Threshold of Pain: A point of losing beyond which it no longer hurts to lose any more. 


Jack Box checked himself into Peekabu Village’s only motel and released the Mini-Top when he got into the cheap room. The disguise the human was wearing fooled the pokégirl attendant, a Bunnygirl by the way she looked and acted. When Babs was released from her pokéball, she stretched and smiled at her owner. “Mmm, I don’t mind that voice talking to me now,” Babs cooed to Jack. The bunny-type walked up to the human and pushed him lightly onto the bed. “When it was telling me to obey Julius, I cursed that damn thing, almost as much as I cursed Julius. But now…” The Mini-Top climbed on Jack’s lap, grinding their loins together. “Now the voice sounds like you…and I can’t wait to come out of my ‘ball to serve you.” 
As the two dry humped each other on the rickety bed, they began talking about what their plan was going to be. “Do you want to start it tonight, or wait till tomorrow?” Jack asked. 
“I kinda wanna do it tonight,” Babs purred. “I want to have you to myself for a little bit too. Our attention will be on our little ‘addition’, and that will be a chore for both of us.” Nibbling on the human’s ear, the Mini-Top whispered into it, “We will need to get plenty of P-Meds while we are in there too. I don’t want the ‘new ‘girl’ to die on us right when we are starting to have ‘fun’ with her.” Babs continued to grind her master until he ordered her to remove their clothing. 
“We’ll take care of ourselves first,” Jack Box said as the pokégirl finished removing his pants. “After our exercise and a nap, we can go and get a new ‘toy’ for the both of us.” 
Maple was bored sitting at the reception desk of the Pokécenter. It was two in the morning and she was on the “graveyard shift” of the Pokécenter. The NurseJoy hated being on this shift; nothing ever happened and she could talk to no one. The pink-haired pokégirl sat in her chair, reading whatever story she would come across on her computer terminal that sat on the desk the NurseJoy occupied. Currently, she was reading Dark Continent Expeditions. It was about a group of researchers who left the Jade Islands League and traveled across the Sahara Sea that separated the two worlds. Reading about all their adventures would cause the twenty-six year old NurseJoy to daydream about leaving the League service and exploring the unknown with a tamer and a harem, just like Bill Clark, his Dominatrix Lois, and his winged Armsmistress Odette. The pink-haired pokégirl sighed as she leaned back into her chair, thinking about all the adventures that she could be having if Bill Clark could be her only tamer. I’ve had many guys, I don’t know what it’d be like with only one guy, Maple thought. The NurseJoy had been brought up in the care of a ranch and was sold to the league when she was sixteen. She had never known having just one tamer. I wonder what it would be like. 
The NurseJoy was caught a little off guard when a tamer, who was slightly older than she was used to seeing, and a bunny-type that followed him walked into the lobby. A little bewildered from being pulled out of her daydream, Maple shook her head a little and greeted the two newcomers. “Good uh…morning! My name is Maple. May I set you two up with a room?” 
“No,” the human with black hair answered. “I am not a tamer.” The two continued to make their way to the reception desk that Maple sat at. 
“Oh,” the pink-haired pokégirl blurted out. “Uh, is she here for a healing or cleaning cycle then?” Maple pointed at the brown bunny-type pokégirl. 
“No,” the bunny-type replied. “I’m not.” 
“Oh,” Maple said nervously as the two continued to move closer to her. The couple was five feet away from the NurseJoy, staring at her intently. “Well…uh…wha…what did you come in here for?” Maple was trying to sound firm and aggressive, but the cracking and stammers in the voice revealed her true feelings. 
The bunny-type moved around the reception desk and the human stopped in front of it. He continued to stare at the NurseJoy as his pokégirl moved next to her. Maple started to rise up from her chair switching back between the two. The bunny-type, who Maple was fairly certain was a Mini-Top, smiled viciously at the NurseJoy. “We came here for you, big tits.” 
Before Maple could react, the brown furred bunny-type roundhouse kicked the pink-haired pokégirl. Maple fell, landing hard on the Pokécenter’s floor. The league service worker tried to get up, but she had been completely unprepared for the attack, which caused her to move slowly. As the NurseJoy was on her hands and knees, she felt something grab her hair and jerk her head up. The trembling pokégirl felt something cold and sharp pierce through her skin and cut into her soft, tender neck. The bunny-type hissed into Maple’s ear, “If you try using any of your attacks, I’ll cut that voice right out of your Godsdamn throat. You understand?!” The bunny-type screamed the last part. 
With tears starting to roll down her soft, pink cheeks, Maple closed her eyes and whimpered, “Ye-ye-yes…” 
“What was THAT?!” the brown furred pokégirl growled. 
“Good,” the floppy eared pokégirl snarled. She moved her blade from the NurseJoy’s throat. Still holding Maple by the top of her head, the bunny-type pokégirl pulled the service worker to her feet. The NurseJoy was then turned to face her attacker, who then slapped her hard in the face. The blow to Maple stung so much; it felt as though her face was on fire. The NurseJoy tightened her jaw, holding back the scream her body so desperately wanted to release. With her eyes still closed, the pink-haired pokégirl heard the human order, “Babs, stop smackin’ around the nurse and let’s get to work.” 
The bunny-type, Babs, obeyed her tamer.  Tightening her grip on Maple, the bunny-type ordered the NurseJoy to open her eyes. Trembling, Maple hesitated at first, but when Babs growled, she did as she was told. The terrified NurseJoy could feel her teeth chattering as she found herself staring into a pair of bright, blue eyes. “Good,” the owner of the eyes stated. “Now, show us where your ‘ball is and where some medical supplies are, specifically P-Meds.” Babs spun the whimpering pokégirl toward the direction of the Pokécenter’s hospital wing and pushed her slightly forward. The NurseJoy almost fell onto the floor, but she was able to keep her balance. Maple then felt something jam into her back, under her shoulder blades. “If you make one move that I don’t like, you dirty, little Whorizard, you’ll find out if you can survive an elemental pistol shot to the heart. Wanna find out?” The last sentence came out with a hiss. 
The pokégirl froze, has her muscles stopped responding to her brain. Oh dear Gods, Maple thought. They’re going to kill me…I know it…these two are going to kill me! Please **Bastit, save me.** Please…please…please… The NurseJoy felt a warm stream of liquid running down her leg, thinking that the pokégirl named Babs had shot her. I’m dead…I got shot and I’m dead… 
There was silence for a few seconds, until Babs blurted out, “HA! Check this out, Jack…our new ‘toy’ just pissed herself.” 
“Well,” the man named Jack answered. “Maybe she needs a few more slaps before she can get a hold of herself. What do you think?” 
Before Maple heard the bunny-type respond, the NurseJoy felt another slap across her face. “Are you finished soiling yourself, Byte Bitch?” 
The NurseJoy’s face was starting to burn up again, due to the embarrassment and pain. Covering her face with her hands, Maple started sobbing softly to herself. “Wh-why are you doing this?” 
The bunny-type grabbed the NurseJoy by the back of her hair and jerked her head so that her face was facing Babs’s. “What did you just SAY!?” 
Still shaking, the pink-haired pokégirl covered her upper body with her arms as best as she could. “Ye-yes,” Maple stammered. “I’m…I’m done.” The NurseJoy’s chin continued to quiver as she stared into the bunny-type’s face. 
“Good,” Babs sneered. “Now, start movin’. I want those supplies and your ‘ball in my possession within five minutes. If I don’t, having a ruined pair of panties will be the last thing on your small, sex crazed mind.” As the three made their way down the hallway, Maple continued to sob lightly to herself. 
**Bastit is a Legendary, who is sometimes worshipped by pokégirls. She is seen as a “motherly” figure and Maple is hoping that Bastit will be able to save her using a nonviolent method.** 
(The morning of August 5, 300 AS)
“So,” Joe asked Jennifer Mercury as they made their way to a meeting room inside the Pokécenter. The Pokécenter usually did not have these meeting rooms available to regular tamers, but since Charles Lovelace was not an ordinary tamer, the senior staff nurse could not refuse him. The OfficerJenny and her guardian left the two cat-types and NurseJoy to train in the facility’s training area. That left Joe and Jennifer to talk to the CLIB agent and his pokégirls. It seemed to work out okay, since Agent Lovelace changed the time of their meeting to a few hours earlier than what the two humans had initially agreed upon. Joe was not too happy about the change, but he did not object to the CLIB agent. “How bad is this going to be?” 
“It depends,” Jennifer answered. “Try to answer any questions that I don’t object to and with as little details as possible. We don’t need them to think that you are lying.” 
“You think I’ll lie to them?” Joe asked, adding a wink to the blue-haired pokégirl. 
Jennifer frowned at the human. “I know you can’t tell them the truth. Do you have anything that you can tell them that will explain your…other self?” 
“I think so,” Joe said. “I asked someone I can trust to make a fake name and put it into the Pokécenter’s computer data in Capital. Maybe they will look and see that Den-Mar had a brother.” 
“Clever,” Jennifer huffed. “Hopefully they won’t ask anyone in Capital, huh?” After she finished asking her question, the two had arrived at the door of the meeting room. The pokégirl looked at her current guardian. “Are you ready?” 
“I guess,” replied Joe as he tried to shake some of the nervousness out of his hands. “Here’s hoping I don’t fuck up, huh?” The two gave each other one last look of apprehensiveness and opened the door of the room. 
The Pokécenter’s meeting room consisted of a long, wooden table surrounded by eight chairs. Aside from the green-haired human and the red skinned woman with a pair of antennae sticking out of her head, both of the figures sitting down facing the doors, the room looked as though it would have been any other business room in the Pre-Sukebe World. The two CLIB agents had a few papers in front of them, as if they were looking over some information before the questioning would begin. The uniformed figures turned toward the Pureblood and the OfficerJenny without saying a word. “Mister Holten,” Joe heard a soft, feminine voice in his head. Joe recognized that it was Agent Nadie’s. “Officer Mercury. Won’t you two please have a seat?” 
Officer Mercury walked toward the table, but Joe stayed where he was. “Is this interrogation going to be done using telepathy?” 
The heavy chest pokégirl looked at the human questionably. “Is that a problem for you?” 
“Yeah,” the human said. “Call me ‘old fashioned’, but I don’t want someone in my head. If we can’t agree to that, this is as far as we go.” 
Everyone sat in silence, not saying a word or moving from where they were. Finally, Agent Lovelace spoke up. “Alright, Mister Holten. No telepathy. We’ll do this through regular talking.” The green-haired man looked a little annoyed. “Anything else you’d like?” 
“Not at the moment,” Joe replied cockily as he made his way to the chair next to Jennifer. “But if I think of anything, you’ll be the first to know.” 
After a small leer from the uniformed male, the questioning started. “What is your full name, for the record?” 
“Den-Mar Holten.” 
“When did you first arrive to this League?” 
“A little while after I received my taming license.” 
“When exactly did you alter your DNA?” 
Joe froze when this question was asked. He tried not to show it, but the human felt as though he was about to throw up. SHIT! How the FUCK does he know about that?! “W…wha…what do you mean?” 
“Don’t play coy, Mister Holten,” the Alaka-Wham said in her physical voice. Joe was not sure if he had heard the pokégirl’s voice before today. It was not as soothing nor was it as sensual as her telepathic voice, but the Pureblood did not notice it until after the interrogation was over.  “The DNA records that were taken from when you first came into this League are different from the ones that were taken from you in Waveland. In fact, the tests state that you and the suspect both are Purebloods. What is your explanation for all this?” 
“Is it a crime to change one’s DNA?” asked Officer Mercury. The stern OfficerJenny glared at the psychic pokégirl. “Or was that made into a law without my knowledge?” 
Nadie turned her attention toward the blue-haired pokégirl. “Agent Lovelace and I are trying to determine how this came to be. Also, since this did occur, how an almost perfect copy of Mister Holten was made.” 
“This was done in Waveland?” Joe asked nervously. 
“Yes,” Lovelace answered. 
“Well…that explains everything,” the Pureblooded human smiled. 
The two CLIB agents looked at each other, and then back at Joe Trades. “What do you mean,” Nadie inquired. “‘That explains everything’? I don’t understand.” 
“Those Waveland assholes have been out to get me ever since I stepped into their city. They probably faked the test on me so that I could get tamed over again. The only way I’d trust those tests is if an OfficerJenny handled everything, and even then I’d have my doubts.” Joe ended his rant by leaning back in his chair and folding his arms in front of his chest. “What’s to say that their equipment just didn’t ‘fail’ when they were taking my test?” 
“Captain Morrison assured…” was all the uniformed human was able to say. 
“CAPTAIN MORRISON!?” Joe screamed. The dimensional traveler slammed his hands on the table and jumped up from his chair. Everyone else in the room shook a little from the human’s sudden reaction to hearing the Denmother’s name. “You have got to be shittin’ me! That fuckin’ bitch probably rigged the fuckin’ test! Now I know for sure the tests are wrong!” Joe’s face was starting to get red from the shouting, not to mention this throat was starting to get dry. 
“Mister Holten,” the Alaka-Wham spoke slowly. “Please calm down.” 
Joe stared at the pokégirl for a few seconds before he took his seat again. Taking in a few deep breaths and trying to cool down, he apologized. “I’m sorry. Captain Morrison has given me nothing but static since I first stepped into that town. And as for any DNA tests, I’m sure that there was some error. My mother is a Beach Bunny.  With that fact, how could I be a Pureblood?” 
“That still does not explain…” Nadie began. 
“‘Does not explain’ what?” Joe asked. “You can access data about my birth from Capital League, can’t you?  Get the records from there; I’m sure they will equal the sample that you took of me when I first arrived. And as for my so called ‘Copy’, he isn’t my copy.” 
“Then,” Charles Lovelace started. “Who is he?” 
“I’m not exactly sure ‘who’ he is,” Joe started. “I know that he was my twin brother, but we were not raised together. There was something wrong with him and he needed to be committed into the Pokécenter. I did not know that he escaped or that he followed me here to Crescent, I only knew that was sick in the head and that he needed to stay confined forever.” The human finished by looking down, staring at his hands. 

