Hard-Play: To show no mercy in one's plays against another player in order to beat them.





(The Early Morning of August 12, 300 AS)
“Have you made sure that he is completely healed from his wounds?” a doctor of the Cutiepie Creek’s Pokécenter asked the NurseJoy. A young Tamer had been found in the street during the town’s bar closing at three in the morning with two gunshot wounds to his chest and was brought into the emergency room. The human also had deep lacerations to his face and throughout his body. It was not surprising that the male’s equipment had been severely damaged, what little he had. It did not take a detective to figure out that the young tamer had gotten drunk at a nearby tavern, was mugged and was left for dead. Hopefully by another Tamer, the doctor thought. I’d hate to think that anyone in this place would openly attack a Tamer. Granted, they are assholes and act like they own the place every time they show up, but that still does not give justification for this. 
“Yes Doctor Jennings,” the NurseJoy responded. “I treated him for his elemental shot wounds first, then the cuts. I also gave him a P-Med injection in case my healing didn’t do enough for him.” The pink-haired pokégirl looked back at the recovering patient lying in the bed. He was also under police guard while he was staying as a patient. “When do you think he will regain consciousness, Doctor?” 
“Hard to say, Bubbles,” Jennings stated. “My guess is as good as yours. He’s lucky to be alive after the wounds he received from that mugging. Did you see his equipment that was with him when he came in here?” Nurse Bubbles turned back to the doctor and shook her head. “Well, it was damaged to the point of being almost unsalvageable. We’re running his DNA through the League’s Databanks. They’ll have his match, if he is indeed a Tamer, but it may take a few days. Hopefully, he’ll be awake before then to answer some questions. If not…” Jennings trailed off as he looked at the young male lying in the bed. Christ, he’s just a fucking kid. “We’ll need to get one of the Psychic therapists who are on call. The police are going to get real antsy about him.” 
“Did he have any pokégirls that should be notified of his condition?” Bubbles asked. 
“Not anymore,” Jennings answered with a growl. “Come on, Bubbles, think! The kid got mugged. The first thing the mugger, or muggers, did was take his ‘girls. Maybe the kid will have some funds to buy a new one. I doubt that the league will give him another starter.” 
“I’m sorry, Doctor,” Bubbles frowned. “Would you like me to stay with him until he is conscious?” 
Doctor Jennings sighed. “Sure, but use the terminal in here to do paperwork. I’ll inform the rest of the staff that that’ll be your job today, at least until he wakes up.” The NurseJoy walked over to the computer terminal in the room as the human doctor turned and walked out of the room. As he exited, an OfficerJenny stood up from her chair just a few feet away from the door. 
“Sir?” the pokégirl asked. “Is the witness ready for his interview yet?” 
Doctor Jennings looked at the blue-haired officer with an agitated expression. “No officer. He is still not conscious.” 
“Do you know when the witness will regain consciousness, Sir?” 
The human started to glare at the pokégirl. “No… I don’t. Why do you keep calling him the ‘witness’, officer?” 
“Because, Sir,” the OfficerJenny explained. “There is not enough evidence to say otherwise. Stating that he is a victim would be making assumptions that have not been backed up with any facts.” 
Trying to control his anger, Doctor Jennings tightened his jaw. “That kid was shot, cut up and left for dead. He is a victim; he is one by the very definition, officer.” Jennings almost spit the last word of his sentence out, as if he wanted to call her a few other names besides that. 
“We know nothing about him, Doctor. You may have your thoughts about what he is or is not, but currently, according to this city’s authorities, he is simply a witness, nothing more.” Before the human could retort, the OfficerJenny stated, “I’m sure you have other patients to deal with Doctor. I do not wish to keep you from your duties.” 
Doctor Jennings wanted to get into the debate with the police pokégirl, but he knew she was right. Talking to an OfficerJenny about procedure was like talking to a brick wall, as far as the human was concerned. The pokégirl was right too; Doctor Jennings had more important things to do than to talk to a brick wall. Turning away from the blue-haired pokégirl, the human made his way to see the other patients he was scheduled to see within the Pokécenter. I guess I’ll need to wait until he wakes up then. 
Joe awoke to the late morning sunshine leaking into the room from the pokéroom window. Damn light, the human thought sheepishly as he turned over on his side and away from the sunlight’s rays. The Tamer was still tired from the early morning hunting experience he had just a few hours before; wanting to pretend it was all just a nightmare as well. As he moved to his side, Joe stretched out his legs to feel for his bed companion. When the dimensional traveler only felt the sheets, his mind started to regain its consciousness. Where’s Alia? Opening his eyes slowly, Joe looked around the room. 
The room was empty, but the door to the bathroom was closed. I wonder why they closed the door, Joe thought. As the human was to sit up, the bathroom door opened. Jennifer walked in wearing a white robe while drying her blue hair with a towel. The human noticed that the robe was showing quite a bit of her bare legs, not that the Tamer was complaining. Not noticing that her custodian was awake, the pokégirl moved to the other side of the room where her poképack was. Joe silently tried to watch the policewoman as she looked through her equipment, not finding what she was looking for. 
