Chapter 31
                “SHIKAROU!” There was a thump behind him on the roof. “Hey, Shikarou, didn’t ya hear me call you?”
                He turned his head. “I heard you, Ranma. I think they heard you on the other side of Tokyo, much less here. What do you want?”
                “Tendo-san wants to talk to ya. He says it’s important.” A grin split his face. “Course, he always says that.”
                “What does he want now?” Shikarou rolled to his feet and sighed. “Just where is my host?”
                “He’s in the dojo. Oh, by the way, that was a nice fight with the demon. I saw the video that the news has this morning. It’s pretty impressive, especially where you cut off her head.”
                “They showed the whole thing?”
                “Yeah. It was incredible.” Saotome grinned. “It made Akane turn green and leave the rest of her breakfast.”
                “You are welcome.” Shikarou ran along the roof to the back of the house and dropped to the ground next to the covered walkway to the dojo.
                Inside, Soun was accompanied by a handful of older men and one woman. Shikarou bowed to them. “Gentlemen. Lady.” He focused on Soun. “Tendo-san, you wanted to see me?” He kept his ears carefully neutral.
                “Shikarou, my friend,” Tendo began expansively, “these are some of the leaders of our wonderful community and they are here to thank you for destroying the demon.” All of the men bowed deeply to Shikarou, whose ears went flat and then pulled back up at the display.
                The oldest bowed again. “I thank you, master kami, for saving us from the demon’s depredations.”
                Shikarou gave a mental sigh and pulled himself up regally. “You are welcome,” he intoned formally. “I have only done what was necessary, but I accept your gratitude with pleasure.”
                “Master Kami, we have brought gifts that we may reward you for what you have done.”
                Shikarou grimaced inside. He didn’t want anything from these people, but to refuse the reward would be an insult. He flashed a grin. At least these days they would be unlikely to include a couple of slave girls in the rewards. While they were sometimes fun, it was probably for the best. He suspected that slaves would be difficult to justify with Branwyn. “While rewards are not what I sought in my confrontation with the demoness, I humbly accept them and thank you.”
                “Are you the Tendo family kami?” The question came from the only woman in the group.
                Soun nodded frantically. “No, I am not. I am staying with the Tendo’s for the time being, but my responsibilities will require me to move on sometime in the future.” Soun suddenly looked crushed.
                The woman nodded. “Soun has agreed to let us put your shrine on his property, is this acceptable to you as well?”
                Shikarou gave Tendo a look that sent the man edging away from him. “I suppose that will be acceptable. However, I am a humble kami and deserve nothing more than a small shrine.”
                “We had thought to build you a shrine similar to the one that will be erected at the JGSDF base. Will that be acceptable?” To the side, Soun was nodding broadly.
                “Yes, it will be.” In Shikarou’s opinion, shrines were for the worshippers, not the worshipped, but he was curious as to what kind of shrine would be built at the Japan Ground Self Defense Force base. He made a mental note to investigate further.  Circe, please come here. “Please leave the reward in the hands of my steward.” The Alaka-Wham appeared and nodded pleasantly to the assembled people. He bowed to them one last time. “I wish you a good day.”
                “Are thou angry at Soun?”
                “Dorothea, when I finally get angry at someone, you’ll know it. However, to answer the question you probably should have asked, yes, I’m trying to decide if Soun needs to learn to get by with just one kidney and no testicles. He’s got a lot of other organs that are redundant and I’m considering his need for them as well.”
                “Is there any harm in shrines being set up to thee? Thou are a kami.”
                “I don’t know. Having shrines on more than one world? I’ve never done that before. But what I really didn’t like was Soun trying to make these people believe that I am the Tendo family spirit.”
                Pythia appeared in front of them. “I think you are going to want to see this.” She pointed behind him.
                Shikarou didn’t turn. “Unless there’s a pile of steaming organs with a tag identifying them as being Tendo Soun’s, I don’t care.”
                The G-Spliced chuckled. “Lorelei is in stasis to keep from freaking out Ranma and Dorothea is next to you. So who is the white winged pokegirl flying towards us from several miles away?”
                Shikarou gave her a disbelieving stare and turned to look. White wings gleamed in the sun as the pokegirl banked and headed towards the Tendo dojo. Dorothea touched his arm. “That’s an Angel.” She summoned her wings and vaulted into the air, climbing powerfully to meet the oncoming Celestial.
                “I’ll tell Branwyn.” Pythia vanished.
                Shikarou looked around and rubbed an ear thoughtfully. “They’ve been leaving me unguarded more often since the fight with the demoness.” He grinned. “I like that.”
                Dorothea led the Angel down to the roof where Shikarou waited. She landed heavily as the Seraph climbed and began a racetrack pattern overhead. Shikarou caught her as she started to collapse. Branwyn, bring a healing potion and some food. “Are you all right?”
                Her voice was full of exhaustion. “Are you Shikarou?”
                “I am.”
                “Ranma needs your help.”
                Branwyn appeared with Candace. The NurseJoy looked the Angel over quickly. “She doesn’t need a potion, she needs sleep.”
                “There is no time. You must help us.” The Angel struggled briefly. She was so tired that her wing buffets felt like he was being attacked by an angry pigeon that had wings made of pillows.
                Shikarou tightened his grip until she relaxed against him. “I will.” He looked at Candace. “I know you’d rather prescribe natural rest, but get me a Refresher potion.”
                She nodded and took Branwyn’s hand. “We’ll be right back.” They vanished.
                “Rei, I want you to just rest for a minute. I will do what I can to help Ranma.”
                She lifted her head. “You know me?” Eyes regarded him with faint curiosity.
                Shikarou shook his head. “No, I was sent to find you. I do know Professor Stroak and he told me about you.”
                Branwyn appeared again with Candace. The NurseJoy shook her head. “Put her down gently.” Shikarou carefully laid the Angel down on the roof and started to step back, but Rei clung to his hand with frantic strength. With his free hand he waved Dorothea down to join them.
                “That’s fine.” Candace kneeled and applied the Refresher. When she was done she used her heal ability on Rei just to be sure.
                “Thank you.” Rei sat up slowly. “When can we leave?” Branwyn handed her a loaf of fresh bread and the Angel finally released Shikarou’s hand before she tore into the food eagerly.
                Shikarou frowned. “What kind of trouble is he in?”
                She swallowed a chunk of bread and grabbed for the bottle of lemonade that the Unicorn held out. “He’s in jail.”
                Shikarou smiled slightly. “I know that Angels are known for their brevity, but I need a little more to work with then that.” His eyes flickered towards Branwyn. You, Lorelei, Elizabeth, Yushiko, Pythia, Circe. Put Candace in a pokeball and bring her along. Also, get my pack and some more food from Helen. Bring everyone else out and leave Bellona in charge. Have her prepare to defend or run. Yes, I know they are mutually contradictory, but she can take steps for both.
