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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokegirls, it is the intellectual property of Metroanime and a slew of other more talented authors than it. This is simply my foray into this world because I wanted to write a damned Zombie story. Thanks go to Fanfic Fetishist for giving me a fatal… I mean necessary push, and to CyberForte, for beta-ing this monstrosity. Please enjoy.


March 31st, 300 AS

Gendo Giovanni, Leader of Team Rocket and Head of the Viridick gym, Holder of the Earth’s NERV badge and bastard king of the world, was taking a tour of Team Rocket’s research and Development labs. One of his numerous assistants had alerted him that one of the scientists on his payroll may have earned the exorbitant amount of money he paid them.

The scientist he was going to see was working on a way to domesticate the Zombabe breed of pokegirl. A cheap, easily replenish able workforce that never tires and doesn’t need to eat would be a great boon to his scenarios.

“Giovanni, sir.” The scientist greeted him when he came into view, “I believe I have made a breakthrough in our efforts to domesticate the Zombabes. I took the sample that you gave us to research and began a battery of diagnostic spells that we developed for this purpose specifically.” The scientist continued to babble on incessantly. Gendo tuned him out in favor of looking at the test-subject Zombabe. Obviously formerly a Naga, the serpent girl’s skin was decaying and her head was bent at an awkward angle that obviously wasn’t natural. When she saw Gendo she seemed to bow lower to the ground, as if showing some mockery of subservience before leaping towards him.

Only to be stopped by the reinforced “Steel-glass” between them.

“We haven’t finished working out the bugs, but we’re sure that once the next experiment is concluded, we will have a viable specimen. Would you care to watch? It will take place immediately, I was simply waiting for your approval.” The Scientist explained, somewhat embarrassed, before handing Gendo a clipboard with a piece of paper on it.

Gendo looked over the paper, a simple waiver of responsibility that he himself had written for these instances so that no blame could be brought against him. He handed the paper back to the scientist for him to sign before turning back to the girl in the containment unit.

The scientist signed the paper, put the clipboard down and began to cast the final spell in the sequence.


April 21stth, 300 AS

Mark Williams, life-time resident of Viridick city and Tamer in the service of the Indigo League was happy in a coma after getting into a fight with a Feral. He was lucky to have survived, His NurseJoy having been able to carry his broken body away from the scene safely after a passing Damsel managed to distract the Feral.

It wasn’t really his fault he got into that fight. The Feral had come out of nowhere and the only reason his NurseJoy was even out at the time was because they were…. taming. He’d been taken to the hospital for his injuries and put on life-support for almost a month. Not that he knew how much time had passed. He finally woke up, fully expecting to see a doctor or a NurseJoy standing over him, or maybe his Harem awaiting his recovery? Nope. Nothing.

He looked around his room. It was sealed off completely from the rest of wherever the hell he was. He expected at least some kind of welcome back to the land of the living but no, no. he got an empty room, a paper gown and a dirty bedpan.

“What the hell? Aren’t these things supposed to be cleaned like, hourly or something?” he muttered to himself as he cleared off the medical crap covering him. The needles in his arms, the thing on his finger measuring his pulse, he figured that would alert SOMEOEN that he was ready to be checked out, or at least moved to a less…. Isolated area of the hospital.

When nothing happened, he wandered over to the door, opening it carefully. Paranoia may be a bad thing, but you don’t survive very long in the wilds without being a little paranoid. If you didn’t shoot first at the quietest snapping twig, you might well end up dead.

He’d been in the Hospital enough to know where they kept his belongings. He had his own cubby at this point. Frequent injuries benefits and all that. Sure, his insurance was hell to pay, but he could survive it with the coverage he got.

The disarray of the hallways shocked him. He could tell this which hospital he was at due to familiar markings he himself had made in the walls in his many visits.

“Hello? Is anyone there? I’m better now… I’ll just grab my stuff and check out, okay?” not waiting for a response, his common sense already tingling, he snuck his way to the area the hospital always put his things. It took him a bit of effort to get his things because they always tried to put it out of his reach after that time he’d run away before the “Recovery Time” they’d prescribed.

His Pokepack was sitting right there, happily in his hands as he shut the door and took out a flashlight so he could see in the lightless room. He took out his best survival outfit. A shirt and armored coat with leather gloves and a Survival Kilt. The deep pockets of the Kilt allowed him to carry a lot of things that would be greatly useful for survival without being bulky, and the armored jacket would keep a lot of blunt damage from getting to the vital points. The Kilt itself would allow for greatest flexibility of his legs. The exposed skin would be dangerous, but it allowed for more running like hell should it come down to it. And let’s face it, the Kilt allowed him easiest access to his private bits should he want a Taming session. The Combat boots he wore would protect his feet and calves, but not the exposed skin above them.

This’ll do for the time being. Now, where’d they put my girls? Probably in long-term storage. Better get them out of there.” He began to talk to himself, a bad habit he’d developed from long-term exposure to environments where his girls would only be a hindrance to his survival.

‘scraaaape, thud, scraaaape, thud.’

The sound was coming from outside the closet. He saw a shadow pass through the light coming under the door.

Staying quiet was the smartest thing he could do, either it was what had fucked up the hospital or it was a doctor. Either way he’d be in trouble for the fact that he was out of his room.

He waited until the scraping had faded and he couldn’t hear anything but his own breathing. He slowly opened the door and saw a bloody trail that hadn’t been there before lining the floor.

Switching gears to Internal Monologue since he really didn’t want to get caught, he began to think quickly.

Oh fuck, oh fuck… I’d better get my girls out of storage and get the fuck out of town. This can’t be good. The blood alone infers that something is NOT right.” The train of thought continued until he found his way to the main lobby. It was just as wrecked as the rest of the place. Chairs strewn about, blood everywhere and as the lights flickered rapidly, he could make out a couple small messages.

