Chapter 22: Beyond the Envelope
(04/25/99 0700 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                “So what have we learned in our testing.” Shikarou leaned back and sipped at his tea.
                Bellona cocked her head. “You have learned that any of your teleporting pokegirls can travel to a place if they can see it in a live video.”
                “Correct. Anything else?”
                Circe grabbed a banana. “For some it takes more practice than others, but anyone can learn the technique.” She dropped the peeled banana on the table with the others and nibbled delicately on the peel. “And there is a technique. It is unlikely that anyone will accidentally stumble upon the Urufu School of Transportation Secret Technique Number One.”
                Shikarou sighed quietly and shook his head slowly as he gave the roof a “why me?” look.
                Branwyn took up the discussion. “With the Secret Technique Number Two, any psychic pokegirl can teleport to the place in a picture, if that place still exists. Any magic pokegirl with teleport can go to the place even if it doesn’t exist.”
                That had resulted in a series of amusing experiments. In one of them, Branwyn had teleported to open ocean because there had been an island there at one time. It had since sunk. She returned with both her and Shikarou dripping wet and her scowling visage had promised a slow painful death to anyone who laughed.
                Pythia nodded. “We have also discovered that apparently we cannot teleport into an occupied space, after that whole adventure in Tokyo. We spent an hour trying to teleport there only to find later that a building was being demolished and we were trying to teleport into rubble.”
                Shikarou nodded. “And we have found out that no single pokegirl or group of pokegirls can teleport through time unless I am mind linked with her. Or them.” He shrugged. “It might be different if we had a Tick-Tock, but we don’t.”
                Bellona nodded. “We also know the when the Leagues find out about this, the companies that manufacture teleport blocks are going to be swamped with orders. We need to buy more stock.”
                “Speaking of spending money, how did the donations with Thai’s money go?” Pythia licked her muzzle and flicked her ears. “I understand Svetlana was very happy, at least until she learned that the well had run dry.”
                Branwyn nodded. “Amusingly enough, Florence’s orphanage was on the list, but when I contacted her she said she wasn’t taking any more donations at this time. However, she referred me to another pokegirl orphanage in London and the director there was very surprised and pleased.”
                She turned to Shikarou. “They run a shoestring operation there but their reputation is topnotch. I would recommend any more donations we want to give go there first. They are trying to avoid sucking the public teat and subsisting only on private donations can be difficult.”
                “Fine with me.”
                Branwyn frowned. “There’s another thing. I would like to start planning out some more purchases, but I want your permission before doing it. It won’t be cheap, but the long term reward could be substantial.”
                Bellona chuckled. “Watch how she first teases him with the reward gimmick. He’s eyeing the bait and she hopes he doesn’t see the hook.” Branwyn gave her an evil look.
                Shikarou chuckled with everyone else. “What do you want to buy?”
                “Ooh, he nibbles, but doesn’t suck down the hook just yet.”
                Branwyn turned to Bellona. “Shut up.” She sighed and turned back to her Tamer. “I want to start pricing politicians, both in the Blue League and abroad.” Her hands twisted her thick braid nervously.
                The laughter ground to a halt. Everyone except Shikarou stared at her in shock.
                Shikarou looked thoughtful. “Well, the expensive part is certainly correct. Do you think it necessary at this time?”
                She nodded. “We are already doing controversial things here with the clinic and the all pokegirl police force. When they find out you want universal literacy and think pokegirls should be allowed to own property, including land, it’s not going to get any better. And when they find you are considering a rule that only a pokegirl and not her Tamer can dispose of her property, you may have riots.”
                Pythia tugged on some of her whiskers. “Tactically it is sound to prepare your allies before the battle. However, politicians are notoriously fickle. Would it not be cheaper for Shikarou to enslave them so that they do his bidding?”
                The silence was absolute.
                The G-Spliced nodded as if she had expected no other response. “I realize that Shikarou prefers not to use that power on people, but it is a valid weapon in any fight for survival and most political battles are to the death. If we are fighting to preserve our way of life and the established government sees us as a threat, we will need allies who will never waver in their support for us, no matter the personal cost.” She shrugged. “We could buy some and subvert others who would normally oppose us.”
                Everyone turned to look at Shikarou. He glared at the floor for a minute before taking a deep breath. “You are correct and it is a valid tool.” He paused for a moment and his mouth set. “As much as I don’t want to admit it, Pythia is right. If the subject is controversial enough, even bought politicians will run like ChickenLittles. We will buy some and rent others when needed, but some I will have to suborn.”
                “This is my home. This is our home. If I am willing to kill for it, then I am willing to do anything necessary for it.” He turned to Branwyn. “We are going to need a lot more money, aren’t we?”
                “Yes, we are. Judges and police may not be too expensive, but members of the Blue League Council or any other league are not going to be cheap and some of them will want things besides money. Special things. Rare pokegirls, art, fine foods, things like that. Things harder to acquire and track than cash.”          
                Stardust spoke for the first time as she reached for the peeled bananas. “I would give bribes to the ones you suborn, just to make things look proper. That will take even more money, but will keep people thinking that it’s just normal bribery. Business as usual and all that.”
                “Good point. We will also need to keep Faelan out of the slavery part of it and possibly out of the bribery portion as well,” Bellona commented. “Svetlana.”
                Branwyn frowned. “What about Lynn? Does she need to know what is going on and if so, how much?”
                Shikarou started to speak but Circe beat him to it. “I think she needs to be kept in the loop. She’s Shikarou’s representative here and she needs to know who she can trust.” Her antennae twitched. “And who she can trust absolutely.”
                Shikarou nodded. “I agree. She needs to know what’s going on especially since we are doing this in part for her.”
                He smiled slowly. “I think I know where we can get money and some of the gifts.”
                “I know that smile.” Branwyn gave him a slightly concerned look. “Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.”
                His smile grew. “I hope you like this one.”
(04/25/99 0900 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                Circe grinned. “You certainly think audaciously.”
                Shikarou gave her a half bow. “Thank you very much, but compared to the second phase, this is child’s play.”
                Pythia flicked an ear. “This hypothetical child is very powerful.”
                “We’ve all studied the picture.” He nodded to himself and smiled. “So, without further commentary, are we ready to go?”
                “I will be the lead, correct?” Pythia cocked her head.
                “That’s right and I will be out of the loop entirely, just to keep things safe.” He linked arms with his two pokegirls. “This is just another exercise as far as the execution is concerned. Do it by the numbers and we’ll be just fine.”
                Circe cocked an eyebrow. “Teleport by numbers? This is not painting.”
