On her search for food, the Titmouse traveled the usual path to a patch of berries that grew near a tall ledge.  These berries always grew big and sweet, so they were a good source of food. 

Making her way down the small trail that she had made herself, she found them.  They were known as Great Grapes to the humans, while to the Titmouse, they were great food.

She picked one of them and kept her ears open for predators.  There was a smell of decay around here, which masked the scent of the berries.  This meant that it was hard to smell a predatory pokegirl as well, so the Titmouse kept her ears open.  She climbed up a large, flat rock that stood over the grove and sat down to eat.

She never heard it coming.

As quickly as she could see the shadow above, she was crushed beneath a most unusual pokegirl.  The hard stone beneath them served to assist in killing the Titmouse before she knew that a Buttsprout had landed on top of her.  Her ass was like two large masses of flesh that were toughened and desensitized so she could leap off the ledge and come crashing down with all her weight.  It was an effect of Buttsprout powder that the plant-poison type was well-known for.  She shook off a cloud of Anti-Buttsprout and her ass shrunk back down to normal size and disappeared under her grassy skirt.

She lived around this area, watching over the berries for potential prey.  The ledge made a great hiding place and the rock below attracted pokegirls to sit on it to keep an eye out.  Too bad it didn't remind them to look up.  It made it possible to use Buttsprout on herself and inflate her ass before jumping onto her target.  After a few years of jumping, she got pretty good at landing on prey.

Buttsprout dragged the body into a shallow pit that she had dug earlier and covered it up with dirt.  Then she sat on the mound and let her root-like vines slip out from beneath her skirt and into the soil.  They dug into the soil and into the body, slowly leeching sustenance for her while she sat under the sun.  It was a peaceful day and this new bit of food was nice.  Pickings were never slim around here, as the many buried bones would tell.  Doggirls and Puppies would come here often, but Buttsprout ignored them while they went after the bones.  They got to get their bones and tore up the soil, making it good for burying more bodies for Buttsprout's meals.

But today there was one Puppy who didn't know to leave Buttsprout alone and was barking at her to move.  Buttsprout was still feeding, so she tried to ignore this upstart.  The Puppy continued to bark at her and even snarled.  That barely phased Buttsprout; why should she care what some Puppy wanted?  When the Puppy got too close, she backhanded her.  The Puppy scampered off in a panic, not thinking that the pokegirl was actually going to attack her.

Buttsprout sighed and finished with her meal.  Even if she was a plant type pokegirl, her breed was predatory.  It was because of her feeding habits that the berries grew so well.  Every time she killed and buried something, the body would fertilize the soil.  She didn't mind the taste of the berries when she was hungry, but she preferred meat whenever she could get it.

Now that she was happy and fed, she pulled her roots free and wandered about.  Whenever she was done with a meal, she liked to look around, see if there are any easy meals that she could bury for later.  But today wasn't going to be one of those days because a feral Rack had spotted her and was making her decent.

But this particular Buttsprout wasn't born yesterday and ducked for cover among the bushes.  Unfortunately, Rack were good shots when it came to their Feather Shuriken and Buttsprout found one of them striking her shoulder.  Buttsprout took to one of the trees, using her vines to quickly climb up the side.  Rack knew she was in there, but the leaves made it hard to spot her when she wasn't moving.  She flew in for a closer look, but by the time she realized it, it was too late.  

There was a cloud of Buttsprout powder in the air and the Rack used Gust to try and blow it away.  But the winds had blown it into her already and she had breathed some of it in.  Her ass started to swell, tripling in size.  The added weight made it hard enough to stay airborne; Buttsprout ended that by grabbing on and bringing her down.  Buttsprout had used her powder on herself already, adding to the size of her ass and giving her something to land on.  But the Rack came down like a sack of potatoes.

The truth was that this particular Buttsprout was unusually intelligent for a feral.  She had survived all on her own, even as a pokekit.  She used to feed on frogs and bugs she found, and the occasional corpse.  She still did, but she was crafty enough to hunt.  This Rack was another example of her cunning, though she did take a hit on the arm for it.  Buttsprout dragged the Rack into the bushes and started to dig a hole for the body.

