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Calamity Jane: An informal name for the Queen of Spades.






Joe looked at the green-haired gentleman nervously, “Qu-questions? What kind of questions?” 




Charles Lovelace chuckled, “What’s the problem, Mister Holten? You haven’t killed anyone that I know of, so you shouldn’t be so worried. Also, it’s customary in this league to shake the hand of someone who extends theirs.” 




Joe looked down at the human’s hand for a few seconds, and then accepted it. “Uh, sorry about that. I was just wondering what the…where did you say you were from again?” 




“The Crescent League Investigations Bureau,” the green-haired man said. “Or just CLIB for short. I’ve been assigned to your case, and I wanted to get to know you better. Maybe even ask some of the right questions.” 




The two stopped shaking hands and stared at each other for a few more seconds. “Uh, Agent…Love…?” 








“Lovelace, sorry. How did you know that I was here exactly?” 




The CLIB agent smiled at the pureblood. “That.” The green-haired male pointed at the handheld part of the pokédex that Linda was still holding. “Your ‘Dex has a GPS device in it. Since I have access to that information, I looked you up and saw you were here in Hollyton. I then transported over here as quick as I could to meet you.” 




“You transported here?” Joe asked. “That must be one hell of a useful Bloodgift you got there, then.” He ended the sentence in a sarcastic tone. 




The agent chuckled, “Ah, if only. But anyways, I’d really like to talk to you since we are both here. You got a few minutes to spare?” 




“Not really. I want to get back to my room and sleep. The ‘girls decided that they wanted to splurge when we were in the store, and I’m really tired.” Joe grabbed the piece of his pokédex from Linda and put it back in his pocket. 




“Ah, I see,” Charles said. “Staying at the ‘Center, I take it?” 




“It’s free,” the dimensional traveler stated. 




“Well, in that case, I’ll come with you.” The green-haired agent smiled. “I don’t remember the way there, so you all could lead the way for me. What do you say?” 




Joe gave the agent a blank stare. “I’m not going to get rid of you, am I?” When Lovelace continued to smile without saying anything, Joe responded, “Fine.” 




As the two humans and pokégirls began heading toward the doors, another uniformed humanoid walked through the same doors that the CLIB agent came through. When Joe turned and looked at the figure, he was not sure what type of breed she was. The pokégirl had red skin, with short, dark brown hair that had red highlights. She was about his height and had a bust size that seemed to defy everything Joe knew about women. How is she able to keep those things up? Joe thought. Her body doesn’t look that strong. 




The red-skinned pokégirl looked at the other uniformed human with a frown. Joe jumped a little when he heard a very feminine, sexy voice ask, “Were you when gonna wait for me? Or were you gonna to run off and let me find you?” 




Joe started to get a small chill, wondering if this pokégirl was inside his mind or not. If this chick is a psychic-type, could that mean that she’s in my head right now? 




“Aw, c’mon Nadie,” Lovelace said. “I knew you’d be able to track me down. You’ve gotten stronger since you evolved, you got it in you.” Charles smirked. When the Alaka-Wham’s expression remained unchanged, the human looked at the group and introduced her. “Everyone, meet my…partner, Nadine, or Nadie as I like to call her. If that enormous rake didn’t give her away, yes, she is an Alaka-Wham.” 




Nadine looked at Joe, who was a few meters away from him and gave him a small smile, “Hello. You must be Den-Mar Holten. You look a little different from your league picture that was taken of you a few years ago.” 




Joe continued to stare at the psychic pokégirl, not sure what he was supposed to do. Slowly and cautiously, he said, “I…didn’t know changing…was illegal in this league.” 




The pokégirl continued to smile, “Only if that change is acceptable…” 




Everyone stood there for a few seconds in silence. Charles broke the silence, “Well, I think we need to get to the ‘Center now. You need your sleep, right Mister Holten?” 




“Yeah,” Joe said, turning his head towards the green-haired human. “We’d better get going.” 












“Fuckin’ Christ,” Joe growled as the OfficerJenny shut the Pokécenter’s room door behind the group. “Did he really have to get a room right next to ours?” 




“No,” Jennifer said. “He did it because he wants to keep track of you. He wants you to answer his questions.” 




Joe looked at the blue-haired pokégirl after he sat down in a chair that was next to the computer that was mounted on the desk. “And about that. What exactly are my rights here? Can I tell this guy to go ‘fuck off,’ or whatever the equivalent of this world is, or can he pretty much hold me in a cell forever?” 




“No, they can’t,” Jennifer stated. “But if you don’t know your rights, I suggest that I be with you every time he asks you a question. That way I can inform you if you should answer it or not.” The OfficerJenny began rubbing her bare arms with her hands as she continued to stand next to the door, as if she was cold or had felt a chill. 




Joe looked at her with some curiosity. “What’s up, Jen? You can’t be cold; Mabella is keeping us warm with that heat aura of hers. Why the chill, cool blue?” Joe ended that last question with a smirk. The Firecat had jumped on the bed and lay unmoving, as if she was already asleep. Jade had gone into the bathroom and Alia had grabbed another chair and moved behind her owner. The Catgirl had started playing with her tamer’s hair and ear flirtatiously. 




Jennifer glared at her human caretaker. “Because, Joe, this guy is CLIB.” Jennifer paused, but continued when Joe just stared at her. “There’s a reason why there organization has almost no OfficerJennies in it. They…they don’t like playing by the rules…” She looked away from him and at the ground. “They don’t care about the means to the end; they just care about the end. They won’t stop until this case is solved and they are gonna use every trick in the book to find your double.” 




Joe looked at her intensely. Christ, and that bitch was a psychic too! What if she read my mind? Suddenly, the voice that seemed to show up whenever it felt like it appeared again in his head. No, she wasn’t in your mind. Slightly surprised, Joe asked, “How do you know?” Because I would have detected her, stupid. “How?” Why don’t you just ask what you were gonna ask Jennifer? Joe took a breath and asked, “What are the rules for a psychic to read my mind?” 




Jennifer smiled slightly, “Well, she can’t scan your mind legally without a warrant, so you are safe from any legal actions if they decide to sidestep the law. I don’t think this guy will do that, though. Also, they can’t use your ‘girls knowledge against you either.” 




“Is that because they are legally my property?” 




Jennifer nodded. “Property can’t be seized or used against its owner without a warrant. Hopefully, those two won’t be able to get one on you. The investigation and that incident in Waveland were able to clear you of being suspect because of…” The OfficerJenny trailed off after she realized what she was saying. She looked away from him, remembering the other human, Joe’s doppelganger, and what he did. “Because that…thing…was found out.” 




“Wait,” Joe said. “You said that they will do anything to solve the case. What if she reads my mind without a warrant?” 




“She won’t,” Jennifer explained. “Because not only will she be seriously disciplined, but her owner will be as well. Since he is responsible for her, she won’t do anything to jeopardize her master’s future. It’s one of the things that a pokégirl won’t do to a good master.” The OfficerJenny seemed to be using tone that Joe did not recognize. It seemed to be a mixture of sadness and pride, but he could not be sure. 




“Well,” Joe responded. “That’s a relief. I thought that she’d get a slap on the wrist or go through a Level Two Taming Cycle or some little crap like that. If there’s actually going to be a consequence for her doing something illegal, then I won’t worry about it.” Joe looked the Catgirl and the NurseJoy, who had just come out of the bathroom, and then back at Officer Mercury. “Well, I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted some sleep. Is anyone joinin’ in on a nap, or is it just gonna be me and Mabella?” 












“So,” Charles said as he sat down on the bed. “What are your thoughts on him?” He looked at the red pokégirl standing in front of him. 




The Alaka-Wham looked down at her owner without any expression. “He seems to be hiding something, they all do. I don’t like it.” 




“Sooo,” the green-haired human smiled. “What should we do my gorgeous genius?” 




Nadie continued to stare coldly at him. “We should investigate anything related to mister Holten. His family for a start and then review the case file that the Waveland PD made. We can then look at anything that might be able to give us a warrant to scan their minds.” 




“You really think that they are hiding something from us?” 




Nadie’s eyes got slightly bigger. “Have you gotten a case of amnesia? His DNA changed! Obviously he’s either not the person he claims to be, or something extraordinary happened to him. I, for one, want to get to the bottom of it.” 




“Which one do you think is the most likely scenario?” The human watched as his pokégirl began calculating the odds in her head. He smiled and stated, “Ya know, you look pretty when you’re thinking hard…” 




The Alaka-Wham ignored him. “I predict that the most likely event to have occurred would be that Den-Mar Holten went through some sort of spell or experiment that made him the way that he is now. However, I do not have any other evidence than what we know, which isn’t much.” She then realized remembered something. “Dear, we need to go back to Waveland. We forgot to do something.” 




Charles looked at the red pokégirl questionably. “What would that be, Sweetheart?” 




“Just think about it. I know you will get it.” 




Charles thought for a few moments, trying to think back to everything. He finally shook his head and said, “I don’t know, babe. Can’t you just tell me?” 




Nadie looked at her owner blankly. “Sweetheart, we need to check out of the Waveland Pokécenter, unless you plan on paying for it. They probably got the message that you checked into the room here and are getting ready to bill you. And you know that Mister Stevens will not be covering that room charge.” 




“Right,” Charles said. “Well, we’d better get back there then, huh?” He got up from the bed and stood in front of the Alaka-Wham. “Well, let’s ask the nice desk worker in Waveland not to charge us.” Lovelace grabbed hold of his pokégirl and put her head into his chest. When her antennas went up, she started to use them to play with his face. Smiling softly to herself, she began to start the process of teleporting back to Waveland. Within two minutes, the room was empty. 












“So,” Joe stated as he was looking over the list of problem pokégirls that were in the area. The group had gone down to the cafeteria of the Pokécenter to get their dinner. There was nothing that was new from last night, so he just got the same meal. The group was sitting at their own table and enjoying their food, looking around for the young tamer and the CLIB agent. Joe was wondering what they were going to do in order to start making money again, since he did not like dipping into the harem’s savings. “Is there any of these that we can get some money off of and not die?” 




Alia looked at the list. “This looks like a promising one. There have been a few Spinnertits that have been causing trouble for travelers coming into and out of the town. We didn’t see them because they’re on the other side of town. I guess we lucked out on that one, huh?” 




“How dangerous are they,” Joe asked. 




“Well,” Jade spoke up. “They are poisonous, but I can cure anything that they have. Their poison is not as fast moving as their evolved form, so it will take longer than last…” Jade stopped as she remembered the last time she and her harem encountered an Arachnae. She looked down at her food, as if she had just said something that she was not supposed to say. Softly and slowly, she started to weep. 




“Jade,” Joe said. Looking across from her as she sat, he reached out to her with his hand. “It wasn’t your fault. It was an attack by a feral. A feral that just happened to get the drop on him, that isn’t your fault. You’ve got to stop thinking about it.” 




Sniffling, Jade looked up at her owner. “I can’t. What if I screw up again? What if I fail to save you? I…I…” Jade looked down and covered her face with her hands. Her body began to tremble and shake as she sat in her chair. Jade began to sniffle again as she tried to take in controlled breathes to calm herself down. “What if I fail you again? What if…what if…” Jade could not finish what she was saying. Her sobs had started to overcome her speech. 




