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Wartorn Decision

As they walked towards the city the both of them tensed whenever a rock fell or a twig snapped. Neither could drop their guards,they knew if they did they'd die...that simple.

"Stay close."

The Pinchtit nodded as they trekked forward and ducked whenever they saw a soldier move.

'Dammit....while this place is dump they'd be guarding their supplies along with comm links the heaviest.'

Taking a look around he noticed several remains of either the monsters or people scattered. His Pinchtit looked around as if expecting another attack from her former sisters or humans seeking to kill her Master.

'Keep safe......kill threat to Master.'

"Stay close. Whoever's here put claymore mines all over the place....."He points out to several trips as well as a few indescretely hidden mines. Just as he's about to turn a corner the girl yanks him back earning him a graze from a bullet on his arm.

'Snipers......fuck this ain't good.'

"Step to where we can see you traitor! You have till the count of five before we trip one of the claymores around you."

He grits his teeth before looking at the Pinchtit."Stay here and DON'T move,last thing I need is you getting killed....."

He steps out from behind the crumbling wall with his hands up and calls out to the sniper. "What do you want with me besides the obvious? While you're at it why the hell are any of you here?"

"Be quiet Private Wells! You've no right to question us after your own desertion!"

"It was pointless fighting at that point,we were outnumbered and outclassed! What the fuck were we supposed to do? The only reason I'm alive right now was because I fled."

"Pointless? Humanity is becoming extinct by those monsters and we're fighting for our survival! You betrayed all of humanity by running from your duty."

Wells snorts in disgust."What duty? Even without the monsters humanity would've become extinct by it's own hand. What I'm doing is simply running to survive and maybe make sure our race lives by being smart and not an idiot."

"Why you...." As the sniper prepares to fire a round an explosion is heard followed by a distress call.

"Monsters! They're here! I repeat the monsters are here and.....no no NOOOO-ack....." The radio crackles after a few seconds where nothing but flesh being ripped is heard.

'Gotta get outta here now!' Wells runs towards his previous spot and is quickly joined by his companion as gunfire and explosions ring throughout the crumbling city.

/Northeast Sector/

It was just as planned. The Creator was truly a genius,not that she or her sisters doubted him,for leading them here. 'Finally that bothersome resistance here will fall. Pity......some them actually look delicious.....'

The Commanding Daimon thought to herself as she walked through the city quickly cutting down any resistance. Her face is marred with a frown when a group of her soldiers is caught in an explosion while three others die from headshots. 'They're better prepared than the last groups.....'

"Take out all their cover! Draw them out!"

She watches as her troops begin to demolish the buildings to flush out any humans and set off any traps. She smiles as a few snipers scream as they're crushed by debris. 'This war will be the dawn of a new era.....the Creator will make sure of it.'

/with Wells/

'This ain't good.....',he thinks as he finally spots the monsters attacking,they all looked different from each other but they all kept saying Youma or some weird shit,'...they're everywhere.'

"Master.....I fight! I protect!"

"No. Right now we're better off running while taking down as many as possible....." He removes the only grenade he was able to salvage from his former unit and removes the pin,he faces the Pinchtit before explaining,"When I throw this we run. Don't look back just run......"

He spots a group of maybe four with rocky textured skin and quickly tosses the grenade hoping for it to set off the surrounding claymores. "RUN FOR IT!"

She quickly follows the order and runs with Wells close behind as the grenade goes off enveloping the Youmas in a fiery blast. The resulting explosion also set off a chain of explosions from the claymores around the area burying any occupants in the buildings or streets below in debris.

/with the Daimon/

How could this happen!? Her troops were killing any measly resistance they found but now they were the ones loosing! The last thing many of her troops saw was a bright flash before everything around them began to explode. She grit her teeth before looking around and spotting a survivor.

"Report! What in the Creator's name happened!?"

"Hu-human.....he-he had a Pinchtit with him....threw a grenade....must've set off a booby trap.....set off all others....."

She growled in frustration as the only survivor of her forward unit expired from her wounds. Quickly ordering a tactical withdrawal they leave leaving very few alive and less standing.
"Whoever that human was I want alive along with the traitor! They'll suffer for this deed that I SWEAR!"Her remaining troops only nod in response to her order as they retreat to their own base.

/with Wells/

Letting out a breath of relief at seeing the monsters withdraw after the stunt he pulled and waited for the coast to be completely secured. He hadn't lasted this long by not being paranoid or using common sense and logic.

"Come on, I think they already left so let's use this chance to get a few supplies and then leave." He only receives a nod from the girl before following after her Master. Looking over the ruins he could tell any comm equipment the resistance had was destroyed along with any general supplies.

"Damn.....at least there's still a few rations along with a few more grenades,one claymore,and a 50 cal sniper. Not much but that'll have to do." Picking up his new supplies he makes his way back outside only to watch as his companion is knocked down by one of those Youmas from earlier.

'How did that one survive? Hell how'd it manage to sneak up on us and be in top condition after the fireworks?' Snapping out of his thoughts he quickly begins firing at the thing with his new M16 giving his companion a chance to get some distance for her own attack. He took time to notice that unlike before when she saved him,this time she looked absolutely livid.

'That freak Sukebe made them damn scary when they're pissed that's for fucking sure.....' Avoiding a stream of flames from the demon girl(or what he guessed was a demon girl and not one of those fire lizards)he knew grenades were out of the question less he hit his own girl. "Take her down once I got her attention!",he didn't wait for an affirmative,he'd know she'd follow the order and moved from his cover and peppered the foe with bullets.

'Wait......wait.......NOW!' She struck just before the Youma recovered from the bullets hitting her and managed to grip her between her horns. "Die......",again he bore witness to her power as she cleaved the enemy in half with a squeeze of her sharp horns. 'She could've done that to me long ago but she didn't.....why then?'

"I do good?" She asks almost innocently,as if she wasn't covered in blood and guts from something she cut in half. "Yeah.....you did alright,now let's get out of here before more of 'em show up." Nodding she follows after him while curiously tilting her head at a strange thing her Master jumped into.

"What luck this thing actually works and has at least enough gas for a few miles......"

"Where we going?"

"We're getting the hell away from here,nothing good's coming this way or anywhere else. Hopefully we can live long enough to die of old age or disease......" Starting the banged up humvee he and his Pinchtit head off towards the south,Wells hoping nothing nasty is waiting for him. The girl just looked on watching her Master and vowing to remain by his side....even if it meant dying to do so.

/Legion of Terror camp/

"Are you positive?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Then send out our hunters to eliminate him and our traitor."

The Youma nods and quickly goes to fetch the Hunter Squad to dispatch the human and the traitor.