After a few more seconds searching in silence, Jennifer suddenly asked, “Joe, do you know where my comb is?” The pokégirl turned to face the human that was lying on the bed. “Did you think that I didn’t notice you awake?” she asked winking at him. 
“Kinda,” Joe answered slowly. “How did you know anyway?” 
“I saw that your eyes were open. I liked how you looked at me.” 
“How was that exactly?” 
Mercury hesitated for a few seconds before answering. “You… kinda get a twinkle in your eye when you see me. I only started noticing it a couple of days ago.” The pokégirl began to blush a little as she moved towards the bed. The OfficerJenny mounted the bed and began seductively crawling toward the human. “What’s the matter, Joe?” 
“Well… uh,” he replied nervously. “I… uh… wasn’t expecting this from you.” 
The blue-haired pokégirl stopped moving when her breasts hovered over Joe’s knees. The human noticed that they were almost hanging out of her robe, but he began thinking that’s what this lady wanted. She slowly moved her hands so that they pushed down onto his, which were at Joe’s sides. “And what were you expecting from me?” Jennifer asked slowly. “Mister…” Mercury moved her right knee up to the human’s hip. “Joseph…” The pokégirl then moved her left knee up to the human’s other hip. “Trades?” Jennifer ended her question by lowering herself on Joe’s lap. 
Thanking whatever Gods were in the world that he was now in that a blanket was covering his penis, which was growing erect from the barely clothed pokégirl, Joe tried to respond without sounding too nervous. “Well,” he started. “I was expecting you to be a little more conservative. You know how jealous Alia gets over me and I have no idea when she or the rest of the harem are getting back. I don’t want something to happen that is going to upset them.” 
Jennifer stared into Joe’s eyes for a few seconds before smiling. “Is that right? Well, that certainly is funny.” 
“What is?” 
“Alia took Jade and Mabella out for some training before you woke up. She then told me that you were feeling a little down from this morning’s events, and that it may have been from my injuries.”  Jennifer saw Joe’s spirit drop at what she had just said. “But I want you to know that I’m not holding you accountable for anything. She used Fear Aura on you, so you weren’t able to act. And also…” To the human’s surprise, the OfficerJenny released his hands and moved her arms backward. This action caused her small, white robe to fall from her shoulders, revealing her bare flesh. “See? Look at me. No scratches. No bruises. I’m perfectly fine.” When Joe continued to stare into the pokégirl’s eyes, and not at her body, Jennifer decided to get a little more creative. Grabbing his hands once again, and moving them over her body, she continued, “My skin is still as smooth and warm to the touch as it was before. You see, Alia wanted me to show you that it’s completely okay what happened early this morning.” 
Before Joe could say anything, Jennifer leaned down and kissed him. After about half a minute, Jennifer stopped and whispered into his ear, “Now, let me show you that I’m holding no grudges.” 
“I thought that you said that there was going to be no training today,” Joe said to the white-furred Catgirl. The two felines had been in a sparring match with some starter pokégirls that Jade was able to get from the on duty NurseJoy. When the human and his escort arrived, Mabella was fighting in the outside training arena against what looked like to be a large badger at she looked like a badger to Joe. The young Firecat was starting to look pretty tired against her opponent, but she still had a determined look in her face. Alia was watching the Fire-type and making sure that her harem sister was not going to be making any battle changing mistakes. 
“That was until I thought Jennifer could show you that she isn’t going to hold something that was out of your control against you,” the Catgirl responded without looking at her master. “Or did you not like your morning exercise?” 
Pausing for a few seconds, due to slight embarrassment, Joe responded to the pokégirl. “Well, I wasn’t expecting it, and it was certainly better than a sharp stick in the eye.” He waited to see if this would get the Catgirl’s attention, but she did not take her eyes off of the Firecat. 
“Are you still feeling bad about what happened this morning, or have you gotten over it?” 
“I’m feeling a little better about last night, but I guess I’m not one hundred percent confident about being a Tamer. Maybe we can find some stuff at the store that will make me feel a little more confident.” Joe turned and looked at the match that was taking place. 
Mabella was up in the air and was blasting her opponent with a wave of fire. After the Firecat landed, most of the flames cleared but there was no sign of the other pokégirl. The only thing that was left was a small crater.  Cursing lightly to herself, Mabella began jumping lightly around the arena. After a few seconds, the Badger-like pokégirl burst out of the ground, sending the Firecat up into the air. She landed hard on her back and turned over on her side as the starter pokégirl moved in closer. 
“Don’t get cocky,” Jade ordered the Badger-like pokégirl. “Never get cocky in a fight.” 
The fighting pokégirl did not seem to listen to the NurseJoy. Continuing to approach the Firecat in a haughty fashion, the Badger-like pokégirl now stood only two feet away from the fallen opponent. Smiling over Mabella, she stated, “This is where I win, Kitty.” The standing pokégirl lifted her foot into the air as if she intended to stomp on the Firecat. 

