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Sanctuary’s Inferno

Chapter 2


“Are you sure you want to do this?” said Golanth.

“Does this answer your question?”


Abigail pulled Golanth onto the bed and into a deep, passionate kiss. After a couple minutes, the pair flipped over and she reached for her shirt.


“I figured since you weren’t wearing a shirt, why should I?”

“Good point.”


After a few moments of wrestling with their clothes, they embraced once more. His member stood rigid against her labia as she stared up at him in anticipation.


“Go easy on me, I’m still a virgin.” she whispered.

“As you wish.” he said with a smile.


As they went in for a kiss, he used his tail to stroke her inner thigh. He moved his kisses down her neck to her chest, stopping at her breasts. He proceeded to lick her nipples, causing her to moan. He started grinding his hips into hers while teasing her breasts for a few moments more. She bit her lower lip as he slowly inserted himself inside her.


He slowly started pumping his hips, gradually getting faster as her moans echoed throughout the room, pausing here and there with a look of pure pleasure. Desiring more, she rolled over on top of him and proceeded to take charge. He complied, allowing her to get the most out of her first time. He soon felt himself building to a climax, and released his seed inside her. She cooed in content as she collapsed on his chest.


“Mel’thurkear sia itov,” Golanth said.


“It means ‘Goodnight my love.’”


She blushed and cuddled closer to his chest, with a smile on her face. Cupping her chin, they shared in one last kiss before drifting off.


* * *


“Good morning, Golanth. I trust last night went well?”

“That it did, Janice, that it did. Did my results make it back yet?”

“Yes they did, I have them right here. Let me know if you have anything I can help you with.”


Janice handed Golanth a clipboard with a sheet of paper on it. Printed on the paper were two columns labeled “Blood Gifts” and “Blood Curses.” He read over everything, taking a note of them in his head. Besides the obvious claws, scales, and the recently discovered night vision, He had four other Blood Gifts: Fireborn, Blank Mind, Sealed Mind, and Dragon Affinity. Under Blood Curses, it read: Pokeboy 4, Rage, and Cold Vulnerability.


“Hey Janice?” he said, resting his elbow on the counter.


“I’d like to go over these and figure out what they all are, besides the obvious ones.” he said, gesturing toward his form.

“Sure, which ones did you want to know about?”

“Going down the list here, I would like to know what Fireborn, Blank Mind, Sealed Mind, Dragon Affinity, Rage, and Cold Vulnerability are.”

“Alright. First, Fireborn makes it so that you cannot be burned by fire attacks, and depending on your threshold, you may not be able to feel the heat from a fire attack, although the tradeoff is being a pyromaniac so try to keep it away from the town.” she said, smiling, “Blank Mind makes it so your mind cannot be read, and when it happens, you should feel a tingling sensation and depending on the power it may be a headache. Sealed mind makes it so you are immune to things that other people try to get you to do. For instance if a psychic pokegirl wanted you to come with her and tried to subdue you, they wouldn’t be able to. Dragon Affinity makes it so you should be more comfortable with Dragon-Type pokegirls, uncomfortable with Ice-Type pokegirls, and should be able to withstand attacks from Electric, Fire, Plant and Water pokegirls better than most people. Rage was the reason that Cap had to have you doused with water yesterday. If you get too mad, you will enter an uncontrollable rage in which you will attack any and all things until you either fall unconscious or are doused with cold water. Finally, Cold Vulnerability is just as it sounds, you take more damage or discomfort from Ice attacks, or ya’know, cold water.”

“Alright so I  probably should stay away from Ice-Types then.”

“Seems like a logical conclusion.”

“Well thank you for the information. should I keep track of this piece of paper or is it somewhere else?”

“It has already been uploaded to your personal profile on your pokedex.”

“Great, thanks for your help!”

“You are quite welcome, Golanth”

“Well I’ll be heading over to the precinct if anything comes up.”

“Alright. I might have something for you to do later if you are up for it,” she said while winking suggestively.


Golanth pulled out Abigail and proceeded to explain his situation to her. She listened intently and had a few questions, especially since he told her the situation with the Sanctuary Goth. After he had finished answering her questions to the best of his ability, they decided to leave for the precinct to finish the paperwork. They hadn’t made it farther than ten feet outside the door when a blast of fire shot from somewhere out of the corner of his eye. He quickly moved to protect Abigail with his wings as their bodies were surrounded by a large blast of fire, to limit the amount of damage she would take. He could tell she was in pain from burns on her skin, especially where she hadn’t yet developed an adequate amount of scales. Quickly returning her to her pokeball, Golanth turned to face his assailant. Within a couple seconds, he had closed the 10 meter gap between him and his assailant. He could feel himself slipping into a rage but used as much willpower as he could to keep his sanity intact. The Fire-Type who had attacked him had tried her best to get Golanth off her Tamer. Her two hits only earned her placement on the ground by a well placed sweep of his tail. Within minutes an OfficerJenny had cleared the corner and ordered Golanth to get off. After letting out a low, angry growl toward his assailant, he complied. The assailant had received a heavy beating but was not unconscious. The OfficerJenny pressed the recall button on the only exposed pokeball, before handcuffing the assailant. She turned to Golanth and said,


“I’m gonna need you to come down to the precinct within the hour.”

