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Loose Threads



            The shuttle silently touched down in the darkness of the night and the outer airlock doors cycled open as drones launched from the top of the shuttle and spread out into surveillance and patrol teams. Pandora trotted down the ramp and took up station at the bottom even as Allison and Raquel raced by and vanished into the blackness that surrounded them.

            A few minutes later Iain, Ganieda, Kasumi, Heather, Ayame and Nishiko exited the craft and joined Pandora. “It’s kind of odd being on Sadogashima again,” he said quietly as they waited.

            “It is the least populated place in Japan,” Kasumi replied softly. “I am glad we didn’t land on our farm, though. I wonder what was different here that it is occupied and not so on my world.”

            “On this world it’s over two years earlier than it is in Six,” Pandora said as she surveyed the night. “The man on this world owning the farm that we bought on your world won’t die until next year and only then when his kids decide they don’t want to move back to here from the mainland to dig in the dirt will it be put on sale.”

            “That’s sad,” Kasumi murmured.

            “What world is this,” Heather asked suddenly.

            “It’s Nine,” Pandora replied.

            Ganieda glanced at Iain. “I didn’t think the number was that high yet, is it?”

            He was monitoring the drones through his twee. “We live on One. Siobhan’s world is Two. Three is the world that Shikarou’s people moved to One from. Four is the world we moved to One from. Five is the world I was born on. Six is the world Kasumi was born on. Seven is where my teacher who we don’t talk about lives. Eight is the world that the herd moved to One from and Nine is this one. Ten is the world you and Geraldine came from. I don’t list the worlds I move through while shadow walking unless I intend to go back there again for something.”

            “You could have just said yes,” Ganieda pointed out.

            “Then you’d have asked me to list them,” Iain replied amusedly.

            Ganieda’s ears flicked and she shot him a hard look. “That’s not impressive, that’s just mean. Unless there’s a dark pokegirl out there or something else that can block my telepathy, we’re alone for at least a few kilometers.”

            “Can you hear the thoughts of a camera,” Iain asked.

            The Snugglebunny’s ears flicked again. “Fuck. Sorry.”

            “That’s why we cover for each other,” Pandora pointed out. “Theodora’s drones aren’t finding any security and if she did I’d be shocked.”

            He nodded. “Send Dominique and Canaan to Nerima to find us a teleport point.” He shook his head. “I’m glad my feeling was wrong but I still think there’s something bad going to happen during our visit.”

            “If it does, we will handle whatever situation develops,” Kasumi replied. “And in the end whoever is behind it will rue crossing us and our clan.”

            “I can’t argue with that.” Iain looked up the ramp as Dominique and Canaan appeared and came down to join them. “Be careful, ladies.”

            “Our primary goal is to find a suitable spot for the shuttle,” Dominique said calmly. “If we can’t we’ll find a good place for a teleport exit point and hide the shuttle in the closest mountains.”

            “If we have to,” Iain noted, “we can park the shuttle in the Pacific south of Tokyo and come in from there. The water gets deep enough for us to use pretty quickly on the south side of Honshu.”

            “We could do like Shikarou did and put up a tent,” Canaan observed.

            “Not if Kasumi is going to be my shadow the whole time,” Iain said.

            Kasumi smiled. “As long as Tendo women are around and could get to you, I will be your shadow. I go where you go, I eat where you eat and I sleep where you sleep.”

            “So if anyone else wants me to sleep with them we don’t want to use a tent near the dojo,” Iain pointed out.

            “There will be no tent,” Dominique almost snarled. Her anger vanished almost instantly into a seductive smile. “And you still owe me that week, mister.”

            “I do. I still owe a lot of people their weeks.”

            “I’m only concerned about my week,” Dominique took off to hover and looked at Canaan. “Are you coming?”

            Canaan laughed. “I’ve learned that depends on your mood. Sometimes you are incredibly selfish.”

            Dominique snickered and shot away into the air, followed closely by the Huntress. Kasumi slipped her arm through Iain’s. “Come, husband, and let us take a walk. I would like to see the area around here as I haven’t been to this part of the island before.”

            Allison and Raquel appeared out of the darkness. “There area is clear for a fair distance,” the Umbrea noted. “Oddly enough there’s a rubbish tent about a kilometer and a half that way with an old man sleeping in it. I think he’s a hermit.”

            “Did you call it rubbish,” Iain asked curiously. “You’re starting to sound like April or Dominique and you were programmed for the American Midwest.”

            Allison grinned at him. “I’ll point out that I’m also starting to sound something like you. We’re learning each other’s slang and accents. I like rubbish and wheelie bin and they like toasted and things like that.”

            “We’ll give the man a wide berth,” Kasumi said. “He might be some martial arts champion out training and I see no reason to seek trouble.”

            Ayame chuckled. “The last thing a man like that would want, mistress, is to be soundly defeated by a group of women.”

            “Or just one of us,” Pandora said with a smirk.

            “I found him,” Ganieda said. “He’s hard to read.” Her ears flattened for a second. “He’s not human. He’s spirit folk, considers himself to be kami, thinks he’s powerful and finally he thinks of this as his island. He’s waiting for his sister to join him for some mission of revenge.”

            “The walk is over,” Kasumi announced. “I think we should return to the shuttle and wait for Dominique and Canaan to return.” She looked at Iain. “If this world is like the one I came from,” she paused, “Six, I believe you just numbered it, then the facts that I’m kami, female and fertile would quite likely cause no end of trouble with a kami who thinks this is his territory.”

            “It would not,” Ganieda said firmly, “because it would, however, probably cause the end of him and rather quickly.”

            “Yes!” Nishiko almost growled her agreement.

            “Then in the interests of harmony I guess we should return to the shuttle,” Iain said.

            “Good,” Kasumi said as she turned with him and they started back for the shuttle, which they had barely left. “While we’re waiting, I’ve got some ideas on how to approach the situation that should minimize any risk while maximizing our potential reward.”


            Kasumi looked at Giselle, who nodded. “Ayame and Nishiko are in position and ready if there’s trouble, ma’am.” To her credit, the Pegaslut didn’t hesitate before using ma’am instead of the routine mistress she’d been using for decades, but she did stumble slightly over the word.

            After thinking about it ever since she’d learned that she was pregnant, Kasumi had decided that Iain had a point and that she didn’t want any of the children to grow up with the idea that pokegirls called their humans by titles of ownership such as mistress or master. Her name was a perfectly fine way to address her and so she’d asked for a change in her harem’s protocols. Giselle had strenuously protested her decision and so the compromise they’d worked out was the replacement of mistress or master with the militarily correct ma’am and sir, which still showed obedience, deference, respect and honor without suggesting that pokegirls were any kind of property.