Christ, Joe thought. Mabella get up. MOVE! 
As if she had heard her master, the Fire-type did. Spinning her body along the ground, the Firecat stretched out her legs and performed a sweep kick. The Badger-like opponent was caught completely off guard by this attack and fell on her back. Mabella used the momentum of the kick to lift herself into the air, but it looked more like a pounce than anything. Her hands began to glow at first and then ignite in flames as she came down on her stunned opponent. When she landed on top of her, Mabella began slashing and clawing the pokégirl in a quick and furious swipes. 
After about a minute, Jade returned the pokégirl to her pokéball and spoke to the victorious Firecat. “You really didn’t need to do all that to her, Mabella.” 
“You told her not to get cocky,” the blonde-haired feline snorted. “She didn’t listen to her temp-tamer. I taught her a lesson that she needed. That Bawdger got what was coming to her.” Turning toward her master and just realizing that he was there, Mabella began smiling brightly and her face lit up with excitement. “Master! Did you see the fight?! Did you see me win?!” Before the human could say anything, the Firecat jumped into his chest and knocked him on his back. “That was a Bawdger. She had the advantage over me and knew it, but that was her downfall. She got overconfident when she knocked me down and I took the opening, just like Alia taught me!” The pokégirl was now using her claws to playfully scratch her master’s chest as he lay helplessly on the ground. “So am I going to get a nice reward when I’m cleaning up before lunch? Have I been a ‘Good Girl’, Master?” 
“Mabella,” Joe started. “I just got done with a taming session. Do you really think I have the endurance to go again so soon?” 
“Of course you do. You should know by now that I like to do all the work for you. Just keep it hard for me and I can do the rest. I think you can manage that, Big Boy.” The Fire-type giggled as she continued to flirt and play friskily with the human. 
“Sometimes, I think all you ‘girls do is treat me like a piece of meat. You do know I’m more than just a ‘Boy Toy’, right?” 
“Of course we know that,” Mabella purred. “We just like you as a Boy Toy more.” Continuing to purr on top of him, Joe closed his eyes and wondered what the rest of the harem’s “day off” would hold in store for them. 
His head felt as though a Giantess had decided to kick and sit on his head as Bobby Leach slowly came to. The Tamer stirred and moved his head from side to side as he lay in bed. Slowly opening his eyes, the human looked forward and noticed a pink-haired woman standing at the foot of the bed. Groaning a little loud, Robert asked, “What happened?” 
The woman, who he would have bet his mother’s ownership on to be a NurseJoy, responded to him with a soothing voice. “I’m so glad you are awake. You gave everyone quite a scare there. You’ve been brought in to the Pokécenter due to some serious wounds.” As the human tried to sit up, the pokégirl walked over to his side and put her hand down on his shoulder. “No no. You need to rest and take it easy. I’ll call for the doctor and let him know that you are awake. You’ll need to answer some questions though. Promise me you’ll just stay lying down.” 
Leach waited for the NurseJoy to remove her hand from him, but when she did not, he figured that she was waiting for him to actually promise her. “Fine, I promise I won’t move.” 
“Okay,” the nurse said as she walked away from him and to the other side of the room.  After a few seconds, Robert heard click and the NurseJoy say, “Page Doctor Jennings, please. The young patient that came in this morning is awake.” The Tamer was able to open his eyes once again, weakly, but was able to see that the NurseJoy had started making her way back to him. “Now, I know that Doctor Jennings is going to ask you some questions, so it doesn’t hurt to get some answered right now. Can you tell me your name?” 
Leach waited a few seconds before answering. “Robert Leach,” he answered. 
“Can you tell me who the current League Overseer is?” 
“James Frost.” 
“And what island are we currently on?” 
Leach did not respond right away. A few seconds went by before he answered. “Unless I was moved to another island, Paramount.” 
Before he closed his eyes, the human saw the NurseJoy smile lightly at him. “No, you were not moved from the island or from the city. At least you did not suffer any brain damage or memory loss that we can tell.” Not soon after the pokégirl had finished saying this, the door opened and the young Tamer heard two people walked in. “Doctor Jennings,” the NurseJoy next to Leach greeted the new people. “The patient’s name is Robert Leach and it appears that his mind is just fine. Do you want me to run his name through the database?” 
“Yes Bubbles,” a masculine voice answered. “When the info comes back, tell me. Use the terminal in this room.” Bobby turned his head to face the new people that had come in the room and tried opening his eyes. Other than seeing a typical OfficerJenny, the young Tamer saw a white-haired older gentleman in a white coat. He was wearing a pair of eyeglasses and had a small beard, with a face that had seen its share of stress. The older doctor turned to face Bobby, his serious expression not changing from when he was talking to the NurseJoy. “Well, young man, you sure kicked the Wasps’ Nest this morning, didn’t you? How are you feeling?” 
Groaning a little bit, Leach answered, “Like someone decided to smash my head with a mallet over and over. Otherwise I think I’m fine.” 
The doctor and blue-haired pokégirl began walking closer to the Tamer. “Good,” Doctor Jennings said nodding his head. “Good. Well, this OfficerJenny is going to be asking you some questions. Please try to answer her to the best of your abilities, but if you are getting too stressed, I’ll stop the questioning. If you want, I can get a Psychic-type in here and the interview can be conducted through Dream Time. Do you wish to do that, Mister Leach?” 
Robert closed his eyes and took in a few deep breathes. “No, I think I’ll be fine just talking normally. Let’s begin and get this over with. I want to talk to Leslie as soon as I can.” 
An eerie silence fell over the room, as if no one wanted to say anything. “We’ll see what we can do, Mister Leach,” a stern feminine voice finally stated. The young Tamer assumed that the voice belonged to the OfficerJenny. “At approximately what time were you attacked this morning?” 
“I’m…” Bobby started nervously. “I’m not too sure. Maybe two in the morning.” 
“What had occurred before the incident?” 
“I was at the bar, I can’t remember which one. I left the bar and saw a guy that I recognized from another city… Hollyton, I think it was. I saw him and began talking to him. He was with a pokégirl, I think she had bunny-type ears, but I can’t be sure. Before I knew it, they had attacked me.” Bobby sighed. “Sorry, that’s all I can remember.” 
“Alright Mister Leach,” the OfficerJenny said. “What was the gentleman’s name?” 
“I… I don’t know it,” Bobby said a little embarrassed. “I had a couple of run-ins with him, but I never got his name.” 
“Not to worry, Mister Leach. I can ask Doctor Jennings to get a Psychic-type pokégirl to get the information through Dream Time. This would be his description, of course, and we will see what we can do from there.” 
“Okay,” the young Tamer weakly replied. “When will this happen?” 
“As soon as Doctor Jennings can spare a pokégirl that can do it.” Robert could not see it, but the OfficerJenny turned and faced the human doctor. “When do you think one will become available and that we can continue this questioning?” 
Pausing to look at the blue-haired woman, Doctor Jennings’s expression did not change. “It might be for some time. Maybe a couple of hours or so. Mister Leach can rest while we wait for her to be done with her duties. He can rest!” The last sentence the human raised his voice, in which Robert assumed he was talking the OfficerJenny. “Just sleep until we come back for you, Mister Leach.” 
“Alright,” Bobby said. “Can Leslie be let out of her ‘ball now?” 
No one said anything to the young Tamer as he lay there. Finally, a soft voice spoke up from the other side of the room. Robert could not be sure, but he thought that it was the NurseJoy who Doctor Jennings called Bubbles. “Not just yet, Dear. You’ll need to rest first before anything.” 
Leach did not know what that all meant, but he was feeling exhausted. He was not sure if it was from the treatment of his wounds or from something else, but the young Tamer did as he was told. After about two minutes, Robert was asleep. 
Well this isn’t making much sense, Bobby Leach thought as he found himself standing in a blank white room that seemed to go on forever. The young Tamer could not exactly remember how he had gotten to this place, but he did not seem to feel afraid. In fact, Leach was not feeling anything here. I wonder what this place is. 