“Don’t worry, that was where I was headed before he attacked me. Now I need to heal my Pokegirl first, but I’ll be there soon.”



* * *


Steve casually walked around the corner of the pokecenter as he did not want to draw attention to himself. He had heard of a newcomer in town. This job would be risky especially how quick the town came to know of him. The newcomer had gained possession of a newly thresholded Draco, the rarity of that alone made him want her even more. He pulled out his Foxymaiden, Clarissa, and motioned for her to lean in.


“I want you to take the new guy out of the fight, nothing more. That means Fire moves only, give him something else to worry about as I go get our prize.”


Clarissa smiled and nodded, “This will go quickly” she thought to herself. She had been prepared for a down and out style robbery for a while now. The basic idea was to disable the Tamer so Steve could jump in and take the prize, whether it be money or pokegirls, the process was the same. She knew the perfect intensity of fire to take out the Tamer, and they could get in and out before the Officers got there.


After waiting for about a minute, they spotted the newcomer, a large dragon had walked out the door with his Draco in close proximity. Steve gave the signal. A large pillar of flame engulfed the pair that just left the pokecenter. Steve prepared to move, but a red flash stopped him. Before them stood the dragon, now fully aware of their position and not happy. Before he could turn and run, it was too late, he was now on his back. Sharp pain flew up his spine as he hit the ground. He tried to get his arms up to block the many incoming blows, but only blocked a few before his arms had sustained too much damage and fell, disabled, at his side. He looked into the eyes of the dragon, they had almost turned entirely red, save for the slit-shaped pupil.


“Shit, this guy just had to have fire resistance and rage” he thought.


Steve heard a small yelp and a thud as Clarissa was knocked over. She had followed orders too well and had tried to get him off with a few fire attacks.


“Get off of him! I will take him into custody.”


Never had Steve been happier to see an OfficerJenny. His body ached and he had only given the signal a minute or so earlier. The dragon snarled, sending a clear message. He knew he didn’t want to run into this guy again, unless he was better prepared. He was barely able to stand and was in no condition to try to resist arrest or flee, so he went quietly.


* * *


Golanth stepped back into the pokecenter.


“Hello again Janice. I need to have Abigail healed”

“I figured. I saw you get attacked practically the moment you left. I’m the reason the Officer arrested him and not you.”

“For that you have my thanks.”

“Here she is. She didn’t sustain much damage, for that she has you to thank. If you didn’t have so much fire resistance, I’m sure you’d both be in here. Or maybe just you. I think he attacked you to steal her.”

“That just makes me more protective of her. Thanks again for healing her. Now I’ll be headed to the precinct.”

“Alright, have a safe trip.”


Golanth turned and left the pokecenter. Besides a few gawkers, the trip was uneventful. Golanth made sure to keep an eye out for anyone who might dare to attack him and Abigail. Down at the precinct, Charlie and the OfficerJenny were both waiting for him. He walked in to a chorus of cheers and two people who motioned him to follow saying, “Come this way, please.”


“Alright Golanth, I’m gonna need you to testify to the OfficerJenny, and your Pokegirl if she can. Then you will come with me to sign your paperwork.”


Golanth followed the OfficerJenny into an interrogation room’s overlook. Besides the man who had attacked him and the pokegirl he had ordered to do the dirty work, no one else was in the interrogation room.


“What can you tell me about your attack?”

“Well it’s fairly straightforward, I got ten feet out of the Pokecenter before I saw the fire out of the corner of my eye. Doing the best I could, I protected my Draco, Abigail, from the fire attack. After seeing a pained expression on her face, I put her in her pokeball and proceeded to beat him up in self defense. While I was in the process of doing so, his pokegirl had attacked me a couple of times. It merely pestered me so I pulled her feet out from under her with my tail. Then you came by.”

“That may not be his pokegirl. He was wanted for several pokegirl thefts around the area and a couple of nearby towns and had worked up quite the bounty of 1,000,000 SLC. I’m sure you will want that. It is being transferred to your account as we speak. Now if you will pull your Draco from her pokeball, hand the pokeball to me and you are free to have your meeting with Cap.”