“Time to Die”

“The End Is Upon Us”

“Buy burgers in Hell”

Mark had to think about that last one for a second. It sounded like something he’d write, considering the nature of the situation, but the concern at hand was to find a storage system so he could defend himself properly.

He looked around the main lobby for the public access computers, managed to find one that worked and finally managed to get into his account with the League.

Account Name: Mark Williams

ID# 9126921

Tamer level: 47

Active Harem: None

In Storage:

Samantha (NurseJoy) Level 52

Erica (Farfuck’d) level 42

Jessica (GunValkyrie) level 60 (Alpha)

Jinxy (Sorceress) level 56

Marie (ClowMystic) level 54

Nancy (Demon-Goddess) level 40

Withdraw all? Y/N

He pressed the “Y” key and watched as his six balls materialized on the counter next to the computer.

“Thank the gods… I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t defend myself…” He muttered to himself. “Now. To figure out what in the hell happened.” He slowly made his way to the doors to look outside.

“Oh. This is gonna suck.” Was the only thing he could really think as he looked out into the streets fully for the first time. The formerly Pristine streets of Viridick were covered in litter and destroyed property. Bodies lay in the streets and limping forms traveled the streets.

When he finally caught a glimpse of one of the forms, he didn’t even need a pokedex to tell what it was. The girls head was bent oddly, her tongue lolling out of the mouth limply. Her skin was sickly pale, her limbs were limply hanging at her side, but what really gave away her nature was the distinct lack of…. Throat. It looked like someone had tried to claw it out or eat it, depending on what kind of teeth they had…

Obviously, it was a Zombabe. It took everything in his arsenal not to piss himself. Sure, his harem could handle the paltry number he saw, but considering the looks of the city form his view, who the fuck knew how many there were? Hiding in the hospital alone it could number in the hundreds. He had to get out of there, but the numbers in the streets could be problematic. One could become hundreds in what could be minutes.

He opened the doors and began to make his way towards the tallest building he could find, his apartment building. He needed to get to his supplies. The world he lived in and the city he chose to set up shop in had WAY too many random “The world’s gonna end” scenarios for him to really care about whether he’d NEED his survival gear. The few Zombabe that saw him were easily outrun. They were slow and cumbersome.

He made it to his apartment complex in minutes. His apartment was on the 24th floor, so the walk up the stairs was slow, but he was more than willing to take his time. He had no idea if the Elevator worked, but he wasn’t stupid enough to try that, you never know what could happen when you wait around to see if something could work, so he moved on to the stairs.

His floor was covered in debris, blood and littered with bodies. Through the small window on the door he could see some small amount of movement. “Jessica, come out.” He whispered out of habit.

“Master? Wha-?” She was cut off by the hand over her mouth.

“We can’t be loud. What I need you to do, is go through the door and shoot anything that moves in the head. I don’t care if it’s just a head. Shoot it.” At her look of confusion, he simply gave a stern look. She nodded, her face returning to her normal expressionless appearance.

“BANG!” one of the Zombabes went down. BANG! Another went down BANG! Headshot. His direct neighbor on the left was a female tamer with a thing for Naga’s… Mark saw her and her harem… as they went down to bullets through the head. What confused the hell out of him was the fact that his other neighbor, a Tamer with a strange obsession with getting Mark to trade him his ClowMystic for a MoonBunny, was ALSO turned into a Zombabe. It was rather surreal to think of calling him any kind of Babe, let alone one of the undead. But the surrealism only lasted as long as it took for a bullet to travel from Jessica’s gun through his head and into the wall behind him.

He always thought that the Zombabe curse could only be communed through women…. The fact that a guy became one of the undead through no use of magic was quite curious.


Mark was suddenly incredibly happy he had Jessica around. Those few times where she had been useless in a fight were all forgotten as she made herself indispensable in destroying the grey-matter of the undead. The fact that she took them out from distance meant that neither of them were hit with the Poison mist that shot out of their heads as they died.

He managed to get to his apartment in the middle of the hall and clear out all the Zombabes there almost 20 in his hallway alone. He was beginning to dread what would happen if he strayed too far from his apartment later. He closed the door, latched it shut and took out two more pokeballs, sending Jessica into the kitchen to see if there was anything left that was edible.

He tossed the two other pokeballs, “Jinxy, Marie, come on out. I need some help.” The two balls opened and in two red beams of light, the girls appeared.

Jinxy appeared to be a girl in her late Teens with a big stereotypical witch’s hat covering bright, Pepto-Bismol pink hair, a “Goth-Lolita” black and white dress that would make some anime characters jealous and a broom that acted as her primary magical focus for major spells. She smiled but the glare on her face let Mark know, this was going to be trouble.

Marie appeared to be a girl around the age of 12 which, while she could look cute would also get him into trouble for underage Taming on occasion before he could explain what breed she was. She had fair skin and light brown hair, her outfit was a skin-tight spandex-like material with small black wings on her back. She held a black staff with a white crescent moon on top in her left hand and a deck of tarot-esque cards in her right. She smiled as she moved forward and hugged Mark tightly, rubbing herself against him. If he didn’t know for a fact that she was just as old as he was he’d have been extraordinarily creeped out by it.

“Master!” they yelled in unison as Jinxy pounced on him, banging him upside his head while Marie continued to rub herself all over him.

“What in the Nine Circles of Hades did you think you were doing!? Do you have any-?” She was cut off by Mark Kissing her. She began to return the kiss but Mark broke it off. “Wha?” She was confused now.

“We can’t make too much noise. I don’t want to draw any more attention than we already have. What I need you TWO to do,” he emphasized the number by grabbing Marie by the back of her neck and dragging her off him, doing the same with Jinxy in his other hand, “Is to set up the strongest barriers you have around the apartment. We don’t want ANYONE getting in.” and with that he set the two of them to work.

With some grumbling about “This is gonna cost you one MAJOR Taming session later Master…” Jinxy began to chant and Marie took out several cards.