It is a representation of your mind, a soft and soothing voice answered. Robert turned in the direction of the voice and saw a naked female standing in front of him. She was about five feet tall and had greenish and orange hair that fell down to her bosom. Her skin was quite fair, but Leach was not sure what breed of a pokégirl she was. It looks like it’s a little empty, huh? 

My mind? the human asked. What exactly of you mean, pokégirl? 

There’s no need to be rude, especially if you don’t know who or what I am. Before Leach could assess the situation, a foldout chair appeared in the girl’s hand.  Here, she tossed the chair at the human. Have a seat. Leach was able to catch the seat and unfolded it. As he began to seat down on the cushion, noticing that he was also naked, a loud noise came out of the seat. It sounded very similar to someone breaking wind. The pokégirl began bursting out laughing as soon as the noise was made. My my… what did you have to eat? 
Leach glared at her. Aren’t we supposed to be doing something constructive right now? I really don’t have time, nor would I want to play these silly games with you. So stop these shenanigans immediately. I swear if this city’s usual practice was to use OfficerJennies for Dream Time interrogations and not Psychic types…  The young Tamer barked the last sentence. 

Oh, come on. That was funny. The pokégirl coughed out while she was laughing. After she had calmed down, she continued. Anyway, as you figured it out, this is Dream Time. We could spend what seems like years in here and only a few minutes would actually pass by. So there’s really no need to hurry this… The pokégirl gleamed at the Tamer. So that means we can take our time on things. Won’t that be great?! 

Just swell… Leach sighed as he sat down again. He was expecting the chair to make the same immature noise it had made only a few moments ago, but it did not do so. I want to get back into reality rather quickly as possible, so may we begin? 

Sure as rain, the pokégirl said. You may call me Nurse Hannah, or Hannah, or Hannah Banana if you really want. Hannah began giggling some more, but stopped when Leach was continuing to scowl at her. Wow, okay fine Mister Grumpy Grouchy, that’s go back to early this morning, shall we? 
Before Bobby knew what was happening, the entire White Room he and Nurse Hannah were in changed into darkness. Actually, when the human’s eyes began to focus at his new surroundings, he started to remember where he was. The room had transformed into the street just outside of the tavern that he was at before he had engaged in that fight with that other Tamer. The time of day was even correct too. It was as if he was watching a movie, but the entire wall he was looking at was his life. How is this possible? Leach asked. 

Your mind records everything you interact with, Hannah answered. But, since everyone views what happened in a particular way and remembers it a different way than everyone else, the memory becomes more unique and gets altered when the owner of the memory gets older. In other words, they change what actually happened. In Dream Time, we can actually see the original memories without any distortions. 

What? I don’t get it. 

Well, think memories as two sets: original and modified. The original memory we are seeing now is what exactly happened through your eyes. How you remember it is the modified one, or the incorrect one. That one will always be constantly changing, but not this one. So, let’s just wait and see what happened, huh? Hannah waited for a few seconds before moving her chair next to the human. Wanna make out during the movie? 


Please? I’ll tickle you if you say ‘no’ again. 

