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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokegirls, it is the intellectual property of Metroanime and a slew of other more talented authors than it. This is simply my foray into this world because I wanted to write a damned Zombie story. Thanks go to Fanfic Fetishist for giving me a fatal… I mean necessary push, and to Kerrik Wolf, for beta-ing this monstrosity. Please enjoy.

Mark could not believe his eyes. He blinked several times, but he still didn't believe it. How could it happen twice in one person's lifetime? Really?

"Oh, my fucking Christ." Mark swore, using a phrase he had heard in a pre-Sukebe comedy show. Looking up top they sky he asked, "Why? Seriously. Why?" he closed his eyes and tried to block out the noises coming from below his position.

More. Goddamn. Zombabes.

After the incident in Viridick, Mark had moved to Pewtit city, where he lived peacefully for all of a year when he packed his equipment, grabbed his Pokegirls and went on a nice vacation to Edo. He'd fooled around there for a while, visiting the beaches and random hotels and seedy bars along the way. He'd pawned Erica off.... what he meant to say was that he sold Erica to a new, loving owner... yeah... who happened to be just as insane as Erica was.

He had enjoyed Edo just as much as he thought he would. His Harem had become a much more upbeat group without Erica constantly dredging up as much drama as possible. He'd returned to Pewtit ready and willing to go back to being an active Tamer, which involved a lot of paying his lease in advance, leaving a friend in his apartment to take care of the place (mostly because he didn't feel like leaving one of his Pokegirls there, if only because then they'd be forced to seek taming whilst he was away and if there was one thing that Mark admitted to being, other than a slight megalomaniac, it was possessive of the Pokegirls he kept around for longer than a few months.

But when he returned from the wilderness after a few months abroad with a boat-load of pokegirls to sell he'd figured that he still had quite a bit of money left from the Viridick incident.... which for any normal person would be enough to live out their lives in comfort and luxury.

He went on yet another vacation. This time to Cinnibuns Island. He'd bought himself a small shack near the beach which was elevated off of the ground by about 12 feet, reinforced steel supports made sure that no matter the weather, his cabin would go nowhere, a retractable ladder allowed him to allow or disallow people entrance to his "home away from Apartments" and he'd filled the place with all the necessary things for him to have a nice relaxing vacation with his Harem waiting on him. Of course, considering Mark's predilections those supplies included a lot of booze, porn, a flamethrower security system and a small garden on the roof growing all the things he'd need for a Cesar-salad.

It was during this vacation that he had begun noticing the signs, but prayed with the odds that it would amount to nothing more than random Feral attacks and not a plague of the Undead.

(One week ago.)

Mark looked at the wonderful ocean scene before him. His Harem around him, laying on towels to protect them from the worst heat of the sand, the warm sunlight playing across their individual complexions in varying ways; all of which made him want to take them into the water for a little public "private" time; and all around them he saw the sumptuous flesh of pokegirls and even a few human girls in bathing suits. He saw a couple of Goths who looked like they were going to spontaneously combust in the sunlight, a couple of Beach Bunnies as was to be expected, he saw a whole slew of girls who didn't appear to be of any identifiable breed and a couple of interesting Pokegirls who should NEVER be allowed to wear swim-wear. Ever.

Mark shuddered as he looked over a few of the Snorelass' in the area. He immediately moved his eyes to the wonderful and rare sight of the fully human girls. After spending so damned long around Pokegirls he knew when a girl was human. They carried themselves differently, especially in the Indigo League. They held their heads slightly higher than a Pokegirl would, they had a slightly different posture and most importantly they could be seen as having imperfections. Nothing too bad, but still, slight imperfections of the flesh that gave them away as non-pokegirl.

While Mark was looking at one of these rarities said morsel turned her head to look at him before laughing slightly and looking to the other girls she was talking to, the sound lost in the din that covered the beach.

And people wondered why he'd never tried to go after a human girl. They knew they had most men by the balls if they wanted them, so while men couldn't simply go, "Hey, she's hot. I think I’ll try" and had to put up with "Will she look at me? Will she find my looks pleasing?" women could pick and choose from the best of the crowd.

At least with Pokegirls they did as told. The last time he'd seen a guy with a human girlfriend the guy had looked miserable and couldn't get a word in edge-wise. Though Mark did have to admit that eating a fine dinner was better when you could laugh at another's misfortune.

Jinxy and Marie got up and headed to the water so they could swim, seeing as it would be horrible to waste the good day simply lying about as they had been. The ocean was so blue and the water was warm enough that it wasn't uncomfortable. Jinxy made sure to cast several protective spells on herself, allowing for breathing underwater and ensuring safety for her eyes from the salt in the water while Marie summoned several of the water-based spirits she had control over and began a rather interesting game of Marco Polo in which whenever Marie got found she got molested.

Nancy lay in the sun, letting it warm her. She wouldn't need taming for a while now since she had only just been tamed the day before but if a fight came up that time might well shorten. He held her Key-Staff close to herself, not trusting anybody else with it. Most people didn't quite understand the compulsion that Demon-Goddess' had towards keeping their Key Staff from all but their most trusted consorts, but Mark had figured it out and didn't really hold it against her. For Nancy, it was a matter of security. She was Feralborn, so she would never really understand some concepts that her Harem-sisters would go on about from time to time, but she understood how to fight and take orders. Her Key-Staff was how she fought. Without it she felt helpless and didn't know what to do. So, as she slowly started to drift to sleep, she felt the familiar weight of her most precious possession laying across her chest and felt comfortable.

Jessica, being a Gunvalkyrie, alpha of the Harem or not, did not feel comfortable on the beach, so she had settled for sitting in a sniper's nest about a mile away watching her Master through a scope mounted on her favorite rifle, a Steyr-Mannlicher SSG 04 sniper rifle Mark had recovered from an underground base in central Indigo League last year. Making/finding bullets for the damned thing was a hassle and a half, but there were few lengths to which Mark would not leap if he thought it would allow him to live a moment longer.

Samantha, the only other member of the Harem now that Erica was gone (A fact for which she frequently thanked Mark) was quite comfortable where she was. She had curled up on her beach towel right next to Mark, wrapping herself around his right arm. She had not real reason to try and tan her body as she never tanned; she only ever got freckles across her face. Mark would often compliment her, saying that it looked cute. Samantha looked at her Tamer and wondered about how she had managed to get drawn into his Harem. She had been working for the Indigo League for only a few years, having been born in the ranch in Pewtit city and sold to the league when she was of legal age. She had met Mark relatively early in his journey when he had been brought into the Hospital she worked at by his Guntit Jessica. She was assigned to take care of him and over his two weeks stay she learned that he was an interesting, caring and kind, if a bit violent at times, individual. She saw him a lot over the next few months as mark continued to go out hunting in the surrounding areas and continued to get injured horribly and painfully. Every time he would ask for her specifically to patch him up. At the time, he had explained it that he simply preferred to know the name of the person treating him and she was the only NurseJoy whose name he remembered. Not the most romantic thing to say, but it was a sweet gesture none the less. She grew attached to the moron over those months. Every time he'd come in with some kind of debilitating injury and every time he'd ask for her specifically. Eventually he started to remember the other NurseJoy's names, even some of the resident Megami, but he still kept asking for her. One day he'd come in to the Hospital with no discernable injury whatsoever and asked just to speak to Samantha. She didn't see any reason not to, so she agreed readily, she tended to enjoy their conversations.

Mark told her he was going to leave within the week. Not for another hunting trip, but to move on with his journey. At the time, she had felt a slight twinge in her chest, but thought nothing of it. He told her that he'd grown rather attached to her and enjoyed the time they'd spent together. After some fumbling, around with the words he finally managed to get out that he wanted her to come with him. Samantha had heard of that type of situation, but had never put much stock in it. While any Tamer would do well to have a NurseJoy, most active Tamers wanted only Fighting pokegirls, and if they really wanted a NurseJoy they could pay the cost for one straight from the Ranch rather than the "Used goods" at hospitals.

Mark had been figuring on her saying no, as it was considered somewhat irresponsible for a NurseJoy to abandon her duties to go gallivanting off with some Tamer, but when she smiled and said she would go with him, if only to keep him out of the morgue, he was quite ecstatic. He'd jumped forward and kissed her full on the lips before blushing and sitting back down in one of the uncomfortable chairs situated in the hallways of the hospital.

The truly massive amount of paperwork involved had delayed Mark's departure by another couple of days, but he didn't really care. The pragmatic part of his mind (most of it) was doing a tango with the (smaller) emotional side as they both partied at having Samantha come along with him.

Samantha had attempted to become the alpha, seeing as she was the second girl that Mark had decided to keep, but in the end having a gun held to the back of your head as a Guntit tells you, calm as you please, that she was Alpha tended to have a lasting impact.

Samantha was shaken out of her memories when Mark got up from his blanket and began walking towards the water. She could tell that he was worried about something and when he began to run towards the water she knew something was up. As Mark began to swim out into the ocean Samantha saw what he was headed for, it looked like a small girl holding onto a piece of wood out in the middle of the water, being tossed about by the waves.

Marie noticed at this point what her Master was up to and sent out several of the water-based card-spirits she had to assist him in bringing the drifting female to shore. The Watery, the Bubble and The Move cards were all employed as she commanded them to make sure that Mark didn't drown and got back to the shoreline safely.

Mark, for his part, was only slightly annoyed when his second Magic-type pokegirl assisted him in doing what he thought was well within his capabilities. However, as he'd said before, "It's better to have and not want than to want and not have," and so he would put up with it. He was moved, along with his cargo, back to the sandy shoreline where he was crowded by a mob of idiots trying to see what the commotion was. He finally managed to get over to his area of the beach where Samantha sat, readying her healing abilities, to set the girl down and then began shooing people away.

"There's a trained professional seeing to the girl, so back the fuck off and let her work," he told the crowd of people.

One of the Beach Bunnies that was acting as a Lifeguard came over and began helping Samantha with her task. Apparently, she and her Tamer had sneaked off for a bit of private time in the Lifeguard hut if the smell of arousal coming from the bunny-girl was any indication.

Mark stood aside and let Samantha do her work. He almost laughed when he saw the small red dot that signified that Jessica was aiming her rifle at the head of the Beachbunny. If there were any pokegirl among his Harem he would say he loved it would be Jessica. No matter how "Non-individual" the Gunvalkyrie breed was reported to be Mark was certain he could pick out Jessica from a crowd without relying on the decorations he had put on her armor.