                Branwyn blew him a kiss and winked. I’m on it.
                She vanished as Rei gave him a glare. “Ranma’s in jail and you need to rescue him. What more do you need to know?”
                “A great deal. Knowledge is power. Why is he in jail?”
                “Originally he was in jail for stealing some food for us. After Kasumi pulled the door off the jail cell, they locked him up for escaping.”
                “Where is he being held and how long has he been there?”
                “Kunimi, Nagasaki on Kyushu. He’s been there a week.” She tore more bread off. “This is very good bread.”
                “When you meet Helen, please tell her that. Where is the rest of your harem?”
                “We’re living in a cave on Unzen Dake. Nabiki has been stealing some food for us to eat, but we’re always hungry.”
                Shikarou thought quickly. He’d let his pokegirls out briefly at Shimonoseki when he’d arrived, so they could teleport that far and fly the rest of the way. That would leave a flight of about 150 kilometers or 93 miles. Pythia could cover that in less than ten minutes, but it would take Rei closer to an hour for the same trip. Still, they’d be there soon enough.
                Branwyn appeared and handed him a collection of pokeballs. “Candace’s pokeball is in your backpack.” She offered him the pack and turned to Rei. “Where is your pokeball?”
                “Ranma had all of our pokeballs, so the police have them now.”
                Shikarou turned to Dorothea. “I want you to help Bellona. If there’s a problem, send Stardust.”
                The Seraph nodded. “We shall be ready for whatever thou require.”
                Shikarou nodded. “Rei, we are going to teleport most of the way and then fly the rest. I want to go to the mountain first and deliver some food for your harem. Only then can we go after Ranma.”
                The Angels wings wavered and vanished. She bobbed her head in a quick bow.  “Thank you.”
                “Don’t thank me until you’re reunited with your Tamer.”
                Branwyn slipped her arm through Rei’s. “Ladies first?” When Shikarou grinned and waved, they vanished. The Unicorn was back a moment later and took his hand. “She’s worried that we won’t help her.” A shrug. “I peeked.” She kissed his cheek. “Let’s go prove her wrong.”
                They disappeared as Dorothea dismissed her wings and took up her watch once more. A smile appeared and vanished to be replaced by worry. “Take care, my heart.”
                Pythia hovered overhead as Rei landed. Lorelei flared and stalled, dropping Shikarou before folding her wings and landing easily next to her Tamer. Rei dismissed her wings. “Wait here.” She strode into the cave entrance.
                Shikarou turned to Lorelei. “We’ll keep the initial meeting small, but I want to put out an incentive to talk to me. Keep an eye out.”
                She nodded and rubbed her cheek against his. “Now you bear my scent and this Kasumi will know you are mine.”
                “I’m not poaching any of Ranma’s harem.” Shikarou grimaced. “And one cat is more than enough.”
                Lorelei gave a rumbling purr. “Good.” She folded her wings and flexed her claws before springing up onto a nearby rock. “Keep it that way.”
                Shikarou pulled out his wand and created several tables full of different types of food. He chuckled and waved the wand again. The breeze swirled and turned into the cave. “That should do it.” He turned to the entrance just in time to see faces staring out at him. “I am Shikarou. Please, eat.”
                He dodged as pokegirls charged the table, almost being knocked sprawling by Kasumi. The Griffon grabbed a chunk of tuna and crammed it into her mouth. Her head swung around and she growled at the nearby kami as she ate.
                Shikarou joined Lorelei on the rock. “They’re starving and half feral. It seems less likely I’ll get eaten here.” She laughed and wrapped an arm around his waist as the two of them watched Ranma’s pokegirls eat.
                The Sphinx bumped her head against his. “I could eat you, but it wouldn’t be exactly the kind of eating that you are thinking about.”
                “And that is a very good thing.” They shared another laugh. “However, considering how long it’s been since they’ve seen their Tamer, I expect that would just cause more problems.”
                When the noises began to die down, Shikarou shook his head. “It sounds safer now. Wish me luck.”
                Lorelei snorted. “Good hunting.”
                Shikarou laughed and dropped off the rock. “Nabiki?”
                The Cheshire looked up. Grabbing another big piece of tuna, she smiled and nibbled on it before answering. “Rei says you are Shikarou and that Stroak sent you. Prove it.” Her ears went flat. “Well?”
                “I spoke to your father before coming here to get any information I could. He was very upset until I reassured him that I was not going to bring you back. Only then did he relax and tell me what I needed to know.”
                A very near human pokegirl barked a laugh and sprayed food all over a Mareen, who shoved her away. “Usagi, stop that.”
                The Megami got out a muffled “sorry,” but kept chewing.
                Nabiki grinned again. “Ok, you pass. Are you here to get Ranma out of jail?”
                “What if they won’t let him go?”
                “I said I’d get him out. I didn’t put any limitations on it.”
                A purple haired Herochan moved to stand with Nabiki. “If you lie to us, I will break you in two.”
                The pokegirls jumped when Lorelei roared a challenge. “We came here on your request so stop with the fucking threats!”
                Shikarou chuckled. “She has a point. While I’m here to help you, I would really appreciate a little cooperation from you.”
                “You just want to tame us.” The Mareen joined the conversation. “I’ve seen it before.”
                “Not from me. My harem keeps me busy enough as it is.” Shikarou sighed. “If I wanted to catch you, I’d have deployed my harem and we wouldn’t be talking.” He rubbed his ears.
                Usagi watched. “Are you really a kami?”
                “Yes, I am.”
                “Then he’s ok. A kami wouldn’t do anything to hurt us.”
                Shikarou smiled slightly. “That’s not completely true, but pretty close.” His ears flicked. “It is, however, true in this case. So, where is this jail?”
                The bored looking guard rattled keys in the lock and clattered the door to the cell open. “Saotome.” Ranma looked up. “Out. You’re being released. Follow me to property.”
                The young man kept his mouth shut at his good fortune and silently followed the guard. A strange looking man with wolf ears and a thick braid of ankle length hair was waiting there with the station captain.
                The captain spoke cheerfully. “See, he looks well. We took very good care of him.”
                The man’s eyes flicked over him and away. “Oh?”
                The captain looked slightly nervous. “He was well treated. He’s being released into your custody and as we agreed, you will take him far away from here.”
                That earned him an amused smile. “That is my intent.”
                Ranma was given a cardboard box with his stuff in it. His backpack had been lost when Usagi dropped it into the sea so he didn’t receive anything else. Quickly, he filled his pockets.
                The wolf eared man nodded to the chief. “Thank you. I know you are a very busy man and I don’t want to take up any more of your time.”