Mabella, who was sitting next to the NurseJoy, put her arms around her harem sister and tried to comfort her. Jade moved her face so that it was covered by the Firecat’s shirt. Mabella slowly stroked the pokégirl's head as she sobbed. “It wasn’t your fault Jade,” she whispered into her ear. “Remember? You specialize in healing, not resurrecting. Den-Mar was already lost when you got to him. It wasn’t your fault.” 




Jennifer, Alia, and Joe sat watching the two, all unsure and uncomfortable about what they should do. They did not want to cause too much more of a scene and Mabella was taking care of Jade pretty well. The Catgirl, the OfficerJenny, and the human looked down at their meals, trying to get their appetites back from the scene that they had witnessed. After a few minutes, Jade had regained her composure and stopped crying. Her eyes were still red and puffy, but her green irises were just as bright as they always were. As she looked up at her owner and harem Alpha, she apologized. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have acted the way I did. I just don’t want to fail the group again.” 




Joe looked at her and took in a breath. “Look, I know that all of you blame yourselves for his death. I wanna make this clear: It wasn’t anyone’s fault. From what I know about this world, tamers die all the time. Besides, what would have happened if he had lived? Would I be here? And if I was, what would have happened to me if you three hadn’t been there to get me out of the woods…I think that I would have died out there.” He looked at his entire harem, including Jennifer. “Really. I don’t think I could have asked for a better group.” He smiled at them when he finished. 




All of them, except the OfficerJenny, started to smile brightly. Officer Mercury looked back down at her food and started to eat it again. “Look, Mister Trades, I’m not sure if I can take part in what you are doing.” She looked up at him and stared directly at him. “I know that I’m supposed to watch you and make sure that you don’t run off, but I’m not sure if I can take part in any of your tamer jobs. It would not be beneficial for me to actually keep you alive by risking my own life, just for you to make money. And I don’t think the League would appreciate one of its employees working with a tamer.” 




“Hmm,” Joe said. “I really didn’t think about that part. Hey! Since you’re now property of the League too, they would owe me money, wouldn’t they?” He smiled at the OfficerJenny




Looking at him questionably, she asked, “What do you mean by that?” 




“I paid for your new equipment, didn’t I? As far as property is concerned, the owner owes me a debt.” 




“That’s not fair!” she exclaimed. A few of the other patrons in the cafeteria looked over at the group, but turned away after a few seconds. Moving her head down closer to the table, Jennifer stated, “You can’t use that against me. What are trying to do here, Mister Trades?” 




“I’m trying to find a way for you to pay back the debt that you, or I should say your owner, owes me. We aren’t even sure if your salary is going to be honored, since you are owned by the government. That goes to show you how much this league cares for its ‘girls.” Joe kept a stern look the entire time he spoke to Jennifer. When Jennifer said nothing, he continued. “Here’s how it works: the bounty, that’s our gross income. We then take that and start subtracting all of our expenses from it. I know that might seem unfair to do it that way, but I’m not going to start having someone get hurt or worse because another team member ‘didn’t wanna waste any of their credits on the other’ nonsense. Whatever we have left over, we split it five ways; everyone gets twenty percent.” 




Officer Mercury frowned. “So you get eighty percent out of this little venture, huh? That doesn’t seem fair…” 




“I’m the three other members…owner…and since your League states that my ‘girls are seen as property, they are unable to own anything themselves. Hence, I get their cuts too. I personally don’t like it, but that’s the way your government has the rules set up. So, what do you say? Are you, as they say, ‘in?’” 




Jennifer bit down and grinded her teeth slightly to what Joe had just said. “I really don’t have a choice, do I?” 




“I’m sorry,” Joe apologized. “I guess you don’t.” 












“Are you sure that this is supposed to be the area the traders got attacked?” Jennifer complained. The group had gotten out of their room early and ate a quick breakfast in the cafeteria. They did not want to run into Agent Lovelace or any of his pokégirls, most of all, that Alaka-Wham. None of them wanted to give that psychic the chance to try out her mindreading abilities. After eating, they left the Pokécenter and headed out to the area of where the reported raids were occurring. Alia and Mabella were hiding in the trees, both searching for the Spinnertits that might be hiding above the group. That left the two very near humans and the male on the ground, walking on the path. Jennifer did not like the outdoor conditions or her casual clothes. “How much longer are we going to wait out here?” 




“Until we find something,” Joe said. “Or until nightfall. Either way, we need to start getting some bounties in. These ones are something that we can handle.” They were walking along the path of the forest area and fatigue was starting to set in. “You wanna look over the map and the areas that the caravans were getting hit?” 




“Yeah,” Mercury said. “I want to see if we are in the right place.” Joe handed his handheld pokédex to the OfficerJenny. “Are you doing fine, Jade?” 




The pink-haired pokégirl nodded. “Yes, I have the medical supplies that we bought from the ‘Center. With Mabella and Alia watching us and looking for them up in the trees, me down here to protect you with my healing abilities, and Jennifer with her elemental pistol, you should be safe.” She ended her sentence with a wink. 




Joe smiled lightly and looked back at the OfficerJenny, who was still looking at both the GPS map and reported sightings. “Have you copied that to memory yet? I thought I read somewhere where your breed had photographic memory.” 




Jennifer looked at him. “We do. But it doesn’t work like a camera, Mister Trades. This takes time.” 




After a few minutes, she handed the pokédex back and said, “Could we sit down? I’m a little tired from all this walking.” 




“Still not used to those boots, huh?” Joe asked. “If you’re getting blisters, Jade will take care of them.” 




“It’s not that,” Jennifer said. “It’s just that they aren’t exactly comfortable in these things. My uniform shoes work a lot better for long beats.” 




“They were also shinin’ like mirrors,” Joe commented. The three stopped to sit down on a log that was off to the side of the path that they all were walking on. “I didn’t think that they would be good for your feet. What, with the arches getting worn down to nothing, and all.” 




“‘Arches?’” the OfficerJenny looked at the human curiously. “What, you mean foot arches?” 




“Yeah. You’ll get flat feet if your shoes have bad arch support.” 




“I think you’re getting some things mixed up, Sweetheart,” Jade chimed in. “Pokégirls don’t have that problem humans do. We were created so that type of problem doesn’t happen to us. It’s the same reason why you don’t see pokégirls wearing any glasses either…except for when they want to have a certain look to them.” Jade finished the explanation with a wink. 




“So, does that mean that your shoes won’t use their shine after they’ve been worn for so long?” Joe asked Jennifer. 




“Goddesses, NO!” Jennifer almost screamed. “I got to keep shining those things. KATTLE material is durable and has a shine, but it isn’t forever.” 




Joe nodded and looked down at the ground, feeling a little dumb for not knowing pokégirl biology and pokégirl world materials. I guess there’s only so much you can get from stories, he thought. The primers are good too, but nothing is like gettin’ dropped into the place. Ha, it least I didn’t wind up in Noir, or **JIL**, or even goddamn Dark Continent! Learning a second language would really suck. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining; having three girlfriends has been fun, most of the time. It’s just when one of them gets in a bad mood, I’m usually the bad guy. 




**Note: JIL, or Jade Islands League, actually has two official languages: Berber and English. Most citizens speak both languages and a few speak even more.** 




After a few minutes, Joe asked, “Are we getting up soon, or should we call the kitties down so we can eat lunch?” Joe looked at the two pokégirls with him for an answer. 




“Alia and Mabella have their pokéchow to eat,” Jade stated. “So they don’t need to come down with us. We are supposed to look like it is just us, remember?” 




“Having a good cover is part of the operation,” Mercury explained. “These feral bandits must think that we are vulnerable. Otherwise they won’t make their move. They could attack from the trees or bushes anytime; so we must be prepared.” 




“Speaking of prepared,” Joe started to ask. “What’s my gun gonna do to these things? I mean, there has always been talks in my world about what guns can do in the PG, I mean this, world, but there was never any concrete answers given. Lots of thoughts and theories, but that’s about it.” 




“Well, yours is a M1911. It’s a .45 caliber gun and you have hollow point bullets in the clip. There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that you will be able to cause serious damage to the type of ferals we are after, even killing them. The bad news…you got to actually hit them first.” 




“What makes you think I can’t hit these ‘girls?” Joe asked with his ego a little bruised. 




“Shooting live targets is different from shooting cans and rocks, Mister Trades,” Jennifer explained in a matter-of-fact tone. “I’ve been watching the way that you’ve been shooting the targets. I won’t lie, you have a very good aim and it shows that you’ve had some experience using a firearm. Your problem is your timing.” 




“My timing?” 




“Yes. You take too long to fire off another shot. You are too worried about hitting your target, that if you were to miss, it would be upon you. You need to stop worrying about hitting Buzzbreast’s eyes and start worrying about how fast and how many bullets you can get into a target. Ferals are not forgiving when it comes to attacks. When they attack caravans like this that means they are getting desperate. They will do anything if they have worked out a system. Now, since I’m done with my lecture, are we gonna have lunch now or what?” 












The three ate their lunches, made of KATTLE sandwiches, silently. Joe kept looking up into the trees, hoping to spot his cat-type pokégirls. Not being able to see or hear them was beginning to worry him. Jade must have picked up on this, because she sat next to him and started to rub his back. She whispered into his ear, “They will be fine, Sweety. They are much more experienced with hunting than we’ll ever be. The ferals don’t stand a chance against the combined forces of those two.” 




Joe felt a little better, but he was still not fully convinced. Waiting around for two of the very few people that cared about him to swoop in and rescue him was not the idea that he liked. He felt that he was going fishing right now, except that he was the worm, and he was fishing for a Great White. These ferals could have gotten a hold of Alia and Mabella, quickly and silently, without anyone noticing. 




Trying to get over his cold feet of hunting these troublesome ferals, Joe tried to put his mind off to other things. Teasing Jennifer usually made him feel better, so he decided to do that. “Hey Jenny, is tonight our taming night?” He ended the question with a smile. 




The pokégirl scowled at him. “You know that it isn’t. You and I are not scheduled until tomorrow night, Mister Trades. I do not enjoy the time that we must spend together, so I wish you would stop bringing it up. May you please not do it anymore?” 




“Am I really that bad?” 




The pokégirl hesitated for a few moments. “I’m not…comfortable…with you yet. May you drop it, please?” 




Joe looked at her for a few seconds before saying anything. Finally, I stood up and said, “Come on. We should start walking back to town.” 




The two pokégirls looked up at him. “Shouldn’t we go back a little later?” Jade asked. “I thought you didn’t want to deal with that League agent.” 




“I don’t,” Joe explained. “But we can at least go looking around town again. Maybe we can find a nice place to eat or something. That cafeteria food is starting to taste like cardboard.” After the two pokégirls finished giggling, the group put away what was left of their lunches and started heading back to Hollyton. Christ, Joe thought. I wonder how much times we’re gonna need to come out here and keep looking for these things? 




The group was about an hour away from the city when they heard the branches and leaves above them begin to rustle. I guess one of the kitties almost missed a branch, Joe thought. The leaves and branches were so high and thick; Joe could not even daylight. Suddenly, something came crashing down from above and landed a few meters away from the ground group. Joe tried to make out what it was, but his vision was not the greatest when it came to identifying things within a few seconds. 




The thing that fell from the trees looked like an ordinary human female. She had amber colored hair that seemed to be somewhat short, but came down just so much that it barely touched her shoulders. Her skin was a dark, dirty brown color. However, the color did not look like it was her skin. It looked as if she had been rolling around in the mud for a few minutes when she was completely naked and had let it dry. She was wearing a small, green loin cloth with a matching top that looked like a sports bra. 