“So you are stating, for the record, that you do not know your own brother’s name?” Agent Nadie asked. 
“Yes, I am. I know that sounds callous, but I never knew him. I was never allowed to see him and my parents acted as if he never existed. I guess they were ashamed of him…” 
Silence covered the room for about a minute. The two CLIB agents looked both at the human and the OfficerJenny. Agent Lovelace was the first person to speak up. “Well…that answers some of my main questions. Except for if you will be willing to give another DNA sample.” 
Joe was about to say something, but a firm, feminine voice next to him answered. “Not unless you have a warrant. I suggest that if you wish for Mister Holten to give you one that you go through the means of the law to do so. But first, you should check upon the information that Capital can give you. We can always talk later.” 
“True,” the red skinned pokégirl stated. “We will try to work with the Capital League in procuring this information. Will you be staying in Hollyton for a couple of days?” 
“I’m not sure,” Joe started. “I’ll need to talk with my ‘girls and see if we can get anymore bounties that we can handle. If we can, we will stay. If not…” The human smiled. “I guess you’ll need to track us using my ‘Dex then, won’t you.” When the two CLIB agents stared at him, not amused, Joe finished with, “I suppose this questioning is set for ‘to be continued’ then?” 
There was another long pause; it started to make Joe a little uncomfortable. Lovelace was the first one to speak up. “Yes, Sir. ‘To be continued’,” ending the quote with a small smirk. Everyone shook hands and the Pureblood and OfficerJenny walked out of the room. After they shut the door, Charles turned to his pokégirl partner and asked, “So, when do you think we can get that information?” 

“By the end of the day, hopefully. When we get back to our room, I’ll contact Headquarters for them to relay a message to Capital. What would you like to do while you wait for the information to come in?” 
Charles smiled. “Would you like to play with Maria until the late afternoon?” To the human’s surprised, the Alaka-Wham smiled back. 
“Did that go okay?” Joe asked Jennifer as the couple made their way to the training room where the human’s harem was. 
“We stalled for time,” the pokégirl answered. “It did not go smoothly, but at least they won’t bother you for some time. Hopefully, the case will be closed before your identity can be found.” Officer Mercury almost growled when she said her last sentence. 
“What’s that attitude for?” 
Jennifer stopped and faced Joe, who followed the pokégirl’s lead. “You didn’t need to make those remarks about Captain Morrison. She is an honest, dedicated police officer…and you made it sound like she was some…some…corrupt official.” 
“I’m sure Morrison will not be demoted or fired just because I said that she was harassing me,” Joe tried to reassure the pokégirl. “I’m sure that I’m not the first, and I won’t be the last.” 
The human could tell he did not do a good job, because the OfficerJenny scowled. “That’s not what I was getting at, MISTER Holten, and you know it.” The OfficerJenny hissed Joe Trades’s alias. “You are smearing a respected officer so you can save yourself. Have you forgotten that she was the one that let you out of your cell?” 
Joe stared into the blue-haired officer, whose face was starting to turn a light shade of red due to frustration and anger. “No, Jennifer, I haven’t. But if you remember that situation, you were the one that was one hundred percent sure that I was guilty of everything.” 
“What’s your point?” 
“My point is: You and I can’t be sure of anything. Yes, we both know that those tests are right but those CLIB agents don’t. And that’s the point of all this. We keep these guys guessing until that bastard gets caught. When he does, I’ll take my ‘girls, leave, and you can go back to Waveland…or where ever the League decides to stick you.” Joe started walking again and Officer Mercury began following him a few seconds later. She was not saying anything and was keeping her head down slightly. The human thought he heard a sniffling noise and asked, “Jennifer, are you okay?” 
Jennifer nodded, folding her arms and keeping her face toward the floor. 
Joe did not buy it. Turning toward her, the Pureblood grabbed her arms lightly, holding the blue-haired pokégirl in place. Rubbing Jennifer’s arms slowly, the human moved his right hand off of the pokégirl’s arm and under her chin. Lifting the OfficerJenny’s head, the human saw that she had begun to cry. “Jenny,” he asked with sincere concern. “What’s wrong? Did I say something?”  
“No,” Jennifer squeaked out. “Nothing’s wrong.” 
“Really? Then why are you crying?” 
Jennifer paused for a few moments. “Could…could we go back to the room instead?” 
Joe thought for a couple of seconds. “Sure, we can do that.” 
It took only a couple minutes for the human and pokégirl to reach their room. After entering, the two sat on the foot of the bed facing each other. Jennifer waited a few seconds before she looked up into her guardian’s face before she made her confession. “There…there is something wrong; why I’m acting the way I am.” 
“What?” Joe asked sincerely as he could. The human sometimes had a problem with sarcasm, so when he tried to be comforting, the message would get misinterpreted. “What has you feeling bad? What did I say?” 
“It…” the pokégirl began, but she looked down at her legs. “It was the remark about you leaving. When this case is over, you will leave Crescent, and I will be sent where ever the League decides to send me. I won’t be able to keep my house that I shared with Jerry. I’ll probably need to live in the Pokécenter or a shelter for service ‘girls.” Jennifer was already crying. “I’ve…only had Jerry be my tamer…my husband. Now…now…” The OfficerJenny looked back up at the human. Her puffy, red eyes locked onto Joe’s dark green irises. “Now all I have is you. You’re going to leave with your harem and I’ll be alone again. I…I don’t WANT TO LOSE YOU TOO!” 
Before Joe could react, the pokégirl grabbed the human and held him down on the bed. Hugged and squeezed, the Pureblood was not sure if he would be able to breathe for much longer. Jennifer buried her face into Joe’s chest, continuing to sob. The human was able to work his arms out of the pokégirl’s grasp and the two held each other. After the pokégirl was done crying, Joe asked her if she felt better. Nodding, Jennifer smiled up at her guardian. To the human’s surprise, he felt a set of soft, wet lips upon his. 
After Joe started kissing the OfficerJenny back for a few seconds, their lips broke contact. Looking into her soft, green eyes, which were starting to turn back to their original color, the human smiled warmly at her. “You look so pretty,” Joe said truthfully. 
The pokégirl continued to smile up at him, not changing the expression on her face. She gently whispered to her guardian, “Now.” 
“Yes, you look pretty right now.” 
The OfficerJenny started chuckling lightly and looked down at the human’s chest, breaking their eye contact. Before Joe could ask what the blue-haired beauty was laughing about, she confessed. “No, not that.” She moved herself up onto her guardian’s lap, grinding her loins against his. The pokégirl moved her hands to the sides and back of the human’s head, running her fingers through his hair as she did so. She was trying to move Joe’s head so that her breasts were directly in his face. Smiling seductively down at him, Jennifer Mercury cooed, “Now.” A few minutes later, the two were no longer worrying about anything else except each other. 
(Late Morning of August 6, 300 AS)
Agent Charles Lovelace awoke to his S.C.D. beeping that it had received a message. Groaning, the green-haired human reached for the device and it the “ignore” button. Trying to get back to sleep, he was interrupted by his bedmate. “That could be important, Dear,” the voice stated. 
“Maybe,” Charles mumbled. He felt something big and soft resting on his upper chest combined with a ruffling noise coming from the nightstand. After a few seconds, the noise stopped but the human’s chest was still under the pokégirl. “Not that I don’t mind your breasts, but could you move so I could breathe?” 

“Hmm,” Nadie projected. She did not seem to be listening to the human, but the pokégirl was. The Alaka-Wham was more concerned with the message that was meant for her partner and owner. “It appears that there might be another incident in the case that we are working on.” 
“Oh?” the human mumbled as he tried to move out from under the pokégirl’s chest, to no avail. Teasingly, the Alaka-Wham continued to lie on top of her tamer as he struggled. When Charles could not get out from under her, the human tried to shout, “Off of me, Nadie!” 

“What’s that?” she asked, smiling lightly as she read the S.C.D. “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. Could you speak up?” 

“Fine,” the pokégirl lifted herself from the green-haired human lay back at his side. She continued to read the message that her owner and partner had received, not letting the CLIB agent see what was written. 
“You gonna let me see or…?”

“Oh, you are interested now? I thought you wanted to sleep more.” The Alaka-Wham acted as if she was still reading, but she had finished before she had gotten off the human. When she saw Charles frowning at her, Nadie handed the S.C.D. over. The message read,
“Agent Lovelace,
“Late last night, there was an incident in Peekabu Village’s Pokécenter. There were two assailants that match the descriptions of both Babs and the unknown human. A video clip of the entire incident has been sent in this message as an attachment. You will see that other medical supplies were stolen as well. The NurseJoy, Maple, was also pokénapped. 
“Oddly, there were two child toys left behind at the ‘Center. Both of them were “Jack-in-the-Boxes” and were left in two separate locations. The first was found on the chair of the reception desk. The second was left next to the medical supplies desk. These appear to have been taken from a local store, as well as twenty others, who reported the incident to the local authorities this morning. 
“After you review the video, you are to travel to Peekabu Village IMMEDIANTLY. You are to report to the local authorities, talk to the ‘Center’s Administration, and to try to gather any information that has been collected since this message was sent. The suspect could still be in the area. 
After he read the message, Charles put the S.C.D. back down on the nightstand and sighed. “So, when can we be able to move out?” 