Golanth did as he was told, and after he pulled Abigail out of her pokeball, he whispered, “I’ll be in the building. The OfficerJenny just wants your statement, then you will be free to come back to me. Just do as she says. She shouldn’t hurt you.” Abigail nodded and Golanth walked out.


On the other end of the office, Charlie was waiting for his arrival.


“I trust that your statement went quickly, come in to my office.”

“Alright. So what is my job title going to be?”

“You are going to be a Hunter. That just means that you will be protecting this city as best as you can by taking out ferals with whatever is necessary be it guns, explosives or your pokegirls.”

“Seems like a job I’m gonna need to train for.”
“Yes that is true, and you will be training your pokegirls as well. You will need to go down to the gun store. You will be able to get your first couple of weapons with the accessories you want. Your first set is free. After that you have to pay. You also will not be able to battle for salvage, not like you were gonna anyway.”

“Alright can I make sure Abigail is ok with it first?”



* * *


“Do your best to tell me what you saw.”

“I didn’t see much actually. We had gotten about ten feet out of the Pokecenter, before my Tamer, Golanth, threw himself in the way of a fire based attack. I got slightly burned. He put me back in my pokeball at that point. That is about all I saw.”

“Alright thank you for your time, Abigail. I’ll walk you back to your Tamer now.”



* * *


The door opened to reveal the pair of ‘girls. Golanth stood to hug Abigail, who quickly jumped into the embrace. After about a minute, Charlie interrupted playfully by saying,


“Alright you two, sit down or go get a room, not that I wouldn’t enjoy the show.”


The pair blushed before taking a seat on the other side of the desk.


“Ok, Charlie. I’d like to discuss the job with Abigail now.”


With a nod of approval, Golanth proceeded to explain the new job offer to Abigail.


“I’m glad you asked me before signing the paper. I actually wanted a job with the police before I changed, and I get the added benefit of being able to stay with you and keeping you safe,” she said with a smile.

“So I take it as a yes, am I correct in thinking that?”

“Yes you are.”

“So where do we sign?”

“Right here at the bottom of the page.”



Golanth gave the paper a once over and, finding everything in order signed the bottom. Abigail did the same. Charlie slid a piece of paper across the desk towards Golanth.


“This should get you all the equipment you need at the gun store as well as protective equipment for you and Abigail.”

“Thanks, Cap. I’ll head over there later today. I promised that I would take her to visit her parents after coming here.”

“Take your time. Your training starts tomorrow.”

“Alright. I’ll see you then. When do you want us in?”

“10:00 should be fine.”



* * *


Abigail breathed nervously as she walked up to the door of her house. She had left a couple of days ago without leaving a note and she wondered what it did to her family. How worried were they? Did they just write it off? So many questions flooded her mind. Golanth sensed that something might be troubling Abigail and kindly rested his hand on her shoulder. She snapped out of her trance and looked up at Golanth, who was smiling.



“No worries, you looked troubled. Do you want to talk about it before we go in?”

“No, most of my questions will be answered in one way or another.”

“Alright. If you want to talk, let me know.”

“I will, don’t worry. Shall we go in?”

“Your call, I won’t force you.”

“I think we should, after all you promised me,” she said with a smile.

“That I did.”


The pair moved up to the door and after a bit of hesitation, Abigail rang the doorbell. A young voice called out, “Mom! Somebody is at the door!” A few moments passed before the door opened up, revealing a somewhat stressed Medra who started to say something before realizing who was at the door.


“Abigail? Is that you?”

“Yes mom, it is me.”

“We were so worried about you after you disappeared, where did you go?”

“To the pokecenter, although I’m sure dad would want to hear this story too. Why don’t we go inside?”

“Sure, so who is this tall friend of yours?”

“His name is Golanth, he is the reason why I am not feral right now.”

“Oh, so did he change your name?”
“No actually, he let me keep it.”

“Well isn’t that nice.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you ma’am.”


Golanth extended his hand the Medra’s direction and she shook it.


“My name is Kara. It’s nice to meet you. You must be the new one in town.”

“That I am. Yesterday was rather interesting, and today had its ups and downs.”

“Well I’m intrigued. Why don’t we continue this inside?”


The group made their way inside where a young boy and a middle aged man stood in the foyer. Upon seeing his sister, the young boy rushed forward and hugged her.


“You know you shouldn’t run away like that, Abigail you had us terribly worried that something bad had happened,” said her father.

“I know I shouldn’t have done so, but I was afraid of what would have happened if I had stayed.”

“What were you afraid of?”

“Being sold or kicked out.”

“You know we wouldn’t do that to you.”