She was only on the ground for a few seconds before she rolled over on her side and hopped back onto her feet. She was almost the size of Joe, maybe an inch or two taller than he was. When she looked at Joe and his two pokégirls, he was able to make out that her irises.  They were glowing gold. The figure jumped to her right, into the air, and back flipped against a tree.  Her bare feet had grabbed onto the tree and held her in place. She did not take her eyes off the group the entire time. 




“DUCK!” a voice screamed next to Joe. When he turned to see who it was, he felt a hand slap his chest so hard he fell to the ground. When Joe hit the dirt, he let out a gasp of air and looked up. Jennifer and pushed him to the ground with her left hand and pointed her light elemental pistol at the pokégirl with her right hand. Before she could get a shot off, the brown-haired pokégirl moved her right hand in the OfficerJenny’s direction and a white substance shot out. The stringy, white substance wrapped around the blue-haired officer’s right arm and body. She struggled with the binding, but before she could snap it, she went sailing backward. It was as if an unseen force threw her like a ragdoll. Mercury went off the trail and fell behind some thick bushes. 




When Joe saw the string shoot out from the pokégirl, he had wasted no time. He was up on his knees kneeling and was pulling his pistol from the holster underneath his coat. Using both his hands to grip the gun, the human thumbed back the hammer and pointed it at the muddy figure. Before he could squeeze the trigger, Joe heard a scream ring out from above him. It was so loud; the human male was a little taken back from its volume and suddenness. The brown-haired beauty was not and wasted no time. She shot another white stringy substance from her hands, this time at the human, enveloping both his hands. At first, Joe tried to pull the sticky stuff off, but it was no use. All Joe could hear next to him was, “Oh SHIT!” 




Both Joe and Jade knew that she was going to be next on the pokégirl’s attack list and the pokégirl was trying to prepare herself for it. The muddy pokégirl tried to shoot the substance at her, but the pink-haired NurseJoy dodged the shot. Joe heard another crash from the trees and another brown-haired, dirty female fell from above. However, this new pokégirl’s skin was not dirty from mud, but seemed to be black from soot. Her body was smoking a little and some spots of her body seemed to be burned. Jade ignored all this, focusing all of her attention on her opponent. Still hanging from the tree, the pokégirl’s eyes stopped glowing. Joe was getting back to his feet, when Jade was thrown backwards about three meters. Falling on her back, she was trying roll over on her stomach and get up, but she was struggling to do so. Joe thought he was about to be eaten alive. His group got taken down, his kitties were probably fighting for their own lives, and he was defenseless. He began to shake as he stared at the pokégirl. 








Joe heard a loud explosion come from behind him and saw the pokégirl fall from the tree, landing hard on the ground. The human looked behind him and saw Officer Mercury, holding her elemental pistol in her left hand. She walked over to him, still looking at the pokégirl she had just shot. “Looks like those rounds pack a good punch, wouldn’t you say, Mister Trades?” She looked at him and saw that his hands were stuck together. “Well, I’d say that the reports on these ferals were false, huh?” 




Joe looked down at the burned pokégirl and then looked back at the OfficerJenny. “What do you mean? Is it because they have only two arms?” 




The pokégirl stared at the human, with her jaw dropping slightly. Trying to find the right words, Mercury stated, “I guess you really are from another dimension, aren’t you. No one native to this world would be that stupid. YES JOE! The lack of arms is a dead, giveaway!” 




“She’s right,” Jade explained as she walked up behind the human. “These two are Spidergirls. They are the battle stressed evolution of a Spinnertit. My Gods…they are carnivores. No wonder they were attacking the traders and tamers; they were feeding off of them. If I knew they were Spidergirls…I…I never would have had us do this…” She looked straight into Joe’s eyes. “I’m so sorry. I…I almost failed you again. I’m…I’m…” Jade’s eyes started to form tears and her voice was beginning to crack. 




“Jade, listen to me. We got to get these ferals into pokéballs. Can you take the spares from my belt and ‘ball ‘em?” Jade nodded and did what she was told. When she removed them, she tossed one at the burned Spidergirl. It was enveloped into a bright, red light that disappeared into the pokéball. She was about to throw the next one, but the burned Spidergirl was released. Everyone stood there, staring in awe at what they had just seen. “Uh…‘girls. Was that supposed to happen?” 




“No,” Mercury stated. “This is very unusual. That ‘ball was supposed to have captured her.” 




Joe looked at the two pokégirls for a few seconds. “Should we try the other one? Maybe she’ll get caught.” 




Jade walked over to the Spidergirl that had been shot and tossed another pokéball that hit her. When the same thing occurred, she looked down at the pokégirl. “Officer, what type of bullet did you use on this ‘girl?” 




“A Paralysis Poison shell,” the OfficerJenny stated. “She should be conscious, but unable to do anything. Quite effective, huh?” The OfficerJenny was almost gleaming at what she had done. 




“Quite,” the NurseJoy said. “However, I fear that we may need to help one of these ‘girls. The burned one I think should be helped, since she needs medical attention. She can help us carry this paralyzed one.” 




“Then who’s gonna carry this one?” someone shouted from the thick brush. Everyone turned to where the voice had originated from and saw another Spidergirl fly through the air, but land on her back. She was smoking and covered in soot as well. A few moments later, two very tired cat-types jumped out from the brush. “That one got smart and started running off,” Mabella explained. “Good thing me and Alia were using our foresight the whole time since we first saw these dirty lil’ whores. It took all of our double teaming to fight these blood suckers. I might have had the advantage, but they had foresight too!” Mabella was walking over to both Jennifer and Joe while she was talking. When she was next to them, she used her Burning Hands to ignite the webbing that the Spidergirl had used on them. 




Alia continued to explain. “Fights are tough to do when both fighters can see the future. It gets confusing too. I would have jumped down to help you three, but I saw Jennifer was going to get the drop on that one, so I helped Mabella out with this one.” She gave the Spidergirl they had just brought in a small nudge with her foot. “They didn’t act feral, so the ‘balls are not gonna work on them. These ‘girls are raiders.” 












“So let me get this right,” Joe asked again. “We know these ‘girls are not feral because of the way they acted and because they can’t be caught in ‘balls?” The group was taking turns carrying the three Spidergirls back to Hollyton. They should have gotten back an hour ago, but it had been three hours until they finally reached the city limits. When they had gotten to the city limits, Officer Mercury used her S.C.D. to radio in police assistance. Since they had brought the pokéraiders into the city, the authorities could arrest them and the group could collect the bounties on them. Joe and his harem were waiting for the officers to arrive, which would be any minute. 




“That’s right,” Alia explained. “I don’t know how many of them there are, but I don’t think three would be enough to make one pack.  I think there is at least one more, maybe their leader, left out there somewhere. We’ll explain the situation to the officer in charge of these bounties and ask for an additional reward if we can catch the raider’s leader.” 




“Could this be a…what are they called again?” Joe asked. “A ‘Team’ job?” 




“I doubt it,” Jennifer replied. “If this were a Team racket, there would have been a human around. Since there wasn’t and Teams tend to go after bigger game than just traders and tamers, I’d say that these ‘girls are either runaways or they are working as independent criminals.” 




“I thought Teams will go after anyone,” Mabella asked Jennifer. 




“Sometimes they do, but I don’t think they are part of a Team. The reason is due to the fact that there were no humans. Teams like throwing Loveballs and capturing humans and their ‘girls. Since this did not occur, it doesn’t seem like Team behavior. I just wish I could figure out why these ‘girls are doing what they are doing.” 




“Why do people do what they do?” Joe asked. “And who cares?  We’re making money off of this; we don’t need to solve the problem by understanding it. We can just grab the ones attacking the parties and turn them in for the bounty. That’s how we help the problem.” 




Jennifer looked at Joe. “Aren’t you the least bit curious as to why these ‘girls are acting out against the law?” 




“I think it has to do with how the law treats them. Maybe their tamer died by a feral and they refused to go back. Maybe they didn’t want to get separated and decided to not go feral by going after traders and tamers, using the humans to keep themselves from losing their sanity. Maybe they fought back when the humans decided to attack them. Who knows; they got caught by us and that’s all that matters.” 




When Joe finished his thoughts on the subject, three OfficerJennies, who looked exactly the same, and a fox-type turned down the road and begun heading toward them. When they arrived to where Joe and his harem were waiting, the fox pokégirl asked, “I take it you’re the tamer who’s helpin’ us with our Spinnertit problem?” 




“I am,” Joe started. “But as you can see, your reports were a tad off.” Pointing down to the three Spidergirls, whom all had been handcuffed by Mercury long before the group started back to Hollyton, the human continued.  “I don’t know who the guy was who made that report, but they were waaay off.” 




The fox-type pokégirl, who had a few more strips and stars on her uniform then the OfficerJennies, looked down at the spider-type pokégirls and back up at the human. “They could have evolved since that report was made, ya know.” 




“All three of ‘em?” Before the fox-type could answer, Joe raised his hand. “Whatever; I don’t care. You know the situation as to why these ‘girls are not in ‘balls. You can take them to the station. Before you do anything, I’d like to talk to them before you sentence them to anything.” 




The pokégirl’s, which Joe assumed to be a Lawfoxx, eyebrow rose. “Oh? Why would that be?” 




“I don’t think they were the only ones. If that’s the case, this problem is only stalled. You want the raids to end, I want money. I think that they could help us, with some incentive. If not, you can get a psychic to probe her and find out where they are. Either way, it’s going to be out of your jurisdiction and you’ll need someone to go out there and find the rest of them.” 




“And that’s where you come in,” the LawFoxx snorted. “Am I right?” 




Joe smiled. “You got it. So when can we do this?” 




The fox pokégirl looked at her watch. “It’s almost dinnertime now. How about you come by the station early tomorrow? We’ll work everything out then.” The Lawfoxx got out her S.C.D. and started typing on it. She looked at the OfficerJennies she came with. “‘Jennies, ‘ball these ‘girls up while I handle this.” 




The pokégirls pulled out three pokéballs and hit the pokégirls with them. They were swallowed up in a bright, red energy beam. They remained in the pokéballs, and did not rematerialize. “That’s a neat trick,” Joe stated. 




“It helps to have police modified ‘balls to capture any pokégirl, whether or not she is registered to another pokéball or not,” the LawFoxx said without looking up from what she was doing. 




“You were able to modify them so quickly?” Officer Mercury asked. 




“We were going to use them for another case,” one of the OfficerJennies explained. “However, we did not need them for it, so they were kept in our storage room until they were needed. Actually, we were about to destroy these and another one, but then you called.” 




After about a minute the fox-type stopped typing. She asked Joe for his pokédex terminal and scanned it with her S.C.D. Afterward she gave it back to him. “I’ve just scanned in your ‘Dex that you’ve collected these ‘girls. You can collect your bounty tomorrow when you come into the station. You will also meet the officer in charge of the bounties and discuss whether or not if she will share the information with you, commissioning you with the job. Do you understand?” 




Joe nodded. “Yeah, when should I come in?” 




“How does ten o’clock sound?” 




“Fine.” The human and the LawFoxx shook hands and the Hollyton police started back towards the station. Joe and his harem watched as they faded back into the small crowd of people that were walking along the town roads. The human looked back at his harem and asked, “Well, do you ‘girls wanna celebrate or turn-in early tonight?” 




