Sanctuary’s Inferno

Chapter 1


Golanth awoke with a start but quickly wrote it off as a nightmare. As he drifted back off to sleep, there was a loud click. His house was old and had older radiator heaters, and since they normally clicked, he assumed it was one of them. Before he had a chance to fully fall asleep, a hand reached around from behind him and he was out cold.


* * *


He woke up in a daze, and before he get his bearings, he heard a faint voice say, “Come find me.”


He took a note of his surroundings. He noted the large expanse of forest around him and the somewhat visible clearing off in the distance. Before long, he noticed that he wasn't in the same state he was in when he was sleeping. Most notably, his physical form had taken on that of a dragon. His skin was covered with scales, primarily black with a secondary red color scheme, and his fingers now ended in claws. A sudden state of panic swept over him as he yelled, “What the hell happened to me!?” This state continued for several minutes as he moved closer to the clearing he saw earlier. Before he was able to make it to the clearing, he was stopped by a female figure which was very human in appearance save for the runic markings on her skin.


“Who a-”

“Who I am is not important. You are important for our cause and if you don’t come quietly I’ll be forced to take violent action against you.”

“What organization are you with?”


“Sanctuary? What the hell is that?”

“Sanctuary is an organization that stands for Parity.”

“What do you mean by Parity?”

“Equality between humans and pokegirls.”

“What are pokegirls? You have a lot of explaining to do if you expect me to come quietly.”

“You really don’t know do you? Well I’ll be sure to educate you back at Sanctuary.”


The woman raised her arm and out of nowhere, his head started to tingle with such an intensity that it started to give him a headache. In the back of his mind, he figured out that the only one who could have caused that sudden headache was the woman standing in front of him. Then forgetting his state of panic, he lunged at the feminine figure with a sharp elbow to the collarbone. The next few moments were a blur, and the pair moved into the clearing in a state of disarray. The Sanctuary Goth tried a few more psychic attacks to stop him, but to no avail. Figuring the male dragon in front of her had some dark descendancy Blood Gifts, she resorted to brute strength. She winced as he landed another blow. “Seriously?” she thought, “This had to be my first mission?”


He continued delivering blow after blow and taking some in return. Finally, in her desperation, the Sanctuary Goth was able to land a blow heavy enough to knock him sprawling. Within seconds, he was back on his feet, only something was different; his eyes had become red. “Shit,” she thought to herself as he rapidly closed the distance between them.


The rest of the fight passed in a flurry of punches, slashes, and kicks. Unknown to them at this point, the clearing was there for a reason. The nearby town of Wildsburg had noticed the fight outside their border and mobilized a small task force to keep it away from the town and stop it if need be.


After about 15 minutes, it was over. He had landed a few heavy blows to the Goth’s head, knocking her unconscious. He had received his fair share of damage, but in his state, he didn't feel a thing. As he looked around the clearing he noticed a small detachment of people and some creatures he didn’t quite know that were headed for him.


* * *


Through the scope of his tranquilizer rifle, the captain watched the fight closely.


“Boys, it looks like we got ourselves a messy one.”


They had arrived within effective range only a minute earlier. The fight, as far as he could tell with all of the movement, was likely between two pokégirls.


“What do you see Cap?”

“You have your own rifle, James. Now tell me, what do you think you see?”

“I’m not sure. One for sure is a Goth. The large black and red one, I’m not too sure about. It could either be a Whorizard, although that color scheme is rare, or it could be some man who had harsh luck in the gene pool and has a high tier pokeboy Blood Curse.”

“My vote is the black and red one is a Whorizard, but there is too much movement for me to be sure.”


* * *


He sprinted across the clearing towards the group of operatives, while they fired a flurry of tranquilizer darts.


“Damnit Cap! Every round I fire bounces off!”

“Shit. I was wrong. That isn’t a Whorizard. He is in a bloody Rage! Ann! Hit him with a blast of cold water, try to knock him out of it!”


Ann responded with a powerful jet of cold water that erupted from her hands, hitting the black and red dragon square in the chest.