                “No trouble, no trouble indeed, but yes, I do have things that I must do.” He bowed as to a superior and hurriedly left.
                The wolf eared man watched him go. “I am really going to have to get a copy of that video.”
                “Who are you?” Ranma asked bluntly.
                The wolf eared man jerked his head at the door. “Outside. I don’t want to talk in front of the guards and cameras.” He sighed. “Especially not the cameras. Not again.”
                He led Ranma down a corridor and outside before turning into a grassy area scattered with a small handful of trees. “Here he is.”
                Ranma started to ask a question but was suddenly busy with an armful of Rei. The wolf eared man spoke briefly to a Japanese woman wearing a cloak and led her far enough away to give Ranma and his pokegirl an illusion of privacy.
                It took a couple of minutes to convince Rei that he wasn’t going to evaporate as well as convince her that taming next to the police station wasn’t a good idea. Finally, he could ask her about the wolf eared man.
                She rested her head against his chest. “That’s Shikarou. He was sent by Stroak to find us.”
                “I don’t know.” She sighed happily. “Nabiki and I were getting some food and we saw him on television with an Alaka-Wham and so we knew he was a Tamer. The reporter said he was staying at the Tendo dojo so Nabiki sent me there to seek his help. Usagi said I would be safe and she was right.”
                Ranma nodded. “Let’s find out what’s going on.” He led his Angel over to Shikarou and the woman. “Thank you for getting me released.”
                “You’re welcome. I am Shikarou.” He indicated the woman. “This is Yushiko.”
                “Saotome Ranma. Rei says you were sent by Professor Stroak?”
                “Indirectly. He was contacted by an associate who believed you were sent to the wrong dimension. Stroak asked me to investigate and when it was discovered that he was right, I was asked to retrieve you so you could be sent to your proper home.”
                “How is the Professor?”
                “He gets called on regularly to solve the problems of people who, if they bothered to exert themselves a little, could usually solve their own problems. He’s rightfully testy about it.” His lips curved in a smile. “However, Maryanne keeps him sane in spite of their efforts.” The smile vanished. “We need to be getting you to the cave where your harem has been hiding. You’ll need to pokeball them just about as soon as we arrive unless you want a taming orgy. I thought we’d spend a couple of days letting you get reacquainted with them before we returned to the Tendo dojo.”
                Ranma sighed. “Do we have to go there?”
                “Yes. Half of my harem is there and I’d prefer not to leave them.” His ears flicked. “And there are some people I’d like to say goodbye to.”
                “That little runt of theirs wouldn’t keep his hands off my pokegirls and I was forbidden to bring Kasumi or Nabiki into the house,” Ranma grumbled.
                “I’ve got a Sphinx, so I understand. However, I’ve also got a very nice tent you can stay in.” He grinned. “It’s very nice and I think you’ll like it. As for Happosai, I’ve learned he can be trained, even if it sometimes takes a bit of effort.” And if that proves problematic, he can always be killed.
                “So, first to the cavern of pokegirls and then to Nerima.”
                Kasumi put the last of the breakfast down and settled down with her family. She glanced at her father. “It’s odd to have two Ranma’s here.”
                Genma grunted. “Yeah. I don’t know which one to attack, I mean train.”
                “Him.” Both Ranma’s spoke at the same time and Akane giggled.
                Shikarou was here because he’d been invited to breakfast everyday. Ranma had joined them for the chance at a second breakfast. He and his harem had quickly settled into the expansion Shikarou had set up in the tent and the pokegirls were busy luxuriating in not having to scrape for a meal. Ranma was enjoying the food and having clean clothes.
                The kami was going to have a few choice words with Stroak and anyone else involved with sending Ranma here when he returned. The idea of giving him six more mouths to feed and no money to get him started was appalling, angering, sad and typical of those who live comfortably and don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.
                Stroak may not deserve the lecture he was about to get, since he’d lived on a desert island for a while. The rest of them were going to get a bloody strip torn from their skin and if they got too obstreperous about it the event might go from figurative to literal.
                Kasumi looked up curiously. “Is your home world like this one, Ranma?”
                Ranma nodded. “Yeah. I’ve got one of those annoying things, too.” He nodded towards Genma. “Mine turns into a cat instead of a panda, though.” The other Ranma turned green.
                “Where were you when you went to Shikarou’s world?”
                “Pop dragged me to Jusenkyo. He’d heard all about how it was a wonderful place to train.” He grimaced. “We ended up swimming to China as Pops didn’t have any money. And, since he doesn’t speak Chinese, we were kind of stuck while we were traveling. We were still there when I was taken away.”
                Genma colored and looked away as his son glared at him. “Gee, that sounds familiar.”
                Ranma frowned. “The funny thing is that just before I left, Pops said something about seeing his old friend again.”
                “Oh, my. Do you think there is a Tendo family there, too?” Her eyes widened. “I wonder if they are like us.”
                Ranma laughed. “I dunno. Guess it doesn’t matter.”
                “Ranma, wasn’t there an agreement between the Saotome-san and the Tendo-san of the pokegirl world about his daughters?”
                “Yeah, that’s how I ended up with my Kasumi and Nabiki.” He shrugged. “They thought I was their Ranma and I didn’t know enough to protest.”
                “And father had made arrangements with our Saotome-san to betroth Ranma to Akane.” Soun and Genma quailed under the angry gazes of their respective children.
                “Yeah, so?”
                “Each world had a Tendo family and a Saotome family and each group of them had an agreement concerning their children. I was just wondering if perhaps there was a similar agreement between your father and his friend.”
                Ranma suddenly looked ill.
                Kasumi continued. “That would mean another Tendo family with another Akane and Nabiki.” She looked suddenly thoughtful. “And perhaps another Kasumi. Oh, my. If things were like here when Ranma arrived, then Akane would be sixteen, Nabiki seventeen and Kasumi would be nineteen.”
                She remained thoughtful throughout breakfast and for the rest of the day.
                Genma leaned back and patted his stomach with a sigh of repletion. “That was incredible.”
                There were murmurs of agreement from around the table. Kasumi smiled. “Helen and I thank you very much, but I hope you’ve left room for desert.” She rose and began gathering the dinner plates.
                Shikarou stirred and she shook her head. “I’ve got this. You just sit there.”
                Soun had wanted to celebrate breaking ground on the shrine and Helen and Tendo Kasumi had volunteered to make a very special dinner to do just that. Helen had confided to Shikarou that the dinner would also serve as a celebration of finally finding Ranma and his harem and he’d quietly let Ranma and Nabiki know. They’d been very grateful and morale had risen in the Saotome harem.
                Huge mounds of delicious food had come out of Kasumi’s kitchen. A lot of it went to the tent to feed everyone who hadn’t been able to fit at the Tendo table. Ranma had decided to eat with his harem in the tent. Shikarou hadn’t been able to escape eating with Genma and Happosai, and his obvious envy had made Ranma very happy.