                Shikarou chuckled and in the next instant they were gone.
                They came out over the open ocean. The waves were steel gray and rolling calmly in the early morning light.
                Pythia wrapped her arms around Shikarou. “I have you,” she breathed into his ear, making it flick irritably.
                “Here goes.” He cast his force shield spell in a hemispherical shape with a flat floor around the three of them. Pythia headed down into the water and soon the ocean rolled on again as if they’d never existed.
                On the way down, Shikarou cast a spell to keep the air fresh and Circe set some light spells outside the force dome. Surprised fish stopped to stare at them briefly before moving on and something large flashed once in the distance.
                The water was over a hundred meters deep here and as they sank into the depths it quickly grew dark. Circe shook her head slowly. “Why don’t you think it’s been already cleaned out?”
                “When Typhonna sank the east coast of the United States, people were a little too busy trying to remember their swimming lessons to worry about what they might have left behind. Then the plagues wiped out most of the survivors and by the time they’d rebuilt to the point of having the resources to mount a salvage operation out here, no one remembered where it was. The only way we can do this is by using Pythia as a magic type to teleport us out to the location as seen in the picture.”
                The bottom slowly appeared out of the darkness. Three centuries underwater hadn’t really changed that much, here in the deep there was no coral and sediment deposition was very slow. Shikarou compared buildings to the picture. Finally he pointed. “There it is. The New York Federal Reserve Building. Now we have to clear our way down to the gold storage and start taking it.”
                “How long do you think this will take?” Pythia rested her muzzle on his shoulder. Her whole job at this point was to get him to safety if something went wrong.
                “If I intended to clean it out, it could take months. Today I just want to get to the repository. After that, we may spend a week or so moving bars and call it done for now. The stuff’s been safe down here for three hundred years and I don’t think that’s going to change soon.”
                He stretched slowly. “Besides, we could never use all of the gold that’s down here and if someone else finds it, we should leave them something as a reward for their hard work.”
                Circe watched intently as the force dome moved slowly around the building. The windows were shattered and glass thrust from the frames like broken teeth. The door was missing and part of the façade had crumbled, but overall three hundred years in the water hadn’t done the place too much damage. “How much gold is in there?”
                “Who knows? The records are fragmentary, but it could be over 5000 tons. We’ll take a bunch of it, but not all and I still have to figure out where to hide what we do take. If we dumped a bunch of gold on the market at one time, the economy could go straight to hell.” He smiled slightly. “Besides, in its ingot form, it may be more valuable as gifts. Pre-Sukebe gold and all that.”
                “Criminals will come sniffing around once we start giving them out.”
                “That just means Molly will finally get to shoot someone.” He chuckled. “And we need to build a crematorium eventually anyways.”
                Pythia frowned. “Making them slaves will increase the number of Tamers available.” She smiled quickly at Circe. “That would give Shikarou more time with us.”
                “I’m all for that,” she replied amusedly, “at least up to a point. That would be the point where I begin getting calluses on my pussy, but I’m not worried about that yet.” She gave him a pointed look that he ignored.
                They finally finished the circuit of the building. Circe glanced at him. “How do you want to do this?”
                “Simple water breathing spells will take us from here and I’m glad that my version prevents decompression sickness. We’ll also need a warmth spell. Once we get down to the gold storage, I’ll put in a force dome without a bottom and fill it with air as a backup.”
                “Are you going to get anyone else out?”
                He shook his head. “This is not a tourist expedition and I don’t think getting to the gold storage is going to be fun. That’s why I want minimal personnel only. I chose you two because your reflexes are fast enough to get out of trouble quickly and Pythia can take significant amounts of damage before becoming nonfunctional. She should be able to escape long before that.” He smiled slightly. “Just someone please remember to rescue the Tamer.”
                Quickly he cast the spells. “Now there’s only one thing left to do.” He summoned his sword and pulled his braid around to quickly hack it off. Pythia made an unhappy sound. “Here.” He offered her the braid. “It’ll grow back tonight.”
                She happily stuffed it into her belt.
                “Ready?” When they nodded, he ended the force dome spell and water smashed into them. Pythia’s arms tightened to hold him close.
                Let’s go inside. Circe turned at his command and headed into the building, moving slowly and sending one of her light spells ahead. The other light spells divided roughly in half and took up station around the two pokegirls. Pythia kept a grip on Shikarou as they headed inside.
                Some crabs scuttled for cover and an octopus flitted out a window into the darkness as they drifted across the floor. They moved slowly to avoid disturbing the thin layers of sediment as much as possible.
                Shikarou didn’t expect to find water pokegirls at this depth, most of them stayed closer to the surface where their prey lived, but they stayed alert just the same. Besides, considering the age of the building, it might try to kill them faster than any pokegirl.
                They drifted over some skeletal remains on their way to the stairs and Circe used her telekinesis to pull the door open from a safe distance. Disturbed sediment blotted out the lights in an instant and it took several minutes for visibility to improve substantially.
                Circe looked back at them. I’m going to proceed. Pythia, stay back until we know it’s safe. She followed her scout light into the stairwell and headed down.
                Shikarou ground his teeth at her being alone, but he knew she was right. Soon her thought trickled back up to them. I’m at the bottom and there’s nothing to report.
                Pythia carried her Tamer into the stairwell and started down. Pull the door shut, he thought at her, when we leave, it won’t be that way. She nodded and her telekinesis pulled the stairwell door carefully closed.
                Once downstairs there was a security checkpoint and some barred doors. Pythia handed Shikarou to Circe and phased through the doors as she pulled out a torch from her belt. Everything looks ok. I will return in a moment.
                Breathing underwater is kind of fun. Circe gave him an impish look and kissed him. He made a face when all he tasted was salt and silt and she laughed at him soundlessly.
                Pythia reappeared. Stop teasing him. If you do that too much, you’ll be the first pokegirl tamed at 130 meters. She looked amused as she floated over. I’ve been in the vault and it looks undisturbed. There were pallets that the gold bars rested on, but they’ve rotted away and the gold looks like it’s being held up by little more than memories. She cocked her head at Shikarou. I await the next Bunnygirl you are going to pull out of your hat.
                Shikarou nodded. I want to see the repository, but when the time comes, we’ll go ahead and pull me and Circe back to the stairwell while you use a low power tectonic slam to settle the bars. They’ll get a little beat up, but I can live with that.
                What if that brings the building down?
                We can teleport in and out of here if we have to. I’ll set up a force shield bubble before you settle the bars. That will give us an air filled pocket as a teleport point for entry and exit. It will need to be renewed every month or so, but that shouldn’t be a problem.