“It’s what you don’t know that hurts you more.”

“I guess so, I’m sorry if I put you in that position. So, who is this tall one over here?”

“He is the one who is in charge of keeping me from going feral.”

“How did you convince him to do that?”

“Well technically, I’m his starter. Janice aided in that situation.”

“You say Janice, the Rapha down at the pokecenter?”
“Yes, I went to her after I left here.”

“So she took care of you and hooked you up with the new one in town?”


“You aren’t worried?”
“Nope. We had a nice conversation before we did anything. I actually found reason to like him.”

“Yes, he is very kind and willing to place his life in danger to save those he likes.”

“So he demonstrated both of these before you did anything?”

“Not both, only his kindness. The second, he demonstrated today.”

“What happened today?”

“Well someone attacked us using a fire type move. Had he not shielded me, I might be in a much worse position than I am now.”

“Wait, he shielded you? How is he still able to walk around? Shouldn’t he be in the ICU?”

“He has quite a few Blood gifts that may help with that.”

“Oh really, and what might those be?”

“Fireborn, Scales and Dragon Affinity play a large role in that,” said Golanth.

“But to walk away unscathed? That just doesn’t seem like the whole picture.”
“Come to think of it I did take a few fire attacks without issue. You may have a point there.”

“Well why don’t we move to the living room?”


As the group headed to the living room, the father stopped Golanth.


“Although I appreciate all of the deeds you have done while in this town: including saving my daughter from going feral, getting severely wounded, and getting stolen; she is still my daughter. I will stand by her decisions to a point. From what I know now, you may be the Tamer I would have selected for her based on personality and actions, but any significant misstep that I hear about may ultimately be your last. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sir”

“Good, I’m glad we had this talk, my name is Kevin by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Kevin, my name is Golanth.”


They shook hands and departed for the living room.


The next hour was spent explaining the other events of the past two days. The parents were, of course, concerned about the pair signing up to be hunters. Other than that though, the parents seemed a bit more accepting of Golanth and were more willing to let him take care of their daughter. They wrapped up their visit and left, saying their goodbyes before heading off.


* * *


Golanth and Abigail walked into the gun store, known as “Hunters R Us”. A muscular man stood behind the counter. His name badge read “Ronald.”


“Hello sir, can you please put your pokegirl up?”


Reluctantly, Golanth returned Abigail to her pokeball.


“Thank you, How may I help you?”

“I was sent here by Cap.”

“You mean the leader of our Hunter group? I’m gonna need more proof than your word. He doesn’t just send anyone.”

Pulling out the paper he received earlier, Golanth said, “I hope this works for you.”


There was a pause as Ronald read the note.


“Ah so you must be the new Hunter in town. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“And yours as well.”

“It appears that you have special consideration, the kind I like to see for myself. If you don’t mind, I’d like to run a couple of simulations. The firsts one will be similar to your encounter with the Sanctuary Goth, and the other will be a standard weapons test.”

“Sounds fine. Do you have water on hand?”

“What do you mean? What would I need that for?”

“One of the reason why I was able to beat the Goth was that I entered a fit of rage, and I’d prefer not leveling any buildings.”

“I see. I’ll get one ready.” he said, chuckling, “Please step into this room.”


As Golanth walked into the room, a virtual image of the town he was in loaded up. He immediately recognised the clearing in which he fought the Goth. A lone pokegirl stood motionless in the middle of the clearing.


A voice came over the speaker, “Ok so I have the bucket here, just in case, so let me know when you are ready and I’ll start the simulation.”


“Alright, I think I’m ready.”

“Ok the simulation will start in 3, 2, 1…”


The pokegirl sprung to life nearly tackling Golanth as she did so. Golanth spent the next few seconds dodging the attacks, analyzing how this pokegirl fought. The fighting style seemed like pretty standard jujitsu with a few added stylings here and there. Once he was confident with his analysis, he started to fight back. The fight flowed normally, a few hits connected with Golanth, but nothing too harmful. As his eyes started to turn red, he landed a few solid blows on the pokegirl. One solid hit to the head later and the pokegirl was out cold. The simulation started to fade as a voice said, “Well done. Please step out of the room.”


Upon exiting the room, he was met with a wave of cold water.


“Just checking to make sure you were alright.”

“Well I did tell you to do that didn’t I?”

“That you did, and now I see why he wanted you for his Hunter team. The next simulation is going to be a situation Hunters would get called in to. Your goal is to evac the ten survivors in ten minutes. At that point, the military will send bombers to carpet bomb the town. You will have to have gotten the survivors to a safe distance by that point.”

“What am I fighting?”