The girl lying on the beach beneath the working hands drew his attention next, he finally took a close look at her. The girl looked to be the same physical age as Marie (Who still creeped Mark out beyond reason when she would rub up against him) with long black hair and two rather large black tear-drop tattoo-like markings. He wouldn't be surprised if the girl turned out to have had a run-in with a Tats at some point, but they could just be birthmarks. Mark had seen weirder birthmarks on stranger pokegirls. The girl looked to be entirely human with the exception of the facial markings. Since her eyes were closed Mark couldn't determine what color they were or if they had a bearing on her breed. She was wearing clothing he'd seen quite a bit in Edo, something about Priestesses and "Traditional" clothing... even down to the socks that split the big toe off from the rest and sandals... the girls had a definite Edo look to her features. The last thing Mark noticed was that her skin had no imperfections in it whatsoever. The "Birthmarks" were completely smooth and had no differentiating features from the rest of her skin, so obviously tattoos. Other than the tattoos, the skin was perfectly pale. The kind of dayglow pale that probably drew his eye to the poor kit in the first place.

And mark was pretty sure it was a Pokekit considering her physical age. He'd heard rumors of Pokegirls who looked like Marie without being of a breed that specifically had that feature but he didn't put much stock in them. Most of them came from fourth-hand informants at best and he wasn't about to toss a pokeball at what could very well be someone else's kid.

Samantha stopped using her healing technique and put the still unconscious girl on her towel, moving herself over to Mark's before waving him over. Mark sat down next to the NurseJoy and allowed her to rest her head on his shoulder.

"So how is it." Mark asked, referring to the kit as "It." Let it never be said that Mark was one of those bleeding hearts liberals.

"She's fine. She just had a minor concussion. She'll be sleeping for a few hours and then we can ask her what happened." Samantha put an emphasis on the gender identifying words, poking Mark each time with her left hand, even as her right wrapped itself around his arm.

Mark smirked. He enjoyed pretending to be more-hardline anti-parity than he really was. Don't get the wrong idea. Parity would only be accepted worldwide over Mark's cooling corpse, but as a human and thus better than a pokegirl it fell to him to actually act better.

Acting better didn't mean that Mark would skim over certain need-to-do tasks, however. These tasks included making sure to scan the girl with a Pokedex. The results left Mark dumbfounded and slack-jawed.

SHRINE PRIESTESS, The Master Summoner Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human-like diet (likes strawberries and cheesecake the most)
Role: Summoners
Libido: Unique (see below)
Strong Vs: Fire, Water, Grass, Poison, Ghosts
Weak Vs: Dragon, Rock, Flying, Ice, Normal
Attacks: Gaze, Glare, Smile, Twister, Dragon Rage, Dragon Dance, Summon Type, White  Wind, Cura, Exorcism, Shield, Foresight, Summoning Contract (*), Soothing Voice (**)
Enhancements: Low Sleep Cycle, Natural Summoning Ability, Longevity, Minor Shapeshifting
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Shrine Maiden (normal, Level 30)

Shrine Priestesses are generally taller and more elegant than their Shrine Maiden sisters. Their height ranges from 5'3" to 6'4"; their breasts sizes usually bigger (ranging from C to G-cup); but their eyes and hair don't change. The Shrine Maiden's skin is tantalizingly soft and smooth, but retains the 'Turn To Sandpaper When Pissed' ability.

Shrine Priestesses carry an ethereal glow around them, which is made all the more potent on any night where moonlight is visible. They move with a grace and elegance that makes it seem as though they are gliding, even though they aren't. Their voices delight all listeners when she's happy and can terrify any intended recipient when she is angry or 'displeased'.

Shrine Priestesses were once thought to be of the Dragon Element. This only partly understandable because of her ability to use Dragon-type attacks, and when she's angry, people believed that the supposed "dragon" half of her became noticeable, as they can silence even those with the blood curse "Insanely High Stupidity" with a single word. Thus, one of the stupidest things one can to is piss off a Shrine Priestess. Supposedly further showing her "dragon" side, her hair will begin to levitate and her eyes become slitted as she becomes angry. Few can meet an angry Shrine Priestess' gaze when she is mad.

It's a commonly told rumor that a Hild once flinched at meeting a Shrine Priestess' angry gaze and fled shortly thereafter.

Despite all of this speculation, though, the Shrine Priestess has been thoroughly proven to NOT be of the Dragon element.

A Shrine Priestess still does not like violence, but resorts to it when necessary. She determines the best way to resolve the conflict, either it is through an endurance battle or through a quick fight. Her perception is impeccable, allowing to discern those who could be stopped without violence from those who will only be stopped with it. It is not entirely uncommon for a Shrine Maiden to ask a Shrine Priestess to be her first Summon Contract, though Shrine Priestesses often discourage that in favor of urging the Shrine Maiden to see the world.

Unlike many ambitious Shrine Maidens, Shrine Priestesses don't feel the need to make a ton of summon contracts. They are content in finding good summon partners who they can rely on and ensuring that their relationship with their summons remains on good terms at all times. They will still retain any summon contracts they made prior to evolution, though.

Shrine Priestesses are good Alphas for those few lucky tamers who helped the Shrine Maiden evolve and they are perhaps the best-received as such. While not necessarily the best strategists or fighters, they don't gloat or have an overbearing ego, and they are fairly good at keeping other Pokégirls in line (though not necessarily keeping them out of trouble).

A Shrine Priestess genuinely enjoys more tender intimacy, making her a good first partner for timid Pokégirls. Their Soothing Voice technique calms nervous, anxious or otherwise timid lovers while simultaneously exciting them. However, their libido is a curious thing. Their sex drive grows as they grow bored or feel relaxed, and goes down as they feel excitement or stress. This means that a Shrine Priestess at a popular shrine will require few Tamings, while a Shrine Priestess at a less than popular shrine will become far more randy.

Some will note that the Shrine Priestess, unlike the Shrine Maiden, does not require lengthy rituals or a shrine to carry when she leaves her temple or shrine for extended periods of time. This is because the Shrine Priestess is more of a representative of her religion, and as such, can do her prayers anywhere at any time.

Those visiting unpopular shrines with Shrine Priestesses may find a bunch of brand new rituals or ceremonies that invite newcomers in. These rituals and ceremonies are often created on the spot to relieve the Shrine Priestess' boredom and/or sexual tension. Few complain about these brand-new rituals or ceremonies, save when they are more weird and confusing than sexual in nature.

In some cases, Shrine Priestesses have been known to completely alter the religion they follow to satiate themselves, but eventually get around to telling their followers that she wasn't being serious.


When Mark finally finished reading the entry, his jaw realizes that it has been hanging open for the last few minutes and shuts itself with an audible "clack." either some slip of a girl had thresholded into a Shrine Priestess, or something creepy was happening and Mark, knowing his luck as he did, sided with the idea that something creepy was happening.

The girl was quite cute and if there was anything that Mark liked other than efficiency it was "cute..." well... Decadence was up on his list of life-goals, but really that was neither here nor there. The girls face seemed to scrunch up a bit in her sleep, sending those people watching the girl to go into fits on how cute the girl looked.

Mark looked at Samantha and saw the worried look the NurseJoy always had when she had a patient of some kind. Since the girl was a Pokegirl, Mark felt no compunctions about grabbing the girl up and walking off to his hut. His Harem followed soon after. Nancy woke up once Mark began to roll up his towel, Marie and Jinxy both came in from the water and rolled up their own towels,

At the hut (aka the small house Mark lived in during the winter months and on vacation), Mark set the girl on one of the hammocks that hung around the spacious living room. The layout of the house was designed for comfort and having a lot of floor space, most of said floorspace being dedicated to the massive amount of junk Mark and his Harem had accumulated. In one part of the room lay several dozen pieces of several dozen guns. In another place, there were several large piles of books, the titles of which gave Mark a headache to look at. Covering most of the rest of the floor was random porn magazines displaying images of pokegirls and even a couple human girls. Other random paraphernalia littered the floor with only one truly defined path through one room to the next. It was quite obvious to all of Mark's Harem that as organized as man was usually, this was his place to relax and let go.

Samantha, who protested moving the girl in the first place, stood over the girl laying in the hammock, healing her as much as possible and making sure that the girl wouldn't be cramped when she woke up.

Nancy, upon returning to the house, floated over to her own Hammock and lay down, crossing her arms behind her head for a little extra support. She looked over at the home entertainment system Mark had set up when he first bought the place and reached out telekinetically for the remote-control. Grabbing the slim piece of technology from the air she released her mental hold on it and began to channel surf.

Marie arrived at the House and went up the stairs to the main bedroom to lie down. It was her night for taming, so she was going to make the most of it. Going up the stairs and down a small hallway, Marie came to the door to the main bedroom. There were several ro0oms, all of which would be used on any given night by the other members of the Harem, depending on who was getting tamed or if Mark had a guest. The main bedroom had a large, king-sized bed loaded with soft feathers instead of the usual springs or even air-mattresses. The thick material made sure that no pointy feathers got through and stabbed people while they "worked." the wall of the room had a flat-screen TV with a DVD mixer along with several shelves of movies organized by how often they got watched. "In Diana Jones" was near top shelf while "Dawn of the Dead" was lying at the bottom, collecting dust.

Jinxy walked through the door to the house, as she did everything, with flair. The sounds of trumpets playing "Hail the Conquering Hero" accompanied her entrance as she waved her hand behind her, beckoning the massive pile of pizza into the building, seemingly unsupported by anything. Nancy perked up when she smelled the pizzas and began floating along behind the consumables. Jinxy smiled, her face showing thin lines where it appeared that light wrinkles were occurring due to the constant strain she put on her eyes while reading. Not even her magic could stop the effects forever, but the small amounts she was getting was about as bad as she'd ever get. Her mismatched eyes held a glint in them as she giggled, seeing her harem-sister's reaction to the food. She knew that Nancy didn't NEED to eat very much, but she also knew that Nancy loved pizza.

No one was really sure when Jessica arrived at the house as they didn't hear or see her enter. They just saw her walking calmly down the stairs as stoic-faced as ever. She walked into one of the other rooms on the first floor of the "hut" to find Mark sitting in the study-room, which was filled with books on various subjects and a rather nice desk with a radio currently sitting on the surface.

"... No information has yet been reported on the disappearance of several high-ranking league scientists from their lab two days ago. Investigations are underway to..." the voice on the radio droned on, seemingly without any feeling or care for what he/she/it was reporting.

Mark sighed. He was probably just being paranoid, but he had noted at least seven disappearances in the last few days and it was grating on his nerves to not know what was going on. Every time he had Jinxy or Marie attempt to scry for information they were blocked, somehow. He didn't want to alarm his Harem any more than he knew they would already be, but he was beginning to get the feeling that something big was going to happen again and as much as he wanted to believe that there was nothing to worry about he knew how the Indigo League operated. He'd worked for the League for the last seven years after all. He knew exactly how they dealt with problems. God damned SEELE and Team Rocket... like people didn't know they existed.... or maybe it was just Mark who knew these things because he'd been in the business for too damned long?