The pokégirls wanted to eat something quick in the room and go to bed, so everyone started back toward the Pokécenter. Joe was wondering if they would run into that one young prick again, like they had done last time they arrived in town, but the group made it to the Pokécenter without any trouble. When they arrived, the group found Lovelace and a pokégirl they had not seen before in the same type of uniform as the human was wearing. Lovelace was talking to the NurseJoy behind the counter of the lobby and the uniformed pokégirl watched the pureblood and his harem enter. 




The pokégirl was just less than six feet tall and had long, purple hair. Her uniform seemed to be a lot tighter than the style Joe had seen Nadie and Charles wear. Joe only noticed this because her chest seemed to bulge out from how tight her uniform was. It was as if her breasts did not want to be enclosed to such a small set of clothing. She was wearing some sort of pistol that was strapped to her waist and was leaning against the counter, watching the door as the group came in. When she saw them, she lightly slapped her owner with the back of her hand on his shoulder. She did not take her eyes off of the group the entire time. 




When the purple-haired pokégirl got her owner’s attention, he turned to her to see what she wanted, but soon saw Joe and his harem enter. He turned back to the NurseJoy, who he had been talking with, for a couple of seconds before turning his attention back to Joe. “You’re a hard guy to get a hold of, Mister Holten,” Agent Lovelace stated in a somewhat loud volume. “May I ask where you were?” 




“Doing my job,” Joe answered, as he continued to walk past the three people at the counter and lead his harem toward their room. “We were taking care of the Spinnertit problem Hollyton has been having for some time. The only problem was they weren’t Spinnertits. Me and my ‘girls are very tired, Agent Lovelace…” 




“Charles,” Agent Lovelace interrupted. “You can call me ‘Charles’.” 




“…Charles,” Joe corrected himself. “And I will not be able to talk this evening. I’m sorry, but we really must be going. Have a pleasant evening, Agen…Charles.” Before Agent Lovelace could say anything, Joe was already down the hallway leading to the Pokécenter’s lodging rooms. 




Charles remained standing in the lobby, watching the group leave. Slowly, he walked back to the purple-haired pokégirl and NurseJoy. Looking at his pokégirl, he asked, “Well, I guess that’s that then, huh?” 




“You’re not going to go after them?” the Guntit asked her owner. “You could force him to sit down and answer your questions, you know.” 




The human tilted his head up and down sideways. “Yes and no. Yes, I could force him to sit down. However, he has already been cleared as a suspect to this case. I can’t really do too much to him without that ‘Jenny screaming harassment.” He looked back at the hallway. “Besides, you and I could use this time to spend by ourselves.” 




The Guntit looked at the human sternly. “You are supposed to be using this time to question Mister Holten. Wouldn’t you be neglecting your duties?” 




“I thought making you happy was my duty, Yuzuko.” The pokégirl did not make any change in her expression. “Say, why don’t you and I go out tonight? I saw this good looking restaurant…” 












“I wonder what type of pokégirl the officer in charge of bounties is gonna be,” Joe asked out loud as he and his harem waited in the lobby of the Hollyton police station. When the group got into the room the night before, they ate a very small, quick meal and went straight to sleep. It was supposed to have been Mabella’s turn to be tamed, but the two agreed to just hold everything off for a day, due to the day’s events. When they awoke, much earlier than they all had anticipated, everyone showered in the communal showers that the Pokécenter offered, since they all wanted to leave as soon as possible and not run into Charles again. They all went out to a restaurant to have a nice breakfast for celebrating yesterday’s bounties. Joe and his harem had arrived at the police station a little early and were waiting for the officer to ask them back to her office. 




“I hope that it’s not another dog-type,” Mabella stated. 




“Is that because you’re a ‘kitty kitty’?” Joe asked, trying control the laughter growing within him. He struggled to control himself even more when both Alia and the Firecat he addressed scowled at him. Trying to shift the question a little, Joe asked Jennifer, “What other kinds of pokégirls usually are part of the police force?” 




“There are a lot of breeds, Mister Holten,” she responded. She remembered that Joe did not want to be called “Joe Trades” while he was in public. “There are usually OfficerJennies, Growlies and their evolutions, Guntits, LawFoxxes, and even some spider-types. Psychic-types are a little hard to find in this league, due to its conservatism of protecting humans, but almost every station does employ them. There are usually many different types of breeds found in all throughout the league; they say ‘no one police station is the same’.” 




“Who managed the bounties in Waveland?” Joe asked. “We never did get to meet her.” 




“Major Bethany Vancamp. She was a Tigress pokéwoman that didn’t mess around. A lot of us ‘Jennies knew that if she ordered the ‘Jennies off of a case, she was doing something she shouldn’t do to close it. Of course, no one wanted to bring anything like that up with her. There were only about three others that could outrank her and they did not care. They want cases closed and the bad guys caught, so that’s what she does for them.” 




Joe looked at her and asked, “I take it you don’t agree with her…tactics?” 




Officer Mercury thought for a few seconds. “She’s someone that can get the job done, and that’s all I’ll say on the subject.” 




When the OfficerJenny finished her sentence, the receptionist told Joe that Major Blackwell would see them. An OfficerJenny had arrived from within the station and going to escort them to the Major’s office. The group stood up and from the benches and followed the pokégirl inside the station. After about a minute, they were led to a closed door. The officer ordered them to open the door and proceed in.  As Joe opened the door and walked in, he was surprised at whom he saw. “You…you’re…” 




“Major Deanna Blackwell,” the Lawfoxx from yesterday introduced herself. “Please have a seat, Mister Holten.” 




Joe walked over to the chair in front of the desk and sat down. “How do you know my name?” 




“I read your ‘Dex information when I scanned it with my S.C.D. I also read the file that the League has posted up about you. It seems as though you’re a person of interest.” The LawFoxx smirked coldly. 




“The League has me confused with someone else,” the human responded. “The real guy blew up a building while I was in jail. Then, I was attacked in a building which was set afire by the guy. I guess they still can’t get a hint.” 




“Perhaps,” the Major said. “However, I’m not talking to you about your case with the authorities. I want to talk to you about this bounty. You asked to be the one to catch the ringleader of these ‘girls. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but since you need to have that ‘Jenny with you at all times, I guess that makes you trustworthy whether you want to be or not, doesn’t it? 




“If you can catch the raiders doing this, I’ll give you the same bounty. If you catch their ringleader, double. You’ll be given six modified ‘balls that will be locked and unable to use. I’ll give the genetic code authorization to your ‘Jenny, so she’ll need to ‘ball the suspects up. Once you do that, come back here and hand them off to me. You will not get a bounty until they have all been examined by our psychic officer. Are these terms acceptable?” 




“I think so,” Joe said. “Do I get my money now for the three I brought in? I wanna make sure I got enough supplies to go after them.” 




“Sure,” the LawFoxx smiled. “I’ll have you discuss what was found with the interrogator herself.” The LawFoxx asked for someone named “Jean” to come into her office through the intercom on her desk. She then asked for Joe’s pokédex again, which he gave to her without saying a word. Major Blackwell scanned it with her S.C.D. again and gave it back to him. “There is your reward money. All you need to do now is wait for Jean to come in and give you the information and you’ll be all set.” 




Everyone waited for a few more seconds until the door opened. A roundish pokégirl walked in, moving as if she was stuck in slow motion. Her hair was an almost pale pink, so pale in fact; it almost looked as if she was sick. Her size was not very impressive either. As Joe stood up, the pokégirl came only up to his chin. “Jean, this is the young man whom you will be inserting the information into. Please do it quickly so that he may get to work.” 




The pokégirl stared blankly into the human’s eyes, as though she was completely uninterested in what was happening. Before Joe could say anything, he was experiencing a huge tingling sensation throughout his entire head. The human closed his eyes due to reflex, but tried to keep them open. This caused his eyelids to flutter and his body started to tremble. Joe could not say how long this lasted for, but it felt like only a few seconds. After it was over, Joe remained standing where he was and found himself looking directly into the pokégirl’s bored eyes. She looked past Joe and directly at Major Blackwell. “Am I done, ma ‘am?” 




“Yes, Jean,” the LawFoxx responded. “You may go now.” After the pokégirl left, Joe turned around and the Major said, “If there is nothing else, Mister Holten, you may go.” The pokégirl then looked down at her desk and started moving documents around. 




“Don’t we need those modified ‘balls to capture the ‘girls?” Joe asked. “I thought Officer Mercury would be getting those.”  




“Uh, Den-Mar,” a voice from behind him chimed up. When the pureblood turned, he saw Officer Mercury wearing a tamer’s belt with six pokéballs attached to it. “We took care of that while you were…getting the location of the raiders last known base. You know where it is, right?” 




Joe was about to say “No, I don’t,” but froze when he opened his mouth. It was as if he had went out to the location himself and actually walked through the forest to the clearing. He even knew about how long it would take to get out to the spot too. There were three pokégirls left, at least there were yesterday. “Yeah, I do. I think we should be able to take them out too, if we can get the drop on them.” 




“Is that so,” Alia cooed. “Well, aren’t you ‘Mister Confident’ now.” 




“They don’t know that we are coming,” Joe reassured. “And I know where they are. I think it’s time to raid the raiders.” 












“Okay,” Joe explained. The group had set out from the police station and went straight into the forest. They had hiked for about a half an hour, both on and off the trails. All of a sudden, Joe stopped and told everyone to gather around him and to speak in hushed tones. “The spot where they are camping is about half a mile or so in this direction. They usually have the Ria on lookout up in the trees. The Blastits is usually right next to the CalamityJane, since she used to be the Alpha. The ‘Jane is the leader of this outcast Team cell.” 




“Wait,” Jennifer spoke up. “What do you mean, Joe? An ‘outcast Team cell’?” 




“Well,” Joe said. “If what that psychic cop inserted into me is correct, this group was supposed to…collect… ‘girls to be Level Fived and used for the Team’s purposes. Everything seemed to be going good, until one of the pieces of equipment malfunctioned.” 




Jennifer continued to look at the human. “By ‘equipment,’ you mean…” 




Joe nodded. “The stupid fuck nailed himself with his own loveball. He turned into a ‘Jane and has been camping out in the forest here for a while now. He…SHE…is too afraid to go back to her boss. Can’t say I blame her really.” Joe looked in the direction that the camp was in, and then back at his harem. “Okay, here’s how I want this done. Alia and Mabella, I want you two up in the trees. Move around so that you both will be facing the way that the three of us will be coming in. In other words, stay on the north side facing the south. I don’t want you to attack until you see us in position. We’ll signal you when we are ready. Here is where the plan is gonna get a little complicated ‘girls, so listen up. 




“Plan on attacking the Ria first. That is, if any of us are spotted, just attack the Ria. If none of us are caught and everything is going smoothly, ambush her after we give you a signal. This is going off of the plan that the Blastits and the ‘Jane are hiding in that tent of theirs. If one of them is out, this is where we use ‘Plan B’. Jennifer will aim her pistol at one of the two and fire when she’s sure she has a clean shot. This will down one of the three targets and distract the Ria. When the Ria turns to see what is happening, strike. 




“If you both bring down the Ria before we do, I want Alia to help us. Mabella, I can’t risk you getting hit with that Blastits, so you will need to guard that Ria. Jennifer’s the only one that can catch these ‘girls, so she’s our VIP, not me. I’ll try to shoot the ‘girls with my gun, but mine is far less effective than Mercury’s. Does everyone got the plan?” 




“What am I to do, Joe?” asked Jade. 




