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    The Panthress woke with a start, fear clutching her heart as her quick scan of the tent failed to locate Kris. My son!

    "Relax," the Demon-Goddess near the door told her, "Kris is with Babs and Lyn. If those two are fanatical about anything, it's protecting kids. Anything short of a pack of Widows or Typhonia herself would turn and run from that pair."

    "I can be plenty fierce myself," she replied, not pleased by the girl's insolent grin.

    "I wasn't joking. The two of them, with Koko helping, took out a Widow, all by themselves. Koko kept it off balance and neutralized its hypnotic gaze, while the two of them tore it to pieces. They never told us what they did, but I'd guess hit and run attacks, for two days. I'd not bet against that pair."

    "Still," the Panthress demurred.

    "The other kid is safe too. Cat and Koko are looking after him," she teased, grinning broadly, "Was that jealousy I just saw. You need a regular Taming, but not wanting a Tamer."

    "What would you know about it?" she demanded of the Demon-Goddess.

    "That silver thing keeping you safe and warm isn't a blanket, but my partner," the Demon-Goddess told her.

    She looked down.

    "Always trying to push her into a fight," came a voice from behind, "I like how she cuddles."

    The Panthress turned and looked at the pink `pillow`, who reached up to hug her, squishing her soft, yielding body against the Panthress's. "I'm Harumi, Harumi 1, by the way. That grinning idiot is Eek-O, your shiny blanket is Jer. I know Eek-O will drag this out, you are - were - Julie Mackelroy. As Julie the Tigress, you are implicated in your Tamer's death, but only because there were so many clues pointing to the creation and escape of a Panthress. In your defense, your ex-Tamer had so many black marks against him, I'm surprised even Johto didn't do something about him."

    The girl has a rather stupid and vacant expression, but she clearly isn't stupid, the Panthress thought. "So what are they going to do with me?" she tried to keep her hysteria out of her voice. What will they do with my son? she wanted to demand.

    "Considering where you're headed, that's up to you," the `blanket`, Jer, spoke.

    Feels weird, the vibration, she thought.

    "Tyrone has a number of League officials who'll be willing to allow you to operate under his aegis," Jer told her.

    "What the two-dollar words mean," Harumi 1 said disgustedly, as much from the verbiage aas from Julie's lack of reaction to her sensuous rubbing against the Panthress, "Is that as long as you behave and stay close, you can do what you want."

    "As long as I don't tug at the leash, I won't know it's there," Julie replied to the squishy Pokègirl sarcastically. She smiled and ran the backs of her claw of over the girl's soft form, "Do you pop if I use these?"

    "Oh you'd better believe it!" Harumi 1 insisted happily, then hugged Julie tightly, "But I'll pop you too."

    "Considering the alternative is death, by anyone and everyone who sees you," she whispered in Julie's ear, "It's not so terrible an option."

    With a series of creaks, Jer's face formed in the blanket, "Also, your son will have health care, schooling, and other children to interact with. Human children require such things."

    "Don't argue, she reads and studies everything," Harumi 1 warned in a whisper, giving Julie little cat licks on her ear.

    "Only what interests me," Jer replied tersely.

    "And human children, or having children interests you?" Julie said, running her claws carefully over the silvery surface, setting the Mercury squirming, "And you haven't brought this up to your partner?"

    "Oo! Catfight! Catfight!" Eek-O chirped, "Harumi's just being nice because she knows you can best Yoko in the mightiest rack competition."

    "I am not!" Harumi 1 screeched, "I just don't believe I have to fight everyone - like you do! You act more like a Neo-Iczel than a Demon-Goddess!"

    "And how would you know about either?!" Eek-O replied with a smile, mostly hiding that the pink Pokègirl's barb had hit home, "Not that I'd have any trouble with you," Eek-O told Julie.

    She bristled at that, tossing aside the `blanket` and `pillow`, and charging. Before she knew what was happening, she was flat on her back with all her limbs firmly pinned.

    "Not so confident now?" Eek-O asked, "Are you?"

    Not everything is pinned, Julie thought, as her tail began a new campaign. The Demon-Goddess struggled to get loose, but Julie had shifted, and was now holding her too, immobilizing both of them.

    "You wouldn't!" Eek-O exclaimed, as Julie's tail teased her gates, as if wondering whether an insinuation or a quick thrust was the better answer.

    "I might," Julie purred, as Eek-O whimpered and struggled, "If you beg for it."

    Julie heard a creak, and felt something warm and smooth on her own flesh, at her own gates. She squeezed her legs together and tried to keep it out, only to feel the warm liquid ooze past. Slide inside her.

    "Resistance is futile," the Mercury told her, from inside. Touching and caressing her in places and ways she'd never dreamt possible.

    Realizing she couldn't even fight on that front, she redoubled her efforts on the Demon-Goddess. "Two on one isn't fair," she protested through gritted teeth, coiling and uncoiling her tail within the panting Demon-Goddess, "You'll be punished."

    "This is the Sunshine League," Eek-O told her between gasps, "That's how we do things."

    Julie slid her sinuous tail in and out, coiling and uncoiling to rub all the Demon-Goddess's most sensitive bits, while the Mercury did the same to her. "You must be a guy," Julie hissed, trying to keep from climaxing first, while Eek-O sucked and caressed the Panthress's hard nipples. Julie ran her claws over Eek-O's body, not scratching, but tantalizing.

    Eek-O suddenly rolled them over on their sides, then back. When she did, Harumi 1 was underneath them. Adding resilient padding to their struggles The Wigglymuff added her own unrestrained cries of pleasure as the three competitors rubbed and thrust and bounced atop her.


    He woke suddenly. The warm and furry bodies on either side didn't make sense for an instant, then he glanced at the Cheshire and the Mistoffeles who peered back, smiling intently. "Uh . . . I . . . that is . . . "

    "Oh, he's nervous, Cat," the Mistoffeles teased, "Don't worry, our Master knows about us, and our . . . "

    "Tastes," the Cheshire finished, "Koko and I agree: little, inexperienced boys are just too delicious. You're especially yummy."

    "I really should be looking after Kris." He sat up to escape, and was immediately pulled back down by the two cat girls.

    "He's got the two best babysitters on the continent," Koko assured him, running her tail up and down his leg.

    "So do you," Cat de-assured him as she vanished under the covers and he felt something tugging at his belt.

    He struggled to get loose of the pair. I'd rather not deal with a jealous Panthress and a jealous Tamer at the same time! "I think I'd better - "

    An ear splitting yowl broke the stillness.

    "I think your Panthress is rather busy at the moment," Cat told him as the pulled the belt loose.

    "And will have no grounds to complain about you . . . sampling," Koko added, "After all, you need to learn some things. Important things about Taming."

    "Uh, I'm not sure - "

    "That's the - " Koko began.