He stared up in confusion. Where was he? Why was he brought here? Those were only couple of many questions he had in his head as he moved to sit up. A sharp feeling of intense pain erupted from nearly everywhere in his body as the details of the fight slowly came back to his mind. “Damn. I arrive in wherever the hell this place is only to immediately get into a fight and floored by some water jet. I’m sure there was a reason for it but it still hurts like hell,” he thought to himself. He forced his aching body to rise to a seated position and found himself looking at a group consisting of what looked like two humans and four humanoid creatures he didn’t know of.


* * *


“Nice hit Ann!”

“Thanks, Cap.”

“James, call for a containment unit and a Rapha, tell them to come here and stat. Ann, come with me we need to make sure he has been freed from his fit of rage.”

“Yes, sir!” They said in unison.


* * *


“What now?”

“Given that we just stopped you from leveling a city against your will, I would think you would be more grateful.”

“Sorry if I seem hostile right now, I woke up in a place i had no idea where it was, got attacked by some woman with runes painted on her skin who said something about Sanctuary needing me for their cause, and then for whatever reason I lost control and eventually got floored by a water jet. So yes I am a little mad.”

“Sorry we had to put you through that, I’m sure you have a lot of questions you need answered and we are offering our help in answering these questions.”

“Thanks, I guess I just got really mad and lost total control of my actions. My name is Golanth by the way.”

“I’m Charlie, almost everyone in this town calls me Cap, though it doesn't matter which one you use. This lovely one over here, who hit you with the water jet is Ann, she is a Cuntnaw, and the other one is Diane, a Blazicunt. The other human with me is James with his two pokegirls Mary, a Ballisticunt, and Sarah, a Dark Maiden.”

“Nice to meet you all. Geez I feel like i just got hit by a train.”

“We called for a Rapha to come heal you and a containment unit for the Goth. We have some questions we need to ask her.”

“Okay after I feel a bit better I’ll have a lot of questions for you.”

“Are you a registered Tamer?”

“Umm… I don’t even know what that is. Like I said, I am not from around here.”

“Okay, good to hear you’ve become rational again. Come down to the precinct after you have taken your Tamer’s Exam and we will be happy to answer those questions for you.”


Charlie and his group start heading over to the unconscious Sanctuary Goth to make sure she doesn’t get away while the containment unit is in transit. The Rapha arrived and started to heal Golanth.


“Wow, you sure did take a beating. It’s miraculous that you are still conscious.”

“Thanks for coming to help. What is your name?”

“Janice. My name is Janice. I rarely get asked for my name and people rarely ask for it. It’s a nice change of pace.”

“Okay Janice, I hate to ask, but what’s the damage?”

“You have a few broken ribs, a dislocated vertebrae, bruises basically everywhere, and some minor internal bleeding. Nothing I can’t handle.”

“How can you manage all of that without any tools?”

“You aren’t from around here are you?”


As soon as she finished her statement, he felt some ribs move back together, his vertebrae realign, and all the pain around his body subsiding.


“How… How did you do that?”

“I’m a Pokegirl, more specifically the one that is known as a Rapha. I am essentially the entire emergency response, surgery, and care units all wrapped up in one pretty package.”

“I’ll say.”

“Say what?”

“Oh where I come from, ‘I’ll say’ is basically the same as agreement generally more used when a woman asks her loved one if she looks pretty…”


Janice giggled.


“What’s so funny?”

“So does that make you my loved one?”

“Not necessarily. I guess I used a very implicative example.”

“I’ll say”


They both proceeded to laugh hysterically for a bit.


“Hey Cap over there said to go take something called a Tamer’s exam, any idea where I could take that?”

“Oh that’s easy, come with me to the PokéCenter, that’s where all the tests are administered.”

“What is on this test?”

“Oh just some basic stuff, Pokégirl care, knowledge about the different leagues.”

“Seeing as I don’t know much in relation to that stuff, is there a study guide or something for it?”

“Sure, I can give you one at the PokéCenter.”


