< > = Telepathy

( ) = Thoughts

“” = Speech

Chapter One

Down into Darkness

            Sitting in a corner of a dark room a young man sits staring at a computer screen, some form of internal struggle visible on his face. Sighing heavily with a weary look on his face the young man turns on the computers web camera and hits the record button.

            “My name is Katarl Onineko… I'm an Author. Three Months ago I got pulled through a portal. Now I’m trapped in an alternate reality, living on a parallel earth filled with Pokégirls, some my friends. I’ve made enemies. Powerful, Dangerous enemies…” Katarl sighs again, “But perhaps I should start from the beginning. It all started three months ago…”

**Flashback Three Months Ago**

            “Home at last. Fucking shift seemed to last forever.” I say to no one really. I than begin to shrug out of my uniform before changing into a black t-shirt and a pair of camouflaged lounge pants. After changing I grab my laptop before making my way to my couch, turning off the lights before plopping down on the couch.

            As my laptop begins booting up I grab my IPhone and hit the shuffle button on the music app. As Skillets - Comatose begins to play on the speakers; I open up my document folder and begin working on my Pokégirl story, A Wild Ride.

            As I begin typing a small dark portal begins to open unnoticed behind me. Soon long slender tendrils begin to creep out of the portal winding their way through the darkness. Quicker than the eye can track the tendrils lash out and grab me.

            “What in the world? WHOA WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” I shout as the tendrils begin to wrap tighter around me. I quickly grab the edges of the couch trying to pull myself away from the portal. More and more tendrils reach out wrapping around me and assorted items in my room.

As the tendrils begin to pull harder I slowly begin to lose my grip on the couch, my struggles increase as I try to re-adjust my grip right when the tendrils give a tremendous tug and I'm pulled through the portal.

            For a moment all I know is darkness and the odd sensation of weightlessness. But neither last long before I slam down onto a tile floor of a well lit room. Briefly seeing stars I roll over and begin to get up, my left hand going to the back of my head to feel the knot already growing there.

            Before I can recover any further than I already have, I’m violently grabbed and thrown against the nearest wall but an unseen individual. Before I can brace myself I hit the wall hard, my head swimming from the impact. Darkness slowly leeches into my sight as unconsciousness looms over me.     

            Before I lose consciousness I manage to hear a feminine voice shout out just as I lose consciousness, “Terra, Be careful with him. He might prove useful to us!”

            As I slowly begin to regain consciousness all the pain begins to rush back to me and I groan out loud. I try to move my arms so I can get up but quickly realize there stuck behind my back. Turning my head as much as I am able, I see a set of odd looking cuffs with a fair length of chain attaching them to the wall behind me.

            Cursing my lousy luck I use my shoulder as a brace and begin to shimmy my legs underneath me and manage to get into a slightly comfortable sitting position right before a wave of pain, dizziness, and nausea hits me.

            I lean my head against the wall as I close my eyes and let the cool sensations from the wall soothe the aching pain in my head before trying to get a good look at my holding room. Slowly recovering enough I open my eyes to glance at my surrounds.

It’s a fair sized room with white walls, a door straight ahead of me, and no decorations other than a chair in the far corner to my left. Before I can get a chance to examine the room further the door opens suddenly a tall pale woman enters the room.

The woman is very beautiful with long sleek black hair, pale skin that contrasts perfectly with her black tribal tattoos running the length of her arms. She is wearing a long black sleeveless dress that forms perfectly to her well-endowed frame.

            She slowly walks towards me a small grin appears on her pretty face; she stops about a foot away from me and looks down at me. As she stares at me I notice writing appear in the air just over her left shoulder. Tracking my eyes she turns to look over her shoulder but shrugs appearing to see nothing there.

            Quickly reading the words I recognize what’s written there almost instantly. SANCTUARY GOTH, the Ebon Soul Pokégirl.  Before she has a chance to speak I cut her off, “A Sanctuary Goth?! But that. That can’t be. You’re not real, just a figment of imagination.”

            But I can say anything else the S-Goth leans down and slaps me across the face, the stinging in my cheek only worsens the pain in my head. Slowly reeling from the pain I realize something. (Wait… Pain?! That means.. That all of this is … Real).

            “This is not a dream; this is your new reality Demon Cat. It is quite real and you my dear friend are in a great deal of danger if you do not cooperate with me.” The S-Goth states calmly, “You will tell us the name of every Author you know, starting with your own.”