“Jennifer and I will be staying close to each other, so stay close to both of us. If we get tagged by the ‘Jane’s gun, you should be able to help us out quick. Anymore questions?” When everyone shook their heads, Joe said, “Alright, let’s make some money.” 




The three watched as the cat-types jumped into the trees and disappeared. They waited a minute or so, and then started to move toward the Team’s camp. They moved slowly and tried not to make any sound. When they got about fifty meters to the camp, the human, OfficerJenny, and NurseJoy got on their stomachs and crawled the rest of the way. It was difficult for Joe to move the way it did, but he was determined to keep up with the two pokégirls. A few minutes later, they made it to the camp. 




The camp was a clearing that had two tents set up in the middle. One was where the food and provisions were kept and the other was for sleeping and taming. Joe knew the one on his left was the one for sleeping and most likely housed his two targets. The human looked up into the trees, trying to spot the Ria or the cat-types that were hiding. The Ria took him about a minute to spot, since she was sitting down. Fortunately, for Joe and his harem, the Spidergirls were not due back for another few hours and the Ria was not to move from her lookout position. Boredom was setting in for her and she had let her guard down, greatly. She was staring off into the East, not having a care in the world it seemed. Joe turned his attention toward the north, trying to find the rest of his harem. 




After about two minutes, he was about to give up when he saw something drop. He was not sure if it was a stick or what, but he soon saw another one drop too. When he whispered to Jennifer that he thought the cat pokégirls were in position, she nodded. Her firearm was already drawn and was pointed at the left tent, ready to make her first shot. Joe decided that it was time to make the signal. He moved his left hand out and started tapping his left wrist with his right index finger, as if he was telling someone that they were running out of time. After a few seconds of this, he stopped and pulled out his own pistol. He looked back at the Ria, who was still looking toward the east, and waited for his harem to attack. 




Joe watched as the Ria did not move from her spot. A minute had passed by, but for him, it seemed like an hour. Out of the cover of the trees, Alia dived feet first and kicked the Ria right in the back of the head. The pokégirl fell forward and straight out of the makeshift tree stand she was in. Falling on her chest when she hit the ground, the pokégirl began to stagger as she got to her feet, holding her head the entire time. Mabella appeared from the trees tops and, in the same format as her Alpha, landed on the Ria’s head. She hopped off the pokégirl’s head and turned back toward her opponent. As the Ria started to get up again, but much slower, Alia jumped from the stand and landed on the Ria’s head in the same way Mabella did. This time, the electric pokégirl did not get up. The two cat-types stared down at the pokégirl, but Mabella used her flamethrower attack.  




Joe turned his attention toward the tent, but no one had come out yet. He was beginning to think that they would need to go into the tent and start shooting everything, but then there was some movement within the structure. “HEY! What the fuck are you doing out there?!” The tent’s “door” started to unzip and Jennifer thumbed back the hammer on her pistol. The three waited for the pokégirl who yelled the question to come out or at least reveal herself. A large, blue feminine figure came out of the tent and looked toward the direction of where the Rai and the cat-types were. Joe could hear the OfficerJenny take in a deep breath and saw the Blastits shift her body so she was pointed directly at the cat-types, who had just recently looked in the Blastits direction. The blue, busty pokégirl clasped her hands together, preparing to use her Water Gun on the attackers. 








Joe’s left ear felt like it had just popped from the sound of the elemental pistol going off. The human saw the shot pokégirl fall to the ground hard. She started to flinch and jerk for a few seconds, but stopped soon after. Everyone remained where they were, not moving from their positions. Joe whispered to Jennifer, “Should we move in on the tent now, or wait?” 




Before she could respond, the group heard six sharp cracks of gunfire. 








The CalamityJane had fired through the tent; all in the direction of the gunshot that Officer Mercury fired from. Luckily, none of the shots hit the group. “Now what do we do?” Joe asked. 




“You’re the big planner,” Jennifer growled. “You tell us.” 




“I didn’t plan on her hiding out in the tent.” 




“Well, that’s what she’s doing. I doubt she’s going to come out of there.” 




Joe frowned a little. “I guess I’m gonna need to give her some initiative to come out then.” The human pointed his pistol at the tent and started to fire at the structure. 








After his shots were made, the group watched the tent, but nothing happened. After about ten seconds, another six shots were fired from the tent. Everyone took cover and the bullets missed again. Fuck, Joe thought. At this rate, we’ll never get her out. The voice that decided to help the human from time to time seemed to have heard his plea. 




You rang? The voice asked. 




This CalamityJane is being a bitch, Joe explained. What the fuck do I do? 




What do you mean, ‘what do I do?’ This is simple. Burn the tent down. 




How am I gonna do that? 




…With your Firecat? 




Joe looked over at Mabella, who had gotten down on her hands and feet and trying to stay as low to the ground as possible. The human smiled at her and waved his hands to get her attention. When he succeeded, he pointed at her and made his hand into a fist. He then opened it, as if he was expelling something from his palm, and pointed it into the tent. He was trying to mimic the Firecat’s flamethrower attack, but the young, blonde pokégirl was not getting it. After a few times, Alia decided to whisper to her harem sister what their master wanted her to do. The look of understanding what she was to do washed over the blonde’s face. The Firecat crouched up to the tent and expelled a serious amount of flames all around and onto the structure. 




The flames enveloped the structure for about twenty seconds before a blonde-haired figure jumped out from the enclosed area. Most of her clothes had been burned up and her skin was covered in black and red burns. The pokégirl scowled in the direction she had been firing in and raised her gun toward the group. 








Joe felt as if his ear had finally popped and thought he had gone deaf. The OfficerJenny had fired her pistol straight into the pokégirl’s chest, causing her to fall over. The CalamityJane did not move or twitch afterward. Officer Mercury got up and started to use the modified pokéballs on all the downed raiders. After she was done, everyone was in a great mood for what they had all accomplished together. Even Officer Mercury was smiling brightly. 




“Ya know,” Joe stated. “I think that this is the first time that I’ve actually seen you in a great mood, Jen.” 




Jennifer looked at the human. “Oh, so I’m always grumpy then?” 




“No, I just can’t remember if I’ve ever seen you smile so happily and brightly…” 




“Is there something wrong with the way I smile?” 




“A little,” Joe said. “You don’t do it often enough.” He ended with a small smile of his own. 




“Well, maybe if I had something to smile about, I’d do it more…” 




“What, you don’t like my jokes?” 




The OfficerJenny smirked, but looked away from the human. “I think that we should get back to town and turn these ‘girls over to the Major. Maybe then Joe can treat us all to a nice meal and a soak and massage in the ‘Center’s spa.” After the blue-haired pokégirl offered this thought up, everyone started to smile and giggle even more. Everyone except the human, that is.  




“Doesn’t something like that cost extra money?” Joe asked nervously. “I mean, we just earned some extra dough, and now you ‘girls wanna blow it right away?” 




“What,” Alia asked. “Aren’t we good enough to get a little pampering? We risked our necks and lives out here in the forest and we can’t get a little pleasure out of it?” 




Joe looked at all the pokégirls, who were wondering what he was going to say next. “There isn’t going to be a way or anything that I can say that will make us not spend money, is there?” 




The Alpha grinned at the pureblooded human. “Nope, there isn’t.” 












“So,” Jade asked her master as the two soaked in the Pokécenter’s pool. The group had made it back to the police station in Hollyton in the early afternoon and collected the bounties. Jennifer, Alia, and Mabella had decided to get massages in the “spa” section of the building. Jennifer was not prepared to leave Joe out of her sight, but she eventually gave in and decided to go with the cat-types. Since clothing was optional for the pool area, and it was almost completely vacant when the two walked in, Joe and his NurseJoy decided to skinny-dip. Joe was a little nervous at first, since he had not been naked around anyone besides his harem, but Jade was able to convince him. 




The two were using a small corner of the pool, a human looking pokégirl was swimming laps, and two turtle looking pokégirls were talking softly to each other. Jade explained that the two turtle-types were Whoreturtles, and their job was to probably keep the pool purified. Jade had also explained that they would evolve into Blastitses, just like the one they had fought a couple hours ago. When Joe asked what breed was swimming laps, Jade was not sure. “I’m not interested in seeing that ‘girl,” she cooed in her tamer’s ear. “I’m interested in what I can do with you in here.”  The pink-haired pokégirl gently grabbed the human’s exposed sex organ and started to tuck and rub it in her gentle, wet hand. 




Joe gasped at the sudden action by his pokégirl. He was torn between what he should do and how he should act. He did not want to start a taming session with his pokégirl in front of three complete strangers, even ejaculating in the water that they were all were using. To Joe, that would be just plain rude. On the other hand, Jade smelled very good and was doing all the right things to make him eager to continue. Joe felt as though he should make his pokégirl share a little of the sexual frustration he was having. The human reached his right arm around her hips, slid his hand down her buttocks, and in-between her legs. 




Jade shivered in Joe’s hands, and his fingers, but he continued to rub her sensitive area. “Mmm…Master,” the NurseJoy whimpered. “Are you thinking about having a sex match, right here in the pool?” 




“Not really,” Joe whispered. “I just want you to have a taste of your own medicine.” The two continued to caress each other, kissing every so often as they continued to relax within the pool and one another’s arms. 




Things were going pretty good for Joe. He had made his NurseJoy climax and he was about to do the same himself, when he heard a familiar voice call out. “CELINA! Celina are you in here?” Joe turned in the direction of the voice, which had come from the doors that connected the pool area with the rest of the Pokécenter. The pureblooded human found himself staring up at a young, green-haired man wearing a uniform. The uniformed human looked down at Joe and Jade with a blank look on his face. “Oh…you’re here. What a coincidence.” 




A little aggravated from coming so close to an orgasm, but not climaxing, Joe asked, “What? You didn’t know we were in here? I thought you’d have come in here as soon as you found out I was back.” 




Agent Lovelace smiled. “Well, I would have, if I’d known you had gotten back. But I saw that you left early again and did not check out of your room. I figured you’d be coming back and that you would not be leaving without talking to me first, so I didn’t worry about it. Actually, I seemed to have misplaced one of my ‘girls and I was…” He looked up from the couple that he had been talking to and toward the pokégirl that was swimming laps around the pool. “Ah, there she is. Celina!” 




Joe turned to look at the pokégirl who had stopped swimming and stood within the water. Staring up at the clothed human, the pokégirl stated, “I thought Maria told you where I was. She knew I was going to be exercising.” 




The CLIB agent looked a little embarrassed. “Oh, that’s what she wanted to tell me…I guess I should have asked her where you were first before suggesting she tell me after a taming session, huh?” He looked back at the couple soaking in the pool and watching the conversation unfold before them. “Well, I guess if you got some time later, why don’t you answer some of my questions later on today? When you’re not busy, that is.” He finished his statement with a wink. 




“I might just do that,” Joe replied. “But I have a few conditions before I do so.” 




“Oh,” Charles said. “I hope that they are not anything too world shattering.” 




“One of the conditions is me getting a fake identity,” the naked human stated. “This guy knows what my name is, and I want to be able to get the drop on him. A fake ID will do that.” 




The CLIB agent thought about this condition. “That sounds reasonable. It would make everyone’s job easier if he couldn’t find you on the drop of a hat, seeing as how he’s targeted you in the past. Anything else?” 




“My ‘Jenny is in the room with me.” 




“Well, duh. She needs to be in the room…basically. Anything else?” 




“No physic scans. You need to take my word when I answer your questions.” 