“As soon as you can get dressed and shower,” the red skinned pokégirl answered as she stood up. The Alaka-Wham’s bosom was quickly picked up by her telekinesis; the pokégirl was so used to this action, it was almost subconscious. Smiling at her owner, Nadie asked, “Will you ask me to join you?” 
“Only if we can be quick,” the human replied. “We’re gonna be skipping breakfast too. We can eat lunch when we can.” Charles walked to the bathroom, but stopped in the doorway. “So are ya comin’ babe?” 
“So when’s this guy going to get here?” a Growltit in a police uniform asked another uniformed pokégirl. Ashley was assigned with her OfficerJenny partner, Randi, to wait in Peekabu Village’s Pokécenter lobby for the CLIB agents to arrive. The couple had been waiting for about half an hour now and was now starting to get restless. The two police pokégirls were both supposed to take the CLIB agents to the scenes of the crimes and answer any of their questions. Ashley did not like the idea of having to play pokésitter for the CLIB, but she did not want the Denmother Captain to get grumpy either. The Growltit looked over at Randi and saw she was reading something on her S.C.D. Ashley stopped pacing and stared at her partner. 
“Any minute now,” Randi answered, not looking up from the device. The OfficerJenny was leaning against a wall with a small frown on her face. The Growltit noticed that her partner did not seem too happy about the situation either. “If they don’t show up in ten minutes, I’ll call the Cap’.” 
Ashley continued to stare at the OfficerJenny, trying figure out a way to pass the time and lighten the mood. “What cha readin’, Ran’?” The dog-type pokégirl walked next to her blue-haired partner to try to catch a glance, wondering if the officer was looking at any “educational videos”. The OfficerJenny did not move from her stance. 
“The video footage taken from the Pokécenter’s surveillance system,” she replied. “I’m trying to paste together everything again, but some things just aren’t making sense. Why would the guy break into a store, steal a bunch of toys that are the same thing, and then come to the Pokécenter and pokénap a ‘Joy and heist a bunch of medical supplies? And to top it off, he leaves two of the toys that he just stole here.” Randi looked up from the S.C.D. and straight into the Growltit’s eyes. “It just…seems…so cliché with a serial criminal. Don’t you think?” 
“Oh, if you only knew…” a masculine voice answered from behind the two police officers. When the Peekabu Village police pokégirls turned around to see who was eavesdropping on their conversation, they saw two uniformed figures, a male and a busty female, walking down the hall towards them. The male had short, green hair and fairly white skin. He had no facial hair, but wore a smirk as he made his way to the dog-type pokégirl and her partner. The male’s partner was about the same height as him, had short red hair, a pair of antennae, and a very large bust that seemed to want to rip out from the CLIB uniform that was covering it. The human was wearing the same type of uniform, but it was far from being as tight as the pokégirl that accompanied him. 
The CLIB agents stopped a few feet in front of the policewomen. “Sorry for not arriving sooner,” a sexy, feminine voice stated inside the minds of the Growltit and OfficerJennyWe were reviewing the case details that were sent to us before we arrived. Would you be able to show us the areas of the crimes?” 
The two police officers were standing silent for a few seconds, not sure if they should use their minds or their mouths. Ashley figured that the human must have been used to this confusion from others because he said, “It’s better if you just pretend that she’s using her mouth. Nadie likes showing off her mind powers every chance she gets.” 
“Oh,” Ashley blurted out. “Alright. Sure, we can take you to where the NurseJoy was pokénapped, Mister…?” 
“OH!” the green-haired male cried out as if he had just been electrocuted. “Where are my manners? My name is Agent Charles Lovelace and this busty beauty is Nadie. So, why don’t you two walk us through the ‘Center? Let’s see what this guy has left for us.” 
The four made their way to the reception desk and looked at the jack-in-the-box. It had been neatly placed on top of the chair and had not been moved the entire time. “Is this the same type of toy that was taken from the toy store?” Agent Lovelace asked. 
“We believe so,” Officer Randi stated. “The owner of the shop stated that the only thing that was burglarized was twenty-two jack-in-the-box toys. He did not have any surveillance system, so we are not one hundred percent sure if these are same exact toys, but it seems very likely.” The OfficerJenny paused for a few seconds as the CLIB agents looked at the toy. “Do you have a suspect in mind? It seems as though when the report was made about the two assailants’ descriptions the CLIB was already telling us to collect evidence and wait for you two to show up.” 

“We do,” the red skinned pokégirl answered. “However, we are unable to locate them. We have only the name of the Mini-Top that is working with the human.  We are working on his name currently.” The Alaka-Wham looked at her partner and asked. Getting fingerprints from this isn’t necessary, is it?” Her question was toned to be more of a statement than a question. 
“Nope,” Lovelace answered. “We have video of him here in the ‘Center and his DNA from the other cases already.” 

“I’ll put it in the evidence box personally when an officer comes with it,” Nadie stated as she looked around the desk. Nothing had been touched since the NurseJoy, Maple, was found to be missing. The only thing that was touched was the computer terminal, in which another NurseJoy used the cameras to attempt to find Maple, only to be shocked that she was taken beaten, ‘balled, and stolen. “I don’t think that there is anything that will be able to help us here.” Nadie looked at the two Peekabu Village police officers. “Would you mind showing us where the medical items were stolen?” This question was also in a tone that was not meant to be a question. 
Randi moved her arm in a “this way” gesture and led the group down the hallway. They came to the medical storage supply room, which was mostly blocked off by “police tape” that a few other officers put up. The group made their way through the barricade and saw an identical jack-in-the-box sitting on top of a cabinet that was next to the desk where the supplies were kept. The three pokégirls and the human looked at the toy and then at the desk. “What was taken from the desk…and this room?” asked the green-haired CLIB agent. 
“From what the ‘Center’s inventory, that was provided by a working ‘Joy, it seems to be about fifty P-Meds,” answered the Growltit. Most of them were ‘Maxes’, but ten were ‘Alls’. Not to mention the ‘Joy Maple that was ‘balled up and taken.” The dog-type pokégirl growled a little bit when she thought about the service worker that was pokénapped. 

“Too bad she doesn’t have a collar or a cherish ball,” Nadie stated to the group. “That would have made things a lot easier. I was wondering, officers, is there a motel or any place that a traveler can go to pay for their lodging?” 
“Yes,” answered Randi.   “It is on the edge of town, not too far from here. Not much of a motel, but more of a diner. Should we check to see if they had any guests come in lately?” 

“It would be a good idea. It probably won’t amount to anything, but we should check it out anyway. I doubt he would have spent the money to stay in a room in the same town that he committed robbery and pokénapping in, but maybe we’ll get lucky.” 
As the group left the Pokécenter and began walking toward the only diner in the town that served as a motel, the group started making short conversation with itself. Randi was talking with Agent Lovelace while Ashley and Nadie listened. “You said you had a suspect before,” the OfficerJenny began. “Would you mind sharing that information?” 
“Have you been watching the news and reading the eNewspapers at all?” Lovelace answered the question with a question. “Particularly the stuff happening in Waveland?” 
“Yes, they were starting to have a rash of violent incidents. The last one that I heard about was a fire in the low-income sector.” The pokégirl paused for a second. “Are you saying that this is the same guy?” 
“Looks like it. After reviewing the security footage and seeing that Mini-Top and human, I’m almost positive it’s the same guy. Same description, same pokégirl, same violence, except he captured this victim instead of killing her.” 
“What’s his name?” 
Lovelace chuckled lightly. “We’re workin’ on that. We’re waiting for the Capital Mental Health people to get their acts together and send us the details. And we only have that lead from what looks like his brother.” 
Ashley noticed that Randi was starting to become more enthralled with the conversation. “Capital? How did he get over here then? Is he a tamer?” She then shook her head as soon as she finished her sentence. “No! That’s not right. You said ‘Mental Health People’ before. That must mean he was psychologically unfit to be a tamer. How did he escape Capital authorities and get passed the Crescent League Customs Authorities or does he have more ‘girls than that ‘Top?” 
“Not that we can tell. He had four other ‘girls, but according to their interviews, he killed their previous owners a few days before he arrived into Waveland. The previous owners were members of Team Trinity too. He only used one of those ‘girls for anything too; the Bombshell.” 
Ashley controlled her growl when she heard the name ‘Team Trinity’. Peekabu Village was too small for the Team to take any interest with them, but she had read police reports and watched the news reports on television. Whatever they wanted, they went out and took it. 
“So if he had no transport capable ‘girls and didn’t go through Customs, how did he get into the league?” the OfficerJenny pressed. 
“Got me, Green Eyes,” Agent Lovelace joked lightly. “The CLIB is working on it, but we ain’t all Supe-Bra Geniuses. We may be the best in the league, but that doesn’t mean we have all the answers.” 
“You said he had a brother, correct?” After the green-haired CLIB agent nodded to the pokégirl’s question, she continued. “How were you able to get in touch with his brother then?” 
“He is a registered tamer who came over here after receiving his tamer’s license. When DNA was found, he was our first suspect.” 
“How do you know that he didn’t just stage it so that he wouldn’t get caught?” 
Agent Lovelace looked at Randi with a matter-of-fact smirk. “An OfficerJenny’s sworn testimony seeing the two brothers side-by-side and the fact that the suspect tried to kill his own brother. Remember that fire that you probably read about? The place was set up to burn like paper lantern, according to the police report.” 
“Do you think that this guy will have stayed in the motel before he did all this?” 
“He might have, but I don’t think he’ll be there now.” The group had arrived to the building that was the town’s only diner and motel. The building was mostly used for the diner, which was open twenty-four hours a day, but also served as a motel for tradesmen and travelers that were not tamers and could not afford to stay at the Pokécenter. It was more of a flop house than a motel. 
The four law enforcement personnel entered the business and looked around. The diner looked like a Pre-Sukebe roadside diner. One could eat up at the counter or sit along the wall in booths. There was a petite and fair skinned pokégirl at the counter, wiping it down the eating area that was fairly close to the credit register. The cute pokégirl had short brown hair and wore a uniform that meant that she was a waitress for the diner. When she saw the group of four enter the establishment, the short and young looking pokégirl looked a little nervous. “Um, hel-hello. Just uh…sss…sit anywhere and I’ll be with you shortly.” 
“We are not here to eat, Rosemary,” Ashley stated as kindly as she could. The Mousewife seemed a little nervous that four authority figures just walked into her master’s place of business without any warning. Her owner, Gary, must be in the kitchen or back, the Growltit thought. “We were wondering if you all had any guests up in your rooms. Did any come in lately?” 
Rosemary, who was a Mousewife, stopped wiping down the counter and looked into the air. “Not that I know of. I’ll check the registry right now.” The petite pokégirl stepped over to the registry book that she kept under the credit register and opened it to where the bookmark was. “Let’s see, I know of the two that have been here for a few days, but not the couple that came in late last night.” 
“If I read you off a description, would you be able to tell me if any of your guests match?” This question came from Agent Lovelace. 
“Yes Sir,” the Mousewife answered quietly. She looked a little nervous, so the CLIB agent tried to make the pokégirl feel a little better. 
“Don’t worry, Miss Rosemary. I don’t bite, but she does.” The green-haired human nodded to the red skinned pokégirl next to him. “But that’s only when she gets too excited during a taming session, so I think you’ll be okay.” Ashley noted that it seemed to work, because the Mousewife smiled and giggled silently. “The guy we are looking for has short, jet-black hair. Is there anyone here that you know of that matches that description?” 
Rosemary shook her head. “No, the two humans that are here that I’ve seen had blonde hair and the other one had bright red hair.” 
“Would you be able to get a hold of the worker that saw the couple that you haven’t seen?” Agent Lovelace asked. “Maybe she would be able to tell us.” 
The Mousewife chuckled lightly. “Yes, I can get a hold of her. But it won’t do you any good to talk to her, she won’t remember.” 
Ashley moved her hand over her face and Randi did the same. Both of the Peekabu Village police officers got the small joke that Rosemary told, but it was lost on the two CLIB agents. Agent Lovelace asked, “What do you mean, Rosemary?” 
“Dahlia is a Bimbo. Her stupidity is so bad; she isn’t allowed to work anything with money. So it was going to be Corette’s job today to collect the rent from the couple that came in last night. Corette is the maid for the rooms and she acts as another waitress for us when we get a little busy. If you go up the stairs,” Rosemary pointed to the stairway on the left hand side of the eating area, “You can just ask her to let you into the room and see the couple that came in. Just tell her I asked you to.” 
“Thank you, Miss Rosemary,” Agent Lovelace finished and turned to the three pokégirls. “Well, let’s hope for the best, huh?” 
The four of the law enforcement officials turned and proceeded up the stairs of the diner into the motel part of the business. The area was a hallway that housed six rooms that were a little bigger than Pre-Sukebe college dorm rooms. When the group all made it to the top of the stairs, they saw a bunny-type pokégirl in the hallway. The officers were going for their guns when their brain started making out the details of who they were looking at. 
The bunny-type pokégirl was wearing a Noir maid uniform, showing off her very busty chest and long, slender legs. Her legs were completely bare of any clothing, even shoes since her feet were definitely far from human. The sexy blonde was pushing a small cart filled with blankets and other supplies that one would find on a hotel service cart. Humming lightly to herself, the bunny-type maid was looking down at her cart for something she could not find or had forgotten where she put it. Ashley knew that the Dust Bunny had not seen or heard the police group and was worried that Corette would have jumped up into the air, hit the ceiling, and landed either back on her feet or on her ass. 

