Chapter 35
(06/30/99 0900 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                Faelan went back into a ready position and the flames on his sword vanished. Shikarou watched him warily as he copied his brother’s movements. “Svetlana informs me that Sandy is here.”
                “Ah. I was expecting her soon.” Shikarou dismissed his sword. “That means your training is over for now.”
                “Her real name isn’t Sandy, is it?” Faelan’s sword vanished as well. He straightened and stretched slowly.
                Shikarou grinned. “Now, you know I can’t lie. She does go by Sandy sometimes, but her most famous name is Sexmet.”
                Faelan’s mouth dropped. “Sexmet? She was at your Yule party?” His ears flicked. “Well, I must admit that’s a social coup.” He frowned. “And who was her friend?”
                “That would have been Bastit.” He grinned. “I’m afraid you missed Macavity’s visit.”
                “Remind me to never get into a name-dropping match with you. So, who’s next, Typhonna?”
                Shikarou chuckled and assumed a pose of mock thoughtfulness. “No, she’s a little hard on the landscape. I was thinking that Cocooner is too hard on the people, so she’s out as well. If I could locate them, I’d invite Moan and Sexebi.” He grinned. “Inviting Legendaries, now that’s hubris.” He glanced behind his brother. “Right, Sexmet?”
                Faelan stiffened at the warm chuckle behind him. “You should be pleased enough with the ones who come to visit, since we are the best of the bunch. I would think that wanting more would be a display of the highest flights of ego, kind of like dropping the ‘lady’ you’d been calling me before.”
                Shikarou shrugged. “You seemed to be happy enough not being Lady Sandy at Yule. Besides, all you have to do is insist.”
                Sexmet stepped past Faelan, giving him a wink before she looked at Shikarou. Today she was in the same form he’d seen her at Yule, that of a Nubian woman with catlike traits. She smiled. “I’m starting to understand you just a bit, Shikarou. It’s when people start making demands that you suddenly become intractable.” She smiled. “Sexmet is fine, at least for now.”
                “She’s right about you getting stubborn when people start issuing orders.” Faelan nodded sagely.
                Shikarou gave his brother a glance. “Thanks for the support.” He sighed. “So, I’m pretty sure Lorelei hasn’t been to talk to you since yesterday, so I suspect you felt she was in danger and showed up to see what was going on.” His ears flicked. “I don’t suppose saying that she got hurt but now she’s better would be sufficient, would it?” He gave her a hopeful look. “I’ll ask Helen to prepare some delicious seafood pasta dish for dinner.”
                Her mouth twitched in a smile. “Branwyn’s already doing that for me, so you can’t use that as a distraction.”               
                “Oh. I see. I don’t suppose that there is anything else I could use to distract you?”
                An eyebrow rose. “Actually, yes, there is; if you were willing to help me out with an experiment.”
                Shikarou smiled. “So, what could I do?”
                “Lorelei has told me some very interesting stories about you and I could be distracted if you helped me to test her words for truth.” She folded her arms under her breasts. “I haven’t had a good male lover in a while.”
                Faelan froze. Shikarou cocked his head curiously. “Is this going to be a threesome?”
                Sexmet smiled and shook her head in the negative. “Bastit is rather unhappy that she’s not welcome here, but she’s decided not to press the issue.” She shrugged. “So I’m here alone.”
                Shikarou nodded. “Actually, I now have designed a spell that will protect us from her pheromones, so I don’t see why she couldn’t come here to visit. In fact, I would be grateful if you would give her my formal invitation.”
                His ears flicked. “My only problem with her was the fact that her pheromones took away our ability to choose if we wanted to agree with her or accede to her wishes. Free choice is one of the cornerstones of where Faelan and I come from and, now that we can have that, she’s as welcome here as you are.”
                Sexmet blinked and her ears went flat for a second. “I would prefer that spell not become common knowledge.”
                “At this point in time I don’t see any reason for anyone outside my family to have access to it.”
                The Legendary smiled. “That’s going to be the best answer I can get from you, isn’t it?”
                “Yes, it is.”
                Sexmet sighed. “Very well, I’ll let Bastit know she can come here. So, are you going to try to distract me?”
                Faelan became very still.
                Shikarou glanced at him and then turned back to Sexmet. “I think I’d like to give you a distraction.”
                She suddenly looked very amused. “Of course, you mean you’d like to try to distract me.”
                “There is no try. There is only do or do not.” Faelan winced and shook his head slowly.
                Sexmet stepped up to Shikarou. “I’ve been told that you’ve become a metamorph. Is this true?”
                “Would you like to see?” When she nodded, he shifted into his wolf form. Her eyes widened and her ears flicked uncertainly. “You may touch me if you wish.”
                She ran her hands over his head and down his neck. “I suppose a cat would be too much to hope for.” She touched his nose. “Have you tried in this form? Taming, I mean?”
                He lifted his head to meet her eyes. “If you are feeling experimental, I could probably be talked into it.”
                She smiled. “What if I tried some nonverbal persuasion?”
                Shikarou rumbled a chuckle. “I’m sure I’d be willing to consider whatever you might not have to say.”
                She blinked and gave a short laugh. “You’re bigger than me when I’m like this.” An odd look came into her eyes and her ears canted diffidently. “Would you let me ride you?”
                Faelan held his breath as Shikarou hesitated and finally nodded. “Yes.”
                Sexmet grabbed his ruff and swung smoothly onto his back. “Can we go somewhere more … more private?” She was giving Faelan a slightly unfriendly look as she spoke. “I think we might want to be alone.” She yelped in shock as Shikarou was suddenly in motion and they quickly disappeared from sight.
                Faelan shook his head slowly and headed for Peacetown, muttering to himself as he did. “No, he went with Sexmet. Yes, I can guess what they are doing. No, I don’t care. Svetlana, it’s none of our business.” He snickered. “Right. Like she’ll buy that.”
(06/30/99 1700 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                Shikarou came bounding up to the hill next to the inn and skidded to a halt. Sexmet laughed and jumped off of him as he changed back to his human form. He chuckled. “Buy you a drink?”
                “Do you think everyone on the island is in there waiting for us?” She gave him an amused look. She was in her Catgirl form now and rubbed the fur on her cheek slowly as she waited for his response.
                “Everyone? No, I doubt that. Everyone who’s not feral? I won’t speculate on that question.” He opened the door and peeked inside. “It’s not quite everyone, but there are more people than is usual for this time of day.”
                Branwyn gave him a smile from where she sat with Faelan, Svetlana and Ygerna. “Don’t be shy, come in.” She inclined her head slightly at the Sidhe queen. See what a different cat dragged in. She’s paying your brother a lot of attention. Svetlana’s not very happy about it.
                Better him than me. He led Sexmet inside and waved her towards the table as he stopped to have a quick word with the bar Elf. “Rani, beer for me and the lady would like scotch.”
                Rani bobbed her head. “Right away.” She dropped her voice. “Is that really her?”