Once it was buried, she sat down to feast.  The spot she chose had some sun coming through the trees, so she was able to bask in its light and slowly begin the healing process.  The redness in her arm faded as her flesh repaired itself and she was good as new in no time.  This was why she didn't have any scars on her body, she could heal her wounds just by resting under the sun.

While she was sitting, she noticed a human walking the trail nearby.  Buttsprout was hidden from view, so she watched with some interest.  She knew of humans and what they did with pokegirl, so it came to no surprise when his Bunnygirl hugged him and started whispering things into his ear.

The plant pokegirl stayed quiet, not wanting the Bunnygirl to hear her.  As long as she just stayed still on her meal, she wouldn't disturb the two.  She rarely seen humans so open in the woods, so it was interesting to watch this one pull his pants down while the Bunnygirl got on her knees.  The two believed that nobody was around, so it was safe enough to get a blowjob right there on the trail.  

Buttsprout was interested because here was a pokegirl with human meat in her mouth and she wasn't trying to eat it.  She sucked on it, but not once did she use her teeth.  The young man looked like he was enjoying it rather than trying to fight her off.  When he moaned and began to spasm, Buttsprout wondered if this meant she'd get another meal.  But instead the Bunnygirl pulled off and licked him clean.  She licked her lips, meaning she got something from him.

Still hidden in the bushes, Buttsprout was too busy with her current meal to try fighting the pokegirl for a chance at her tamer.  She was already eating a meal of her own and didn't want to lose it to any random scavenger.  She watched the two leave but now she felt a little horny herself.  She would use her fingers but she didn't feel like it.  She wanted something more.  She had humans before and enjoyed thinking, but right now she was sure that the human and his Bunnygirl were elsewhere.

She wasn't about to leave her home because of a mere human.  She liked where she lived because it had plenty of food.  This was proven when she could hear buzzing in the distance.  She moved quickly, using her knowledge of the woods to find her way.  She was the only Buttsprout in this area and so she had no allies.  But even then, over the years her feeding habits were the reason the forest had grown lush.  She was able to use that to find various trails and hiding places, perfect for sneaking up on a band of Buzzbreast.

They were just walking around, looking for targets to steal away with.  Buzzbreast didn't know or care what they did, they were food.  Buzzbreast captured live pokegirls and flew away with them, but they were so common and weak that many 'girls made meals of them.  A feral Arachnae who'd been following the Buttsprout was slowly making her way above them.  She dropped down on one of them, wrapping her in a blanket of sticky webbing while Buttsprout lashed out with her vines to grab another.  The third went for the Buttsprout in order to save her sister, but the Arachnae hit her with String Shot.

The Buzzbreast tried to fly away but she was soon being dragged towards the spider pokegirl.  She kicked and screamed but was soon being wrapped up.  The third struggled against Buttsprout's vines and tried to use her poisonous stingers on them.  But Buttsprout were resistant to poisons, which was why the Arachnae never hunted her.  The two had a bit of a working relationship, at least when it came to catching bug types.  This was why she wrapped up the Buzzbreast in silk while she was distracted.

With the three wrapped up, Arachnae caressed Buttsprout's smooth ass under her skirt while she leaned in to give her a sweet kiss.  In exchange for helping with the capture, Arachnae would help make the pokegirl a little more comfortable.  Though they were both ferals, they did enjoy this bit of fun that they had together.  Arachnae was easily the stronger of the two, which was why she found this little plant type so tasty.  The 'girl was immune to poisons and would heal under the light, so a little nip here and there with her fangs wouldn't be of much concern.

By manifesting four arms, the spider pokegirl was able to feel her body and watch as she struggled to keep her voice down.  The muted groans of the Buzzbreast only made the spider hungry for more as she easily scooped the Buttsprout off her feet and flipped her around.  She dove in between the pokegirl's legs, wanting to get a taste of her bitter nectar.  She wasn't as sweet as some plant types, but it was still a taste that the spider enjoyed.
Buttsprout squeaked as the pokegirl attacked her privates with great passion.  Her tongue flicked across her folds and lapped up her juices.  She gave the plant 'girl a nip with her fang, making her squeal.  She struggled against the pokegirl's grasp as she climaxed, her juices splattering the Arachnae's face.  For the taming, Buttsprout would let the Arachnae take two of the struggling Buzzbreast away with her.  She liked her prey to still be wiggling.