You better not touch me, pokégirl. Bobby thought that he had gotten Hannah that time, since she was not talking to him. After a few seconds of silence, he turned and faced her, only to find her glaring at him. The human was starting to get a little nervous, but tried not to let it show. I mean it. Don’t… 
The Tamer could not finish his sentence. The pokégirl dived on Bobby and began tickling him all over his naked body. He tried to fight her off as much as possible, but he knew that it was a futile effort. In a few seconds, the young Tamer was giggling and laughing aloud as the pokégirl continued her soft assault on the human for another minute before stopping. That’s better now, isn’t it? There’s no need to be so serious and grumpy about everything. So let’s look at what happened now, shall we? 
The two sat back into their seats and looked at Leach’s “original memory” of what happened. 
“Are you sure that sending her in was the correct choice?” Nurse Bubbles asked. “Hannah isn’t exactly the greatest choice for a witness that was attacked. Her personality is way too… chipper.” 
“That may be,” Jennings replied. “But she knows what she is doing and is the only one that has the schedule that can do this.” The doctor turned and faced the OfficerJenny who was in the room. “This must be tough for you, huh? Being able to have this ability but needing someone else to do it.” 
The blue-haired pokégirl glared at the human. “Sadly, many people in this league do not like the idea of police officers being able to scan minds, even though it would help them. Using an independent party is used in a good amount of police cases in this city and my supervisor does not want to deviate from that.” Turning to look at the NurseJoy, the policewoman stated, “Though why a Trixie would be used is beyond me. I don’t really see why you would want one working in the ‘Center personally.” 
“Pokégirls should know their places,” Jennings muttered under his voice. Not a second later after he stated this, Hannah sat up from the chair she was on and faced the human doctor. Jennings turned to her, shocked that she seemed to be done with the questioning on cue. “So, you are done with the questioning then? Find out anything useful, or did you just make jokes the entire time?” To the doctor’s surprise, Hannah was not smiling. 
“I have the information that is needed for you, Officer. We can engage in Dream Time whenever you wish.” The Trixie was being very serious as she told the OfficerJenny this. 
“So what happened in there?” Bubbles asked. “Did something happen to make you act this way?” 
“Yes,” Hannah explained. “After getting the information needed, he… he asked to have his Alpha out. Since no one had told him that his harem was stolen, I informed him.” The Trixie looked at Doctor Jennings. “Maybe he should be allowed to sleep for another day or so, that way he can process and get over his grieving. He was close to his Alpha.” 
The human huffed. “Fine. Bubbles can give him something to help him sleep until tomorrow. I think that you’re making this a mountain out of an Annt hill. Besides, even if the kid likes his Kitten more than a Tamer really should, he’ll get over her. There’s no reason for him to get so sentimentally attached to pokégirls.” 
“Well,” the OfficerJenny said. “Nurse Hannah and I better find a vacant room to enter Dream Time in. It looks like Nurse Bubbles will need to prepare the right treatment for Mister Leach to rest. And I also do not wish to disturb you, Doctor Jennings. The other officer outside will stand guard for time being.” Without waiting for the human to react or respond, the blue-haired pokégirl made her way to the door with the Trixie following close behind. After Hannah shut the door behind her, the policewoman asked, “What is that asshole’s problem?” 
“He acts like that whenever he can,” the nurse tried to explain as the two walked down the hallway. “It’s one of the reasons why most of the staff tries to avoid him if at all possible. He doesn’t think that pokégirls make for good anything, even though Bubbles in there would be better suited to handling patients better than himself. I once tried to get him to laugh and got a Level Two for my trouble. You could say I don’t really like him.” The two pokégirls stopped outside of a closed door. “This room shouldn’t have anyone in it; we can use this one for the Dream Time.” 
The Psychic-type pokégirl opened the door of the Pokécenter room and led the OfficerJenny inside. Hannah thought she heard something, but she could not be sure.  After turning on the light to the room, the pokégirl looked around and jumped back a little. Two nurses, a Seduca named Cleo and a NurseJoy named Thelma, were standing near the room’s bed. The blankets were ruffled up and the two nurses were a little shocked and embarrassed to see the two new faces. Their hair was frazzled up a little and their uniforms were wrinkled up, not to mention that some of the buttons were undone a little. 
“I guess I was wrong,” Hannah said to the OfficerJenny as she glared at the two original occupants of the room. “It looks like this room was being used after all. Aren’t you two supposed to be on duty?” 
“Um, yes Ma ‘am,” the NurseJoy answered nervously and in a hushed tone. “We were just, uh, m-m-making the bed, Ma ‘am. That’s all.” 
“It takes an awful lot of effort to make these beds, doesn’t it? I’m sure you two have some pressing matters to attend to at your posts, I won’t keep you any longer.” Hannah continued to glare at the nurses until they scampered out of the room. Turning toward the blue-haired pokégirl, the Trixie explained. “We have a strict policy at this hospital about romances with co-workers. One of them is staying professional on the job, and those two seem to enjoy finding little love nests all over this building.” 
“Will you report them?” 
“For what?” the Trixie asked in a serious manner. “We didn’t catch them doing anything, really. Besides…” the Trixie was smiling now. “I can always use it against them, should I need to.” 
“Can we just get this over with?” the officer asked sternly. “I need to make a report as soon as possible.” 
The green and orange haired pokégirl stared at the OfficerJenny for a few seconds without saying anything. “Okay, if you insist. Let’s lie on the bed next to each other and get ready. It will be more comfortable than sitting up the entire time.” 
“If we do this right,” the blue-haired pokégirl retorted. “We can do this before Jennings can finish his speech to Nurse Bubbles.” 