Well, the Growltit thought. Time to find out what she’ll do. “Hey Corette,” Ashley greeted the Dust Bunny maid, who looked up from her linen cart to see who called her. To the officer’s surprise, the bunny-type remained where she was. 
“Yes?” she asked in a polite voice. “What can I do for you officers?” 

“Are you aware of the new guests that arrived last night?” Nadie asked the Dust Bunny. 
“I’m aware that they have one of the rooms,” Corette started. “But I have not seen them enter or leave their room this morning. I have been up here all morning cleaning the vacant rooms to keep them fresh and waiting for the guests to leave their rooms to do the same.” 

“So you haven’t gotten a good look at them, or have seen them at all then?” 
“No Miss…?” 

“Nadie. Agent Nadie.” 
“No Agent Nadie, I have not.” 
At this time, Agent Lovelace spoke up. “Miss Corette, would you mind showing us their room and opening the door for us?” 
Corette looked a little worried. “Um…I don’t know. Does Rosemary know what you are planning on doing?” 
“Miss Corette,” the human began with a more stern and demanding tone of voice. “We suspect that the person renting out one of your owner’s rooms is a suspect wanted for murdering a police officer in cold blood, not to mention a long list of other violent crimes. Are you going to help us or not?” 
Agent Lovelace’s question worked, because the Dust Bunny was starting to tremble a little. “Um, yes Sir. I want to help. Uh, i-i-it’s the room over there with the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the handle.” 
“May we have the keys?” Randi asked, holding her palm stretched out. 
As Corette got the key to the room out and started handing it to the OfficerJenny, trembling as she did so, the key began floating up into the air. The two pokégirls did not know what to make of it until they heard a voice state, “There is an easier and safer way, Officer Randi.” The key floated to the door knob and slid into the lock. The two Peekabu Village police officers got on each side of the door and waited for the door to open. As the door unlocked, and the handle turned, a violent, unseen force slammed the door open. The Growltit and her partner wasted no time entering with their guns drawn and clearing the room. Ashley moved quickly and was slightly surprised that no one was there. She looked at the only bed in the room that lay against the wall and her eyes nearing popped out of their sockets. Lying in the center of the bed sat a jack-in-the-box. 
(Evening of August 8, 300 AS)
Due to the graphic nature of this scene, reader discretion is advised!
“No,” Maple started to cry out to the Mini-Top. “Please stop. Please…don’t…”   The NurseJoy cried out to the pokégirl and any other person that could hear her voice from inside the tent, but it fell upon deaf ears. Ever since she had been pokénapped two days ago, the NurseJoy was experiencing more pain than she had ever felt in her life. The couple had made her bleed, broken her bones, hit her face until she could not see, and raped her in more ways than she thought were possible. 
“‘Please don’t’?” the Mini-Top mocked the distraught NurseJoy. “Do you really think that I’m going to listen to you? Do you really think I’m going to stop? I fuckin’ enjoy this!” The bunny-type pokégirl grabbed the back of Maple’s head with her left hand. Raising the pink-haired pokégirl up by her hair, Babs punched Maple’s face. The NurseJoy’s face was already swollen from the bruises and abuse she had taken for the last two days. She would have healed herself, but the pokégirl was only allowed to use her own powers when she was seriously wounded. If she was too hurt to even help herself, a P-Med was used. 
As the Mini-Top punched the NurseJoy for the twentieth time, Maple felt one of the bones in her cheek give way. The pink-haired pokégirl screamed out as the bone fractured within her face. This caused the brown furred attacker to smile. “Aww, what’s the matter Pink Eyes? Did you get a boo-boo?” Babs gave Maple one last punch to the face, the hardest one yet, and dropped the pokégirl’s head. The back of Maple’s head landed on the hard ground with a thud. The service pokégirl could not see anything but black for a few seconds, but started to regain her vision after a few seconds. Maple would have moved her hands to shield her face from the abuse, but her wrists were tied behind her back with a very thin piece of twine. The binding dug into the NurseJoy’s soft wrist, cutting off some of her blood circulation and slowly cutting into her skin. 
Maple lay on her back, rolling from side to side as she tried to cope with the throbbing pain that was originating from her face when the pokégirl felt something smack into her stomach. Instinctively, the NurseJoy released all of the air that was in her body and gasped in as much oxygen as she could. The pain from the sudden punch still was causing her pain, but she was trying not to stop breathing. Maple knew that she would get worse if her two torturers thought she was trying to cause herself to faint. 
The service worker tried to wail out her pain from her lips once more, but stopped herself when she felt something cold and sharp run across her neck. “Oh no,” the harsh and hateful voice warned Maple. “You better have not tried to use your ‘Yell’ attack. You even think of that, and I’ll cut the vocal cords right out of that GODS DAMNED THROAT OF YOURS!” Feeling the knife starting to cut into her delicate flesh, the pink-eyed pokégirl could only whimper as the pain started to increase. “Good ‘girl,” Babs whispered sinisterly. “I guess big-titted sluts do have a working brain cell or two…” The NurseJoy tried to open her eyes to look into the Mini-Top’s face, but her eyelids felt as if heavy weights had been put over them. She felt too weak to even try to squirm or resist her attacker, even though the abused Bunnygirl had removed the blade from her throat. 
The NurseJoy’s arms had been broken and beaten on since her first day of torture, and had not been healed. The Mini-Top pushed down on the service worker’s right Glenohumeral Joint, causing Maple to scream out in pain. It felt that the pink-haired pokégirl’s entire right arm was being ripped from its joint, as if she were a fly having her wings pulled from her body. At least they had not cut off her fingers again. Maple needed to have a P-Med in order to heal her digits back to her hand. “Quit your screamin’,” the brown furred bunny-type hissed. “You act as if you’re dying.” 
“Why are you doing this?” is what the NurseJoy tried to ask her attacker, but all she was able to release from her mouth was “Why…?” The question was more of a whimper than an actual question. 
“‘Why?’” Babs mocked the NurseJoy again. “Because I enjoy this, that’s why.” With that explanation, Maple felt something pierce through her skin and into her abdominal area. The NurseJoy’s head reclined backwards and squirmed from the intense pain from the wound. Maple’s eyes opened and she screamed up into the air. Crying out desperately for any sympathy that she could get from her two assailants, but it was all for not. The only thing that the pink-haired service worker got was the laughter of the pokégirl and her owner. 
“Ah, well, that was fun,” the human stated has the NurseJoy started to cry silently to herself again. “I wanna get a taming in before she passes out. Babs, open her up.” Maple could feel the bunny-type moving behind her. Maple was lifted into a sitting position and felt hands touch her outer thighs. The furry hands moved toward her inner thighs and slowly began pulling her legs open, exposing the NurseJoy’s neatly trimmed and sore pussy. Maple tried her best to fight the Mini-Top by keeping her legs closed, but she was failing miserably. The pink-haired pokégirl was tired and her body ached all over; she simply no longer had the strength to fight off her attackers anymore. 
Babs began to bite the NurseJoy’s earlobe. Not enough to draw blood, but enough to cause Maple to stop resisting her. The service worker complied and whimpered for what she knew what was going to happen next. Babs had not prepared Maple for any sexual activity and knew his guy called “Jack” wasn’t going to either. The NurseJoy felt hands grab a hold of her hips and moved her toward him. The pink-haired pokégirl slid reluctantly onto the human’s lap, feeling his member poking her soft lips. 
Maple tried to tighten her lower region as much as she could, but she knew that it would not do any good. The pokégirl’s nether region was beginning to be caressed as the human’s penis moving into position. “S…s…stop…” the NurseJoy whimpered as she felt the prick’s head rub and poke her small, pink opening. 
“‘Stop?’” Jack asked the NurseJoy. His tone was not that of a nice and caring individual, but that of a sinister, sadist. “Why would I do that, Pink Eyes? After all that ugliness, I think you need a good taming. And that’s exactly what I’m going to give you.” 
Maple still was having problems keeping her eyes open, but this time she was thankful that she could not see without straining her eyes. Jack continued to rub his penis against the pink-haired pokégirl for another minute before he shoved his member into her. The service worker bit down as her body was penetrated. She tried not to scream out; Maple found out that her torturers grew more excited when she screamed out. As the human’s natural weapon sank deeper into the pokégirl’s body, Maple’s gut felt as though it was rising to her throat. The abused pokégirl could not feel it, but tears were starting to fall down her bruised and swollen cheeks. 
As the human moved himself deeper into the pokégirl, he put his hands over her buttocks. Spreading her bottom cheeks apart and exposing the NurseJoy’s anus, he human chuckled. “How about gettin’ a little ‘double trouble’ that you seem to like?” he asked Maple. 
The beaten NurseJoy trembled on top of the sadistic human. “Nnn…no,” she was able to whisper out from her lips. “I…don’t…l…l…like…that…” 
“You, uh…don’t…?” Jack was beginning to grunt as he kept pumping himself into the pink-haired pokégirl. The human whispered into Maple’s ear. “Why…are, uh…are…yooou…uh, trying…to lie…uh, to me? Uh…I can…feel…you, uh…tighten-ing…around…uh, my…cock when…I mentioned…it.” Maple’s rapist was starting to breath heavier and grunting every time he moved his member in and out of her, causing her lower region to burn and ache with every beat. The traumatized NurseJoy could do nothing but remain where she was and say nothing. The human waited for a few seconds before he moved his mouth away from the pokégirl’s ear, which he had been breathing into, and gave Babs her order, “Give…her…uh, somethin’…to…moooan…about.” 
As the human finished his sentence, Maple felt something large and thick get shoved into her anus. The pokégirl rocked against the human, pushing his dick deeper into her pussy. The NurseJoy screamed out as she was violated in both of her holes. “Did you hear that Master?” a voice came from behind Maple. “It sounded like the pink-haired Bimbo actually liked it!” 
Tears continued to flow down the tormented and abused pokégirl’s swollen cheeks as she heard the human chuckle. I want to die, Maple thought. What are they planning on doing to me after they’ve had their fun? Are they just going to kill me and leave my body out in the wilderness? Why are they doing this? The pokégirl was unaware of it, but she had started to weep aloud as Jack was picking up his rhythm. 
A minute later, he released himself into the defeated and exhausted pokégirl. After panting into the NurseJoy’s ear for a minute, Jack pushed her off of him and let her fall to the ground. Breathing heavily, the human stated, “She was usin’ her mouth to refuse us again, Babs. Make sure that she learns her place. Oh, and make sure that stab wound gets healed up. We don’t want her dying on us.” 
The Mini-Top smiled at this. She leaned over the immobilized NurseJoy and began chuckling. Grabbing Maple the same way that she had done previously, the bunny-type started punching the pink-haired pokégirl, this time in the mouth. After a few punches, Maple’s jaw was broken and she was missing a few teeth. The brown furred pokégirl just laughed as she watched the NurseJoy try to squirm and move around when she was being “punished”. After a few more punches, Babs was starting to get irritated. 
The graphic scene has finished.
“Fuckin’ Gods!” Babs shouted out loudly in the tent that she was sharing with her tamer and their new ‘plaything’. They had cut the NurseJoy repeatedly, slapped her until she passed out, pistol-whipped her, broke her bones, dislocated joints, beat her repeatedly in the face, raped her in all of her holes, including the additional ones they made, using objects or their appendages, and even cut off some of her fingers. Afterwards, they would either allow the blubbering NurseJoy to heal herself or they would use a P-Med on her if she passed out. The bunny-type was starting run out of ideas in how to evolve the pokégirl. “What is up with this whiny-ass, big titted whorizard? Are we not workin’ ya hard enough, you fuckin’ Milktited SLUT?!” Babs screamed the last sentence straight into the exposed and bleeding NurseJoy’s face; the two pokégirls’ faces were only inches away from each other. 
Maple’s hands were still bound behind her back. But even if the wiring that was starting to cut into her wrists were not there, she would be able to move her arms out in front of her. Her left arm had been broken in three places: the Humerus, the Radius, and the Ulna. Her right arm’s Humerus had dislocated from the Glenohumeral Joint, causing the pokégirl a lot of pain and unable to move her entire arm. Maple’s pain was not limited to just her arms either. 
The NurseJoy’s face was bruised, bloodstained, and swollen from the abuse that she had taken from the human and the Mini-Top. They had repeatedly punched and cut her up that the original pinkness of her cheeks looked like mere freckles. Her face was colored full of yellows, blacks, purples, reds, and blues. The service worker’s facial tissue was swollen up so bad, her face looked as though it was about to pop like a pimple. Some of her teeth were missing and her jaw was broken, but a P-Med would fix that problem. Maple did not know if there was something wrong with her tear ducts, because they had stopped working after the first few minutes of the “taming” she just received. 
Her chest was cut up very bad. Most of the bleeding had stopped, since the knife wounds were not deep enough to be life threatening. About the only act of mercy that the couple showed her this time was sparing her nipples from being cut off again. The NurseJoy’s back and buttocks had been whipped with a cat o’ nine tails hard and frequently enough that the welts that had formed for the past two days were bleeding out again, smearing the entire area with blood to the point of looking like dried marooned colored body paint. Thankfully, the Mini-top and her owner decided not to whip her this time. 
The legs of the pokégirl were about the only things that were not too damaged, besides for a few scraps, cuts, and bruises. The orifices that they were attached to, however, were a different story. Both Maple’s vagina and anus ached and burned from the hell she had just gone through. The instruments that the Mini-Top used and the human’s penis had taken a large toll on the pokégirl; Maple was trying to find the courage within herself to beg them to loosen the restraints she was in so she could use her healing techniques, but she just could not find it. Her pokénappers did not take the time to make sure that her lower areas were well lubricated before they raped her. After the first few minutes, the NurseJoy had given up the thoughts of being saved from the ordeal she went through. She only knew now that Babs was screaming at her. Maple was exhausted; all the NurseJoy wanted to do was go to sleep. Her eyes were already so swollen that she did not even need to try to close them. The tortured pokégirl lost consciousness ten seconds after Babs had finished screaming at her. 
Maple awoke on the floor of the tent, completely sore from the ordeal she had gone through. I wonder how long I’ve been out, she thought. She did not have her watch anymore; that item had been taken from her by the Mini-Top. The NurseJoy’s eyes were still swollen, so she could not get a good look at herself, but she was going to try to anyway. There were no serious wounds on her chest, so Maple figured that a P-Med must have been used her. The pink-haired pokégirl tried to look over at where her attackers were, but it was so dark, she was able to see them right away. 
Listening for any sounds, Maple could hear snoring coming from the other side of the tent. They’re sleeping, the pokégirl thought. I need to escape from them…now. The NurseJoy could not move her right arm, but she could move her left. It took the pink-haired pokégirl a half hour to be able to pull her arm out from the binding around her wrists, which were completely cut up from the pokégirl’s struggle. Maple almost cried out in joy when she freed herself, but almost screamed in pain when she tried to move her jaw. 
Taking a few moments to collect herself, the abused NurseJoy stood up as silently as she could and opened her eyes as large as she could. Where is the door? Maple caught sight of the zipper. Looking at her right arm, the NurseJoy moved her left hand to her right shoulder. Her hand began glowing for a few seconds, intensifying as the pokégirl moved her hand across her shoulder. After a minute, the glowing stopped and Maple could move her right arm again. Smiling lightly, she moved her right hand over her left arm, repeated the process. When the NurseJoy could use her arms without feeling any pain, Maple grabbed the tent’s zipper and opened the door as slowly as she could, not wanting to wake the Bunny-type that would be able to hear it with her more sensitive ears. 
After about two minutes, which felt like two hours, the tent’s door was open. Maple smiled again, and once again, hurt her face. I need to get out of here, she thought. Right now! The wounded NurseJoy got out of the tent and walked away from the campsite. When the pokégirl was a few meters out of the campsite, she knelt down and put her hands over her face. After the NurseJoy’s face was completely healed, she looked at her surroundings. 
It was night and she was in a forest. Maple had never been outside Peekabu Village or the city that she had grown up in. The NurseJoy never thought that she would ever be out in the wild. This is not what I had in mind when I wanted to go into the wild and have an adventure, the frightened pokégirl thought. Trying to muster up all the courage she had, Maple took a deep breath, and started running down the path that she had started on. The pokégirl never looked back. 
“WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!” Babs screamed within the tent. The Mini-Top and her owner awoke in the tent that morning to “play” with their “pet”, but when Babs saw that her harem sister was not in her spot, the pokégirl jumped up and dashed out of the tent. “Where did that Godsdamned pink-haired whorizard go!” When Jack looked outside the tent, he almost laughed at what he saw. Babs had begun sniffing the ground like a dog. 
“What are you doin’?” the human asked his Mini-Top. “You look like a dog when you’re on all fours sniffin’ like that.” All the while, Jack was staring at the pokégirl’s ass. 
The bunny-type glared up at her master. “This is not the time to be cute. What’s gonna happen if she gets to someone? We’ll be up shit creek, that’s what! Help me find her tracks.” As the two looked around for any signs of what the NurseJoy left behind, the Mini-Top was cursing and getting angrier by the second. 