After about thirty minutes Golanth had looked over the study material and took the test. He was told there would be some time required for processing so he could either wait around or wander around the city. As he left for the precinct, a sharp headache started up but faded almost as quickly as it started.


* * *


“Hey there Golanth! So what questions can I help you get answered?”

“Hey Charlie, the Tamer’s exam answered some of the questions but I could use some clarification on where exactly where we are. As well as some things I should be aware of as I move around.”

“Okay, well let me start with where we are. We are in the Capital League, more specifically, this is Wildsburg, and given the history of this place, I’m surprised you are even alive. The feral pokégirls are rather vicious and there are a lot of them. As a matter of fact, the hospitals here are heavily guarded all the time to keep those who are injured safe. These feral pokégirls are such a problem that we actually push for our tamers to have strong pokégirls to help fend off the attacks. The capital of the Capital League is Stamford and we are about ninety-two kilometers Southeast of it. I tell ya, it’s quite the trek especially without a pokégirl of your own. I presume you are waiting for the results from your Tamer’s exam, correct?”

“Yes. I figured I would come by and get some of my questions answered while I was waiting for those to come back.”

“Okay. Now for what you should be aware of as you move around. The first and foremost thing on your mind at all times should always be if there are ferals in the area. Remember that your Pokégirls are a great asset in fights against those ferals and should not be underestimated. The outcome of that fight earlier was a rare one. Generally, a pokégirl will always beat a trainer in a fight. You just got lucky and that she was a new trainee and had very little battle experience.”

“Speaking of her, why did she come after me in the first place?”

“She gave some sort of cryptic response, something along the lines of that you were dimension hopping and they needed you for their cause or something like that. I don’t know what she meant by that though.”

“I’m not sure anyone is really capable of that.”

“That’s what I’m thinking too which is what makes it all the weirder.”

“Was there any other reason she attacked me?”

“None that we could get out of her.”

“Hmm, well that is definitely interesting.”

“Yeah it is, do you have any other questions I can help with?”

“None that I can think of now.”

“Ok feel free to swing by and ask if you have any more questions. Your exam results should be processed by now.”

“Thanks Cap. I’ll be sure to swing by if I ever have any other questions. See you later.”



* * *


As he walked back to the PokéCenter, he pondered the new information. What pulled him here? The whisper he heard when he woke up, what did it mean?


As he walked into the PokéCenter, he was greeted by Janice.


“Hey there.”

“Hello again, Janice. Are my results back yet?”

“For the most part yes, I just need a small blood sample from you to finalize the tests and you should be good to go. you did pass the written portion though.”

“That’s good to hear. I don’t quite know how you are going to get around these scales with that needle though, apparently the strike force couldn’t tranquilize me even though they didn’t miss a shot.”

“I’ll just have to take my time and work around them, a luxury I’m sure they didn’t have with you barreling down on them.”

“Guess not.”


Janice proceeded to slide a needle under one of Golanth’s scales and drew blood.


“Okay. This will take roughly a day to get the results for so don’t wander too far off. In the meantime, I’m sure you would love to get started knowing your new Pokégirl. Normally we don’t give this type of ‘girl out as a starter, but I think you would be a perfect match for what she wanted. She isn’t feral either which will help some. Anyway, here is your pokedex, your standard issue book, and five empty pokeballs.”

“Okay well I definitely have some reading to do.”


A few hours later after he was sure he got all the information he could out of the book, he decided it would be a good idea to go see if Charlie needed any help down at the precinct.


* * *


“Back again already? I thought you would be hooking up right about now.”

“I would be if I wasn’t here.”

“That’s true. So what brings you here?”

“Actually I came here to ask if you needed any help. I figured I’d at least get a job while I’m here.”

“So you’re a man with a sense of purpose. That’s always good to hear. There are too many kids who wanna go out and get all the badges and qualify for the championship of the region or something crazy like that. Honestly I just wish that they would be safe.”

“Youths are crazy sometimes aren’t they?”

“They sure are. Say how about we talk about you working for the security corps over dinner, my treat?”

“Sure. Lead the way.”