Giggling as she picked out her spot on the right hand side of the bed, Hannah stated, “You really don’t know Doctor Jennings, Miss. We could have a steamy, long drawn-out taming session in here, do the Dream Time and still have plenty of time before he finishes his speech.” After that joke had cracked small smirk on the law bringer’s face, the Trixie made another jab. “Honestly, I think he likes to hear the sound of his own voice. I don’t know how his Eva didn’t become a Penance by now. His speeches are torture to listen to.”  
To the Trixie’s surprise, the OfficerJenny began laughing. After about a minute of relaxing together, Hannah sighed and asked, “Do you want to begin now?” After the police pokégirl nodded, the two closed their eyes and began to share their minds in Dream Time. 
“Can we take a rest soon?” Joe whined as he followed his harem around the city’s shopping Centre. The ladies had decided that they should visit every store within the city, or at least try to. Joe was hoping that the harem was not going to start spending all the money they made off their bounties. The group had all been to ten different shops so far and the human was beginning to get tired and bored. “My feet are starting to get a little sore.” 
“You can walk for miles out in the wild but you can’t walk around the shopping area of the city?” asked Jade playfully. “That’s some trick you have.” 
“It’s not a trick,” he protested. “I just don’t really like shopping is all.” 
“We just have one more stop to make,” Alia stated to the group. “And then we can go back to the room if you wish, Master.” 
“What’s the last stop? I kinda just wanna get back to the room, listen to some music and relax. Maybe even send one or two of you to get our meals and eat in.” The Tamer smirked at the harem after the last sentence. 
The Catgirl acted as though she did not hear her master after his question. “To the Pokémart to get you some supplies. I was thinking about getting you an item that you may like.” 
“Do I get a hint of what it is?” Joe asked as the human followed the Alpha of the harem down the street, with the three other pokégirls in tow. 
“No,” the white furred pokégirl answered. “We’ll be there too enough.” 
“Can I help buy some of the Pokéchow?” Mabella asked the human.  “I wanna help out with the shopping.” 
“Are you sure that you just want to make sure that your favorite flavors?” the NurseJoy asked sternly. When the blonde Firecat’s face became washed over with guilt, Jade continued. “You should know by now that we always get your favorite kinds, Mabella.” Smiling warmheartedly, she added, “We don’t want to hear you complaining the entire time that you don’t like the food that you have and want to go hunting instead.” 
The fire-type pouted a little bit, but she knew that she could not argue with her harem sister. “Well, maybe you might try to wean me onto something that you like instead.”
Before the conversation between the two could continue, Alia announced that the group had arrived to their destination. Once the harem was inside the business, Alia sent Jade and Mabella to collect the regular supplies that they would need. The Catgirl then directed the human and OfficerJenny to follow her to the equipment section of the business. As the Alpha continued to look for something in the Taming Gear aisle, Jennifer decided to speak up. “So… you’re shopping in the Taming Gear section of the store for your master, Alia? I never thought Joe was into the kinky stuff, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.” 
When Alia looked away from the stock shelves and back on the blue-haired pokégirl and human, she had a serious expression on her face. She did notice that Joe was starting to look a little worried about the area that his Alpha had gone down. “The item in particular that I am searching for is usually marked as a taming accessory. However, it can mean life or death should a Tamer knows how to use it wisely. And don’t worry, Dear, I won’t have us try anything that you are not comfortable with.” The last sentence was directed at Joe. 
Calming his nerves down a little, the Tamer asked, “So what are you looking for, Alia? Restraints or something like that?” 
“‘Something like that’,” Alia repeated her master as she continued to scan the shelf. “Ah, here it is.” The Catgirl grabbed a small can of what the human could only describe as an aerosol can. “Paraspray.” 
“Para… spray?” Joe asked. “You mean like paralyze spray?” 
“Exactly,” Jennifer stated. “Pokégirls are generally stronger than most humans, but if there is a pokégirl that is too strong for a human to tame because she’s feral, Paraspray works wonders to help the Tamer do his job. I’m surprised that none of us thought of that idea before.” The OfficerJenny smiled at the human, who was still trying to understand the concept of the item. 
“So… all I need to do to paralyze a pokégirl, or anything for that matter, is pull this stuff out, point and spray?” After Alia nodded, the human continued. “That’s a little large for my coat pocket. Are there smaller sizes?” 
“Of course,” the Alpha replied.  “This is a taming canister, so it is not meant to be discreet. Those ones are…” The Catgirl turned around and began looking around the area that the original canister was in. “…right over here.” 
Alia turned back and faced Joe and Jennifer holding a discreet canister of Paraspray. It looked very similar to a portable cleaning solution kit for eyeglasses back in the dimensional traveler’s world. Come to think of it, Joe thought. I’m glad that I don’t have any glasses. If I did, I might mix the solution up with this stuff and manage to freeze myself up, or even worse, get attacked by a feral and spray nothing but cleaning solution in her face. That’s all I need, to die while being embarrassed that I reached for the wrong pocket. Trying to shake away the “what if” thoughts from his head, the human inquired, “Well, how many do you think we should get Alia?” 
“Hmm, that’s a good question,” replied the Catgirl. “It all depends, I guess.” 
“On what?” 
“On if you still want to be a Tamer or not, Dear.” Smiling lightly at her master, Alia continued. “I would suggest three for now. You can put two in your coat pockets and have one in your pants pocket. I know that seems a little overkill, but at least you will have something in case you need it.” 
“Better than drawing my gun, huh?” After the Catgirl nodded, the human stated, “I guess I’ll take your word for it then. My life is resting on your decision here, Sweetie.” 
“Hopefully, it will not come down to that,” Jennifer started. “I’m supposed to protect you because it’s my job as an officer, and it is your harem’s job because you are their master. Accidents may happen along the way, but it’s our job to make sure that you can take care of yourself should you need to.” 
“Yeah,” Joe said. “I guess I just gotta hope that I’ll never need to use the stuff, and if I do, spray it in the right direction and not at myself.” The human hoped that his joke would lighten the mood a little bit, but the two pokégirls only smiled. “Well, I guess we should get checked out then, huh?” 