                Pythia nodded, her fur a swirling cloud of blue. Then get started on the bubble. After that, we can get you some souvenirs and we’ll be ready to go.
                He shook his head. When you settle the bars it’ll stir up silt which may take a day to settle.
                Her muzzle wrinkled in a grin. There isn’t any silt in there. Very little detritus made it down here. Just about all that’s in there besides the gold bars is rotted pallet and some bags.
                That will make things easier. We’ll be able to work faster if we don’t have to worry about destroying the visibility every time we move a bar.  He brightened. Well then, let’s get this little program started.
                Circe moved to where he’d decided to put the force dome and when he cast the spell it formed quickly. Then he cast the air creation spell inside it and they watched as an invisible point began bubbling merrily and air bubbles began filling the dome with air, pushing out the water.
                Once the dome began overflowing with air, he recast the force dome spell, putting a bottom on it.
                Circe teleported them into the dome as Pythia turned and phased through the door again.
                Shikarou stripped water out of his ears as he turned to Circe. “We might try looking for the vault upstairs as well. The coins would have value to a collector and there might be jewelry.”
                “Oz, I thought you weren’t greedy.”
                He chuckled. “I’m not, but waste not want not.”
                She sighed. “You’ll get plenty of gifts at our next target.”
                Fire in the hole. Pythia’s mind touched his.
                There was a low frequency vibration and the door to the security station groaned and bulged as water surged briefly around it and then it sucked inwards as the water moved back into the repository.
                There were a bunch of loud noises and more vibration as thousands of bars of gold cascaded to the floor in the repository. Pythia phased through the wall and teleported in to join them. Water streamed from her fur and she glanced quickly at Shikarou.
                He put his hands up and started to say something but it was too late. Pythia shook and the water sprayed away from her to coat everything inside the force dome. She had a wry grin as she began smoothing down her fur with her hands and Shikarou and Circe sputtered and wiped off again.
                “Let me guess, that was an instinctive reaction.”
                She smiled and nodded.
                Circe frowned. “To being wet?”
                “And being near my Tamer.” She said with laughter in her voice.
                Shikarou sighed. “She does it when she gets out of the tub, too.” The G-Spliced nodded vigorously. Expecting another shower of water, Circe half dodged behind her Tamer.
                “Let’s see what we’ve got.” Shikarou took Pythia’s hand and looked back at Circe. “Follow when we are through.” She nodded.
                Pythia teleported the two of them back into the water and wrapped her arms around him from behind as she surged towards the door. They passed through it and into the next room, which was an antechamber to the repository. There was another security checkpoint and a cargo elevator along with a railed trolley line that disappeared into the gloom. Circe appeared behind them and moved to follow as they followed the rails into the repository proper. Gold bars lay scattered in huge piles where the upper floors had fallen onto the lower.
                Hold your head steady.
                Pythia, stop for a moment. She drifted to a halt.
                They hung there for a moment as Aggie used his eyes for an estimation and calculation process. I calculate over half a million 400 troy ounce bars of gold. Probably closer to three quarters of a million bars.
                Circe’s eyes widened as she heard Aggie through her delta bond with Shikarou and she turned to stare at him. How much money is that?
                He snorted, blowing disgusting things out of his nose. Pythia’s laughter shook them both. I don’t know. What is the current exchange rate for gold?
                C965 per gram or C12,004,600 per bar. Half a million bars would be worth six trillion credits. That is of course before devaluation due to the market saturation that would take place if you were stupid enough to dump them all at one time.
                The three of them stared at each other. Wow. He/They whispered.
(05/12/99 1630 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                Ten solid days of backbreaking work had recovered 22,400 bars of gold for an estimated value of over 260 billion credits. Shikarou had created a magical vault beneath Lynn’s house and most of the gold was housed there, with smaller caches scattered all over the lands Shikarou owned. Only Faelan and Shikarou knew how to make the vaults exist in this universe, although Branwyn and Lynn both knew how to extract one bar at a time though a special spell they had been taught.
                Svetlana was still sulking about not being taught the spell, but Shikarou had been adamant after the whole issue of the Widow bounty. Svetlana giving pre-Fall gold to charities would leave a trail leading straight back to the island and endanger everyone there. She’d been almost apoplectic when Dorothea agreed with his assessment of the Megami-sama and stood with her Tamer.
                Shikarou had reached an accommodation with his brother over the whole thing, he’d taken an ingot and melted it into coins before depositing them in accounts all over the planet and having them emptied into one account which he’d given to Svetlana. Last he’d heard she was happy and, more importantly, quiet.
                They’d taken a day off and now were starting on the next series, which involved salvaging jewelry stores and museums in the New York area. The work would proceed much more slowly, since most of the buildings had to be located and they all looked similar at 100 meters underwater. However, the artifacts and jewelry would provide nice gifts to entice politicians as well as for friends. Some of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Egyptian artifacts had already been presented to Sexmet and Bastit and the two Legendaries were thrilled with their new acquisitions.
                The Yoshiharas had been given a couple of choice pieces from the museum’s Asian collection and were busy trying to figure out where to display them.
                Shikarou was saddened that none of the textiles or paintings had survived, he hadn’t expected them to, but he had nourished hopes that the museums had setup airtight storage for their most prized possessions. Some had, but they hadn’t been designed to withstand immersion for three hundred years at a depth of a hundred meters and there was nothing in them but seawater and dreams.
                Shikarou sighed and leaned back against the tree. Elizabeth glanced at him but didn’t say anything. She tended to take her shifts as his bodyguard more seriously than many others in the harem and right now that suited him well.
                “That sounded morose.” Bellona settled down next to him and leaned her body against his. “Care to talk about it?”
                He shrugged. “Baring an earthquake or a Legendary sucking this place underwater, I’ve got more wealth than my grandchildren will be able to spend. Lynn’s buying equipment for the clinic and Branwyn’s shopping for politicians.” He glared at nothing in particular. “I’m becoming a merchant. I’m samurai, damn it, and this is not how I envisioned living my life.”
                “So what are you going to do about it?”
                “I’m not sure yet. Faelan turned down my offer for him to run the island, so I’m stuck with that.”
                She blinked. “You offered to let your brother be the land lord?”
                “I don’t want it. When I’m on the road it’s ok, Lynn runs this place well. When I’m home, however, she comes to me before making the smallest decision.” He grimaced. “It’s not like I’ve dressed her down about anything, either.”
                “It’s the way most pokegirls are. She is subordinate to you and so, when you are around, it’s your job to make those decisions.”               
                “Crap. Is there anyway I can get her to make the same decisions that she makes when I’m gone while I’m here?”