            “Demon Cat? Author? What the hell are you talking about?!” I shout, “And just why the hell should I cooperate with you? You rip me from my home, toss me around like a sack of potatoes, and chain me to a wall! You’ve given me absolutely no fucking reason to cooperate with you other than threats! You want my help. WELL FUCK YOU!”

            A gleam of fury appears in her eyes but it quickly fades away as a terrifying grin slowly appears on her face. She than kneels down beside me and grabs my face with her left hand before I can even react.

            “My name, Demon Cat, is Mari. And it would behoove you to remember my name,” Mari says as her right hand gently strokes my chest. “Because if you don’t. Well… Then I will carve my name on you god damned chest with my own claws. Do you understand me?” She hisses at me as her claws appear on her right hand just seconds before her claws dig into my chest.

            Trying not to scream from the pain I nod briefly. “Yeah I understand you. Now let me go,” I hiss struggling briefly to get away from her.

With a brief nod Mari than releases me, before standing up and pausing briefly to brush off the dust from the hem of her dress. “See it doesn’t have to be so bad. I can be real gentle if you just cooperate with me. Now would you be so kind as to tell me your real name?” Mari asks politely with a smile on her face.

            I shake my head slowly before sighing briefly, “Why should I tell you that? I'm your prisoner not your friend. Demon Cat, Katarl Onineko it doesn’t matter what you call me because guess what. I’m not telling you anything.”

            Now shaking visibly with rage, Maris’ eyes flash brightly with raw power. “You damned humans! You all think you’re so much better than us. Even when you’ve been ripped from your reality and trussed up like a bondage freak, you still think yourselves the superior species! Well guess what. YOUR NOT!” Mari screeches right before she launches a bolt of black energy at me.

            Unable to move quickly enough, the bolt of energy hits me square in the chest setting every nerve in my body alight in raw agony.  Time seems to stretch on into eternity as my body is wracked in pain, as the pain begins to lessen my body begins to convulse violently before I suddenly black out.

**Flashes back to the dark room in the present. **

            “I still don’t know how much time passed after blacking out that last time. I remember coming to but Mari… Mari obviously decided to forgo the friendly route and go with the age old method of torture.” I say to the camera.

            “I to this day don’t really remember anything else of the time I spent in Mari’s clutches. Only bits and pieces of memories all slowly blurring together into one rollercoaster of fun,” I mutter sarcastically, “All I really know is this. She didn’t get what she wanted from me. She still doesn’t know my real name or the name of the only other Author I know. My twin brother, Magnablade, is still safe back home. Well at least he is to the best of my knowledge.”

            “But anyway your probably wondering how I got away from Mari?” I say smiling softly for the camera before turning in my seat to look at the bed barely seen by the camera. “I was saved by a truly wondrous woman.”

**Approximately Two Months Ago**

            Slowly opening my eyes I see a young woman with blonde hair kneeling beside me, her hands glowing brightly with a soothing energy. “Who… Who are you?” I croak out from my sore throat. Once again I see writing appear in midair. This time reading UNICORN, the Extremely Hard To Capture Horse Pokégirl

            “Shh there’s nothing to fear Demon Cat. I'm here to save you. Now please hush and let the healing magic help heal and strengthen you.” The Unicorn replies quietly.

            Struggling to move away from further away from her I ask, “Why heal me? When you’re just prolonging my torture by fixing me, Mari will assume it’s my so called Author power awakening giving her further reasons to attempt to convert me to their way of thinking or break me.”

            “Because if you go free it will piss that bitch off to no ends. She killed my previous Tamer and Goddess only knows what she did to my harem sisters. Now please let me help you, help me.” She replies.

            Staring at her suspiciously I nod briefly, “Make it quick, I don’t know when Mari will return. She seems to come at the most random of times, course I have no idea what day or even what time it is right now.”

            “It’s a little past five a.m.,” says the Unicorn, “Although  I'm not sure what day it is though, I can only sense so much around me while I'm in my pokeball. You have no idea how lucky you are that I can get out of my pokeball whenever I chose to. It was a very difficult trick for me to learn but I'm so glad I learned it.”

            As the glow fades from her hands I realize I'm no longer in any pain, in fact I feel better than I have in a long time. “Well I definitely feel a lot better. But what are you gonna do about these damned cuffs?” I state shaking my arms lightly behind my back.

            Smiling briefly the Unicorn holds up a set of keys, “I managed to steal these from that bitch after casting a Sleep spell to ensure that she and her allies don’t wake up for a while.” With that said she unlocks the cuffs and helps me to my feet.

