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First Year




         “So what did you get? I got a Bunnygirl.” “I got a Boobisaur.” “Ha! You’re both idiots, you should have gone for a Pidgy like I did. They can fly!”


         Jason watched his classmates filter out of the ranch, his own grin almost as wide as theirs. Yea, pokegirl, wahoo. He watched them split up, one sprinting straight out of town with his half-packed bag. Idiots.


         Hadn’t any of them been listening in the orientation class?


         He turned, walking two doors down and entering the commissary. He wasn’t leaving until he was fully prepared.


         Potions, status heals, tent, rations, water filter, and most importantly, a battery backup for his pokedex. That cost the most out of his starting fund, but it would be worth it. The area was well known for hard storms, and solar power wouldn’t do much good if there wasn’t a sun to use.


         On second thought he grabbed a heavy set of rain gear, checking it out before putting it into the pack as well. He didn’t intend to travel in the rain, but it was one less thing to go wrong.


         The smiling pokegirl at the counter checked out his purchases, nodding slightly when she saw the battery. “Do you need emergency supplies, Sir?”


         “What kind of kits do you have?”


         “You receive a basic kit for free,” the pokegirl held up a coiled rope wrapped around what looked like a survival knife and firestarter kit, “and for a small fee we will add weather-proof flares and a medicine kit. These are not potions, these are topical treatments for minor injuries.”


         Jason nodded eagerly. “Please!”


         “Alright.” She rang him up, crediting his account before handing him the backpack back along with his pokedex. “Good luck out there!” She called with a smile.


         Jason threw the backpack on, checking to make sure he hadn’t dropped his new pokegirl before stepping back into the sun. The crowds had dwindled significantly, only a handful of tamers left. He was starting to head for the pokecenter when a boy caught his eye.


         The tamer was in rough shape. He had a bruise across his face, and was rubbing at his arm. Jason wandered over. “Hey, dude, you alright?”


         The tamer glanced up with a wince. “Oh, hey. Just starting out?”


         “Yea, just got my pokegirl and gear. Was going to run to the pokecenter and look for someone to brave the wilds with.”


         The tamer nodded absently. “Good idea.” He gestured vaguely at the two pokeballs on his belt. “I started last month. Got pretty beat up running solo.” He glanced back at Jason. “If you’re looking for a bud, can we go out together?”


         “Uh, sure.” Jason took a second look at the tamer’s injuries. “You should probably get yourself healed up first.”


         “They don’t treat humans.” The tamer grumbled. “It’s just bruises. They’ll heal.” He straightened with a pained smile. “I do want to get back out there, though. Had to abandon my camp pretty quick, so I left a bunch of supplies out there.” He brightened. “Hey, if we’re together, I can let you use those too. You might have some stuff I don’t have and vice-versa.”


         “How long ago did you get back?”


         “Oh, just today.” The tamer explained. “My camp’s probably still pristine. Got my girls healed, and started heading back out.”


         “I mean, probably, but is it safe for you to go back out there?” Jason ran a skeptical eye over the tamer’s body again. “I know you say it’s just bruises…”


         “I’m fine.” The tamer snapped. “Look, if you don’t want to go with me I’ll go by myself. I need my shit. I’m broke without it.”


         Jason held up his hands. “No, no. I’ll come with.” He grinned. “Lead the way!”







         “Just up here.” The tamer called, pushing past some bushes and coming to a halt. “What?”


         Jason poked his head up, frowning at the smoke trail the drifted over the trees. “Is that your camp?”


         “Yea.” The tamer started pushing forwards, a sudden panicked urgency in his steps. “Someone must have found it!”


         “WAIT!” Jason yelled, stumbling over himself to chase the running tamer. “IT MIGHT BE A FERAL!”


         His yells fell on deaf ears and he cursed, pulling the pokeball from his belt and holding it ready. He crashed through the trees and into a clearing, staring at the scene in front of him.


         Two pokegirls stared back, one carrying a heavy iron pot that gave off a thin steam. The other tamer stood, staring around at the campsite in confusion.


         “Hello?” A man poked his head out of the tent, frowning at what he saw. “Can I help you kids?”


         “Uh-“ The tamer hesitantly pointed. “You’re in my tent.”


         The man blinked before grinning. “Oh, this was your campsite? Sorry! I stumbled across it a few hours ago and thought it had been abandoned. I started making dinner and everything.” He glanced at the pokegirls. “Charlotte, can you grab our tent and start setting it up? This nice young man probably wants to have his stuff back.”


