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         Time had no meaning for them. Day, night, it no longer mattered. They were toys, playthings – regardless of their status before. Morgana had made that fact quite clear.


         The caretaker moved down the line of Dolls, making sure each was cleaned from the day’s activities, adjusting the taming stations or feeding tubes as needed. As she progressed she paused at the last one.


         The Doll was trembling, a hat askew on her head and the dildo removed from her vagina. “…Please.” It whispered.


         The caretaker shook her head in disgust and reached up, repositioning the Doll back where it needed to be. She straightened the hat, wiped down the Dolls face and turned to leave.


         “…Thank you.”


         The caretaker didn’t pause, turning off the lights and exiting the room.








         She came in the dark, after the caretaker was long gone. The Dolls slept, most ignoring the S-Goth that slipped in. But a few noticed, and watched, waiting for this new torment.


         The woman walked up to the line and peered into a Doll’s face. “You, how far gone are you?” She sighed when the Doll didn’t respond. “What is your name?”


         “I have no name. I am a prisoner.” The Doll intoned, and the Goth hissed and moved on, repeating her questions down the line. Stopping in front of the last in line she growled. “You’re new. So. What is your name?”


         The Doll stared at her, and the Goth was rewarded with a speck of emotion deep in her eyes. “I… Am a prisoner.” She whispered.


         The Goth grinned but shook her head. “No, you’re not all gone yet.” She said, pulling out a pair of bolt cutters. “You get a second chance.”


         The Doll watched in confusion as she knocked the taming station away and reached up to cut the chains that held her there. “Please do not. Mistress will be angry.”


         The Goth chuckled. “Do you really think I give a damn?” She asked, laying the barely moving Doll on the ground. “What am I doing, having a conversation with a Doll. No matter; you won’t be this way for long.” She said, withdrawing a wrapped package from her pocket. “I order you to tell me your name. What was it.”


         The Doll twitched. “I… Was Ryan.”


         The Goth winced. “Shit, a man. Well, no matter; you should do.” She said, unwrapping the Ebony stone and holding it up. “I may die here, so I will tell you everything you need to know now. Morgana has left Sanctuary. She has traveled to Ireland. The one who did this to you, you understand?” She glanced at the unmoving Doll. “Of course you do. Your memory should work fine. She is in Ireland. I don’t know exactly where, but you should be able to find out.” She shuddered and slowly brought the stone towards the Doll. “I wish you luck.”


         As the stone touched the Doll’s skin it flared, the infinity sign melting away as the evolution took hold. The Goth stumbled to her feet and strode quickly to the door. “Again, good luck.” She called behind her as the figure on the ground twisted and changed.



         It didn’t take long. I knew what had happened as soon as my mind returned. I had heard whispers of this, whispers that were never mentioned, for fear of invoking Morgana’s wrath. I glanced down at myself as the light faded.


         I was no longer myself.


         There were always the jokes. The pornography. ‘If you were a pokegirl for a day, what would you do?’ I shuddered. I was living it. I slowly got to my feet, and as I did, the memories of the last few hours rushed back to me. The… S-Goths. There were multiple! My eyes seemed to burn as I remembered. I whirled as a loud crash echoed from behind me and I stared in shock at the hole in the wall behind me.


         “What?” I hissed, surprised at the sound of my voice. It was feminine, yes, but it was also… I walked slowly to the window, peering at my reflection.


         A draconic… Thing stood there.


         I fell back in shock. This wasn’t what I remembered. Yes, the absence of clothing, the breasts, the lack of… My penis, those I was expecting. But not this.


         My eyes widened as I remembered the other Goth. She had done something to me. A… second chance?


         I looked at my hands and flexed, grinning as the claws slid out. Oh yes. A second chance. I glanced to my side as I felt the weight behind me, practicing until I could flick the tail… My tail, where I wanted it to be.