            As I steady myself I briefly rub my wrists to relieve the few twinges in them. “Wait a minute. You’re telling me she’s completely helpless at the moment.” A maniacal grin appears on my face as thoughts of revenge flash through my mind.

            Shaking her head she quickly replies, “I don’t know how much longer the spell will last on them and I can’t teleport inside because of a teleport block so I think it best we get the hell out of here while we still can.” A low growl emanates from me, “Fine let’s get out of here.”

            Slowly opening the door she quickly peeks out, “Okay it still looks all clear. Let’s move.” With that we slip out of the room quietly and begin to make our way down a long hallway. Noticing several doors at the end of the hall we pause to think which one leads out.

            Nodding to the door on the left the Unicorn shakes her head and mouths the words, “Mari’s room.” Nodding in understanding I incline my head to the door on the right in which she casually replies with a shrug.

            Slowly opening the door I take a quick peek inside and see a small supply closet filled with a few random items. Cursing in my head I begin to back out of the room when a black backpack catches my eye. Slipping fully into the room I carefully open the backpack and see some of my belongings.

            (Huh, how did my laptop and my cellphone get here? Wait can it be. Yes! It looks like some of my clothes are here as well.  No fucking way. My gun and knife, oh thank the goddess above I have some damned weapons!) Smiling as I shove all my stuff back in the backpack before shouldering it and stepping back into the hallway.

            Looking back at the Unicorn I make my way to the last remaining door and slowly open it. Peering out I see a set of stairs that lead up to another door, quietly walking up the steps to the door I utter up a silent prayer to my Lady Bastet that this is the door to my freedom.

            Grabbing the door knob I take a deep breath and open it. A huge smile lights my face as I step outside into the strange wilderness of this reality. (Freedom, Oh thank you my Lady. Thank you.) Turning back to the Unicorn I grab her hand and race out into the open.

            The Unicorn and I sprint through the forest until I am gasping for breath. Stopping in a small clearing I lean against a tree and desperately try to catch my breath. As I slowly catch my breath the Unicorn steps back into my line of sight.

            “Excuse me but we should be well outside the range of the teleport block. If you want I can teleport us both to the nearest Pokecenter.” She says. Nodding quickly she reaches out and takes my hand before we are suddenly elsewhere.

            Jerking from the sudden change in scenery I fall flat on my ass on the tiled floor. “Sonofa! Give a guy a little warning before teleporting please,” I state as I slowly stand back up. “But sir I did tell you I was going to teleport us to nearest Pokecenter.” She replies.

            “Umm, I sorry to interrupt you two but how can I help you?” says a soft feminine voice from behind me. Turning quickly I see a pink haired woman in a nurses outfit standing behind a countertop. (A Nursejoy! I'm really going to have to get used to all this.)  

            “Yes I was wondering if I can take the Tamers exam.” I ask inquisitively. Her face takes on a concerned look as she stares at me before looking at the Unicorn. “Sir have you illegally captured that Unicorn?” the Nursejoy inquires her hand moving towards a phone.

            Shaking my head quickly I reply, “No ma’am this Unicorn just so happened to save my life and before bringing me here. See I'm not from around here. Actually could you tell me exactly where I am?”

            “You’re in Neo Osaka of the Edo League. May I ask which league you are from sir? It would help us in returning you back to your home.” The Nursejoy replies the smile on her face showing true concern for my plight.

            “I'm from the Indigo League but I have always wanted to come to the Edo League and well since I'm already here I figured why not apply for my Tamer’s license.” I reply smiling.

            “Well this is a little unorthodox… Normally travelers are screened before coming into the Edo League. Even if what you say is true we would still need to screen you for entry.” She states as she begins to type on the computer in front of her.

            “Can’t you have someone come screen me while I take the Tamers exam? I'm sure it won’t take long if you have someone with a Celestial or a Psychic type check me out,” I say as the Nursejoy pauses in her typing, “I swear I just want to get my Tamers license and maybe even settle down somewhere in the Edo League a few years from now.” I say while trying to come off as non-threatening as possible.

            Sighing momentarily the Nursejoy before resuming her typing, “I really shouldn’t allow this but if that Unicorn helped you obviously you can’t be too bad a person if she was willing to help you out. Alright let’s get you started on that exam while I make a quick phone call and see if I can get someone to screen you real quick.”