                “Yes. She’s not here for trouble; she just wanted to check up on Lorelei.”
                Rani shook her head. “Whatever you say, but Lorelei has been in here off and on all day and I haven’t seen her before. I’ll have your drinks in a moment.”
                Shikarou shook his head and joined everyone else. “Ok, for everyone who met Sandy at Yule, she also goes by Sexmet.” Only Ygerna’s eyes went wide. Svetlana merely looked amused. “Sexmet, this is my wife, Branwyn, my brother, Faelan, his wife, Svetlana and our guest, Ygerna.”
                Sexmet nodded a greeting. “I’ve met most of you, but you weren’t married to each other before. Congratulations on finding some men who’d marry pokegirls.”
                Svetlana chuckled. “Now we hope that they will stop.” Branwyn snickered loudly and Ygerna looked amused.
                Svetlana noticed the Sidhe’s response and her eyes narrowed.
                Branwyn smirked at Sexmet. “I hope we can have Shikarou back. If Helen doesn’t get her evening milking from him, you may find fugu in your seafood.” She raised an eyebrow when Sexmet looked confused. “It’s a species of blowfish. It’s very toxic.”
                “Oh. By all means, I’m done with him for now.” She grinned. “I’ve had one hunger taken care of for a while. Now it’s time for some of the others.”
                Ygerna looked surprised. “That’s interesting. You treat him like most Tamers treat their pokegirls.”
                Sexmet’s eyes narrowed. “You’d better explain that statement, because right now I’m not sure I like it.”
                The Sidhe shrugged. “I don’t really care how you feel about my words, but you are acting like he’s disposable. I seriously doubt that makes him feel any kinder towards you.” She smiled thinly. “And, from personal experience, I know that right after you dismiss him is when you seem to suddenly need him more than ever.”
                She sipped at her tea and turned amused eyes on the Legendary. “I was just surprised to see you treat him in the same manner that you claim you don’t want your Sphinxes to be treated.”
                The Legendary’s ears flattened. “I don’t believe we’ve met before. Just what do you know about me?”
                “Oh, I’ve been watching you ever since that human created you. I remember just how angry you were when the Sphinxes started dying, thanks to the Chinese.” She leaned back. “I also remember how angry you were when Sanctuary started killing off your Cheetit and Cheetaura to replace with the abominations they created.
                “I watched all of the so called Legendary pokegirls as they were created and again as many of them were destroyed. After all, I had to assess what kind of threat you might pose to the British Isles. Fortunately it was never much of an issue, since the really destructive ones gave us a wide berth.”
                Svetlana had the expression of someone watching a tanker full of gasoline skidding towards a cliff and who could do nothing to stop it. Shock, horror and anticipation flashed across her face in rapid sequence.
                Sexmet growled low in her throat. “And just who are you?”
                “I’m the,” her teeth gritted, the words emerging low and angry. “Former queen of an ancient order of magical knights. Recently I was betrayed and ousted. Having no where else to go, I was forced to seek the protection of Faelan and his brother here.” She sighed. “Right after I did something that would have made any lesser man turn me away in my hour of need.” She gave Faelan a fond look. He looked uncomfortable at her words. Svetlana looked like she was trying not to be angry and losing the battle.
                Sexmet snorted. “I’ll never be that bad off.”
                Shikarou sighed. “While watching the two of you fight might be fun, you are both my guests, so I’m going to have to ask you to stop.”
                Ygerna flushed. “Please, forgive me.”
                The Legendary looked amused. “You give in too easily.”
                Ygerna gave her a haughty look. “You don’t know who he is and I’m not going to enlighten you. You also, apparently, don’t know anything about the rules of hospitality.”
                “Enough.” They both looked at Shikarou. “I asked you to stop.” He looked at Sexmet. “I thought you wanted to see Lorelei.”
                “I do.”
                “Then, let’s go see her.”
                Sexmet frowned. “What about dinner?”
                “If you stop acting like Jenova, then you may stay. Keep trying to fight with my guests and I’ll be forced to ask you to leave.”
                “And if I chose not to?”
                Shikarou took a deep breath. “Why is it everyone always wants to know the consequences of becoming belligerent? Why don’t they say to themselves, ‘he’s been a nice person up to this point, maybe he’s changed because I’m being an ass and I might want to stop that behavior’?”
                Sexmet blinked in shock. “Did you say I was being an ass?”
                He smiled. “No, I merely hinted broadly.”
                “You’ve got some gall, I’ll admit that. Nobody has ever talked to me that way.”
                He shrugged. “I’m just a breath of fresh air.”
                Sexmet stared at him for a moment and then burst out laughing. “That you are. Have it your way, this time. Let’s go see Lorelei.”
                As Shikarou led her out of the inn, Ygerna frowned and looked curious. “Doesn’t it bother him that she’s laughing at him? It’s very insulting.”
                Branwyn shook her head. “Shikarou doesn’t care if someone takes him lightly. He did get what he wanted, which was for the two of you to stop arguing.”
                Svetlana nodded. “I believe that he enjoys it when someone underestimates him. He believes that eventually the opportunity will arise in which that will cost them dearly, and I think that, sometimes, he helps those situations to arise.”
                Branwyn gave her a startled look. “I never thought about it that way, but you may be right.”
                “You’re right, but you are also wrong.” Faelan sipped at his beer.
                Svetlana gave him an annoyed look. “So, enlighten us.”
                He grinned. “Shikarou thinks that the best way to go through life is as quietly as possible, which lets him focus on the things he believes to be important, as opposed to what others might want. Being underestimated helps that to happen, because no one thinks he can be of use.”
                “But he’s king of this island.” Svetlana gave him a puzzled look.
                “And he’d foisted as much of the work as possible off on Lynn and to a lesser extent, Molly and me. The Blue League goes to her first and then she goes to him.”
                “I never thought of it that way.”
                Ygerna frowned. “It appears he’s much more complex than I suspected. I wonder what he has planned for Germanicus.”
                “Ask him. He’ll either tell you or he won’t.” He shrugged. “But you won’t know until you ask him.”
                The Sidhe woman gave him a curious look. “Do you have any ideas of what to do to Germanicus?”
                “Yes, I do. But Shikarou is much more creative than I am about that sort of thing, so I want to see what he has planned first. Then, I’ll decide if my ideas are better. Assuming, of course, that I have time to present them before Shikarou starts rendering Germanicus down for soup.”
                “Lich bones are very poisonous due to several of the processes they have to go through as part of their creation.” Ygerna looked slightly ill at the prospect of eating one.
                “I know that and so does Shikarou. He’d make soup out of Germanicus to feed to Kenneth and the rest of the people who helped him.” A grim look crossed his face. “After all, it was their assistance which allowed Germanicus to pursue you and kill our people.”
                Ygerna blinked. “He would do that? Really?” She smiled cheerfully. “In that case, I’ll have to ask if he needs any spices or vegetables.”