    "The very first thing," Cat interjected, "That you must get over. You must always seem sure, unless you are asking for opinions, then you must seem neutral and open."


    "I won!" Eek-O told everyone in the camp as she lurched drunkenly out of the tent.

    "Jer won for you!" Julie replied, equally loudly, and equally unsteady on her feet.

    Jer kept silent, trying to support her mistress, her mistress's new battle partner, and their `mattress`. None of whom could stand upright without Jer's support.

    "Squish! Squeek!" Harumi 1 said happily, as she rubbed the embarrassed Mercury to make them squeak together.

    "You'd like being run over by a steamroller!" Julie insulted the Wigglymuff.

    "Have you got one?!" Harumi 1 asked enthusiastically, "A real one, or just a garden roller?!"

    "I give up!" Julie announced and slumped against Jer.

    "That's the first intelligent thing I've heard you say," Shirl said as she approached with Kris on her shoulders. Babs and Lyn trailing behind.

    Jer passed part of her burdens over to the Angel, the Megami-Sama and the Psi-a-Knight, then she staggered off to rest. She spotted Tyrone with her Pokèball. She nodded to her mistress's Master, and disappeared within.

    Tyrone flicked a hidden switch which raised the ball's performance to equal a Level 2 Taming. He smiled at the slightly wobbly-looking boy between his two most mischievous and aggressively lecherous girls.

    "Have you had a chance to think it over?" Tyrone asked, "And what have you decided?"

    "Say, yes," Kris chirped to his mother.

    The Battle Panthress looked to the others in `her Harem`. The Angel and the Battle Angel nodded, but left the decision to her. The boy just looked stunned.

    "I'd like to discuss it with the Pokègirls," Julie said, "To get a better idea of what I'm getting in for."

    Tyrone nodded, and stepped away to let the girls `chat`, although Kris and the boy were included. Eek-O stared at him, he reluctantly released Jer, who glanced around wearily, saw Eek-O's expression, and tottered in her mistress's direction. Tyrone sighed, and waited, watching the spirited discussions, offering a silent prayer that his girls' unbroken string of success would continue.

    He noted Ter was filming, and he knew that Babs and Worry wouldn't make a deal he couldn't live with. He also knew that the film of a Panthress negotiating, even looking frightened by mere talk, would go a long way to convincing Archibald, his friend on the League Council, that a waiver should be issued. That this particular Alpha-class threat, should be 'studied under controlled circumstances by experts.' Archibald will probably add a few ruffles and flourishes of his own, but he knows that if something really becomes a problem . . . I'll simply do a special on it the following week, he thought, I've never had to, although I've made the ultimatum a couple of times. This girl seems the level-headed type, despite her drives and emotions pulling her this way and that.

    The discussion seemed spirited, a mix of argument, cajoling, cheerleading and explanations. Poor Julie looks just as scared now as she did at the beginning, he thought as he watched Lyn and Eek-O argue, while Babs held Kris where he could touch his mother, and the pair `translating` the argument for Julie and her Harem. Worry and Cat kept glancing at and touching the boy, licking their lips suggestively. I never have been able to curb their wandering eye, he thought with a laugh at the boy's jumpiness, Just give in once instead of being dragged into it, and then they'll quit treating as a delicious meal they want. It's the chase they want, as long as you run away, even if only in your own mind, and they'll chase. Give in once, and you'll become a lot less interesting.

    The Angel's wing stubs and their occasional flopping bothered him. I thought they could regenerate. I guess she took such a pounding, she can't fix them just yet, he thought as he watched Babs carefully approach, then the Megami-Sama reached up and stroked the stubs. Gently, gently, he wanted to tell his longest-term Pokègirl, Let her get used to the idea . . . OH! You're going to show Julie what will be available to her, to protect her son.

    The Megami-Sama carefully removed the limiter from her wrists, replacing them with her special bracelets. The others braced themselves, the full force of his Harem's personality would be focused through the Megami-Sama. He noted that the Panthress watched with intense interest. Babs folded her arms and gave her blink-nod that signaled the use of her full and unlimited powers. Even death is not certain when she uses that, he thought, then shook his head in stunned amazement, It's just that nothing can keep her from being an imp at heart.

    The Angel's new wings flexed and moved as they should, but the pattern of feathers made it look like the wings were aflame. If flames were normally gold, white, blue, silver and shades mixing those colors. That plumage would certainly make even a Firebust envious, he thought as Babs sagged slightly, accepting her limiter bracelets back from Lyn. She smiled weakly at the stunned Angel, and Julie staring in amazement at the wings. The Battle Panthress seemed mesmerized, touching the wings carefully, to verify they were really there and not a fever dream.

    I bet they're as soft as down and marvelous to touch, he thought, When Babs puts her mind to it . . . she overwhelms them. DAMN!! I hope the boy is ready when she bolts.


    The Battle Panthress looked around in a blind panic. He knew what was coming next, and evidently so did Mister MacGonigal. The terrified Pokègirl took one more frenzied look around, saw Kris was safe with Shirl and Babs, then took off at her best speed into the forest.

    Mister MacGonigal's Harem was after her by land and sky in seconds. Vonny fell in beside him as they ran after her. All were silent as they ran. Even old man MacGonigal kept up.

    I'm beginning to understand. She feels emotion, and can only express it as physical violence, but she has enough control that she won't hurt these people, he thought as he ran, But there is an acceptable target! He glanced at Vonny. Probably here to protect me, he thought, Not for any feelings for the Panthress.

    The sound of gunfire brought all the answers together. Lyn set the camera operators to their positions, while Worry shouted warnings to Julie, of Buzzbreasts to the left and right. The Battle Panthress, clad in her silver metal armor, had completely lost herself in the fight.

    "Knock it off!" Harumi 2 scolded Worry as she set a headset on the Scarecrow, "We'll have to bleep all that out!"

    Worry nodded her apology, then spoke into the headset the same warnings. Mister MacGonigal stood back with Ter and her monitors and console. He wore a similar headset and spoke into it and with Ter, wearing an expression of terrible concentration.

    He had no idea what the older man was doing. Julie was destroying the Buzzbreasts at range and up close. The BuzzQueen stayed out of reach, but the Battle Panthress had another trick up her sleeve. As the last Buzzbreast fell, the Battle Panthress slid her wings out and launched herself into the air, at the hive queen. The stunned BuzzQueen took a few seconds too long to begin her escape, and she picked climbing straight up, the Panthress's strength. The Battle Panthress's powerful flight had her behind and grappling with the BuzzQueen in seconds.

    Julie immobilized the BuzzQueen's wings and the pair plummeted to the ground. The BuzzQueen twisted to free herself, or try to sting Julie before they hit the ground. The Panthress was too strong for that. Julie released her prey and `braked` in the air, as the BuzzQueen slammed into the ground with a thud.