“Ah,” Charles said uncomfortably. “I don’t know about that one. If you don’t take one, it might look like you are hiding something from us.” 




“Doesn’t everyone have something to hide?” 




“Well, yeah…but not everyone is a target in a murder investigation.” 




“I will be able to tell you why he is targeting me. Will that little piece of info help you out?” Joe asked with a small, evil grin. “Or should I keep that all to myself?” 




A small look of surprise came over the agent’s face. “Is that a fact? Well, now I do want to talk to you. When should we do this?” 




“Tomorrow sound good to you?” 




“One o’clock?” 




“Why not?” Joe asked. “I don’t mean to cut this discussion short, Charles, but I think Jade wants to get back to what she and I were doing.” Joe had been rubbing his NurseJoy’s sensitive area throughout the entire talk. The pokégirl was starting to have a flushed face and softly buried it in Joe’s chest, due to the extra sensitivity brought on after having her orgasm. 




“Very well,” Charles said. “One o’clock then. Celina, make sure that they don’t get carried away and drowned, huh? I wouldn’t want my only lead to die from a taming accident.” He winked at the couple before leaving the pool area and returning back to the rest of the Pokécenter. 












“Well,” Jack Box stated to Babs. “We made it here.” They had been hiking through the forest for a couple of days. They had been traveling off the trail and trying to stay out of the way of everyone they had come across that had more pokégirls than them. Sadly, there was no one on their way to Peekabu Village, so they could not get anymore pokégirls that were already “trained”. “Now we can gather up what we really need, right?” 




The Mini-Top frowned. “What do you mean by that? I’m not enough for you?” 




“Oh, you’re enough for me all right,” The Dark Haired Man reassured the pokégirl. “But I need a backup ‘girl, just in case I run into any…snags…in the road. Plus, you’ll get to have a pet too, if all this goes according to plan.” He smiled brightly at the bunny-type. 




“Oh, I like it when you smile like that, Darling,” Babs moaned. “I’m just dying to find out what things you have in store for our next little project.” 




“Me?” The human looked at the Mini-Top questionably. “Don’t you mean… ‘we’?” The two figures smiled and laughed sinisterly into the night as they approached the quiet and small town of Peekabu Village. 
















Pokédex Entries






BLASTITS, the Humping and Pumping Pokégirl


Type: Near Human


Element: Water


Frequency: Uncommon to Rare


Diet: vegetarian, seafood


Role: firefighting, hydration


Libido: Average


Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water


Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant


Attacks: Water Gun, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Withdraw, Bubbles, Slick Stroke, Flash Flood, Go Down, Wet Jet, Quickturn


Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Increased Water Capacity, Armored Shell, Purify Water, Vaporous Aura


Evolves: None


Evolves From: Whoretortle (normal)




                Blastits is the final evolution of a Squirtitty. Once a Whoretortle receives enough Taming and combat experience, she will evolve to her final form. The changes from Whoretortle to Blastits aren’t as pronounced as her previous evolution. Her chest expands to a generous D cup, all the better to hold water with. Her shell becomes stronger, and is now able to turn aside most projectile attacks. One notable instance of this was when a Blastits covered her Tamer to protect him from Pokégirl thieves who were using some sort of forbidden tech gun that fired small projectiles.


                A Blastits’ Water Gun attack is highly compressed, and can pump out a lot of water before she runs out. Water Gun attacks from a Blastits have been known to be able to knock down bolted doors, and can easily stun or even kill most other beings it hits. Many cities have a few Blastits on hand to fight fires that break out. A small squad of Blastits can easily quench all but the mightiest of infernos.


                A Blastits is able to use more subtle water manipulations now also. When using her Go Down attack, she can use her Wet Jet technique to spit a small but concentrated stream of water at her opponent’s sensitive areas. Combined with her Slick Stroke attack as well, a Blastits is a strong pokesex fighter. Her martial prowess is also greater than before. She can use her Quickturn attack to easily spin around and then use Withdraw to let her shell absorb enemy blows, and then use Quickturn again to turn back around to fight back. Her Flash Flood attack is when she uses Water Gun from her mouth and both of her breasts at once. The resulting deluge of water is strong enough to literally wash opponents away, and can quickly flood enclosed spaces.


                A Blastits can clean a modest sized lake of pollution in an afternoon by using her own body as a filtration system. Any larger than that takes days or even weeks, and can result in the Blastits becoming ill. A Blastits can also use Vaporous Aura, releasing some of her body’s moisture as water vapor. This humidifies the air, and while it can raise how hot it feels on a warm day, any nearby water Pokégirls will feel relaxed and more comfortable, and won’t need as much water to stay hydrated. This makes Blastits a very popular choice among Water-type Pokégirl Trainers, who will keep her around the rest of the Harem while they are inland and away from abundant water to slow the effects of dehydration. A Blastits herself doesn’t benefit from her own aura, since she's releasing her own water to create it. However, a Blastits still can easily go over a week without needing to be submerged in water.


                Feral Blastits are dangerous more to a local ecosystem than people. While she can cause modest property damage with her Water Gun attack, repeated uses of Flash Flood will flood fields and turn the surrounding area into a large mud pit in short order. It’s rare for a Threshold girl to become a Blastits, but a few such cases are known. 






CALAMITYJANE, the Rebel Gunslinger Pokégirl


Type: Very Near Human


Element: Poison/Fighting


Frequency: Uncommon (Indigo, Johto, Sunshine Leagues), Rare (All other Leagues)


Diet: Human-style diet


Role: Vandal, Criminal, Anarchist, Vigilante


Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Poison, Rock, Steel


Weak Vs: Flying, Ground, Psychic


Libido: Average


Attacks: *Manifest Weapon (S&W Handgun), *Pistol Whip, *Tomahawk Toss, Grappling techniques, Various whip techniques, Wrap, Poison Lash, Needleshot, Various gun techniques, (At High Levels) Master Blow


Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x5), Enhanced Strength (x5), Light magical affinity allowing for infinite ammo and light magnetic field generation, Encyclopedic knowledge of all laws


Evolves: GhostRider (death, corpse reanimated by a Megami-sama)


Evolves From: None




                The use of Post-Sukebe Pokégirl species such as the NurseJoy, OfficerJenny, and MaidYvette were understandably popular. They were easy to produce in a lab, natural domesticates, and fairly easy to get along with, with later discovery of each individual breed’s evolutionary forms making them even more prized. However, due to the early unpopularity of the third series, the MaidYvette and the issues with that breed before the discovery of her multiple evolutionary forms, the art of mass producing nearly identical Pokégirls would almost become a lost art. Realistically, many Leagues gave up on the projects, shelving them secretly and destroying the processes in an attempt to prevent another War of Revenge from occurring. No one wanted another Sukebe taking advantage of the ease of creating such ‘girls to produce another army to menace the world peace. While there was some outcry from the scientific community against the decision, a great number protesting that they should at least be allowed to create more Joys and Jennies, operations were shut down completely around 40 AS. The job of keeping the numbers of these Pokégirls up would be regulated over to Breeders. 


                Things remained quiet for a long while. It would be proven over one hundred years later, though, that there was indeed a genuine cause for concern. The fears of the various League officials would be confirmed in a dramatic way. Appearing in 168 AS, a new breed of Pokégirl would appear, one created in a similar vein to the NurseJoys , MaidYvettes, and OfficerJennys. One created by the criminal element, by Team Rocket itself! This breed of Pokégirl would become known as the CalamityJane


                CalamityJanes, also simply referred to as ‘Janes,’ were a staple of many Team Rocket groups for years, as well as the many offshoots that came up. Created by a group of rogue scientists who were against the ruling of the League officials, they had joined Team Rocket, recreating the processes from memory. They were created from the same genetic base as the OfficerJenny, NurseJoy, and MaidYvette, but were drastically different. Janes were designed to be the antithesis of OfficerJennys, meant to be a breed of Pokégirl that would scoff at the law and commit any and all crimes commanded of them to perform. They would be loyal partners to Team Rocket operatives and follow any and all orders without hesitation, to be free of such ‘limitations’ as conscience and morals. 


                They got it partially right. 


                As mentioned before, CalamityJanes were made by Team Rocket scientists who had left the League governments when the processes of creating OfficerJennys and NurseJoys were hidden, the equipment and plans destroyed. Recreating the processes from memory, they used their skills and Team Rocket resources to produce this new breed. As with the Jennys, Joys, and Yvettes, they are very similar in appearance to one another, barring slight regional variances. Dark, earthy brown hair is commonplace amongst the breed, as is a B-cup bosom. The majority of the breed has a fondness for the ‘cowgirl’ motif in terms of dress, and can usually be found wearing some form of that look, with some going in the opposite direction, favoring a ‘Native American’ style of dress, or whatever the pre-Sukebe national equivalent was. (For instance, in Edo some have been known to adopt an Ainu-type of dress, similar to the natives of the northern part of Pre-Sukebe Japan.) Some have also been known to go in for a ‘punk’ style of dress and persona, but those are rarer than the ‘cowgirl’ type. 


                The fighting style of a CalamityJane is vastly different from the OfficerJenny, all sense of fair play being thrown out the window. CalamityJanes aren’t afraid to cheat, use dirty tricks, whatever tactics they need to in order to win. They can use their light magical affinity to summon guns to their hands for use in firefights, and many have been known to use whips. More experienced Janes can use Poison Lash on their bullets, coating them in poison as they fire them. They can also generate a small magnetic field in their hands to create a makeshift tomahawk out of surrounding rocks and metals. 


                In terms of personality, that’s where things started to go wrong. 


                CalamityJanes as a whole were bred to be defiant to authority. They would openly defy police, doing whatever they pleased, fulfilling any and every whim that came to them. The problem was, is that most of them would defy their Tamers as well. At first they would be seen obeying their masters in Team Rocket, but a few months in several incidences of CalamityJanes abandoning their Tamers in the field were reported. They would disobey anyone they didn’t respect. This led to problems initially when people began trying to tame CalamityJanes for use with regular Tamers and law enforcement, but this quickly faded once people began to figure out what the standards of each individual Jane was. 


                In the ultimate form of insult to injury, a great many CalamityJanes have been known to be respectful of the law. They won’t work with any established police force or government organization, as their inbred defiance had left them naturally mistrustful of major authority groups, but they have been known to become vigilantes, taking out criminals and bringing people to justice that Jennies couldn’t touch. Something completely opposite of what the Team Rocket scientists who created them originally intended. Some attribute this to the fact that they were loosely based on the Jenny in design, unintentionally giving them the same knowledge of all laws that Jennies have. Their attempt to use the Jenny base to create their antithesis backfired on them greatly. 


                Jennies tend to be ambivalent towards them. They don’t like the fact that the breed work outside the law, and will not hesitate to arrest them, but they are willing to work alongside them if the need calls for it and ‘look the other way’ after the crisis is over to allow them escape. They also respect those that choose vigilantism over banditism, as while they work outside of the law, they do manage to do what Jennies can’t due to their own limitations. 


                As their feral state was very light, they were able to maintain enough control for form loose groups of roving ‘bandits’ (for lack of a better term), ambushing wandering Tamers for Taming and stealing their equipment and ‘girls, selling them off for supplies. As their hair color was more natural than those of Jennies and Joys, they were better able to blend in with humanity to go into town and get what they needed. (Indeed, their lack of overly colorful features was deliberate, as Team Rockets also meant them to be infiltrators.) Attempts to stop them from running away when pressed have been proven useless so far, as they are almost as good at escapes as Gypsies.