With her single Buzzbreast wrapped up for her, Buttsprout started digging.  She would be hungry again and it would be a good idea to store some food for later.  Her nails were usually caked with dirt and her nails were always worn down from all her digging.  She would use her vines to loosen up the soil, but she would use her hands to dig it up.  When she was done, she pushed the Buzzbreast in and piled the dirt back on.

This would keep for awhile.  As long as nothing decided to dig her up.  As for Buttsprout, she laid herself down in the bushes and had herself a nice nap.  She was still full from her last meal, so she wanted some time to digest.  After a couple hours, she woke to hear another human walking the path.  This time the partner was a Krabbit.  Buttsprout had never seen a Krabbit before and watched with some interest.

That was until the Krabbit noticed her and poked her tamer.  He stopped and looked and was just as surprised to see her too.  Buttsprout knew she was found, but she just stood there.  That was until the tamer's 'girl readied herself for battle.  Buttsprout distracted her by smacking her across the head with a heavy stick she had grabbed with one of her vines.  This gave her a moment to run.

She always tried to have a plan to run from a fight if she didn't need food.  She knew where she had some stored so she could run for now.  But she didn't go far.  Instead she climbed up a tree and hid there until they started moving again.  She was still curious about them and wanted to investigate.  

When the two set up camp for the night, Buttsprout snuck around and pulled something from the tamer's bag.  It was a blue stone that felt wet but she couldn't get any water if she licked it.  How strange.  She tried to bite it but it was useless to her.  She dropped it and reached with her vine for something else.  She grabbed a box of something that smelled good and waited until the tamer was inside before ripping it open with her teeth.

It contained small bits of food that were not quite as good as meat but it would be enough to feed her.  She gobbled down a portion before putting it down for later.  She reached again and grabbed a flat, circular item.  She had no idea what it was but when it slipped from her hand and hit her head she felt something flow into her mind.
Words and images of all kinds filled her thoughts.  It felt like hours went by in seconds as she absorbed it all at once.  She dropped it when it stopped to stare at the strange thing that had just did something to her.  It just laid there, meaning she must have won.  But she felt something strange in her mind and it was like it did something to her powder production.  She left the disk where it lay when the tamer grabbed his bag and slipped inside his tent.  Buttsprout could hear him and his Krabbit getting it on and thought to sneak in and wrap them both up with her vines so she could join.

"Use Flamethrower!"


Her leafy skirt went up in smoke and she ran about, before a pokeball hit her.  She felt the pain stop and she was pulled inside a dark place, but it didn't feel all that bad.  But she struggled against it, bumping against the sides, but she felt it seal her in and she was stuck in place.  

Then the pain started up again.  She saw an image in her mind, the image of a person, and when she tried to pull away, she was zapped.  She tried and tried but ultimately relented.  It felt kind of good.  Then, as easily as she went in, she popped out again and looked at the young man who captured her.  The pain had returned, but at least she wasn't on fire.

"Ya, I finally catch one!  And about time too.  Every other feral I've come across died to that attack.  You must be a lucky one."

Buttsprout didn't feel lucky at all.  She felt crispy.  The tamer grabbed her arm and she squealed in pain, shocking him.  Fortunately, the other tamer with the Krabbit walked up and pushed something against her arm.  Her burns stopped hurting and she accepted another shot that healed her wounds.  But it would take awhile for her skirt to grow back.  The healing stuff she was given didn't solve that issue.

"Seriously, you flash-fry her and you expect her to be tamable?  You can't have sex when the 'girl is injured like that.  The burns alone could have killed her and you'd be down a pokegirl.  And from your belt, you've only got the one."

"Don't be stupid.  She's a tough little 'girl, she'd survive anything I bet.  Including my enormous cock!"

"By the gods..." the friendly tamer left the two alone.  Buttsprout was horny now that she wasn't in pain.  That ball she had been put in did something to her.  But she didn't care, she had her new master to tame her.