(06/30/99 1930 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                There came a quiet knock and the door cracked open. “You wanted to see me, sir?” Mary Forsythe looked at him uncertainly.
                Shikarou smiled. “No, I didn’t.” He nodded to someone she couldn’t see in the back of the room. “She does, however, and I want to be here to make sure things go without any coercion. Please, come in and have a seat.”
                Gwen pushed past her. “Ok.” Mary sighed and followed her pokegirl. She hesitated when she saw who else was in the room before steeling herself and settling down in a chair.
                Ygerna watched them silently. Morgan hovered protectively nearby and Judith and Barbie leaned against the wall next to the door leading to the loo.
                “So, how’s it hanging?” Gwen was busy pouring herself some tea and already had a plate filled with cookies. She loved the ones Helen called “Oreos” and ate them whenever she got the opportunity. She flashed a crumb laden smile at Shikarou and Ygerna before taking a loud slurp of tea.
                Shikarou sighed silently. “A little to the right today.” Gwen snickered at the old joke.
                Mary ignored Ygerna’s presence. “So, do you happen to know what she wants with me?”
                “I think she wants to make you a job offer.” Gwen choked on a cookie at his words and turned to stare at her Tamer.
                Mary nodded. “I see.” She turned to Ygerna. “I’ve started teaching Gwen magic spells.”
                The Dragoness gave a deep scowl. “That is a privilege given only to the queen’s guard.” Ygerna nodded at Morgan’s words.
                Mary nodded. “Then, I guess we’re done.” She nodded to Shikarou. “That was easy.” She started to rise.
                “Wait.” Mary paused as Ygerna gave Shikarou a slightly annoyed look. “You’ve made her impertinent.”
                “I haven’t made her anything.” He smiled. “Mary has a healthy attitude towards absurdity and I suspect that it’s only been allowed free reign since she came here.” Mary gave him a grateful smile that he returned. “Do me a small favor and please stay to hear what she has to say.”
                Mary gave him a considering look. “Very well.” She inclined her head to Ygerna. “Lady.”
                Ygerna nodded gracefully in return. “Dame Mary, I would like you to return to my service. I need all of my loyal knights about me in this time of trouble and you were driven from our ranks by Gregory and his anger. I don’t want you to blame me for his actions and I need you to rejoin me. I need you, the Order of Pendragon needs you, and the British Isles need you.”
                Mary looked evenly at her for a full minute before speaking. “You countenanced the way women are treated in the Order, did you not?”
                Ygerna shrugged slightly. “The vast majority of the Order is composed of men. I had to consider their needs over those of my handful of women and, in truth, the slights they had to undergo were of little consequence.” She crossed her legs. “Such are the decisions that rulers must make.”
                “Oh? He doesn’t make decisions like that.” Mary glanced at Shikarou. “He believes that the needs of the individual are more important than the needs of the group. If the individual cannot function within that group, she should be allowed to find another group to socialize with.”
                Ygerna gave Shikarou an amused look. “That is one of the fallacies of the young. He’ll outgrow it in time.” She smiled. “And I would hardly consider the Order of Pendragon to be a mere social club.”
                Mary gave Shikarou an odd look. “Do you think that will happen? That you’ll change and become like her?”
                He shook his head. “No. Kerrik is far older than she is and he’s still a strong individualist. And, if I did start to change like that, I expect a group of angry pokegirls and Tamers would beat me until I remembered my roots.”
                Gwen harrumphed crumbs over his desk. “I’d lead that group,” she muttered around another cookie. Barbie looked mildly repulsed at the scene as Mary gave Shikarou an apologetic look.
                Mary shook her head. “I was a full knight and was treated like a servant by the other knights, as well as the higher ranked squires. As a woman, I was also treated by many as if I were a pokegirl. Some of them thought they had taming rights and there were a few I couldn’t turn down.” Her eyes blazed. “Here, I am valued for myself and I’m not expected to bring coffee, donuts and a blowjob for my king.”
                “Now there was tha...” Gwen interrupted but she froze when she registered the look Shikarou was giving her. She blinked rapidly several times and looked away. Morgan watched the exchange with interest and more than a little curiosity.
                Mary continued. “I am happy in my service to Shikarou and, with all due respect to both of you, I chose to continue with him.”
                Shikarou nodded. “Thank you for your time, Mary.”
                “I am not done.” Ygerna’s eyes narrowed. “There are other things she needs to know about the situation.”
                “Yes, you are done. Mary doesn’t seem interested in whatever appeals you have to make and you will respect her choice.” Shikarou smiled humorlessly. “You are a guest of my brother and I respect that, but I am the lord of these lands and you will not bother Mary again.”
                “And if I ignore your command?”
                “Again, someone wants to know consequences.” His eyes narrowed. “Very well. If either Mary or Gwen informs me that you were bothering them, I won’t even bother to find out if you were doing something innocuous. I will eject you from my island and you can go annoy someone else. I hope I am clear enough for you to understand. Oh, and just for the record, I dare because it is my land and my will is supreme here.” He nodded towards the door and it slowly opened by itself. “Good evening. Mary, Gwen, please stay for a moment.”
                Ygerna looked at him angrily as she left, followed by her entourage. Shikarou leaned back in his chair. “Sorry about that, but she was going to ask you even if I tried to stop her. I hoped I could make it easier for you to decide what you wanted to do in a more formal setting, where she couldn’t try to force anything.”
                “Did you think we would go back to her?” Mary sounded slightly hurt. “I swore an oath to you.”
                “Actually, I thought you’d tell her to go to hell, but I had to give you the chance to decide for yourself.” He tapped a finger on his desk idly. “I would have released you from your oath, if you’d decided to return to her service.”
                “I’d like the two of you to formally join the Caomh Sith Guard. I know you’ve been helping them out unofficially, but I want to formalize things so you will hopefully have less trouble when your duties take you to other parts of the Blue League.”               
                Mary nodded. “I’ll do it in the morning.”
                “Thank you. Gwen?”
                The Neo Iczel gave him a startled look. “What?”
                “Will you join as well? I know Mary is your Tamer, but I’m going to have a lot of work for both of you, and it may involve you going on missions alone.” He flicked his ears. “In fact, Mary, you might want to consider getting a second pokegirl for your personal protection. Gwen is pretty tough and I may be taking advantage of that a lot in the near future.” He smiled slightly. “You are tough too, but few people off of the island are going to believe it until after you set them on fire.”
                Gwen grinned. “Am I going to have to bring you coffee, donuts and give you a blowjob like Mary did?”
                Mary smacked her on the shoulder. “I wanted to do that. You know he didn’t order me to do anything. Besides, you weren’t left alone.” She grimaced. “You broke his desk while he was taming you, didn’t you?”
                “And my wrist.” Shikarou commented.
                Gwen snorted. “It didn’t slow you down any.” She sobered. “So, you are willing to trust me without her around?”