                The day before, Shikarou had arranged for some money to come Ranma’s way and he’d taken his harem shopping for some luxury items for them, the young man being under some vague impression that the money was his and had been sent by Stroak.
                His alpha, Nabiki, had been skeptical, but had been taken aside by Branwyn and had remained silent. Besides, some of the gifts were to be hers, which helped to provide her with an incentive not to question the windfall.
                She had, however, managed to get Shikarou alone for a few minutes beforehand. Her ears flicked slowly. “This money you ‘brought’ for Ranma isn’t his, is it?”
                “Sure it is. He has it, doesn’t he?”
                Her eyes narrowed. “That’s not what I meant. I’m asking if Stroak gave you money from Ranma’s savings to give to us.”
                “Oh, that. No. I wanted you ladies to have some nice trinkets, so I gave him some money for shopping.”
                She looked into his eyes for a long minute. “How much did it cost to get him out of jail?”
                “Is it important?”
                “No. How much?”
                He nodded. “A little over three million yen, including the damages Kasumi did along with the fine for vagrancy.”
                Nabiki’s eyes widened. “We can’t pay that back. He doesn’t have that much even in his savings.”
                “I don’t think I mentioned being paid back, did I?”
                “Don’t give me that,” she snapped. “Everyone wants paid back.”
                “Come with me.” Shikarou led her out of the Saotome section of the tent and to his room. He pointed at the bed. “Sit.” Warily, she perched on the edge of the bed, her tail flicking nervously.
                Shikarou opened a wall safe and pulled out a bar of gold. He handed it to her and her eyes opened at its weight. “This is solid gold and it weighs more than fifty pounds.” He leaned over and dropped his voice. “I have over five hundred of these hidden somewhere.”
                Nabiki’s mouth dropped open. “That many?” she asked in a breathless whisper.
                He took the bar back and her fingers clung to it briefly. “While I don’t normally give my money away, I happen to think your being dumped here was unconscionable and, since I have the money to give, I will.” He put the bar in the safe and closed it. “By the bye, this safe is keyed to my DNA and brainwave patterns and can’t be phased or teleported through. You would die of old age before Kasumi could tunnel through it.”
                Nabiki blinked and a slow smile appeared. “I don’t know what you are insinuating,” she said in a lofty tone.
                “Sure you do. I’d try to steal it from me if I were you.” He pulled a handful of money from his pocket. “Here. I’ve already given Ranma some, but since you handle the harem’s money and you aren’t too proud to take my largess, I’ll use you as the cash conduit, if you don’t mind.”
                She grinned and took the cash, making it disappear somewhere on her person. “Mind? Not in the least.” She gave him a mischievous wink. “If my kami wants to give me money, then who am I to say no?”
                He sighed. “You, too?”
                “Sure, as long as it pays.” She bounced up and gave him a quick hug. “Thanks.”
                His mind snapped back to the present as Kasumi took the plates away, heading behind him to the kitchen.
                He did a quick inventory of his fingers; he’d been stuck next to Genma and had almost been stabbed more than one time as the man had once again competed with his son to see who could be the biggest glutton. Presumably, he’d been put there because out of all the people at the table he would be able to regenerate any lost digits.
                Kasumi returned with fresh plates and a tray of something rich enough to cause weight gain just from its aroma. “I still have to get the syrup but please don’t wait for that before you start serving,” she told her father. Soun nodded and began handing around slices as she vanished into the kitchen once more.
                Suddenly, a hot combination of honey, cinnamon and other spices hit Shikarou in the back of the neck and ran down into his clothing. A heavy weight slammed into his back as Kasumi fell on top of him. “Shikarou, are you all right?” she half-cried as she began trying to ineffectually dab away the sauce with his napkin.
                “I’m ok.” He pulled at his kimono. “That’s not going to do any good, I’m afraid. It’s in my kimono with me. I’ll have to go clean up.”
                She sighed and settled back on her knees. “Use our bath. I’ll get you some fresh clothes from your tent.” She looked at her little sister. “Akane, I’ll take care of cleaning this up but then I need to wash Shikarou’s clothes. Will you clean up dinner for me?”
                Akane nodded importantly. “Of course, Kasumi.”
                “Thank you. Come let me know when you are done.” Kasumi took Shikarou’s arm and half pulled him to the bath. “You need to get cleaned up right away, before the sauce ruins your kimono.” She slipped into the inner bath and came out a moment later. “The bath is filling with hot water for your soak, so hurry. I’ll check on you in a little bit and get your clothes.”
                Shikarou sighed as she shut the door. “All I intended to do was wash,” he muttered. He stripped and undid his braid before quickly washing and climbing into the bath and making himself comfortable.
                He settled back and closed his eyes as his hair floated around him. One ear lazily rotated as he heard the outer bath door open and shut. “It’s me,” Kasumi called softly.
                A moment later he heard the inner bath door slid partially open and shut. “Shikarou?”
                He slowly opened his eyes and rolled his head to look at her, suddenly coming alert.
                She stood nude, an anxious look on her face. “I want to go with you and I’m afraid if I let you leave you’ll meet a younger Kasumi and she’ll want you as much as I do and then I’ll never see you again.”
                Shikarou stared for a moment and shook himself as he met her eyes. “You’re sure about this?”
                “More than anything in my life,” she replied quietly.
                He held out his hand and she sighed happily as she took it. She settled into the bath with him and looked into his eyes. “I want to be a maiden when I go to my wedding bed.”
                He nodded. “Very well. I take it you want us to be found together?”
                “Akane will come find me when she’s done cleaning up dinner.” She smiled. “She’s very persistent and will check to see if you’ve seen me. If you don’t answer, she’ll open the door and peek.” She slid forward and wrapped her arms around him, leaning her head against his chest. “And she will find me.”
                “Your father isn’t going to be happy. He may even throw me out.”
                “Then I will go with you as your wife.” She looked up at him and he kissed her.
                He felt her heart suddenly start pounding and she pulled away slowly. “Oh, my.” Her eyes fastened on his lips. “I don’t think we should do that again.”
                She flushed. “I said I want to be a maiden when I go to my wedding bed. This isn’t a bed and after that kiss I don’t care quite as much as I did before it.”
                “All right, we’ll just cuddle until we’re found.”
                She settled against him again. “Thank you.”
                They were silent for a time. “Branwyn knows about this, doesn’t she?”
                “Yes. She said I’d be good for you and that I couldn’t threaten her place in your life.” She glanced up at him. “She said that tonight, after everyone finally goes to bed after the excitement that’s going to happen, she’ll take care of our biggest problem.”
                “Do I want to know what’s going to happen?”