Mark resisted the urge to shrug and noticed that he was being observed by the blank dark eyes of his Alpha. Jessica had always been his first and most trusted of pokegirls. He knew how she thought and she knew how he thought. He almost missed how she was when she was a Guntit, as she was far more expressive then, but he couldn't help but enjoy the fruits of her evolution. She could cause an unparalleled amount of damage given minimal amounts of time in an urban environment. He looked at the currently unarmored girl and admired her figure. The sway of her hips, the swell of her breasts, the way her hair bounced back and forth when not being constrained by her helmet. Mark really did love his Alpha.... well, as much as a human could love a Pokegirl. Mark didn't buy into that "Recognition" bullshit. Nor did he personally enjoy the idea of having a Delta Bond. The idea that someone could get that deep into his mind disturbed Mark greatly.

Jessica looked at her Master as his eyes raked over her body. She enjoyed the small moments where she had her Master to herself, as rare as they were. "Master," She said, bringing them both out of their respective eye-raping, "Jinxy has brought pizzas and I believe that Nancy is about to jump her. I thought you might want to watch the show to relax after today." She left out the fact that she had taken out several water-pokegirl who had been about to disturb the peace on the beach as she didn't want to brag or bring undue stress on her Master... nor did she bring up her massive temptation to shoot that fucking whore of a Beachbunny in the head when she had the chance...

Let it NEVER be said that Jessica wasn't jealous of anyone not counted amongst her Master's Harem.

Mark stood up and walked out, putting his arm around Jessica as he passed her, dragging her with him to watch two of his pokegirls make fools of themselves... or a spectacle, depending on how things turned out.

Mark walked into the living room to see that one of the pizza boxes was opened and Samantha was happily nibbling on a slice of Cheese pizza, not the only slice missing, but the only slice in sight. Looking further into the room, he saw Nancy and Jinxy and what they had gotten in to.

Laying in the Hammock Nancy had claimed for herself were Jinxy and Nancy, Nancy on top of Jinxy currently covering the other girl's bright pink lips with her own light-blue lips. Mark saw their tongues dance with each other’s and their hands begin to wander.

Jinxy, being held underneath the Demon-Goddess, was thoroughly enjoying the activity they had begun. She had been feeling kind of hot all day and had wanted some sex before the end of the day. When she saw the pizza parlor on her way, roundabout as it may have been, home she had gotten the wonderful idea.

Jinxy's hands drew themselves up under the tight top that Nancy almost constantly wore, wrapping themselves around the soft mounds of the other girl's breasts and kneading them softly.

Nancy moaned at the feeling, letting the kiss stop for a second as she made cute little noises. She felt Jinxy's hands circle her breasts a little before closing on her sensitive nipples, pinching lightly before simply caressing her chest in large sweeping motions. Jinxy used the moment that the kiss was broken to vanish the shirt off of the other girl, revealing the small C-cup breasts for all the world to see.
Not to be outdone, Nancy, having gotten tired of being helpless to the touch of another, lifted one of her hands and imitated the exact spell that Jinxy had just used, vanishing the shirt of the other girl, along with all but the other girl's black and white striped stockings and began to lick all her girl's stockings.

Taking the initiative from Jinxy, Nancy moved her head down to the other girls small B-cups and began to lick all around her chest, circling each tit in a slowly winding pattern until her tongue reached the perky dark-pink nipple of Jinxy's left tit. She immediately latched on to the hard nubbin and began to suck and flick it with her tongue. She moved her free hand to the tit she wasn't sucking on and began to softly knead the mound of flesh before pinching and lightly twisting nipple.

Jinxy, having always had a sensitive chest, and being extremely sensitive all around anyways, felt herself grow warm in the pit of her stomach as the energy began to well up. She repeated the vanishing spell between moans and gasps as she vanished the rest of Nancy's outfit, bringing the other girl's head up for another passionate kiss and tongue-duel.

Nancy kissed Jinxy while continuing to knead the other girl's breasts and slowly working one of her hands down the other girl’s ever-so-sensitive body. Jinxy almost giggled as Nancy's hand skirted across the soft valley of her stomach, tickling the Sorceress to no end. Not to be beaten, however, Jinxy began to move her own hands around behind Nancy and grasped the other girl's round ass in both hands and squeezed, before moving a hand around to her neatly trimmed pussy.

Jinxy was the first one to push her fingers into the other girl, but Jinxy was farther along the path to orgasm than Nancy. Nancy broke away as Jinxy moaned and almost screamed when she pushed her middle finger into the other girls hot, tight entrance. She could feel Jinxy's inner-walls gripping her finger for all they were worth, trying to milk the digit of whatever they could. Jinxy almost couldn't keep a handle on herself long enough to cast a small spell to lower Nancy's Pleasure threshold as well, so when Jinxy pushed two fingers in the front and one in the back, Nancy lost all semblance of control and began to thrust her hips at Jinxy's fingers, regardless of the finger she still had in the other girl.

Jinxy, through the haze of an orgasm, was able to keep a part of her mind cognizant enough to continue to thrust the fingers into the other girl, even as another wave of pleasure hit her as Nancy's finger moved on its own as a result of Nancy's wild thrusting.

Nancy looked at the other girl once she stopped screaming from the pleasure and kissed her hard, beginning to thrust her finger in again, this time adding two more for a total of three fingers going into Jinxy's pussy.

Jinxy nearly lost her mind. Nancy was moving her fingers inside of her in just the right ways to hit her sensitive spots. The most in the way of fingers that she'd ever had shoved up into her was two, and that time she had lost consciousness from the massive orgasm that had ensued. She felt it was likely going to be a repeat performance as the sheer number of orgasms she was getting from this encounter was beginning to deprive her brain the oxygen it felt was its due from her lack of regular breathing.

As the fifth orgasm in a row hit, harder than the ones before it, she lost herself in the pleasure of it and blacked out, leaving a very self-satisfied looking Demon-Goddess who withdrew her hand from the sorceress's pussy and poured some of the juices coating her hand onto a slice of pizza she picked up with her free hand. She licked off what she couldn't get on to the pizza.

Jessica watched the display dispassionately, or at least outwardly dispassionately. Inwardly she couldn't help but note the inefficiency of the whole thing. That hammock, while comfortable for sleeping or resting and watching TV was not all that good for sex. She heard Mark tossing out encouragements to both girls and noticed that he was taking notes around the end. Nancy was by far one of the most formidable pokegirls in the harem, even considering her comparably low "level" as stated by the League. Mark often would send her out as a surprise when being challenged to a Sex battle as she would copy anything thrown at her. After every battle, Mark would make Nancy practice every technique she'd copied until she could do it perfectly which made her repertoire rather of attacks and abilities rather extensive.

Around the time that the group had managed to eat their way through the pile to the last pizza (Jinxy eating more than any two people combined once she woke up) they heard a groan from the guest currently laying in Mark's hammock. The small girl turned her head a bit to the side where the group was sitting, all watching TV. "Who... who are you?" a weak voice drew their complete attention to the young girl. Her eyes were only half-way open, allowing them to see her bright red eye with matching pupils, making it appear as though she had no pupils whatsoever. The girl looked them over with an unreadable expression, seemingly trying to figure out who they were just from looking at them.

"Well, I'm Mark, this is my harem. The quiet girl right here" mark indicated to his Alpha who was sitting right next to him, "Is Jessica, she's my alpha and a Gunvalkyrie. The others are Jinxy, my sorceress, Marie, my ClowMystic. She IS over the legal taming age so don't start on that. I've had enough trouble with that to last me a year or five. Nancy, my Demon-Goddess is sitting in her hammock with my NurseJoy Samantha." He indicated to each one respectively only pausing to rub his temples when he mentioned that Marie was over the legal age for Taming. It had taken him a month to get the last incident of "Underage Taming" wiped form his record even after explaining to the authorities that she was a ClowMystic and just as old as he was..... maybe calling the lead OfficerJenny and "Uptight whore in need of a deep dicking" wasn't the best of ideas...

"Now that I've introduced us, if you'd be so kind as to return the favor?" Mark indicated to the girl with his free hand.

"Where is this place?" The girl asked, avoiding the question.

"Well, this is my hut on Cinnibuns Island. We're about 2.3 miles down the beach from the nearest town because I prefer the quiet, we're run on a private generator owing to the fact that if society suffers yet another breakdown I want to have my own power source. Too many movies have idiot protagonists that think they can survive without power. It's possible, but really uncomfortable. My property is surrounded by a thick steel fence with roots going down to the bedrock beneath us and extending ten feet above the surface, the hut itself is situated ten feet above ground level with similar roots and magically reinforced steel support beams. I'm not insinuating anything but as you can tell I enjoy my privacy.... and security..." Mark trailed off thinking about ways to improve both of those qualities of life...

Samantha, seeing the girl as her patient, rolled her eyes at Mark's speech and walked over to the young girl. "Hi, as my Master said, I'm Samantha. I'm a NurseJoy and I'm the one who's been taking care of you for the last few hours. We found you floating in the ocean holding on to a piece of wood. You don't have any Ident-tags or chips on you so we brought you here. Do you have a Tamer? Or are you on your own?" She asked, initiating a few diagnostic techniques to make sure the girl didn't have anything that would only show up while conscious.

"I.... don't know. I don't remember anything..." the girl replied weakly.

"It's okay dear, just hold still for a few seconds." Samantha said, pushing the young girls bangs back from her forehead and stroking the girl's hair for a few seconds before signaling Nancy to use Dreamtime on the girl.

Nancy caught the girl's eyes for but a second before being dragged into the mental landscape created by the technique. When she snapped back a second later, clutching her head and moaning, she didn't know what had happened while the technique was active. Since it worked at the speed of the mind it could have been hours or years but she didn't remember a damned thing.

She tried to shirk off the effects, but couldn't quite shake the massive headache she felt coming. Mark looked over at what he considered the crowning jewel of his harem and wondered what had just happened. To see Nancy, react in any way to anything short of a life-threatening situation, or one that made her horny as hell as seen a few hours ago, was rare as sin. To see her getting a headache, especially one that made her moan in pain, made Mark wonder exactly what had happened.

"Whatever happened to her, I can't find it. I can't remember a blessed thing from going into her mind." Nancy said, holding her head down and closing her eyes to stave off the pain from the lights in the room which were slowly becoming piercing pains in her eyes.

Samantha wanted to help, but she couldn't think of anything but heavy-duty pain relievers that could help her harem-sister. She looked at the small girl in the hammock before her. The girl was glaring at Nancy with those bright red eyes. Samantha understood now what people meant when they said that a Shrine Priestess' glare could make anyone stop what they were doing. She couldn't sense any kind of technique being used, and if there was one thing other than being a medic that Samantha prided herself on it was her ability to sense when something was happening. But she didn't sense anything.