She pressed herself against his arm, only for his Combusticunt to push her back.  The 'girl obviously wanted their master's attention, but Buttsprout had not survived this long by being stupid or weak.  She turned as if to leave, only to grab her vine as it wrapped around the 'girls throat and pulled her to the ground.  A quick doze of Buttsprout powder and her ass grew large enough that the Combusticunt couldn't move.  

Before she could use an Ignite attack to force the Buttsprout off, she pulled on her vine, strangling the 'girl.  Their master just stood there, dumbfounded, that this Buttsprout defeated his 'girl so easily.  Buttsprout produced the Anti-Buttsprout powder on herself and her ass shrank back down to size.  She took their master by the arm and pulled him into the bushes.

"Oh ya, you're a feisty one!  Here, you deserve a reward." He unzipped his pants to let his dick come out to play.  She took one look at it as he was getting hard before she pushed him to the ground.  "Hey!  What's that fo-" he stopped when she got on top, lining him up with her wet pussy.  "Oh!  You want to be on top."

Buttsprout had eaten a few tamers in the past, but she never had sex with one.  This one looked like he worked out a lot, but right now that hardly mattered as much as this one part of him that she was interested in.  As she felt his dick go inside her, her lips spread apart to show a toothy smile.
For one as buff as him, he obviously never handled a predatory pokegirl before.  His Combusticunt was obviously born to a soft home and probably evolved just by using her Flamethrower on unsuspecting ferals like Buttsprout.  But now he was going to find out what it was like for someone else to be in charge.
Even if he wasn't a great guy, she had to admit that she liked the feeling of his dick inside her.  He could get a good look at what was going on below since her skirt was missing, which only made his eyes grow wider.  She put her hands onto his chiseled chest and growled at him.  The tamer was intimidated by her and she liked that.  He had attacked her and burned her skirt, now she was going to take the pleasure of sex from him too.

He grabbed her breasts to try and get control again but she brushed them off and used her vines to hold them down.  At least her roots and vines didn't take serious damage.  She grinded her hips until she felt a warm inside her.  Was he cumming already?

Buttsprout got up to find him going soft.  And she didn't even get to have enough fun.  She sighed and waited as he sent up the tent.  His Combusticunt had been impressed that she had be bested like that and kept looking at the Buttsprout like she was waiting for her chance to challenge her again.

But it wouldn't do to set the master's new 'girl on fire.  So the pokegirl was forced to rethink her strategy.  This meant that Buttsprout could enjoy being their master's Alpha.  Because she was still horny, she took the 'girl into the bushes to have a little fun.  Her vines made it fun to wrap the 'girl up and rub herself against her to her heart's content.

The two got up when they realized that a pokegirl had just invaded their master's tent.  The two ran to it, only to have a metallic wing slice through the side.  They stopped and figured that their tamer would know what to do.  At least it sounded like he was getting lucky.

"Time for some payback." Combusticunt came up from behind Buttsprout and slipped a finger between the 'girls legs.  Buttsprout closed her eyes and relaxed into her sister's arms.  Listening to their master being fucked was making them both horny.  Buttsprout didn't want to be the only one having fun and so her vine slipped around Combusticunt's leg and slipped inside her pussy.

Combusticunt fingered the 'girl harder and faster, which sped up the 'girls vine.  Their master was already cumming, but the two 'girls couldn't be bothered right now.  The fire type used Burning Hands to warm Buttsprout's perky breasts.  Normally that would burn, but when put on a low setting, it was a great sex technique.  She had some training, that was for sure.  She was wasted on a tamer who blew his load too soon.  When the Night Nurse walked out, she spotted the two and walked over, pinching Buttsprout's nipple between her fingers, making the 'girl squeal.  

"Hey!  Cut that out!" Combusticunt breathed a Flamethrower at the 'girl, forcing her to back off.  But once she formed her armor, the Night Nurse reached out, stopping the 'girl with scalpel-like claws pressed against her neck.  With her unable to attack, the Night Nurse pulled Buttsprout from her arms and dissolved her chest armor, leaving her bare again.  She reached down with her free hand, slipping a finger inside Buttsprout and bringing it up to her lips to taste.