    As that signal, Vonny dashed forward, cocking her fist, her punch knocking the stunned BuzzQueen unconscious.

    "Well," Julie said as she landed beside him, "Get on with it." She tossed him towards the unconscious BuzzQueen.

    Not with all these people and cameras! he thought before he glanced around, and found himself alone with Vonny, Julie and his new `conquest`. With a sigh, he dropped his pants and knelt behind the BuzzQueen as Vonny held her in position.


    Tyrone watched the young Tamer nervously go at it, with the hints and comments from the other two giving him the exact blend of courage and uncertainty that would set his persona perfectly. He glanced around and realized that Babs wasn't with them. He avoided slapping his head as he thought, She's back guarding the kid. You're lucky Lyn isn't back there with her.

    "The footage of her takedown of the BuzzQueen, can we CGI it to give her an orange base with black stripes?" he asked, confident that the blinds and concealment spells would keep them from being noticed.

    "Might be tricky," Ter admitted, "But I think Jer and I can handle it. What do you have in mind?"

    "An insult. Let Lenore take her on first."

    "Lenore wouldn't stand two seconds even with the best Picadors and Banderillos in the business . . . " Ter hissed, then realized, "And when Julie doesn't hurt her . . . it proves the point."

    "Exactly," Tyrone said, considering all the angles and the various 'leaked' footage that would have to be prepared before his new star's triumphal entry onto the scene. They think it's all BAM! a star is born. If they understood how hunger must be nurtured and fed, curiosities aroused, questions raised and left fallow to drive the hunger. Then tidbits released to serve as an appetizer for greater things. He considered this boy making the BuzzQueen his own. She's pretty enough, . . . Yes, that would work.


    They walked back. He left Tyrone to his whispering with his Pokègirls. Vonny and Julie were cordially loathing each other, and he had the BuzzQueen over his shoulder. She's heavier than I thought, he considered her, Aside from the wings and tail, she looks like a blonde girl wearing a bee-styled swimsuit, except that it's her not cloth. Frankly, she looks like someone who'd be modeling swimsuits . . . Of course so do Vonny and Julie, he deeply considered the Battle Panthress, and how she'd changed in the short time he'd known her, Weird thinking of her as a person, instead of an angry force of nature. I guess linking with Shirl helped. Or is she like a volcano? Quiet, then an explosion that ends civilization? He kept thinking about that until they reached the camp.

    The smiles that Shirl and Babs gave them, especially him and Tyrone, told him the impish Megami-Sama and the re-winged Angel had worked something out that Julie and Mr. MacGonigal might not like, but could live with.

    "All hail the conquering heroes!" Kris called as he threw himself into his mother's arms.

    All diligently filmed, he thought with a trace of a scowl, All our lives under a microscope from now on. Someone with a camera around every corner.

    Shirl took Julie aside. He stood back as the intense negotiation went on, while Babs whispered into the ears of Mr. MacGonigal's Pokègirls. Mr. MacGonigal either doesn't mind, or he doesn't care. They may have done all this before, he thought as the girls massed in a semicircle, with him and Mr. MacGonigal at the center of the arc.

    He glanced at the older man, who now wore a calculating look on his face. What is he expecting and what should I expect? he wondered.

    "We've got a proposal," Shirl said, somehow the way she said it made it sound like it had been handed down from the gods themselves, "She has agreed to participate."

    Mr. MacGonigal nodded, his stony expression revealing nothing.

    "If Kris's exposure is as limited as humanly possible. He is not to be used in any publicity," she informed the man, who nodded, "I'd like to have more than a nod," the Angel said quietly.

    His brow furrowed, but he said, "I, Tyrone Bruce MacGonigal, state of my own free will, that a minimum of publicity shall be directed at or involve Kris, Julie's human son. These are terms of her employment, and any breach would be considered breach of contract on my part. With appropriate penalties and legal ramifications. Renegotiating the terms will be in the purview of Julie and her manager," he said clearly, "Is that acceptable?"

    "Yes," Julie said.

    The other girls broke into a chorus of 'Amen!' so beautiful that the heavens themselves must have been jealous. Tyrone's head whipped around to stare at Ter, her camera running, but pointed at the ground. The Pokègirl quailed slightly at her Master's intense expression of betrayal, and she glanced at Shirl for support.

    Tyrone turned to stare intently at the Angel, who imperiously stared back. Tyrone bowed slightly, with a truly malevolent smile. "Well played my dear. I take it my good behavior will be rewarded?"

    "I merely believe a young mother could use the . . . support."

    "Of course," Tyrone answered.

    What the Hell is going on? He wondered, All this over a little singing?!


    The march to the blimp station was educational. Does Tyrone think of all of this, or does he pull it out of thin air? he wondered as they settled into the seats of the huge dirigible. The massive gas bag and outrigger engines seemed to dwarf the passenger gondola. Which they'd climbed up to, inside the blimp proper.

    Vonny snuggled against him as Shirl and Julie sang a duet, the Angel playing a piano made of silver metal rather than wood. They are good together, he thought as he enjoyed the music, The make up and hair dye are a nice touch, she looks just like a Tigress. He remembered Harumi 1 and 2 fussing over the dye job, making sure it was exactly right. I didn't understand half of what they were saying, he admitted to himself, But they seemed to know what they were doing.

    He blinked and gulped as he caught Cat and Koko giving him twin catty smiles. He tried not to look as they `posed`.

    They belong to Tyrone, he thought, Doesn't he care? He glanced over at the BuzzQueen, `his` other Pokègirl. 'Niki' simply looked at him like a tolerant pet-owner, proud, but not of her `owner`. I still don't know how I got involved in all this, he thought, I never wanted to be a Tamer, I never wanted to be a `star`. He saw Tyrone walk through the cabin, gather it all in with a single look. Then he left, with a determined smile, as if the girls had all passed some test and he was their proud teacher.

    I still don't understand all of what's going on! he silently complained to the universe, I guess I'll have to get used to it. He applauded as Shirl and Julie finished their song. The Angel's smooth and lilting soprano and the Battle Panthress's earthy, slightly growly alto made an interesting combination. The other passengers all applauded enthusiastically, upper-crust types mostly, with a few business travelers, no tourists.

    I guess where we're going doesn't get much tourist trade.

    The sound of the engines spooling up told everyone to be seated and belted in. He helped Vonny buckle Niki in, while Shirl and Julie saw to it that Kris was secured, before they saw to themselves. The lift off was gentle, hardly requiring the rigamarole with the belts. He sat through a crash-landing lecture, which had Julie ready to grab Kris, jump out, and fly the rest of the way herself.

    I don't blame her one bit, he thought as he wondered about the lack of parachutes in the dirigible. It was after the briefings, when the girls had left and Tyrone returned, that the real shock occurred.