With them doing their thing Mark moved into the kitchen to find Jessica looking through the cabinets. The canned foods were stacked neatly in them by type. Broth, soups and vegetable medleys were in the first one, Canned pasta was in the next one and fruits and such were in the third. Jessica seemed to be looking at the pasta longingly.

“If you want some, go ahead and fix some. I don’t mind. We’ve got plenty.” He reassured her.

Seeing her smile slightly and grab one of the cans of Tortellini in a tomato base, he moved into the living room and turned on the Television.

“-are urged to stay indoors as sweeper teams will not take any prisoners as they make their way through the streets. We repeat: Citizens of Viridick who have not succumbed to the Zombabe infestation are urged to stay indoors until it is announced to be safe…” the anchor on the screen held his earpiece and asked quietly, “Are you sure?” and then turned back to the camera. “We just received this footage of the sweeper teams from a brave Cameragirl before she was bitten and turned into a Zombabe.”

The footage that followed displayed the sweeper team of what looked to be an old swat-team and their fire-types, being overtaken by literally a HORDE of Zombabe. Even the male bodies got up and began to move before the footage cut out.

“-And that is the terrible footage of the last hope for Viridick. The security measures that keep many threats out, now trap the remaining survivors inside as not even magical means of transport have proven useful against the shield now protecting the world from this threat.”

There were moments when Mark was thankful for the incredible security that surrounded his home. Then there were moments like these where he was pretty sure that some god, somewhere hated him with a fiery passion. He glared at the TV screen as the anchor continued.

“-We are sorry to report that the Indigo League has issued its official statement, that they cannot and will not send any more rescue teams into or around Viridick. However, Survivors are reminded that there is a substantial reward for ending a plague such as this. Please remember to be safe, and should any surviving Tamer wish to take on the Hordes of the Undead please be careful and god’s speed.”

“OH, fuck on a stick.” Was all mark said as he turned the TV off. “Just my fucking luck.”

He looked to the doorway to the entry where Jinxy and Marie were leaning against the doorframe covered in sweat form the magical exhaustion.

“Master, we did as you asked.” Marie started.

“And now we want our rewards.” Jinxy finished. “It’s been so long. We went into Long-term storage after a week of you being asleep and those artificial Taming Cycles can only keep us happy for so long. Please Master?” She sauntered over to his chair and got down on her knees, laying her head in his lap.

Marie, not being one to be left out, walked behind Jinxy and practically molded herself to his side. She began to undo his shirt while Jinxy’s head was already under his Kilt working on getting him hard.

It didn’t take long before Jinxy got a mouthful. This extended into Marie using her Lovers card to get everyone’s juices flowing. Quite literally in Jinxy’s case.

After a long Taming session involving lots of magical rejuvenating of Mark’s equipment.

Jessica had even joined in eventually, after some prodding by Jinxy… everyone kept everyone else busy.

After they were done, Jinxy cast a few minor cleansing spells to make them all feel refreshed and clean, and Marie again used the Lovers Card when Mark withdrew his other three girls, to help with the Taming. Nancy didn’t participate for most of it, Erica made a production of it and Samantha took to hitting him, feeling sorry and then healing him only to continue the cycle.

When the Taming was all said and done, they sat around the table and began to eat canned pasta. Nancy ate less than anyone, being a demon-Goddess. She sat there playing with her hair and fiddling with her Key Staff. She had light blonde hair and tanned skin with a small upside-down blue triangle on her forehead, otherwise her outfit could be described as “Revealing.” It covered everything, but didn’t really hide anything.

Erica, as a Farfuck’d, was convinced she was a vampire and dressed and acted accordingly. Fake fangs, dark hair, pale skin and a blood fixation, even though she ate normally, she tried to hide it. She did a pretty good job, too. Mark could almost swear she didn’t eat a thing, but the missing food in front of her begged to differ. The fact that she latched onto his neck earlier and drank some blood was enough of a demonstration of her commitment to her delusion for Mark to realize that he’d probably never be rid of her…

Samantha was a normal NurseJoy by all standards, she had a talent for healing that was possessed by most of her breed, but her bedside manner was more affectionate towards Mark than he’d seen her have with others she’d treated, even her Harem Sisters. She wore the normal pink Nurses outfit with apron-like cloth on the front. The main thing that stuck out about her was the fact that no matter how much time she spent in the sun, she only ever got freckles and they only covered her nose and upper cheeks.

“Okay. Here’s the situation as I’ve come to understand it. I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but there’s a Zombabe infestation. The curious thing is that Mike next door was turned. I thought the virus could only be transmitted through females.” He looked to his magic-types for confirmation of the assumption.

“Yeah. But no one’s ever really done extensive testing on them due to the danger of keeping them around, so it could simply be a mutation of the virus.” Jinxy, being a Sorceress, had kept up on the magical news of the world quite well.

“So. Since the outbreak has gotten so bad, we don’t know how good our chances of escaping will be. What should we do?” Mark asked the girls as a group. They had knowledge of areas he’d never figure out, might as well use that to his advantage.

“I think we should attempt to get the hell outta dodge.” Jinxy spoke up again, grabbing her broom and holding it out for mark to grab it.

“I saw we take the lot of these things out. You heard the guy, there’s a reward for killing them…” Jessica muttered, continuing to eat.

“I’m with her.” Nancy stated simply, closing her eyes and nodding.

“You just want to blow something up.” Erica sneered at Nancy.

“I want out of here. Is there ANY way we could get out? While I worked for the league, I got a peek at the security plans for this city. There’s almost no way to get in or out at this point without proof that the outbreak has been destroyed. I’m afraid I’ll have to concur with Jessica and Nancy. Jinxy, I’m sorry to say that we most likely won’t be getting out unless we destroy the undead.” Samantha chirped into the conversation, throwing her vote in.

“I suppose we should go with majority decision then. Only four members have voted, and it’s three to one for killing them all. Vote for looking for methods of escape. None of us are infected, why in the hell should we stay here with the constant threat of joining the problem. Until then, yeah, kill as many as you can, and think about the reward should escape prove impossible. We could also have our run of the store for as long as we’re trapped here.” Marie piped up from her position at the other end of the table form Mark.