As the three made their way back down to the end of the aisle, Joe was hoping that the other two members of the harem were done with their tasks. Not the moment after the thought crossed his mind, the human saw his blonde Firecat walk by the aisle and look down at them. With a slightly confused look on her face, Mabella asked, “What are you guys doing down this aisle?” 
“Just getting some equipment,” Alia told her. “That’s all.” 
Joe knew that Alia meant to diffuse whatever thoughts were going through the high libido pokégirl, but her comment only added fuel to the fire. Mabella quickly ran over to Joe and exclaimed, “Oh! It must some fun equipment then, if it’s in this aisle! I wanna see!” The fire-type began bouncing up and down as she moved closer to the human. “Let me see, Master! Can you try it out on me first?! PLEASE!” 
“Mabella,” Joe explained slowly. “You don’t even know what it is. I don’t think you’re gonna like it…” 
“This is a Taming Equipment aisle and I like taming. That’s all I need to know. So you’re getting the stuff you like for tamings, huh? I can’t wait until we can try them all out tonight.” 
“Mabella!” Alia scowled. “Quit acting like a Nymph and help Jade out. We are not buying toys for taming.” 
The Firecat’s ears dropped a little from her Alpha’s disciplinary action. “Yes Ma ‘am,” the fire-type mumbled as she began walking back to the checkout counter with her head held down a little. 
“Honestly,” Alia began speaking in a hushed tone. “That blonde acts more and more sex depraved every day. Sometimes I think that she’s gonna go feral if she doesn’t get sex at every meal.” The Catgirl sighed lightly. “Maybe we should buy some Lust Dust or something, that way we can all get in the mood that she’s in every time the subject gets groped.” 
As the harem was paying for the last of their items, a familiar and unwelcomed face came through the door. “Good to see you, Mister Trades,” Agent Lovelace greeted the Tamer. “How are you doing today?” 
“Agent Lovelace,” Joe replied. “What are you doing out and about?” The Tamer tried to sound kind to the CLIB agent, but his snide tone was giving him away. 
Charles acted as though it did not bother him. “I was meaning to ask you a couple of questions, if you don’t mind.” 
“Off the record?” Jennifer cut into the conversation. “As far as I’m aware, Mister Trades has shown considerable courtesy toward the investigation of his sibling. I really don’t see the point in getting more information out of him.” 
“Ah, that is true,” Lovelace began. “But this time, I’m a little curious about something else. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions, Mister Trades?” 
By this time, the items had been fully purchased and been put away within the poképacks. As Joe saw that his harem was ready to leave the store, he responded, “Sure, I might be able to answer a few. We can talk on the way back to the ‘Center.” As everyone walked out of the shop and made their way back to the Pokécenter, Joe asked, “Now what is it exactly I can do for you?” 
“Do you know who this young man is, Mister Trades?” The CLIB agent held up a photograph of someone that Joe thought looked familiar, but he was not too sure. 
“Can I hold it?” the Tamer asked the law enforcement agent. Once the photo was in his hand, Joe tried to think hard about where he knew the human from. I know I’ve seen him, but where? 
“That guy?” Jennifer asked as she glimpsed at the picture. “Yes, we know him. Is he trying to cause problems for Mister Trades? He’s a worm of a Tamer and he started problems with Mister Trades first.” 
After Jennifer had made those statements, Joe knew who he was. “OH! This is that wimpy piece of shit that keeps trying to harass me. What’s his problem this time, Lovelace? He trying to blame the squall we had a while back on me? Because if he is, he started both of the fights, not me.” 
“Where were you this morning at the hours of Midnight and Five o’ clock this morning, Mister Trades?” 
“I was out in the woods hunting some ferals at about that time, but that might have been earlier. After we got some of the problem bounties we were hunting, I turned them in and we all went to bed. And before you ask, yes, Jennif… I mean, Officer Mercury was with me the whole time. Why? What the fuck is this guy claiming?” 
“Well, he’s claiming that you shot, robbed, cut him and then left him for dead in Cutiepie Creek.” Before anyone else could say anything, Charles continued, “If Officer Mercury was with you the whole time; I can only need her word for it, being an OfficerJenny and all. Actually, based on the evidence, it looks like your brother was the culprit, so we got a lead on the case. I just wanted verify that it wasn’t you, so no big deal.” 
Joe was a little shocked to hear about the attack on the fellow Tamer, but he certainly did not feel bad. “Well, it’s a shame about what happened to him, Agent Lovelace, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I don’t feel the slightest bit hurt about this news. He was an asshole to my ‘girls, a bigger prick to me and I guess both to my brother. He and I got into a Gentlemen’s Battle last time we saw each other, but I guess he wasn’t expecting to meet up with that psychopath.” 
“Yeah, well, I need to get over to Cutiepie Creek and interrogate him. I know this isn’t a ‘book policy’ and Nadie will probably get on my case about it, but…” Lovelace took a breath and stated, “Since you may be able to help out a little bit on this case, not to mention that you, Jennifer and this Tamer do share something similar, I was wondering if you and Jennifer would come along with Nadie and me.” 
Joe was a little shocked to hear this proposition. After a few seconds of thinking, he responded. “You want me to help you out with this investigation, Agent Lovelace? I’m not sure if I can, but I’ll try. I’m really nothing more special than just a Tamer.” 
“I’m bringing you and Jennifer along because I said you three share something similar.” 
“Oh? And what’s that?” 
“You three are the only known victims to have survived. Maybe it means something, maybe it’s just luck, but I don’t believe in coincidence. So I want you two to come along. That okay with you, Mister Trades?” 
Joe looked Charles in the eye and said, “Sure, its fine with me. Just let me drop the rest of the harem and supplies off and Officer Mercury and I will be good to go.” As the group made their way to the Pokécenter, Joe began thinking about the plans that he and Alia had made out while they were in bed and what had happened since. Maybe tomorrow we can have an actual rest day, he sighed in his head. ‘The best-laid plans’, I guess. 