         The insectoid pokegirl bobbed her head, padding over to a nearby bag and beginning to pull out items. The tamer hesitantly stepped forwards when the man stepped out of his tent, watching in utter confusion when the man simply walked over to his bags.


         “So…” Jason glanced around. “Camp safe, I suppose?”


         “Are you two traveling together?” The man called, looking directly at Jason. “I only saw the one tent.”


         “We, could be.” Jason replied. “I just met up with him.”


         “Mind if I tag along?” The man jabbed a thumb at his pokegirls. “I only have my two, and it’s always better to travel in numbers.”


         “That would be great.” Jason blinked at the other tamer’s sudden earnestness. “You’re a great guy for watching my stuff.”


         The man chuckled, a shadow crossing his face before he turned and beamed at the two. “Well you know, us tamers have to stick together.” He nodded at the Charamanda that had returned to tending the fire. “Ash made dinner. There should be enough for all of us.” He mouthed numbers. “Eh, five of us. I’m going to feed my pokegirls before any of yours, though.”


         Jason sighed but shrugged. “I’ll accept. I’ll get my girls some food before we go to sleep.”


         The man nodded. “That’s a good thing to do for ‘em. Keep them healthy and they’ll keep you healthy.”


         Jason chuckled. “True.” He sniffed the air, frowning slightly. “Ugh. Did the stew burn?”


         Marshall stood, hurrying over and peering into the pot. “Oops, it might have. Don’t worry, we’ll fix that up.”







         “To the future!”


         Jason laughed, raising his glass. “The future!”


         The flickering campfire illuminated each of their faces in turn. The man’s name was Marshall, and he said he’d been traveling around locally for a few years. The insect girl he said was a Waspqueen, which had caused Jason to jump for a second before the girl had quietly introduced herself and apologized for the stigma surrounding her breed. She now sat with them around the fire, quietly playing with a few pieces of wood.


         “I admit,” Jason said, taking a sip, “When you told me what Charlotte was I almost ran screaming.”


         Marshall laughed, chugging his own drink. “She’s a bit scary, I give you that. But she’s my queen, isn’t that right Charlotte?” He reached over and patted the Waspqueen’s shoulder. “Oh, Jason, was it?” He nodded. “Jason. I saw that weak toast you made. You’re supposed to CHUG the glass, not sip it like a weakling! COME ON!” He grabbed the stein they were drinking from the shadows beside his seat, reaching over and topping up Jason’s glass. “How about this; to some BIG TITTIED, BIG BOOTIED POKEGIRLS!”


         Jason almost choked on the drink as he started to laugh but raised it valiantly all the same. “POKEGIRLS!” He slammed his head back, chugging the drink along with the other two. “Woo!” He lowered the cup, staring at it with a grin. “Damn, that tastes good. What is it?”


         “Juice.” Jason glanced up to see Marshall watching him intently. “Charlotte brews it herself.”


         Jason blinked owlishly, the cup slipping from his fingers. “’s good.” He wobbled, almost falling forwards before catching himself. “Hey, is anyone… elsh…”


         He could see the other tamer fervently talking with Marshall as the world slipped away.







         Jason stirred, groaning. His entire body felt heavy. He slowly opened his eyes, blearily looking at the remains of the fire from the night before. The other two tamers were nowhere to be seen.


         “Hey, you’re awake.” Marshall strode into view, squatting down and dangling Jason’s bag in front of him. “You’ve got some nice stuff here.”


         Jason blinked owlishly, trying to move but frowning when he couldn’t. “What happened?” He tried to ask, but no sound came out.


         “Oh, don’t bother.” Marshall upended the bag, watching the potions fall out and snagging the battery pack. “Oh, my. This is a nice little item.”


         Jason tried speaking again but with a start realized all he could do was grunt. He couldn’t move.


         “Look, just stay still and you won’t end up like that other kid.” Marshall looked up. “Ash, come grab these potions.”


         Jason felt himself start to panic as he continued waking up. He couldn’t move his hands because there was something tied around them. Same with his legs. The weight he was feeling was ropes, tied all around him with a gag across his mouth.


         “You’re probably wondering what’s going on.” Marshall stated conversationally. “That’s fair.” He reached over, procuring a knife and slicing the gag apart. “There.”


         “Wha-“ Jason gasped, “what are you going to do to me?”


         Marshall frowned. “I’m robbing you, idiot. What do they even teach kids these days?” He snorted. “Not to be wary of strangers, that’s for sure.”