Mark spoke up, getting all the girls attentions. “I’m gonna have to go with Marie on this one. She’s got a good idea. Escape should be our highest priority. Jinxy can fly herself and me out of here while you guys stay in your balls, but the security nets won’t allow for people to fly in or out. We could search for alternative methods, but that could take a while. Okay then. We’ll stay here until we can determine if escape is feasible. Until then Jessica, you’ll be flying around the city killing as many as you can without putting yourself at risk. I don’t care if you think you COULD get another one by going into a building. Don’t.” He said, looking her in the eyes. He turned to the magic-types and made eye contact with them in turn, “Jinxy, Marie, I want you two to be looking for magical methods of escape. Scry on the city and use the radios to guide Jessica to the areas she can do the most damage to the Zombabes. Jinxy, I want you to look for something specific and tell every bit of info you find to Nancy. I want you to look for the cause of this. Where is the starting point? Find out and then Nancy,” He turned to the Demon-Goddess, “I want you to search for other survivors. Take out any Zombabes you see but keep an eye out for the living. If Jinxy tells you to go somewhere, or avoid a certain place, and this goes for you too Jessica, FOLLOW ORDERS. Jessica, you’re my Alpha, so you call the shots, but when it comes to navigation, even a captain must trust the pilot. Follow Jinxy and Marie’s orders as if they were my own. Marie, Jinxy, DON’T take any unnecessary risks. I don’t care how much potential gain it could have, don’t risk anyone. On a job, you wouldn’t risk your own ass.” He gave out the orders and went back to eating.

Finishing up, he saw two of his girls standing in the doorway to his room waiting for him. Samantha and Erica stood calmly, impassive looks on their faces.

“Master, we were wondering why you didn’t give us an assignment.” Erica asked as she leaned in towards him.

“Yeah. I mean I know I can’t do much for combat, but what am I supposed to do?” Samantha asked, her lower lip shaking as she thought about the prospect of being considered useless.

“I’m sorry girls. I assumed you knew what I wanted you to do. Samantha, I want you on standby in case anyone gets injured and Erica…” He trailed off a bit, he knew she thought she was a vampire, and she knew a lot of the abilities of the Vampire, but the question was how he could pass off “I don’t wanna lose you to your own delusions of grandeur” in a non-insulting way. “I want you on standby here, in case we come under siege by the undead.” He finished after seeing the expectant look on the girl’s face.

Erica smiled at him before leading him off to the bedroom, accompanied by the rest of the Harem. They had a full night’s sleep, uninterrupted by the hordes of the Undead outside.


Mark woke up to find only Samantha sleeping next to him.

“Where’d the others go so early?” he asked blearily shaking the cobwebs form his head.

“They went to do the jobs you assigned them. Marie and Jinxy are scrying and communicating with Jessica and Nancy, Jessica is taking out Zombabes by the droves and Nancy is constantly reporting that there are no other survivors. It’s kind of depressing to listen to really…” Samantha answered sleepily. “Erica is being Erica and I’m trying to sleep. Now shut up.” She finished playfully.

“Heh. I suppose I should just shut up.” He got out of bed, got dressed in the same outfit as yesterday and went to his closet.

Most people say that paranoia is a horrible way to live, but when you Alpha is a GunValkyrie and your motto of life is “There is no such thing as Overkill, only Open Fire and I need to reload,” it wasn’t surprising for most to find that instead of dress-clothing in his closet, Mark had a small armory. Bought and paid for with his own money while he was still a traveling Tamer and the money he’d won in tourneys., he had quite a few firearms. He only had one Elemental pistol with assorted bullets, but otherwise he had a sniper-rifle, shotgun, revolver, Magnum, AK 47, Double Barreled shot-gun, Styer Aug, bullets galore and a single melee weapon. An old Shaolin Spade. People called him crazy for ordering it, but it was quite possibly the most lethal weapon he could find. It could take off heads with both sides… if they weren’t pokegirls.

Mark was well aware that Pokegirls only posed a majority threat to his safety. Humans were always their own worst enemies. Even his pokegirls looked at him funny for weeks when he blew as much money as he did on getting two of them. One for stress-testing and the other for actual use later.

Grabbing the sniper rifle and a box of ammunition, he went over to the balcony of his apartment, set up the sniper-rifle’s “legs” and loaded the ammo into the gun, and began scoping.

37 headshots during the day, 63 more at night with the night-vision scope. Behind him he heard his girls, Nancy and Jessica who’d gotten back from a day of looting, killing and blowing shit up; mark could still see the smoke coming from several buildings; talking about him. Jessica had this dreamy look in her otherwise expressionless eyes. Mark was unsure how to take that, but when she began to give him a blowjob while he was still trying to shoot, that gave him a clue… Samantha was the first to speak directly to him.

“Um, Master? Did you have a rough childhood or something? Maybe a little rocky parenting?” she asked somewhat nervously.

“Nope. I just love the feeling of actually being able to take on a Pokegirl without needing to call out one of my own. No offense.” He said, still trying to aim. Some blond who’d always been bitchy to him about his hobbies was wandering down the street… he couldn’t really tell with the night vision scope whether or not she was a Zombabe, but that Alice chick was gonna die… again… oh well.

“If you’ll just put that foot over that line, we’ll just call your untimely demise “Self-defense.” Mark muttered, waiting for the bitch, undead or not, to walk by his building.

“What was that master?” Samantha asked, her ears perking up at Marks mumbling.

“Nothing… oh god…Jessica, you know that doesn’t help my aim.” And that was how Mark wasted yet another bullet, his mind focused on other parts of his anatomy than his eyes and what they were aiming at.

Jessica stood up from her position to watch as another bullet took out “the one that got away.” “Master should work on his concentration.” She said, wiping her face to remove the traces. The tone in her voice, contrary to the expressionless look on her face, seemed to have a slight measure of mirth.