As the two walked towards the direction that they came from yesterday, Babs saw something lying on the dirt path. She picked it up and saw that it was the binding that held her harem sister and growled. “She went this way, let’s go get her.” Before Babs began running down the path, she felt a hand grab her by the shoulder. The Mini-Top turned around and hissed at the human. “What’s your problem?” 
“Let her go,” Jack stated. 
Babs could not believe her floppy ears. She turned her head slightly to the side and closed her eyes. “Wait…let me get what you said correctly. Did you just say, ‘let her go’?” 
“Yes…I di…” 
“WHY?!” shrieked the flat chest pokégirl. “Have you lost your damn mind?! What if she gets to a town? What if she runs into a tamer? We’ll be completely tamed!” 
The dark haired human looked into the eyes of his Mini-Top. The black, cold eyes began to freeze the fierce, blue eyes of the pokégirl. Jack began talking with a slow and completely calm voice. “Because, Babs, that is a NurseJoy. Her breed are not fighters; they are healers. She is a non-combatant. She is lost in the woods and is heading down a path that she has never traveled on before. Remember? She was ‘balled up the entire time that we traveled, so she has no clue where she’s going. These woods have ferals runnin’ around too, so there’s a good chance that they’ll smell the blood on her and think she’s a warm meal.” Jack smiled brightly. Even if she finds a tamer to help her, we’ll be long gone from this spot. We can just hide out here in the woods for a while if we want. Besides, she’s probably a few hours ahead of us, so trying to catch up with her will be too hard. She’s probably dead by now anyway.” 
This caused the brown furred pokégirl to smile back at her master. “I suppose you’re right. We can just hide out in the woods and maybe catch some ferals that could be worth something to us. You do have some spare ‘balls, don’t you?” 
“Of course I do,” the bunny-type’s owner stated. “Why don’t we undo the camp and get out of here. We don’t want any other tamers that she may have found to show up on us.” 
(Morning of August 10, 300 AS)
Bryce Lankford was very excited to be able to finally venture out into the wilderness! The young neon blue-haired boy took his Tamer’s Test on his sixteenth birthday and passed it, receiving his very first starter pokégirl. She was a Sidekick, the “Wet ‘N’ Wild Wonder version. The pokégirl had aqua-colored hair, fair skin, a full C-cup bust, and stood at a modest 5’2”, which was just smaller than the new human tamer. Bryce named his water-type Lana, after he looked up water based names on his new pokédex. After spending some time getting to know his new pokégirl better in the town’s park, Bryce took her home to meet his mom and dad. 
The human male had been reared by his mother that pokégirls should have just as many rights as humans do, regardless of what the league laws stated. The Catfish pokéwoman would accept no backtalk from her son if he tried to protest and would remind him of what an annoyed pokégirl could do to him, much less an angry one. His father was a dock worker for Ladyba’s Lagoon’s only dock and let his Catfish pokéwoman raise their son how she sought fit. The town was very small, so small that it did not appear on most maps. The Pokécenter that Bryce took his test at was more of a small clinic; it was not a real Pokécenter, like the ones he studied at the town’s school.   Soon, he would be able to see the real Pokécenters for himself. 
When he introduced Lana to his parents, Bryce’s mom was overjoyed that he was able to get a water-type pokégirl. However, the Catfish wanted to train with the young pokégirl before she went out on a tamer’s journey with her only son. Bryce was a little disappointed that he could not leave right away, but the human obeyed his mother anyway. He was not sure, but the blue-haired male was starting to think that the pokéwoman was giving the Sidekick taming pointers. 
With Lana next to him, the new tamer and his pokégirl were walking on the only trail that led in and out of Ladyba’s Lagoon. I wonder what ferals we’ll see out in the woods, Bryce thought. When he was growing up, the human was never allowed to play near the outskirts of the town without an adult nearby. Later on, Bryce was able to convince his mother that it was okay if he went out with a few of the older boys and the local pokékits that were almost of taming age. There were not any pokékits that were his age for him to take ownership of, so the son of the Catfish needed to rely on the league to give him his pokégirl. When Bryce went out to the outskirts with the others, he had never seen any ferals. I wonder if there will be any Thorne Sluts, or Nymphs, or even… “Hey, what’s that?” 
The human’s thoughts were interrupted by a figure that was moving toward them on the path. It seemed to be moving slowly, but not slow enough for Bryce to get a good look at it. “Lana, get ready to fight,” the tamer whispered to his Sidekick. Lana nodded and stood a few feet in front of her master, ready to fight and defend him if necessary. As the figure got closer, the water-type stood down from her fighting position. “Lana, what are you doing?” the human asked. “Why are you not getting ready?” 
“Look,” Lana said and pointed her finger at the staggering figure. “It’s a NurseJoy, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t think you can find them out in the wild. She must belong to someone.” The couple walked over to meet the pink-haired pokégirl, expecting her to be friendly. What they saw took the two inexperienced travelers for a shock. 
The NurseJoy was naked and covered in cuts and scrapes. It looked as if she had been into a fight with something she was not prepared to handle, and since her breed was a support-role, it would not take much to do so. Her face was bruised up, but you could see that it was starting heal on its own. When the pokégirl made it a few feet away from the group, she collapsed, as though she ran out of energy. All in all, it looked as though the NurseJoy had been through one rough trip. 
“Hey, Miss,” Bryce hurried over to the pokégirl, putting his arms on her shoulders. The human turned the pink-haired pokégirl on her back to see if she was still alive or not. When Bryce saw that her chest, which was quite large, was still moving up and down, he relaxed a little. “Miss…what are you doing out here? Where is your tamer? Miss?” 
The NurseJoy opened her eyes a little and looked at the young tamer. Her pink irises looked a little strange to Bryce, since he had only seen one NurseJoy in his entire life.  The human was still not used to that color of eyes, even though he had known Nurse Emily all his life. She was the only NurseJoy and doctor for the whole town. This new pokégirl looked exactly like her. “Please…” the pink-haired pokégirl whimpered. “Please, help me…” 
Bryce looked down at the NurseJoy with a little shock and confusion. “Sure, of course I’ll help you. But happened to your tamer?” The NurseJoy continued to say the same thing over and over, requesting that she get help. The blue-haired human looked at his pokégirl and ordered, “Lana, pick her up. We need to take her to Nurse Emily.” 
Lana nodded and scooped up the NurseJoy, holding her as if she were an infant. The pink-haired pokégirl began sobbing lightly as the water-type carried her back toward Ladyba’s Lagoon. Bryce was not sure if the Sidekick would be able to carry the traumatized pokégirl for such a long period of time and be able to keep up with him, so he decided to walk quickly only. The human boy hoped that the injured pokégirl would be okay, and that nothing serious happened. Returning back toward town to help a distressed pokégirl was not how Bryce pictured his first day as a traveling tamer was going to start. 
(Afternoon of August 10, 300 AS)
“Will you quit complaining?” Jade asked Joe as he massaged the human’s right shoulder. The group was still waiting for Agent Lovelace to receive the information from the Pokécenter in Capital. The CLIB agent stated that he would not give Joe his fake identity until the information came in, causing him and his harem to remain in Hollyton. Instead of waiting around the Pokécenter for something to happen, Joe decided that the harem should take on a small group of Skunkettes that were causing Hollyton some problems. The human figured they could make some more money while they were waiting for Capital to cooperate. 
The group did not need to travel far from the city’s limits to find three Skunkettes in a small clearing in the forest. Mabella and Alia both attacked, with the Firecat using her flamethrower on the first target. That left a two-on-two matchup for the cat-types. Joe was starting to understand what attacks that each of his pokégirls could do, but was still not very confident that he could lead Alia and Mabella in a fight just yet. Jade was coaching them to show her master what he should be doing in order to lead them, but the cat-types did not need the orders. The harem would always boast that ferals were easy to deal with, so long as you did not give them any openings. 
Joe had thrown an empty pokéball to catch the downed feral that was attacked first and was waiting for the two battles to be done when he heard something move from behind him. When the inexperienced tamer turned to face would it was something hard hit his chest, causing him to sail through the air. Joe hit a tree, but his right arm was the first part of his body to smack into it first. The human felt a sharp pain in his arm when he started to get up from the ground, but started to become afraid when he could not move it. Looking desperately back at where he was standing originally, Joe saw a large, almost massive, brown skinned creature trying to attack Jade. 
The NurseJoy had moved into the clearing to try to maneuver herself from getting hit from her attacker, but at the same time she was trying to keep her distance from the fight that was originally taking place. As Joe’s mind was trying comprehended the situation around him, he saw Jennifer get up from the brush of the forest’s ground. The human guessed that she must have been hit at about the same time he had been, however he could not be sure; everything had happened so fast. Joe watched as the OfficerJenny quick drew her elemental pistol from its holster and fire into the creature three times. After a few seconds, it fell over on its stomach. Thankfully, Alia and Mabella had just taken down the remaining Skunkettes soon after the shots were fired. 
Joe called to his harem to come over to him when he stood up from the ground and Jade quickly checked him out. After the NurseJoy healed her master up, Joe caught the three downed ferals by throwing the empty pokéballs with his left arm. When he asked what their attacker was, Jade told him that it was a feral Kangasscunt. The group turned in the Skunkettes to the police station for their reward and turned in the Kangasscunt to the Pokécenter, receiving the reward for an untrained, untamed feral. They are all now sitting in their room trying to relax, but the human was not making it easy for the pokégirls with all his complaining and grumbling. “You’re acting as though that feral ripped off your arm,” Jade stated in a tone that a mother would use to a child that was making a small scrap seem like an amputation. 
“That thing broke it!” the human whined. “I think that you messed up the healing, Jade. My shoulder hurts and my arm is still itchy. I thought you could heal up this injury.” 
“I did heal it. I can’t help it if the side effects of healing a broken arm are causing confusion in your body. At least no one got sprayed by those ferals, otherwise we’d be going through a cleaning cycle.” Jade looked up from Joe’s bare shoulder at her harem sisters. Jennifer was doing something on her S.C.D., Alia was busy on the pokédex, and Mabella was watching her master complain, smiling and giggling the whole time. Jade looked directly at the Firecat and stated, “He’s such a baby.” 
“I’m not a baby,” Joe continued to whine. “It really hurts. You didn’t heal it right.” 
“I healed it three times, Joe! What more do you want? I’m massaging the area and moving your arm around so that it will feel better. It’s just going to take time for your body to catch up that it was healed. Maybe you should toughen up a little…what do you think Mabella?” 
“I think that he’s tough,” Mabella stated, smiling the whole time. 
“Thank you, Sweety,” Joe grinned a little bit at the compliment. 
“Master is tough in the only area that counts,” Mabella joked. “If it wasn’t for that ‘third leg’ of his, I’d swear he was a five-year-old with the way that he’s crying.” 
“What?! I’m not crying.” 
“I know what will make you feel better,” the Firecat pounced closer to Joe so that she was kneeling directly in front of him. The fire-type grabbed the human’s groin area and slowly began to rub it. “See? It’s already getting tough again.” The blonde pokégirl giggled as she used her burning hands technique and continued to caress her master. 
Joe was starting to forget about the pain in his shoulder and started relaxing to the Firecat’s massage when there was a knock at the door. Mabella continued to do what she was doing, despite the protests of her master worried about being embarrassed by his pokégirl’s lewd behavior. Jennifer opened the door and moved out of the way so that Joe could get a view of who it was. The pokégirl had short, black hair that came down to her jaw line. Her hair seemed to give off a shine that looked almost unnatural, as if it was wet, even though it was not. Her skin was pale and seemed to be covered in sweat. She stood at about Joe’s height and was wearing a CLIB uniform. “You…look familiar…” Joe started to say. “But I’m afraid that I can’t place you.” 
The wet pokégirl looked down at the sitting pureblooded human and stated, “Maybe you could remember if you saw me in a pool naked.” 
Joe looked at the pokégirl for a few seconds before he remembered. “Oh, yeah. Sarah?” 
“Celina,” the Pirouette corrected him. “I’ve come to tell you that Agent Lovelace will not be able to make the meeting with you this evening.” 
“Oh?” Joe said. “Why is that? He doesn’t want to own up to his end of the bargain?” 
“No, Mister Holten. There has been a break in the case. The pokénapped victim, Nurse Maple, was found just outside of the town Ladyba Lagoon and she needs to be interviewed by Agents Lovelace and Nadie.” 
Joe stood up, forgetting that he had his shirt off and that he was getting massaged by two pokégirls in two different areas. “Have they left yet?” 
Celina looked at the human questionably. “No…but they are about to.” 
Joe looked around the room, found his shirt and stated, “I want to go with them. I want to watch the interview.” 
“I don’t think that will be possible, Mister Holten.” 
“As far as I know, Jennifer Mercury is still the first one to have taken this case; she should still be able to investigate with the CLIB on this issue. And since I need to be where she is, I go with her.” 
Celina sighed.  “Fine, I will take you to my master. If he has not left yet, you can tell him what you’ve told me.” Jennifer, Joe and Celina all walked next door to where Lovelace and his team were staying, leaving the rest of Joe’s harem in the room. Charles was still there with Nadie, but was getting ready to teleport. “Charles, Officer Mercury and Mister Holten wish to accompany you with your interview.” 
“Oh?” Agent Lovelace stated. “And why should we allow that?” He addressed his question to the human, but it was answered by the OfficerJenny
“I’m one of the first investigators of this case, Agent Lovelace. I should be at the interview if it will help the case.” 
Charles Lovelace sighed bitterly. “Fine, you two can come along. But you can only watch in the observation room. If you have any questions you want asked, just communicated them to Nadie by projecting your thoughts to her. She’ll be able to multitask everything. I’ll teleport there first, and then Joe can arrive and release Officer Mercury from her ‘ball. That okay?” Joe and Jennifer both nodded and Charles continued. “Alright. Nadie, let’s go.” 
Nadie took a hold of her master’s hand and the two began to fade away. About a minute later, it was just Joe, Jennifer, and Celina inside the room. Joe got out Jennifer’s pokéball and put her inside of it while he waited for Nadie to return. A few seconds later, the Alaka-Wham began to rematerialize back into the room. When she finished, the red skinned pokégirl reached out her hand palm up. “Are you really, Mister Holten?” 
“I guess,” Joe answered, trying to sound confident. 
Apparently it failed, because the Alaka-Wham smiled back at him warmly. “Don’t worry, Mister Holten. I’ve done this more times than…how do you humans say it, ‘more than I can count’? How about we both say that this is as easy as ‘riding a bike’?” 
“Only if you are used to riding a bike and carrying someone with you,” Joe said lightly, still unconvinced. The human took the pokégirl’s hand and walked beside her. In a few seconds, he began seeing the world around him start to fade away. But it was not fading into darkness or nothingness, the world seemed as though new scenery was starting to rematerialize over it and that the first one was starting to vanish. This lasted for about a minute until the new scenery was now the only thing that the human saw. 
Joe was in a new room which looked like a lobby of a small clinic or doctor’s office. Charles was standing along the side of the wall, appearing to be waiting for Joe and the Alaka-Wham to arrive. When the teleportation was complete, Joe let go of the pokégirl’s hand and released the OfficerJenny from her pokéball. When all four people were ready, Agent Lovelace spoke up. “Okay, when me and Nadie communicated with the authorities here, they set up a camera for recording the interview that Nadie will be conducting with me in the room that the NurseJoy will be staying in for the time being. You two can wait in the observation room that is right next door. You can view the interview and project your thoughts to Nadie if you have any. If she thinks that they are appropriate, she will ask them. Ready to go, guys?” 
Before Joe could say anything, the CLIB agents began walking down the hallway that was in front of the group. Joe had not noticed it before and was wondering why he had not, but just chalked it up to the sudden environment change. The pureblooded human and the OfficerJenny followed the red skinned pokégirl and her master down the narrow hallway. When they came to a wooden door, the CLIB agents stopped and Lovelace ordered, “Just go in here and wait with the other officer. Explain to them who you are and that I said it was okay for you to be here.” The CLIB agents waited until Joe and his escort were both inside the room before they shut the door. 
The Denmother, who seemed to be the town’s sheriff, did not seem to mind the two newcomers that came in to her town. She simply looked at the two for a few seconds, and then looked back at the video screen. “The 3-D imager will be up when they begin the interview. Be sure to stand on the side of the room, please.” 
Joe did not know what that meant, but he did not want to make himself look like a fool and kept his mouth shut. Thirty seconds passed by and there was new movement on the video screen. Five seconds later, a holographic image of the room, that was the same thing as the video screen, popped up in the middle of the room. The holograms were not the same size as the actual people in the room, only about half of the actual figures sizes. The Denmother explained that it was being recorded in full size, but she shrunk it down so that it would not “crowd the room”. Joe saw the hologram of the NurseJoy lying on the bed facing the wall and away from the door. She did not see the Alaka-Wham and green-haired human walk into the room. Joe was not sure, but he thought that he heard the pokégirl sobbing softly to herself. 