Pokédex Entry
TRIXIE, the Humorous Jester Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Psychic/Dark
Frequency: Common
Diet: Human Style
Role: Entertainers, Practical jokers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic, Poison
Weak Vs: Fighting, Bug
Attacks: Quick Attack, Foresight, Flash, Blur, Cry
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Flexibility, Enhanced Dexterity (x2), Enhanced Intelligence
Evolves: Harlequin (normal)
Evolves From: None

                The Trixie are a very odd breed of Pokégirl. Instead of being designed for battle or to supply food for troops, the entire purpose of the girl is to make others laugh. Standing at a roughly five feet tall, Trixies tend to wear bright flashy clothing meant to bring the attention of the room on them and is usually loose enough to hide various objects, usually being a prop of some kind. This doesn’t at all prevent them, though, from showing of their respectable B-cups or round asses.

                Once they’ve got someone’s attention, it soon becomes that Trixies mission to make them laugh. Either by a joke, some slap-stick humor, or anything else they can think up, the Trixie will do her best to at least get a smile out of her audience. Few things more than the laughter of another make a Trixie happy and having a tamer with a great sense of humor will end up having a very loving Trixie on his hands. A rather interesting note, however, is that Trixies draw the line at harmful jokes. Yes, anything that will result in a laugh or is fun for all is fair play, but when another person can be injured, it’s no longer fun and games and any Trixie refuses to go along with it.

                One of the most noted abilities of the Trixie is her natural athleticism. It’s quite surprising to see how quick and flexible the human looking Pokégirl is, bending and moving about in ways that are mostly thought possible by the Monkey girls alone. They’re also quite intelligent, which helps them to think up of jokes on the fly and answers to punch lines. It would also expand their capabilities out of being simple entertainers if they could focus on being serious a bit more often. An odd quirk about the breed is their love for All Fools’ Day, in which every Trixie will try her best to make everyone around her laugh themselves silly, often joining in with them at the height of it all. It’s also been noted that the girl’s libido skyrockets the day after All Fools’ Day, leaving a very tired and pleased tamer afterwards.

                Trixies tend to stick with their 'No harmful Jokes' stance in battle, often using jokes that produce either laughter or distractions to their foe. Only when the Trixie feels like she has no other choice is when she'll break this restriction on herself, letting her jokes become much more threatening to her opponents. Otherwise, the girl relies on her natural athleticism to see her way through a match, dodging and taunting her enemy until their anger becomes their downfall.

                This train of thought in battle continues onward into taming. Everything is fun and games, but when it comes to getting some loving from their Masters, Trixes are passionate and serious; making many a tamer wonder where they’re joking girl had gone too. Trixies also happen to be quite experimental in the bedroom, trying any rather fantastic position that pushes them to the limits of the flexibility.

                As feral, Trixes are a bit of a sad sight. Gone is their enhanced intelligence that makes them such entertaining girls, replaced with giggling airheads that laugh at the slightest thing. In fact, the best way to catch a Trixie is to continue telling jokes, for no matter how bad the jokes may be, a feral Trixie will find it completely hilarious and will often only stop laughing when she’s either been captured, passed out, or the jokes have stopped.

                Threshold Trixies are perhaps the most interesting, since at first, most girls don’t understand that they’ve become Pokégirls. They believe that they’re just naturally gifted with sharp tongues and sharper wits with their new flexibility being just as natural to them. It’s only after being told by a Pokédex, captured, or when the first signs of feraldom begin affecting them do the Thresholds understand what they’ve become. But at that point, most of them laugh at it, finding the change to be a very good joke.