“You are tasked to fight Zombabes. If they touch you, the mission is over and slated as a failure, since you died. If you lose more than four survivors, the mission is also a failure, and of course if you run out of time…”

“The mission is a failure.”

“That is correct. Now, you get to pick what weapons you are deployed with. They will be virtual but operate the same way they normally would. You will also have a limited ammo supply.”

“Alright. What about armor?”

“Ah yes, you will need a custom set of armor by the looks of it. What would you prefer to have as armor?”

“I was actually hoping for something that can hold a rifle on the back magnetically so I don’t have to get it to get in the holster. and I would like the pistols to be leg mounted. Also, I would prefer to have my armor be strong enough to deflect some projectile attacks and be semi-resistant to cold. Of course if that isn’t too much to ask.”

“Alright, now for the weapons, what would you like?”
“I would like a M4 Carbine with a Red Dot Reflex scope and a silencer. As for the pistols, I would like a M9 with a silencer, and a Desert Eagle, capable of firing elemental rounds, and a silencer for that too.”

“Alright, I’ll get the simulation ready to go. If you successfully pass this test, you will be cleared for all weapons of these types as well as it should serve as a small portion of your training.”


“And... done. Please enter the room again.”


This time, the city was different. He was just outside the city limits and to his right, there was a pile of equipment.


“For this type of mission, you will already have all the equipment on and loaded. I have set them to be allowed to move, so please put them on.”


Golanth reached for the armor first, donning the suit of armor starting from the leg armor and moving up. He elected to leave the helmet off but put on the HUD lens. The HUD had a small range radar. As he picked up the carbine, an icon appeared showing him the current amount of ammo in the weapon as well as the amount he had on his person. At the time, they both read zero, but soon corrected themselves as he picked up the magazines and put them in their storage locations. He placed the rifle on his back and let go. He shook around a bit to see how well it stayed attached. Satisfied, he removed the weapon and held it in his hands. the gun released quickly and the scope functioned well. He proceeded to do the same with the rest of his weapons and ammo. He redrew his carbine and said, “Alright. I’m ready.”


“Ok, the simulation will begin in 3, 2, 1…”


The city sprung to life as screams and moans echoed in the distance. A ten minute timer showed up on his HUD as Golanth sprinted as fast as he could toward the nearest building. He opened the door slowly, so he could clear the door by himself. He made his way through the building, thankfully only being one floor. As he entered the final room, he saw a Zombabe shambling toward two people in the corner. He leveled his rifle and fired, sending the Zombabe sprawling. Paying close attention to his radar since nearly all zombies react to sound, he motioned for the two people to follow him. He told them to stay low and close so If he needed to, he could fire behind them. He moved into the pokecenter, and saw a blip on his radar. Something had been moving inside. He crept inside as one of the people behind him screamed. the zombabe who was headed down the hall turned and sprinted toward the group. Half a magazine later, the creature slumped into a pile. He told the survivors to keep quiet as he moved farther into the building.


“Eight minutes left, gotta move faster.” Golanth thought to himself.


Screams emanated from down the hall. There were six blips on his radar. He sprinted to the room that the blips were in, busted down the door and leveled his rifle. Two Zombabes turned around and shrieked. He shot both, barely able to keep them from touching him. The four remaining figures in the room were survivors, he motioned for them to follow with the rest of the group and to keep quiet. Seven minutes remained on his clock. Two buildings remained. A small house and a large office building. A horde of Zombabes stood in front of the door to the office building, slamming against the door. Pulling his M9 out, he opened fire on the horde, aiming for head level on every shot. he had killed about 15 Zombabes before they realized where he was. He switched back to his carbine and let the bullets fly. He went through 3 more magazines before the horde had been annihilated. He had only 5 shots left for his carbine. He switched back to the M9 and sprinted toward the small house. Once he got within range, his timer had fallen to four minutes. Two blips had appeared on his radar. He moved quickly towards their source and opened the door. No Zombabes had made it inside the house only two survivors were in the room. One had a pistol. He told the one with the pistol to take up the rear as the headed for the office building. Once he made it to the door his timer read three minutes. Two very faint blips appeared on his radar. He didn’t have the time to search every floor, so he flew towards the top of the building. He had made it to the 12th floor when someone banged on the window. The survivors had set up camp on that floor. He shot the window in the corner, as gunfire started up at the bottom of the building. He grabbed the two survivors and told them to hold on as he dropped back to the ground. Twelve Zombabes had started to converge on the group of survivors. Golanth took out three on the way down. He had met up with the group on the ground. His timer read one minute. He yelled for everyone to run as he fought off the remaining nine Zombabes. He sprinted toward the parked van on the edge of town. He cleared the back of the van and told everyone to get in. He got in the driver’s seat, turned the van on, and gunned the engine. His timer reached zero as the sound of jet engines grew in the distance. They group had made it safely outside the range of the bombs when the program stopped.