Nancy laid down before it got too bad and summoned a small bottle of pills. The extra-strength pain relievers going down her throat with the help of some soda summoned not a second later.

"So, if you can't remember anything, would you mind being balled and put through a diagnostic cycle at the Pokecenter? I'm sure if you have an owner he's worried sick over you." Samantha said, looking at the girl with an only somewhat forced smile.

"I don't know what you just said, and I don't think I like the idea of being "Owned."" the small girl said, looking Samantha in the eyes and pouting.

"Well, as much I agree with the dislike of the term, we are in the Indigo League, so I’d suggest using it until we can figure out where you're from." Samantha laughed lightly and continued. "To be "Balled" is to be put into a Pokeball," She said, holding up one of said devices; her own in fact, "And to be put through a diagnostic cycle is to have the data stored in the pokeball while you are in it sifted through for anomalies. It's perfectly safe I assure you."

The girl's eyes opened fully now. "You mean you want someone to "Sift through my data?" that's not only a breach of privacy but downright invasive. And safe? What makes you so sure? Do you know who will be "Sifting through my data?" Hmm? How am I supposed to trust someone I've never met before?" She asked, not giving Samantha the time to respond to anything. She looked like she was about to start up again when a purple and white ball dropped on her from behind. Apparently, Mark sneaked up on the girl's other side and dropped an ultra-ball on the loud brat.

The point of the action was to ascertain whether she was over the legal age and just loli or if she actually was a pokekit.... which would disturb Mark greatly. However, since the ball activated, captured the girl and rattled about for a few seconds before the soft "Ping" noise that signaled the success of the capture net inside the ball on the weakened girl, Mark was going to bet that the girl was simply a loli. The secondary purpose was to ascertain whether or not she was already owned, since a Pokeball would not activate on a currently owned Pokegirl...

"Well. That solves two problems. Next problem is that mouth. I'm going to the All night Pokecenter. Samantha, come with me. Jessica, Take up guard duty. Nancy, come with us to make sure nothing happens. Jinxy and Marie will be relaxing and hopefully giving each other head while I'm gone. Remember girls: If you decide to get frisky with each other there's a camera on the TV. I want to see it when I get back. I want to see everything interesting." Mark gave a lewd smile as he left, carrying the ball. He was closely followed by Samantha and Nancy as the ladder down extended and then retracted. Nancy flew the trio over the solid fence as it contained no openings whatsoever, the only way that Mark and Samantha had to get over was with the one-shot flight potions that Jinxy made and handed out from time to time. Otherwise they needed the assistance of a flying pokegirl.

The walk to the Pokecenter was filled with Mark stealing gropes on both girls and Samantha glaring at Mark for the dirty tactics and what she knew Mark was going to do at the Pokecenter. She knew him well enough that when he mentioned a pokegirls mouth in any fashion not suggesting that she was to begin giving him head that it meant a Conditioning cycle was in order. Considering how mouthy the girl had gotten, at least form a conservative standpoint that Mark held, he was most likely going to find out if anyone had a claim on the girl and if not then he would put her through at least a level three Conditioning cycle.

It seemed cruel to Samantha, but she understood Mark's viewpoint better than most. He didn't see them as human. At best, he saw them as cute pets to keep around as long as possible and to play with when he felt like it. He loved them all, to be sure, but he always held himself above them. It grated on Samantha's nerves sometimes, but she understood it. She didn't think she would love him nearly as much if he weren't an authoritarian bastard from time to time. After all, Samantha's main kink was to be the submissive and for her master to take total control....

Let it never be said that Samantha wasn't screwed up in the head.

When they arrived, Mark had his hand down Nancy's pants, groping the girl’s ass. He removed his hand as the entered the homey building. The entry-way was filled with tables and a fireplace with cushions surrounding it for Tamer convenience. By the time Mark arrived, it was beginning to get Dark out and the Tamers had all either retired to Taming Rooms or had moved on to camp outside of city-limits so they wouldn't be sued. The NurseJoy at the desk looked at Samantha with a smile, sparing Mark and Nancy a welcoming nod before attempting to make small talk with Samantha.

"Excuse me. I need you to put this girl through whatever kinds of scans you use to find out if she belongs to anybody or if she's free game." Mark said before thrusting the ball in front of the NurseJoy and grabbing both of his girls by the shoulders and walking over to the fireplace and sitting down on a particularly worn cushion.

Five minutes passed in which Mark continued to grope and moved on to outright molesting the girls, having a hand down the fronts of their panties and working his talented fingers furiously. While Mark may not possess any kinds of Blood Gifts, let alone ones pertaining to flexibility or dexterity, he was quite nimble with his fingers. He loved nothing more than to toy with his Pokegirls until they were moaning his name to the heavens. Maybe he was just odd, but really, what in the hell did Mark care? He was having fun.

The fun was interrupted by the NurseJoy at the counter altering him that she had finished whatever scans she had put the girl inside the ball through.

"Well sir, I'm happy to inform you that you've caught a wild Shrine Priestess. She has no entry in the Indigo League's database as being owned by anyone so as of right now, she is registered to you." The NurseJoy smiled at Mark and handed him the Ultra Ball.

"Okay then. Put her through a level four Taming Cycle, a cleaning cycle and finally a healing cycle. Afterward transfer her to this 'ball and give me my Ultra ball back. Hmm. Hmm, ya know what?" Mark asked, "Set the Taming Cycle to Straight with Bi tendencies." Mark handed the Nurse Pokegirl a normal red and white pokeball.

The NurseJoy looked startled at Mark's orders but went to them immediately. "It will be about half an hour, sir. Please make yourself comfortable out here, or would you like a Taming room for the night?" She asked, setting the pokeball into the Taming Cycle apparatus.

"I'll just wait out here. Have you got a TV or something?" Mark asked, receiving a negative response he merely made a noncommittal noise and moved back to the cushion he had been sitting at, his girls on either side of him, and began the game had had been interrupted in before the NurseJoy gave him the good news. Mark looked forward to owning a Shrine Priestess. They were a rare breed and the fact that the girl was apparently a Chibi just made her cuter. It was kind of creepy, and Mark could sense the sheer number of "Underage Taming" charges he'd receive later, but he couldn't bring himself to care really. A Shrine Priestess was the Master Summoner Pokegirl for a goddamn reason.

Having summon-contracts would prove incredibly useful given the amount of power they likely had. Especially the Espers. Mark couldn't help but wonder what Esper the girl had a contract with, not that Mark knew a damned thing about the Espers in general, and considering the only one with any fame at all was Zalera because she required that her summoner be a killer.

When the NurseJoy reappeared behind the counter holding both pokeballs, Nancy and Samantha were almost to their respective orgasms, but when Mark withdrew his hands and wiped them off on the carpet, they were both let down. Mark stood u and walked back over to the counter, taking the balls and putting them into one of his pockets.

"Ya know what? Nancy, Teleport us home I'm too tired to walk." Mark ordered, watching the girl get to wobbly legs before gripping her staff for support. He had only moved about three feet from the counter and didn't take a single step towards the poor Demon-Goddess. When the pokegirl got to him she grabbed him by the shoulder and put an arm around Samantha's waist before the world blurred and they disappeared from the Pokecenter and reappeared just outside of the House's fence, which Nancy flew the two over before dropping to the ground rather heavily. Nancy barely made it to her Hammock before falling asleep in it.

Mark followed Nancy and pulled a blanket over her before taking out the pokeball that held the supposedly newest member of his Harem. Tossing it at the floor it opened and released the girl trapped within. Mark looked at the girl now standing in his living room, currently placed over several months-old porno magazines. The girl's eyes seemed hazy and glazed over slightly; giving the impression that she wasn't really all there. Given the fact that she had undergone a level 4 Taming Cycle this was understandable.

"So. Tell me your name and what religion you're a Priestess of." Mark commanded.

"I do not know my name. I am a Shrine Priestess. I have no religion." the unnamed girl responded with a monotone voice.

"Oh, wow. So, a Priestess without a religion. Perhaps you're merely a spiritualist, then? Hmm.... more room for customization I guess." Mark speculated, circling the girl slowly. "Nice body, even considering the fact that you're Chibi. Show me your adult form." Mark demanded, stopping in front of the girl again.

The girl followed orders, shifting her form to that of her adult self. She lost a lot of the "Cute" look and gained more of an elegant feel to her. Her features sharpened slightly, her muscles grew more defined and her curves became more accentuated. Her breasts grew to a firm C-cup and her ass grew out a bit, though most the changes were covered by the loose clothing she wore.

"What Esper do you have a contract with?" Mark asked, having seen enough of the girl to know that she most certainly would be useful, if for nothing other than a toy to play with until he grew bored of the "Shrine Priestess" fetish. For all he knew the girl had been put through a level five before being abandoned, which made no sense unless she was really useless and considering how powerful a Shrine Maiden needed to be to evolve in the first place she should at least have a couple of decent contracts.

The Shrine Priestess looked confused for a second, as she tried to sift through the fog that was her mind at that moment. She could remember.... something about a price to be paid. But nothing more. She finally responded after a few seconds, "I don't know."

Mark looked at the newest addition to his harem and shook his head. "Ugh, just what I needed. An effective newborn. Jessica!" He shouted for the Gunvalkyrie, "Help your new sister around, let her in on how things work around here and help her get settled. She doesn't remember a blessed thing apparently, so she's effectively a captured Feral with a large vocabulary. Do whatever you want but no permanent damage." With that Mark turned away from the girl and walked to the main bedroom. Marie followed close behind with a wide grin on her face.

Damn it all, it was her night and she was going to use it. She could still taste Jinxy, but she wanted a Mark-desert.

Marie, being an almost purely magic-based type of girl, wasn't really much good at being sneaky. She didn't really care either, but for what she was trying to do it was rather inconvenient. Mark played along and simply got into bed after taking his pants off. When he felt the small ClowMystic climb into the bed with him, he pretended not to notice until she had crawled underneath the covers and was working her way down to his waist.

His reward for playing along was to feel the small girl's hand begin to pump his dick to get it hard before feeling her tongue make its way from the base to the tip, flicking around the head a bit before going back down before pumping her hand and concentrating on the head.

It didn't take too long before Mark was completely hard in the girl's small hand and she began to take the head into her mouth and suck lightly on it while continuing to jerk the shaft. Her other hand moved to cup his balls and began to play with them lightly. She stopped moving her hand on his shaft before taking more and more of his dick into her warm, wet and soft mouth. She began to bob her head up and down at a somewhat steady pace and even began to use the hand on his shaft to pump in time with her downward bobs.