            “Thank you, Giselle. I don’t anticipate any difficulties, at least not immediately, but it’s nice to know we are ready if I am mistaken.”

            “Allison and Team Three are on a four second standby as well, ma’am.”

            Kasumi blinked in surprise. “Isn’t that a little bit of overkill for this situation?”

            Giselle looked quietly smug. “Rule 37, ma’am.”

            Kasumi sighed. “To think that my alpha has been reduced to quoting that terrible book is saddening.”

            Giselle smiled at her. “It isn’t terrible, ma’am. It’s accurate. It just isn’t polite in its accuracy, which could be why you don’t like it.”

            “I have managed so far to avoid memorizing all of the rules in that book, Giselle, therefore you must enlighten me as to its contents. What is Rule 37?”

            “There is no such thing as overkill, ma’am. There is only ‘open fire’ and ‘time to reload’.”

            Kasumi couldn’t avoid smiling as she shook her head. “May we proceed?”

            “You’re in charge, ma’am.”

            “And I believe that as much as Iain does when Pandora tells him that,” Kasumi ignored the amusement in Giselle’s eyes as she rang the bell.

            Kasumi had kept pictures of her life before she married Shikarou and moved away from her birth home, and she did look over them sometimes while in a nostalgic mood so she was surprised that it took a second to recognize the Kasumi who opened the door and gave them a welcoming smile. She seemed, softer was the word that first came to mind, softer than Kasumi had expected. She gave herself a mental shake as the younger Kasumi spoke. “Good morning.” She frowned and looked at Kasumi carefully. “I don’t mean to pry, but are you somehow related to my mother? You remind me a lot of her. I didn’t think she had any sisters, but you might be an aunt or cousin of ours that I never knew about.”

            Kasumi chuckled. “I do have sisters but none of them were your mother and as they haven’t had children yet I’m not an auntie. The reason I seem familiar is that my name is Kasumi Grey and my maiden name was Tendo. When Ranma arrived with his harem, his father and Shikarou, he may have told about staying with another Tendo family in another dimension very similar to this one. I’m the Kasumi that lived there.”

            Kasumi Tendo blinked. “Oh my. But you’re so old.” She turned bright red. “I’m so sorry. Please excuse me for being insulting.”

            Kasumi smiled warmly at her. “There’s nothing to apologize for. You see, when Ranma last saw me, I was only eighteen. It has been several years since then for me, so I am older than you are.”

            “I see,” Kasumi Tendo said slowly. “Are you here to see Ranma? If so, he’s at school with Akane and his harem.”

            “While I intend to meet Ranma again, I am here because I wanted to talk to you first,” Kasumi said in a friendly voice. “You are the heart of the household and you know its secrets. When Shikarou left here, he didn’t give Ranma much money and it’s likely that he didn’t consider just how much the newcomers could eat up the family resources and that without including the gluttonous appetite of Genma Saotome.” Kasumi Tendo snickered quietly as she continued. “Which is why I wanted to discuss with you the finances and how to make sure that Ranma and his women don’t become such a burden that you have to cut corners so that you can provide for everyone. May we talk?”

            Kasumi nodded and opened the door wide. “Please come inside and I’ll make some tea. Father and Mr. Saotome are out and we can talk on the porch. The money that Nabiki from his harem grudgingly gave me is already gone and because of that I have already been forced to make changes in the shopping to make sure everyone gets fed properly.” She nodded to Giselle. “Are you a pokegirl too?”

            “I am Giselle, young ma’am and part of Kasumi Grey’s harem.”

            Kasumi Tendo looked stunned. “You have a harem? But doesn’t that mean that you have to,” she reddened, “you know, be with girls?”

            “It does and I am,” Kasumi said gently as she stepped into the house and slipped off her shoes while Giselle quickly followed suit. “And I am married with a good husband as well. But that’s more that we’ll talk about. I expect we will be here for at least a few weeks.”

            Kasumi Tendo looked thoughtful. “We’re going to have a hard time finding room for all of you,” she said slowly.

            “Do not worry for we already have a place to stay,” Kasumi reassured her.

            “That’s good. Things are very tight already with all of the pokegirls and everyone else. We even have people sleeping regularly in the training hall.”

            “Things will work out,” Kasumi Grey said confidently. “We will have tea and talk and hopefully become friends. And then we’ll go shopping for dinner and, if you’ll let me, I’ll help you to cook.”

            Kasumi Tendo’s smile lit up the room as she closed the door. “That would be wonderful!”


            Ganieda crouched slightly and hopped up onto the two meter tall stone wall. She looked around to make sure things looked safe and then looked back down at Iain. “You can come up here.” Her ears flicked when she realized that he’d gone to the gate a few meters to the right and opened it to wave Dianthus, Heather and Lucifer through. “You can jump this high,” she said in a slightly peeved tone.

            “I can,” Iain said as he carefully closed the gate behind him and joined the others, “jump higher than I need to in order to grab the top of the wall and pull myself up but yet not high enough to clear it. This is easier, lets everyone else onto school grounds as well and I don’t have to get dirty while I’m trying to scramble up that wall.”

            Ganieda dropped down next to him. “You’re spoiling my fun.”

            “That’s me,” he said cheerfully. “No one ever has fun around me and by God I’m going to make sure that’s the way things stay.”

            Lucifer was looking around alertly. “This is a nice school.”

            “The Japanese tend to take pride in their schools,” Iain said, “and one of the things that Furinkan High School did not lack was access to money.”

            “How are we going to find Ranma,” Heather asked curiously, “besides the obvious method of using Ganieda to sniff him out?”

            “We’ll make sure he’s here, but I think we’ll go to the school office and have him summoned like the good little visitors we are. That should certainly confuse him if he’s having the normal Ranma encounters of people just smashing their way in to attack him.” He frowned. “Of course, his life is already very different from the standard Ranama timeline, especially since he didn’t fall into a spring at all. Since Shikarou brought him straight here then he didn’t meet the Amazons so while there might be a shop here run by Cologne, nobody from the village should be hunting him for a husband or to murder. Ryoga may have still fallen into a spring and blamed Ranma, but he was originally knocked into his spring while Ranma and Genma were training around the springs so that’s unlikely too. And we must remember that this is Ryoga I’m talking about and he could have just as easily walked into a spring without the help of anyone else and still blamed Ranma for it.” He frowned. “Of course, the universe may try to get things back on track so there’s no telling what might happen. Lunatics with buckets of water from the springs may be hiding in the bushes waiting to attack Ranma for reasons that make sense only to them. We need to be wary of that sort of thing. While some of you might enjoy me becoming a woman from time to time, I’d rather avoid the complications of uncontrolled transformations on top of everything else I have to deal with right now.”