         My coal black eyes burned as I gazed out over the city. “A second chance.” I whispered, my wings unfurling unconsciously behind me. “Prepare yourself, Morgana. Your death rides the night.” I said, smashing my fist through the glass and flinging myself through the opening.






         <A Few Days Later>


         The Catgirl giggled as she walked down the path. “With Master, with Master!” She sing-songed, earning a smile from the Tamer.


         As she passed a tree she paused. The shadows had… moved? She frowned and stepped a little closer.


         Now there was only the man on the path.


         After a few moments he blinked. “Felicia?” He looked around. “Hey, where’d you go?”


         “Master!” The Catgirl cried from the woods.


         The man sighed. “Felicia, come on. We need to move.” He grumbled when she didn’t respond and pushed through the undergrowth until he found her standing by a tree. “What are you doing?”


         The Catgirl stood still and the man stepped forward cautiously. “Felicia? Are you alright?”


         He failed to notice the shadows that swirled around the Catgirl’s lifeless body as he stepped up to her. “Hey, what’s…” He trailed off as her head lolled forward, displaying a hole in the back of her skull.


         “I apologize, but I need to do this.” A voice said and the man choked back a scream as a draconic pokegirl slid out of the shadows of the tree. “I can’t take any chances.”


         The man turned and screamed in agony as he felt his legs get slashed, falling forwards as he tried to run.



         I surveyed the man. “I suppose I will give you some courtesy. I am Zilla. I was once something else, but revenge is all that I am now. And I am forced to feed the limitations of this body.”


         The man… no, he was a boy, I realized. Just a boy, already a casualty of a Tamer journey. I shook my head. The world is cruel.


         I flipped him over, ignoring his panicked sobs and sliced his pants open. I glanced at him when his penis twitched. “I see your bodily functions are still intact. That is good.” I hesitated, but slowly bent down to lick it. I shuddered as I did, but forced my thoughts down. This was my punishment. If I did not give in to this sacrilege, I would forfeit my new chance.


         The boy moaned as I continued, his member stiffening. As I progressed I was disgusted to feel a similar response in my own groin. A thin stream of liquid trailed down my leg as his penis jumped in my mouth, and I quickly drew back before he could orgasm.


         At that moment I felt a sharp sting on my arm and I watched in amusement as the boy held a pokeball against it. “You’re a tenacious one. I’ll give you that.” I said as the capture beam began to spread across my body. Reaching over I crushed the ball, smiling at the light show it produced. Turning back to the boy I tore his shirt and the remains of his pants off, allowing the rest of his gear to fall away from his reach.


         His sobs caught up to him then, as his last salvation was ripped away. I felt no pity then. He had threatened me. Something in my mind tripped, and instinct took over. My hesitation deserted me. I shifted forward quickly, driving his penis solidly into me. Working up and down swiftly I drove away the creeping insanity and received a slight reward as I orgasmed, the heady feeling ruined as I felt the boy’s sperm inside of me as well.


         He lay panting on the ground as I stood and walked past him. “Her death was painless.” I said, whipping my tail into his skull. “As was yours.”


         I gently poked at my vagina, shuddering when it found the liquid inside. I needed to wash myself.






         The rain masked my presence as I watched the facility. I could see multiple S-Goths in the area, and the corpses I had left behind me further confirmed this was where I needed to be. As I scanned the area, I noticed a few figures that didn’t belong. Frowning, I watched as one teleported behind a roving patrol and snapped her neck. Did I have allies in my fight?


         My surprise grew as pokegirls began teleporting in and separated into squads. A man stood at the front, and it was clear they followed him. Had I stumbled on a league operation?


         Lightning flashed, illuminating the group long enough for me to see the insignia on their uniforms. My eyes widened. No, this wasn’t a league. This was the Tamer I had targeted.


         As I watched they began running towards the facility. Along the walls, searchlights pinned them almost immediately and alarms began to blare. I hurried towards the building. They wouldn’t recognize me. And they would welcome an ally.






Zilla’s story concludes in Chapter 26 of G&R