Her other hand had abandoned his balls in favor of sliding two fingers into her wet entrance, going in time with her blowjob. She began to hasten her pace on his dick, using her tongue to lick the underside of Mark's cock at every chance and sliding it around like she was licking a candy-cane otherwise.

Mark was proud of the fact that he could last a while, usually, but after the show earlier and his playing with Nancy and Samantha, he was primed and ready to blow before Marie had even started to finger herself. He reached beneath the covers and took a hold of Marie’s head, sliding his fingers through her short, soft brown hair and forcefully fucking her face. Given how the ClowMystic began to hum deep in her throat Mark could only assume she was enjoying it. Marie had always had a slight oral fixation. As he felt his climax approaching, he held Marie's head firmly down, making her take his entire cock down her throat before blowing his load straight down her gullet.

Marie's throat muscles worked furiously to get the whole load down, but even then, a bit bubbled back up and out of her mouth. When Mark had finally finished spurting his cum down her throat, she withdrew and coughed a bit before wiping up the leftovers and licking them off her fingers.

"Master, that was nice as an appetizer, but I think it's time for the main course." Marie said, continuing her mental tally of the food-related remarks. She crawled up so that her slit was level with Marks still erect dick, putting her about eye level with Mark's chest.

Mark could feel the girl's hard nipples burning holes into his stomach as Marie’s rubbed herself all over him before sinking herself down with his dick going straight into her oh-so-incredibly tight entrance. Mark always loved this part, Marie was by far the tightest of all of his girls due to her stature, but she was also one of the softest. Her warm walls wrapped around his cock like a velvet glove, conforming to his shape perfectly. Mark grabbed her shoulders and sat the girl up so she was straddling him. He moved his hands down to her hips and began to move her up and down his shaft at a rapid pace. Whatever hardness she had lost before had returned with a vengeance and he began to use that to his advantage as he started to move her around in small circles, stirring up her insides using the most effective tool for such an endeavor. He moved one hand so that it could grope at the small girl's ass as he began to thrust his hips upwards in time with Marie's own movements to make up for the lack of force coming from his hands. The hand was not sitting idly by and groping the soft flesh of the girl's ass, as tempting as it was to do so. Oh, no. Mark moved that hand down and began to play with the girl's back door as well before slipping a finger into her asshole up to the first knuckle.

Marie was enjoying herself, her master was inside of her, she had his taste on her tongue and he was moving in and out of her pussy with force and speed that she loved. When she felt him groping at her ass she moaned in pleasure, as that was one of her more sensitive places. When he actually started to play with her asshole she moaned again, the heat welling up in the pit of her stomach as she staved off her approaching orgasm, exercising her inner muscles to make it even tighter and more pleasurable for her Master. When he slipped a finger into her asshole, she screamed as he began to thrust it in time with her own upward strokes, alternating which hole was more filled deeper at any point in her thrust/withdrawal. She could feel every inch of both Mark's dick and his finger as they went in and out of her holes.

Marie was fast approaching orgasm and her eyes began to roll into the back of her head as she continued to moan, open mouthed and tongue hanging out. Mark, having just let off one load was willing to keep this up for a few more minutes, but he began to think thoughts he knew would get him off quicker. Making Marie dress up in nothing but socks and a collar and then taming her over a park-bench, Making Jinxy fly Mark and herself into the high-atmosphere before fucking her brains out, letting their combined fluids drop onto whatever soon to be confused passerby happened to be underneath, Taking Samantha by the hair and forcing her to go down on him, naked, in a restaurant all the while spanking her hard with a paddle and finally taking Nancy and using that staff of hers as a dildo, ramming it into her over and over until she begged for mercy.

These thoughts helped Mark keep pace and let Marie only beat him to orgasm by a few seconds, her vice-like grip becoming almost painful as her inner-walls clamped down on him, milking him of whatever seed they could. Marie didn't have very long to wait, about three seconds and one stroke, for Mark to blow his second load of the night deep into her as he thrust as deeply as he could, even with her muscles as tight as they were around him.

As they collapsed, Mark rolling Marie to the side so she could lay her head on a pillow instead of his bony chest, they tried to regain their breath. Their sweat-soaked bodies clung to each other and Marks dick remained buried in Marie’s tight passage until it finally deflated fully and came out of her with a faint "plop" noise, followed by a thin line of white flowing from Marie's now stretched hole.

Mark had to admit. As much of an annoyance as it was to deal with the trouble Marie's young looks cause, it was totally worth it in the bedroom. Next hole on the agenda: her ass. Mark began to play with her as she lay next to him, still partially wrapped around him, and moaned whenever he hit one of her sensitive spots. About the time that he was inserting two fingers into her ass, she rolled them back over and began the cycle all over again.

Mark didn't get to sleep until late that night. He didn't regret the lack of sleep one little bit.

The next few days passed quietly as Mark's Harem helped their new sister acclimate herself to the atmosphere of their little family. They had occasionally had new sisters that Mark eventually sold, so they all had set parts to play, generally designated by Jessica. Generally, Mark grew tired of the "New additions" before too long, so the established Harem tended to remain distant for a while before opening up to their new "sister."

Mark took an active role in the girl's indoctrination into his harem after the first day or so, in which he remained distant as well to determine the Shrine Maiden's Libido, which proved to be lower than "High." Convenient given the nature of the other pokegirls in his harem. On the second day of her residence in Mark's house, he gave her a shock collar with a remote control, which he kept for himself. He locked the collar around her neck with a soft click and told her how it worked.

"Whenever you do something that pisses me off, like getting lippy, I'll shock you. Whenever you do something I like, especially without me telling you to, I'll give you a treat." he held out a bowl with a napkin over it. Removing said napkin produced a collection of chocolate covered strawberries which made the poor girl drool a little.

She acted rather mechanically for the first few days and then simply dazed for the next couple. Four days after her initial "capture" she was back to normal. Mark observed that she hated being corrected about anything, which made for quite a few shocks from the collar on the fourth and fifth days, after which she got the point and began to do things she thought would make the shocks stop. After the fifth time getting shocked she had lost feeling in her lower extremities which had started a wonderful cycle of her getting pissed off at Mark, Mark getting pissed off and shocking her, and her getting even more pissed off which led to the inevitable conclusion of the girl collapsing on the ground with extensive nerve damage. Samantha spent an hour fixing the poor girl.

When the girl finally came to consciousness, she saw Mark sitting in front of her with the remote to the accursed collar on her neck held loosely in his right hand.

"I don't know how you're developing the personality you are, considering you supposedly don't know anything about your past or have any memories of what you were like before we found you on the beach and I really don't care. What I do care about is the fact that I know you're capable of learning. So, here's the next step of your training and introduction to my Harem. Crawl over to me." He ordered.

The Priestess' eyes widened at the order and she did nothing. Did he really expect her to debase herself... her thoughts were cut off by a painful but short shock from the collar. When the pain subsided, she saw Mark glaring at her. She immediately began to crawl over to him. Unsure of what he wanted her to do when she got there, she just stopped.

"Now I want you to lay your head in my lap and then relax." Mark said, putting a small pillow on his lap with his free hand.

Learning quickly, especially after the massive pain from before, the still stinging Shrine Priestess arranged herself so that she was laying on her back with her head on the surprisingly comfortable pillow.

"The pillow was enchanted by Jinxy for just this occasion. Don't believe a thing when people say that Sorceress' can't enchant anything longer-lasting that a one-shot item or potion. It's bullshit through-and-through." Mark said, smiling down at the girl before turning the television on to a movie he'd placed in just a few minutes before the girl had woken up. An old copy of the movie "Rocky Horror Picture Show" he'd found in the ruins of an old Pre-Sukebe town in what was once Minnesota (Now Northern Indigo League.)

"Now, what I want you to do is watch this movie with me and shout out any old thing that comes to mind as long as it fits in with what's going on in the movie. Here's a good example." Mark slowed as the credits began to roll and the song started.

"And Satan said: "Let there be Lips." and there were. And they were gooood." as a pair of red lips faded into view and began to sing the opening song for the movie.

He continued to shout out random things throughout the entire movie, the Pokegirl resting in his lap turned her head to the side to watch the movie and began to shout out things too, but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary. She only shouted the sorts of things Mark thought of while watching movies where the protagonist did something stupid. The highlight of the movie was the dinner scene, where Mark shouted,

"Janet gets it, Brad gets it, Dr. Scott gets it, Rocky gets it but he doesn't care. He's a Marine." and as the character called Columbia ran out of the room he said "Hey guys! We've secretly replaced Columbia's dildo with a straight-razor! Let's see if she notices!" and as a cry was heard in the background of the movie, Mark replied with "Guess not."

The pokegirl on his lap laughed so hard at that one he had to pause the movie so she wouldn't miss anything. Mark would randomly begin stroking the girl's face, marveling at the softness of her skin. In her adult form, it was almost possible to forget that she was a Chibi. Mark much preferred her adult form, though. As cute as the Chibi form was, and useful, Mark still preferred his girls to at least look the age of consent. The Shrine Priestess enjoyed the touches, as gentle as they were, but they still stung her hyper-sensitized nerve endings. She had really begun to enjoy the catharsis of shouting at the movie when it ended, leaving her wanting more of the same cultish-humor.

"Now, as much as I love that movie I don't feel like watching it twice in a row. Given the fact that you got into the callbacks, even without having seen the movie before, or at least not remembering such, I think I can get along with you. I'm going to keep that collar on you because I still don't really trust you. Neither do the rest of my Harem. I don't know if I'm going to be keeping you or if I’m just going to wipe your mind and sell you on eBay. I'm being brutally honest. Not gonna hide this sort of thing. Now, there were three reasons I set this whole situation up. One was to get to know you better and the second was to determine what name I should give you."

"What about the third reason?" the Pokegirl asked, looking up at the man who was supposed to be her Master. She didn't like being shocked, and when she was good she got strawberries. She liked strawberries...

"We'll get to that later. For now, the main concern is what to call you. Do you have any preferences?" Mark asked. He was willing to listen to preferences, but really it would only be a suggestion at best.

"I.... don't know. I don't think I have any preferences. Something nice?" She asked, a little sheepishly.

"Hmm. Something nice, eh? Let's see here, something nice..." Mark stroked his goatee a bit, wracking his brain for some kind of nice name, but more importantly one he liked. He tried to think of something appropriate, considering her apparently Edo-origins. "Ume. How does that sound?"

"Simple, short... I like it." she smiled up at Mark.

"Then Ume you shall be." Mark stated dramatically. He moved a few stray hairs away from her face before moving his hand down a little further, past her neck and the collar, under her white Kimono-top and to her chest where he began to grope at her left breast before moving over to her right.