            Dianthus glanced at him. “Why would the universe care? It isn’t alive.”

            “That depends on who you ask and, no, I don’t think these universes are alive as we’d consider living. However, I’ve had a theory that the local universes inside a thread can exert influence on each other in an attempt to keep the thread in one piece and therefore the universes inside it as identical as possible.”

            “What’s a thread?”

            “I’m using my definitions, sorry.” Iain headed for the front door of the school. “A thread is a subgroup of universes that are essentially identical down past levels that we can easily examine. Threads of almost identical universes make a braid or cord and braids make a twine, which lie along other twines that can be very different from the thread we are initially looking at. But all of the universes in a twine have something in common, usually something big like an inhabited Earth.” He opened the door and waited until Lucifer and Heather were inside before entering. A quick glance back showed that Ganieda now looked like Lieutenant Tokunaga in civilian clothes. Iain didn’t know from where or how she’d gotten the DNA sample and he wasn’t going to ask. Besides, right now he looked like a middle aged Japanese man wearing a mid-ranged priced suit. As he got close to the school office his security team dropped back and took up station around the area.

            A woman behind the counter looked up when he entered. “Good morning, may I help you?”

            “I’m Inspector Suzuki.” Iain showed her a badge for a second and put it away as he retrieved a notebook and flipped it open. “I would like to speak with one of your students,” he referred to his notebook, “and his name is Ranma Saotome. Is he available?”

            The woman sifted through some sheets of paper. “He’s at school today. I’ll have him brought here.” She made a note on a piece of paper, picked up a phone and dialed it. A young man wearing the school uniform came in only a moment later. She handed him the paper. “Go get Saotome.” He nodded and quickly left.

            A few minutes later he returned with a man Iain recognized but had never met, at least not from this world. Saotome looked irritated until Iain showed him his badge and then he looked worried. “What is the matter, officer?”

            Iain looked at the woman. “I would like someplace quiet so I can ask Mr. Saotome some questions.”

            The woman checked something on another piece of paper and turned to the young man in the school uniform. “Take them to Conference Room One.”

            He nodded and headed off without a word. Iain looked at Saotome. “Come with me and this won’t take too long.”

            Once in the conference room Iain settled down in a chair. “Please sit, Mr. Saotome. I’d like to get this over with before Nabiki decides to leave class to check on you and panics both herself and the rest of the harem when you’re not where she expects you to be.”

            Ranma sat down, scowling. “You understand about that? Who are you?”

            Iain chuckled. “The really important question is where I am from, isn’t it? The answer you need to hear is another universe, I know Shikarou and I am here on what’s essentially a wellness check. I just wanted to have the first conversation without your harem bristling at my guards who happen to be pokegirls from my harem and getting louder and more insistent when my girls ignore them while I’m just trying to have a simple conversation with you.”

            Ranma’s eyes had been getting bigger and bigger. “Really?”

            “I have this urge to tell you no and watch you fall apart,” Iain said with a smile. It widened when Ranma’s scowl returned full force. “But that would be rude and my clan tries to avoid that sort of then when we can. So the answer to your question is yes. The Kasumi that was running the household where you stayed with the other Ranma and those folks is here too and should be talking to Kasumi Tendo right about now.”

            “She’s Shikarou’s wife. I was at the wedding. Is Shikarou here too?”

            “She was Shikarou’s wife until she divorced him and no, he’s not. Look, I want to keep this conversation short because Nabiki does check up on you every hour.”

            “How do you know that?”

            “There’s a lot I know, just like I know that your harem is in what’s being politely called a remedial class, but it’s just where they stuffed them and they’re not getting any help or any sort of education. I can fix that, among other issues.”

            “I can’t pay you.”

            “I know and it doesn’t matter. This isn’t about you giving me money. This is about my wife Kasumi and her very samurai bloodline’s sense of honor being satisfied at your treatment.”

            “So she’s divorced from Shikarou and married to you? He’s a kami. Why did she do that?”

            “All I’ll say about that is that they are now divorced, she did the divorcing and after looking at her side of things I can agree that she took the steps I would have in her place. You can ask her for details.” Iain rose and dug a sheaf of Japanese cash from his pocket. “Now here’s some money so you can feed your harem and Akane on the trip home if you need to. I intend to meet you at the dojo and we’ll talk more after the formal introductions to the fathers of the two families. Your dad isn’t that great, but I want to observe the formalities, at least in the beginning before I have to start ignoring his demands.”

            “To do otherwise would be rude,” Ranma said.

            “Exactly. I just wanted a quiet moment to meet you first so you had been clued in on what was going on and so you could warn Akane and your harem. The ladies in my harem are pretty powerful and if your harem attacks mine to protect you or out of surprise at the sudden appearance of strange pokegirls, well, I’d like to prevent that.”

            “I appreciate that and thanks for the warnings.” Ranma said. He took the money and tucked it away. “Thanks.”

            “Oh, and when we next meet I won’t look like a Japanese cop. I’ll look Western. I am and my name is Iain Grey.”

            Ranma shrugged. “Be sure and remind me who you are since I won’t know you to remember you.”

            Iain just chuckled as he gestured them towards the door and it wasn’t until just before they returned to the office that Ranma paused. “If you have pokegirls and they sound as protective as mine are, how is it that they let you meet with me alone while you had to plan this meeting where mine wouldn’t know about it until afterwards?”

            “Who says they did,” Iain asked with a smile. Ranma looked surprised. “Like I said, my harem is pretty powerful and they would never leave me unguarded in a strange place, surrounded by strange people and meeting with an almost master level martial artist who does have a small reputation for unpredictable mood swings. You just didn’t see them.”

            Ranma’s mouth dropped for a second. “Do you think your girls could give some lessons to mine? I asked Shikarou to stick around and do that but he said he had to leave.”

            “We plan to be here for a few weeks and I’ll talk to my maharani and see if she’s willing.”

            “What’s a maharani?”

            “It means great queen and we use it instead of alpha. Alpha is a little demeaning.”

            Ranma grinned. “Nabiki will definitely agree with that and want the new title.” He stuck out his hand. “Thanks.”

