Loose Threads 22 is posted.

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  • Kerrik Wolf
    @PlatinumOtter Send me your information in an email (my email is in the disclaimer of every chapter). I checked and there is no PlatinumOtter registered on the Pokegirl Pokecenter.
  • Kerrik Wolf
    @John Doe Hey, you can always send me an email. I'd have responded earlier but my internet got trashed by Hurricane Harvey and just recently got fixed.
  • PlatinumOtter
    Sorry to bug you on a non-story topic here but I went over to the pokecenter and it let me log in but wouldn't let me post anywhere. I tried to PM Zypheit but it wouldn't let me do that either. Do I need to somehow contact someone to get some permission?
  • John Doe
    This came just in time. Huge depression spike. I'd like to talk about it but I don't really know you and I refuse to be that sort of jerk. Anyway... Thanks for the serendipity (if I'm using that right)