"The third part of the evening is welcoming you officially to the Harem, now that you have a name and all." Mark said with a lecherous grin on his face. He untied her top and pulled open the article of clothing to make way for his exploring hands...

The newly named Ume didn't bother protesting. This was quite possibly the best she'd felt all week, after all.

In town........ (5-days after the incident at the beach...)

"Hey, Bella." A young man looked to his pokegirl. The Peekabu looked up from her salad at her Tamer.

"Yes, Master?" She asked innocently. She had been caught Feral, and was only recently given to the beginning Tamer by the name of John as his starter. She wasn't as strong as she could have been, but she was better off than if she had remained feral.

"Is that man being accosted by a pokegirl in the middle of the street in broad daylight?" John asked with a deadpan voice. "And how many times have I told you not to call me Master. It's embarrassing."

"I think so Master." she responded, selectively ignoring the latter comment.

"Then why is no one doing anything about it?" John asked, still staring at the scene in front of him. A man was apparently being either attacked or raped, John wasn't sure which would be worse at the moment, in the middle of the street in broad daylight.

"I think they are, Master. They're running and screaming." Bella responded simply, noticing that they were now the only people still eating at their restaurant, everyone else having deserted the patio-dining area and run for the high-grounds.

What made the scene more surreal was that the girl "accosting" the man appeared to be an Elf of some type. John couldn't maker out any features other than the enormous amounts of red coming from the scene. The "attack" was taking place about fifty or so feet away from his sitting place as he tried to wrap his mind around what was happening. He had only just started out on his Journey a few days ago and already he was in the middle of an attack? He'd heard that Tamers tended to get into the oddest of circumstances, but this was ridiculous.

He stood up and pulled Bella to her feet as well, taking her attention away from her salad. This annoyed the electric girl, but when she saw that John was leading her to the "attack" she started getting excited. She was going to fight? YAY! She felt giddy as John shoved her in front of him not ten feet from the attacking pokegirl and shouted.

"Bella. Use Thundershock."

Bella, being an electric type, enjoyed nothing more than letting loose some electricity, so she did so in a spectacular fashion as she directed the attack at the attacking Pokegirl. The opponent's matted hair and raggedy clothing singed as the electricity cooked her from the inside out, but it wasn't nearly strong enough to bring the pokegirl low as the girl looked up from the now silent man lying in a pool of his own blood.

John finally got a dose of the same fear that had been affecting everyone else as he saw the girl's face up close. Her lips were torn slightly and blood was coating her teeth as a small piece of muscle dangled from between her incisors. Her front was caked in blood and what was truly disturbing was the massive crater of clawed-out flesh in her abdomen.

She screeched and lunged at Bella, mouth open and blood flying in all directions, Bella dodged it, but just barely, getting a slight scratch as she began to run, leaving John to his own devices. John smartly followed suit as he ran for the high hills. What remained unseen was, not 5 seconds later, the body of the man who was being attacked stood back up and began lurching after the elf-like creature, following its instincts towards fresh meat...

Over the next two days, this series of events would repeat itself many times and the result was a massive infection and plague of Zombabes (Or Zombies, as males were somehow contracting the poison as well.) The police, having never been too large, fell within the first day and hospitals began pour over with the infected, and soon with the undead. Many brave Tamers, and stupid ones, attempted to fight off the plague, but all, mostly thanks to the stupid ones, fell. Attacks were aimed at each other as panic swept through the ranks of the Tamers. The Aura of fear being amplified by many hundreds of Zombabes being far too much for all but the most blasé of Tamers to handle without panicking. The stupid ones tripped up the smart, cool-headed ones with their moronic strategies consisting mostly of "Charge in, get frightened, blast off any and all attacks they knew and hope it hit something."

Needless to say, it didn't work out too well for anyone involved. More often than not their attacks would hit the oncoming horde, but that only stopped a few at a time in an almost unending army. By the time a small group of Tamers managed to get together and search for a place to hide safely, a vast majority of the island had been infected, including most of the league officials. Most of the smart/cowardly Tamers had used their pokegirls to escape the island via flying pokegirls or teleporting, leaving those on the outskirts of the city unaware of the trouble before the horde was upon them, devouring them or turning them one-by-one.

By the end of the first day, there were only four Tamers left with any brains who gathered together with their dwindling Harems to get to a safe location and attempt to take out the Horde before it grew out of control. The currents surrounding the island would keep the infection localized, if any of the morons who had left weren't bitten and infected when they'd left, that is.

(At Mark's house....)

Mark was having a grand old time. He'd Tamed Ume several times, even invited Jessica in a couple of times, and had thankfully established an Alpha bond with the Shrine Priestess. He still hadn't gotten the girl to show him her summoning contract, mostly because she didn't want to be unprepared should she not have the right payment for any of them. The argument made sense to Mark, as he wouldn't want to offend something that could make one of his Pokegirls weaker, so he let it rest. For the time being.

The best part about the last few days, for Mark, was the fact that there were no stupid kids trying to get into his house. Every day he'd have at least one or two people try and intrude on his privacy out of curiosity or just plain stupidity, Mark didn't care which, who would then need to be relieved from the home security, which involved a lot of motion-directed automated gun-turrets, land mines and several pit-traps lining the perimeter of his property.

Unfortunately, it seemed good things never last. On the third blessed day of silence, he had just finished preparations for lunch when he heard something clicking against one of his windows, namely the one facing the town. He chalked it up to some random piece of debris, but then it happened again, this time the noise was far too loud for it to be random debris. It sounded like someone was actually throwing a rock at his window trying to break the damned thing. He thanked Jinxy for strengthening them before moving over to the window and opening it.

Just in time to be hit with a bigger rock.

"OW! Mother FUCKER! Jesus-fucking-disco-tap-dancing-Christ!" Mark swore as he fell to the floor, grasping his face as blood flowed freely from his most likely broken nose.

Samantha moved quickly to heal the injury and Jessica moved to the window with her rifle already pointed and her eyes looking down the scope at the perpetrator when everyone in the house heard someone shout, "Please! Don't Shoot! We were only trying to get your attention!" it was a man's voice, no mistaking the baritone for female.... unless it was a post-op job done badly... But Mark shook off those thoughts as nightmare fuel for another day.

"I think it's safe to say you have my attention." Mark stated as he stood up, still holding his stinging nose as he looked out of the top half of the window.

"Please! We need a safe place to stay! Haven't you heard what's been going on?" Mark could make out four people, three of which looked rather jumpy while the fourth one looked like he was bargaining for his very life.

"Ummmm. What part of Private Property do you not understand? And what do you mean "What's been going on? If you can't tell I kind of cut myself off out here." Mark stated loudly so they could hear him.

"Man, you've gotta be kidding me!" Shouted one of the jumpy looking people. "You mean to tell me you haven't heard the screaming, the explosions or even the news coverage of this disaster?"

Mark looked confused for a second. He'd soundproofed his house due to annoying beach parties that would wake him up in the middle of the night, he'd bought this property to be away from everything and he only watched the news when it featured coverage of a tournament or a Gym Battle or something of the like. Otherwise he only ever watched his own collection of movies.

"I believe I've already answered that question, but you've been rather vague on exactly what's been happening that I should let you people, whom I don't know or trust, mind you, into my nice safe house?" Mark was getting annoyed. He hated being out of the loop but this was his goddamn vacation.

"Dude! It's horrible. The whole towns been overrun by Zombabes." The one who was speaking before spoke up again, this time looking around him worriedly, "They were on our tail not ten minutes ago. I remembered hearing about some old hermit who lived out here alone but was only here on occasion. I was kind of hoping you weren't here so we could crash here for a while before coming up with a battle plan.

Mark looked at the four people again, this time noticing that they were looking ragged and some had bloody patches on their clothing. He didn't enjoy being called old, but he had to admit he was older than these kids by a long sight, far out of his "Tamer Prime" which lasted form the age of eighteen to twenty-five. Mark himself was twenty-seven at that point, and was in the gray area where most tamers retired or became Researchers or Watchers.

The main idea that caught Mark's attention, along with the attention of 5/6 of his Harem, was the word "Zombabes." A collective groan was heard from the house as six people lamented that they were stuck in that sort of situation again.

"And why exactly haven't you people killed them already? It's not that hard with fire-attacks, ya know." Mark contemplated the situation for a few seconds, letting the Tamers stew for a bit, before going to the trap door and walking out to the gate where he let the four people in. he could still see the red targeting dot on the forehead of one of them, most likely the leader given that he was the one doing most of the talking, so he felt a little safer. At least if he died he wouldn't be going alone. "Fine. Come in before I change my.... mind..." Mark finally caught sight, through the sparse forest and marching along the beach in a slow-moving horde towards his house.

Massive. Horde. Of Zombabes.

Mark ushered the four into his house as quickly as possible before locking the gates again and placing the spare locked he had just in case of a lock-down situation. When he finally finished, one of the Zombabes was close enough that he could smell the decaying flesh and see the trail of blackened blood she was leaving behind her. It looked like a Peekabu and given the collar, her name was Bella... But Mark couldn't bring himself to care anymore. She was now filed under "Threat to my life" and thus was immediately shot through her skull with the small handgun he kept him a belt-holster.

Going back into his House he was happy to see the four newcomers being surrounded by his Harem, most of whom had attacks readied. The exception being Samantha, who was checking for bites, wounds or anything else.

"Master, they're clean. No infections, just a few minor cuts and scrapes. We might want to burn their clothing though. The blood will get everywhere." Samantha looked up when she was done checking them all.

The first one, the one who was talking first, looked to be about 19 years old with a few good scars on him. Short brown hair was matted with blood and sweat and grime and dust covered his normally tanned skin. He was built muscly, but more cord-like than bulk. Mark could see the six-pack abs through his torn shirt and couldn't help but admire them. Let it never be said that Mark couldn't appreciate a good-looker. He introduced himself as Philippe

The next one was a black man with a shaved head named Max. Again, more cord-like muscles than bulk, but he was also carrying a rather large and unwieldy SMG. He looked to be about 6' even and about 22 years old. His uniform gave Mark the impression that Max was a businessman, his clothing looked like it might have been pressed, crisp and clean a few days ago, now it just looked like something he might have picked up out of a laundry bin.

The third Tamer looked rather androgynous with his long, straight black hair and his delicate features, though they wicked looking knife lent some to his image and the age-guess Mark gave of him being 22 years old. Jack, as he introduced himself, didn't look like much in the way of muscle, but when Mark saw him get up to go take a shower, with Mark's permission, of course, he saw the grace with which the young man moved. Every motion was carefully carried out and every muscle was tightly controlled.