                “A pokegirl isn’t a puppet. You just happen to be a person who has a psychic bond with Mary. That doesn’t change who you are or what you are capable of doing on your own, if you go on the road for a few days now and then.” He leaned forward and swiped at the crumbs on his desk. “I know how high your libido is and I’ll do everything I can to make sure you two aren’t apart more than that.” He grimaced and wiped his hand on his pants. “That isn’t a promise, by the bye, but you know that I’ll give it my best shot.”
                The Neo Iczel clasped her hands behind her back and rocked on the balls of her feet. “If you are actually going to trust a nasty, vicious and violent pokegirl like myself, then I guess I will repay that trust. I’ll sign up tomorrow, too.”
                “Thank you. I appreciate this a great deal.”
(07/01/99 0800 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                The man stepped off the ferry and looked around. He whistled quietly. “Now, this is one crappy place.”
                The Demoness who’d come down the gangplank behind him snorted. “Well, I doubt she had a lot of choice in the matter.”
                Her Tamer shrugged. “I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. Still, she called and we answer.” Suddenly, he catapulted sideways as a form crashed into him. It held on, spun him in a circle and smashed him to the ground.
                The Demoness started to step forward but froze as a cold barrel pressed against the back of her neck. A voice hissed at her. “This is a Tirsuli needler and, if you so much as blink violently, I will turn your brain into mush.”
                The man was flipped facedown and his arms were pinned behind him. The sound of ratcheting was heard and he cried out as he was jerked roughly to his feet. An angry face surrounded by a cloud of blue hair glared into his.
                Alice grinned savagely. “Nice to see you again, Marcus.” She spun him around and pulled a pokeball from his belt. The Demoness disappeared into its capture beam. Alice tucked the ball into her pocket and looked at Amy. “Nice job. How did you keep Lilith still?”
                The Cheshire held up her retractable pen. “Needler gun.” She flicked it a couple of times and stuck it in the breast pocket of her uniform before giggling. “She’s so stupid.”
(07/01/99 1100 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                “You have got to be shitting me!” Stardust flinched at the naked fury in Shikarou’s voice. “He’s fucking loyal?” He noticed her edging away from him and sighed. “I’m sorry but this is just,” he broke off and growled. “Frustrating as hell. I finally get my hands on Mr. Pendleton-Smythe and I have to give him up to Ygerna?” He continued, in a calmer voice. “I was really hoping he was a plant so I could pay him back for Glasgow.”
                Stardust slipped her arm through his and kissed his cheek. “What would you rather do to him?” She blinked as her mind touched his. “Oh. That’s pretty violent.” She snickered. “I don’t think Ygerna could use him after that.”
                He gave a tiny chuckle. “I suppose you are right. Tell Branwyn to cut him loose and put out the word that he’s off limits.”
                “Did you hear how Amy caught his Demoness?”
                Shikarou frowned. “No, I didn’t. Is it going to be important?”
                “Amy stuck a pen to the back of her skull and told her it was some kind of gun. I’m betting Lilith is never going to live that down.” Stardust gave him a big smile. “She may even do something stupid like attack Amy. Her track record on intelligent decisions isn’t that remarkable so far; she’s with Marcus and she got captured with a pen.”
                Shikarou’s ears canted sideways. “Well, you know the pen is mightier than the sword.”
                She hit him gently. “That is so bad.” A smile flickered around her lips and she gave him a glare as he smiled. “Don’t grin at me like that; the only reason I think that’s funny is because you do and I’m stuck with your emotions. I’m still smart enough to know that you have a twisted sense of humor.”
                “If she attacks Amy, under Blue League law, he’s responsible,” Shikarou mused. “No, then I’m sure Ygerna would try to obligate me for his loss. Make sure Molly tells him what will happen if Lilith attacks someone outside of a regulation pokegirl battle.” His lip twisted in a snarl. “Make sure to stress that she should probably use small words and repeat herself often.”
(07/01/99 1200 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                Shikarou settled back in the hot tub and relaxed as the heat penetrated sore muscles. While he regenerated, building new muscle was still work and there was still a cost that had to be paid.
                The door slid open and closed. One of his ears rotated and he sniffed the air. “Pythia.”
                She slipped carefully into his lap. “Greetings, my general. I hope you don’t mind the intrusion.”
                He kissed the end of her nose. “Not at all.” A smile appeared when she licked his face. “May I ask what you want?”
                “You don’t think your physicality is reason enough for me to seek out your company?” She pouted and then spoiled it by winking.
                “Of course it is.” He snorted. “However, your approach is much more direct when that’s all you want.”
                She shifted and straddled his waist before pulling his head down to rub against her bosom. “This isn’t direct?”
                Shikarou chuckled and forced his head up against her grip. “I didn’t say you didn’t want tamed, I just want to know what else it is you’re here for.”
                Her tail slapped against his legs. “Don’t you think I’m sexy enough, or is it you want Sexmet back?” She gave him a coy look and arched her back, presenting her breasts for his inspection.
                She hissed in pleasure when he sucked her nipple into his mouth. She slowly rolled her hips, rubbing herself against his growing hardness.
                Shikarou ran the tips of his nails down her back. Pythia gave a low moan and twisted beneath his touch. “Yesssss.” He twisted her other nipple and she grabbed his head and pulled him against her. Her groin ground against his, trapping his erection between them. She rubbed her pussy along the length of his hardness, sighing in satisfaction.
                Using his shoulders as leverage, she pushed herself up until he grabbed her hips and pulled her back down. She smiled and licked his lips. “Don’t you want me?”
                “I do, but we are not going to do this from the rear.” He gave her an amused look. “Your tail hits me in the face, and I don’t want to go through that again when it’s wet.”
                “Then, we’ll do it like this.” She raised her body, reaching between them to guide his head to her opening. “If you think this is safer.”
                Shikarou tightened his grip on her waist and pulled her onto him. Her eyes closed as she savored the feelings of him slowly sliding inside her. Pythia opened her eyes and smiled as she rose up until he was just inside her before dropping, burying him inside her until he was completely inside. He sputtered as water surged between them and sloshed over his face.
                She laughed quietly as he tightened his grip on her and stood, turning to put her ass on the edge of the deck that surrounded the tub. Her smiled faded as he drove himself into her. Teeth flashed as she sank them into his shoulder and she cried out into his skin.
                Shikarou winced and she immediately released him. “Sorry.” She lapped at the bite and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Don’t stop.”
                He began moving slowly, each stroke driving his length into her core. Her legs tightened with each thrust and reluctantly loosened to allow his withdrawal.
                As he thrust, Shikarou dropped his head and breathed in her fragrance, a spicy blend of things that were human and things that weren’t, it was uniquely hers and he would never mistake it for anyone else’s.
                Pythia’s legs urged him to a faster pace and he responded by slowly increasing the speed of his thrusts. A whine filled the air as she began thrashing her head from side to side.