            “I didn’t say they would help,” Iain cautioned as he shook with Ranma. “Now I’ll see you at the Tendo home. I just need to stick my head in the office and tell that secretary that I’m done interviewing you and you’re not in trouble.”

            Ranma’s grin widened. “That’ll be a first.”


                        I have arrived. Iain rang the bell to the front door.

                        There was silence for a second from his message and then Kasumi responded. We’re not at the house, Iain and the men hadn’t returned when we left. Kasumi and I went shopping for food and some other sundries and it is taking longer than expected since thing are worse than we thought.

            Then I guess we’ll wait at the park.

            Iain started to turn away when the door opened and Soun Tendo peered out at him. Suspicion appeared when he realized that his visitor wasn’t Japanese. “Hello?”

            Wait, Soun Tendo is here. I presume Genma is around somewhere too. Iain smiled at him. “Are you Mr. Tendo?”

            Soun nodded. “I am. Who are you?”

            “My name is Iain Grey and I am a friend of Shikarou’s, the man who brought Ranma and Genma here from China.”

            “You are not Japanese.”

            “That is true. Many of Shikarou’s women are not Japanese either, if you will remember. He knows many people who are not Japanese and I am one of them.”

            “This is so. Why are you here?”

            “I was asked to check up on Ranma Saotome and see how he and his women are doing. That meant I had to also come here and see how you and your household is doing, sir. I also have some things that I’ll be doing in the area and so I’ll be around for the next few weeks, but rest assured that I already have a place to stay and I’ll make arrangements to pay for meals and other provisions that I or my family consume here.”

            Soun looked surprised. “You’re not broke or asking to stay here?”

            “No, sir, I am neither destitute nor do I need someplace for my people to sleep.”

            “Where are my manners? Please, come inside.” Soun waved Iain inside and watched as he deposited his shoes where they belonged. “Your Japanese is very good.”

            “I get a lot of practice. My wife is Japanese and we travel to Japan quite a lot.”

            Soun gave him a suspicious look. “Where does Shikarou live?”

            “He lives on another world. I live on that world too, but not in the kingdom in which Shikarou lives. There are a lot of ways in which that world is like this one and it has a Japan too, where I own property and my wife and I go there regularly.”

            “Ranma told a fascinating tale about meeting two different men with my name and my girls,” Sound said. “Does one also exist on your world?”

            “I don’t know. I do know that Mizuho was never born so if there is a Soun Tendo alive there he’d have to be married to someone else and have different children.”

            Soun frowned. “How do you know that Mizuho was never born, if I may ask?”

            “The Yuko from that world is alive and she told me that her granddaughter didn’t live to have children, one of which would have been Mizuho.” Iain smiled when Soun blanched. “That is correct, before her death Yuko was telling the truth and your children carry the blood of spirit folk in their veins.”

            Soun’s eyes went wide. “How did you know what she told me?”

            “I know things I shouldn’t. It’s my curse. However, your children are human and not spirit folk.”

            Soun shook his head. “This is too much to consider right now. Would you like some tea?”

            “Thank you, I would appreciate that. I am here because I wanted to meet you and Genma Saotome. While I’m here to check on Ranma, Genma is his father and you will be his father in law and so it is only proper that I meet you two gentlemen as well.”

            “This is so. Please come with me. I’m afraid my daughters are out so the tea will take a little while.”

            Iain smiled at him. “I can make tea if you’d like. I have been told that my tea is rather good for a Westerner.”

            “You can cook?”

            Iain chuckled. “I was a bachelor for much of my life. My choices were either learn to cook or starve and starving just isn’t a lot of fun.” Iain’s smile faded and he glanced at the door. “Now I must inform you that I too have pokegirls and one of them is waiting outside to be let in. I’m supposed to have a guard at all times.”

            “I see that she isn’t with you now,” Soun pointed out. “So you don’t have to have one all of the time.”

            “Trust me, she’s listening just outside that door and if I try to walk away she will protest strenuously. You have a nice door and I thought you’d like to keep it.”

            Soun looked surprised. “She would destroy my door?”

            “I will indeed if I must,” a female voice sounded through the door. “I know you’re reasonable though, Mr. Tendo, and you’ll be nice enough to let me in to do my job.”

            Soun looked at Iain. “What should I do?”

            “I would like to humbly request that you let her in to join me,” Iain said. “Her name is Heather and she’s smart and pretty and can make sure I don’t screw up the tea. For the most part you can pretend she’s not here, which will make it easier for her to do her job.”

            “Very well.” Soun opened the door and smiled at the platinum blonde Elfqueen who was standing there. “You are Heather?”

            “I am, sir,” she said politely.

            Soun nodded. “Come inside.” She did, carefully placing her shoes next to Iain’s. Her bow was slung over her shoulder and she wore a short sword on one hip but otherwise she looked unarmed. “Because of curiosity I must ask, why do you guard Iain Grey?”

            Heather smiled. “He lives in a tumultuous world, sir, with foes who would hurt or kill him.”

            “I am a master of my school of martial arts,” Soun responded. “I too live in that world and I need no personal guards. I have had pokegirls explained to me repeatedly by Ranma and once by Shikarou when he was here and, while I do not understand as much as I probably should, I do understand more than Ranma had hoped I would. Nabiki his, um, alpha, tried to explain why Ranma needed them to protect him, even here where there are no other pokegirls. What I actually understood was that she didn’t feel he could protect himself. Is that why you guard him?”

            Heather nodded. “It is.”

            “Do you let him attempt to protect himself?”

            She shook her head. “No. It’s too dangerous.”

            “Humans grow through challenge. Extraordinary humans grow through extraordinary challenges. Without those, there is no growth. I would suggest you are denying Iain the opportunity to grow by removing all of his challenges before he can face them.”

            Heather turned wide eyes on Iain. “Sir,” she asked desperately.

            “It’s all right, Heather,” Iain said soothingly. “This is not your question to answer. It is Ninhursag’s and April’s question. Take your post.” Iain looked at Soun as Heather gave him a grateful smile and moved behind him. “I have never managed to articulate it quite that way, sir, and I intend to ask them that question and see what their answer is for I feel as you do and I resent their protection.”

            Soun smiled at him. “Ranma has told me that I do not sound like the Soun from the other world. Is he right?”

            He actually behaved and sounded more like the other Soun had started to sound like after the return of Mizuho, but Iain wasn’t going to mention that. “He is correct in that.”

            Soun nodded. “My biggest challenge after my wife’s death was whether or not I would become the father that my daughters needed me to be. It was a lot of work but I hope I succeeded as much as I could in that regard.”