The look on her face was priceless.

Unfortunately for her, Buttsprout's juices had a flavor that was too much for her.  She spread her metallic wings and took off.  When the two were going to resume what they were doing, a group of tamers found them.  The two 'girls looked at each other and Buttsprout didn't like the look on Combusticunt's face.

"Hey, do you guys want to trade for a Buttsprout?  I'm sure my tamer will be willing to sell her!" She ran into the tent, leaving Buttsprout to wonder what she was up to.  But that hardly mattered when an Ariu walked out from among them towards the Buttsprout.  She held up a frog she had on the end of her spear.

Buttsprout didn't speak the human language, but the two could understand each other's actions readily enough.  The 'girl took the frog and had a bite before handing it back.  It was still fresh too, which was nice.  The two started to converse in a language that consisted of more body movements and sounds than any words.  When Ariu pointed at her tamer giving money to Buttsprout's, the lighter-skinned pokegirl wondered what was going on.  Ariu pointed out that Buttsprout was being given to a new tamer.  Buttsprout was curious if he was any better than her previous tamer.

That was until a Puppy burst out from among the group, who were waiting for their friend, and ran towards Buttsprout.  The plant 'girl hissed at the 'girl, forcing her to sit.  Surprisingly, Ariu had sit as well.  The two looked up to Buttsprout, who was stronger than them both put together.  That was good because it meant she was already the harem's alpha, even if she didn't know was a harem was.  Her new tamer was a younger man than her first one, but he wasn't half bad when it came to his looks.

"Hello, welcome to the team."

She tilted her head and walked up close to rub herself against him.  The tamer was taken aback by her forwardness.  Of course, only having an Ariu and a Puppy, he probably didn't have much experience.

"Hey, I think she likes you already.  Need a moment?" one of the tamers called.

"Um, just let me get her ball." He pulled out her pokeball and she was about to pout when she was pulled back inside.  

Great, now she had to wait.  She relaxed in her pokeball, thinking that it wasn't all bad.  She didn't feel hungry, though being someone's pokegirl meant she lost her buried meals.  Just meant she would have to gather new meat with this tamer of hers.  After awhile, she just sort of let go of her thoughts until she was suddenly brought out again.

But it wasn't her tamer she was looking at.  One of the girls of the group was looking at her funny, with her tamer nowhere to be seen.  In the girl's hand was Buttsprout's pokeball.  Did this mean that she had taken her from him?  But she didn't even get her taming yet!

The girl licked her lips and pulled out a bottle to spray the pokegirl with.  Buttsprout's body suddenly went stiff and she toppled onto her back, unable to move.  The girl had just used Paraspray on her, which paralyzed the pokegirl on the spot.  Which was strange for the 'girl because she was of a breed that was able to resist many kinds of poisons.

"Oh ya, I love this ass of yours.  Don't you, PrimpLove?  I hear that these 'girls are great for attracting Buzzbreast and the like.  We're going to make so much money.  And I just know we'll have some fun with her too."  

The Primping Penguin pokegirl rolled Buttsprout over so the two could get a better look.  She gave her ass a light swat before playfully fingering her.  Buttsprout was not happy about this because she wanted her tamer.  She wanted some man meat.  Instead she's being stolen by this fool?

"Oh yes, her ass is something else.  Do you think she can make my ass look better?  I bet I could make all the guys drop their pants with a fine ass.  Oh ya, the thought of all of them wanting to ravage me from behind." The PrimpLove was almost drooling now.

"Even if they don't, this one has vines we can play with.  She'll fuck us both good.  And if she doesn't she'll have to answer to you, my fine princess."
The PrimpLove shook with glee at the thought that she would have a new toy to play with to her heart's content.  But Buttsprout could hear a familiar sound among the rustling leaves.  The two had ran so far into the woods to hide from the group that they had effectively separated themselves from help.