The last guy looked to be the youngest at age 18. He had a wide-eyes look of innocence about him and given his lack of introduction, Mark was forced to look him up on his Pokedex. He was a small guy, standing at about 5'6" and a sort of gangly look to him, even considering his baggy clothing. Apparently, his name was John, he had lost his Peekabu, Bella.... Mark stopped reading there for a few seconds before looking at John, then back to the screen of his 'Dex.... early on in the infection. He was a newbie, probably joined up with the other three because they seemed to know what they were doing.

The only thing Mark noticed in common with the first three was that they all had four Pokeballs on their belts. John, being a newbie, had none... anymore...

Mark sidled up to Nancy's side and whispered to her "Do you think you could make that Peekabu body outside the gates disappear? I think it was the kiddie’s starter and the last thing I need is that kind of morale crusher this early one in the fight." Nancy nodded before disappearing. Mark heard a light puff outside and didn't bother to look as Nancy began walking down the stairs, holding Mark's cell phone.

"Nice cover for Nancy, she gets a treat later." Mark thought, grinning as he took the phone from Nancy and checking the signal.

Nothing. Diddly. Apparently, the horde had overtaken the cell towers and caused some damage to them.

"Fuck." Mark muttered as he put the cell phone into a pocket. Through the open window, Mark was starting to hear more groans and something was trying to get through his fence given the metallic rattling he was hearing.

"Yeah, the cell towers went down shortly after the Infection started. We've been trying to find some way of contacting someone off of the island to call for help, but so far nothing. None of our Harems have a psychic or a magic type among them so we're pretty effectively cut off from the outside world." Max told him, putting the SMG down near the pile of gun parts. "So, what kind of equipment do you have here?"

Mark looked a little surprised at the question, given that had just about nothing there. He kept his main arsenal at home. This was supposed to be his vacation house, damn it! Not his "Hidden evac point" "Ugh. If you asked me that in Pewtit I'd give you my full inventory, but as of right now, right here? I have all of my Pokegirls, one of which is unusable at the moment, a couple of kitchen knives and my own streams of piss. Lucky for you though I happen to have some of..." Mark was cut off by John...

"What do you mean that's all you have!? Every time people see you, you have some kind of weapon with you!" John was going into hysterics, if Mark was reading the signs right. The poor bastard was sweating, looking around nervously and beginning to yell at the slightest setback.

"Well. For one, idiot, of course I have a weapon. It's called a 9-millimeter handgun with enchanted bullets for accuracy. But I'm not giving that to you morons if you paid me. Secondly, calm the fuck down. Thirdly, this is my fucking vacation home. What do you think, that I'd keep my entire arsenal here just in case a bunch of idiots like you came here, looking for shit to steal so they could survive? HAH!" Mark may be a cold bastard, but at least the last time he'd stolen anything the owner was most decidedly dead...

John looked like he was about ready to either burst into tears, run screaming into the horde or even attack Mark for having the audacity not to be able to help him.

Jack spoke up, "Well, now this problem is on your doorstep, almost literally..."

"Thanks to you folks." Mark interrupted.

"... Yes, because we ran here seeking shelter even though eventually they would have come to this spot in even larger numbers and taken down your defenses with little trouble. Now, if I may ask, oh gracious host, what Pokegirls you have? I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Jack's sarcasm at Mark's "Title" was audible, and his joke at the end of his statement made Mark smirk a little inside.

"Fine. My Pokegirls include: my Alpha, Jessica, a Gunvalkyrie, Nancy, my Demon-Goddess, Samantha you've already met, she's my Harem's medic as a NurseJoy, then we have my Magic types which include Marie, a ClowMystic, Jinxy, a Sorceress and the one responsible for the massive amounts of magical security and finally my newest addition, Ume, a Shrine Priestess with no memory beyond the last few days. Your turn Bucky." Mark introduced all of his Harem, motioning to them as appropriate. He finished with a satisfied smirk as he was quite pleased with the rare and powerful breeds he'd managed to amass.

"Well, in that hard-to-follow lineup, My Harem includes my Alpha Suzume, a Herowu specializing in a straight sword called a Jian, a Kunoichi named Madeline, my Toxicat named Red and my Witch named Four." Jack responded, holding out the color-coded Pokeballs attached to a keychain.

"My Harem includes my Alpha, Tobasko, a Flarea, my Beta Merlo, an Armsmistress Honey, my Buzzbreast and Tanya, My Vampira." Max motioned to his pokeballs, arrange don his belt with numbers on their shells.

"I.... I don't have any pokegirls... not anymore. I don't even know what I'm doing here." The youngest member of the newcomers said, sitting on his ankles and looking down at his hands with his palms upturned.

"Well then. Now that the most likely to die contingent has spoken up, let's see about making a plan, shall we?" Mark said, ignoring the glare shot at him by both Samantha and John. Mark, getting tired of being glared at, recalled Samantha to her Pokeball. Mark's heavy-handed tactics in times of stress was well known among his Harem, and was expected by the others... except for Ume, who didn't appear to care.

The night passed, with Philippe introducing his harem; which included a Lupina, a Soixante-Neuf, a Sword Dancer and a Pardoner; with the four of them and Mark planning their escape/destruction of the Zombabe horde. Mark fully intended on saving as many of the people around him as possible, however, due to the nature of exactly how unarmed John was, Mark didn't hold onto much hope that he'd survive. Hell, at this Point Mark was ready to say goodbye to his own girls. The massive infection had, yet again, spread through the entire area surrounding his house without his notice. At least the last time he’d had the fact that he was in a coma to hide behind. This time it was pure negligence. But then again, how often could one Tamer run into a Zombabe infestation?

The next morning, Mark woke up before anyone else, hoping that yesterday was just a dream, and he went to the roof of his home and began to gather all the ingredients he'd need for a good old fashioned home-grown Cesar salad.

The he heard the moaning. And the groaning. And the rattling of his chain-link fence... occasionally he heard the sound of his home-security automatic gun-turrets.

"God. Damn. It. All to Hell." Mark mumbled as he continued to gather his salad. And this is where we find Mark as we did at the beginning of this story. Cursing the gods and whatever other beings were having their jolly old laugh at his predicament. Whatever cruel being made him live through not one but TWO Zombabe infestations...

After watching the ever-growing horde Mark sat on the edge of his roof, nibbling on his dressing-less salad. No Cesar dressing made for a dry salad, but the freshness of the ingredients made up for it.... slightly. It was pretty much just lettuce at that point, but something was better than nothing, and something light was better than something heavy. The Zombabe's Aura of Fear was only slightly getting to him. He took out his hand-gun and began to fire off rounds into the growing crowd, taking down the big and heavy targets first, since they tended to cause the most trouble later.

"Master, you know if you're going to be shooting you should wake me up and bring me along." Jessica whispered softly from behind Mark and he felt two slender arms wrap around him from behind, the dull skin tone showed that she was in fact Mark's alpha, and her "room-temperature" body only confirmed it. Mark stopped shooting as he brought his hands to the arms encircling him.

"It was a spur of the moment thing. I'm trying to make my point to whatever gods there might be that I am not happy right now. Two infestations? Two? How does this make any sense, Jessica? How?" Mark's voice cracked a bit with the anger he was feeling. Jessica hugged herself a little close to Mark and nuzzled her face into his back.

Jessica, knowing what would make Mark even happier, stood up and produced her armor, the steel plating covering Jessica as it appeared. She began taking aim with her tri-barrels and firing her plasma grenades at the crowd of Zombabes, joining in Mark's fun as they decimated the crowd as it formed, only for a hundred more to take the place of the fifty they destroyed. The Zombabe Poison lingered in the air for a few seconds before killing the plant-life in the area and disappearing. Getting tired of the view from his house being destroyed, Mark raised his hand, signaling for a full stop of gun-fire.

Mark took out a Pokeball covered in a tarot-card design and opening it up for Marie to come out. "Marie, I'm gonna ask you to just burn the area around us to a cinder. Do you think you'll need Jinxy's help for this? Or should I get Nancy?" Mark knew that asking Marie if she needed help would be the fastest way to get her to do it alone and with no questions asked.

Sure enough, Marie pouted a bit before she huffed and sat down on her staff and flew above the gathered crowd of Zombabes, raining fire and death down from above. Mark stood by, ready to recall the girl should he need to.

"Jessica, I want you to go to the city and check for any radio signals. I want to know if anyone else survived this." With that order from her Master, Jessica activated her anti-grav functions and flew off. Most Gunvalkyrie couldn't fly using their anti-grave enablers.... Jessica was special. Or maybe it was the thrusters he'd helped her install in her armor. Mark didn't really care which.

Mark watched as Jessica flew off while Marie blasted the surrounding horde to kingdom come with fiery death from above. Really, taking care of a Zombabe infestation is easy when you have mass-damage area of effect attacks going off. Mark guessed that the main reason the other Tamers had such a hard time of it was because of the four of them only one of them had a pokegirl capable of an area of effect that would be effective against the Zombabes.

Considering the original population of the Island, being just above four-thousand, Mark was confident that it wouldn't take nearly as long to destroy the Zombabes as it did the last time.... that and this time he didn't care about the city, which was well over half a mile away from his house... he would finally get to try out "Oh shit, Armageddon" combos and not have to worry about the government complaining that he'd glassed the city and its surrounding area.... with the exception of his house of course...

A few hours later the other four Tamers woke up and began making their way up to the roof upon not finding Mark anywhere else. They were greeted with the sight of Mark swinging his feet over the ledge of his roof nibbling on some lettuce while Marie flew around cackling madly as she rained fiery death upon the unsuspecting Zombabes in an ever-widening circle around the house.

"Ya know what? I've decided I’m just gonna live underground. Surround my house in concrete and steel and live underground. Far, far underground. Maybe then people will leave me the fuck alone and I won't run into this situation again? Eh. Whatever." Mark said, not looking back at the other four Tamers.

"Hey man, I thought we had a plan. You were gonna have your Magic types go out rescuing any other survivors while we stayed here and took out as many of them as we could before we would go out and hunt them down." Philippe looked at Mark for an explanation of why he had deviated from the plan.

"I know. In thought that plan kind of sucked. So, I'm doing what I think I should. I've sent out Jessica to the city to see if there've been any radio transmissions she can pick up on and if so to rescue survivors. Otherwise I’m going to glass this entire fucking island... except for my house of course." Mark responded, taking aim at a Zombabe with his nine-millimeter and shooting the girl in the head. He took out the empty clip and replaced it with a full one from inside his jacket.

"Well, I guess that works, but what should we do now?" Max asked, seeming a little put out that he didn't actually have to do anything.

