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Disclaimer: Pokegirls started out as parody of the Gameboy Game Craze known as Pokemon created by Nintendo and Game Freak….but look at how famous it's become now!

Pokegirls was created by Metroanime, A-Kun, and Various others. Again this is an Adult rated Fic 18 and older, This story will featuring things like: drug use, S&M, feitshs, ets.


This Story was my first pokegirl story Half Drow with the Blue Mage ability surviving in the Pokegirl Universe after using magic to solve a problem forgetting magic always has a price.


Now he has to the survive pokegirl world using his blue mage skills and Pokegirls harem.


Keith Morgan's world summary...


 The World Keith Morgan's ancestors once lived was slowly dying out, so they sent scouts to different universe until they could find one they could populate without looking like invaders, in the end they found and repopulated modern day earth in the 16th century, coexisting beside humans in secret. 


Mystical Beings like the Dragons Race are now stockbrokers and Bankers that control most of Stock Market with New York’s Wall Street being their Kingdom’s Capital. The Elven Kingdoms both High & Dark Hierarchy, as well as Human Mages share a silent peace as they control multi-billion dollar corporations living like royalty letting Half-Elves and humans do the work for them. 


The Kolbolds, Goblins, and Dwarves control the fast-food industry, While creatures like Ogres, Succubi, and other Mystical beings find do what they can to survive in this world... and the one thing they these races have in common....


They are breeding as many half-breeds to repopulate their race the best way they can.     


Notes: Note and Warning at some point this will become an Alternate Universe PG fic so you might see a new type of pokegirl used that’s why; this is my first PG fic. I’ve never put anything I did online before so I ask that you keep that in mind. Your polite input & criticism would be most appreciated (I want to keep My main character from becoming a Gary Stu as much as possible so tell me if it’s getting close in later ones cause ) However … Impolite input & flames on the other hand will be used as fuel to feed Morgan’s campfire stews. 


Author’s Note: The Prologue has no pokegirls in it (Okay maybe a few) , however first chapter toward the end and the other chapters will definitely have them. My Characters are mine so are the other characters you don’t recognize the few that I use from the Alternate Universes like a certain Vampire belong to their respected creators from an X-box 360 game called Operation Darkness who I found

out in turn took the name from a known Vampire from the gothic short story Carmilla featured in the 1872 magazine “In a Glass Darkly” (which I read) You’ll also get little tidbits about his universe and future character appearances.


Spoilers for Bible Black Origins Aftermath, Connections to Heroes , Death Note, and Capcom.