                “Since you can’t lie, no.”
                “She and I are going to have to have another one of those talks about keeping secrets from me.”
                “Be gentle with her. She loves you desperately.”
                Suddenly he snorted. “That desert didn’t need syrup, did it?”
                She gave a throaty laugh. “My wanting to marry you does not mean I’m willing to ruin my desert. Of course it didn’t.”
                A little while later she spoke again. “Would you cut your hair for me?”
                “I can if you want, but it will grow out that long again overnight.”
                “Oh. Then I shall have to grow mine longer.” She froze when the outer bath door opened. Her voice dropped to a whisper. “That should be Akane.”
                Akane’s voice carried in a hoarse whisper. “Kasumi?”
                Kasumi pressed her body against his. “Help keep me hidden from Happosai when he shows up,” she whispered against his cheek. She turned her head and looked at the inner bath door as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close.
                “Shikarou, do you know where Kasumi might be?” Akane’s voice came from just the other side of the door. Shikarou fought a snicker. “Shikarou?” she called louder this time. “His clothes are here,” he heard her mutter.
                She cracked open the door to the inner bath and an eye peered in. “Shikarou?” The eye went wide. “KASUMI! OH NO KASUMI! SHIKAROU WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?”
                There was a sudden ringing silence and then Soun yelled something and there was the pounding of feet down the hall and into the bath. The door to the inner bath got thrown open and crowded in the doorway was everyone in the house. Soun’s eyes grew as large as dinner plates. “KASUMI!”
                Kasumi smiled mysteriously. “Hello, father. Please shut the door.”
                “WHAT!” Akane shrieked.
                Soun jumped as if stung. “I mean, Akane, you’re not ready to take up all of Kasumi’s duties. You have a fiancé. That means Nabiki will have to take over the household work.”
                “WHAT!” Nabiki shrieked. “I WILL NOT!”
                Kasumi looked at Shikarou. “This could get interesting,” she murmured.
                The yelling moved out into the hallway as Nabiki, Akane and Soun engaged in a shouting match. Occasionally Ranma’s or Genma’s voice could be heard. Once, they heard Happosai, but he was cut off by Nabiki. “I’D RATHER MARRY A GOAT THAN YOU, YOU PERVERT!”
                Kasumi sighed. “You’d at least thought I’d have merited a few more yells than that.”
                “You’re already ruined. He’s got to salvage what he can.”
                “I suppose you’re right. Still, you’d think all the time I gave him would count for something.”
                “I can live with them yelling at each other and not at us.”
                She looked up at him for a moment. “You know, so can I.”
                The house had finally fallen quiet. Soun had taken to what he swore was his deathbed and Nabiki had locked herself in her room. Akane had managed to blame this on Ranma and finally yelled herself hoarse. Happosai had ordered Genma and Ranma to go with him on a “therapy” patrol and they were long gone. After it quieted down, Kasumi and Shikarou had finished cleaning the kitchen before she’d gone to her room.
                Shikarou headed out for the tent just as a band of pokegirls wearing masks left the entrance. They froze. Branwyn’s voice said quietly. “You didn’t see us and you can’t identify us. Go to bed.”
                Shikarou chuckled. “Why not? You renegades aren’t going to hurt anyone, are you?”
                “Of course not. We just have to do a little work before the night is over.”
                He shook his head. “Carry on.” He sighed and went inside.
                A few minutes later they were on the second floor outside the girl’s bedrooms. Branwyn looked at Circe and Elizabeth. “You two take Akane and Pythia and I will take Nabiki.” She hefted her restraints. “And go.”
                There were a few muffled cries and then all was silent. In the tent the two restrained and blindfolded sisters were tossed on a bed. Branwyn reached over and picked up a small disk. She pressed it against Akane’s head and the girl went limp. Ten seconds later a large electronic device built into the wall flashed a small light. The disk was then placed on Nabiki’s head. She also immediately passed out and another ten seconds passed before the light flashed once more.
                “Take them back to their rooms and leave them as we found them.” Branwyn attached the disk to the teacher. “They’ll be unconscious for another half hour. Now I get to tell Shikarou what happened.”
                Circe picked up Akane while Pythia took Nabiki and then the two of them teleported away.
                “Go away,” Soun moaned. “Let me join my wife.”
                “Stop that,” Shikarou snapped. “I’m here to talk to you about Kasumi.”
                His eyes glittered in the semi-dark. “What about my precious Kasumi? What have you done to her now?”
                “I’m here to pay bride price, since we didn’t have an agreement about marrying.” Shikarou smiled to himself as Soun was suddenly paying attention. “Part of it has already been paid. Last night, Akane and Nabiki were both taught everything that Kasumi knows about the dojo. They know how to cook like her and keep house like her.” He shrugged. “The rest I’m afraid I’ll have to pay in gold. How about fifteen million yen? At your typical monetary expenditures, that will support your family for at least ten years.”
                Soun’s voice sounded stronger. “She’s worth at least twenty.”
                “Fine. Twenty five it is.” Soun sat up and stared at him. “Yes, I said twenty five million yen.”
                “And you said Nabiki and Akane know how to keep the house and cook?”
                “Yes, they do.”
                “Welcome to the family!” He sobered suddenly. “I want proof they can cook.”
                “Then make Nabiki cook tonight. Kasumi will watch her and Akane can take care of breakfast tomorrow.” He smiled. “Kasumi will stay here in the dojo until we are properly married. I would like to have that happen as soon as possible.”
                “If Akane and Nabiki can cook, you’ll be married this weekend!”
                Kasumi smiled as she watched Pythia carry the last box out the door. It was hard to be leaving the room she’d lived in for so long, but now she had new duties as Shikarou’s wife. Duties she was looking forward to doing for the rest of her life.
                Akane slipped into the room. “You’ve been married for two days and you’ve been smiling for almost the whole time. Is it that different?”
                “It’s wonderful, Akane.” Kasumi hugged her sister. “Shikarou is a wonderful husband.” She dropped her voice. “And a good lover.”
                Akane flushed. “Kasumi, you shouldn’t say such things.”
                “Why? It is the truth and nothing to be ashamed of.” Branwyn shut the door behind her. “Someday you’ll be married and find out what it’s like. Shikarou is a good husband and Kasumi will be a good sister wife to me.”
                Akane shook her head. “I’ll be married to Ranma and he’s a jerk.”
                “Akane! I know you don’t believe that.” Kasumi sat down on the bed and motioned her sister to join her. “Ranma is young and so are you.”
                Branwyn chuckled. “If it makes you feel any better, Shikarou’s father told me he was a brat when he was your age, but in a couple of years he straightened out. Part of Ranma’s problem is you.” She nodded sagely. “You don’t know what you want, but you know you don’t want to give him up. That and the fact that you are both dominant personalities is going to make for an interesting marriage.”