    "We can get it, if you want," Tyrone offered.

    For the hundredth time, I can't imagine him as a talent scout. A credit accountant or a banker yes, a talent scout, never, he thought while he asked, "Get what?"

    "Your house, the goods, your bed," Tyrone told him, "Your uncle was quite reasonable, anything you want is yours."

    He walked to the railing that guarded the observation windows from the passengers. "I . . . I never . . . I left never thinking about . . . I wanted to leave it all behind."

    "And now you think you may want it, may need it," Tyrone said, "Don't make the young folks' mistake of assuming you're locked into one decision that you made. Any contract can be renegotiated, even Go - the Celestial powers can be bargained with." Tyrone smiled sympathetically. "Too many things have changed, you might want a touchstone."

    I don't know. I thought I was rid of all that, and well rid of it. Now I don't know. "What do you suggest?"

    "I'd say you get your bed, and give your parent's bed to Julie and Shirl. Get your old clothes and some furniture," Tyrone suggested.

    "I . . . I'll leave it to you," he told him, "I'm not sure what I think." Then something occurred to him. "Why should I want my old clothes? They were all patched and ratty."

    "You'll go through a lot of torn clothes in training, and better old, comfortable ones than something new and uncomfortable."

    "You - you really serious!"

    "It's an athletic discipline," Tyrone explained, in a much calmer way then he usually explained things, "If you pick someone off the ground, it's your responsibility to get them safely on the ground again. There's an art to making it look real, without killing people."

    "You make it sound complicated," he said.

    Tyrone nodded. "It is, you don't have to understand it all in one day, a week, or a year. Just your part, and that we will teach you. The greatest portion is accepting your part, not just as an actor, but within the Harem, as a human among Pokègirls, and as a Master. Julie may be loud and aggressive, and seem uncaring and domineering, but look at it from her perspective. She was too young and too unskilled. Rather than try to lovingly bring her up in skill and confidence, her Tamer viciously tore her down. She hit rock bottom and evolved into everything he claimed he wanted: strong, powerful, aggressive. Except she was completely beyond his control and he'd carelessly and brutally taught her that pain and fear are the only language to communicate in. So that's how she `explained` to him her displeasure and confusion. Now she's got another entity in her head, a child to take care of, as well as her own desperate needs, and she's not ready for any of it. She didn't choose her fate any more than you did. She saw you as a possible way out, but you were more eager to die, than to live. The only way she knew to get around that was make you more afraid of her, than of living. Every day you get up in the morning and stay alive, is another day you defy her, although you irritates her, she also desperately needs you, because as fearful of her as you are, she's infinitely more afraid of being without you. That said, you're the human in that group, even if she pushes you around, you've got the lion's share of the responsibility. Whether you wanted it, whether you were ready for it - or not."

    "So I don't get any choice in the matter?" he asked angrily, feeling a crawling helplessness with his anger.

    "You have plenty of choices, but the only good one means a lot of hard work. The easy ones demand a coward's way out, and they'll cost you dearer in the long run."

    "So if I take them, you're calling me a coward?" he asked.

    Tyrone smiled again. "I don't have to, you're calling yourself one even as you think, even as we stand here. You'll keep calling yourself one for the rest of your life. That's a dear price to pay for avoiding some worrisome work now. She'll bluster and roar, threaten and claw, but don't forget, fear comes from a perception of lesser power. She knows her bred in anger and her needs are stronger than she is. The only thing she knows is stronger, is a Master. She also strongly suspects you won't hurt her the way her previous Masters have. Don't forget that you've got lots of help: Vonny, Niki, Shirl, Kris, even Julie herself. She desperately wants this to work, only - she doesn't have the tools to make it work. You do. All you have to do is decide you are going to accept the responsibility and go through with it. Otherwise, put Vonny in her ball, pack up your stuff, and have Niki fly you out of here tonight, because tomorrow that hill will be harder to climb. In a week, it will be impossible."

    "Thanks," he told the older man as he walked away. He found his way to his cabin, which was pretty small. Vonny and Niki waited for him, their expressions unreadable.

    Neither said anything as he undressed, washed his face and brushed his teeth. They simply cuddled him as he climbed into bed between them.

    He found he couldn't relax, despite the warm softness holding him safely in the bunk. The one thing Tyrone only implied is keeping me awake. Intentionally not making a decision is a decision.


    Shirl held the shivering Battle Panthress, the remainder of her soul, and lay quietly in their bed. The Battle Panthress was practically in the fetal position, nearly sucking her thumb in primal terror of what would be happening to her in the future.

    Be at ease, she wanted to say as she stroked the other girl's soft fur. She simply held her tightly, reminding her there was at least one being in the universe who would never willingly abandon her. Foolish girl, she thought, Go to him, ask him to stay. Your honor and false independence are not worth the agony you are putting yourself, him and us through.

    She held the Battle Panthress, still stroking her soft fur and hoping she would grow up soon, while the hurts would be little ones and more easily healed and forgiven.


    The alarm in the middle of the night woke everyone. Most of the Pokègirls were in the lounge, even the pets some people had brought on board.

    Tyrone is here, he thought, But almost no other humans, besides me.

    The officer had seen him leading Vonny and Niki, and let him through. While the junior officers dealt with the panicking humans, the Captain was dealing with the relatively calm or slightly angry Pokègirls. And their Masters, he thought as Julie and Shirl took up positions beside him.

    "There's a blimp approaching, and two others ahead on an intercept course. They've jammed our radios, so we can't call for help. Although that kind of jamming attracts a lot of attention. We have a slight speed advantage, and this room can be pressurized. So we can climb above an altitude most flying types are comfortable with, and beyond where humans can comfortably operate," the Captain explained in confident tones, "If it's just a Team Rocket or pirate attack, that should be enough. Unfortunately, if it's privateers from Johto, we could be in serious trouble."

    "Then we stop them," Babs said clearly, all the playfulness and her coltish-pixy act had vanished, replaced by an angry goddess, "We have women and children aboard. A battle, even well-managed, would endanger them."

    He saw Julie's enthusiasm drain away, replaced by fear of the smaller Pokèwoman.

    "I will stop them," Babs announced, again removing her bracelets, handing them solemnly to Tyrone, who took them equally gravely. She accepted a kiss on the forehead from her Master. Babs glanced at Julie and nodded to her. The Battle Panthress looked around nervously, then followed the Megami-Sama, who looked like she'd trample or walk through any obstacle. The theoretically fiercer Pokègirl followed timidly.

    "She'll stop them," Tyrone said seriously, then turned to the Captain, "The best we can do is stay away from the windows." Tyrone turned and left, urging the other humans to return to their cabins.

    He took Vonny's and Niki's hands, and Tyrone's advice, collecting Kris on the way out.