“This is CLIB Agent Nadie and Agent Charles Lovelace interviewing third victim in case number 300-27-07-023. The victim/witness’s name is Maple. Breed: NurseJoy. Age: Twenty-Six. Owner: Crescent League Government. I will be projecting my mind to ask questions and will be amplifying Maple’s answers using my telepathy so that she will not need to speak. This is in accordance with Crescent League Law. 

“Maple, can you hear me? If you can, just think your answer as if you were speaking it. You don’t need to use your mouth to talk.” 
After a few seconds, a new voice that Joe never heard before stated, “Yes. I can hear you” the voice sounded like it would have been beautiful and heartwarming to hear at one point, but now her voice sounded like it had been shattered, as if her spirit had been stabbed repeatedly and left to die in agony. 

“My name is Nadie. This is my partner Charles. We want to ask you some questions regarding what occurred over the past few days. All you need to do his think your answers and if you want to share a memory, I will help you articulate it so that it can be kept on record. Do you understand?” 


“Alright, I’m going to project two pictures to you in your mind and I want you to tell me if these two were the ones that pokénapped you. Were these the two that were at the Pokécenter that night?” 
A few seconds later, Maple let out a small, high-pitched moan, as if she saw something or heard something that she did not want to; something that caused her internal pain. Nadie repeated her question again. A few seconds went by and Maple started sobbing a little louder. Finally, the NurseJoy answered with a “yes”. 

“Let the record now that Maple identified both the unknown human suspect and the Mini-Top Babs by their images. Maple, after you were ‘balled up, what happened next?” 

“When I was released from my ‘ball, I was in a tent. I first saw the man in front of me. He had a gun pointed at me. He told me to put my hands behind my back and I listened. The bunny then tied my hands using a piece of twine. Then they…they…” Maple stopped projecting her thoughts. 