“Great job! I didn’t expect you to get everyone out of there alive.”


Golanth walked out of the room. When he got out, he was greeted by Ronald, and a few moments later, Cap.


“Well, you are cleared for using weapons of the Assault Rifle and pistol families, as well as you have shown proficiency in the armor you were given, are there any adjustments you would like made for those weapons or the armor?” said Ronald.

“Not to the weapons, but the armor was a little tight around my wings and I probably won’t use the hemet. The HUD was a good idea though.” said Golanth.

“Alright, I’ll get you the guns, and as soon as I make the adjustments to the armor, I’ll get the schematics to my ‘girls.”

“Can you rush the armor?” said Cap.

“Sure I can. Is there an issue?”


Cap turned to Golanth and said, “Sorry to jump this on you, but our ammo supply caravan was attacked. Upon seeing your performance on that simulation, I think you are ok going on this mission.”

“Wait a moment, Abigail cannot participate, are you asking me to go alone?”

“What do you mean?”

“Her scales haven’t yet hardened enough to warrant going on the mission, She isn’t combat ready yet. At least in my opinion, I want her to be safe.”

“Alright. Pull her out and we can talk to her.”


Abigail materialized and took note of where she was.


“I thought I wasn’t allowed outside my pokeball here. What’s going on?”

“I’m about to deploy Golanth as soon as he gets his equipment. He feels that you aren’t entirely ready for combat yet. What do you think?”

“Wait what’s going on?”

“Our ammunition supply caravan was attacked, one truck was destroyed and all the rest were heavily damaged. We don’t know what did it as the reports say it moved too fast to identify. It may be a Galem, but we aren’t sure.”


Abigail’s eyes widened. She turned toward Golanth, “You aren’t going to go on that mission are you?”


“I probably should by the looks of it. An extra set of eyes and weapons should be useful, and I can medevac people rather easily.”

“But it’s dangerous.”

“It does seem that way doesn’t it? But what would happen if that ‘girl got here?”

“I don’t want to lose you.”
“And I don’t want to lose you either. That’s why I don’t think you should go on the mission.”

“Well, I don’t think you should go on the mission either.”

“I know, but I’m not sure if I have a choice.”


Ronald walked out with the weapons and placed them on the counter and disappeared back into the back room.


“You aren’t serious are you?” said Abigail.

“Relax, I got these after doing a simulation. I’m cleared to use them.”

“Wait a simulation? For what?”

“It was a weapon proficiency test.”

“I can get the replay for you if you want to watch it.” said Cap.

“I’d like to see that”

“Alright, I’ll get that pulled up. From what I know it was a rescue mission with a mission time of ten minutes.”


Abigail pulled up a chair and watched the footage. She watched and flinched as he came close to failing a couple of times.


“You see? I need him to go on this mission.”

“This makes me feel better about him going on that mission, but I still don’t think he should.”


A voice spoke inside Golanth’s mind saying, “You need to go on that mission. I will make sure you come back alive.” This voice caused a slight headache, but it soon subsided.


Abigail’s eyes widened. She looked at Golanth, confused.


“Can I speak with my Tamer privately?”

“Sure go ahead.”


After Cap left the room, Abigail whispered to Golanth, “Did you hear a voice?”

“Wait you heard it too?”

“Well yes, but it didn’t seem like a psychic type.”

“No it didn’t. When I woke up yesterday, I heard a voice say, ‘Come find me.’ I think the voice was the same.”

“Alright… I guess I’ll let you go on the mission, on one condition.”

“What is that?”
“That you take me with you, even if it is just inside my pokeball.”

“Alright. If I get injured and can’t move, can I trust you to get me out of there?”

“Of course.”

“Alright. I’ll try to be safe, just for you.” he said cupping Abigail’s chin in his hand.


Abigail flung herself around Golanth and they embraced for a moment. They walked out of the viewing room and back into the lobby. A small pile of metal lay on the counter next to the guns.


“How much for the equipment?” said Golanth.

“No worries Cap already picked up the bill.”

“Come on Cap at least let me cover some of it.”

“I didn’t cover it. The government did. They cover every Hunter’s first set of gear, at least around here they do.”

“If you say so.”


Golanth put the armor on and placed all the weaponry in their places. The whole set felt like it couldn’t weigh more than 15 kilograms. Golanth moved around a bit. The suit of armor was surprisingly mobile, almost not restricting his motion at all. Twisting his torso required a bit of work but not much.