            “Any good father worries about that,” Iain said reassuringly.

            Soun’s eyebrows rose. “Are you a father?”

            “I am. My oldest girls are almost seven while the youngest are only a few months old.” He smiled. “So, shall I make tea for us?”

            Soun chuckled. “Unless you have something stronger, that is all we have. My daughter Kasumi is supposed to get more sake when she’s out shopping.”

            “I do have something stronger, but if sake is the strongest you’re used to drinking, maybe we should just have tea.”

            Soun laughed. “That sounds like a challenge. I accept, both for me and for Genma.”

            “Very well then,” Iain said. “However, I still want to make some tea. I’ll need something to drink after you two pass out.”

            “Indeed, I and Genma will need it after you pass out,” Soun said challengingly.

            “Then let’s get that tea.”


            “My husband is here,” Kasumi said quietly to her counterpart. They were still a few hundred meters from outer gate of the dojo.

            Kasumi Tendo looked at her curiously. “How do you know?”

            “That purple haired woman on the roof where Giselle is landing is Pandora. She’s one of Iain’s guards and will be where he is. At least one of his other guards will be inside with him.”

            “I hope he didn’t let himself in,” Kasumi Tendo said.

            “He wouldn’t be rude. Your father must have returned.” She reached out with her twee. Iain, we’re almost back to the dojo.

            Pandora just informed me that she sees you two and that she’s been joined by Giselle, he replied. I’m on the porch. Do you need any help with the groceries?

            We should be fine without your aid. What about Genma and Soun?

            They’re taking a nap. I’ll meet you two at the front door.

            When they approached the front door to the house it opened to reveal Iain. He stepped out of the way. “Good afternoon. Kasumi Tendo, I am Iain Grey and I’m Kasumi Grey’s husband.” He gestured behind him. “This is Heather and she’s my security.” He then looked from one Kasumi to the other. “Can I carry anything?”

            “Thank you but no,” Kasumi Tendo said politely. “Is my father or Mr. Saotome home?”

            “They’re both on the porch. If they hadn’t been here and your father hadn’t invited me inside I’d have been waiting across the street in the park.” He smiled slightly. “I’m not big into rudeness and it’s more than a little rude to break into someone’s home when you want to be friends with them.”

            “If they are here why did you get the door,” Kasumi Tendo inquired curiously.

            “They’re both taking naps right now.”

            His wife looked at him suspiciously. “What did you do to them?”

            “They decided to uphold some mysterious honor of Japanese men everywhere and drink me under the table. It worked about as well as I expected and they’re sleeping off their drunk.”

            Kasumi Tendo frowned. “What does drink you under the table mean?”

            “Sorry, it’s slang and it means that they intended to drink with me until I passed out from alcohol poisoning and they didn’t.”

            “I am surprised that there was enough sake in the house to put Mr. Saotome to sleep,” Kasumi said as they walked out onto the porch. “We were almost out and I picked up more with your wife.”

            “I brought a bottle of something else and we drank that.”

            Kasumi Grey raised an eyebrow. “And it was a bottle of what?”

            Iain pulled an unlabeled clear liter glass bottle out of his back pocket. There was only a couple of centimeters of clear liquid to slosh around as he held it up for examination. “Joyce made me some rectified alcohol out of some wine she didn’t like and I had two bottles of it in my pack.”

            “What is rectified alcohol?”

            “It’s normally grain alcohol and it is as pure as you can get it with regular distillation, which is 190 proof, which means that this bottle is ninety five percent pure alcohol. In the United States it’s marketed under a few trade names, including Everclear. I will admit that they drank more than I thought they would before they passed out.”

            Kasumi Tendo frowned. “Why are you not drunk as well?”

            “I can’t get drunk. Poisons are ineffective against me and alcohol is a poison.” He glanced at the two unconscious men. “I tried to explain that to them but they didn’t believe me.”

            Kasumi Grey looked at Heather where she stood watch nearby. “Well?”

            Heather shot her a look before going back to watching their surroundings. “He’s telling the truth. He did try to warn them, both about the alcohol and his inability to get drunk and they laughed at him before calling him a coward for trying to get out of the contest. At that point he began drinking with them. I can’t argue with what he did since I’d have responded the same way after their taunting about drinking alcohol had it been aimed at me and I wasn’t on duty.” She flashed a quick grin. “He is an honorary pokegirl after all and we don’t normally walk away from a fight.”

            Kasumi Tendo checked her father’s form. “Will he be all right?”

            “He will have a pounding headache,” Iain replied, “and he may throw up some but he’ll recover without any permanent effects except perhaps an aversion to pure alcohol in the future.”

            Kasumi Tendo’s face was unreadable for a second as she looked down at her father. “Good.”

            Iain knew that tone from his wife and wasn’t going to go near Miss Tendo while she was in that kind of a mood. “I saw Ranma at the high school and gave him some cash for him, Akane and his harem if they need it. Then I went by the bank and started the process rolling on the endowment.”

            Kasumi Grey nodded. “And what did you discover about the possible issues with the harem and access?”

            Iain shrugged. “It’s about what we thought. I’ll have to do some breaking and entering and falsify some records about where they came from but it’s not really that difficult. They all speak English from the Indigo League so I’ll make them Americans undergoing the citizenship process.”

            Kasumi Grey managed not to laugh at the surprise on her counterpart’s face and asked the question the other obviously wanted to ask. “You make it sound so easy to accomplish, Iain. Can you truly do this?”

            He nodded absently as he began cleaning up the tea service and glasses onto a tray. “The hardest part will be making the handwriting look right for the time that the entries are made, but even that won’t be too difficult. We should be able to do all of the visits in one night.”

            Kasumi Tendo took the tray from him, put it back down and started cleaning up from where he’d left off. “This is my household and I will do this.” He held his hands up in surrender and she smiled. “Why will you need to visit more than one office?”

            “We will document here in Nerima that they’re living in the region but I want to document their entry into the country too at some of the airports and harbors. It’s better to break the harem up into small groups and a few individuals instead of having them in one lump at some airport. That kind of furor someone might wonder about not remembering. Then we make them ID cards, forge some American passports and they’re legal. I’ll also do the same for Genma and Ranma too except they don’t need the passports.” He frowned. “No, wait, they do because they entered the country from China and they need passports showing their entry into the country from a Chinese port.”

            “You have thought of everything.” Kasumi Tendo sounded impressed.