                Shikarou drove harder, each thrust rocking her body forwards. The whine grew louder until she suddenly stiffened beneath him. Her body began shuddering and her teeth clamped together as her eyes rolled into her head. He could feel his orgasm building and kept thrusting until she began moving with him again.
                Pythia hissed into his ear. “Fill me. Please. Now.” She stiffened again, teeth locking and Shikarou groaned as he came, filling her with his seed as she shuddered and her pussy milked his cock.
                Slowly their breathing began to return to normal and he lifted himself until Pythia tightened her legs around his waist. “I want you to stay like that. You feel so good inside me.” Her arms went around him and she pulled him back down on top of her.
                He chuckled. Pythia gave him a curious look and his smile widened. “If you don’t mind, I would like to move somewhere. My lower body is still in the hot tub and there’s a water jet tickling my ass.”
                Pythia giggled. “Hold on.” She carefully floated up a handful of centimeters and backwards a meter or two before settling back down on the deck. Shikarou lifted his legs to keep them from dragging. “Better?”
                “Much.” He grinned. “I could ignore it while we were busy, but afterwards, it was damned annoying.” Her legs tightened reflexively as he shifted to make himself more comfortable. He licked her muzzle and she hummed at him. “Do you want to tell me what it is you wanted, now that the important stuff has been dealt with for a time.”
                The G-Spliced chuckled and her pussy muscles milked him again. He could feel himself stirring inside her. She met his eyes squarely with hers. “Later.”
(07/01/99 1400 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                Pythia lay spooned against his back, her arms tight around him. With long licks of her tongue, she groomed his ears. Shikarou’s teeth were gritted and his face was scrunched up but he stayed silent as she finished up.
                His back vibrated as she laughed quietly. “All done. You can stop tolerating what I’m doing.”
                Shikarou pressed his rump back against her gently. “It feels good when you are done, but while you’re doing it…” he trailed off.
                She licked his neck slowly and he shivered. “I’m ready to talk now, if you are ready to listen to me.”
                Shikarou reached back and patted her hip. “Then, please, do so.”
                “You are firmly on the path to your destiny. I’m sorry that it cost the life of some of our family and, if I’d known that, I would have warned you.” Her arms tightened their grip around him. “I hope you believe me.”
                “I do.”
                Relief filled her voice. “Thank you. I cannot do much more for you except try to advise you on what I see.” She suddenly sounded frustrated. “Which is damned little right now.”
                She sighed. “It’s odd. I have known my … I guess mission is a good word for it … mission since I was decanted. Now that you are going to have a confrontation with Germanicus and Eoghan, that mission has ended and I’m at loose ends.” Her muzzle wrinkled. “I don’t like it one bit. I feel like I’ve lost my focus.”
                “What can I do to help?”
                She giggled against his neck. “Haven’t you learned by now not to ask that question? You should know better, considering all of the trouble it’s gotten you into with others.”
                “You are mine and I want to help you. That will never change.” He turned in her arms to face her. “Never.”
                “Thank you,” she replied simply. Suddenly, she chuckled. “I just realized we’re lying on your hair.”
                “Don’t change the subject.”
                She gave him a glare. “I’m nervous.”
                Shikarou gave her an amused look. “I think the question of your virginity was settled conclusively some months ago. That means you don’t have anything to be nervous about.”
                She blinked at his words and began laughing quietly. “Trust you to deliberately misunderstand my words to try and make me feel better.”
                He smiled. “Did it work?”
                “Yes, blast you.” The G-Spliced rubbed her muzzle against his cheek. “I know that Yushiko and Dorothea serve you. Yes, I realize that Yushiko isn’t really a Celestial pokegirl, but they both are so happy.” She pressed her nose against his. “Do you have room for a slightly used fox in your collection of personal servants?”
                He chuckled and smirked at her. “You mean you don’t already know the answer to that?”
                She nipped his upper lip. “Don’t tease me, Shikarou. I don’t have a purpose and it’s terrifying.”
                “What is it that you are looking for from me? You should have at least a general idea of what you want.”
                Pythia nodded. “I do. I want to serve you in your role as a kami but I want to remain in your harem.” Her eyes softened. “I want children. I don’t want to be the only one of my kind in the world. I want your children, both pokegirl and whatever else we have together.” She shivered. “And I want to destroy Germanicus and Eoghan. No child will be safe as long as they continue to exist.”
                “I guess that means they will have to go, if only to protect my godson.” Shikarou looked thoughtful. “I do not see anything in your list that should prove impossible to give you.”
                “Do you understand what I want? I don’t want to be your priestess like Yushiko or be bound by your magic like Dorothea. I want to be the servant of a god, of you.”
                “I don’t really understand the difference, but since you seem to think my relationship with them is different, why do you want this?”
                “You’ve never asked what kind of pokegirl DNA was used in my creation. I am a mixture of Neo Iczel for combat, Esper for tactical skills and Megami-sama for power, access to the cosmic awareness and precognitive ability.” Her ears flicked nervously. “Did you know that on his last visit, your father made Dorothea and Svetlana his agents?”
                “Yeah. I found out about it from Dorothea.”
                “That’s when Svetlana relaxed and became nicer.” She nodded when his eyes widened. “Yes, I believe the two are linked.”
                “I want that. I want to belong, to serve.” Her eyes glittered with unshed tears. “I need to.”
                Shikarou kissed her nose. “Pythia, if it is within my power to grant you this, then I will. However, I don’t know how to do what you want.”
                She smiled brightly. “That’s ok, even if you don’t, I do know what’s needed to make this happen.” Pythia snuggled her body against his. “Look into my mind. I don’t understand what I know, but I know this is what you need.”
                Shikarou nodded and slipped into her mind as she dropped her shields. A few minutes later he blinked and shook like a wolf coming out of water. “Now, I understand.” He frowned slightly. “This will not make you my agent. It will turn you into one of my personal servants.”
                Pythia nodded. “That is what I want.”
                “Very well.” He sighed and pushed away from her, climbing to his feet. “Kneel.”
                The G-Spliced blinked and slid to her knees, bowing her head. Shikarou reached down and lifted her muzzle. “Pythia, do you swear yourself to my service as a kami and a god, for now and forever?” An inky darkness began to swirl around them both.
                Pythia nodded, her mouth suddenly dry. “I do so swear.” A dot of black appeared in each of her red eyes and quickly filled them until nothing remained but unrelieved darkness.
                “Then, rise, my servant.” She clambered heavily to her feet as the swirling energy faded away. Shikarou hugged her. “And that’s that.” He cocked his head. “How do you feel?”
                She was looking slowly around the room, her ears flicking uncertainly. “Is this how you see? It’s wonderful.”
                Shikarou’s lips quirked in a smile. “If you’re asking if specialized cells in the back of my eyeballs generate electrical signals that travel down my optic nerves and into my brain for processing, the answer is yes.”
                Pythia’s head whipped around. “That’s not funny.”