                She sighed. “You aren’t a stupid young woman, but sometimes you don’t think things through. You are going to have to, because while you sometimes don’t think things through, I have yet to see your Ranma think about the consequences of his actions until he’s done acting. Part of the problem is that he’s never been socialized. He did grow up on the road with Genma and I can tell you he’s no prize.”
                All three women shared a smile. “It means you are going to have to work extra hard with Ranma, but I think he might be worth it. However, don’t think you can run roughshod over him, in some ways he’s as stubborn as Shikarou. The only difference is when he’s angry and sullen, he’s like a wall and sometimes you can batter him down.”
                Akane nodded. “I know. What’s Shikarou like?”
                “I’ve never seen him truly angry, but when he’s being stubborn, he’s like the ocean. Whatever you do seems to have no effect and if you aren’t careful, he’ll swallow you up.”
                Kasumi took her sister’s hand. “The responsibility for the dojo was always going to fall on you, Akane. You love this place more than any of us. Nabiki won’t stay and I’ll be leaving when Shikarou does. What you need to remember is that Nabiki is still a member of this family and she needs to pull her weight. Unfortunately, you are going to have to make her help; she won’t do it on her own. And keep her away from the money. I’ve given you access to the household accounts and you’ll have to give Nabiki an allowance. Fortunately, with the money Shikarou paid father, things should be easier for you than they were for me.”
                “I’ll make you proud, Kasumi.”
                “I’m already proud of you. If we can come back, we will, but I can’t promise you anything right now.” She sighed. “There’s another thing you’ll have to do in a couple of years. Before she left us, mother made father promise to remarry. You are going to have to make him keep that promise.”
                “I, I didn’t know that.”
                “There’s a lot you don’t know. I’m giving you mother’s diaries and her workbooks. These cover everything she thought was important or things that our grandmothers thought important. One of them has all of her recipes in it and others deal with the other wifely duties.” She cocked her head. “That includes one on sex. You need to read it, and soon.” Akane flushed. “These have been passed down from mother to daughter for a long time and I’m giving them to you, as mother would have done if she were here. There’s another copy of everything in a box under my bed for Nabiki. You’ll have do decide when she’s ready for it.”
                “Oh, Kasumi!” Akane collapsed against her sister, sobbing. Kasumi held her close.
                “You also need to get in touch with Ranma’s mother, Nodoka. She may have other workbooks and things for a Saotome wife.”
                She looked up to watch a hungry look pass over Branwyn’s face. “Is something the matter?”
                “Sorry, no.” The Unicorn shook her head. “It’s just that I envy you your sense of history and family. Before my mother, there was nothing.”
                “Well, you are my sister wife now, Branwyn. You have the Tendo past to call your own if you want.” She smiled slyly. “I even have a copy of my mother’s books for my daughters and you are welcome to read them.”
                Branwyn looked stunned. “Thank you, Kasumi. That is a wonderful gift. I’m only sorry that I don’t have one as wonderful to give you.”
                Kasumi smiled. “You let me marry Shikarou. That is a present I’ll never be able to match.”
                Akane frowned. “How can you live with the fact that he’s going to be cheating on you all of the time?”
                “Akane, you are wrong. Shikarou is giving his harem everything they need. If Ranma is like my husband, you will be a very lucky woman indeed.” She smiled. “I knew what was going on before I decided to marry him. That puts me ahead of most other wives, and as I said before, he is a wonderful lover.” She glanced up at Branwyn and back to her sister. “Branwyn tells me that he’s man enough for all of us.”
                “I doubt Ranma will be so wonderful.”
                “It’s likely you are right, at least in the beginning. However, one thing I’ve noticed about your fiancé is that he’s a quick learner. If you make it to his benefit to become a good lover, he will.” She shook her head. “On the other hand, if you make it hard for him to want to be with you, he’ll never improve at all. At worst, he’ll take a lover or three and make your life miserable. Remember, there is always Shampoo and who knows how many other women out there betrothed to him, thanks to Genma. Always remember, most of this is Genma’s fault.” She smiled sweetly. “And don’t forget to point that out to Ranma’s other fiancés. Maybe you’ll get lucky and one of them will run his father off.”
                Branwyn smiled thinly. “Since you are my sister-in-law, if you’d like I can have him killed. From his behavior, it would be doing the world a favor.”
                Akane blinked and her eyes narrowed. “Let me think about that one.” Kasumi smiled approvingly. She was starting to think about the home ahead of her own squeamishness. It was a good sign and mother would have approved of her for it.
                The Unicorn nodded. “I’ll be leaving you a method of getting in touch with us in an emergency. Use it if you need to. Shikarou thinks we’ll be able to return from time to time, but I don’t know how often that will be, or even if it’s possible.” She grinned. “However, I’ve noticed that when Shikarou thinks something is possible, it tends to happen. He doesn’t make those kinds of statements unless he already knows something and wants to impress us with his incredible powers.” The grin vanished. “Don’t get me wrong, his abilities are impressive and I know, from what’s in his mind, that I have only seen a fraction of his capabilities. He tries to let us pokegirls do his fighting for him because, as he says, that’s the way things are supposed to be done in our world.”
                She looked at Kasumi. “You’ll have to decide if you want to become a Tamer. I’ll get you some literature that will explain what that entails.”
                Kasumi nodded. “What do you recommend, sister?”
                Branwyn flushed with pleasure. “I think you’ll need at least one pokegirl, but we’ll see if you are interested in taming.”
                Kasumi blinked. “I think we need to continue this conversation later.” Her eyes flicked towards Akane.
                Branwyn nodded. “I think you’re right.”
                “So you are headed back to China?” Genma looked interested. “Are you going to Jusenkyo?”
                Shikarou watched him with distaste. Nothing he’d seen so far had impressed him with the elder Saotome. “We’re going to Shimonoseki first and then we’ll see what’s next.” There was no way he was going to let his pokegirls handle Genma or Happosai. Ranma, at least, was trying to be an adult as much as he knew how. Most of his problems seemed to stem from Genma’s methods of child rearing and lack of socialization.
                Genma looked disappointed. “Well, thanks anyway.” He was watching Branwyn’s breasts as he spoke and had been for some time.
                Not a chance in hell. Branwyn looked up at his thought and glanced at Genma before nodding vigorously. She mimed a dropping motion and he smiled. “I’ll be back when I can,” he said, turning to Soun, “and I’ll take good care of your daughter.”
                Soun blinked. “Your wife,” he corrected. “While she’s welcome here, this isn’t her home any longer.”
                Branwyn’s eyes narrowed. Some things don’t change across the universes, do they? Shikarou gave a tiny shake of his head. I wonder if the next one will be as much of an asshole.