“Go tell Marie to play you in poker.” He told her, watching the abnormally large grin set onto her face and setting himself back up on the edge of the balcony. He heard more moaning and closer than it would be if it was on the streets below, and turned to the sides to look at the building’s other balconies.

Sure enough, the other balconies had a couple of Zombabes on them, some of them jumped off from the upper floors to get to him, only to fall to… their deaths? They weren’t getting up after becoming bloody smears on the sidewalk… after another couple dozen headshots, and watching the idiotic Zombabes falling to their final resting places, Mark decided to call it a night. The fact that his depth perception was taking a hit due to his lack of sleep was an obvious sign of fatigue. It was never wise to be fatigued... So, he went back inside the apartment and shut the windows. The glass had long since been reinforced to an almost steel-like strength, but Mark was just too paranoid to leave it at that.

Megalomania could help with a lot of things; survival wasn’t one of them unless confidence alone could save you. Make had learned this lesson one night after laughing maniacally and being caught off guard by a passing Feral. That was the trip to the hospital that he’d familiarized him with where the staff kept his belongings… Tonight was different in that he didn’t trust his luck not to give out and have the Zombabes somehow manage to get not only onto his balcony, but through the steel-glass, and so he not only shut the curtains, but he also drew the lockdown steel plates over the windows. His Harem could easily get through it if they needed to, but the diminished intelligence of the Undead would keep them form figuring out how, especially since there was no method of opening them from the outside. Hence the term “Lockdown.” He turned to the door to the hallway again and began to shovel as much random junk in front of the door as possible. The magi wards Marie and Jinxy put up may keep them out, but Mark was far too paranoid to put all of his trust in something he didn’t understand. If they had simply removed the door form reality and replaced it with solid wall, he’d be more trusting, but that didn’t happen, and so there he was putting the remains of a metal bookcase across the door. It might now help, but it made him feel better.

Mark slept for the next day, forgoing the Zombabe killing he’d been enjoying for some much-needed sleep. It wasn’t as restful as it should have been, but considering the circumstances he’d be willing to let that slide.

When he did wake up, Marie was waiting at the foot of the bed for him. “Master, we should probably move to another location. The magic keeping us safe here is going to give out soon, and we can’t keep it up at the strength it needs to be for a prolonged period of time. That and we need supplies. Jinxy’s been getting into the cupboards again.” Marie seemed embarrassed at that, and mark understood why. Jinxy ate more than any of the rest of them at any point combined.

“Oi vay. Okay then. I need to talk to Jessica. Is she out hunting again?” at Marie’s nod Mark picked up a radio. When the static cleared he spoke into it, “Jessica, this is mark, you there? Over.”

“I’m here Master. What can I do? Over.” Jessica’s voice came over the radio.

“Look for a supermarket that isn’t overrun by Zombabes? Do not enter, just look and come back to get the rest of us. Over.”

“Copy that, Master. Making circuit around the city in search of supplies. I’ll report back as soon as I find something. Over.” The radio went silent again as Jessica stopped actively transmitting. Mark could still hear gunshots through the city, but Jessica was a Gun fetishist… he couldn’t really hold it against her.

“Now, gather up as much of our supplies as we can carry and put them in packs and the pokepack. Don’t bother packing sleeping equipment, once we leave, we sure as hell aren’t going to be camping.” Mark went over to his closet and grabbed EVERYTHING. Bullets, armor even the melee weapon.

“Master, do you really need to look like some Rambo rip-off?” Samantha, ever the practical pokegirl, asked him with a very exasperated tone.

“Yes. You people called me paranoid when I bought and ordered all this crap, now that they’ll be useful, I’m gonna take advantage of it.” He said, holding the Shao-Lin Spade at his side.

“Master, there are times when I worry about you. And then there are times like this when I really worry.” Samantha deadpanned.

Mark simply pinned it up to the NurseJoy not liking the violent hobbies he had. He turned to the window and saw the armored form of his Alpha flying in.

“Master, I couldn’t find any that weren’t “Overrun by the Undead.” I suggest that we… why is everyone getting supplies like we’re going to leave?” She asked, switching gears mid-sentence.

“Because we’re not sure the magic keeping the hordes of the Undead out will keep up at the power we need, so we’re gonna have to leave.” Mark explained simply. “We’re gonna have to go through the undead hordes anyway it seems. Now, get anything you want to keep and put them into the pokepack, or get Jinxy to seal them up in the bags. Whatever happens, someone grab the porn.” He said as he began to tear down the barricade he’d set up in front of his door.

Half an hour and one torn down barricade later, the harem stood ready in the entryway of the apartment, Jessica at the fore with mark in the middle of the group. Marching order went Jessica; guns ready; then Nancy; key-staff at the ready to blast the unholy shit out of things; Erica…. Being Erica, Mark, spade at the ready; Samantha; med-kit ready; Marie; her cards held out and ready to shuffle; and finally, Jinxy taking up the rear, readying magical firepower to fly at the drop of a hat.

The door opened in front of Jessica, canceling out the magical protections and they filed out. The trip out of the apartment building was quiet, not a single Zombabe in their way. Jessica was tempted to go through the floors systematically and kill each and every last one of the little bitches, but her orders were to find supplies. She could demolish this place later, and the close quarters were not a good thing considering the cloud of Poison mist that sprayed out of the heads of the newly deceased.

Mark followed/lead his girls out of the building, where they circled up instead of marching in a line. Jessica hovered over the group as a scout to take out the undead before they got close to the front, while Nancy did the same for the rear, Jinxy flew on her broom directly above Mark’s head, to make sure she was safe and burning away the clouds of poison that the Zombabes released. Marie released the contracted spirit of Fire to burn the bodies of the Zombabe as they came to them, along with taking out as many as it could reasonably kill.