                He chuckled. “Yes, it is. I see in a wider spectrum than most beings. My vision ranges deep into the ultraviolet and infrared. Apparently, yours does now as well.”
                “What other things have changed?”
                “I’m not completely sure. I guess we’ll find out together.”
(07/01/99 1700 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                “She’s very pretty.” Kasumi turned to face him. Shikarou noticed a faint tightness around her eyes. “Is she another one of yours?”
                “Not like that.” Shikarou watched the woman hiking up from the pier. She was Oriental and was closely followed by some kind of cat pokegirl. “Her name is Junko and she’s a member of the Yoshihara family. She’s Yushiko’s aunt.”
                “So she not one of your lovers?”
                “I’m her family’s kami. It wouldn’t be proper.”
                Kasumi gave him an amused look. He was relieved to see she’d relaxed again. “That didn’t stop you with me. What’s different about her relationship with you?”
                “She doesn’t believe it would be proper. I don’t have any choice in the decision.” His ears flicked. “I, however, happen to agree because she’s Fumiko’s sister and Fumiko is mine.”
                “Fumiko is one of your pokegirls, right? I’ve found her name in your records, but why haven’t I met her, yet?”
                “On this world, the Yoshihara family is arguably the world’s premier sword makers, at least in regards to Japanese swords. They asked me to take Fumiko into my harem and I agreed. Later, she was offered the opportunity to study under Masato, the head of the family and Fumiko’s grandfather.” Shikarou smiled slightly. “Fumiko had wanted to do this for a long time and I decided to allow her to become Masato’s current apprentice. When she’s done training, she wants to come back to here and set up a smithy.”
                “She’s still your pokegirl?”
                “Yes. I go to Edo about once a week to see her and catch up on the local gossip. I sometimes visit my shrine as well.” He bowed to Junko. “Good afternoon.”
                “Lord.” She gave him an impish smile with her bow. “Am I too late for Helen’s cooking?”
                “We eat in an hour. I would be honored if you would join us.” He gestured towards his wife. “This is Urufu Kasumi, my wife.”
                Junko’s eyes widened. “Greetings, Lady.”
                “Stop that.” Kasumi gave Shikarou an affectionate glance. “I’m a human. Come on, I need to clean up, too, and you can tell me all the naughty things you know about him.”
                “I would like that.” Junko gave Shikarou a quick look and relaxed when he nodded slightly. She turned to her Cheshire as she shrugged out of her backpack. “Kozue.”
                The pokegirl bobbed her head. “Hai, mistress.”
                “Take our things to the tent and ask Branwyn for a place to stay.” She smiled. “After dinner, you can have the rest of the evening to yourself.”
                “Thank you, mistress.” Kozue grabbed Junko’s pack and went racing up the street.
                Junko watched her run off. “She’ll spend the evening chatting with the locals and trying to find some gambling.” She turned back to Kasumi. “She’s got a lot of friends around here.”
                Kasumi nodded. “What about your other pokegirls?”
                “I had a Hound, but I lost her in a battle.” She sighed. “That hurt. However, I’m going to spend more time in the wilderness so I can catch some ferals and train them before braving a city again. How about you?”
                “I’ve got a Pegaslut and nothing else.”
                Junko blinked. “You need more pokegirls to protect her.”
                “I’m beginning to agree with you.” She glanced at Shikarou. “If she’s willing, do you think I could travel with Junko for a while?”
                Junko smiled. “That would be an excellent idea. I traveled with another Tamer for about a week, but it seemed like he was more interested in taming me than his pokegirls.” She grimaced. “I ended up sneaking off in the middle of the night to get away from him.”
                “I didn’t hear anything about this.”
                Junko blinked at Shikarou’s tone and then grinned. “He was a pipsqueak.” Her smile grew. “I love that word. I learned it here and it’s so appropriate for so many of the men and boys I run across. Pipsqueak.”
                “Anyway, invoking my kami on him would have been about as fair as using a Dragoness on a Titmouse.” She sobered. “But if he shows up again, he’s all yours. I know I won’t miss him.”
                “Thanks. Kasumi, would you please show Junko to the tent? I’m sure that Helen is much more important right now than I am.” He chuckled. “She eats like Ranma only she’s not quite so messy.”
                Junko shook her head. “Dump one bowl of boiling hot soup in your kami’s lap and you hear about it forever.” Her eyes twinkled as she gave Kasumi a long-suffering look. “And, if you drop three bowls, it’s even worse.”
                Kasumi laughed. “I can assure you that there was no permanent harm done.” She blinked and blushed. “I can’t believe I said that. Pokegirls are corrupting me.”
                Junko grinned. “They’ll do that if you aren’t careful. I found myself saying a word that my mothers would have been very upset at just the other day. It’s a good thing they’re several thousand kilometers away. So, where’s the tent?”
(07/01/99 2100 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                “Something’s wrong in Indigo.”
                Shikarou looked over at his wife. “We live on a world where there are four or five females for every male and at least three of them want to hold him down and bite chunks out of his still quivering flesh. I would argue there’s something wrong everywhere.”
                Branwyn sighed. “How about there’s something very wrong in Indigo?”
                “What is it?”
                “Do you remember when, last month, Phallus Town was hit by pirates?”
                “Yes. According to the reports, the pirates were driven off without any losses to the town.”
                The Unicorn nodded. “That’s right, and quite true, as far as it goes. No one was reported killed.” Her eyes narrowed. “However, Poppet says that she’s just discovered that the rest of the report was a complete fiction. She thinks the Indigo League was trying to cover up what actually happened.”
                “Governments do that. So, what really happened?”
                “Limbec Pirates took the town.”
                Shikarou frowned and hit the pause button on his pokedex. He looked up from the journal entry he’d been dictating. “Limbec Pirates? That hasn’t happened in a while, has it?”
                “Not in several decades. Pirates hit areas around Phallus, but for some time now they’ve stayed away from the town itself, at least until May.”
                “Stroak didn’t say anything about it.”
                “He may be under instructions not to.” She shrugged. “Or he may have reasons of his own for being reticent.”
                “That sounds ominous. Do you suspect something?”
                Branwyn grinned. “Always. However, in this case, Poppet is the one who’s suspicious.”
                “The cessation of attacks on Phallus Town took place almost as soon as Professor Stroak moved there, which was right after he resurfaced.”
                “Poppet thinks he’s the reason the Limbec Pirates haven’t sacked Phallus before?” Shikarou frowned. “That’s pretty circumstantial.”
                “Poppet thought so too, at least until yesterday, when she received this.” Branwyn held up an envelope. “She brought it over earlier today and left me a copy.”
                Shikarou put his pokedex down. “Poppet went to the trouble of teleporting over here to bring you a piece of paper. Why didn’t she send an email instead?”
                “She doesn’t trust her computers, remember? This is going to remain hardcopy only, and I’ve promised to destroy our copy after you’ve seen it.” The Unicorn offered it to him.