                What’s most important to a CalamityJane is respect. If the Tamer can earn their respect in some way, then the likelihood of the Jane leaving them diminishes greatly. The only true way to keep a Jane in place is to form a Delta Bond with them or Recognize, but that has proven to be an extremely rare occurrence, with there being no recorded cases of Recognizing with a Jane at all. It is VERY difficult


                Taming a CalamityJane is a surprisingly soulful experience. While one would think the Jane would be dominant and overall aggressive with the leather and whips, this Pokégirl breed is pretty obsessive about intimacy. They are uncomfortable sharing Taming sessions and when they are being Tamed, show a submissive nature to their Tamer as well as try to keep as much body-contact as possible. Janes also like being outdoors when they're being Tamed, often during night in areas of nature, be it the middle of a forest, a grassy field, or a desert plain. It is unsure what aspect of the Janes’ genetic make-up brought on that desire, but it is speculated to have come from a simple culmination of what made them what they are.


                There have been a few recorded cases of a girl Thresholding into a CalamityJane. Usually they come from families that have Jane DNA in them, although in recent years some have been showing up in families with any mass-production type DNA as the families intermixed. One notable and tragic incident in the mid 200s occurred when the daughter of a celebrated OfficerJenny thresholded into a CalamityJane. The daughter grew up mistrusting her mother, falling in with a group of Limbec Pirates. Eventually, mother and daughter confronted each other in a shootout, the OfficerJenny being forced to shoot and kill her own daughter, who had taken hostages. The Jenny and her Tamer retired shortly after the incident. 




·         Manifest Weapon (S&W Handgun) - (EFT) The CalamityJane concentrates, making a handgun styled after a Smith & Wesson Volcanic (or whatever their preferred style of handgun us) appear in her hand.


·         Pistol Whip - (ATK 15) A weaker version of Cold Cock, yet wields first strike with its superior speed. The CalamityJane takes the hilt of her gun and strikes her opponent in the head with it. Has a 20% chance of causing Stun.


·         Tomahawk Toss - (ATK 60, 20) A Rock-type technique exclusive to the CalamityJane. The Pokégirl manifests and throws a stone tomahawk at the opponent. There is a 25% chance of the weapon arcing back to strike the target again.






LAWFOXX, the Foxy Cop Pokégirl


Type: Near Human/Metamorph (vulpine)


Element: Electric/Fighting


Frequency: Rare, usually found at police stations


Diet: Omnivorous with strong leanings towards carnivorous


Role: Law enforcement


Libido: Average


Strong Vs: Water, Steel, Rock, Ice, Normal


Weak Vs: Ground, Dragon, Psychic, Plant


Attacks: Tackle, Takedown, Pummel, Handcuff Bondage, Wrestle, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Rolling Spark, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Static Barrier, Zap Ring, Mag Bomb


Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Senses, Electrical affinity & generation ability, encyclopedic knowledge of all laws, photographic reflexes, incorruptible, strong leg muscles, can produce handcuffs from nowhere


Evolves: None


Evolves From: OfficerJenny (Fox E-Medal)




                For the longest time, it was believed that OfficerJennies had no evolution. After the NightNurse and Moonmaid were discovered, people began to wonder about OfficerJennies once more. For years after their creation it seemed that they were incapable of evolving. It was only until after an OfficerJenny accidentally came into contact with a Fox E-Medal. The resultant evolution produced a rather interesting result.


                LawFoxxes go from being Very Near Human to Near human upon evolution, sprouting a long, fluffy-furred tail, their hair changing to a darker shade of blue. Their ears become pointed fox ears, and their leg muscles grow much stronger, their legs growing slightly longer as well. But the biggest changes they go through are gaining the ability to generate and manipulate electrical energy and the ability to morph into a more animalistic ‘battle form.’ In this form, their leg strength and electrical prowess is at its maximum. Their faces become more vulpine in appearance, becoming a muzzle, their bodies sprouting a coat of reddish-orange fur, a lighter streak of yellow-orange going from the underside of their tails to their lower jaws. Their bust size actually increases in this form as well.


                The change from OfficerJenny to LawFoxx is a fairly painless one, occurring quickly as the energy of the medal is absorbed into the Pokégirl. The mental changes are a bit slower, as the LawFoxx must adjust to new sensory input as well as the addition of animal instincts to their mental processes. It can take a while for some LawFoxxes to adjust, but it can be done.


                LawFoxxes become much more useful in frontline combat due to their electrical abilities as well as their legs, which allow for much higher and longer jumps, making them capable of keeping up with faster flying Pokégirls. Their jumping ability improves so much, that their jumps have become their trademark, some trainers working on ways to make their jumps into a form of attack. In terms of battle, LawFoxxes tend to start out fights with paralyzing attacks, like Thunder Wave, allowing them to use their amazing jumps to get in close and slap the cuffs on their opponent, limiting their movements. LawFoxxes retain their love of the law, as well as their strategic and leadership abilities, plus their intelligence and problem solving skills.


                Something that’s both puzzled and infuriated researchers is the LawFoxx’s tendency to fixate on a perp that they’re unable to catch after a few tries. They become anxious if that perp’s name is mentioned, and become hostile if taunted about their inability to catch her target. Their obsession can be controlled, but its best to make sure the perp they’re fixated on isn’t in the area when they’re on a mission, as most LawFoxxes, usually inexperienced ones, sometimes forget their mission and go track their target. At times they’ll work with the perp if it’s for the greater good, but they’ll always try to arrest them afterwards, their dedication to the law and what’s right being endless.


                Rarely are LawFoxxes found in the harems of wandering Tamers, as they tend to prefer to work for law enforcement agencies. They’re fairly valuable, and E-Medal production is limited, so it’s difficult to get one at times. Due to their animalistic nature and electrical powers, letting a LawFoxx go feral carries harsh punishments. There have been three known cases of a LawFoxx going feral, due to their Tamer dying in the field and the LawFoxx being unable to find taming in time. LawFoxxes act like animal-types, but in addition to just saying their breed name, LawFoxxes have also been known to say ‘Yer unner arrest,’ and ‘crimnal!’ when they find something or someone they find interesting and/or arousing, which is usually followed by tackling and the producing of handcuffs.


                There have been only a few cases of Thresholding into a LawFoxx recorded. It’s not a regular occurrence to the nature of their evolution and is so far only known to happen in families with heavy Jenny ancestry. The process is a fairly steady process, neither excessively fast nor excessively slow, and causes some discomfort, ranging from numbness to sharp pains as their bodies alter.






RIA, the High Voltage Pokégirl


Type: Near Human (Mouse Animorph)


Element: Electric


Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson League) Rare elsewhere


Diet: Omnivore


Role: Storm Generation squad, electricity generator, fine electricity conductor


Libido: Average


Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water


Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock


Attacks: Thunderbolt, ThunderWave, ThunderShock, Thunder, Spark, Static Barrier, Agility, Luminaire, Thunderclap


Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x10), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Dexterity (x2)


Evolves: None


Evolves From: Peekabu (Normal)




                Known as one of the most powerful electric types, Rias are usually considered the penultimate electric pokégirl by many tamers, and as such have a very large fanbase throughout many of the leagues. Indeed, the sheer amount of voltage that the average Ria can produce has lead many of them to be pulled into the power generation field. Some Ria have even found that their evolution from a Peekabu has caused their power output to almost double. This is always a bell curve, however, and this depends entirely on the circumstances that a Ria was trained by before she evolved. There have even been instances of Peekabu being trained in fine manipulation of their electrical powers and becoming skilled enough that as a Ria (or rarely still as a Peekabu), they can actually mimic the alternating currents of household electrical sockets or the finer voltage control of electrical muscle stimulation used in physical therapy.


                Physically, a Ria's color scheme changes from a Peekabu, her pelt becoming a orange-brown overall, with cream on her stomach and black stripes across her back. Her cheek spots turn from red to yellow, still above where her electric sacs. Her tail becomes long, slender, and black; only retaining the yellow lightning bolt look at the very tip. Her ears change from their slender pointed look to large fanned ears that are black in coloration along the outside while being the same electric yellow of her tail tip. Her ears have large spiraling 'static hairs' that help to pull ambient electricity away from her hair, preventing the hair on her head from standing on end due to her own ambient electricity. Her busts jumps from one to two cup sizes, becoming around a C cup; and she bulks up some, becoming stronger without looking ripped like an Amachop. Again, a majority of Ria assume a more animorphic look similar to a Titmouse, though many threshold Peekabu who have retained their human looks still keep them when they evolve into Rias. Humanesque Rias generally only have the ears and tail to denote them as Pokégirls, though their cheeks tend to be chubbier than other near human types due to their electric sacs, and their hair tends to be the orange-brown with cream highlights.


                In battle, most Rias have an all out stragety, preferring to end battles quickly, making them a popular choice for Tamers that prefer hard hitting Pokégirls. However, as stated above, Rias can be trained for fine manipulation of their electricity, allowing them to make well timed and powered attacks, helping to conserve their energy as even the most powerful Ria has a limit to the amount of volts she can produce before exhausting herself. Once exhausted of her electrical powers, a Ria is easy prey in a Pokébattle as she has no outside electrical attacks without the help of T2's. Indeed, many tamers who have relied on their Ria's prowess find themselves frustrated when their apparently formidable Ria runs out of power and gets trounced.


                Feral Ria are mostly loaners, unlike their unevolved forms, and tend to keep themselves until thunderstorms approach, when they gather with their Peekabu sisters in tall places such as trees to gather the ambient electricity. This also excites them, making them more energetic as well as horny. Taming a Ria is only slightly different from taming a Peekabu out of feraldom, as she now may need some restraints as well. Fortunately, no instances of a Ria loosing their control of their electric abilities during orgasm have ever been recorded, after they are tamed from feraldom of course.


                Threshold into a Ria is extremely rare, and is known to happen only when there is a family history of Ria and Peekabu. Marked by erratic fevers and chills, depending on the extent of the animorph the girl will change into, as well as a heavy buildup of static electricity around the girl in question. Many girls also suffer from a period of high energy when thunderstorms arise, only to crash later when they are gone.






SPIDERWOMAN, the Web-Slinging Pokégirl


Type: Very Near Human


Element: Bug/Psychic


Frequency: Rare


Diet: insectivore, some human foods


Role: scouts and trappers (more nefarious types use them as kidnappers)


Libido: Average to High


Strong Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Poison, Psychic


Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ghost, Rock


Attacks: Leap, Dodge, Web Shot, Foresight, Swinging Kick, Net Shot, Stun Web, Sleep Web, Impact Web, Telekinesis, Confusion


Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x12), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Strength (x5), Precognition, painkiller venom


Evolves: None Known


Evolves From: Spidergirl (orgasm)




                A somewhat difficult-to-obtain evolution for the Spidergirl, as with precognition a Spidergirl tends to be able to sense what'll happen to her before it does. However, with this evolution comes an increase in the Pokégirl’s libido, agility, speed, and strength. Physically, they grow anywhere from half a foot to a foot taller, and their breasts grow by about a cup-size. Fortunately, after evolving from a Spinnertit, both the Spidergirl and Spiderwoman are capable of lactating and so are considered better mothers for their children than the Spinnertit is. Their eyes retain their multi-faceted appearance, though often glow in the dark and can give away their presence while their eyes are open at night or in shaded areas. Another advantage the Spiderwoman has over her pre-evolved form, is more vastly more control over her webs. Where as the Spidergirl can only shoot off a thin line, the Spiderwoman can manipulate the streams in different ways, like creating a large net to trap multiple targets or forming a quick parachute if falling in mid-air. A glob of the webbing, called an “Impact Web”, can be shot off like a cannonball, causing damage as well as exploding into a gooey mesh on contact, ensnaring her opponent. Lastly, she can infuse her webbing with various chemicals, to stun and paralyze her opponents, or even put them to sleep. These are not very powerful, however, and require prolonged web-to-skin contact to work. Because of this, she can often be found teamed up with a Plant or Poison type (most often Plant), as they can often hold the Pokégirl in place long enough for their webbing to work. Her webs are strong enough to even capture and hold in place a thrashing Armsmistress, despite her immense strength.