            “I have a good team with me and we brainstormed what needed to be done before we arrived so we thought of everything that we could. So far we don’t seem to have missed anything significant.” He turned to his wife. “I want to make sure that Miss Tendo here has access to the accounts too. If Nabiki the Cheshire is anything like yours or her sister, she won’t give up money without a fight and since Kasumi is buying their food and paying bills for things they use or break I don’t see where she should have to argue about it regularly. Just letting her go in and withdraw the money she needs is easiest for her.”

            Kasumi regarded her counterpart thoughtfully. “If your father comes to you and tells you to give him money from that account, what will you do?”

            Kasumi Tendo frowned. “It isn’t my money to give to him and I would tell him so. Father won’t like it and will be upset and I would tell him to speak with Ranma.”

            Kasumi Grey looked at Iain. “Give her access, please.”

            “I’ll take care of it.” Iain looked at the two sleeping men. “Do you want me to put these anyplace in particular or should they just take up the space they’re currently in?”

            Kasumi Tendo picked up the now full tray. “You said that they might throw up, did you not?”

            “It’s a distinct possibility. I’d say probably on the order of eighty percent or so that at least one of them will vomit during their current drunken state.”

            “Then if you would and it isn’t too much trouble, please put them in the yard but in some shade so that they don’t get sunburned.”

            “I’m on it.” Iain gripped Soun’s hair and lifted him up enough to squat down and get his arms around the man’s chest from behind and began dragging him off the porch.

            Kasumi Tendo watched and glanced at Heather before looking at Kasumi Grey. “Why doesn’t she help him?”

            Before Kasumi could answer, Iain did. “Because I won’t allow her to while she’s on duty.” Heather’s mouth narrowed unhappily at the flatness of his tone but she didn’t say anything. He returned and lifted Genma to get behind him and pick the man up. “Speaking of which,” he muttered. “Pandora!”

            The Archangel dropped off of the roof. “Iain?”

            He laid Genma down next to Soun under the shade of a tree and next to the koi pond. “Ganieda isn’t going to leave my guard, is she?”

            Pandora looked puzzled. “No, she isn’t, not voluntarily. Why?”

            “Then she can’t teach me magic anymore.”

            Pandora sighed. “You don’t need to do this, Iain.”

            “I think I do. I had it shoved in my face that my guard doesn’t do anything except guard me. If that’s true then that’s all they get to do. Dominique, Ygerna and Kasumi can continue as my instructors if they choose to but Ganieda is on duty except when I’m on the ship and I see no reason to have all of my lessons there.”

            Kasumi Tendo had been listening and she looked at Kasumi Grey. “You teach magic?”

            “I’m a mage and, yes, I teach him. I used to teach at a school.”

            The muscles in Pandora’s jaw flexed. “We’ll discuss this later, Iain.”

            “The discussion is done, Pandora, but if you want to hear this again later you go ahead and bring it up then. I will not be put into a position where I give an order to someone, in my guard or not, and it gets overruled or ignored again. Since you are the commander of my guard and you agree with what happened, I’m dealing with it.” Iain propped up both men on the rocks around the side of the koi poind so they weren’t sleeping flat in case they vomited while asleep. “And since the entire harem seems united over this, I’m dealing with it alone.” He looked at Kasumi Tendo. “Sorry about this. I shouldn’t be having this discussion in front of you.”

            “No,” Kasumi Tendo protested softly. “It’s actually a good thing that I see this.” Iain looked surprised and she smiled. “It means that you’re not perfect either and I like knowing that.”

            “I’ll never claim to be perfect.”

            She nodded and looked at Kasumi Grey. “I think we should get started on dinner.”

            “I agree.” She turned to Iain. “I hope you don’t mind.”

            “I’m glad to see that the two of you are getting along,” Iain replied with a smile. “The only person who may be unsettled by everything is Soun when he wakes up and hears the voices of two Kasumis through his pounding headache. He might panic a little since I never mentioned my wife’s name to him.”

            Kasumi Tendo giggled. “He might at that.”


            Ygerna leaned back on the bench and curled up against him. “You have brewed up a tempest within the clan yet again.”

            Iain glanced at her before putting his truewizard book away back into a tattoo on his forearm and wrapping his arms around her. “I can only control what I do and not the response of people to my decisions.”

            “You knew the tumult your announcement would make.”

            “I had a good idea, yes. And from what I hear nobody has taken it to the either logical or illogical conclusions, so the unhappiness hasn’t peaked quite yet.”

            “What is the difference?”

            “I think the conclusion is logical. Pandora definitely won’t and neither will some other ladies.”

            “What conclusion are you talking about, my husband?”

            “Taken to the ultimate conclusion that logic dictates in my decision, Pandora can no longer be one of my instructors in swordsmanship or anything else, Heather can’t train with me in archery and I’ll have to talk to Silver, Ryan or Zareen when I need a steed.”

            Ygerna looked surprised and then nodded. “No, I don’t think they have considered that yet. They’re not yelling quite loudly enough for those ideas to have occurred to them. You should have followed my lead and sworn them to your personal service. That’s why I don’t have the problems with my guards that you and Kasumi have.”

            “It’s not the clan way.” Iain sighed when she grinned. “I’m not saying that your way isn’t sometimes more satisfying, but this problem has been coming up in one form or another for a while long before you joined us. I do not need swaddled and they need to stop forgetting that.”

            Ygerna chuckled. “I am glad you didn’t say cuddled.”

            “I usually like being cuddled.”

            “I hesitate to ask, but isn’t Theodora one of your teachers too?”

            “She and I have already had that talk and she was most persuasive that she can be my instructor sometimes without compromising her ability to guard me. And while there have been some nasty threats issued on her part once in a while, those threats have mostly been aimed at others and she hasn’t been one of the ones smothering me.”

            “What do you think will happen this time?”

            Iain shrugged. “I don’t know. I know what I want but we’ll see if I can get anything close to that. I do know that things will get even uglier if I hear someone call me childish about this. None of my women would let their behavior be controlled like mine is and the argument that I’m so much more vital than anyone else here isn’t going to work anymore.” He turned his head to look at the Dragoness standing guard over Ygerna. “Did you hear that clearly enough, Darcy, to transmit to everyone else or should I repeat myself?”

            Darcy’s eyes met his as her cheeks colored slightly. “I’d rather you pretend I’m not involved too, sir.”

            He chuckled softly. “I slept with you which means that you’re just as protective of me as you are of Ygerna. I can’t tease Ganieda because she’s punishing me with fade so I can’t see her guarding me and so can’t see where she is.”