“The armor has the resistance to cold you asked for. We also made it so it could withstand a large rock travelling at terminal velocity, though you will still be injured, just not killed.”

“Alright. Thanks. How’s about a tip?”

“What do you mean?”

“100,000 SLC”

“A-are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure. You did add something extra to the armor.”


* * *


“For this mission, Golanth will fill in the gap in your fireteam, Master Sergeant.”

“Yes, Captain. Permission to speak, sir?”

“Go ahead.”

“Why is a fresh recruit with no basic training going on this mission?”

“I see a lot of potential in him.”

“Fair enough, your intuition hasn’t led us astray.”


Cap turned to Golanth, “Let me introduce you to the rest of your team. This is Master Sergeant McConnell, followed by Lance Corporal Eddington, and finally Private First Class Ryan.”


“It’ll be a pleasure working with you, sirs.”


Cap motioned for everyone to look at the map on the table.


“You will be sent out in a Prowler class recon vehicle. You will drive to where the caravan was attacked and scout out the area. If you find the Galem, capture her or kill her. You are allowed to use force if needed, but be wary as there are a lot of ferals out there. Recover any ammunition you can from the wreckage after you scout the area. Golanth will serve as your eyes in the sky. This way, he can warn you if anything gets close. Are there any questions?”


The group remained quiet.


“No? Then you are dismissed. Gear up gentlemen, you deploy in ten minutes.”


The team filed out of the room, but Cap stopped Golanth.


“I believe you can be successful in this mission. Don’t prove me wrong.”

“Yes, sir.”


* * *


Golanth flew in pursuit of the Hunter’s vehicle. He served as the set of eyes in the air. The flight had been relatively peaceful. The had left the town about five minutes prior, and he could see the wreckage of the destroyed truck in the distance. A line had been carved into the forest where the pokegirl presumably attacked from. A faint screech was heard and another line started being cut in the trees.


“I’ve got a visual, 9 o’clock and closing fast.”

“Where is she headed?”

“Straight for the vehicle. I’d recommend jumping out and using the empty vehicle as a decoy, but stay alert.”

“Copy that.”


Three figures lept from the vehicle as it continued moving forward.


“It looks like she took the bait. Just keep watch.”

“I can hear the trees now. Thanks for the warning.”

“No problem. I have a couple more blips on my radar than there are of you. Watch your back.”


A large figure rolled out of the treeline, crushing the empty vehicle in the process. The ball of rock crumbled around a humanoid figure who, upon realising there were survivors, shrieked. It turned to face the group of hunters on the ground, and Golanth raised his rifle aiming for the shoulders. He fired one shot before the figure dove into the treeline again.


“Target moving into the trees, no confirmation on any hits. Moving to intercept”


Golanth flew in the direction that the Pokegirl had fled, noting clearings and escape routes before lowering to the ground. A blip showed up momentarily on his radar straight in front of him but at the maximum range of his radar, twenty-five meters. He sprinted through the forest towards the target. Soon, the blip showed up on his radar again, but it was no longer moving. He slowed his pace to he could sneak in a close as he could before being detected. He whispered over the radio, “Closing on the target, ten meters and falling.”


“Alright, be careful in there, we are heading toward your position ETA four minutes.”



As the blip on his radar registered at five meters, he could hear faint groans. As he rounded a few more trees, he dropped to a crouch, He sighted the pokegirl in the middle of the clearing, Dried blood ran down her arm and two stones sealed what would be the wounds from either side. Golanth tossed a pokeball in her direction, readying his Desert Eagle in case things went bad. He confirmed that a Water-Type round was loaded into the chamber.


His radio sprung to life with sounds of gunfire, “Shit, what is that thing?”

“I don’t know, just take it out!”

“It’s closing on my positio… AUUUUGGGGHHHH!”

“Shit, MAN DOWN!”

“Golanth, get over here as soon as you can, things went horribly over here. Ryan is down. We are south of your position, I’ll light a flare, I just don’t think it will last.”



The pokeball rocked back and forth. Once. Twice. Three times. Just before the capture tone should have sounded, the ball exploded, leaving a very angry Galem. As she lept for Golanth, he dove backwards and opened fire, aiming to disable.


“Master Sergeant? I’m going to be late, the pokeball didn’t catch her.”


The radio returned static.


“Shit” he thought to himself. He could tell that the water rounds were dealing damage. A rather large rock was thrown through the air, which connected with Golanth’s wing, breaking one of the bones. He reeled in pain, as a shadow fell over him. Blood had covered the Galem’s arms and legs, but not all  of the wounds were sealed. As the girl fainted from blood loss, he threw a pokeball at her. This time, the capture tone sounded almost immediately.