“Yes, Maple,” A masculine voice began. Joe could only assume that Nadie was now projecting Charles’s thoughts. “Take your time. Tell us what they did next.” After a few more sobs, Maple described in graphic detail what she had gone though in the past five days. 
Doctor Tiffany hated doing this. She had to go into her pokéball and get sent to some far-off town no one had ever heard of because no one wanted to move anything to her wing of the Pokécenter in Waveland. The Ka-D-Bra needed to do everything herself. Now it would look like she was the “bad guy” for wanting everything to be moved to an area that the patient could feel comfortable in. To top everything off, the Godsdamned CLIB where conducting an interview without her presence. Who the taming do those Whorcs think they are? Doctor Tiffany thought as she waited to be released from the small, spherical prison. Those taming Byte Bitches act like a pokégirl is worth nothing. “Who cares if they get distressed? Just Level Five her and she’ll be okay.” Don’t they realize that all her personality, her education, and experience that she’s acquired over the years will be lost forever? You can’t replace experience! 
The Ka-D-Bra finally rematerialized into what appeared to be the lobby of a small clinic. While she was looking around for who released her, the psychic pokégirl thought, “Well, this ain’t no ‘Center. Great…” As Tiffany turned behind her, she saw a NurseJoy had released her from her pokéball. The only thing about this NurseJoy was that she seemed to be dressed in street clothes, rather than the default nurse uniform. Shaking her head, the Ka-D-Bra stated, “My name is Doctor Tiffany. Where is the patient being kept?” 
“Down the hall, second door on the right,” the pink-haired pokégirl answered. “But doctor, they are in the middle of an interview. You can’t…” 
“I CAN,” the Ka-D-Bra corrected the pokégirl in an angry tone. “And I WILL. They are completely disregarding that pokégirl’s health and wellbeing. If they don’t do this in the correct method, she might not be able to be saved and need to be Leveled Fived. Now if you’ll excuse me.” Doctor Tiffany turned down the hallway and left the NurseJoy speechless. 
Tiffany walked straight to the door that was the only obstacle that blocked her from her patient and opened it. From the look on the faces of the two uniformed figures, a green-haired human male and an Alaka-Wham, she was already too late. “This interview is over,” the Ka-D-Bra growled. 
“Yes,” the green-haired male stated. “It is over. And you are lucky that we were done and didn’t interrupt us Miss…?” 
“Doctor Tiffany,” the proud pokégirl stated. “I’m the doctor to this patient and I’m appalled that you would start and have an entire interview without my presence. Don’t you care about this young lady’s welfare?” 
“Is there going to be a problem here?” a deep, angry growl came from behind the orange skinned pokégirl. She turned around to see a Denmother glaring at her. “I can have this one removed from the room if you’d like agents.” 

“That won’t be necessary,” stated the red skinned pokégirl. “Everything is under control here.” 
Tiffany glared back at the pokégirl, a breed that she knew she would become one day and hoped that she could get an Everstone before then. “Consider all the years of experience that ‘girl has built up in her memory. That is stuff that you can’t replace or put a price on. If you Level Five her, like I know you two think she should be, she’ll lose all of that. It’s my job to save that precious memory and work out her problems so that she can function and be helped without that barbaric procedure being done. You two have just jeopardized any chance I had of doing that. What do you two have to say for yourselves?” 
After a few seconds of silence, the human answered Tiffany’s question. “We are gathering information so that, hopefully, this won’t happen to another pokégirl…much less any humans. If one ‘girl needs to be sacrificed so that others will be spared, so be it. Now, you can take this pokégirl and fix her, and we’ll catch the fucks that did this. Hopefully, we won’t be meeting again and repeat this conversation, Doctor Tiffany.” With that last comment, the two uniformed agents walked out of the room and headed toward the hallway. 
As Tiffany watched them leave, she saw a familiar face outside the door. “Hey you,” she greeted the human in a light-hearted manner. “Have you been staying out of trouble?” 
The human did not open his mouth, but she heard him project to her mind, “As much as I can. It’s good to see that there’s gonna be someone to care for this poor ‘girl.” 
The Ka-D-Bra smiled. “Yeah…thanks Mister Holten. Maybe you can stop in to see me sometime. I’d be glad to help you out with all that stress that’s building up in your head.” 
The human seemed to ignore her service offer and waved goodbye to the orange skinned pokégirl before he and an OfficerJenny headed down the hall in the same direction as the CLIB agents. 
“What’s wrong?” Alia asked her master as he sat at the computer terminal’s chair. He had not talked much to anyone the whole time since he had gotten back from the interview. He started using the computer to browse through the Pokécenter’s network looking mostly at news sites, but Alia did not know what her master was specifically looking for. The harem had gone to bed, except for Joe and the harem Alpha. “Did everything go okay with the CLIB?” 
“I guess,” Joe said. He had not looked up from the computer terminal and was still searching in the news browsers. 
“What are you trying to find?” 
“Anything on the guy.” 
“You mean you're…whatever he is?” 
Joe nodded. “He’s been lying low since before this incident, or so it seems. There’ve been no violent or unexplained crimes that have been occurring, at least in the news.  I’m just…wondering…” 
Alia waited for her master to finish, but when it became apparent to her that he trailed off, she asked him about the interview. “What happened with that pokénapped ‘girl, Joe?” 
Still not looking at the Catgirl, Joe stated, “I don’t want to talk about it.” 
“Don’t you think you’ll feel better if we do? Everyone else is asleep; it will just do you and me.” Joe remained silent as if he did not hear what his harem’s Alpha had just said. When she felt as though she was being ignored, Alia continued to probe with a different tact. “Is the pokégirl alright? What breed was she?” 
“A NurseJoy, named Maple. She’ll be okay…physically anyway.” 
“Do you know if she’ll be Level Fived?” 
“A doctor was there to help her after Lovelace and Nadie left. I’m…pretty sure it was that same doctor…from Waveland.” Joe turned and looked at his harem’s Alpha. “The doctor that was checking up on me, remember? She recognized me when I looked into the room as Lovelace and Nadie were leaving.” 
Alia took in a breath before she asked the human the question again. “What did they do to Maple?” 
Joe looked slowly away from Alia and back to the computer screen. The Catgirl lightly placed her hand under the human’s chin and turned his head back so he was facing her again. After a few seconds of staring at each other, Joe finally answered. “She was…tortured and raped. All I can think about is…this guy…came from me. He came from something that’s inside of me. And all that I can think about is, it’s my fault.  All of it.  It’s my fault that…that…happened to her. I did all of those things to her. It’s my fault that she was…” 
The human buried his head into the Catgirl and started crying. Alia hugged her master tightly and began telling him that it was not his fault. The Catgirl continued to console the human until he became exhausted and fell asleep in the pokégirl’s arms. 





Pokédex Entries
DUST BUNNY, the Purifier Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Animorph Lagomorph)
Element: Ground/Rock
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Herbivore, Mineral supplements required
Role: Air Purification, Sanitation
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Bug
Weak Vs: Fighting, Plant, Water
Attacks: Quake, Dust Storm, Dust Absorb, Dig, Rock Wall, Harden, Stomp, Earthquake, Cheer, Soil Armor, Stomp, Stone Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x7), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Dust Kinesis, Light static and magnetic abilities, Immunity to Dusts and airborne particles
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Bunnygirl (Diamond Stone)

                Discovered shortly after the Revenge War, this odd breed of Pokégirl was initially thought to be one of Cocooner's creations. It wasn't until after the cataloging and subsequent study of the Diamond Stone that the Dust Bunny was documented as evolving from a Bunnygirl, though many researchers speculated that the two breeds were related before the documentation. Known for their ability to clean the air, this Rock type bunny has gained popularity among manufacturers as well as becoming a popular maid among the wealthy.

                This breed holds the normal near human range of appearance, with human looking members sporting large rabbit ears and tails, and more animorphic members of the breed having full body fur, light muzzles, and digigrade feet. Fur and hair color varies widely, though often settles on earth tones of grays and browns. Dust Bunnies range in height from four to six feet, and generally have slender builds with modest B cup chests, though variations in body build have been noted. The breed's ears are noteworthy, in that the fur on the ears is rather stiff and coarse, as the ears of the breed are also focal points for their Dust Absorb attack.

                Unlike the Bunnygirl, Dust Bunnies have intelligence on par with normal human averages, and are surprisingly surefooted. The breed still lacks the grace of other breeds, but thanks to their agility the breed rarely trips. Instead of bubbly personalities, Dust Bunnies are rather quiet Pokégirls, their unassuming nature often leads tamers to describe the breed as a whole as humble. When given a task, the breed makes their best effort to complete it, often asking questions or for help if they need to do so. These ground type rabbit Pokégirls are also very fastidious, making many wealthy homes and industries employ them as maids or janitorial positions, though this is also in conjunction to their unique ability to clean the air.

                Unique to the Dust Bunny is their ability to collect dust and other particles from the air, capturing the debris in the stiff hairs on their ears. These hairs are slightly magnetic, and due to light vibrations by the hairs create and slight air flow between the ears, allowing air to circulate around the ears, where dust, pollen, dander, and other particles are attracted to and become stuck on the breed's coarse hair. Once trapped, the Dust Bunny uses a form of unconscious dust kinesis to draw the particles down away from the ears and onto her head, eventually drawing the particles all the way to her feet where they collect on the floor, or are taken off completely by a conscious act of the Pokégirl herself. The breed can even increase their air purification abilities by moving around, and are a welcome sight in industries as well as places like hospitals and Pokécenters.

                These ground and rock based rabbit types are decent battlers, so long as they're not pitted against a fighting, plant, or water type. They play defensively, using Soil Armor and Harden in conjunction with Rock Wall to keep attacks from hitting her. The breed uses Dig frequently as well, often to both avoid attacks as well as get into opportunistic positions. They tend to whittle down their opponents, and are highly frustrating to some poison types, as they aren't affected by the various poisons and dusts, even if released by a plant type. Many tamers are surprised that this evolution can hold their own in a battle, due to the breed's overall humble nature.

                Pet owners enjoy the breed, both for their cleaning ability as well as the opportunity to have a rock type that requires no particular lubes, softening, or restraints to tame. These rabbit type Pokégirls are quite malleable in the taming room, often deferring to their tamers on styles and preferred forms of taming. One thing to note about the breed, that if the individual Pokégirl dislikes domination, she can harden her skin to the point here many Dominas become frustrated.

                Ferals of the breed live largely like their feral Bunnygirl counterparts, except they dig warrens instead of using old abandoned ones. These rabbit Pokégirls are vigilant and flighty, tending to run or dig away from danger instead of facing it, with the addition of rock walls to block pursuit. Tamers interested in capturing a feral Dust Bunny should have another digging capable Pokégirl to counter their escape route, as well as a plant, water, or fighting type to weaken the feral rabbit type.

                Threshold directly into a Dust Bunny is very rare, as human girls are more likely to threshold into a Bunny Girl. Threshold is often quick, with ears growing in rapidly, followed by tail growth. These areas numb instead of feel pain, and for a few days, the thresholder seems to be struck deaf. Thresholders becoming furry members of the breed often grow their fur in first, a definite sign that they'll experience a short inability to walk later as their feet become digigrade.
GROWLTIT, the Warm And Fuzzy Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League)
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: originally tracking and frontline, make excellent pets or police Pokégirls
Libido: Average (High if other amorous Pokégirls in area)
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Rage, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Growl, Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown, Quick Attack.
Enhancements: Enhnanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Speed (x3), Elemental-based powers, Endurance
Evolves: Denmother (Special, giving birth), Huskie (Ice Crystal), Mudpuppy (Round Stone)
Evolves From: Growlie (normal)

                Growltit is the evolution of Growlie, its appearance is still similar with that of Growlie as it retains the canine features with the red fur with black tiger stripes down her back, arms and legs. It is the blonde hair on the top of her head that changes becoming wilder and spikier, the blonde fur on her chest, stomach, groin and inner thighs also changes, becoming longer and more pronounced. The most dramatic change is that of Growltit's tail which changes from being red tiger striped fur to being the same long blonde fur as on her chest and the addition of long blonde fur down her arms and her lower legs.

                Muscles on Growltit are much more visible than they were when she was a Growlie, her new form visually showing her increased strength, speed and greatly improved endurance. Other improvements over its Growlie form include greater access and control over its fire elemental powers, it is now far more capable of using powerful fire based moves against its enemies.

                Growltit has a much more laid back attitude and lower libido except when an amorous Pokégirl comes onto their master at which point they can get very defensive over their masters unless they are used to the other Pokégirl. The laid back attitude means that Growltit will sleep more often when it has the free time instead of hunting down her master and demanding attention, they can often be found asleep, curling up with cat type Pokégirls in a patch of sunlight, a sight which can melt most hearts.

                It still has a preferred diet of nuts and fish although is now more prone to sharing its fish with cat types and not provoking a food fight over who gets the last fish. Its skill as a fisher increases thanks to its speed and faster reflexes; it is also much more patient in waiting for its food ensuring it doesn't lose a fish due to impatience.

                Pet owners tend to favor Growltit over Growlie because she becomes much less demanding for their time and affection allowing them to get on with other things. Growltit still likes cat type Pokégirls, able to keep both itself and the cat type amused for endless hours but unfortunately they still don't like domina types and it is _NOT recommended to have them together in any fashion.