            Darcy gave a snort and went back to watching their surroundings. “You know exactly where she is, don’t you sir?” She glanced back at him and blinked at his smile. “You do!”

            Iain glanced at a spot filled by nothing. “I may.”

            There was a growl and Ganieda appeared where he’d glanced. “Stop doing that!”

            “If it helps,” Iain said quietly, “I doubt anyone else could have found you.”

            Her ears flicked. “Normally that would make me feel better but right now I doubt anything would.” She shook her head. “Fortunately for you I understand what you’re doing and, for the most part, I think you’re right.”

            “You mean you agree with everything except the parts that affect you,” Iain said.

            “I never said I wasn’t selfish,” Ganieda replied.

            “True and I appreciate that honesty.”

            “While I understand what it is that you’re doing and most of the reasoning behind it, I don’t understand why now. Please explain that to me.”

            “Ganieda, we are about to go to another world that we’ve never been to. On that world, we’re going to go way back in time and fight some magical fey creatures to rescue Ygerna’s mother. I will not watch that battle on board the Theodora while the women that I care for put themselves in harm’s way in my place, and right now that’s where things could easily go. Because I am not willing to do that, we fight amongst ourselves now so that we can fight together then.”

            Ganieda’s mouth dropped. “Fuck. I don’t think anyone has thought about that yet.”

            “I have and I suspect that if nobody else has, Ninhursag, Eve and Lucifer have already been discussing it.”

            The Snugglebunny Splice shook her head. “You’re wrong. As far as I am aware, only you have thought about what rescuing Ygerna’s mother means outside of some severe concerns that you’d get a second Sidhe wife out of it. I’d have heard about that kind of worry in the whispers of thought that Canaan and I can’t help picking up.”

            “I hadn’t thought about it, Iain,” Ygerna said thoughtfully. “And I should have. Goblins are fearsome fighters.”

            Iain shrugged. “I’ve been thinking about it and we’re going to cheat like crazy. I want the goblins that survive us to think they’ve climbed inside a running wood chipper.”

            “I would be cautious about using too much technology around them,” Ygerna said quietly. “Goblins are very cunning.”

            “Have you ever heard of Clarke’s Third Law?”

            Ygerna frowned. “I have not. What is it?”

            Iain smiled. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

            Ygerna eyed him curiously. “Who is this Clarke fellow?”

            “Sir Arthur C. Clarke was a science fiction and science writer who wrote several influential books in my universe. On our home in One,” Iain shrugged, “I have found some of his stuff in libraries but he was in Sri Lanka when the Revenge War broke out and because of that nobody knows if he survived the war, the plagues or the leagues. I liked some of his work. He was very creative even if I found some of it to be pretty odd.”

            “So what does his Third Law have to do with fighting goblins?”

            “Cheating involves using advanced technology against them. Unless they have what we consider advanced manufacturing equipment they’ll never be able to duplicate it.” He smiled thinly. “Besides, we know they get wiped out by the Sidhe not too long after we maul them. Did they show any unusual technology or magic during their extermination?”

            Ygerna frowned again. “No,” she said slowly, obviously remembering things far in the past, “they did not. In fact, their numbers were lower than we anticipated and my queen made the observation afterwards that we should have finished them long beforehand.”

            “Their numbers were probably thinned out by us,” Iain noted. “You said you came through High Cloud Valley a few weeks before your mother was ambushed there. If we arrive a day or so after that we’ll have plenty of time to turn that area into a killing zone for anything that walks, flies, swims or wriggles on the Earth.” He looked at her. “Now the hardest part is going to be yours.”

            Ygerna gave him a puzzled smile. “I don’t understand.”

            “We have to let your mother be attacked and possibly even hurt before we rescue her. If not, she’ll just fight as hard as she can to stay in her time and at her court and when she sees you she’ll probably figure that we’re just part of the court that had been sent out on a goblin suppression patrol that caught them in the act. If we intervene at all, she cannot stay. Either she dies that day or she goes with us. I will not tempt fate with your timeline and life and letting her escape would do exactly that.”

            Ygerna was silent for a while, staring into his eyes before she sighed loudly. “I agree.”

            “Will you still agree when you watch the goblins hurt your mother or prepare to rape her and I don’t authorize us to attack yet or will you go haring off to rescue her with the women who are sworn to your personal service and who will follow your orders no matter what I say?”

            Ygerna looked down and then back up into his eyes. “I promise you that in regards to the rescue of my mother I and those sworn to me will do exactly as you tell us to do, Iain.” She smiled briefly. “Do you have any idea how much it hurt to say that to you? I am a queen and I should make those decisions, but you are right and I cannot be trusted for my heart is engaged in this.”

            Iain lifted her into his lap. “I know exactly how much it hurts to let someone else do what you think you should. That’s why I’m fighting with my harem about my security and about what I can and cannot do for myself.”

            “I can see that but it seems so different when I have to acquiesce to you.”

            Iain nodded. “For personalities like ours it’s always easier to watch the other person give in than to do it yourself.”

            “Is this some kind of bizarre life lesson for me to pass along to everyone else,” Ganieda asked sourly.

            Iain glanced at her. “No, it isn’t. But if it strikes a chord regarding certain things that you and others have been doing, maybe you should think about it a little.” He nuzzled into Ygerna’s hair. “You know that I understand that your mother is important to you and I will not let her be hurt an instant more than I think is absolutely necessary.”

            “I do,” she whispered back. “It would probably be wisest to let her be incapacitated so that when she wakes up she is in our care and it is no longer possible for her to be in control of events. At that point she will be on board the Theodora and cannot escape.”

            “I’m glad you are willing to do this,” Iain said quietly.

            “And I am happy beyond words that you are willing to take our family and rescue my mother,” she said back.

            He smiled. “You are very welcome. Now, in order to facilitate that rescue, tell me everything you know about how goblins of that tribe and time period conduct raids, battle and war as well as their culture, strengths, weaknesses and magical prowess.”


            Ranma looked at the last pair of cards in his hand. One was a bank card and the other was an ID card, both for the same person. “Rain.” The Mareen came forward as he handed the cards to Akane, who tucked it into a pretty lady’s wallet and gave it to her. “That’s the last of them,” he said as he turned to Iain. “I am worried about what’ll happen if they lose the ID.”

            “Then you can go to the local office and get another,” Kasumi Grey replied. “Those are not forgeries. We did everything necessary to make you, your father and your harem legal in Japan. They are resident aliens who are working their way towards becoming Japanese citizens and you and your father are currently living here in Nerima instead of at your own home with Aunt Nodoka. They have entries in all of the appropriate manuals in all of the appropriate offices and in computer systems wherever required. If you want to complete the naturalization process, then you can later schedule interviews for them.”

