” Daniel replied, pushing the door open and standing expectantly. “Come on.”


         The girl glanced out into the crowded street before reaching up and twisting the small device inset in her collar. Suddenly she vanished and reappeared on a nearby roof, where she watched Daniel with interest.


         “Thanks again.” Daniel called at the clerk and stepped out, casually walking to the west, the Loner keeping pace above.






         Daniel finished setting up the tent, smiling as he watched the Loner flit from tree to tree around the small clearing he had set up in. “Noeth!”


         The girl skid to a halt, slipping and letting out a yelp of surprise as she skinned her shin falling out of the tree she had been in. She sat up, nursing the raw skin as she looked at Daniel in surprise. “Mi?”


         Daniel laughed and nodded. “I’m glad you know Welsh.”


         “It was the language of the ranch. English was the language of the world.” The Loner replied simply, wincing as she stood on the injured leg. “I have to tell you, I do not know how to read or write.”


         “Easily fixed.” Daniel breezed past her statement. “I’ve decided on your name.”


         The girl nodded, then suddenly gasped. “You aren’t-“


         “It fits you.” Daniel teased.


         The newly named Noeth looked flustered as she considered his words but nodded her assent. “May we change it, slightly?”






         Daniel burst out laughing and shook his head. “You should have known that wouldn’t work.”


         Noeth smiled at him. “I could try.”


         “You could.” Daniel gestured at the tent. “Come on. I still need to take your pokeball.” He waited for her to duck under his arm before following. “And I have some questions.”


         Noeth wiggled backwards, her breasts jiggling as she sought to find a comfortable seat. “Yes?”


         Daniel sat cross-legged, closing himself to Noeth’s open legs, his body language guiding Noeth to follow suit. “The hardest question first. You act very informally for a ranch bred girl, even more than the average Loner. The only other in my harem that acts this way with me does so because she actively resists my lead.” He cocked his head. “Why do you?”


         Noeth rocked slightly and shrugged. “I feel no need to fawn over you like others may. I feel in my heart that one day that will change, but today I do not see you as someone to worship.”


         Daniel’s face broke into a relieved smile at her words. “I’m glad to hear that. I’ll happily wait for you to be ready.”


         Noeth returned his smile. “Thank you…” She paused before saying the word master. “I also do not… recognize you, yet. As my tamer.”


         Daniel nodded slightly. “I can fix that. But I want to ask a few more questions first.” He continued at her nod. “You’re quite tan. I assume it’s because you refuse to wear clothing?”


         “I do not refuse to do so.” Noeth replied. “I merely prefer not to. If needed, I will cover myself sufficiently. I grew up unable to sit in the sun, so when my body changed I cherished the new opportunity.”


         Daniel chuckled. “I see. Alright, just one more. Are you able to work as a team?”


         Noeth paused her movements and sighed. “I can. I will not do so without meeting and approving of my sisters, however.”


         Daniel nodded. “I can accept that. Perhaps tomorrow.” He uncrossed his legs. “Now, I believe I still need your pokeball.”


         Noeth uncrossed her legs and leaned back, rocking her groin towards him. “Take it.” She mumbled.


         Daniel slid his fingers into her vagina, stroking her clit with his thumb as he probed deeper. Finding the small sphere he wrapped his hand around it, his knuckles pushing against Noeth’s vaginal wall as his thumb clenched against her clit. He felt Noeth shudder, the Loner releasing a slight moan as her vagina relaxed, allowing Daniel to easily extract the damp pokeball. He wiped it off with a towel, still playing with Noeth’s clit with his other hand. “Here we are.”


         Noeth squirmed back upright, popping her vagina out of reach of Daniel’s hand. “Catch me.” She breathed in his ear, shaking her head when he moved to trigger the recall beam. “No, not like that. I watched it at the ranch. A tamer must dominate his prey. Catch me.”


         “What kind of porn did they have at the ranch?” Daniel thought to himself, setting the pokeball down. “Alright. I’ll play.


         “The feral Loner lay sunbathing.” Daniel started, guiding Noeth to lay on her chest. “When she felt someone approach her.” He began massaging her shoulders, working his way down to her buttocks.


         Noeth giggled excitedly and squirmed under his touch. “She liked it.” She replied, her voice barely more than a whisper. “So she didn’t run away.”


         Daniel let off his massage for a moment in order to remove his pants and shirt, returning to her upper thigh. After a few rubs he slid to her inner cheeks, gently rolling them apart to expose her moist pussy. Letting her butt fall back her repeated the motion a few times before reaching forwards to cup Noeth’s breasts. He was too tall to do it perfectly so he had to settle for a strange backwards-reaching pose, his body resting on Noeth’s back as he slid his dick into her vagina and massaged her breasts with each hand.


         Noel moaned in pleasure from his strokes, her body pushing against Daniel’s as she sought to cement the connection. He worked into the rhythm, picking up when Noeth thrust her rear into his stomach urgently.


         Noel voice began to break as she cried out, her hands clutching at Daniel’s as they pleasured her chest. Grunting, Daniel stalled any hope of his own orgasm as he continued his ministrations, determined to send Noeth over before he went. It took a minute before he was successful, Noeth shuddering as an orgasm pulsed through her body and she made a happy noise. Releasing his inhibition Daniel whipped his penis out, flipping Noeth over and causing her to let out a surprised squeak. Slamming his dick back in, he proceeded at a frenzied pace, Noeth screaming in pleasure as her back arched and hands clutched wildly at the tent floor. She reached a second orgasm before Daniel finished, pulling out halfway through his orgasm to deposit the rest across Noeth’s stomach and breasts.


         Noeth reached up, wiping a thin strand of cum from her face and looked down at her body with a giggle. “Frosting.”


         “What are you, then?” Daniel growled, idly holding his shaft at half mast. “The cake? The donut?”


         Noeth sat up, leaving Daniel’s cum on her body while she crawled forwards. “The pokegirl.” She replied, licking his member until it stiffened again before taking it in her mouth and bobbing her head slowly.


         Daniel leaned back with a sigh, idly playing with Noeth’s hair as she sucked him clean. A few seconds later she popped him out of her mouth, wiping her hands across her body and licking the cum from them. “Well?” He asked archly. “Don’t just leave me like this.”


         Noeth giggled, rubbing her breasts together and scooting in to fold Daniel’s penis in her cleavage. She started by just moving her chest, continuing until her entire body was twisting and bouncing around Daniel’s cock. Daniel exhaled sharply as he released his second orgasm, the first spurt spattering Noeth’s face before she dove down and wrapped her lips around the head of his penis, the next two disappearing down her throat.


         Daniel sighed contentedly, wiggling out of the sweaty spot he had made and patting his chest. Noeth finished wiping her face, sucking her fingers as she curled up on him, wiggling her legs so her pussy rubbed against his hip.


         Daniel stroked her hair, leaning in to whisper in her ear. “I think I’ll catch you tomorrow.”


         Noeth made a happy affirmation and adjusted her posture, settling down as they both fell asleep.






Daniel Adams

Age: 18

License: Basic



Pokegene 2


Enhanced Senses (Auditory, Olfactory)

Latent Strength

Latent Rage



Points: 1165

Wales Gyms:




Trish – Slicer

Lea – Armsmistress

Cyrene – Airmaiden

Noeth – Loner




Sarah Evies

Age: 17

License: Basic



Access Restricted



Points: 716




Jackie – Amazon

Abilene – Boobisaur