The shopping center closest to where Mark lived was one of the bigger malls in the city, he’d specifically chosen his apartment due to the proximity. The fact that he could see the Zombabes Milling around didn’t surprise him. What did surprise him was that he saw two men standing on top of the building. The one he recognized was Gendo Giovanni. Behind the two men he could see several white tents that reminded him of the Hazmat-tents.

“Master, why is the Gym Leader asking that man what went wrong?” Jessica asked through the radio.

The next thing Mark really remembered seeing was the man being kicked off of the edge of the building in some kind of slow-motion that allowed him to see every detail at the man’s white-lab coat fluttered in the wind induced by falling through the air, and then falling in real-time into the Zombabe horde waiting below, where they proceeded to eat the man alive. Mark would hear the man’s dying screams until the end of his days.

“Jessica, what did the man say before dying? Other than the scream please?” he asked into the radio.

“He said something about not knowing that the improved virus would mutate as it did. Then the screaming, Master.” Her voice came, expressionless, over the radio.

“Ah. Well, it’s good to know the criminal underworld is to blame. At least we know it was Gendo and not some amateur.” Mark sighed, watching Giovanni fly off on the back of a Skarmary before going back to the Zombabe killing. The shields seemed to open up slightly before Giovanni flew through, after which it sealed back up. The Zombabe were quite stupid, so Jinxy throwing fireballs, Jessica shooting practically at random (not that she ever would, it just appeared that way. Every shot was a kill,) Marie blowing every bit of poison with a wind spirit.

By the time they cleared their way into the shopping center, the numbers of the undead were drastically reduced. The once pristine streets around the shopping center were running with black ooze Mark could only assume was blood, and the stench of burning undead flesh.

The doors of the mall hadn’t been breached, curiously enough. When Jinxy reported that she could sense life within that hadn’t been infected, he figured that someone must have come here just the same as he did, but at the beginning of the siege of the Dead. HE knocked on the doors while his Harem kept the Zombabes at bay. he figured that no one was going to answer the doors, so he simply recalled any girl that couldn’t fly (Aka: Samantha and Erica) and flew up to the roof of the building on Jinxy’s broom. The tents were burning, and the white paint on the roof spelling out “HELP” was ignored as Mark made his way to the roof-access door. It was unlocked and apparently unguarded.

The girls landed and went in their normal marching order, Mark having released the two that couldn’t fly. The mall seemed to be deserted, the stores being locked up behind the bars and shields that defended them against intrusion.

“Jinxy, you lead. Show us to the life-signs you sensed here.” Mark ordered, Jinxy moving to the front of the line, her eyes glowing a light blue.

They walked for a minute at most before Jinxy stopped, putting both of her hands in the air. Not two seconds later, mark heard the distinct click of guns.

“Drop your weapons.” He heard a woman’s voice, he could see the blue hair of an OfficerJenny.

“Not gonna happen lady.” Mark said, letting out a slight laugh at the thought.

“Drop them or I’ll shoot.” She said firmly.

“Try it and we kill you and your friends.” Mark said calmly.

Samantha’s eyes widened when she heard her master say that. She’d never heard her master simply threaten someone else’s life so easily. “Master, what are you talking about?”

“It’s simple Samantha. I don’t know these people; I am NOT turning over my main methods of self-defense to them even if they paid me for them.” Mark replied, turning to the OfficerJenny and leveling a glare at her. Jessica seemed to blur out of his vision for a second before coming back into his visual range right behind the Jenny, one of her guns leveled at the base of her skull.

“Okay, that’s enough.” Mark heard from behind a potted plant. “We don’t need to be killing each other.” The owner of the voice, a tall dark-skinned man who wore the same uniform as the Jenny.

“Good to know someone here isn’t a Moron.” Mark muttered.

Over the next few minutes Mark became acquainted with the group of isolated survivors in the mall. The tall man, named Samuel, was a police-officer, and the owner of the Jenny, named Melissa. There were several other idiots in the mall, some idiot with a Beachbunny who couldn’t stop fucking the girl for more than an hour, or so it seemed. There was one guy who was apparently trying to get into the pants of the human female, neither of whom owned Pokegirls. Something about it being sanctioned slavery. Pro-rights idiots. And another guy who, according to the ‘Dex, had a license, but all of his girls were apparently dead, having been turned into Zombabes early in the infestation. One of them he recognized from the blonde hair, green eyes and facial features that marked her as a Reporter from one of Marks favorite news shows.

Apparently though, TV and Real Life were two different things as by the end of the hour, mark wanted nothing more than to wring her neck. She seemed to be enamored with Jessica, and was trying to hit on her.

Both mark and Jessica had to restrain themselves from shooting her. In fact, the only people Mark didn’t want to wring were Samuel and Melissa. After the initial rocky start, they got along fine. Mark respected the law enough, and Melissa respected his need for self-preservation, even if she did begrudge his methods. The idiot guy, Gary, who didn’t own Pokegirls due to some moral issue, had mocked him for even buying his weapons before getting shot with non-lethal rounds. The worst he’d have is a welt, but it got the message across.

Samuel, Melissa, Gary, Jenny (The Pro-parity human girl,) Elizabeth Chang (The reporter who apparently had a thing for tech-girls, but only owned a CameraGirl,) Nicholas Smarm and his BeachBunny “Bunny” (how original.)

Mark was sorely tempted to simply raid the grocery store for canned goods and get the hell out of dodge, but he introduced himself and his Harem.

“hey, now that we have him here, we should try and escape. We can use his Harem to back up our own defense and get the hell out of dodge.” Gary said once introductions were over.

“weren’t you just berating me for owning Pokegirls? And now you want me to put MY ‘Girls in danger just to protect your dumb ass? HA! Yeah right. I’m willing to help you people in exchange for food and perhaps shelter for a night or two, after that I’m out of here. I’m gonna stop this shit.” Mark snorted at the indignant look the now hypocritical idiot gave him.

“But you have to help; it’s the right thing to do.” He seemed rather sure of his argument.

