Making Sense of Things

'It's been one month since my fight with...her...'

He casts a glance to his new companion....a Pinchtit if what she said was right. It was also because of her being with him that he was able to survive up to now.

'She's tougher than me though....I already knew...'


As he fired his rifle she jumped into the trees for cover.


A rustle of leaves makes him look to his right. Just as he turned he was forced to roll or be cut in half by her horns. He proceeds to fire again at her knocking her down and following by tossing a grenade. Not feeling safe yet he continues to fire until his clip empties out.

'Come on...come on where's that spare magazine?'

He looks up in time to see the Pokegirl jump straight at him with her horns at the ready. He rolls out of the way and smashes the butt of his rifle on the base of her neck. She stumbled for a second before turning and snarling at her opponent.

'Shit....the rifle's useless now....',he thought looking at the slightly bent rifle,'...she's too strong for the bullets but maybe another grenade should do her in...'

*Pinchtit POV*

She charged yet again intent on cutting the annoying human infront of her in half. She snarled once more in anger as he dodged again and hit her with those stupid pellets. The creator ordered them to kill any humans they found and yet this one just didn't die!

'Why he not die!'

She charges straight at him and is hit by those annoying pellets again.

*normal POV*

He sees her charge again and pulls out his second weapon,a Berreta 9 mm handgun. He rolls out of the way to avoid being decapitated and takes the opening to fire at her exposed back.

'This isn't going well....'

Firing off the rest of the clip to slow her and reloading quickly before she charged he moves behind a tree for cover. His cover wasn't to last when the tree was cut down. Running a few yards he turns for a moment to fire 4 more rounds. He wasn't even sure if any of them even hit or hurt her. He kept running until coming close to the site of his old camp,he tries to run in a different direction but his path is blocked by her.
Again she snarls in anger before charging at him with her horns sharpened. As he rolls he grabs a grenade and fires off the rest of the Berreta's clip. Seeing her turn around for another charge he tosses the grenade but is caught up in the blast, knocking him back and crashing into a tree.

'Let that be the end of that....thing...'

As he began to loose conciousness he say her figure stumble out of the smoke and collapse uttering a single word. His last thought before succumbing to unconciousness was,'She's still alive.....'

/next day/

'Ugh....what the hell happened?'

As he attempted to rise,he found himself with a sort of weight settled on top of him. Cracking open one eye and glancing down he had to stop himself from jerking away.

'Shit! What the hell is she doing on top of me?! I saw her pass out 4 yards away from me!'

He stopped his internal questioning when he felt her shift on top of him.

'Is she gonna kill me like the rest?....or is she gonna take me to that creator of her's to turn?'

He watched in baited breath as she opened her eyes and looked at him. What she did next would be forever carved into his memories till the end of his days. She kissed him full on the lips before doing something he never imagined her doing to him.

/a couple hours later/

After getting over the shock of having sex with a woman-like bug,he moved back towards the camp his former unit was using. Unfortunately she followed him fact,everywhere he went she followed.

'I bet if I went to take a piss she'll be standing right behind me....probably for a repeat of this morning....'

Eventually he ignored her while he looked throught the remains of the camp for ammo,rations,and anything else he could find. Just as he reached for the binoculars,the radio sprung to life. Apparently they called for back-up and mentioned him running away.

'Seems back-up never arrived and I'm now a deserter....just fucking great.'

"Pin pinch?"

He turned with his gun loaded and ready to fire on the girl. Seeing who it was he lowers the gun rather hesitantly before asking what she wanted.

"Pi! Pinchtit tit!"

"What the hell are you trying to say? Can't you talk in english?"

She keep pointing behind him and yelling but he didn't understand a word....that is,until something grabbed him. He caught a glimpse of what grabbed him and he didn't like it one bit.

'And for paying attention to her I'm going to get eaten by a snake woman....brilliant...'

Sudden movement on his immediate right causing him to focus there rather than the snake. When he was dropped to the ground did he see that the snake woman no longer had her torso attached. Looking past the bloody corpse he saw the bug-girl there with blood covering her horns.

'She saved me...? But why? Aren't I supposed to be her enemy? Maybe she's trying to put me at ease before kiling me...'

/flashback end/

'Still can't believe the Canadians couldn't inform us sooner about being able to turn them to our side...then again,they only just found out a few months prior. It also didn't help that their comm centers kept getting attacked...'

His companion stopped and looked around as if spotting something her master couldn't see.

"What is it?"

"Others fight here....not long...left to East..."

'This is why I can't hate her...we need each other to survive now.'

After having a very pleasant experience after their fight she began to follow him. No matter what he did to make her leave she followed him everywhere and always slept with him after he fell asleep. How he knew was because he always woke up first and told her to run off. He finally let her stay after he found himself caught by another one of those creatures....a Lupina from what his Pinchtit said. She saved his hide quite literally just like she had against that Naga. Afterwards he begrudgingly let her follow him.

'And even after that I'm still considered by a deserter by my old employers....'

Using the pair of binoculars he salvaged from his dead comrades,he spots a barricade blocking entry into a city. What city it was he really didn't care about just as long as he got rations and ammo for him and unnamed Pinchtit.

'It only makes this worse due to that 'Bloody Flu' that's going around....'

"Master? We go there now?"

"Yeah we're going there for supplies. Hopefully we aren't spotted by the soldiers there."

"Why Master?"

"They're after me for running away from my former unit and being called a deserter. Also since you're with me they'll try to take you away at worst....they kill us."

At her nod in understanding they begin their trek down towards the shambling city....