"Watch my movies? Eat my pizza? Do whatever. I healed you guys, gave ya a place to crash for a while and now you're asking me what you should be doing? Do I look like I know?" Mark was beginning to get annoyed. They were interrupting his happy-time. Happy-time being any time he got to shoot live ammunition at moving targets and the targets reacted accordingly. Simulations just didn't cut it anymore...

"Okay, thanks for your help. Do ya mind if I raid your refrigerator?" Max asked, looking at his stomach.

"Sure. Go ahead. Hell, if you want to sit up here and shoot at these fuckers with me go ahead. I won’t stop you." Mark went back to shooting, ignoring any further conversation.

The group of Tamers was at a loss, they had been prepared to fight for their lives, not to sit aside while some guy who apparently thought about this sort of thing WAY too much took care of it for them. Philippe had been ready to take care of shit, but the loss of one of his Harem had hit him hard, Max was just as ready, but he'd lost two Pokegirls he'd been Delta-bonded to. It was a hard blow to take for anyone. John.... the less said about John's mental state the better. As for Jack, he was quite possibly the most normal of them, if he was a bit sociopathic. That's probably why he didn't care if he was the one out there killing them all or not...

With Mark...

Mark was firing away, having a jolly old time when he turned on the radio to attempt contact with someone out there.

"Master!" Jessica's voice rang over the com-link. "Master, I found survivors, but I don't think they liked me finding them!" Jessica sounded cool and collected, but Mark could feel the twinge of fear over the more.... ephemeral link they shared.

"Jessica, what's wrong? Are you under fire?" Mark asked, steeling his voice into something calm and collected, even though he knew that for something to make Jessica afraid it had to be something big.

"They said something about their "operative" having succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They've been collecting bodies master. Collecting the poison!" Jessica was coughing over the link, which put Mark immediately on alert. Jessica did NOT cough. "That's all I know, I’m sorry Master... I wasn't able to get away fast enough. I breathed in some of the poison."

Mark felt two things at that moment. Half of his heart jumped into his throat and began to attempt pounding its way out while the other half dropped to somewhere around his feet, feeling like a piece of lead that simply stopped.

"Master, Permission to glass the area? With me in it." Mark could hear her voice getting weaker. He knew, in his mind, that there was little hope of him getting to her fast enough to cure her of the poison, as he had no clue where she was.

"Jessica, Honey, come on. We can get to you, Samantha can heal you. You know that. Stop joking around. Where are you, we can find you. Jinxy can teleport us and Samantha can save you." His control was starting to slip a bit. His mind was reeling, remembering everything that he and Jessica had been through. She had been with him from the start! How could she die? Especially in a fucking Zombabe outbreak?

"Master, you and I both know that Delusion is not a good survival trait." Jessica joked. Another thing she almost never did. Her voice was getting even weaker as she spoke.

Mark was growing desperate. He took out Jinxy's pokeball and called her out. "Jessica, sweetie, come on honey. Just tell us where you are. I'll be there in a few second. Come on!" Mark was really beginning to slip. Jinxy, having just gotten out of her pokeball to hear this conversation, was very confused.

"I'm at 57th and 40th. If you think you can help, please Master... I don't want to die..." Her voice was fading very quickly into coughs that sounded wet, Mark could only assume with blood. It was one of the symptoms of the infection. The transformation would take a few hours, but depending on how much poison one breathed in, one might not live that long.

Jinxy, hearing the location immediately began chanting the teleportation spell, given the look from Mark, a look she hadn't seen on his face. Ever.

Desperation. Mark was almost always collected and cold. Calculating and almost cruel in his pragmatism. But the look he was giving her was one of pleading, desperate hope. She had enough of a mental link with her Master that she knew what he wanted her to do and so she did it without thinking about it.

"Just hold on, Jessica. We're on our way." Mark said as the world blurred around him for a second and suddenly he was in the middle of a street littered with debris.

Laying there, in the middle of the street, was Jessica, her armor corroded slightly and her skin darkened by the virus. Mark wasted no time in calling out Samantha and setting her to work while digging through his pockets for his P-Meds.

He took out one very expensive pill and one of his many P-Med dispensers. He kneeled down next to his alpha, taking off the girl's helmet before going to her neck to find the artery. Finding it quickly he injected the P-Med All onto the Gunvalkyrie before pushing the Wakeup Max pill into the girl's mouth. Samantha looked at Mark while keeping up her diagnostic technique. They waited for a few seconds before Jessica's eyes fluttered open, looking up at Mark.

"Master.... I thought I told you that Delusions were not a good survival trait..." She said in a tired tone before her eyes shut again, this time Mark could see the steady rise and fall of her chest as she breathed, albeit heavily. Mark almost cried out but instead he simply held the girl's head in his arms before turning to the other two girls he had with him.

"Jinxy, get us out of here, Samantha, I want you to watch Jessica for ANY signs of ANYTHING for the next day. Got it?" Mark asked. Jinxy began to chant again and Samantha nodded, a small smile on her face. Mark heard the groans of the Undead before the blurring effect of the teleportation took him back to the safety of his vacation home.

Mark landed in his bedroom with Jessica still lying in front of him on the floor. He picked up the girl, with difficulty, and took off her armor before laying her on the bed and pulling the blanket around her. About this time, he broke down and began to cry. It had been so close. He had almost lost her. He knew that Samantha had been worried that she was dead.

For all of Mark's bluster and pragmatism, he really had come to depend on Jessica as an emotional support. She was the only Pokegirl who agreed with him on the points he considered important while having enough disagreements that it made for an interesting relationship. His other girls... he loved them. He really did. But sometimes all he wanted to do was have a conversation about the mechanics behind lining up one's sights and taking out a target with a 45-mil bullet from a mile away. Nancy was the only one who came close to understanding how much Mark and Jessica liked the things they did, and their emotional distance from morality but eventually she would make up her damned mind on which way she wanted to fall, good or bad, and then her neutrality would be lost and she would lose sight of Mark and Jessica's moral ambiguity.

Mark enjoyed being morally ambiguous. It made things a whole lot easier when you didn't have to justify things. Jessica understood this. Samantha thought it was simply something Mark did to work off steam, but Jessica understood that it was simply how Mark was wired.

Mark didn't really know what he'd do if he'd lost her... He did, however, know exactly what he would do to whatever had tried to kill her using goddamn Mega-Zombie-Poison.

He took out all of his remaining pokeballs. Counting all of two, and recalled Marie and Jinxy via radio. Once Nancy, Marie, Jinxy and now Ume were standing in front of him, they finally noticed that their alpha was lying in bed with Mark standing almost protectively over her.

"I want this island to be made of glass and I want it to happen three hours ago. I don't care if you find survivors. Kill everything. Ladies, it's time to test the "Oh shit, it's Armageddon" combo. Go and do it. Ume, stay behind." As his three magic-using time-bombs walked out of the room with pale faces, he looked Ume right in the eyes. "I need to know if you've remembered anything yet." He waited for her to respond.

"No, Master. Nothing." she said in a surprisingly meek voice.

"Okay then. I don't care, anyway. In want, you to test your summoning contract. Now." Mark ordered, waiting for her to obey.

Obey she did as she put her hands together in some kind of prayer before a shadowy figure appeared through a shining doorway in the room.

"Oh goody. It's been a while Zalera." Mark said, not really wanting it to be the only Esper he'd ever actually met in person.

"Well, you know how it is, human. You never write. You never call... what's a girl to think?" Zalera, whom Mark knew form a previous association better left in the dark recesses of his mind, appeared to love banter almost as much as she liked the taste of souls.

"I must wonder how I managed to come across one of your summoners with no memory that she was one." Mark said, leaving the question, "How do you know my newest pokegirl?" unasked... at least directly.

"I'm rather surprised by this myself, Human. Now, as for the matter of my payment..." She was actually cut off by Mark.

"I'm willing to let you feast on any souls other than mine or my Harem that you want. But I want your help making this island, other than my house, a floating piece of glass. I want everything leveled. Personally, I was hoping that Ume would summon a more useful Esper for this, but I guess beggars can't be choosers." Mark shrugged, letting the slight roll out of his mouth.

Zalera apparently didn't like being insulted... "Human, you walk a fine line with my patience. But I will help. I will take the souls of those you let stay in your house, and those who reside within the city, still. In exchange, I will lend my power to your pathetic harem when they pull your little combo-trick." Zalera's voice growled and echoed off of the walls before the ethereal entity disappeared in a cloud of dust and shadows smelling of decay and death.

Mark walked out of the room with a chibi-form Ume following him. "Master, do you have any idea how bad of an idea it is to taunt an Esper? And for that matter, how do you know an Esper well enough to banter like that? Are you insane, stupid or do you just know her that well?" Ume was almost pulling her hair out with worry. She was finally beginning to like her Master. His apparent lack of morals struck a chord in her.... and his hands played her like a fiddle, but that was beside the point!

"I just know her well enough... let's not talk about it, shall we?" Mark asked with a tone of finality, letting the Shrine Priestess know that the matter was closed. While she may have wanted to press on, the Alpha bond reminded her of exactly who was in charge. So, she pouted and continued to follow anyways, her chibi-legs making her walk twice as fast to keep up.

In the living room, the duo caught sight of the now dead bodies of the four tamers and the open Pokeballs. The pokegirls were nowhere to be seen, but their masters were well and truly dead, as stated by Samantha not five minutes later after she desperately tried to revive one of them. Mark simply stood to the side and said nothing as she worked frantically.

"Master, did you have anything to do with them simply dropping dead with no apparent injuries?" Samantha asked angrily.

"I had nothing at all to do with them dropping dead." Mark said with a completely straight face. It was true, form a certain perspective. He was not responsible for it. Zalera was. He was merely behind Zalera doing it.

"Fine, Master. But I’m holding you to that statement." Samantha didn't look convinced, but Mark could live with that. He had other preparations to take care of. He gathered up all of the metal knives in the house, even going to far as to take the metal off of the other Tamers, and moved it up to the master-bedroom in a massive pile of sharp objects and metal bits, waiting for Jessica to wake up and snack on them to repair her armor. Mark lay down next to his Alpha, curling up next to her and hugging her tight, as if trying to keep her form ever moving away from him before falling asleep.

The next day, the government finally moved in to take control of the situation and found... nothing. There was one burning structure left near the beach and everything else had been reduced to glass or dust...

Mark, from his apartment in Pewtit, sighed, wrapping an arm around Jessica as she continued to munch on a knife. "I think it's time for me to get back to work. Fuck vacations. Fucking Zombabes."


Authors notes: and that's it ladies and germs. 19028 words that came from the black river of my subconscious mind whilst watching the Resident Evil Trilogy several times a day for the last week, not to mention watching it five times through whilst writing this. Can someone tell me why I still don't dream about zombies? Why do I keep getting anime/cartoon dreams?