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             It was the murky grey hours before dawn, as the night slowly slinks away and the sun prepares to present itself. The eastern horizon was tinged with a dusky purple, but the rest of the sky was still black, with its brilliant, harshly shining blanket of stars, with the moon casting ghastly light upon the earth. It should’ve been beautiful, or comforting, but out here in the wilds, were humans rarely tread and the most savage of the Pokegirls held domain, everything was wild and dangerous. Away from the city lights, the stars seemed so bright…too bright, almost, as if they were trying to blind you with their brilliance; the moon seemed to grin down on the earth, laughing at some joke were we’re the punch line. The stars weren’t powerful enough to blind you, the moon wasn’t really laughing. No, that was silly. There were real dangers to worry about here.

            It was here that the crumbling ruins of the old cities were found, their careful order reclaimed by the jungle…and its inhabitants, of course. And it is here where our story begins. Almost all of the buildings are gone, having been torn down by the passage of time. But here, we find a low building, mostly intact, only a few holes rotted through in the ceilings and the walls, the vines and tendrils only just clutching at it. The moon’s wild laughing light filtered in through one of these holes, lighting upon a crate, with a man sitting on it.

            A lit cigarette was held to his lips, its cherry glow playing across his pale cheeks, slightly darkened by a lack of shaving. His hair was dark and short, his eyes a bright, crisp blue, sharp and alert. He appeared to be in his early twenties, but had a confident air around him, as if he’d been around for much longer, as if he knew everything. Or at least, he usually had such an air. His arrogant aura couldn’t stand against the present situation; it positively shattered when he realized how much of an idiot he’d been.

            Sighing, he dropped his cigarette to the ground and crushed it with the toe of his boot, relishing a bit in grinding it into the floor; a simple bit of violence was always good in lifting the spirits, hmm? He looked up at the figure sitting cross-legged in front of him. The girl’s gaze was locked straight down, refusing to look at him, as she held a sheet of paper out to him.

             His mind ran over the situation as he studied her. It was obvious that there was no fabulous treasure out here, in the ruins. That had been obvious seen he had arrived to find a small group of Team Rocket grunts waiting for him, to be frank.

             The girl’s hair was a mousy brown, but unlike most specimens of her species, was long and silky, instead of matted and ropey, like wet fur, or stringy like old, over-used hay. Her nose was short and pudgy, though, upturned and slightly red. Her eyes were a muddy shade of brown, watery as if she was on the verge of tears, with large, bushy eyebrows. He couldn’t see her teeth, but imagined they were short and crooked.

             Leading the group had been an old…acquaintance of his. The last time they’d acquainted they left on a…sour note, so to speak. Specifically, his harem had ground the Rocket Lieutenant’s into the dust, causing his opponent’s prized Growlie to complain that she wanted to be a part of his harem instead.

            The girl, to put it bluntly, was ugly, but not horribly so; in fact, one could say she was kinda cute, despite that.

            It was an ambush, plain and simple. He didn’t have anything the Rocket Lieutenant- Darius, his name was- wanted, and he wasn’t looking for a rematch. No, he had simply beaten the ever-loving crap out of the young man, stolen his harem, and made off as he slipped into unconsciousness.

            He leaned forward, still sitting on the crate- causing the girl to jump, her eyes flickering briefly to meet his, offering only a scowl before looking back down- and took the paper out of her hands.

