Pokerface: When someone shows no emotion or hint to what they hold in their hand in a poker game, it is called "having a 'poker face.'"




When Rebecca Kitz walked onto the news floor, she knew she was going to have a long day ahead of herself. Rebecca was going to be covering the story that happened early this morning at The Mosquito, a local bar in her city of Waveland. The Kitsune newscaster for the FOXX Network affiliate would probably be on the case until the police solved the mystery, but she believed she already did. Miss Kitz had done a report on that particular bar about a year ago, and remembered what a dive The Mosquito was. It probably had to do with some drunk that got out of control and will be found soon, Rebecca thought. 
The Kitsune sat in her chair and went over the words on the PDA that she would be reading off the teleprompter as Katie got ready at her filming spot. Katie, the network’s Cameragirl, was getting her official camera set up to Rebecca’s face.  The pokégirl asked the fox-type to say a few words in order to check the sound setup. After Katie finished, the director told everyone that the recording process would start soon and everyone would need to remain silent. 
After the FOXX network theme music was done playing, Rebecca took in a deep breath and began reading the news out loud to the Cameragirl and her camera. “Hello everyone and good morning! I’m Rebecca Kitz with your daily news today. Our top story this morning is a little gruesome, so viewers with young ones may want to change the station.  A double homicide and armed robbery occurred early this morning at about 2am to 4am. The bar owner, Mister Frank Staffer, and a “regular” customer, Julius Smith, were both found dead this morning when a local police patrol entered the business to investigate why it was not closed. All businesses serving alcohol are required to close their doors and stop serving at 3am in Waveland because of a city ordinance. 
“When the police patrol walked in, they had found that Mister Smith and been beaten to death and died from massive head trauma and Mister Staffer had been shot in the head at close range with a firearm. Upon continuing investigation of the scene, the police had found that the credit register had been emptied. Police assume that an altercation occurred between Mister Smith and the assailant is what caused the chain of events. Mister Staffer leaves behind no one and Mister Smith leaves behind a Mini-Top named, Babs. The Mini-Top could not be found at Mister Smith’s home and is currently missing. Babs is wanted for questioning by the Waveland Police. If anyone has any tips or information concerning this case, please contact the local police department. 
“In other news…” 
“HA! We made the news!” The Dark Haired Man shouted in the cheap, crappy motel room. The human and Babs were watching the news after a quick morning taming, which he was not complaining about. It was nice to fuck a chick that did not need to be reminded that she was owned. Blondie was still in her pokéball. After they both got a room and dropped his equipment off, he balled her up and decided to go out drinking. That is when he found this cutie next to him. 
“Mini…?” Babs asked. “Mini…Top?” 
Christ that’s fucking annoying, The Dark Haired Man thought. What the hell is wrong with her? Did I fuck her brains out or something? Or wait…Is this what “Taming Shock” is? Come to think of it, Blondie didn’t say anything at all to me yesterday. 
The Dark Haired Man looked down at the bunny-type lying next to him. She was stark naked and kept grabbing his penis while she lay on her back. I guess she wants more. Damn, I guess my plan is gonna haveta wait until she gets her head back on straight. With that, the human dived back onto of the pokégirl for another serving of “breakfast”. 
Joe Trades awoken when he heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. He looked around the bed he laid on to see who was not sleeping. When Joe looked around the room, he realized that he was the only one in it. Where the hell is everyone? Joe thought. I know we all had an orgy last night, but how come I’m the only one that keeps getting up last? Joe got up and walked into the bathroom to take care of “business.” When the human finished his “business,” he opened the curtains of the bathtub and saw Mabella showering. 
“Morning Master!” she shouted. “Are you here for a show…or to perform?” She winked at him after she asked the question. 
“Neither,” he answered. “I’m here to ask you were the ‘girls are.” 
“They went to the arena to get in a workout. Jade usually gets a NurseJoy to loan her a starter ‘girl or two. That way, Alia and me can get a decent workout and help the starter ‘girls get a feel for what they might encounter. Jade is pretty good when it comes to strategy, so she acts as a fill-in tamer for the starters.” 
“Where did she learn strategies from?” Joe asked as he tried not to become aroused by how Mabella was cleaning herself. For some reason, she had decided to take the time to clean her own “kitty” right as they were talking. 
Smiling, Mabella leaned over and licked Joe’s cheek, “She had a good teacher.” 
“I see,” Joe said. “When are you gonna be done? I’d like to get a shower in too.” 
Mabella paused for a second, “What? I thought I was making it obvious enough for you! Get in here!” With that, the Firecat grabbed her master and lifted him into the shower. 
After a thirty minute shower, Joe and Mabella were getting dressed to go find the rest of the harem. Mabella looked over at Joe and asked, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” 
“Better,” Joe said truthfully. “I think I came more quickly than you did, so if that was a sex match, I would have lost, right?” 
“Pretty much,” Mabella exclaimed. “But in my opinion, when it comes to sex, there are no losers.” Giggling after she spoke. 
“True true,” Joe said. “However, I do have a question for you, since we’re on the subject of sex. I’ve had sex with all of you, but none of you have gone into Taming shock. Why is that?” 
Mabella put her shirt on and looked at Joe. “Hmm, I don’t know. I guess it’s because we still think of you as Den-Mar. I know Alia still does.” 