                Doubtful, since I am not going to marry one of his daughters. “Yes, she is my wife.” He glanced at Kasumi, who was working with Elizabeth to adjust the straps of her new backpack for the perfect blend of comfort and utility. It was taking a while. “I’ll take better care of her then she will of me.”
                Soun smiled. “Then she will be well taken care of indeed.”
                Ranma came over. “I’ve put up all my pokegirls. Nabiki wants to practice her teleportation once we get somewhere safe. I think it’s a good idea, too.”
                Shikarou frowned. “Once we get back to the pokegirl world, I think that would be fine. Until then, however, I would prefer it if you stayed close. I don’t want to have to chase you to the United States because of a misjump.”
                Ranma’s eyes widened. “Has that happened to you?”
                “Once I teleported with Circe and came out a few miles up and I didn’t have Circe with me either. I could have died except for my magic.”
                Ranma nodded. “No teleport practice without your assistance. Gotcha. No problem.”
                “Good.” He looked over at Branwyn. “Status check.”
                Pythia chuckled. “Well, I’ve done the preflight checklist and the walkaround on her. One of her tires is getting a little bald, but everything else checks out ok; and the crew chief says that the tire will be taken care of before you can get tower clearance to taxi her onto the runway.”
                Branwyn burst out laughing as Shikarou sighed. “See what I have to put up with?”
                Akane came to the window. “Oh, father, I forgot to tell you that Auntie Nodoka called and is coming by today. She should be here in less than an hour.”
                Genma cringed and ran for the house. Soun sighed. “I guess that means things are back to normal, whatever that means.”
                Shikarou chuckled. “What is normal?” He looked around. “Branwyn, we’ll need to get out of here in less than an hour. Can we do it in fifteen minutes?”
                She glanced at Elizabeth and Kasumi. “I think so.” She turned and headed towards them, muttering under her breath.
                Pythia shook her head. “She’s uncomfortable having someone whose rank she’s unsure of.”
                “I understand.” He nodded. “She wants to study magic, so she won’t be traveling much.”
                “Since you two are newlyweds, does that mean we won’t be going anywhere for a while?”
                “Kasumi understands if I need to travel, but I suspect there’s going to be some disappointed pokegirls on Caomh Sith who’ll want me to tame them. She’s going to want me to spend time with her instead.” He watched his new wife. “I think I’m going to enjoy being married to her.”
                “And in time you may come to love her?”
                He nodded. “In the fullness of time all things are possible. I might meet a blue fox who says I have some silly destiny to fulfill and I might love a human.”
                Pythia’s ears canted sideways. “Um, but you’ve already met the blue fox.”
                He gave her an amused look. “Why, I do believe you are right. Kind of makes you wonder about the rest of my statement.”
                She waited for him to elaborate and snorted with annoyance when he didn’t. “Fine. Be that way. I have to go do something somewhere else.” She stalked off.
                Shikarou snickered quietly.
                                The Jusenkyo guide doffed his cap and bowed. “Good day. Welcome to Sacred Training Ground of Cursed Springs, Jusenkyo.” He frowned. “Oh, is you. You come back.” He grinned. “You too too smart to go in spring. You want buy souvenir duck? All the rage at Amazon Village.”
                Kasumi looked curious. “Is that where Shampoo and Cologne come from?”
                The guide froze. “You no say that name. Amazon elder have ears like hawk have eyes. She hear from other side of world and come bother me.”
                “Sorry.” Kasumi looked around. “So, this is where it all began.” She smiled suddenly. “For all of us in one form or fashion. It took Ranma to the pokegirl world and brought Shikarou to me.”
                “It’s not my world,” Ranma groused.
                “No, but in complementary magic, the two places could be considered interchangeable for the purposes of dimensional travel.” Ranma gave her a look of incomprehension.
                Shikarou sighed. “Kasumi, leave him alone.” He’d given her access to his spell books and, of course, she’d started with the theories of interdimensional travel. “Father has conclusively proven that isn’t true anyway. That sort of thinking is what got Ranma sent here in the first place.”
                She frowned. “So why do you have out of date books?”
                “Because I haven’t been back to Tirsul to buy new ones since they updated.” He raised a hand to forestall her next comment. “As soon as we return I’ll contact father for a complete updated library.”
                Kasumi nodded happily. “I would expect no less from my husband.”
                Ranma snickered until Kasumi gave him a sweet smile. “So, you’ve met my sisters and me, have you put any thought into which one of the ones from your world you’ll want to marry?” He turned slightly green. “I didn’t think so.”
                Branwyn watched intently. I am going to have to learn how to do that.
                Do what?
                Watch her, she sounds so nice and polite and she just gutted him like a trout. I’m very impressed. It really looks like she said that without thinking about it or its effect on him. I can’t wait to watch her use that on Poppet. Mother is going to go absolutely berserk.
                “Harmony, thy name is not pokegirl,” he muttered to himself. He raised his voice. “All right, let’s pull back from the springs by at least half a kilometer and set up camp. Branwyn, I want everyone to be personally instructed by you as to why the springs are completely off limits. I do not want any of my harem getting some idea of being a human girl half the time.”
                Branwyn looked startled. “I never thought of that.” She glanced at the spring speculatively.
                His alpha winced at the iron in his voice. “Yes, husband. I was just wondering how much water it took and what we could charge to Tamers who have hard to tame pokegirls like Snorlass or Sharptits. It could also be an interesting weapon against a Widow.”
                “I said no.”
                Branwyn nodded slowly. “I understand. Later, perhaps?”
                “With proper protective gear, suitably tested, perhaps.”
                Branwyn became happy again. “Ok.”
                Once camp was set up, Shikarou settled down with Branwyn, Bellona, Circe, Stardust, Pythia, Kasumi, Nabiki and Ranma.
                “Ladies, gentleman. We need to try to decide how we are going to get back home, um, to the pokegirl universe.” Shikarou pointed to a large black piece of electronics. “That is supposed to be a dimensional signal that will tell Dr. Banzai that we are ready to go home. I’m going to try it, but I suspect that it’s a longshot for a couple of reasons. First, it is my understanding that technological equipment is ill suited for communication across dimensions. It’s not impossible, but highly improbable.”
                “Second, and I suspect more importantly, the equipment that was used to send me here may have been badly damaged or destroyed during my transport. Lightning struck the portal and, while Aggie doesn’t know enough about the design that Dr. Freeman used to accurately model the effects of lightning on an operating portal, she does know enough to sum up the suspected effects in one word: FUBAR.”
                “What’s that?” Ranma gave him a curious look.
                “Fucked up beyond all repair. The portal spat out pieces of molten metal that I suspect was part of the latticework that made up the power waveguide. If so, the entire wave control unit would have to be replaced and calibrated, if any spares are on hand, which is a process that can take anywhere from a few days to a month. Without spares, the portal generator doesn’t work anymore.”