    Julie let the flight officer lead them up through the structure of the airship. I'm not afraid, she told herself as she followed Babs up the ladder, Despite how she changed. The bubbly, slightly ditzy girl just vanished. She's all business now. What is she going to do to them?

    They stepped out onto the skin of the ship, supported by the framing beneath them. The officer directed them to a small platform. Babs sat atop it, oblivious to the wind and the cold.

    "What do I do?" Julie asked. I hate having to depend on someone else, not knowing what to do! she thought.

    "When I finish," Babs said calmly, "Don't let me fall."

    Julie let her senses extend. Feeling the thin framework of the ship beneath her, the lifeforms around her, including her son and . . . the others. Away from them, she spotted the three targets, below them and a long ways away. She saw the visible and invisible glow from the Megami-Sama. She immediately shut her senses down and shifted to her armored form.

    A moment later, the glow faded and Babs slumped. Julie collected her carefully, padded across the ribs of the ship and climbed down the ladder using her feet and tail, holding the near comatose Megami-Sama tightly against her.

    She'd made a sweep with her long-range sensors just before she'd climbed down. They were gone, Julie thought worriedly as she climbed, Not falling, not pieces, just gone. Did she teleport them? Disintegrate them? What?

    She found Tyrone pacing in his tiny cabin. "She's just tired," he quietly said to reassure her, taking the Megami-Sama into his arms, holding her as Julie often held Kris, looking at the bundle, afraid for her. Julie could see the man was trying not to cry.

    You don't have to be brave for me, she wanted to tell him, but couldn't, You really could have destroyed me, destroyed me completely. Why didn't you? she wanted to ask the Megami-Sama.

    "Kris is with Vonny and the boy," Tyrone told her, still cradling/cuddling the Megami-Sama, "They didn't want him to be alone."

    "Thank you," she said, and left, hiding her own embarrassment. Why do I want to stay and watch? she wondered, She's too exhausted for Taming. Did I just want to watch to see another Pokègirl being snuggled by her Master, to get the things I was never allowed? she wondered, Why aren't I angry or jealous about it, instead of just terribly lonely?

    She continued to the cabin. Stopped. Stared at the door.

    She discarded her first impulse to storm in, when she heard the soft laughter of Vonny, the boy, and her son. She stifled her second impulse, to knock. That's my son, she thought in confusion, Why don't I want to disturb someone else's time with him? She couldn't leave, she couldn't make herself intrude.

    She compromised by curling up into a ball and went to sleep outside their door.

    She missed seeing Shirl looking at her and smiling. The Angel turned away and returned to their cabin.


    The morning came, he woke in Vonny's arms, with sitting in a chair Niki holding Kris against her. He stood and carefully walked to the door. What's she doing here? he wondered of Julie curled up in front of the door, covered with a blanket.

    He stepped over the sleeping Pokègirl and headed to the main room, which the stewards were setting for breakfast. They nodded nervously to him.

    They heard about what happened, he thought, Maybe some of them watched it on radar. I don't know what Babs did, except it must have scared them all, and probably Julie too. 'Fear comes from a perception of lesser power, is Babs really that powerful? She seemed so serious, I almost thought she'd changed into another person, but Tyrone accepted it. Should I? He walked through all the `public` areas, trying to center his thoughts about what had happened and what would be happening in the future.

    He spotted the chief engineer coming out of the 'Officer's Only' areas and he followed the grizzled Pokèwoman. "Chief? What happened to those other airships? Are we still in any danger?"

    "The clouds ate'em," the Pokèwoman muttered as she hurriedly brushed past him.

    The clouds 'ate' them?! he replayed the engineer's words in his head, 'Ate'em'?! How could -?! Do I even want to know? He looked around and decided ignorance was bliss, and headed to breakfast.

    Julie knows, so I don't need to tell her not to tell her not to piss off the Megami-Sama.


    "I don't get it," Julie said of the can Tyrone had asked her to pack in her small toiletries kit. She was losing her very short temper, in a tiny cabin she had no way to pace to vent off her frustration safely. But with Babs hanging on his arm like that, even if she is back to being the cute imp . . . I'll hold off losing it until later, she thought, When I can find some rocks, to make into gravel. "You told me under no circumstances was I to carry the coverage to touch up my stripes." Julie's tail, striped with orange, tapped the man in the chest with just the tip, seemingly displaying its own irritation.

    Babs seized it in both hands, rubbing it against her cheek. "Fuzzy," she cooed.

    Julie got the impression she had been rubbing something else a lot recently, since neither had been out of the cabin for a whole day.

    "Correct," Tyrone said.

    "But you want me to carry this black dye, in a bag that's certain to be examined."

    "Exactly," Tyrone said.

    "I don't need black dye," Julie explained, trying not to rip the man's skull open and scream this patently obvious fact directly into the man's obstinate brain, "I want to go play with Kris. To hold him and make sure he is safe before the landing. You confusing me this way is keeping me from doing this," she managed with the last shreds of her patience, and trying to get some help from the Megami-Sama.

    "Then why would you carry it?" Babs asked, "We want people asking about it and wondering."

    Julie closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

    "You don't have to understand," Tyrone explained, "Eventually, it will be completely clear. I think - "

    "She's right," Babs interrupted her Master, staring at him wide-eyed, "She shouldn't carry it."

    "About time," Julie muttered, feeling sanity returning to the conversation.

    "Kris should," Babs said. Tyrone brightened and nodded enthusiastically.

    "I'm going somewhere to scream," Julie growled as she stepped up and put her face next to theirs, "Before I hurt somebody." She stepped out into the corridor while Tyrone extolled Babs' genius.

    Shirl enfolded her in her arms and vibrant wings. "I felt your pain."

    "I'm not in the mood," Julie said, tried to shrug off the Angel, but not wanting to, "I just want to hit something."

    The Angel stepped in front of her, dancing and shadow boxing. "Wanna fight? Wanna fight, wanna fight?"

    Julie pinned her against one of the heavy beams. "If you wanted to scream," the Panthress teased with more than her voice, "You could have just said so."


    The lunch after the landing was a choice. We can either rush out, and wait for our luggage to be inspected, or enjoy a leisurely lunch, he thought, It seems like an obvious answer to me. Tyrone wasn't in a hurry, and he's the one who knows where we're going.

    He looked at Julie and Shirl, who kept shyly smiling at each other over Kris's head. Then at Mr. MacGonigal's Harem, who decided to behave with some decorum. Although Cat and Koko are having some trouble, he thought as that pair struggled to comport themselves. He heard the questions that they directed at Mr. MacGonigal, and listened to the answers, as they would affect his future. But there's something he's hiding from them, and from us, he thought, I just wonder if he's intentionally hiding it from us, or just from the airship's crew.