                “Fuck.” He closed his eyes and leaned his head back and began muttering to himself.
                He felt Bellona lean over to hear him; her breath was warm on his cheek. “What are you saying?”
                “I’m pretending I’m not here. If I can convince myself, then I can stay here while Lynn makes her own decisions.”
                He opened his eyes and looked into hers. “It’s not working is it?”
                “What if I left and sneaked back and Lynn didn’t know I was here?”
                “She’d know. Molly is always grumpy when you are gone and you’d have to keep taming her to buy her silence, so she would be happy and Lynn would notice.”
                “You are just full to the brim with good news aren’t you?”
                “You didn’t make me beta because you wanted a yes-girl.”
                “Fine. So this place runs better when I’m gone. So be it.”
                Bellona gave him a worried look. “What are you planning?”
                “Faelan’s been gone for how long? A couple of weeks, right?”
                “More, I believe.”
                “It’s time for him to come home and for us to hit the road.”
                “So he gets a couple of weeks and then you get the same?”
                “I am the land lord. I make the rules. Faelan got several weeks. In return for the hard work I’ve done here, I deserve several years.”
                “By the time you return, Svetlana will have kids on the ground.”
                “It’s not my fault if he’s unready to go when his turn rolls around.” Shikarou gave her a haughty look. It was poorly executed and Bellona snickered.
                The DragonQueen kissed his cheek. “So do we leave in the morning?”
                He shook his head. “We’ll leave in a couple of days. There are a few things I have to take care of first.”
(05/13/99 0700 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                Shikarou looked at Branwyn. “Do you remember this place?”
                She looked around the moor. “No. Where are we?”
                “This is where I planted the base seed six months ago. Aggie let me know yesterday that it’s ready.” He pointed at a pile of rocks. “Right there.”
                Branwyn frowned. “It does look like the place, but I’ll have to take your word for it.”
                He approached the rocks. “It’s me.” Silently, a doorway appeared in the pile. He turned and grinned. “Shall we?”
                Branwyn was staring at the doorway. She shook her herself once and nodded. “All right, I trust you.”
                The amber walls reflected the dim light as they proceeded down a shallow ramp that curled around in a spiral and ended at a door which opened as they approached to reveal a small room. “It’s a lift,” Shikarou commented as he stepped inside.
                The door slid silently shut and there was s slight feeling of movement as the lift started down. Shikarou pursed his lips. “Display schematic.”
                “For security reasons, that system will remain offline until the primary commander is installed.” The voice was a polite soprano and seemed to come from everywhere around them. Branwyn moved closer to her Tamer.
                Several minutes later, the lift halted and the door slid open. Shikarou stepped out with Branwyn close behind. They were in a hall that stretched off in three directions.
                He frowned slightly. “Directions?”
                A bead of blue light appeared, hovering in the air. It bobbed twice and moved down the left hall. Shikarou and Branwyn followed. “Where are we going?”
                Shikarou took her hand. “We’re headed to the control room where I can be installed as the base commander. It has my DNA so we are safe until we get there.”
                She blinked. “Safe? What would have happened if we’d forced our way in?”
                “The lift would have functioned normally and, on the way down, the air would have been evacuated from it.” His ears flicked. “If that hadn’t been sufficient to dispatch the intruders, the base would activate its defense protocols.”
                “What would happen then?” Branwyn couldn’t help asking the question although she didn’t really want to know.
                “The primary powerplant isn’t running yet, so not much.” The light gave an angry pulse and sped up. Shikarou picked up Branwyn and fell into a trot to keep up.
                It kept accelerating from time to time and finally he was running as he chased it. Suddenly, it stopped in front of a door and vanished as he skidded to a halt.
                “Ticked it off, did you?” Branwyn smirked as he put her down. He just gave her a look as the door slid open, revealing another hallway. This one was about forty meters long and ended at another door.
                The door behind them slid shut as they moved down the hall and the lights dimmed.
                “Do I want to know?”
                “She’s getting ready to have a go at killing us if we screw this up. Probably she’s charging capacitors for something nasty.”
                They stopped at the door and a hatch snapped open in the wall. The soprano spoke. “Place a manipulatory limb in the DNA sampler for analysis.”
                Shikarou laughed. “Not on your life. That is a trap and would shred my arm.”
                Branwyn stared at him as a long moment passed. Finally the voice spoke again. “Correct. State your full name.”
                “I am Shikarou no Tsukiken.”
                “What is your citizenship status?”
                “I am no citizen of any world. I am a member of the Tirsuli Confederation.”
                “Then you are a Tirsuli citizen.”
                “I am not.” Shikarou sounded insulted.
                “Correct.” Branwyn blinked.
                “What is my name?”
                “What is the access code?”
                “Hephaestus licks the toes of dirty eunuchs tra la la.”
                “Identify the organic with you.”
                “Branwyn Urufu.” The Unicorn turned slightly pink at his words.
                The door slid open and the lights came back up as the hatch closed. “Enter and be recognized. Hesitation will be met with lethal force.”
                “Friendly, isn’t she?” Branwyn murmured to him as they entered a room with several control stations. In the center of the room was a slightly raised dais that held a large chair.
                “She’s paranoid right now until she gets more information.” He shrugged. “I would be too.”
                “Shikarou no Tsukiken, you will seat yourself in the command chair.”
                Shikarou settled himself into the big chair and glanced at Branwyn. “Everything will be fine.”
                “What is going to happen?”
                “Alexandria is accessing my mind right now and learning about me.” His ears flicked. “In fact, I believe it is done.”
                There was a flicker and a hologram of a dusky skinned woman with long black hair appeared. “I am Selene and I am the ruler of Alexandria.” She smiled. “Greetings, Shikarou no Tsukiken.”
                “Shikarou is fine,” he responded. “Status check.”
                “Alexandria is currently running on backup fusion power. It will require your authorization to bring the primary powerplant online.”
                “Do so.”
                “Very well, sir.” She cocked her head. “The primary powerplant will be commencing startup in twenty minutes, barring any unforeseen problems. It should be online in six hours.”
                “Thank you, Selene.”
                “Do you have any orders, sir?”
                “Bring all defensive systems to full capability as soon as possible. That includes teleportation, phase and telepathic blocks.”
                “Yes, sir. I request permission to deploy my satellite systems.”
                “How many are we talking about?”
                “A standard array is forty. That includes twenty observation satellites, ten defensive satellites and ten offensive satellites with limited ground bombardment capabilities.”
                Shikarou blinked. “I would control what passes for inner space around here. Deploy when power levels allow.”