                “What other options do we have?” Kasumi frowned and searched her memory for anything she’d read recently that could help.
                “I can function as a kind of booster for pokegirl teleportation. Circe and I have already traveled in time on the pokegirl earth and we suspect that we can travel between dimensions as well. There are some safety concerns, but we’ll table that part of the explanation for the moment.”
                “However, the whole issue is problematic because she can’t carry more than one person and she can’t do the special teleports without me and I’m not leaving you behind.”
                Branwyn frowned. “You could go for help.”
                “That is a possibility. I’m not in favor of that because, like I just said, I don’t want to leave anyone behind, and best case scenario is I have to leave Kasumi and Ranma. So that is worst case sort of event.”
                Pythia flicked her ears. “Do we have any other options?”
                Shikarou ground his teeth and finally admitted in a grudging voice. “Yes.”
                Branwyn took one look at his face and sighed. “It hurts, doesn’t it?”
                “What does?” Kasumi looked interestedly between the two of them.
                “I think he’s going to have to pull another Bunnygirl out of his hat and he hates to do that.” Branwyn touched his arm and he turned to look at her. “This isn’t the pokegirl world and you don’t have to let us protect you.”
                “I’m just trying to follow the rules. Blend in and don’t draw attention to yourself.” He smiled suddenly. “I’m an abject failure at that, aren’t I?”
                Pythia nodded. “Yes, you are, but we still care for you anyway.”
                Shikarou nodded. “Fine, we’re not on the pokegirl world and I don’t have to try to hide behind you.” He shrugged. “I’m a mage by training and I can open dimensional gates.”
                The silence was profound.
                Kasumi nodded finally. “That would make sense. That’s why you could hint that we might come back to here.”
                “That’s right. I can open a portal to anywhere I’ve been.” He sighed. “But we’ll try the communications device first.”
                Nabiki nodded. “When?”
                “Tomorrow morning. Let’s get a full night’s rest. Sometimes dimensional travel can be exhausting.”
                Ranma looked at the communications array. Shikarou had set it up during the night and let it run through all of its preoperational checks.  The first thing to draw the eye was a parabolic antenna that rotated endlessly. “What does it do?”
                Shikarou shrugged. “Swivels.”
                Branwyn poked him. “Besides that.”
                “Well, I turned it on an hour ago and it should be just about finished charging for its first attempt at communication.”
                “Then what?”
                He gave her an exasperated look. “I didn’t build the fucking thing. For all I know, we get turned into marshmallows and sucked through a dimensional straw.”
                She met his gaze for a moment. “I guess I deserved that.”
                His ears flicked. “No, you didn’t. I apologize for taking my frustration out on you.”
                Kasumi took his hand. “Why don’t you come over here and sit down.” She grabbed Branwyn’s hand in her free hand. “You too.” When she had them settled, she kissed each of them on the cheek and headed off to check on Elizabeth.
                Branwyn watched her go. “I want to learn how do to that mental judo she just used on us.”
                Shikarou glanced at her. “I want to learn how to defend against it.”
                A short time later, the parabolic antenna stopped rotating. Ranma yelled excitedly. “It’s doing something.” People rushed over and watched.
                Minutes flowed by and Usagi suddenly laughed. “No, it stopped doing something.”
                Nanu grinned. “It’s a typical Tamer simulator. Just as soon as you are ready for something, it stops.”
                That was good for a long round of laughter. When it settled down, Branwyn turned to Shikarou. “So, how long until you can cast this spell?”
                “About five minutes.”
                “What do you have to do?”
                He grinned. “Pee.”
                “Kami bless us,” she muttered.
                Shikarou sighed. “Are you aware that I can hear prayers at close range, so when you do that, I get it in something more than stereo sound?”
                “Really? That must make taming Yushiko fun.” That earned her a glare as he headed off into the woods.
                A few minutes later, he was back and moved to the center of the cleared area. After checking to make sure that everyone was well back, he opened the dimensional portal. Energy flared and pulsed around him and the wind whipped the leaves and dead grass. The pulses grew brighter and brighter and finally vanished.
                Shikarou straightened and pointed. “There.” A glowing dot appeared and slowly became a vertical circle of crackling energy, expanding until it was a good two meters across. He stepped through and a moment later was back. “Ok, Branwyn, Helen, Pythia first, then Kasumi, Ranma and his harem that’s out. Elizabeth, Circe, and Nanu are next and I bring up the rear. Move people. This isn’t fun to keep open. Remember, keep moving off the dock and don’t block the portal.”
                People streamed through and exited on the dock in Caomh Sith. Faelan stood just beyond the end of the dock and watched with Molly and Svetlana. Finally, Shikarou exited and turned. “Thank you.” The gate shrank to the dot and slowly faded.
                Faelan grabbed his arm. “One day.”
                “Excellent. Faelan, I’d like you to meet my new wife, Kasumi.”
Name:                                                     Urufu, Shikarou
Age:                                                       250
Residence:                                             Caomh Sith, Blue Continent
Region:                                  Scotland
Status:                                                    Active
Rank:                                                      60
Security Clearance:                              Eta
                Tamer                                     Y
                Master Tamer                       Y
                Researcher                            N
                Watcher                 N
                Breeder                  Y
Active Harem
Species                  Name                                      Level
Alaka-Wham                         Circe                                       72
Unicorn                  Branwyn                                59
Milktit                                    Helen                                      57
DragonQueen                       Bellona                   52
Seraph                                    Dorothea                               50
Armsmistress                        Urufu Yushiko      48
Ria                                          Kebi                                        47
G-Spliced                               Pythia                                     47
Vampire                  Elizabeth                                46
Sphinx                                    Lorelei                                   43
Mini-Top                               Nanu                                      41
Blazicunt                                Marzia                                    40
Alpha                                     Branwyn
Beta                                        Bellona
Badges: Scotland: Stornoway, Rum Island, Glasgow
                                Ireland: Belfast
                                England: Plymouth,
                                Wales: Magicunt Village
Name:                                                     Saotome, Ranma
Age:                                                       17
Residence:                                             Unknown
Region:                                  Earth
Status:                                                    Active
Rank:                                                      NA
Security Clearance:                              Delta
                Tamer                                     Y
                Master Tamer                       Y
                Researcher                            N
                Watcher                 N
                Breeder                  Y
Active Harem
Species                  Name                                      Level
Griffon                                    Kasumi                   40
Herochan                               Shampoo                               37
Cheshire                                Nabiki                                     35
Angel                                     Rei                                          29
Megami                  Usagi                                      27
Mareen                  Rain                                        25
Alpha                                     Nabiki
Beta                                        Kasumi