"Go ahead, try her out.  Tell me how she tastes."
PrimpLove did just that, slipping a finger inside Buttsprout's pussy to get her nice and wet.  Once the juices were flowing, PrimpLove dove in, using her tongue to great effect.  Just from that, the 'girl determined that she liked the plant-type's taste and wanted more.  Buttsprout would have enjoyed it more if her face wasn't buried in the dirt.  But when she suddenly stopped, Buttsprout was rolled onto her back again and PrimpLove buried her face into her pussy again.

To add to Buttsprout's enjoyment was the fact that the pokegirl's tamer was currently being lifted off the ground by a feral Arachnae.  She recognized the pokegirl right away as her hunting companion, which meant she was hungry again and looking for food.  A human and her pokegirl would be a fine meal.

The human was trying to call for her 'girl, but she was too busy eating out Buttsprout.  The Arachnae wrapped the human girl in silk, making sure to bind her mouth to keep her quiet.  She hung the human from a tree while she walked across webbing she had spread across the tree tops.  Once she was in position, she leaped down, crashing down upon the distracted PrimpLove.
The 'girl screamed in pain as her ribs cracked when the spider 'girl Stomped on her.  A quick Poison Sting to the shoulder paralyzed her so Arachnae could wrap her in silk.  While she was doing that, she noticed the fallen Buttsprout and walked over.  The plant type was still paralyzed, so she couldn't move yet.  Her fears grew when she saw the hunger in Arachnae's eyes.  She was going to eat her, for real!

"Lupina, now!" someone yelled and Arachnae was Slashed across her arm.  She screamed and lashed at the Werewolf pokegirl.  The two were powerful pokegirls, so the ensuing fight was a mix of tooth and claw to see who could take the other down fast enough.  Arachnae Snarled, but the Lupina howled back before lunging with Takedown.

Arachnae side-stepped and climbed up a nearby tree.  But she stopped when one of her legs had been grabbed by Lupina.  The Werewolf pokegirl planted her foot against the tree and pulled with all her might as she leaped.  Arachnae was pulled free from the tree slammed into the ground while Lupina flipped back onto her feet.  Even with her exoskeleton, the impact knocked the wind out of her.

While all this was going on, a tamer ran up to Buttsprout, looking her over to make sure she was alright.  She just stared back at him, still paralyzed until he injected her with something that released her muscles.  She hopped up and charged at the Arachnae, giving herself a dose of Buttsprout powder shortly before she leaped.  Her ass expanded just as she came down upon the spider pokegirl's face.  She gave herself a quick Anti-Buttsprout dose and went for Arachnae's many legs.  By rubbing her thighs, she was making her aroused.  Arachnae loved it when her legs were being rubbed, and in her stunned state, she shifted out of her battle form.

Now that she was human in form again, Buttsprout lifted one of the 'girl's legs, which she only had two now, and proceeded to fuck her.  She was pissed for being conspired food just because she was helpless at that time.  Buttsprout grinded her pussy against Arachnae's and unleashed all her frustration and fear of almost being someone's food.

Arachnae was overwhelmed by the plant type, who ravaged her pussy with her own.  Once Buttsprout climaxed, the 'girl shoved the spider pokegirl's leg away and got up.  But she wasn't finished with her yet.  While the tamer and his Lupina watched, Buttsprout reached out with one of her vines to whip across Arachnae's pussy, landing a shot across her clit in the process.  That was enough to make the 'girl scream in pain from having such a sensitive part of her struck like that.

Buttsprout wasn't one to hold a grudge but she was one who was quick to strike back.  Now that she had struck her, she left the pokegirl to the tamer's mercy while she climbed the tree that held the girl tamer.  Though she had tried to steal her, Buttsprout figured that if Arachnae forgot about their friendship so easily, she should lose her dinner too.  Buttsprout snapped the line with her teeth and the tamer dropped into Lupina's waiting arms.  That didn't stop the tamer from screaming and from the smell, she pissed herself too.  Lupina was especially not happy about that fact, especially with her strong nose.

Lupina cut the webbing open and the tamer leaped up to hug the man who helped to save her.  She was shaken and for good reason.  And when Buttsprout dragged her PrimpLove, she kissed Buttsprout, only to have the 'girl push her back and slap her across the face.