            As she passes me the exam I slowly begin to fill out the test, easily breezing through the test because of my unique knowledge of Pokegirls. (Heh never dreamed I’d ever be taking the Tamers test. It’s like an insane dream come true. Wow, this test is a lot easier than I thought it would be.)

            Finishing the test I pass the exam papers back to the Nursejoy, “Alright sir let me take a quick look at this to see if you’ve passed.” I stand there feeling a little nervous as she reviews my exam but that quickly passes as she nods and says, “Congratulations sir you’ve passed with an 86% score. Now I just need a bit of personal information and a blood sample before I can finish processing your license.”

            Smiling I hold out my arm as she grabs a syringe and takes a blood sample, “It will only take a few minutes to get the results of this blood sample so we know what Blood Gifts or Blood Curses you have. I'm so glad they installed the equipment to process it here. Most prospective Tamers hate the wait.”

            Chuckling softly I tell her, “Oh that’s easy I don’t have any Blood Gifts or Blood Curses. I'm a Pure Strain Human.” An odd look slowly appears on her face, “A pure human. Really, Wow I never thought I’d ever see a pure human.” She replies sarcastically.

            “No really I am a pure human. Check the results of the blood work once its done processing.” I reply with a knowing smile. Rolling her eyes she looks back at her screen as a soft ding rings out. Reading the results my smile grows as I see her eyes bug out slightly as she sees the results.

            “By the Thousand Gods, You are a pure human. I'm so terribly sorry for mocking you sir. Let me finish up the paperwork and get you fully registered.” Her hands almost blur as she finishes typing into the computer. “I need just one last bit of info from you sir. What is your name?”

            With a gentle smile I reply, “My name is Kaylith Sanvers but you can call me Kaylith. And don’t worry your pretty little head about the teasing. I'm not like most folks. I don’t mind a little harmless teasing. Besides you never know who’s actually pureblooded or not.”

            Relaxing slightly she nods curtly before typing my name into the computer. (I'm gonna have to get used to responding to that name. At least it’s better than my real name.) Within moments a sleek red Pokedex pops out of a small slot on the computer.

            My smile quickly turns into a full on grin as she slides the Pokedex across the counter along with six Pokeballs. “Now all that is left is to pick out your starter Pokégirl. You can choose either one of the starter Pokegirls we have here or we can contact one of the League Ranches for a few other choices. Of course if you choose a Ranch girl it will take a day or two to process the transfer application.”

            Pausing to think for a moment I reply, “Mind if I take a look at the girls you have here before I make my final decision.” With a nod the Nursejoy turns her monitor towards me and pulls up a small list of available Pokegirls. (Let’s see what we have here. Slicer, Slicer, Kitsune, Kunoichi, Titmouse… No thank you there. Wait is that a.)

            “Miss, Can I see this one real fast.” I ask pointing at a specific name on the list. With a nod she enters a quick command on her computer and a pokeball appears on the transporter. With a flick of her wrist she tosses the ball and in a flash of light the girl appears.

            She is a petite feline anamorphic Pokégirl, standing at about 5'5" with small pert breasts covered by a thin t-shirt that brushes just past her waist. Her tail swishes back and forth in an almost lazy fashion. As I continue staring at her I see the Pokedex entry slowly begin to appear in the air just above her. 

SHAGUAR, the Cool Cat Pokégirl

Type: Animorphic with cases of Near-human – Jaguar

Element: Ice/Fighting

Frequency: Rare (Sunshine League), Very Rare (Capital, Orange, Scarlet Leagues), Unknown (Other Leagues)

Diet: chilled fish, alcohol


            Closing my eyes for a moment before taking a quick peak at her again I see the text has disappeared as abruptly as it came. Stepping closer to her I see her shiver ever so slightly. “Hello there. My name is Kaylith Sanvers and I was wondering if you would like to join me as my starter Pokégirl?”

            A curious look appears on her lovely face. “Why would you want me for a starter? You do realize I'm an Ice/Fighting type right. Most people don’t care for Ice types,” She tilts her head down as her eyes begin to well with tears before continuing in an almost whisper, “I know my previous Master didn’t.”

            “Ice type, Fighting type, I really don’t care what Type you are. I think you’re a lovely woman and would really like to have you join me on my travels.” I offer my hand to her with a caring smile on my face.

            “I. I don’t know…” She replies hesitantly. Stepping closer to here I calmly say, “Well here’s the deal miss. If you want to come with me I promise you this. I won’t abandon you. I won’t trade you away for anything and I will do everything in my power to keep you and myself alive.”