“Eh. How about no?” Mark asked simply and sarcasm dripping from his voice. “Look. Like I said, I’m willing to let Samantha and Jinxy Heal you guys up a bit if you want in exchange for some food and supplies. I need bullets at the very least. But beyond that, ya’ll can go fuck yourselves. I’ve been doing fine on my own thank you very much.”

“But, but…” the idiot trailed off as Mark left the area to grab what he needed/wanted.

Mark grabbed as much of the canned goods as he could carry from the grocery department, along with a good number of Pokegirl foods. He grabbed as much other stuff as he could too. You never knew when it would come in handy… he stole a bunch of collars, high-quality ones too.

“Why not get as much out of this stop as I can?” he reasoned to himself, justifying the theft of a large number of “Luxury” items… but not before getting the essentials first. As many bullets as this place had, not much, but it was more than he’d had before.

“Hey, what are we supposed to do about ammunition if you’ve taken it all?” Samuel asked as he came up behind mark in another of his supply stops.

“You could come with me. I never said I wouldn’t mind company, that idiot just suggested a dumbass idea. “Let’s escape” he says. HA! The security around the city is far too extensive. You guys didn’t even notice that Giovanni was on your roof for Christ’s sake. If you and Melissa want to come with me, I’m gonna kill as many of the Zombabes as I can. With My harem, I should be able to get them all…. In time. With help, it will take a lot less time. Hell, if I didn’t know you people were here it would take…. About three minutes. But that would most likely destroy the city.” He said, thinking about the “Oh shit, Armageddon” move he’d been devising for combination with Marie, Jinxy and Nancy.

Speaking of Nancy, she and Jessica were currently glaring at Ms. Elizabeth Chang. “Come on, just a few minutes? Your tamer would never have to-” She was cut off as Nancy banged her upside the head with the wide end of her Key-staff.

“Let us never speak of this again.” Nancy nodded to Jessica and they moved on to find their master.

Marie was fawning over Marie, “Oh you poor thing. What has that monster been doing to you? You look way too young to be in a Tamers Harem. That creep.” She went on. Marie just smiled while imagining where she would put her hands to strangle the bitch for badmouthing her Master.

Jinxy was scrying yet again, looking for the source of all this trouble. Her eyes widened as she finally found what she was looking for. “MASTER!” She yelled out as she ran off to look for Mark.


Mark was splitting the ammunition with Samuel and Melissa when he heard Jinxy yelling for him. “In here. What do you need?” he yelled out from the hobby shop he and Samuel had set up their miniature trade table in.

“Master, I know where this started, if we can get there, we can take out the start. Not gonna stop the outbreak mind you, but it’ll get rid of the source of the infection. By the way Master, can I get some of the food now? PLEASE?” She begged him, grabbing his arm and pouting cutely.

Mark couldn’t resist but to give her as much food as she wanted. After about twelve cans of food, she finally belched and said she was full. Samuel and Melissa were looking at the two with wide eyes and open mouths.

That was when the power went out. There were screams, there were some yells to quiet everyone else down, and there was Mark gathering his Harem in case they needed to leave everyone else there to die.

“It’s okay, it’s probably just the circuit breaker. Samuel, you me and Mark will have to go down and fix it.” At this point Mark interjected.

“Um, How about no? I have a flashlight and candles. I can live. You bastages need the lights apparently, not me.” He explained amusedly.

“But we need some kind of backup.” Gary tried to explain.

“Then maybe you should have your own Pokegirls to help? Since you don’t fuck off. I ain’t doin’ shit. I’m here for supplies then I’m outta here. Why should I fix something I’m not gonna need or use?” Mark was abstinent. He wasn’t going to risk his neck for these idiots.

“If you aren’t even going to help then you should just give back all the supplies you took.” Gary demanded, crossing his arms in “defiance” of Mark’s actions.

“Well then, good luck getting them away from me sucker. You couldn’t con me into going anywhere near the basement of this place...” Jinxy lightly tapped marks shoulder as he was saying that.

“Um, Master? We kind of need to go down there… in fact we need to go below that to find the source of this outbreak.” She said, shifting her weight from foot to foot.

“Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me.” Mark muttered. It was just his luck. “Oh well. We might as well fix the damned Circuit Breaker before we go deeper.”

“We’ll go with you. At least we know that it’s right to help others.” Gary said, Gary, being a normal looking man with sandy blonde hair and grey eyes, didn’t seem like much.

“Unless you’ve got a lot of ammo and a gun, you’re useless.” Mark said simply. He nodded to Samuel who nodded back, agreeing silently to go with Mark. He’d be damned if he would go into the heart of danger in search of reward without some kind of Meat-shield…. Backup…

“Okay then. Me and Samuel will go down, My Harem and I will continue further down, if Samuel wishes to come along, that’s grand. Anyone else with a firearm is appreciated. At seeing no one else volunteer to come along, even with the conflicted look on Gary-the –moron’s face, he began to head to where he knew the basement entrance was. He’d lived in the area too long not to have explored the mall extensively.

The door wasn’t even blocked. Mark had to resist the urge to smack Samuel, but then again, being around the other idiots would most likely sap the intelligence out of otherwise smart people. Fixing the breaker wasn’t hard, a Zombabe dropping from the ceiling wasn’t hard to deal with either as a simple fireball from Marie took care of the poison and the Zombabe in one go.

It took mark a while to find the subbasement entrance, and to blow through the Zombabe horde was easy…. At a distance… Fireballs and small-arms fire was an easy method of disposing of the bitches, and the fiery death that rained down on them from all of the magic-types was a fun sight. Mark watched as the Zombabes dropped like flies and tried to block out the smell of burning undead flesh. The fact that his girls practically had to keep a semi-permanent blast of fire going just to kill the little bitches was annoying to say the least, but it was worth it to not take the risk of actually fighting them up close. The poison was killed by the fire, the Zombabes were killed by the fire, hell; everything was cleansed by the fire. If he really wanted to after this Mark doubted the League would hold it against him to live down here…. Not that he would mind you, but the principal is still there.