Buttsprout gave her an earful, but it was in her own language, so little beyond her emotions about the girl got through.  But that was enough as she explained what had happened to the tamer.  He disapproved, but as it happened, she was lucky to be alive right now.  He handed her a change of pants and had her take Buttsprout back.

"You really are a tough little pokegirl, you know that?" the tamer told the pokegirl as she skipped along.  She smiled and skipped some more, only to rush ahead when the band of tamers came into view.  She tackled her tamer to the ground and kissed him.

"Hey, I think it's time you tame her.  If you don't, she's going to make you." The group laughed as the boy struggled to get her up and off.  "Hey, can we watch?"

"Hey, I was drunk and someone pulled down my pants when my Puppy got me.  Jeez, won't you let that shit go?" Buttsprout wasn't listening to his complaints and wrapped her vines around his waist to get his attention again.  "Alright already, I'm going!" he cried and took her to his tent.  "Just what happened to you?  You're all dirty."

Buttsprout shoved him to the ground and yanked his pants off.  She was horny again now that she absorbed the fact that she had just taken forced herself on a pokegirl who could have made her a meal if she wanted too.  When he wasn't getting hard enough, she had a feeling about what that strange round thing did to her and decided to shake up some powder.  But instead of Buttsprout powder, she shook off a dose of Lust Dust, right into his face.

As he breathed it in, not only did he get hard, but he flipped her over and forced himself upon her.  But even though he was reacting so fiercely, she loved it.  He was making her his prey and this time, without the risk of actually being eaten, she was rather excited about it.  He thrust his dick hard into her pussy, making her squeal in delight.  The other tamers almost thought that the two were fighting until he was cumming inside her.  His cum was so hot inside her that she came on the spot.

"That...was...the best...sex I've ever...had..." her tamer was so out of breath, but so was she.  He was about to lean in and kiss her when her body started to glow.  She grew in height and her leaves grew back as she evolved into a Weepingbutt.  She almost leaped out of the tent to get a good look at herself.

"Damn, what did you do to her?  She was a cutie before but now you've gone and turned her into a hottie!"

Weepingbutt didn't really know what the tamer was talking about, but she loved the attention from some of the other 'girls.  They wanted to see this new addition to their group and she was glad to have some of them give her food.  But things changed when one of the tamers pulled out a violin and began to play.  She watched the others as they danced with wide eyes.  She was surprised because she didn't know about dancing.

"Why don't you join in?" one of the tamers told her and she leaped right in.  She didn't know how to move about like the others, but she did know how how to shake her hips in an attempt to mimic a few of them.  Her leafy skirt helped to add to her dancing and many of the boys were staring at her bare chest as she bounced about.  She was loving this!  She danced about so much, especially when her tamer's Puppy joined in.

She danced and danced until night came.  She was tired by that point, having partied until she literally dropped.  Everyone had enjoyed her enthusiasm and how she could sway her hips while she danced.  To keep the boys from grabbing her chest, one of the girls wrapped her chest with a cloth.  It was strange because the pokegirl never wore clothes before, but she kind of liked it because it kept her breasts warm.

When it came time to sleep, she would have just found herself some soft ground to sleep on but Ariu and Puppy had other ideas.  They pulled her into their master's tent, where he welcomed them with open arms.  With her tamer on one side, Puppy behind him, and Ariu beside her, Weepingbutt closed her eyes and went to sleep.  She never slept so good in her entire life.

She woke up to find the Puppy and Ariu licking at her face.  She had nectar dripping from her eyes, which the two wanted to taste.  She bonked them both for waking her up and cuddled their master.  But when Puppy wouldn't stop whimpering, Weepingbutt sighed and raised her leg.  Puppy immediately went for her pussy, licking at her to get her juices going.

Weepingbutt held her master tighter, her body feeling hot as Puppy licked her.  Then Ariu slipped in from behind her and played with her breast.  The plant 'girl let go of her master and laid on her back, letting the two do as they please with her.  She was too tired and comfy to fight with them.  When their master woke up, he got behind Puppy and lifted her wagging tail.