    Vonny and Niki seemed to sense his unease, but said nothing. Vonny draped her leg over his, under the table, rubbing her foot up and down his leg. Niki was more direct, she used her fingertips to smooth down the napkin he had in his lap. Both smiled at him as if they intended to have him for lunch.


    The man who waited for them beside the collection of grav cars looked like someone had captured a thundercloud, and lashed it down with enough gold brocade so it would easily be confused with a Mardi Gras float. The black cloth of his jacket, shirt and pants peeked through the brocade, and seemed the perfect compliment for his saturnine features. The undecorated, huge, black hat seemed to surround his head with a dark halo. Odd, he doesn't seem the type, Shirl thought as she watched, Dangerous yes, but not evil.

    "Ramoné!" Tyrone greeted the man warmly, receiving a cold glare in return. Tyrone kept smiling as he introduced all the newcomers. "They are the ones I told you about."

    Ramoné took Julie's hand and kissed, glancing at Tyrone and rolling his eyes. Julie snickered at that, as Ramoné moved on to shake hands with Kris and the boy, kissing the hand of each of the other Pokègirls.

    They look like they're about to storm him, Shirl thought of the other Harem's gleeful expressions. She glanced at Julie who'd experienced an epiphany, So, it's an act, you've realized. That's why Kris is carrying the black dye. It's not that it serves a purpose, but it's to get others to ask questions about you. Why would a Tigress, an orange and black Tigress, try to hide such a thing from others? So when the solid black `Panthress` appears, a licensed League official can let slip that it's a disguised Tigress.

    The Titmouse who came around the truck Ramoné had been lounging against was built with the same proportions as Julie. Although much shorter in the legs, so she's about 4'6", but not that much smaller than Julie. The outfit of tight rubber or leather, spikes and chains, seemed completely out of character with the Titmouse's bouncy, happy personality.

    So that's why Ramoné stood back, Shirl thought as the Titmouse greeted each of Tyrone's Harem with a leap into their arms and a full body hug. She only hugged Tyrone after he warned, 'None of that acrobatics with the old man.' The Titmouse pouted before the hug, but couldn't hold it.

    Vonny also got just a hug, the pair were closer in size, so no leap first. Shirl felt Julie's anxiety, but Kris got a lean-down hug. The Titmouse stood before their `Master`, a look of expectation and worried glances at Julie showed the boy's turmoil as the Titmouse stared at his face.

    "So you're going to be Ramoné's patrón?" she giggled at the near rhyme and returned to her Tamer's side.

    "Poor baby, being ignored," Julie teased, caught Shirl's furious glare. The `Tigress` frowned and pinched their Master's behind while promised, "I'll just have to make it up to you later."

    He blushed as they headed for the vehicles.

    "You must be pretty wealthy to afford these grav cars," Vonny said as she helped load the baggage into the large truck.

    "Not really, I have a place that I can borrow them from on short notice, although I can only keep them for a day, at most," Tyrone explained as he watched the drivers tie down the loads in the back of the grav truck. Once he was satisfied, and everyone had gotten aboard the cars, they headed out.

    Shirl sat beside Julie, they'd brought the boy with them, and Tyrone had squeezed in with them.

    "Julie, I've got a friend, League official," Tyrone told the Panthress, "I can guarantee, if you behave yourself, he'll let you remain here 'under observation'. Your son will be safe."

    Shirl noted the boy and Tyrone exchanging expectant glances as Julie's hackles rose and her fur stood on end, and the worried glances at her aforementioned son in her lap. Julie laid her chin on his head and hugged him. The boy twisted slightly so his mother could see the grin on his face.

    Shirl put her head on Julie's shoulder. The combination seemed to calm her down. 'I love you, please do this to protect yourself,' Shirl mentally quoted what the boy's expression told his mother, I agree, I believe the man can be trusted, he wants you to succeed, so do the others. They understand your plight, and are willing to work with you. He sits and explains without fear, no man should even speak to a typical Panthress. You're already along the path, stay strong, we will help.

    Then Tyrone dropped the other shoe. "He's also got an assistant, a Supe-bra Genius out to make a name for herself."

    Julie didn't understand.

    "She's obsessed with the law, and she'll look for any violation, anything that will let her write a report and take an action." Julie froze at his words, Tyrone continued, "Keep hold of your temper and your fear. That grip is exactly as strong as the grip you'll have on your son. Lyn and Babs will be with you. Let them do any reacting, they know the procedures, and they know the law. They are both expert Banderillos in this, depend on them to protect you and your son."

    Julie hugged Kris tightly. Shirl knew she was on the verge of hysterics. Only the two of them kept her from lashing out at everything in reach.

    "If they don't react, you don't react. If they move, get yourself and your son out of their way."

    "I understand," Julie said quietly, shivering slightly, not looking at any of the others, not even Kris or Shirl.

    "You can trust them," Shirl said, "And you can trust yourself."

    Julie didn't answer.


    The collection of buildings within the walls seemed like a flock of chicks safe in their nest. Pokègirls patrolled the parapets, and a couple flew high above, playing in the breezes and thermals.

    I don't bet they are just there by happenstance, he thought as the cars and truck arrived. He looked at the soil as he climbed out of the car, blinking at the bright sunlight and remembering how the ground `back home` was. Hard pan, with a few scattered trees outside, a couple of trees inside, he thought as he looked around, And there are none within 500 yards of the wall.

    "A kill zone," Vonny whispered to him as she stepped up beside him, glancing at him and the other girls of `his` Harem, "Julie, Kris and Niki are wide-eyed ingenues. You and Shirl are watching the rest of it as closely as that trio are watching everything else." She nudged him, pointing out several arenas among the buildings, marked off by post fences. "Like the bigger ones outside."

    This place is huge, he thought, as people spilled out of every building.

    "Some older, most younger and unsure," the Dark Knight whispered, making him consider the eager and expectant faces that quickly surrounded them.

    "Okay!" Tyrone's voice cut through the murmurs and galvanized the townsfolk. He turned to the newcomers, "You're all in barracks four. Lyn and Jer will show you the way and the layout. You've noticed the wall." He left the statement hanging as many of the locals chuckled at some private joke. "Despite the dry heat, we're close enough to the coast that raiders have tried to hit us here. No one has ever passed that wall, except as a prisoner. There will be night patrols for all of you, even I walk the walls on rotation. If any of you decide that you don't like what you're learning, the discipline, or me, you are always free to leave. In broad daylight."

    He turned to the Battle Panthress, "Julie, I've already put a call into Teno U., if you want to leave, you'll have safe passage there. They'll want to examine you, but they'll listen to your objections, once you put them in a head-lock to get their attention."

    The Battle Panthress laughed at that. The others nodded.

    "Okay, unload and get them situated."