            Looking back up at me she slowly extends her hand towards me. Clasping it in mine I notice the chill of her body and shudder slightly. “I take your answer is yes.” Nodding briefly I smile and turn towards the Nursejoy, “Well it looks like I’ve chosen my starter.”

            Grabbing the Shaguars’ pokeball I turn back to face her, “Now that your part of my harem I think it would be a good idea to learn your name,” Watching her wince slightly I mentally curse myself for a moment before speaking again, “Let me guess. Your former Tamer “took” your name away didn’t he.”

            Watching her nod I shake my head, (Fucking jackass Tamers.) “Well since you don’t have a name how about I come up with one for you than.” Pausing to think I remember a name I was going to use in one of my stories. “I got it. From now on your name will be Raziya.”

            “Raziya… What does it mean? That is if you don’t mind me asking master.” She asks softly. “Raziya means Pleasant one and just as a heads up I want you to know that if you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. I'm rather Pro-Pokégirl in my way of thinking just as a heads up. So you’re gonna have to get used to a lot more freedom than you’re probably used too.” I chuckle softly as her eyes widen a bit from shock.

            “Mister Sanvers. Can I have your attention for a moment please?” The Nursejoy inquires as I turn towards her. “Of course and please Kaylith will do just fine.”

            “The League screener is here along with his Megami-sama for the interview process,” The Nursejoy says pointing to the older man and his Pokégirl. “Wow that was really quick.” Extending my hand in greeting I say, “It’s a pleasure to meet you sir. My name is Kaylith Sanvers a newly licensed Tamer and I would like permission to remain here in the Edo League.”

            A small smile appears on the older man’s face as he takes my hand in a firm handshake, “A pleasure to meet you Kaylith. I am Hiro and this beauty her with me is Aoi, my Megami-sama.” Aoi bows slightly towards me before Hiro continues, “She will be performing a scan on you to see if you might cause any trouble while you’re here in the Edo League.”

            Aoi than takes a step towards me, “And please just try to relax it will make it much easier to get a proper read on you.” Closing my eyes and taking a deep calming breath, I feel my body relax slightly before hearing a collective gasp from around me.

            Opening my eyes I see the world has become tinted by a dark cobalt blue light. “Excuse me, quick question? What’s with the weird blue lightshow?” I inquire out loud. Aoi shakes her head for a moment before muttering something softly causing the light to fade away. “Just an odd side effect of the spell absolutely nothing to worry about.”

Clasping her hands together Aoi turns back to Hiro with a smile, “Master Hiro, Mr. Sanvers aura shows that he is a kind man, with a strong moral code. Of course his moral code does differ slightly from the norm Master, in the fact that he will do whatever it takes to protect both himself and those he has placed under his care. An admirable trait if a little problematic depending on the situation of course, but in my honest opinion he should be granted permission to remain in the league.”

Nodding for a moment before reaching into his pocket, Hiro pulls out his pokedex and begins typing a few commands into before a beep goes off from my pokedex. Pulling it out of my pocket I pull up my Tamers license and notice it now shows approved for travel.

Quirking my eyebrow at Hiro he holds up his hand, “I trust Aoi’s opinion deeply. If she says you should be allowed to travel that’s good enough for me. Just keep your nose clean and try not to cause too much trouble if you can avoid it Mr. Sanvers. Enjoy your stay in Edo.” With that said he takes hold of Aoi’s hand and they vanish as she teleports them away.

With a casual shrug I begin to turn back towards the Nursejoy but stop as I see the Unicorn is still here, “Still here. I figured you’d be long gone by now in hopes of finding a new tamer.” With a light blush on her face she looks me straight in the eye and I cut her off with a wave of my hand, “Let me guess you want to come with me right?”

With a slight nod she holds out her pokeball hesitantly, “I can’t make you take me and I know you’re wary of me because of the situation I found you in. But I would rather come with you than take my chances with a different Tamer. So… Please take me with you.”

With a sigh of resignation I hold my hand out and accept her pokeball, “So what’s your name?” The blush on her face deepens a bit more, “I was hoping you’d give me a new name. I wasn’t with my old Tamer very long and I didn’t care for the name he gave me.”

“Hmm, now just what should I call you? It wouldn’t be fair to give you a common name when I gave Raziya one with special meaning. I'm gonna need a little bit of time to come up” Turning to the Nursejoy, “Is there any rooms available here for a couple of days? I could really use a shower, some time to get acquainted with my harem, and to stock up on supplies.”