                “Very well, sir. Will there be anything else?”
                “Not for now.” He turned to Branwyn. “That’s it for now. We’ll come back in the morning and go exploring once primary power is online.”
                “Do you want to wait? Selene did say that the powerplant would be online in an hour.”
                “No, she said it would startup in an hour.” He frowned. “Selene, how much of the backup power system will be available for other uses while the primary plant is coming online?”
                “Zero percent. The backup powerplant is designed for primary powerplant startup. Anything additional would require a second fusion plant. Do you wish me to construct one?”
                “Later. Describe zero percent.” Branwyn gave him an odd look.
                “There will be no power available for environmental systems or lighting. Zero means zero. You should evacuate while the primary plant is coming online, the backup life support systems have not been charged.”
                Branwyn frowned. “Why not?”
                “Initial charging of the backup life support systems requires the primary power plant to be online.” Branwyn could have sworn she heard an unspoken ‘stupid’ at the end of Selene’s statement.
                Shikarou nodded. “Make the construction of a second fusion plant a lesser priority.”
                “Very well sir. Lady Urufu, things will become much easier for me once I have full power available. Right now, multitasking is not possible.” There was a pause. “While we are waiting, would you please sit in the command chair?”
                Branwyn grinned. “I get asked.” She plopped down in the command chair and instantly went limp as Selene shut down her neural net.
                Shikarou chuckled. “That’s because I know what to expect.”
                A few minutes passed and Branwyn sat up. “When is something going to happen?”
                Selene’s voice came again. “It already has, Lady Urufu. I have copied all of your knowledge into my data banks. I apologize for the period of unconsciousness, but it was necessary until you are implanted with a twee.”
                Branwyn frowned and looked at her husband. “Beloved, am I going to get a twee?”
                “I would like you to have one, but it’s ultimately your choice.”
                She smiled. “I’d love one.”
                “Fine. By the way, are you going to tell Selene not to call you Lady Urufu?”
                She shook her head. “Maybe later.”
                “Ten minutes to loss of life support.”
                “Oops,” Shikarou grabbed Branwyn by the hand. “Mare, take us home.”
                “That had better be an endearment.” She frowned at him as they vanished.
(05/15/99 0700 Caomh Sith, Blue Continent)
                Branwyn shook her head. “I don’t think it will cure her obsession with you, but it just might help her to settle down and if she’s going to end up in your harem we need to do anything that can help.” Her lips quirked in a smile. “Besides, I want to meet him.”
                Shikarou sighed. “All right.”
                “You are of course, taking your whole harem.” Circe stretched and gave him an amused look.
                “What about Stardust?”
                “My sister said no thank you. Someone has to keep an eye on things while we are gone.”
                Helen grinned. “This could be fun.”
                “And several of you may never come back to here.”
                She shrugged. “That potential exists every time you leave Caomh Sith with us.”
                He rubbed his eyes. “Who’s primary?”
                Circe smiled and raised a hand. “I am.”
                Shikarou reached for his pokeballs and started putting people away. When it was only Branwyn and Circe he paused. Branwyn smiled and took his hands. Their lips met gently and she whispered while kissing him. “Every time we leave, there is the chance you may add to the harem or lose from it.” She kissed him again. “Didn’t you say you were bored here?”
                He chuckled. “Yes, I did.” Branwyn vanished into her capture beam. He turned to Circe as he shouldered his pack. “Are you ready for this?”
                “All I need is my copilot.” She smirked. “As kami is my witness we will do this.”
                He sighed and then suddenly smiled. “I am the great and powerful Oz.” Their minds touched at hundreds of points and quickly merged before they vanished.
(02/12/93 1930 Cheyenne Wyoming, United States of America)
                A light dusting of snow swirled through the alley to cover the usual detritus of broken bottles and trash. Shikarou and Circe appeared and immediately separated as he scanned with his ears and nose. Circe’s antennae twitched as she used less visible means to make sure they weren’t being observed.
                Her eyes widened. “There are pokegirls in the hospital.” She shivered from more than the cold. “People are dying in there.”
                Shikarou quickly cast a warmth spell on her and she gave him a grateful smile. “Get on the roof and monitor.” He frowned. “Where is it?”
                She pointed as she lifted into the air. “That end of the alley.”
                Shikarou raced down the alley and into the ER arrival area. An ambulance sat with its lights flashing. The back of it had been battered outward and a body had been torn to pieces in the entranceway. Broken glass from the doors littered the area and winked with the colors of the emergency lights on the ambulance, making the scene look gruesomely festive.
                Circe’s mind touched his. It is clear around you.
                He released Yushiko and Dorothea. “Ladies, we have what is likely enemy pokegirls inside this hospital and they are probably killing anything that moves.”
                “Thou succeeded in thy quest?” Dorothea drew her sword and dagger as she spoke while Yushiko’s katana and wakizashi whispered from their scabbards.
                I am picking up numerous satellite, television and radio transmissions. It appears that we are currently in February 1993.
                “I think so.” He summoned his sword. “I want to avoid releasing anyone who looks nonhuman unless it becomes absolutely necessary, so right now Elizabeth is our strategic reserve. Other than that, it’s up to us.” He grimaced. “Don’t use your visible powers unless there’s no other option, but don’t let that command endanger our lives.”
                They are on the fourth floor and heading for the maternity ward. There is one living person on the second floor and none others below the fourth floor. I can pick up three pokegirls.
                The interior of the first floor looked like a slaughterhouse with bodies and parts of bodies strewn everywhere. It looked like the killers had crippled their victims and then taken their time with them.
                The doorway to the stairs had been ripped from the wall and blood ran in rivulets down the stairs from a dead security guard. He hadn’t had time to draw his pistol and Shikarou scooped it from its holster as he passed. Dorothea and Yushiko both glowed briefly as they used focus energy. They quickly came out on the fourth floor and paused briefly as Shikarou checked a wall mounted map of the floor after kicking the remains of the fire door out of his path. “This way.”
                Screams erupted from ahead and Shikarou cursed as they smashed though another door and into the maternity ward. A nurse slammed into the wall next to him and slid to the ground in a bloody heap.
                The Slutton that had thrown her snarled and charged him. Shikarou took a heartbeat to look around. The room was filled with basinets, some of whom held screaming babies and some of whom held bloody ruin. Another door had been torn from its hinges and lay on the floor. No adults were in sight. “WEAPONS FREE!”
                Dorothea’s dagger suddenly sprouted from the Slutton’s shoulder and she followed the successful hit with magic fist. The sudden attacks staggered the enemy pokegirl to a stop.