The duo finally got to the bottom floor, choosing to take the stairs again, this time for the most kills, it became a competition between the girls to see who could kill the most. Melissa was surprisingly able to keep up with Marks Harem using only small-arms fire. She and Jessica developed a sort of rivalry to see who could get the best headshots. It was odd to see an OfficerJenny acting that way, but given the circumstance, Mark could hardly hold it against her.

The bottom floor was almost literally crawling with Zombabes, thought the male forms still confused Mark greatly, he didn’t think about it much and settled on simply killing anything that moved

Marks handguns had fallen out of use since he’d run out of ammo, but he had put them back into their holsters none the less. Stupid movies teaching kids to be wasteful of their weapons. Even the empty clips were put into pockets for such.

In one room, they cleared out they did manage to find records of what had happened. The blood covering everything had made it clear that there was a struggle before they had even gotten there. The files showed them that Team Rocket, Mark grumbled at this about it at least not being an amateur group, had been experimenting with the Zombabe virus and trying to domesticate them.

“Look at how well that turned out.” Samuel muttered darkly.

“Yeah, but when has anything Team Rocket has don ever been for the good of mankind? Or turned out well?” Mark countered. He didn’t like Team Rocket, but at least they were organized, and as the old saying went, “Better the Devil you know than the one you don’t.”

They finally came to the last room in the long corridor and blew the door open. Inside was a disgusting sight. The former snake-girl was bloated with magical energy, her neck bent at an unnatural angle, even for the normally very flexible girl, her eyes were just red lights filled with hunger and rage, her mouth flowed with blood that dripped to the floor as she continued to chew on the body that was still wriggling, obviously another Zombabe due to the fact that the arm was still trying to move and the head on the floor was still trying to bite things. A shot from a semi-automatic brought an end to that, and then began the real fight. Marie brought out all of her fire-based cards, three in total, Fiery, Firestorm and Meteor while Jinxy began to chant arcane words to bring down flaming destruction on the engorged snake-girl, Nancy charged an energy blast from the end of her Key staff and got into a fighting stance. Erica and Samantha waited behind mark and Jessica began open firing on the snake girl. Most of the bullets seemed to bounce off the Zombabe’s skin while Melissa’s bullets didn’t even seem to get close. Simply dropping out of the air mere inches from her skin.

Mark and Samuel began to fire as much as they could, aiming solely at her head, but not meeting with any more success than Melissa. It made them feel better though.

The snake girl began to thrash about, whipping her tail everywhere, heaving more force even than her bloated form should have, the virus enhancing the dead tissue and making it stronger and faster than it should be, even with a normal version of the virus.

The fire from the spells and energy blasts seemed to be almost absorbed by the skin of the snake-zombie.

“I don’t know how much longer we can keep this up!” Mare shouted from her position on her own staff, flying much like Jinxy was doing with her broom.

“Speak for yourself.” Nancy said calmly, charging yet another blast of energy, a Hyper Beam she’d copied years ago. The Beam tore through space and into the snake-girl’s chest, and then through the snake-girl’s chest. Mark could see where the heart had been, but the girl kept going, not even paying the wound any attention. The Hyper Beam did quite a number on the tissue making up the Zombabe, but it didn’t really harm her functionality, only getting the head would do that, and Nancy would need time to recover before she could pull that stunt again.

Jessica was shooting her heart out, almost literally, the bullets tearing through the tough hide and scales only to imbed themselves a few inches in. The snake girl was pock-marked with bullet-holes, but it wasn’t doing anything.

“AIM FOR THE HEAD DAMN IT!” Mark shouted as he continued to fire, finally resorting to using the highly expensive Elemental rounds. Dark bullets were annoyingly hard to procure, but he had a couple.


At the third bullet, the girls head exploded and if not for a quick spell by Marie and Jinxy, it would have spread the virus to everyone in the room. Instead they simply had a frozen block of Zombabe Virus.

“Anyone but me get the feeling I should have done that earlier?” Mark asked, inspecting the Elemental revolver, three shells of which were spent.

“Yeah. Just maybe.” Samuel looked slightly pissed at Mark.

“Hey, how the hell was I supposed to know she would be mostly immune to our shit?” he asked defensively.

“Let’s just get the hell out of there.” Samuel said exasperatedly.

The return trip was beyond quiet, it was eerily quiet in comparison to the roar of gun-fire and flaming warfare that it had been before.

“Now, the question is: how do we save the rest of the city?” Samuel asked when they reached the basement. Jessica was hovering next to Mark, facing to his left, shooting the Zombabe horde that had gathered at the fence that separated them from their prey. The girls didn’t want to risk melting the fence by throwing a fireball through it, so they left it to Jessica and Melissa.

The two girls were still counting how many they had killed when mark responded jovially, “It’s simple. We destroy the city. It’ll be slow going, but it’s the only way to be sure. You never know where the Zombabe’s might have gotten.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.” Samuel said, not believing that Mark would destroy the city.

“Nope. It’s gotta be done… Just joking. I’ll just have to go out and kill each and every single one of the bitches systematically.” Mark Sighed at the thought. “This is gonna take a while.”


1 Year Later…

Mark had finished with the total destruction of the plague of the Undead. After having to hunt through the sewers for the last few Zombabe’s, Mark was pretty sure he’d be fine with never thinking about what went down there ever again.

He and Samuel had moved out of Viridick. Samuel went to one of the islands and Mark simply moved to Pewtit City. Jessica continued to collect as many guns as she could, while Mark continued to accompany her… He managed to get a book published after he went to the Bounty office and collected the bounties for all the confirmed kills he’d managed to rack up. Zombabe Survival guide became a good seller, most people simply took it as a joke, but he did get some publicity.

Perhaps it was time for a Vacation? Mark was sure his girls would love Edo.


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