    The group and Tyrone's Harem picked up the baggage and followed Lyn and Jer to one of the buildings. He could make out the large 'IV' where most of the other buildings used a # #-# # # system of identification. The inside was remarkably cool, compared to the hot air. They descended the stairs into the earth, and the air went from bearably to pleasantly cool. Their baggage was carefully set in their rooms. He noted that even the Pokègirls had separate rooms, although they were in the same area.


    Vonny looked at the beds. Two beds pressed together, she thought as Niki carefully climbed atop them, enjoying the softness. Her Master simply stood and stared. I'm going to have to get Niki alone, and talk to her, Vonny thought of the statuesque BuzzQueen, I haven't the faintest idea how she thinks and feels.

    Vonny heard a sudden commotion, and people running by outside. She ran after them, followed closely by her Master and Niki. At least I know she'll protect our Master, Vonny thought as she ran.

    Outside, surrounded by a crowd of people, were Julie sitting astride the busty Titmouse. The Titmouse's leather catsuit had been slashed open and the chains that adorned it were painfully binding the Titmouse. Julie was in the same posture she'd been in when teaching Vonny who was the boss, and who definitely wasn't.

    Vonny stepped forward to intervene, and was dragged back by an Iron Maiden. "Patience and silence, Little one," the huge Pokègirl whispered, "Watch and learn."

    The huge cat-type was breast-to-breast with the quivering mouse, kneading the mouse's huge breasts as Julie grinned at the aroused and terrified Titmouse. Vonny squirmed at the memory of what Julie's tail must be doing to the poor creature. Julie ran her claws over the mouse's breasts, leaving red, angry welts, savoring the mouse's anguished little squeals.

    She's never done that, Vonny thought, unable to escape the Iron Maiden's firm grip, she looked at the others, no one was willing to intervene, They're even filming it! Don't they care?!

    "You threaten my child," Julie told the suffering little mouse, "You'll die instantly."

    "Please, I . . . " the mouse squealed, "I won't do it again! Don't kill me!"

    Julie sat up and ran her fingertips down the mouse's face and across her breasts, giving them a squeeze. "I can just make it so no man ever wants to look at you again," Julie told her, in the exact tone Julie had told Vonny much the same.

    "CUT!" Tyrone shouted through his bullhorn, "Print it, get them set up for the one for the kids."

    Several Pokègirls detached themselves from the circle, rushing towards the two Pokèactors. Julie was hugging the Titmouse as fiercely as the Titmouse was hugging her back.

    "Lenore, I was so scared," Julie admitted.

    SHE was scared? Vonny wanted to shout in amazement.

    "It's all right," the Titmouse soothed, stroking the cat-type's hair, "You just have to trust your director, and your fellow actors, all you have to do is your job."

    "I was afraid I'd hurt you," Julie said as she stepped away, letting a harried looking Ka-D-Bra wipe the bloody welts off the Titmouse's skin.

    "Now you know you won't," the titmouse said happily, then rubbed her breasts on Julie's with a smile more appropriate to a Panthress, "If you do decide you have to eat me later, something can be arranged."

    Vonny noted that the 'wind down' and the crowd reactions were also being filmed by small handcams scattered throughout the crowd. Vonny took the Iron Maiden's `advice` and simply watched and waited. The welts removed, another Titmouse began stripping Lenore, Julie's opponent. Another Titmouse began washing Julie's hands as both of the Pokègirls were redressed. Julie's 'before' of tied shut and ripped-jeans shorts and halter was replaced by a shirt and pants combo, still tight to her curves, but only tattered at the lower edges, as if travel-worn.

    "A chemical on their skins interacts when mixed and makes the blood-looking marks," the Iron Maiden explained. Vonny nodded, seeing the illusion appearing before her for what it was.

    The Titmouse's shredded, leather catsuit was replaced by a looser denim vest and jeans, that also showed her curves, but looked a great deal more practical. She had a torn, bloodstained jacket added. The Ka-D-Bra returned to Julie and carefully made up her face to make it look like the Titmouse had given the `Tigress` a bloody nose.

    The make-up artists and costumers retreated. Both Julie and Lenore dropped into character, Toro and Toreador, respectively. Both took a deep breath to center themselves, and nodded.

    "Okay, roll'em!" Tyrone commanded.

    Julie advanced with completely convincing murder in her eye, tearing the jacket `cape` out of the smaller Pokègirl's hand. Lenore had her other hand up, and shouted a word. Julie doubled over, and writhed in the dust as if in agony. As the Titmouse charged in with a knife, Julie stood suddenly, knocking the knife away. She knocked the Titmouse flat on her back and flung herself atop the smaller Pokègirl, pinning her arms with one hand, while her other closed on the Titmouse's neck. Then her tail flicked in.

    They can't show that to kids! Vonny thought, then realized Julie's tail was tickling the overwhelmed girl. Julie soon had her smaller opponent reduced to hysteric, unable to breathe, but she kept the same utterly malevolent expression she'd had during the earlier shoot, when Vonny had thought Julie was going to eviscerate the Titmouse.

    Julie stood away from the gasping, giggling Titmouse. "We'll finish this . . . later," she said in a malevolent, though sexy tone.

    "Cut!" Tyrone ordered.

    Julie practically collapsed in the dust, breathing almost as heavily as Lenore. Lenore sat up slowly, still letting out the occasional giggle, and hugged the Panthress.

    "You - had - me - so - be - liev - ing," Lenore gasped, lying against Julie. Both of them bouncing in interesting ways.

    "Okay, give them some air," Tyrone ordered, clapping his hands, applause for their performance followed. Tyrone let it build then fade before he spoke again, "You definitely have screen presence, and the skill to improvise."

    "Thank you," Julie said, still a bit overwhelmed.

    "Mariene, Dennisina, Kam, I need your recs on fighting, dance and make-up. Tomasina will be handing the acting coaches and charm school."

    "Lyn and Tosela," the one-winged Armsmistress said.

    "Both?" Lenore squeaked, "My sympathies . . . oh no! I've got to practice with you! Tyrone you meany!" she wailed and buried her face in Julie's long hair.

    "Lynda and Catherine for dance," the prim Matron said.

    "Let Ferrella handle the charm school bases," an older Herolee said, notable for her long leggings.

    The Iron Maiden released Vonny and lumbered up to Julie, extending a hand, "I'll make it as painless as possible. Mainly it's not fighting or saying things in front of the camera, and remembering all the sponsors' names."

    Julie looked around worriedly at the helpful, expectant faces. "Can I go back to the wilderness and take my chances?"

    "I won't hurt you," the small Titmouse teased, "Unless it's in the script."

    Julie grabbed the Titmouse by the throat, and seemed to hit her with a roundhouse punch. The sound of meat hitting meat and the breaking of bone chilled Vonny. Only the sight of the Titmouse's head still on her shoulders, with her tongue lolling out the side of her mouth told Vonny it was all fake.