                Yushiko stepped in front of the Slutton and hit her with double slash as a Blazicunt and another Slutton stepped through the doorway.
                The Slutton responded by trying to slash the Armsmistress but the attack skidded off of her armor.
                Shikarou launched himself at the newcomers, leaping over the shrieking babies as Dorothea slipped past the Slutton, stabbing it in the side as she passed. The Slutton shrieked in pain and swiped at her. Once again armor proved its worth.
                In a smooth motion, Yushiko slashed at its neck. The Slutton’s head went spinning away in a jet of blood and the body collapsed.
                In her blind rage, the new Slutton drove her claws through a filled basinet and trumpeted red fury at them. Ceiling tiles scraped his hair at the height of his arc and Shikarou hurled his katana. The blade sank into the chest of the Slutton and her scream broke off into a gurgle.
                The Blazicunt hit him with flamethrower as he passed, the flames wrapping around his body and igniting his clothing and hair as he sailed past her into the next room.
                Dorothea screamed and charged but ground to a halt and frantically cast force shield as the Blazicunt unleashed another flamethrower attack. The force shield went up just in time to prevent the children between them from being immolated. Around the Blazicunt the walls began to smolder. Suddenly the sprinkler system in the room activated and a heavy spray of water deluged the room.
                Yushiko stepped up next to Dorothea as fire flared on the other side of the force shield again. “We must be quick once you drop the spell.”
                “I want thee to get up to the force shield before I drop it.” Yushiko nodded and moved forward.
                Shikarou rolled to his feet and spat water. The Blazicunt was busy attacking Dorothea’s shield. He held out his hand and summoned his sword. It vanished from the chest of the dying Slutton and appeared in his hand once more. He spun the hilt so the blade reversed, with the razor edge now facing him he stalked forward.
                Yushiko raised her katana and chopped downward with her wakizashi. “NOW!”
                The Blazicunt catapulted forward into the forceshield and bounced backwards before slumping to the floor. Dorothea dropped her force shield as Shikarou stepped out of the doorway from behind the enemy pokegirl, his sword ready for another strike should it prove necessary. He reached down and tapped the Blazicunt on the back with a pokeball. She vanished into it as Dorothea grabbed him up into a tremendous hug. “Shikarou!”
                He chuckled and spat more water. “So, you do know my name.”
                Dorothea dropped him like he was still on fire. “I mean, my lord, I am glad to see thee well.”
                Shikarou twined the fingers of his free hand in her hair and pulled the Seraph in for a kiss which she fiercely returned for an instant before pushing him away as her face blazed. “My lord, this is unseemly of thee.” She quickly used heal on his burns.
                “Did you get them all?” All three of them spun and lifted weapons as a bedraggled nurse appeared from where she’d been hiding. She had a nasty cut running up her side and one arm was at a strange angle and held close to her body.
                Dorothea retrieved her dagger and stuck it back in its scabbard as the nurse staggered towards them.
                Shikarou cast heal on the human and watched as her wounds begin closing and her arm mended. “What do you mean?”
                “Did you get the other two monsters?” The nurse frowned. “What happened to the red one? I saw it disappear.”
                “Other two?” Shikarou was still slightly groggy from the flamethrower attack and was a little slow.
                “What did they look like?” Yushiko asked intently.
                “They were black.” She shook her head slowly. She looked she was going into shock, but in her case Shikarou thought that a reasonable response. “With gold halos on their bodies.”
                Shikarou cursed. “Umbrea.” His eyes widened. “Circe won’t be able to locate them!” Dorothea gasped and Yushiko looked grim.
                He grabbed the nurse by the arm hard enough to leave a bruise. “Which way did the Umbrea go?”
                She winced and pointed back into the room that Shikarou had emerged from. “They went that way.”
                “Stay here and take care of the babies. We’ll handle them.” He frowned. “Call the police if you can. Ladies?”
                Once out of the spraying water, Shikarou picked up their scent and followed it down the hall at a lope with Yushiko and Dorothea close behind.
                It appears that they got a human to drive the ambulance here and then killed him. Why? Circe was examining the ambulance for want of anything else to do. Following them didn’t take great deal of her capabilities. Have you located our target?
                I’ve been a trifle busy. Try finding him yourself.
                The trail led back to the stairs and then up. Shikarou growled and reached out with his mind. Are there any deaths by violence currently happening inside the hospital complex?
                No. Wait. There is a fight on the sixth floor. It’s them and they are facing armed bodyguards. Hopefully the guards will last long enough for you to get there.
                They exited on the sixth floor and immediately heard gunfire. Turning, they raced towards it and burst into the rear of a melee. Three humans were dead and more were pinned inside a hospital room. The only reason the Umbrea hadn’t slaughtered everyone was the gunfire was keeping them wary. As Shikarou watched one of them used Dark Bomb on the wall next to the door, blasting a huge hole in it. A body went pinwheeling across the room and smashed to the ground. The gunfire died.
                Both Umbrea surged towards the new opening and came to a halt as Shikarou howled and attacked. They turned and staggered as Yushiko and Dorothea each hit one of them with chi blast.        
                “Take them alive,” he cried and then he was among them. One Umbrea turned to face Yushiko and Dorothea and the other used bite, which Shikarou managed to catch on his sword. The Umbrea jerked, pulling the blade from his grasp. Shikarou kicked her in the crotch as hard as he could.
                The noise she made as she flew down the hallway was a cross between a yelp and a scream. She flew past the other Umbrea as that one used tackle on Yushiko who responded with counter. The flat of her katana knocked her opponent at Dorothea even as the Umbrea’s attack sent the Armsmistress flying to smash into the wall.
                Dorothea hit the oncoming Umbrea with meteor punch. The blow smashed her opponent into the wall hard enough to shake the building and crack the support column she hit.
                Yushiko picked herself up and went after the other Umbrea. There was a red flicker around her as she started to summon her wings and then remembered she wasn’t supposed to, so instead she hammered the Umbrea with the reversed edge of her sword. The Umbrea dropped.
                Circe’s mind whispered to the Armsmistress. Catch them for your kami. Yushiko pulled out two pokeballs and quickly filled them with Umbrea.
                Shikarou noticed that there were two men in the room as he stepped into it. One was on the floor and bleeding his life out while the other was in the bed and looked worse than the first man. He also noticed that both were Japanese.
                The man in the bed propped himself up carefully to watch as Shikarou leaned down and healed the dying man on the floor. “Who are you?” His English was excellent.
                “Shikarou.” He lifted the unconscious man into a chair and turned to the patient. “Who are you?”
                “I am Naruhito.”