                Growltit gains increased popularity over Growlie because of her calmer attitude and no longer needing another Pokégirl to keep her distracted, bringing her up to the same level of popularity as Kittens, Hounds, Pidgies, Evas, Bunnies and Titmice when it comes to the pet market. They still make excellent pets for home security, tirelessly patrolling and protecting the family home.

                Growltit is a difficult evolution to reach, requiring Growlie to be quite powerful and experienced in fighting before it will evolve into Growltit. This is why the police force train the much easier to acquire Growlie to be police Pokégirls rather than Growltit which seems to be even more suitable for police work. Those planning on breaking the law however should be wary, any Growltit serving in the police force is likely to have long years of experience and much less likely to be thrown off during a pursuit. Her increased speed, endurance and strength can bring most chases to a quick end even those which require tracking the target across large areas of wilderness.

                The increase in Growltit's speed means it is hard for their human partners to catch up by foot, so the Growltit is given much more autonomy even in less liberal leagues. Human partners of Growltit tend to have motorbikes to help them keep up with their Pokégirl when she gets moving.

                Growltit can also be found in daycare centers and schools in the more liberal leagues as they are considered damned near human and trustworthy enough to be around kids. Children especially the younger ones love them as they are warm and fuzzy, thus great to cuddle with. This is something that the much more active and demanding Growlie couldn't do, for fear it might accidentally harm the children with its more boisterous attitude.

                In the wild Growltit's tend to be the pack leaders as long as there are no Denmother present, leading and controlling the pack throughout their daily lives, packs with a Growltit leading them tend to be more close knit and intelligent since Growltit has a slightly more intelligent feral state. The pack will have sentries on watch and will regularly patrol their territory making it more difficult to sneak up on the pack. The Growltit itself will develop slight maternal instincts over those under her causing her to look out for her fellow pack mates far more than normal but this is nothing compared to the instincts she will develop if she evolves into Denmother.

                Attempting the capture of an unwilling Growltit is strongly discouraged, not only will you run into the same problems as attempting the capture of an unwilling Growlie but it is one of the few circumstances which can encourage the Growlie pack to leave their territory, in this case to track down their missing leader. This can lead to the unfortunate tamer getting attacked in the middle of the night by an entire pack of angry Growlies, not something that you want to be woken up to. It is recommended to either catch a willing Growltit or get a Growlie and train it up.
KANGASSCUNT (aka BANGASSCUNT), the Delectable Dish Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human, rare cases of Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Common
Diet: Herbivore
Role: Food producer, Combatant
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Stomp, Earthquake, Gut Punch, Resonate, Thunder Tail, Takedown, Snarl, Soil Armor*, Harden, Withdraw, Double Kick
Enhancements: Dismissible Armor, Toughness, Meat creation in pouch, Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed and Agility (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None

                Next to Kattle, the world's most common meat producer is actually a Pokégirl. Many researchers assume that this marsupial based breed is one of the first battle type Pokégirls that Sukube created for his War of Revenge. Created to be feed his growing armies, the Kangasscunt was also suited for combat, and didn't have to be placed in the rear lines with Chickenlittles or Milktits.

                Based on the Red Kangaroo, Kangasscunts are large Pokégirls, standing an average of eight feet tall, with a maximum of nine and a half feet, and no specimen of the breed has been seen below six and a half feet. Almost all of the breed are fully anthropomorphic having large digigrade feet attached to strong powerful legs, though their hands remain human shaped and dexterous. Full muzzles are the breed norm, and with the slight stooped stance of their bodies, no one mistakes the average Kangasscunt for a human. Due to being meat producers, most of the breed generally have a very 'well fed' look to them, and none can truly be called skinny unless they're starving. All of the breed have long brown ears, standing up much like any of the Bunnygirl line, but not as long; as well as a massive thick tail, which is used for counterbalancing during their jumping gait, and can also be used as third leg to brace themselves from falling backwards or to help them deliver their powerful Double Kick move. Their large D cup breasts are proportional to their frame, and don't tend to bounce due to their firmness.

                Rarely, a Kangasscunt is more human looking, though these cases are only seen with thresholders. Even when Near Human, a Kangasscunt still retains her long powerful didigrade legs, her pouch, her thick tail and long ears. Universally, all fur found on the breed is a deep rust brown, though lighter coloration is sometimes noted on the stomachs of fully furred members of the breed.

                An oddity among most other Pokégirls, Kangasscunts have difficulty walking, more likely to make short hops as they move. Tamers should be aware that this does not mean the breed is slow or easy to catch. This is because Kangasscunt's don't run, they leap across the ground at high speeds in a bounding two legged series of jumps. They can move much faster than the fastest of humans and during the war, only those in what is now the Orange Island knew that these kangaroo Pokégirls were more dangerous than they seemed. In a single standing jump, a Kangasscunt can rival the leaps of the Cockadiddle line, though because they can't glide, their leaping distance is a bit shorter. It was this ability that allowed the breed to literally be 'death from above' in battle, despite the breed being ground types.

                Kangasscunts are marsupial in appearance, with a pouch on their lower belly just below their navel. However, any child of the breed is carried to term in their womb and Pokékits or children are never kept in these pouches. Instead, the kangaroo Pokégirl’s pouch acts almost as external fat storage. Adipose tissue filling the pouch first, and protein cells quickly consuming the energy to grow. The result, depending on when the product is harvested, is anything from a doughy 'egg' of cast-off fat, to a large thick 'egg' of pure muscle tissue. These 'eggs', are around a foot in diameter, though are usually oblong, and are quite delicious when partially or wholly meat, and the 'eggs' of fat are actually quite healthy to use as flavoring in other ways such as cooking oil or stews. Denizens of the Orange Islands still call the meat 'Roo' and survivors of the War claimed that the 'eggs' taste like the meat of Pre-Sukube kangaroos.

                Due to their wide-spread use during the war, Kangasscunts are common in every league, since they were propagated for their meat, which has become a staple meat around the world. These large Pokégirls are herbivores, like the Milktit, though they tend to feed heavier on legumes and other plants that are high in protein. They require an extremely large amount of food, though if not harvested, their meat production slows, and the breed can easily become overweight.

                Kangasscunts are somewhat difficult to Tame, since most like it deep and fast, but their large stature makes it hard for all but the most endowed of Tamers to satisfy them completely. Also, they tend to kick in the throes of passion, warranting the use of restraints for their legs during taming... or the Tamer winds up flying across the taming room when the Pokégirl experiences orgasm. Luckily, their pussy is large enough that it's easy to fist them to orgasm. Also, as they enjoy taking it anally more than most Pokégirls do, making that another option for a Tamer.

                Overall, the breed is quiet and seems passive, though when their slow fuse is finally burned down, they become a fireball of anger. While not capable of entering into a true Rage, many a Harem sister has pushed this docile breed to the point of explosion, which often ends with the perpetrator ending up pounded. This makes the breed a bad choice for pushy Pokégirls like the Domina or Dark Lady, because while the Kangasscunt is slow to anger, they're also a bit slow to calm down. Often wanting to 'settle' the matter with their fists and feet.

                The kangaroo Pokégirls are moderately popular with Tamers, but with their taming needs and their constant meat production, most Tamers pass on having this breed in their Harem. Those who do have a Kangasscunt usually keep one for the food and for their battle skills. Their more impressive ability is their Soil Armor technique, allowing them to gather sand, soil, or small rocks and harden them together into full body armor. While this technique usually shows up as plates covering the more vital areas, some enterprising Kangasscunts have been known to mimic other armor styles, such as a Battle Angel's armor or that of an Armsmistress or Samurai, modified to fit their own unique body shape, of course.

                Ferals of the breed tend to seem docile, roving in loose packs called 'mobs' and foraging on choice vegetation while raising any Pokékits they may have. Predatory Pokégirls looking for an easy meal often steer clear of them, since the breed is more likely to gang up on a predator than it would be to pull a Giltlectric and offer up their 'eggs' to harassing predators. When trying to capture a feral, a Tamer's best option is to attack with Flying, Ice, Plant, or Water types, and attempt to corner one away from the mob. Tamers could keep watch on the rest of the mob, though, as sometimes the wily Pokégirls circle around and attempt to 'save' their trapped sister.

                Human girls who threshold into Kangasscunts are often dismayed at their complete loss of human features, though the rare few who become Near humans do not fare much better. Most are sold off to farms, where they spend the rest of their days helping with chores and producing meat for the general populace to eat.
MOUSEWIFE, "never underestimate the power of a Johto League Mousewife"
Type: Animorph (mouse)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style foods, cheese has special effects
Role: most often a domestic "pet", eagerly sought by many for noncombatant tasks
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, fear attacks
Attacks: Tackle, Dodge, Scratch, Kick, Agility, Cheer Up
Enhancements: Night Vision, extremely good digestive system, Heightened Intuition, Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Tactile Sense (x8)
Evolves: Tigermouse (Overtaming)
Evolves From: Titmouse (normal)

                While the Titmouse is a common Pokégirl that is often traded and thought of as useless by most League officials, the occasional one evolving to Mousewife is treasured by Breeders, pet owners, and a variety of others. When evolving, the four foot tall Titmouse loses much of her fur, the muzzle, and other animalistic qualities as she grows to an average height of five feet even. She becomes considerably more intelligent but also more docile towards authority figures.

                Mousewife is a fastidiously clean, domestically oriented Pokégirl. Even the most tomboyish and clumsy Titmouse becomes more graceful and suddenly "gets" the concept of housework, becoming proficient in short order.

                Threatening a Mousewife will quickly intimidate one unless her "lair" or children or Tamer (especially if any sort of affectionate bond exists) is also threatened. At which point it has been reported that even Psi-dykes and Tomboys have been known to back away from the terror that is an enraged Mousewife. This is caused by a form of battle rage that slumbers within the quiet and gentle domestic's heart, tapping into latent psychic potential and combining it with an adrenal state. This is not generally known beyond the simple catchphrase that has circulated for over one hundred years: "never underestimate the power of a Johto League Mousewife."

                When a Mousewife is not in this battle mode, they tend to define terms like "sweet and gentle" or "quiet and demure" - this is not an act or pretense. A Mousewife who has found a Tamer who responds to her behavior with thoughtfulness or open affection is sometimes prone to daydreaming, but the typical Mousewife in this situation is forgiven such faults.
SIDEKICK, the Wondergirl Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: varies
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style foods, varied preferences
Role: Frequently domestics, salesgirls, factory workers, pets, partners, low level harem members
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: varies
Weak Vs: varies
Attacks: Cheer, Yell, Tackle, (Others vary)
Enhancements: Toughness, Subtype Enhancement, Elemental Affinity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ingenue (any elemental stone)

                Sidekicks are a well known Pokégirl breed, seen commonly in various industries throughout the world. Tamers tend to overlook Sidekicks due to their commonality and relatively weak attacks, though some Tamers enjoy having the availability of an elemental Pokégirl without all of the hassle of the strong elemental breeds.

                An Ingenue usually evolves into a Sidekick when they are touched by any elemental stone, save for the Heavy Metal (which evolves them into a Battle Angel) or a Psi Crystal (which evolves them into a Barrier Maiden). Oddly, Ingenue can also evolve into sidekicks when staying around an element for a long period of time, much like the evolution of a Kitten into a Catfish.

                While nowhere near as powerful as the other evolved form of an Ingenue, the Battle Angel, the Sidekick is a welcome addition in any beginning tamer's harem or in areas of industry where their elemental affinity can be put to good use. Surprise evolutions are still sometimes found with the Sidekick breed, such as the most recent find of a Normal/Dragon type Sidekick.
Evolution with a Water Stone: Wet N Wild Wonder (Water)
Subtype Enhancement: Increased Lung Capacity
Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Ground
Weak Vs: Plant, Electric, Ice
Attacks: Bubbles, Rain, Bubblebeam, Slick Stroke, With experience: Water Gun

                Wet N Wild's generally have hair and nails that range from a deep blue to a blue-green and rarely white. Their eyes usually stay in the blue to green range. Most are calm and serene, though their feelings run deep; much like the saying 'still waters run deep'. Not surprisingly, they have a preference for seafood and oddly will sometimes eat plain salt or drink saltwater. This doesn’t seem to dehydrate them, as they know when to stop. WNW's can often be found as community pool lifeguards in lieu of the more popular (and powerful) water types.