                Shikarou looked the sheet over. “Ok, we’ve got a series of names and what looks like the beginning of a meeting.” He glanced up. “What am I looking at?”
                “It’s a partial transcript of a meeting of the leaders of Sanctuary.” She shrugged. “The meeting took place sometime in January of this year. Poppet’s agent only managed to smuggle out that page, but those names are the leaders in attendance.”
                “Why did it take so long to get to Poppet?”
                Branwyn gave him a disgusted look. “You can’t transmit this electronically or your enemies will eventually capture your spy. You also want the original as proof, just in case someone compromises your agent, or you have to convince others of your veracity.”
                She frowned. “This was smuggled out of Sanctuary and hand carried to someone in the Orange League who works for Poppet. They put it on an airship for the Blue League. That piece of paper put several lives in jeopardy and cost hundreds of man-hours of work to get to us.”
                Shikarou looked at it again. “I suspect I’m supposed to be completely astonished at something on this, but I have no idea what it could be.”
                “Look at the subject they are discussing.”
                Shikarou’s ears canted sideways. “I have perfect recall, Branwyn. So, why is the name Wendy Gilligan important or is it because she’s pissed about some support they’ve been giving some of their allies?” He glanced down at the paper again. “Nope. Pissed is too weak a word for how angry she is.”
                Branwyn nodded. “Poppet has known for a while that the Goths of Sanctuary have a way of turning pokegirls and humans into Sanctuary Goths. The procedure is a closely guarded secret and she doesn’t know more than a few steps, but we’re certain it exists.”
                “So, I’m presuming that this Wendy hasn’t been a Sanctuary Goth her whole life.” Shikarou shrugged. “So what? Are you going to tell me there is another one named Petra Pan or maybe one named Tinkerbell?”
                “You’ve focused on the wrong name. It’s the Gilligan part that’s interesting.” She smiled triumphantly.
                “If you’re waiting for praise, you’ll need to give me a little more information.” He flashed a tight smile. “So far, I’m not impressed.”
                “I thought you were studying our history?” She gave him a hurt look.
                “I am. There’s a lot to cover.”
                Branwyn gave a grudging nod. “I suppose you are right. When Stroak disappeared, he was on a ship that had several other people on it. One of them was a crewmember named Willy Gilligan.”
                Shikarou suddenly looked thoughtful. “So Poppet thinks Willy became Wendy.”
                “That’s right. It’s an open secret that the Limbec Pirates have been getting support from Sanctuary.” She frowned. “Well, it’s not that open.”
                Shikarou’s eyes narrowed. “If you’re correct, Stroak didn’t get turned into anything, so someone out there may like him as he is.”
                “And they may be protecting him.” Branwyn nodded eagerly. “A powerful Sanctuary Goth would be a prime reason for Limbec Pirates to avoid a place if she wanted them to.”
                Shikarou frowned and then shrugged. “However, it doesn’t affect us either way. If Stroak is affiliated with Sanctuary, that doesn’t mean he’s a problem. One of them tried to kill me, and I enslaved one of them. I’d call that a wash unless they want to cause more trouble.”
                “What if a pirate ship attacked Caomh Sith?”
                “We’d eat them for breakfast.” He cocked his head. “Still, Selene has been too busy to work on the defenses I want for the island.” He made a dismissive motion. “Between us and Faelan, I think we’d make short work of them. The Guard would just be the final nail in the coffin.”
                He nodded. “However, I will have Selene bump some defensive systems up higher on the priority list.”
                Branwyn nodded. “I want to visit Phallus and get a feel for what really happened and try to figure out why.”
                “You’re that worried about pirates coming here?” He nodded. “All right, but we can’t go asking Stroak about any possible alliance with Sanctuary. It’s rude and none of our business. I will, however, see if I can introduce Aggie to his computer system.” He grinned. “It’s still rude, but he’s unlikely to know, so he won’t be insulted.”
                I tried once before. He has a stand alone system.
                Branwyn looked suddenly interested. “That’s curious.”
                Shikarou shook his head. “But not incriminating. Besides, knowing Sanctuary Goths isn’t against the law.”
                “It’s against Sexmet’s law.”
                “She’s not the boss, now, is she?” He frowned. “But I don’t think that we should tell Lorelei. Sexmet has been known to be more than a bit precipitous in her actions where Sanctuary is concerned and I really don’t want to have to try to save Stroak from her. Gods, but that would be a nightmare.”
                Branwyn nodded. “Yes, it would.” She frowned. “Could you destroy that for me?”
                Shikarou grinned, stuffed the sheet into his mouth and began chewing.
                Branwyn sighed as she watched him. “You are not going to be teaching our children manners. You know this, don’t you?”
(07/01/99 2200 Blue Continent, 1500 Phallus Town, Indigo League)
                Circe was holding Shikarou around the waist when she teleported to Stroak’s facility. Her chosen exit point was a hundred meters in the air since she felt that it was always safest. You never knew when someone might be driving a car straight at the place where you planned to exit, which was why they always used the second dock for exiting at Caomh Sith, since it was a designated exit point.
                Of course, that made one predictable, so Shikarou’s harem didn’t use it often, instead preferring to exit somewhere within a handful of kilometers of Peacetown or up in the air, like now.
                Circe tightened her arms around him and started her descent. Shikarou frowned. “Hold on, just a minute.”
                She stopped and hovered, spinning in place. “What is it?” Her body was tense as she searched for any threats.
                “Did we misjump again?” He pointed down.
                Circe looked. “What the hell? There’s never been a building down there.” The area looked completely pristine. There weren’t even any signs of pre-Sukebe buildings around, much less the Professor’s laboratory.
                You did not misjump.
                “So why does it look like we aren’t anywhere near Stroak’s lab?”
                I provided you with a new picture to study for a reason. This is one of the things that changed when we returned from our time traveling trip. Stroak built his lab on the outskirts of Phallus Town.
                And just why didn’t you mention these changes to us?
                I don’t know which ones are going to be important until right after you need them. If you want to know everything that has changed, get a big mug of hot cocoa and pull up a chair, because it’s going to take two years to tell you all of it. There was a pause. If you are allowed to ask any questions, I calculate that the time needed for a complete briefing will increase to over four years.
                Shikarou blinked in surprise. “Someone got some spicy electrons for breakfast this morning.” Circe chuckled in his ear.
                I am not omniscient and I tire of your assumptions that I am.
                “No, you’re not. However, you could have done more than shove a picture at us when you discovered we were coming here. From now on, if we are going to someplace where there have been changes that might affect us, please let us know as soon as you know we are headed there.”
                I suppose you could have a point. I should note that it is a very small one. From now on, I will do as you request.
                Circe slowly rotated in a circle. “So, Aggie, where is Phallus Town from here? I don’t know if its location has changed, but I’ve never been there.”
                Keep rotating. Stop. I’m injecting a vector into your visual cortex. It’s about twenty kilometers from here.