                However, the more silk that she makes, the more she needs to eat a solid diet rather than just blood. Those who are experts on silk say that the Spiderwoman's silk is the best quality, only matched by the Tarantella’s silk. This, of course, eats at both Pokégirls, and it is not recommended that a harem have both a Tarantella (or any of her evolutions) and a Spiderwoman. Such a pairing often winds up with them competing against one another using their harem sisters or tamer as judges... and the loser of any such contest always demands a rematch. So far, there have been no known ends to any contest of this sort, and so this researcher suggests that one or the other be kept away from the harem while the other is in it.


                In the past, they were known to be the leaders of trapper teams, during Sukebe’s Revenge. Paired with a Boobisaur or a Toxicat, a Spiderwoman would be sent out to gauge the strength of their targets before Sukebe would commit a certain amount of his forces to defeat them. Using their webbing, they would capture their prey and then use them as required- either to retrieve information from or for a feeding. After the war, the Spiderwoman seemed to die out, either from becoming feral or being killed in battle. It wasn't, however, until 107 AS that a tamer would discover his Spidergirl’s evolution- the leagues had classified the Spiderwoman Pokégirl as extinct until then, and subsequent testing with Spidergirls confirmed the results of this evolution. It should be noted that evolving a Spidergirl into a Spiderwoman in the same fashion that some tamers evolve a Magikunt into a Gynadose has the same results, and so artificial stimulation is not recommended to induce the evolution. One unusual fact that should be mentioned is that no Spiderwoman Pokégirls seem able to handle a Dildoqueen's size, nor any size that might be considered far above the human average.


                A Tamer who has achieved a strong enough Delta-Bond with his Spiderwoman, can use telepathy with her, if the Spiderwoman has reached a high level. This allows him to communicate wordlessly with her, and supposedly even with the other Delta-Bonded Pokégirls in his Harem (through her). It is said that if a Spiderwoman reaches an extremely high level, this telepathy can be used to read opponents' minds, but there is no proof of this yet. Tamers with high level Spiderwomen refuse to allow them to be examined, preferring to keep this secret to themselves, and there are no wild Spiderwomen, as they need a dedicated Tamer, and a steady Taming, to evolve. Her precognition allows her to sense intense thoughts projected by her opponent, however, and few Spiderwoman Pokégirls have ever been surprised by any powerful attacks such as Fire Blast or Hydro Pump.


                However, the Spiderwoman do need to ingest half a pint of blood every week or so, now able to handle digesting nutrients normally rather than having to drink blood from others as they had needed while a Spidergirl. They do not enjoy drinking blood that's already been prepared, claiming that it tastes weird when not the right temperature, and so much prefer to drink from her tamer instead. They are often used in hospitals, able to provider stronger painkillers with their venom than most standard pharmaceuticals can provide. Their venom is very useful medically, and although it is somewhat expensive, it is normally the most commonly used painkiller available since it is effective on humans and Pokégirls alike, and in fact their painkiller venom is one of the main ingredients in the medicine used to alleviate the pain induced by threshold. These Pokégirls can be found fairly often in almost any medical field, with their specialty being with patients who are in a massive amount of pain or those that are considered unruly.


                Spiderwomen are viewed with disdain by most other psychic types, as they aren't quite as powerful in the mental department and yet manage to prove more useful, on occassion, than other Psychic types. Certainly, they are one of the fastest psychic Pokégirls, and their agility allows them to avoid attacks with ease. Combined with their web-shooting capabilities, these Pokégirls are well known not only for being used in medical fields for restraining difficult patients, but also in police forces around the world- much like their earlier evolution, the Spinnertit, the Spiderwoman is even more valuable and sought for the position. This also makes them particularly valued by Pokégirls such as the Domina, who enjoy the feel of silk and the ability to 'capture' their target whenever they wish. However, with their precognition, the Spiderwoman is also sometimes envied by other psychic types at the same time, as the Spiderwoman claim that they are capable of having a deeper bond with their tamer than any other psychic Pokégirl is capable of (without the aid/curse of Recognition). Research is being done, but all results are non-conclusive at this point.






SPINNERTIT, the Spider Pokégirl


Type: Animorph (insect: spider)


Element: Bug/Poison


Frequency: Common (Edo, Silver Islands), Uncommon elsewhere.


Diet: human style foods, bugs, plants


Role: their ability to cling to sheer surfaces makes them ideal for window washers and similar tasks, while many police agencies in Johto have Spinnertit on their SWAT teams. Spinnertits are also used in Johto and Edo to manufacture silk.


Libido: Average


Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Plant, Poison


Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock


Special Weaknesses: Similar low pleasure threshold to Titmice. Inability to lactate.


Attacks: Tackle, Web, Poison Sting, Wrestle, Bind


Enhancements: Eight limbed human spider animorph, poison injectors are a hollow cartilage tube under the fingernails, webbing spinnerets in breasts.


Disadvantages: Spinnertits all suffer from a problem with their lung capacity, resulting in tiring quickly from sustained exertion and vulnerability to certain attacks.


Evolves: Arachnae (Venom Stone), Spidergirl (battle stress), Scorpiagirl (Round Stone)


Evolves From: None




                Spinnertits are short, slender Pokégirls, having six arms with a pair of small breasts between each. Despite their tiny size, Spinnertits are capable fighters, those of Johto often using the ancient bondage art known as Shibari on their victims. Spinnertit venom induces feelings of lethargy, which they use to help capture both victims and potential mates. However, most victims find that they are not that way for long, unless stuck in the Pokégirl’s webs (which is normally the case). The lethargy venom lasts only for a few minutes at a time- just barely enough for a Spinnertit to be able to provide enough silk to capture her prey.


                Feral Spinnertits weave their webs in places that cast a shadow- a dense forest, or in a cave for example. They catch their prey in these webs and then do what they wish with them. Their silk is strong enough to hold even a Amazonchan, though certainly not any fully-evolved Pokégirl with enhanced strength. Any bound in the silk by a Spinnertit will likely find themselves in a rather fun and unusual position. Even the ferals know that a taming can make them stronger and more intelligent, leaving researchers to conclude that unlike some other Feral Pokégirls, the Spinnertit are fully aware that they are very different from the Pokégirls in cities and towns. Their attempts to capture mates, particularly males and domestic Pokégirls, stems from their desire to learn.


                Spinnertits cannot produce a large amount of silk in one day - enough for a long rope, perhaps, of about twenty to thirty feet in length and only an eighth of an inch thick. These strands are actually quite strong, however, as described above. Because of their spinnerets being located in their breasts, the Spinnertit cannot lactate, and as such are unfortunate mothers once she becomes a Pokéwoman, being unable to fully support her child like other Pokéwomen and even human females can. Most often, upon learning that she is pregnant, a Spinnertit will try to work harder to evolve herself.


                A trained Spinnertit can bind a human-sized victim with her silk, but cannot cover him or her fully without several days of working at it. Spinnertits have a slight feud with Tarantellas, as they dislike the haughty, self-centered Pokégirls. Spinnertits that understand where their evolution may lead also worry about their future, and some prefer not to bond with their Tamer as a result. During the war, these Pokégirls were used as an anti-human force in the second line of defenses in any of Sukebe’s Armies, often keeping humans pinned down long enough until other, stronger Pokégirls arrived to deal with the intruders. After the war, these Pokégirls were one of the more sought after Pokégirls, with their abilities to capture other Pokégirls making them popular until the first Pokéballs became widespread throughout the world.


                These days, Spinnertit are often found in police forces alongside OfficerJenny and Growlies. However, their low stamina and pleasure threshold make them of little use in prolonged encounters, and so are normally kept in a Pokéball until needed. Their additional arms allow them a massive advantage while wrestling, although again their low stamina keeps them from being front-line fighters. They are not good Alphas or Betas in a harem as a result, although in Johto they can lead some specialist Pokégirl teams that League Officials have. Numerous Spinnertit can be found in the Johto League as a result of their silk manufacturing, although they do conflict with other Pokégirls like the Tarantella. Spinnertit hate those Pokégirls, since that breed looks down on any other spider type's silk-making. Fortunately, due to the Spinnertit’s sheer number advantage over the Tarantella, they and their evolutions lead the world in silk production.






WHORETORTLE, the Wet ‘N’ Wild Pokégirl


Type: Near Human


Element: Water


Frequency: Common to Uncommon


Diet: vegetarian, seafood


Role: hydration of others


Libido: Average


Strong Vs: Fire, Rock, Water


Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Plant


Attacks: Water Gun, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Withdraw, Bubbles, Slick Stroke


Enhancements: Increased Lung Capacity, Increased Water Capacity, Armored Shell, Purify Water


Evolves: Blastits (normal)


Evolves From: Squirtitty (normal)




                The Whoretortle is the next evolution of Squirtitty. Once a Squirtitty has been Tamed enough and won enough battles, she’ll evolve into Whoretortle. Once she becomes a Whoretortle, her looks improve dramatically. A Whoretortle gains several inches of height, and thins out, loosing the pudgy look she had before. This is aided by how her shell hugs her back more closely, giving her a less rounded appearance. At the same time, the shell material becomes firmer, affording a higher degree of protection, but becomes more flexible, so even with its less rounded shape it doesn’t restrict her movement. Her breasts enlarge, usually to around a C cup, letting her hold that much more water.


                A Whoretortle is able to hold much more water than before. How isn’t exactly understood, but she can use her Water Gun attack to a greater degree than she could as a Squirtitty, releasing gallons without slowing down. This holds true for her bust as well, as they won’t grow smaller until she is out of water, her internal water sacs redistributing the water in her body so her breasts stay filled. She can also increase the pressure, enough to the point where a blast from her Water Gun can knock a grown man off his feet. A Whoretortle is a faster swimmer than her previous form, and is able to dive deeper as well as hold her breath longer. Her combat prowess grows also. At this stage, a Whoretortle begins experimenting with how to make fast turns to let attacks bounce off her shell, and then turn again to attack. A Whoretortle can go several days without water with no ill effects, needing to bathe in water around once every five or six days.


                The natural process that a Whoretortle uses to purify the water in her body is able to be externalized somewhat in this form. If a Whoretortle can submerge herself in impure water, she can spend several hours moving it through her body, letting herself purify and expel the cleaned water while taking the impure water in. This only works in a small area, usually around the size of a swimming pool. If the impure area is too large, of if the water is thickly polluted, the Whoretortle can become sick, or even die, from letting her body leech out the toxins.


                Feral Whoretortles are more of a nuisance than anything else. They tend to blast things around them with their Water Gun, and use their Slick Stroke on anything nearby. Threshold girls don’t usually become Whoretortles, but it isn’t unknown.