* * *


Charlie and Golanth walked into a restaurant known as, “Taste of the Amazon.”


“Huh. Rather interesting name.”

“Yeah, well I guess almost everything has been sexualized. Hope you don’t mind spicy food.”


After being seated by a very attractive pokégirl, and their orders taken, Charlie started talking.


“Well there definitely aren’t a lot of your kind around here, and I'm not just talking about the Blood Curse you obviously have, but also the fact that you basically forgave the team who knocked you flat earlier today and even came back to want to work with them. That’s just remarkable.”

“Well the events of today definitely helped influence my decision, and from what I learned, the feral pokégirls are much too dangerous to those who are squishy like us. I figured your help in me finding out what truly lies out there, I kinda want to help keep people safe from that when they come to seek safety in the cities.”
“That is definitely something I like to hear. I’d love to have someone with your mindset on my team. Your fighting style is very impressive, I must say. Where did you ever learn to fight that way?”

“Well, I kinda just developed it just by walking through a very large number of situations in which I would have to be fighting someone and just started creating a style that would be a good all around sort of style. One that would work against all the combinations of moves I could come up with in my head.”

“For someone to invent a fighting style like that is just awe inspiring.”


“I’m proud to welcome you to the security corps. We just have a few more bits of paperwork to fill out before I can get you your uniform. You will need a second Pokégirl at some point in the near future. Don’t worry, they aren’t that hard to get ahold of, especially in this line of work.”


* * *


On the way back to the precinct, Golanth stopped suddenly and had it not been so dark, Charlie likely would not have run into him.


“What is it? Why did you stop all of a sudden?”

“Shh. Do you still have Ann and Diane with you?”

“Of course I do. I always have them with me.”

“Good we may need them and I haven’t tamed mine yet.”

“What? Is that why you stopped? Did you see something? Can you see in the dark?”

“Look who has all the questions now. Yes I did see something, it headed left past the next building. Everything seems pretty darn clear to me right now so I think I can see in the dark. Move quietly so as to not draw its attention. Do you have night vision equipment with you?”

“No I didn’t think we would be out this last so I left it behind.”

“Okay, well you are just gonna have to stay close then.”


The pair snuck closer to the corner of the building and Golanth peeked around the corner. There she was, a feral pokégirl pacing back and forth in front of a young couple who had been out for a late night stroll at the wrong place, at the wrong time.



“What do you see Golanth?”

“There is a feral pacing back and forth in front of a young couple outside, they must have been taking a walk.”

“Damn, now I know why I hired you.”

“Can either of your ’girls see in the dark?”

“Only Diane has her equipment with her so she can see with goggles.”
“Good, pull her out tell her where I went. I’m gonna use my slightly tougher skin to buy these people some time.”

“Alright, sounds like a plan.”


Catching the feral off guard, Golanth was able to land a hard blow to her back send her sprawling for long enough for the young couple to scurry back to their home. The fight quickly turned to the feral’s favor since Golanth was worried more about the safety of the young couple.


The feral let out an angered snarl and leapt onto him. Quickly, Golanth was on his back with a feral Catgirl on top of him who was angry for losing her meal. Golanth didn’t have to hold out long. Diane came from around the corner and let out a powerful fire blast which hit the catgirl square in the back. Golanth quickly threw a pokéball at her and after a short delay, the capture tone chimed.


Golanth let out a sigh as he picked up the pokéball..


“Damn that was close. That young couple was lucky we came by at the right time.”

“Well they were more lucky you could see in the dark, they may have been severely injured if you hadn’t been able to see the catgirl when you did.”

“I’m also lucky she only scratched at me I only have a few scrapes here and there thanks to these scales.”

“Well it’s getting late now. Come by tomorrow and we will finish the paperwork for your new job.”

“Alright. See you then.”