He knew he had to get to the rest of the Hunters, but without his wing, he wouldn’t be able to do it nearly as fast. He put the pokeball on his belt, and grabbed the medical tape. He used a few sticks to serve as a splint, resetting the bone with excruciating pain. He rushed in the direction of the last known position of his group.


“Golanth to HQ, come in HQ.”

“HQ here. What do you need?”

“We are going to need another car, the Galem rolled right over it. I can’t evac anyone, my right wing is broken and we have the possibility of all three other hunters being wounded.”

“Copy that, we will send a vehicle to your last known position, ETA seven minutes.”


He switched the Desert Eagle out for the M4 Carbine, to get the extra rate of fire. He saw the red glow of the flare off of the trees just as ten blips showed upon his radar. The only sounds he heard were his own heavy breathing and his footsteps as he made his way to the source of the blips. A lone Maggieton stood in the middle of the group, surrounded by unconscious pokegirls and Hunters alike. The pokegirl wasn’t in good shape, having taken a beating from the six pokegirls and the three hunters. Without thinking, he popped out from around the tree and opened fire. The bullets veered away and into the trees as the Maggieton turned to face him. “Shit” he thought to himself. Taking advantage of his metal armor, she pulled herself to him, knocking him down. He winced as he landed on his wings, aggravating the broken bone in his right wing. As he fought to get out from under her, her actions changed from ruthless to flirtatious. He was unable to reach the pokeball that contained his pokegirl, as the pokeballs had been knocked off of his belt in the scuffle. He felt a burning sensation rise up in his chest as his thoughts moved from survival to fire. “Heh fire,” he said as the Maggieton leaned in to nuzzle him. Once again, her actions changed as she proceeded to punch his chest. The metal and padding did a little bit to help soften the blow, but he still felt the intent behind it. His survival instinct took over as his eyes started to turn red. He momentarily shoved the Maggieton off of him, allowing him to take a breath. Before he could get up, however, she was already back on top of him. A burst of fire entered his view, knocking the Maggieton backwards, screeching. He rolled over and grabbed the nearest empty pokeball and threw it at her. It felt like and hour had passed before the capture tone chimed. He checked his HUD, eight minutes had passed since he had called for evac.


“They are over here!” Golanth heard in the distance.


He retrieved his pokeballs and let Abigail out of hers.


She looked at Golanth and upon seeing the large dent in his armor and the makeshift splint on his wing, she started crying.


“I knew you shouldn’t have gone on the mission. I was right, wasn’t I?”

“Yes you are correct, I did get injured during the mission, but I am alive, aren’t I?” he said stifling a cough.

“Yes you are, and I’m thankful for that. Here, let me help you get this chestplate off. I fear you may be injured underneath.”


They removed the chestplate to see that the scales on his chest had thankfully stood up to the punch. She fell on top of him, crying tears of joy. The medevac team burst through the treeline into the area they were in. They headed over to Golanth first, but he told them to get the other Hunters and pokegirls out first. Raphas tended to the more critically wounded, stabilizing them enough to get them moved, and all the pokegirls were successfully returned to their pokeballs. Thankfully, no one was killed, although had Golanth taken any longer to call in the medevac and distract the Maggiton, there likely would have been fatalities. After they had cleared everyone out, a familiar face appeared.


“You got yourself hurt didn’t you?” said Janice.

“It would appear that way wouldn’t it?”
“You must have had her really worried.” Janice said, motioning toward the sobbing Draco.

“Yeah I did, but I fear the mission would have gone differently had I not been here.”

“True, it might have been a failure.”


Janice leaned over and pressed her hands against Golanth’s chest, pouring healing energy into him. He felt the bone in his wing reset itself and heal, as well as a couple ribs move back to where they were supposed to be. He breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Janice.


“Let them know that I’ll head back to town on my own. I think we need some time.”

“Alright. I’ll let them know. See you back in town.”


Golanth consoled Abigail. They spent nearly an hour in the clearing before they started to head back. He put the chestpiece back on just in case. They took a leisurely stroll to get back to town, and by the time they had returned to the town, a large group of people had gathered near the town center. As they approached, the people turned to face them. The overall feeling was happy, yet some looked on in scorn.



Blood Gifts: Blank Mind, Sealed Mind, Claws, Night Vision, Scales, Dragon Affinity, Fireborn

Blood Curses: Pokeboy 4, Rage, Cold Vulnerability



Abigail, Draco - Level 6

Catgirl, (feral) - Level ??

Galem, (feral) - Level ??

Maggieton, (feral) - Level ??



Tamer Y

Breeder N

Watcher N

Researcher N

Master Tamer N

Hunter Y (in training)


Security Clearance:


None/ Pending change