                Shikarou looked at him for a moment. “You are a long way from home and at a very inopportune time.”
                Naruhito shrugged. “I was attempting to return to Japan when my plane was attacked by flying monsters. I am told that I am lucky to survive.”
                Shikarou looked him over. “You don’t look lucky.”
                “The doctors tell me that there is little more they can do.”
                “They are probably correct.” Shikarou cast heal on the patient. “You will live now.”
                Naruhito was staring at Shikarou’s ears. “What are you?”
                I have located our target. He is on the fourteenth floor and is asleep.
                “Yushiko.” She looked into the room when he called. “Watch Naruhito, I’m going to take Dorothea and check on Jamie. We’ll probably have to leave soon. I suspect the police should be on their way.” He nodded towards the man in the chair. “If he wakes, let me know.”
                Yushiko was staring at the man in the bed. “As you wish, my lord.”
                “Dorothea.” Shikarou headed for the stairs again. “We’re headed for the fourteenth floor.”
                Naruhito watched Yushiko as she watched him for a moment. “You know who I am.” It was not a question.
                “I do, your highness.” Yushiko shook herself and turned to face the door. “You are the crown prince of Japan.”
                “This Shikarou is your master. Who is he?”
                “He is a kami, your highness.”
                There was silence for several moments. “If that is true, then this kami has saved my life. Tell me about him.” Quietly, Yushiko started speaking.
                Shikarou and Dorothea bounded up the stairs to the fourteenth floor. Dorothea looked pale and was fighting to keep up. He chuckled. “I see more endurance training for the harem in mountainous terrain.”
                She gave him a tired look as they headed down the hall. “Will the arena not create endless stairs for us to climb?”
                “That would be boring. On mountains, I can set teams after each other.”
                “And when we have to fight on stairs, then what will thou do?”
                He frowned. “You have a point.” Suddenly he skidded to a halt and backed up a room. “Here we go.” He peeked inside.
                Jamie Harris looked thin and wan. His stump was heavily bandaged and obviously he’d been fighting some kind of infection. Shikarou wondered idly if resistant bacteria had made an appearance yet.
                He was fitfully asleep and stirred slightly when Shikarou padded silently into the room.
                Company has arrived. Circe sounded amused and anxious at the same time.
                You wish. It looks like some kind of tactical heavy weapons unit. They are unlimbering flamethrowers, heavy machine guns, Dragon missiles and Stingers. There was a pause. Ah, satchel charges and grenade machine guns too. These boys are going to be serious about playing on their terms. Should I squash them with the ambulance?
                No, I’ve checked and Jamie is alive and reasonably well. Shikarou cast a healing spell on him just to make sure. We’ll come back for our prize another day, after the furor dies down.
                Shikarou pulled out Dorothea’s pokeball. “I won’t make you go back down eight flights of stairs if you don’t want to.”
                She gave him a glare. “And just who will protect thee while I am safe, my lord. I think not.”
                “If you start falling behind, I’ll have no choice. The troops are here and they aren’t necessarily friendly.”
                Radio traffic indicates they are deploying. They intend to secure the ground floor and race up to Naruhito.
                “Come on.” They raced back down to the sixth floor and to Naruhito’s room. Shikarou looked around. The bodyguard was awake now and back at his post while Yushiko was sitting next to the prince’s bed. “I’m sorry to break up the conversation but the military is here and I don’t want to fight them if I can avoid it.”
                Yushiko nodded as the prince raised a hand. “Wait. For a monster, she is quite personable. Is there a way for us to make the monsters work for humans?”
                Shikarou gave Yushiko a stern look. “Someone’s been telling secrets again.”
                She gave him a defiant look. “I am your priestess. It is my job to answer questions.”
                Shikarou shrugged. “Blood and darkness. Yes, Naruhito, you have to capture them and have sex with them. After that, they will obey you.” He gave Yushiko another look. “Most of the time.”
                “I do not believe you. I ask your help and you make jokes at my expense.” The prince’s eyes were angry. “I want to help my people survive this.”
                Shikarou glared back and his ears flicked. “I cannot lie, Naruhito. In the spring of 1996, a Canadian soldier named Icarod Mathers will prove me right. About six months later the information will make it to Japan.”
                His eyes narrowed. “I want you to remember this conversation because it will help you believe this: You cannot save Japan. You can, however, save the Japanese people. Sometime in the future the islands of Japan will be crushed against the Chinese mainland and in time it will become the new nation of Edo. You and your children need to be ready to keep the Japanese people strong and make sure they lead this nation or else it won’t be called Edo, it will be called something else, like Shanghai.” He sighed. “Your people will lead this nation, for I fear the Empire and the Emperor is certainly doomed.”
                Shikarou’s eyes closed briefly. “The nation that I have fought for in my youth is dying and will not last. Naruhito, you must save the Japanese, even at the expense of Japan. Even at the expense of your own place in life and that of your children.” A deep breath. “You can’t get back to Japan, can you?”
                “No.” Naruhito sounded tired. “It is virtual suicide. Each day the flying monsters grow more powerful and take more control of the skies.”
                Shikarou nodded and recited a string of numbers. “That is a cell phone number. Call it when you have been discharged and I will take you safely to the city of Tomakomai. If the police call it I will not come for you.”
                “You know Tomakomai? Is it important to you?”
                “Someday someone will be silly enough to build me a shine near there and it will become that way.” Shikarou was watching Yushiko as he spoke. He turned to the prince and shook his head when the prince started to ask another question. “We have to go. Ladies?”
                They headed down the hall and around the corner. Shikarou put Yushiko and Dorothea up and grinned in the semidark. I am tapping my silver slippers together.
                Circe appeared and took his hand. “Oz doesn’t have slippers.” They vanished.
(02/13/93 0030 Cheyenne Wyoming, United States of America)
                Branwyn pulled her cloak more tightly around her body. “We are going to need warmer clothing if we stay here any length of time.”
                “Hopefully it won’t come to that.” He slipped an arm around her. “Have you found any yet?”
                “Around the corner and down the street a bit is one and he’s had a good night.”
                “Lucky him.”
                They turned down the corner and watched as Elizabeth dragged the hapless man into the shadows. A few minutes later a bat came fluttering out of the night and hovered before she transformed back to her human form. The Vampire grinned and held up a wad of paper. “I think this is money.”
                Shikarou took it and flipped through the bundle. “It looks like a little more than 500 dollars. That should do for tonight. Did you kill him?”
                “Of course not. I choked him until he couldn’t fight back and ripped his pockets off.”
                Branwyn snickered as they retraced their steps. “He got beaten up and robbed by a girl. His masters aren’t going to be pleased with him are they?”