With a bright smile, “We have plenty of rooms available at this time,” turning back to her computer she types in a few commands before turning back towards me, “Now I just need your pokedex for a moment so I can key it to your room. Do you have any idea of just how long you will want the room?”

“Is it possible to have the room for a week right now? If we need it longer we can just come back to you and get it extended right?” With a brief nod she takes my pokedex and quickly programs the room info into it. “Alright I have you in Room #five, that’s the third door on your right just down that hallway,” pointing to the hallway just behind me, “If you have any other questions please do not hesitate you ask.”

“Actually there is just one more thing. Where can I get some food? I don’t have any credits and I don’t remember the last time I ate.” Before the Nursejoy has a chance to reply, my stomach growls loudly and I grin sheepishly while she chuckles softly. “The cafeteria will be open in about thirty minutes and will be serving free meals to Tamers and their harems for an hour.”

“Thank you so very much… You know in the rush of all this I never did learn your name miss?”

“My name is Sakura, Mr. Sanvers. Now you might want to go have a shower and change before eating. The cook there is a bit of a neat freak and might not allow you into her cafeteria with you looking like that.” Sakura replies pointing at my damaged and dirty clothes.

“Again thank you for everything Sakura. You’re a life saver.” Turning and grabbing my backpack off the floor I motion to the girls to follow me down the hallway. “Room five, ah here we are.” I say as I pull out my Pokedex, “Uhm. Either of you two know how to open the door?”  Raziya steps forward and points the IR transmitter at a small panel next to the door causing the door to open.

“Thanks Raziya.” Stepping into the room I head straight for the open bathroom and begin to run a hot shower. (A shower, I always hated being dirty and my time in boot camp really helped ingrain that into me. Really it’s the little things you miss sometimes.)

**Twenty minutes later*

Grabbing a towel I begin drying off as step out into the main part of the room heading straight for my backpack as Raziya and the Unicorn stare at me for a moment. Tracking their eyes for a moment I realize what their staring at and blush for a moment before quickly getting dressed. “We’ll have plenty of time for that later. I need food soon and I really don’t want to wait in a potential line. So let’s go.”

Making sure I have my pokedex and both of their pokeballs, we casually make our way to the cafeteria for breakfast. Seeing no other tamers up at the moment we grab our meals and head to a table to eat.

After a few bites I allow my mind to wander for a moment as my body continues to eat almost mechanically. (I really need to think of a name for her, it’s just rude to keep calling her Unicorn. Think Kaylith you write little stories all the time in your old notepad back home. But she really wants a name with meaning like Raziya has. Wait a minute that’s it!)

Setting down my fork I look at the Unicorn, “I think I just thought up a name for you. It’s one I used in a very old story of mine. How does Shemei sound?”

“Shemei? What does that mean?”

“Shemei means Desire. It fits too, you desire to travel with me, you desired a special name and now you have one. What do you think?”

She looks at me for a moment before breaking into a fit of giggles, “Well it’s definitely better than Hisoka whatever that means.”

            Shrugging, “Hey don’t look at me, I only know English. I do know both of your names are from different languages, can’t remember which ones though.”

            “Then why give us them?”

            “Because I liked the characters I used them for and both of you suit the meanings behind the names.”

            **Flashes back to the present**

            “After we finished eating we all went back to the room and talked for a while. I knew what both of the girls and I had to do but I can honestly say I was a little put off about it. Shemei and I did just escape with our lives just earlier that morning.”

            I bring my left hand up to my face and rub my eyes slightly, the light from the computer screen bothering me just slightly. “Eventually I worked up the nerve to Tame them both. And I will say this. Watching those two compete with each other that first time, it was beautiful. Doubt I’ll ever see a show like that again but who knows, this is the Pokégirl world after all.”

“I'm still getting used to this world even though I know quite a bit about it from the site, I doubt I’ll ever fully get used to it. But,” I turn and look at Raziya and Shemei still fast asleep in the bed before turning back towards the camera, “But as long as I have them I think I can manage to stay alive. Well its been a long night and I think its time I go back to bed.”

I wink at the camera as I move the mouse towards to turn off the program, “After all I don’t want to wake them up and it is late. This is KatarlOnineko aka Kaylith Sanvers signing off. Till next time”

Name: Kaylith Sanvers           Age: 26

Residence: N/A                       Region: Edo League

Status: Active                         Security Clearance: Red-3

Licenses Type: Tamer 

Active Harem:

Raziya – Shaguar

Shemei – Unicorn.  

Badges: None