            To the esteemed mister Alexander,
                        We had the most magnificent time battling with you. Of course, few can face a harem trained by such a wonderful trainer as
            yourself, I knew I myself would stand no chance. But you’re such a fair sport, I knew you wouldn’t object to me bringing a few of my
            friends. And thank you for being such as gentleman! Lending me your own harem, no one can match your generosity, hmm? Of course
            there was nothing I could give to match such a wonderful gift, I hope you will accept this Feeblass as my most humble thanks. You, I
            am sure, will be able to make use of her in ways I never could. I do so hope that I can learn more from you in the future…but I’m sure
            you’ll be taking a bit of an extended vacation, hmm? Need to rest up after such a difficult battle!
Always your humble student,
                Alex sighed, wanting to burn the whole sarcastic, gloating thing, but instead simply shoved it into his back pocket. It might prove useful later. Turning his gaze to the Feeblass, he cocked his head and said simply “So…?”
                In response, instead of saying anything, she reached in between her crossed legs and pulled out a red and white orb, about the size of an apple. Alex hung his head. He’d already noticed his other pokeballs were gone. So, this was it then.
                He accepted the pokeball and put it onto his belt. Taking his bag off his back, he opened it, inspecting his supplies. Most of his food was there, though much was missing a bite here or there. His clothes were torn and tattered- he grimaced angrily; damn Team Rocket! But mostly it was intact. A lot of his gear was gone, including all of his pokeballs, potions, and money. His own black pokedex, meticulously cared for and usually stored in a specially tailored pocket made for it, was gone. In its place was a battered and ragged red specimen, lacking all but the basic functionality. Like many Tamers, he had added custom programs to his own, to increase its overall versatility and usefulness.
             Opening up the ‘dex, Alex found it to be registered to a Tamer by the name of, quote, Tehbesttaymer Indawerld. Another flash of anger- their mocking of him was obvious. A not-so-little voice in the back of his head was screaming obscenities, claiming that they were just jealous of his amazing skill, and he would tear them limb from limb once he found them- That’s what they get for messing with the best god damn Tamer on the planet!
            Closing his eyes, Alex began to take deep breaths, in through his nose and out through his mouth, his exhales quavering with barely controlled emotion. He began to tell himself he was being stupid and irrational, and it would not help him to get too angry. He had a blood curse, False Superiority, and it was clouding his judgment. It had ruined him as a child, where he believed he was the hottest shit on the planet, and his peers all despised him. It had taken many years before he was able to gain a semblance of control over the feeling. He still often made erroneous judgments, however, born out of overconfidence in his abilities.
            After a moment, he opened his eyes, his rage having been reigned in. He hadn’t gotten rid of it- he didn’t have that kind of mastery over his emotions- but he had instead forged the blind fires of his anger into a cold, steely determination. He would get back to civilization, he would train a new Harem, and he would find Darius. He would get his ‘girls back, and then he would grind the little piss-ant into the ground until he was nothing but a thin paste.
            “You’s not gunna kill me, is you?” the Feeblass suddenly asked. Her voice was rough, as if she had strep throat- ridiculous, of course; Pokegirls couldn’t get human diseases. Her accent sounded vaguely like something from the Blue Region, perhaps the northern areas. Again, this was odd, as they’d only been found, as far as Alex knew, in the Capital region. She didn’t sound frightened, or even the general lack of passion that Feeblass were known for. She sounded annoyed, as if his anger- his very existence, really- was an inconvenience to her. This surprised Alex; Feeblass were supposed to be depressed and submissive, not prideful.
            All these factors added together were very…disconcerting to Alex. She seemed to go against everything he knew about her species.
            He smiled at her, saying quietly “No…no, I’m not going to kill you”. He looked up catching her muddy orbs for a second, before she glanced away, scowling angrily. “No, I’m going to kill someone else entirely. Do you have a name?” he questioned her.
            She blinked, surprised, though Alex wasn’t sure if it was his statement of killing intent or his question that caused it. Tiling her head, she said “Naw…me old Tamer, bastard that he was, never did give’s me a name”. Flashing him a grin utterly devoid of happiness, showing off her chipped, yellow teeth, she added “But me guesses d’at d’at don’t matter no more, do it? He ain’t me Tamer, is he? You’s is”.
            Alex looked down at the pokeball on his belt, and then checked the pokedex. Indeed, Mr. Indawerld’s only pokegirl was a low level Feeblass. “I guess so…” Alex murmured.
            He steepled his fingers against each other, his index fingers touching his lips as he stared at the floor, thinking. I’m out in the wilderness, approximately six hours away from the nearest settlement. He closed his eyes and a map spread before his eyes- his Location Bloodgift coming quite handy. The Indigo region spread before him, his position in the jungles in the center, represented by a small him on the map, a small settlement to the north-west. My Harem is gone, and all I have is a low level Feeblass. The scrawny girl appeared next to his avatar. All of my gear is gone, my potions, my pokeballs, everything. His little self gave an “Oh well; what are you gunna do?” carefree shrug. I’m surrounded on all sides by Feral Pokegirls. Glowing red eyes filled the jungle. I am quite literally fucked. What he saw next caused his eyes to snap open and his cheeks to turn red. He was pretty sure- or, at least, he hoped- there were no Dildoqueens in the jungle. Still, it had been an accurate representation of his situation.
            “You’s don’t exactly seem much better than me old Tamer” the Feeblass commented. “Sure, you’s ain’t beaten me yet o’nuthin, but all you’s doin’ is sittin’ there! Least that bastard Darius did sum’tin!”
            Alex scowled at her, standing up to his full height and planting his hands on his hips, looking down at the pokegirl. “Lookie here, missy!” he exclaimed to her. “You’ve obviously not been in the know, so I’ll forgive you. But I’m the greatest Tamer in the world! I’m Alexander Engel, and you should be glad that I’m taking you with me”. He grinned, his determination returning. He had been on the edge of despair before she’d talked, worried he’d never make it back to civilization. But he would be DAMNED if he let Darius be considered a better Tamer than him by anyone, even a Feeblass. The whole beating thing had bothered him too, of course, and he added it to his list of reasons to go after Darius. But he had an image to keep up, to everyone and everyone.
            “To begin with, let’s start with saying I’m nothing like Darius!” Alex continued. “I’m not going to discipline you, if I can help it. So long as you follow my orders, we’ll get along fine”.
            Alex watched her as her fists slowly clenched until the knuckles were bleach white. A few drops of blood ran down her fingers as her jagged fingernails cut into her flesh. When she spoke, Alex could see her mismatched teeth were clenched together, grinding back and forth as she said “Yes…master”. Sarcasm voice was venomous with the word, as if she were uttering the foulest of curses.
            Alex wasn’t sure what was wrong, but if she didn’t want to say anything, he wasn’t going to ask. He plopped down, shoving his hands into his pockets- noticing a large hole in his left pocket as he did- and said “Well, it’s late, and I’m beat- no pun intended” he added with a grin, a wave of fatigue washing over him from his various cuts and bruises. He hadn’t paid much attention to it up until then. “So let’s get some rest, hmm?” he pulled his bedroll out- sliced up in multiple places, but still comfortable- and spread it out. As he was about to ask if she wanted to climb in with him, she scurried away, her gills flaring, into a darker corner of the warehouse, as far away from him as possible, where she curled up, watching him silently.
            Weird ass pokegirls Alex thought as he sighed, laying down. When he did this, he felt something in his left pant leg, near the knee: A small ball. Grabbing the material and shifting it, he let the thing fall down onto the bedroll. Grinning at the sight of the red and white orb, he shoved it into his right pocket, so it wouldn’t slip out this time. Not that that hole didn’t help me he thought as he closed his eyes. That Darius bastard thought he was done with, hmm? He had another thing coming!



Alexander Engel


"You want a piece of me, eh!? Sure, I'm up for a bit of excitement!"

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Species: Human