         “But-“ Jason craned his neck, his eyes searching the best they could. “The other tamer, he-“


         “Oh, him.” Marshall scratched his neck. “He’s long gone. We had a deal, I give him back his pokegirl and he brings me another kid to rob. I’ll be selling your stuff for a good price.”


         Jason coughed, feeling his breathing grow heavy from the constant pressure. “I can’t-“


         “Master, we can’t stay here.” Charlotte stepped over Jason. “The child said the police have posted a warning. It’s a miracle we managed to attract this one.”


         Marshall frowned. “Shit, really?” He looked over Jason at something. “Ash, stop playing with your food and come pack up these damn potions.”


         Jason jumped when heat exploded across his back, a piercing squeal breaking the silence before fading. He slowly began to struggle harder as the smell reached him; charred skin and flesh assaulting his nose. He started to scream when the Charamanda stepped into view with a piece of meat hanging from her jaws before Marshall reached back down and stuffed the gag in his mouth.


         “Sorry, kid.” He finished sorting, waving the pokegirls to pick up the various items before squatting down in front of Jason. “Change of plans. Usually we’d play with you a while, I’d let Ash chew you up a bit – she really likes doing that – maybe let you feel what it would be like to be a drone for a Waspqueen. That last one loved that bit.” He gave Jason an evil smile. “At the end your brain is so mushy you’ll believe anything. The kid didn’t even know I’d already sold off his ‘girls. He thought all he had to do was find a replacement and he could just walk free. HA!” Marshall snorted. “His shit lasted a month, and that was all he was good for.” He watched Jason continue to struggle. “You’re lucky, buddy. You get a much quicker death.”


         “Master.” The Charamanda walked up. “We’re done.”


         Marshall glanced around. “Cool. Throw your dinner in one of the tents, slash it, then torch it. Just slash the other.” He glanced down at Jason. “We’ll stick this one in there.”


         Jason felt his panic wash away at the man’s words. He was going to die. It hadn’t even been a day. He had prepared, done everything to be safe, and fallen for the trap.


         Marshall watched Jason’s struggles slow with surprise. “Huh. You know what’s coming, don’t you?” He shook his head sadly. “Smart enough to think about that, but not smart enough to survive. Pity.” He jerked his head at his Charamanda. “Do it.”


         Jason screamed when the lizard girl tore the bonds free, slicing the ropes and breaking his legs in the process. She watched him crawl a few feet before pouncing, tearing her claws deep into his back and neck. Jason felt the pain vanish when she severed his spine, his eyes rolling as they tried to focus on something, anything.


         Marshall watched dispassionately when Jason’s mouth worked. “Ashley, finish him off.” He paused. “Actually, rape him first, that way it looks more like a feral.”


         Ashley glanced down, flipping the body over and ripping Jason’s pants off before kicking his member. “Erect.” She grinned, slamming her pussy down onto the twitching body. “Can I eat him too?”


         “You already cooked the other one.” Marshall growled. “Get him off and then put him out of his misery.”


         Ashley snarled but did as he commanded, her hips pistoning until she felt Jason release inside her. She waited a second, watching his eyes desperately stare at the sky before slamming her hand into his throat and tearing open his chest as she threw his motionless body into the slashed tent.


         “Right.” Marshall threw on a backpack, looking around at the devastation. “Ash, torch the place on the way out, but try not to set the forest on fire.”


         The Charamanda grunted, scooping a glob of cum from her pussy and licking it off her finger with relish. “Yes Master.” She grinned. “Where next?”


         “We’ll probably head a few towns down and keep raising first year mortality rates.” Marshall snickered. “I already ditched his pokedex and his supplies oughta keep us going for a month or two.” He glanced back at Charlotte. “We’ll find you a new slave, Charlotte.”


         The Waspqueen smiled, her mouth splitting to reveal her nightmarish mandibles. “Yesss.”


         “And remember, there is a good reason why we train you to survive your first year.” Jason’s eyes stared lifelessly at the sky, his blood slowly pooling around his broken body. “Almost two thirds of all tamers die within their first year, depending on where you get your statistics. This is not a cushy job.”


         Jason raised his hand eagerly. “What should we do?”


         The instructor pointed. “Excellent question. Be prepared. Trust your pokegirls, because they know more than you do, even if you think you know better. Don’t be alone. You can be very successful as a tamer, if you’re careful. Until you get to know your first pokegirl, I would recommend not even seeking ferals out. Perhaps in a group, but do. Not. Be. Alone. Always have your pokegirl at your side.”



         “Or you’ll be another first year statistic.”