When she stopped licking Weepingbutt, the plant 'girl got up and walked out to see what the others were doing.  Things looked rather empty, with only her and a couple 'girls out.  Everyone else was either asleep or taming their 'girls.  With the few who were out, things were slow going.  That was until a shot of plasma shot off the top of a tree.  The others panicked while Weepingbutt just sat where she was as the tree top speared the ground several yards behind her.  She had spent several years falling off things, she was pretty good at this.

But she had no time to pat herself on the back, something was going on and it scared the other pokegirls silly.  She couldn't wait for her master, so she called for Ariu and the two charged out.  Ariu wasn't a fighter like Weepingbutt but she was a team player.

"Get off me!" a woman screamed as more plasma bolts shot through the air.  Ariu had to leap for cover when one such shot would have fried her mask, only to knock herself silly, but Weepingbutt kept going.  She could smell water, which helped when a Fireblast blew her off her feet.  She dunked herself to put out the embers on her skirt and charged again.  She didn't know who this person was or cared, there was a fight going on.

A Phoenix and a Titacool were attacking some kind of armored 'girl, who was firing bolts of plasma from her arm cannon.  She fired at Weepingbutt just as she was closing the distance but missed when the Titacool grabbed her arm.  The 'girl was about to fire another shot when Weepingbutt hit the dirt, sending up a cloud of Buttsprout powder that caught all the 'girl and the Titacool.

When the Titacool lost her footing, Weepingbutt wrapped her up with her new technique: Vine Leech.  She stole some of Titacool's strength before tossing her into the water.  But now the two had to deal with the Phoenix who flew close and used Flamethrower.  Because Weepingbutt was wet, she didn't catch fire like before, but was still effective against her and the other 'girl, who still had to deal with a giant ass.  Weepingbutt gave her the reverse powder and took a dunk in the water again.

She was weak to both the Phoenix's fire and flying elements, so this battle was super hard for her.  She couldn't just lash out with her vines for risk of them being burned.  She rushed out, trying to outrun the 'girls attacks, but things were difficult.

When a Slowboob decided to pop her head out of the water, all she saw was Weepingbutt's ass coming at her head as she was knocked into the water by a Wing Buffet attack.  In the confusion, the Phoenix decided that this 'girl was a better source of food than the metal one.  She flew high into the air before coming down for a Dive attack.  This attack would strike the plant type hard, possibly even kill her once it connects and then the bird pokegirl would have her next meal.

That would have been the case of a faster pokegirl had not shot past, creating a sonic boom that blew the pokegirl out of her attack and sent her spinning through the air.  Weepingbutt, having finally pulled herself away from the Slowboob, looked to the other side to see a lone figure standing with his pokegirl.  Weepingbutt didn't stick around to find out about who they were and why his 'girl had helped.

"Hey, I'm over here!" the 'girl called as she limped out of the bushes.  Her body was battered, parts of her armor were melted, and there were spots where she had been constricted by the Titacool.  "Um, can you talk?"

Weepingbutt shook her head.  But that was enough to show that she was able to sort of understand her.  She took out a disk from a bag she had been carrying which the plant 'girl recognized as the one that gave her a new powder technique.  But when this one was put to her head, she could recognize words and phrases.

"Can you talk now?"

"Ya," said Weepingbutt.  "Ooh, words!"

"Oh dear, you're a feralborn, am I correct?"


"Well, it looks like you took to that language disk rather well."

"I did?" Weepingbutt tilted her head.  "Who you?"

"I'm Zeromer." She shook Weepingbutt's hand, which only confused the 'girl.

"You not food?" she asked and the Zeromer looked at her funny.  "Oh, not food.  Got food?"

"I have some pokefood in my bag."

Weepingbutt pressed against her, "I has food?"  She was really hungry and wasn't going to stop until she had something to eat.  The two pokegirls had gotten away and she hadn't eaten all day.

"You can have some.  You saved me after all." She handed Weepingbutt a box of pokefood, which the 'girl was quick to get into.  "Please don't eat them all.  They are tailored specifically for me.  I need enough metal in my diet to survive."

Weepingbutt looked at the box and said, "Want some?  Oh!  See master!  He has more food!"

"I really should look into investing in a better language T2..."

"I eats that too?"