            “That would be after we get done with everything else that’s planned for today,” Iain interjected smoothly. “I’ve got the teachers set up and by dinnertime, if they’re willing, all of your girls will be completely fluent in Japanese and literate in it as well. We know those are important for anyone seeking Japanese citizenship.”

            Nabiki had her bank card out and was peering at it. She looked up, her ears flicking. “What happens if the lout gets one of these cards from us?”

            Iain blinked. “The lout? Who or what is the lout?”

            “The lout would be what some in the harem call Mr. Saotome,” Akane supplied helpfully.

            “Ah. I was concerned that it was Happosai.”

            Akane frowned. “Who is that?”

            “He’s probably still in a cave if he’s not dead,” Iain replied. “And you’ll have to ask your father. As for the bank cards, they require the user to have the same identification and be the person the card is issued to. Genma can’t get money out unless he makes one of you get it out for him. And there’s a transactional limit in case someone tries to get around that.”

            “Does the fact that you won’t tell me about him mean that I’m not going to like finding out who this Happosai person is,” Akane asked curiously.

            “He’s the founder of your style of martial arts and you are not going to like finding out anything else about him and you’re going to really not like the things he made your father and Genma do,” Kasumi Grey replied. She looked at the Griffon Kasumi. “We had to give everyone last names, so you are Kasumi Saotome and Ranma’s entire harem has that last name.” She looked back at Akane Tendo. “Please don’t take it amiss, but they did have to have one and Saotome made sense for them.”

            Akane nodded. “I know. That’s who they are at school too.” She looked at Iain. “Ranma told me that the other Akane learned to cook through using a teacher. I know I’m not really a good cook and I wanted to know if you could do that for me.”

            “I’d be happy to help with that,” Iain said. “I’d also be willing to give all the girls a decent education so they can stop going to that pathetic excuse for a class at the school.”

            “Can I get that too,” Ranma asked hopefully. “I hate school.”

            “You can get the information to make school easier,” Kasumi Grey replied. “You still need to go to school so that you can test for university if you desire to. The socialization aspect of it is also important. I’d say it is for your harem too, and it is, but they won’t be allowed in regular classes no matter what you do. You’ll have to find other ways to socialize them outside of school.”

            “I think I’d like that knowledge too,” Akane said. “Making school easier would help me as well.”

            Iain shrugged. “The complete upload will take several hours so what we might do is go ahead with the plan for the harem becoming fluent and literate in Japanese and I’ll do the knowledge upload one evening when you are all supposed to be asleep. We can take all of you to a shuttle that can work much faster than the remote units I’ve set up in the dojo for your harem.”

            “What are the limits on this,” Nabiki asked, her ears canted curiously. “Could you make me a rocket scientist?”

            “You could have uploaded all of the information necessary to be at least competent in one of the various science or engineering careers associated with rocketry,” Iain replied, “but only your drive could make you actually get the job and do the work associated with it.”

            She nodded. “Could you give me what I’d need for money management here in Japan? That I can use immediately.”

            “We will if you would like,” Kasumi Grey said.

            “Could you give Usagi common sense,” Rei asked. Usagi glared at her and the Angel just smiled beatifically.

            “I’m going to offer everyone a twee,” Iain said. “If Usagi accepts one it won’t change her personality but if she lets it, it will give her advice on how to make her way a little more safely through life.” He looked at Ranma. “It will also let you silently communicate with the members of your family at great distances and them with each other without having to use a phone or radio. It’s something like telepathy in that regard.”

            “I want Akane to have it too,” Ranma said.

            “I said everyone, which meant everyone in your current and future family, so I was including her in that offer. She is your fiancée and will one day will be your wife,” Iain replied. “Excluding her from it would be rather rude.”

            “Could I learn to be fluent in English,” Akane asked. “I can speak it somewhat, but I’d like to be as fluent as everyone else in my future family.”

            “No problem,” Iain replied. “All we need to do that is a little time. In fact, I think we can do it today if you’d like. We brought two extra teaching units.”

            “That would be wonderful,” Akane said.

            “I’ll see to it,” Iain said as he got up. “Give me about twenty minutes and then everyone can join us in the dojo. It’s the only room big enough for the teaching units.” He smiled and headed for the dojo with Dianthus following close behind.


Iain Grey


Inner Harem

Ninhursag Grey - Elfqueen & maharani

Eve Grey - Megami Sama

April Grey - Duelist & beta

Dominique Grey - Blessed Archmage

Pandora - Fiendish Archangel

Canaan - G Splice (Hunter Amachamp & Alaka-Wham)

Zareen - Nightmare

Raquel - Fiendish Rapitaur

Sofia - Ria

Vanessa – Evangelion

Lucifer – Megami Sama

Ganieda – Snugglebunny Splice

Heather - Elfqueen

Dianthus Barbatus - Elfqueen


Outer Harem

Allison – Umbrea (Outer Harem Alpha)

Daphne - Whorizard

Lynn - Growlie

Chuck – Doggirl

Ryan – Unicorn

Winifred - Rack (German)

Rosemary - Mistoffeles (Uruguayan)

Silver - Pegaslut

Joyce – Milktit


Outer Clan

Melanie – Iron Chef

Siobhan – Nurse Joy (Glasgow)

Golden Cloud – equine unicorn


Queendom / Outer Harem

73 Elves

Dionne - Elfqueen

Adrianna - Elfqueen

Heltu - Wet Queen

14 Wet Elves



Dead Harem

Eirian - Silver Dragoness

Aurum - Gold Dragoness

Skye - Blue Dragoness

Emerald - Green Dragoness

Beryl - Red Dragoness

Julia - human

Ling - Cheetit

Matilda - White Tigress

Liadan - Twau

Sorrel - Armsmistress

Natalie - Blazicunt

Maria - Slutton

Rhea Silvia - Chimera

Geradine - Human



Mother            s & Children






     Dorothy: Duelist

     Meara: Duelist

     Regan: Duelist


     Hannah: Huntress

     Rebecca: Huntress


     Lisa: Milktit

     Sherrie:  Milktit

     Harriet: Milktit


     Olivia: Megami-Sama

     Seraphina: Megami-Sama


     Caltha: Nightmare

     Kim:  Nightmare

     Xanthe: Nightmare

     Epona: Nightmare

     Philippa: Nightmare

     Nott: Nightmare

     Nyx: Nightmare