                “Thank you.” Circe aligned herself and sped away.
                “Slow down a bit. I want to make sure we get the scenic route on this trip.” His ears flicked. “That will give us a great deal more flexibility on exit points the next time we come to visit.”
                An hour later, they circled in from the sea side of Phallus, did a lazy loop around the town itself and landed in the square.
                Circe shook her head. “Did you see that the police station is a burned out shell?”
                The Indigo League has been vacillating over whether to repair or rebuild the police station here. Only recently did they allocate the funds to rebuild it from the ground up.
                Shikarou chuckled. “I see that they grind slow and fine here, also.” He frowned. “It’s four in the afternoon. Does it seem a little quiet to you?”
                “FREEZE! HANDS IN THE AIR!” The order came from behind them.
                “Which do you want?” Shikarou called out. “Should we freeze or move?”
                Circe sighed. “I think they’re a little twitchy after the pirate raid,” she commented quietly.
                “I’m a guy. Well, I’m male. What would I be doing anywhere near Limbec Pirates?”
                “NO TALKING!”
                Do you want me to teleport us out?
                No. You’d have to grab my hand and darkness only knows what they would do if you moved suddenly. Shikarou turned slowly.
                “I SAID DON’T MOVE!”
                It was an OfficerJenny and a Growltit. Both of them had firearms of some kind aimed at him. The Jenny had a bullhorn with a throat mike.
                Shikarou gave them a friendly smile. “Good afternoon, officer. There appears to be some confusion about the situation. I’m not a pirate. I’m not even female.”
                “I DON”T CARE WHO…” the Jenny stopped and turned off the throat mike. “I don’t care who you say you are,” she snapped. “You are going to be detained until we verify your identity.”
                There was the sound of running feet and another OfficerJenny and Growltit appeared, moving quickly to flank Shikarou and Circe as they drew their weapons.
                A minute later, a third OfficerJenny appeared. Character lines on her attractive face hinted that she was older than the others and it was reinforced by the extra bits of shiny metal that decorated her chest and shoulders.
                The other way the other police automatically deferred to her presence was a giveaway that she was someone important.
                She looked around attentively. “Good job. Who was first on the scene?”
                “We were, Commissioner.”
                “That was excellent work, Chelsea. You too, Minnie.”
                Shikarou cocked his head. “It was outstanding, except for the tiny fact that I haven’t done anything wrong.”
                Chelsea bristled. “I saw the way you were casing the town!”
                Shikarou’s ears flicked. “With all due respect, if I were going to be scouting Phallus for a raid, I would not do it in plain sight of the citizenry.” He started to say something else and stopped.
                The Commissioner looked at him curiously. “What is it?”
                “I was going to be impertinent and cruel. I’ve been told I need to keep that under control.” He shrugged. “If you scan my pokedex, you’ll find I’m not wanted for anything.” He suppressed a grin at a whispered thought from Circe. “Illegal.”
                Circe slowly turned to face them. “I would like to point out that he has a Seraph in his harem and Professor Stroak knows us.”
                The Commissioner looked unimpressed. “Anyone can say that. Get his pokedex.”
                The other Growltit jerked it off his belt and handed it to her. She scanned it with a piece of equipment taken from her belt. Her lips pursed as she read the display. “Shikarou Urufu?” She looked up. “Didn’t you kill a Widow recently?”
                “That was in the Blue League. I’m surprised you heard about it.”
                She smiled slightly. “Widow sightings are big news and someone who kills one single-handedly is even bigger news.”
                Shikarou’s ears flattened. “I wasn’t alone. I had my harem with me and they did most of the work.”
                The OfficerJenny frowned at his tone. “You need to watch the attitude.”
                “I’m tired of people acting like my pokegirls are inconsequential. They’re my friends and they matter as much as I do.”
                That earned him a brief smile. “You don’t have to tell me that twice.” She pulled her com from her belt and dialed a number. “Hello, Maryanne. I need to talk to the Professor. No, it won’t wait. There’s a stranger in town who says he knows your boss.”
                She paused. “Shikarou Urufu.” One eyebrow went up and she hit the mute button. “Show me your teeth.”
                Shikarou sighed and bared his fangs.
                The Commissioner went back to the phone. “Yes.” She hit mute again. “Who’s your alpha?”
                “Branwyn. She’s a Unicorn.”
                “He says her name is Branwyn.” She nodded. “Thank you, Maryanne. No, I guess I don’t need to talk to him. Thank you and you have a nice day as well.” She ended the call and nodded. “He’s been vouched for.” She offered him his pokedex as the police began to stand down.
                “You’re welcome.” She smiled. “I’m Samantha.”
                Circe gave him a look. We’re going to have to change your name to Taken. Taken Offlimits.
                That’s not funny. He nodded to the OfficerJenny. “Pleased to meet you.”
                Samantha nodded. “You come highly recommended. Maryanne is pickier than the Professor. Sorry about all the trouble.”
                He shrugged. “I suppose it was a good training exercise for your girls,” he replied in a noncommittal tone.
                “That it was.” She stuck out her hand. “Well, I’ve got to get back to work.”
                Shikarou took it. “Have a nice day.” His com rang as the Commissioner headed off. “Shikarou.”
                An amused Titmouse looked out him. “You didn’t bother to let us know you were coming.”
                “I’m sorry. My decision to visit was a little sudden. If you’d been busy, I’d have just said hello and been on my way.” He smiled. “Thank you for vouching for me to the Commissioner.”
                She returned the smile. “The police are still on edge from the attack. When can I expect you?”
                “We’ll be there in about fifteen minutes.”
                “I’ll have tea ready and I’ll let the Professor know you’re here. He’ll appreciate the distraction.”
                “Glad to be of help.”
                She laughed. “Hurry up, then.” The call ended.
                Shikarou grinned at Circe. “I owe that woman her weight in chocolate.”
                “Don’t give it to her all at once. It might upset the Professor.”
Name:                                                     Urufu, Shikarou
Age:                                                       250
Residence:                                             Caomh Sith, Blue Continent
Region:                                  Scotland
Status:                                                    Active
Rank:                                                      60
Security Clearance:                              Eta
                Tamer                                     Y
                Master Tamer                       Y
                Researcher                            N
                Watcher                 N
                Breeder                  Y
Active Harem
Species                  Name                                      Level
Alaka-Wham                         Circe                                       72
Unicorn                  Branwyn                                61
Milktit                                    Helen                                      59
DragonQueen                       Bellona                   55
Seraph                                    Dorothea                               52
Armsmistress                        Urufu Yushiko      51
Vampire                  Elizabeth                                49
G-Spliced                               Pythia                                     48
Sphinx                                    Lorelei                                   46
Mini-Top                               Nanu                                      45
Alpha                                     Branwyn
Beta                                        Bellona
Badges: Scotland: Stornoway, Rum Island, Glasgow
                                Ireland: Belfast
                                England: Plymouth,
                                Wales: Magicunt Village