                “No, they are not. They might even be likely to make an example of him.” Shikarou’s voice held no sadness at the thought. “It’ll be even worse if we are here for a while and have to rob more of them.” He glanced at Elizabeth. “What did you do with the drugs?”
                “I phased them through a manhole and left them there. The next storm should wash them away.”
                “Good. Let’s go find a hotel.”
                A short time later, Shikarou was resting on the floor of their hotel room with Lorelei’s head in his lap. She rumbled as he scratched her behind the ears.
                Helen had created dinner and everyone was spread out in the room and eating. Branwyn looked around. “Most of us will have to sleep in our pokeballs tonight.”
                Kebi frowned as she licked crumbs from her hands. Branwyn despaired of ever teaching her about napkins and their proper use. The closest she’d ever come was getting the Ria to wipe her hands in the napkin and then lick the crumbs out of it when she was done. “Tent?”
                “There are ordinances against camping anywhere you want and the normal campgrounds are closed to tent camping in the winter.” Shikarou scratched Lorelei harder and she rumbled louder. “I didn’t want to stay here either, so Aggie and I looked.”
                Kebi gave him an unhappy look. “Home?”
                “South Uist is inhabited now and I’m not going to tempt fate by jumping back and forth in time just so you can be more comfortable.” He blew her a raspberry and she giggled.
                Are you going to tell them? It was Circe, but Branwyn was watching him intently as well and he could feel that Bellona had been linked in as the DragonQueen looked surprised for a heartbeat before turning to give him a glance.
                Tell us what?
                Shikarou leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. We won’t know if we can go back to 298 AS until we try. We may have to find somewhere and live through the next three hundred years if we can’t.
                Bellona smiled abruptly. We won’t. You said there were no other Sidhe on this world and you are going to have to have children with your harem when they come of age, so we don’t stay here. Her eyes met his. I intend to have children by you, at the very least, and I doubt that I am alone in that.
                That doesn’t mean anything. We would know how to hide ourselves from the methods Shikarou used to look. Branwyn gave her a sympathetic look. We would wait until after we came back to here to reveal ourselves to Faelan and the others.
                We would probably end up somewhere on the Dark Continent or pick a league where we’ve never been. Circe frowned. In any case, we would have to avoid Edo and the Blue League. If we did go to the Dark Continent we would have to avoid Sexmet in order not to create paradox.
                I was thinking perhaps the Ocean League. Shikarou frowned slightly. It is sparsely populated and we’ve never been anywhere near it.
                Bellona’s eyes widened. I’m glad I don’t have to run this organization. This is very complicated and makes my head hurt. I hope we can get home.
                You are not alone. Three other minds said almost together. If we cannot, then we also have to survive what’s coming without changing the future too much.
                Branwyn took a deep breath. “I will be suspending the lottery tonight.” Every member of the harem turned to watch her and she smiled softly. “Until things settle down a little we are going to be sharing Shikarou and I don’t want to place people who have sharing issues together.” He eyes narrowed. “Are there any problems with that?” The question was a formality and everyone in the room knew it. “Besides, we’re renting this room and we can’t destroy the bed or take the chance on someone who’s not human looking enough being seen in here.” Her mouth firmed unhappily. “Sadly, that will include me. His bedmates will be Yushiko, Elizabeth and Dorothea.”
                Shikarou opened his eyes. “If we are here for more than a few days, we will find someplace to set up the tent and go back to a normal lifestyle.”
                Lorelei raised her head slightly. “I understand you captured three pokegirls today. What about them?”
                Shikarou tickled her nose and she sneezed. “I have no intentions of taming some Sukebe conditioned pokegirls into the harem until things are much more settled.” He chuckled. “I suspect I’m going to need the restraints in the tent anyway. Until then, I’ll keep them in stasis in my backpack.”
                Nanu grinned. “We could beat them senseless and hold them down for you.” She touched one of the pistols hanging from her shoulders. “Or we could just kill them.”
                “I’m hoping that won’t become necessary.”
                Helen put down her plate. “What did you catch?”
                “Two Umbrea and a Blazicunt.”
                “A Blazicunt would give you a fire type. I don’t know if more Dark types would add appreciably to your harem since you already have Pythia and Bellona.” The Milktit smiled softly. “They seem to be quite competent so far.”
                Shikarou smiled at her. “Your former Tamer is a complete idiot for replacing you with Ruiling, but I’m very pleased with the trade. I definitely got the better end of that deal.” Helen flushed scarlet and looked away. When the murmur of agreement swept the room, she turned even redder.
                Bellona patted her on the shoulder and was rewarded with a tiny smile. “So what do we do next?”
                Shikarou shrugged. “We wait. I suspect that the security at the hospital is going to be substantially increased at least until the prince is released.”
                Circe nodded. “Pythia and I have been keeping an eye on it and you are quite right. We’ve also taken the liberty of dragging both of the Umbrea outside of town and interrogating them. The attack was specifically aimed at his highness. The Blazicunt and the Sluttons were to provide a distraction and try to draw any security responses at them.” She glanced at Shikarou. “We didn’t take the Blazicunt for questioning yet, but we will later.” She grinned mirthlessly. “Before you decide whether or not you want to keep her, I want to know if she enjoys killing children.”
                There was anther round of muttering, this time dark and angry.
                He nodded. “So do I. If it turns out she does, then I will probably follow Nanu’s suggestion.” He grinned hungrily. “The second one.”
Name:                                                     Urufu Shikarou
Age:                                                       250
Residence:                                             Caomh Sith, Blue Continent
Region:                                  Scotland
Status:                                                    Active
Rank:                                                      60
Security Clearance:                              Epsilon
                Tamer                                     Y
                Master Tamer                       Y
                Researcher                            N
                Watcher                 N
                Breeder                  Y
Active Harem
Species                  Name                                      Level
Alaka-Wham                         Circe                                       69
Unicorn                  Branwyn                                58
Milktit                                    Helen                                      56
DragonQueen                       Bellona                   50
Seraph                                    Dorothea                               49
Ria                                          Kebi                                        46
Armsmistress                        Urufu Yushiko      46
G-Spliced                               Pythia                                     44
Sphinx                                    Lorelei                                   42
Vampire                  Elizabeth                                42
Mini-Top                               Nanu                                      37
Hun                                        Hanmei                   27
Alpha                                     Branwyn
Beta                                        Bellona
Badges: Scotland: Stornoway, Rum Island, Glasgow
                                Ireland: Belfast
                                England: Plymouth,
                                Wales: Magicunt Village