    The crowd all laughed and chuckled as Julie 'put' Lenore's head back on straight. The Battle Panthress looked a little sheepish at everyone's reaction to her `outburst`.

    Vonny caught the Iron Maiden's arm. "Ferrella? Why didn't anyone tell me it was a staged scene?"

    "Because your reaction was being checked too, my dear. You'll see how well you stack up when we watch the dailies after dinner," she told Vonny this as if it were obvious, logical and completely reasonable.

    "Why do I want to lie down and take a nap?" Vonny asked instead, feeling a headache coming on.

    "That's show business."


Tyrone MacGonigal's Harem
Harumi 2 - Armsmistress
Lyn - Battle Angel [Psychic](Pokèwoman)
Cat - Cheshire
Eek-O - Demon-goddess
Miko - Herolee
Ter - Ka-d-bra
Babs - Megami-Sama (Pokèwoman)
Jer - Mercury (Eek-O's Partner)
Koko - Mistoffeles
Worry - Scarecrow (Alpha)
Yoko - Venuswhore
Harumi 1 - Wigglymuff
Shirl - Angel
Vonny - Battle Angel [Dark]
Julie - Battle Panthress (Alpha?)
Niki - BuzzQueen


MEGAMI-SAMA, the Unpredictable Divine Pokègirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Psychic (varies) (Celestial)
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human style food
Role: Megami-Sama's of retired Tamers can be found in public service facilities serving in caregiver or advisory positions
Libido: varies from Low to High
Strong Vs: Ghost, Dark, varies
Weak Vs: Dark, Magic, varies
Attacks: most attacks vary (with angel call being the exception). Common are: Bestow Luck, Lightning, Teleport, Triple split, and Heal (Other)
Enhancements: Extremely high psychic or magical abilities
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Megami (mechanism unknown)

    The Megami-Sama is the evolved form of the Megami. Not much is known about this species due to the fact that they only evolve when attached to a Tamer and few no Tamer will let their Megami-Sama be studied. Like Megami all Megami-Sama are unique and can have wildly different powers. When a Megami evolves to a Megami-Sama, several conditions must be met: First the Tamer must have a high empathy rating. Second the tamer must have a strong bond with all his Pokègirls. Third said Megami-Sama must be between the ages of 16 and 25. When these conditions are met, all the Tamer must do is have his Megami come in contact with an Angel Stone then evolution will occur.

    After evolution their physical form matures further and power increases exponentially. The increase in power in a Megami-Sama is so great compared to a Megami that most leagues require tamers to buy higher quality limiter earrings with the Angel Stone in order to prevent dangerous accidental magic discharge. Many Megami-Sama also require moonstone bracelets to prevent excessive power drain from over-exertion. It has also been suggested that the fading "the Megami, Megami-Sama equivalent to going feral" is due to them being such an empathic species literally, they need the comfort and love of others to survive not so much the taming sessions. This would show these species to be emotional symbionts, needing support and love from others to live, and in turn returning and encouraging its growth.

    Angel Call: The technique Angel Call is often learned 24 hours following evolution. When learned a floating sphere out of which an Angel or Cherub hatches, the Cherub is in fact a reflection of the Megami-Sama's true heart, will only respond to its name, and possesses an affinity with the element Rock, Fire, Water or Electric. This technique can be used for attack, defense (create a temporary shield), or effect (amplifying the Megami-Sama's powers for a short time).

    This technique though power full does have its weaknesses. An angel can be banished by causing it to faint, which the weaknesses of its elemental affinity can help. Also when an Angel is banished the Megami takes a drop in health anywhere from 1/4 to ½ and cannot use the technique until they have rested or been healed.

BUZZQUEEN, the Queen Bee Pokègirl
Type: Humanoid Animorph (Insect)
Element: Bug/Poison
Frequency: Very Rare (One per hive)
Diet: herbivore
Role: breeder, manager of their hive
Libido: Average (becomes High seasonally)

Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Agility, Fury Attack, Mimic Poison, Poison Sting, String Shot
Enhancements: Exo and endo skeleton, high metabolism, chemical factory
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Buzzbreast (mechanism unknown, only evolves in the wild when attended by a full hive)

    BuzzQueens look identical to Buzzbreasts except that they are at least one foot taller on average.

    They rarely fight since Buzzbreasts will defend their BuzzQueen to the death. However if they have to fight they share the Buzzbreasts ability to mimic any poison that they have seen although in the wild they prefer to use a sleep poison if possible since Feral BuzzQueens almost always seek to escape from battle unless facing a much weaker opponent. Like Buzzbreasts it takes a BuzzQueen a day to switch between poisons and they can only memorize four different poisons.

    Should a BuzzQueen lose her hive she will either challenge another BuzzQueen to a battle to the death for control of her hive, or if no other Buzzbreast hive is nearby wait until breeding season and then begin capturing and transforming victims into new Buzzbreasts.

    When a hive loses its BuzzQueen the strongest Buzzbreast will evolve to replace her, also researchers have found that when a hive grows too large then the strongest Buzzbreast will evolve and take half the hive to establish a new hive some distance away. This is believed to be the only way for a new BuzzQueen to come into existence, since they have never been documented to go through parthenogenesis nor have any human girls become one after Thresholding, and Pokèwomen BuzzQueens who have gotten pregnant have all given birth to common Buzzbreasts when they birth Pokègirls.

    BuzzQueens are almost never seen in Tamers' Harems since a Tamer capturing one would have to defeat her entire hive first, but those that are captured make excellent Alphas since they are bred for leadership.

    During breeding season, BuzzQueens generate a unique poison which changes any human or Pokègirl into a Buzzbreast after four weeks, this is the only poison that they can use during this time and only Feral BuzzQueens can create it, Tamed BuzzQueens lose the ability to generate it. BuzzQueens seem to generate more of this poison than their other poisons which causes the poison sacks in their breasts to expand increasing their size from D-cup to DD-cup when they're generating it, a clue for their opponents about what they're facing.

    Typically Buzzbreasts capture victims who are taken to the hive where the BuzzQueen injects them with the poison, which puts its victim into a coma whilst the transformation takes place. The BuzzQueen then uses Stringshot to cocoon them whilst they transform. An antidote exists to this poison but it is totally effective only if administered during the first two weeks. If given to a victim during the third week a human will become an Ingenue whilst a Pokègirl will be a G-spliced (hybrid type of a Buzzbreast and her original Pokègirl type). During the fourth week the victim will be a Buzzbreast but will still have all their memories and personality. If the poison runs its course then the victim will be a Feral Buzzbreast with no memory of their former lives.

    Tamers enjoy performing oral on their BuzzQueens since their cunts produce a honey which is both tasty and nutritious, but care should be taken with their breasts since this is where the poison sacks are located and vigorous squeezing or sucking can cause uncontrolled release of the poison stored there.