* * *


Golanth sat on the edge of the bed in the Taming room. He pondered the day’s events as he held the pokeball containing his starter. What made him so special as to receive the pokégirl contained within the pokéball in his hand? Figuring he would prefer having some information before proceeding, he pulled out his pokédex and scanned the pokéball in his hand. As the ‘dex rambled on about the information on the ‘girl contained within, he thought to himself, “Well, I must be really special to be handed a Draco, especially if she isn’t feral.” Closing the pokédex and placing it on the bedside table, Golanth opened the pokéball. Before him stood a lovely girl who looked oddly like him through color scheme. The only difference was, her red was clearer, more like ruby. He caught a few glimpses of scales here and there. “Guess they haven’t hardened then.” he thought to himself.


* *


She materialized out of her Pokéball. “Well I haven’t gone feral, but I feel like that will be close. Have they already found someone for me?” she thought. Turning around she saw a figure sitting on the bed. She couldn’t tell who or what it was because it was too dark, but it didn’t have the silhouette of a human.


* *


“Why does it seem like she can’t tell what I…” He stopped mid- thought, he realized he forgot to turn the light on. With his night vision, it seemed normal to him.


“Sorry about that, I forgot to turn the light on.”


“There isn’t any need to be worried, although I won’t force you into a situation that makes you feel that way. Feel free to let me know if I do.”


With that, he flicked on the lights. It took a moment for both their eyes to adjust to the light. and they stood facing each other from across the room.


“Sorry about the light.”

“That’s okay.”


* *


Now that she could see, the details of the figure before her began to take form. A dragon, about seven feet tall stood before her. His scales were a very deep shade of black, offset by a secondary color of red. His torso was bare of any clothing, but he was wearing dark green camouflage shorts. Large wings were tucked behind him and a tail wrapped around his shadow. His green eyes were a calm contrast to the rest of him.


“May I ask why you aren’t wearing a shirt?’

“I cannot wear shirts the way my wings hit my body, the shirt would be two separate pieces, a rectangle in the back and whatever remains. The membrane of my wings carries down almost to my hip. My name is Golanth, probably should have said that earlier.”

“That’s alright. You have a very interesting name.”

“Thanks. I’m sure you have a lovely name as well, I’d love to hear it.”

“My name is whatever name you give me. Once I thresholded into a pokégirl, my old name became obsolete.”

“Oh come on, I hardly think that is true. What was your old name?”

“It was Abigail.”

“Would you like to keep that name?”

“Yeah. I guess I would.”

“Then hello, Abigail.”


She blushed. She hadn’t expected her request to actually work. When she had thresholded into a Draco, her family became disappointed. So much, in fact, that they nearly threw her out. They didn’t think anyone would want her, so she left in the middle of the night and escaped to the PokéCenter. When she arrived, Janice happened to be on duty. She spent a couple hours explaining her situation to her. She told Janice that she wanted to be given to one who would understand her. She wanted a kind Tamer, one who liked dragons. She trusted Janice with her request, and it got her what she wanted and in only two days.


* *


“So this is the one she thought I’d be a good match for. I’d say that seems right.” he thought.


“So do you have anything interesting you wanna share?”

“Well my family nearly kicked me out of the house once they found out I had thresholded. The only reason they kept me was because I was their daughter. They didn’t think anyone would want me. I tried to get myself to a good Tamer, so I left my house in the middle of the night and made it here. I explained my situation to Janice and she helped me, so here I am.”

“Well that sounds a bit harsh. I’m sure they also miss you a lot, given that you just ran away. Do they live near here?”

“Yes. I was born and raised here in this town.”

“Great, maybe we should go back and visit sometime.”

“I guess that would be a good idea.”

“How about we go visit tomorrow? I have a couple of errands to run, I get my blood test back in the morning, then it is down to the precinct to finish all the paperwork there.”

“Okay sounds like a plan, but first, there is a slightly more important thing to attend to.”

“Would that be keeping you from going feral?”

“Look at you being smart,” she said with a smile.



Known Blood Gifts: Blank Mind, Claws, Night Vision, Scales

Known Blood Curses: Pokeboy 4, Rage



Abigail, Draco - Level 5

Catgirl, (feral) - Level ??



Tamer Y

Breeder N

Watcher N

Researcher N

Master Tamer N

Hunter Pending


Security Clearance:


None/ Pending change