Joe looked straight at her, “You think?” Last night, the Catgirl was screaming out “Den-Mar” when she was having her turn with Joe. He did not want to correct her, but he knew he should pull her aside sooner rather than later. Alia needed to get over the fact that Joe was not Den-Mar. 
Mabella smiled at the human and walked over to him. Lifting her tamer’s foot and putting his boot on, she said, “You can’t blame her, she lost the most important person in her life. She was Den-Mar’s first and he was hers. He saved her, when she was still just a Kitten, from going feral and took her in before she was legal. She had run away from her home after she thresheld and learned that her parents were gonna send her to a ranch. Alia thought that her parents did not want to see her anymore and didn’t want to have anything to do with her. 
“Den-Mar found her in a park, crying under a tree and trying to stay dry in the rain. He took her home and fed her and set a bed up for her. She slept in the same bed with him anyway. Den-Mar went down to the Pokécenter the next day and asked the NurseJoy what he should do about reporting a lost Kitten. The beautiful NurseJoy told him that none have reported her, but he should get a pet license if he wanted to keep her. He did as the nurse told him, and when Den-Mar finished school and got his taming license, he picked Alia as his Alpha and took his starter pokégirl. The three made a great team and then they saved me from my tamer.” Mabella finished tying Joe’s boots for him and helped him up. For some reason, Mabella seemed to feel like “mothering” the tamer at that moment and Joe did not mind. It felt good to be cared for. “That’s how I ended up joining them and I will stay with them, no matter what.” 
“But who was Den-Mar’s starter?” Joe asked. 
“The same NurseJoy who told him to keep Alia.” 
Joe took in a little breath of air from what he was just told.  “Ah, I see. How old is everyone Mabella?” 
“Well, you’re 22 in this world. Alia is 22 as well, but just a couple months younger than you. Jade is 23, almost 24. And I’m the youngest at 19!” 
“I see,” Joe said. The two walked out of the room and shut the door behind them. The human was carrying his poképack, just in case they needed it for anything, but Joe doubted they would need it. Mabella was showing her master to the arena, but he told her that he wanted to “sneak up” on her harem sisters to see how they were performing. When they walked into the training area, Joe was impressed by his pokégirls’ performance. 
Alia was sparring with a Naga, or at least that is what Mabella told him, and Jade was coaching the snake-type in how to fight Alia. The Naga was doing quite well against the cat-type, but she was nowhere close to beating her opponent. Alia was used to fighting and combat for about five years, if Joe’s math was correct, so she knew a thing or two about fighting. After Alia defeated the Naga, the snake girl was balled up and Jade went to get another pokégirl. As the NurseJoy did, Joe walked over to Alia, who had worked up a quite a sweat. When she saw her master, the cat-type smiled brightly and pounced on him. “Were you watching me?” 
“I was,” Joe answered. “You did great.” 
“This is child’s play,” Alia huffed. “The starters are a good tutorial for me. It’s good to go back to your roots and fight for fun, and not your life.” Jade walked over to the two, holding a pokéball in her hand. She looked at the couple and smiled, but it looked a little evil. 
“Okay Alia,” Jade chimed. “I got a good one for you. I hope you’re hungry, ‘cause your gonna eat mat!” Alia walked to the starting line and got ready. Jade released the pokégirl and a small, black haired woman materialized. The new pokégirl looked at Alia and glared. Alia looked a little shocked at first, but then smirked. Jade shouted to the new pokégirl what her line of attack should be, trying to win the match like any other tamer would. 
Joe had no clue what breed the pokégirl was, so he scanned her with his Pokédex. The attachment read, “Amachop, The Tough Pokégirl…” 
“I picked a fighting-type for Alia to spar with, since fighting is her type’s weakness.” Jade was still smiling evilly. “Time for her to get a workout!” 
Henry Gusmen had just opened his shop for the day. The shopkeeper was not expecting a busy day, but he never knew what to expect in the retail business. Sometimes, he would get a customer that would come in and buy all the “rare” items he had in stock. In those cases, he could close the shop for a week. However, the shop was currently sold out of rare items and the shopkeeper did not know when the next transport would be coming in. Oh well, the fifty-eight year old man thought. You can’t win ‘em all. He was trying to keep the shop open for as long as his body was allowing him to. His “pet” Mousewife had died a little over a year ago and his empty house just did not feel the same without her. His three sons were the only ones he had kept in contact with, since his daughters were given to ranches and he lost contact with them long ago. Everyone was busy doing their own things and did not have too much contact with him, though they did call him on their Pokédexes every once and a while. 
Henry really did not need to have his shop anymore. He had saved his money up wisely and could have retired a few years ago, but the human did not want to. The shopkeeper and Tina always liked to run the shop and see all the young tamers come in with their young pokégirls. Shopping for clothes and equipment were usually the main things, but he tried to keep a little of everything in stock. Tina and I always liked helping all the young boys and ‘girls. She really liked seeing the ‘girls and quietly gave them pointers in how to keep their boys happy. Henry sighed. 
As he ended his sigh, a young man and his bunny-type walked into the shop. Henry looked over at them and noticed the bunny was wearing a small black dress with half of her breasts falling out of the top. Well, she must be a Bunnygirl. But this man looks a few years too old for her to be a starter. The human was wearing a black Kattle duster that matched his black short hair. He could not have been more than five and a half feet tall. “Hello there folks. Looking for anything in particular or just looking?” 
“She’s looking for some new clothes,” The Dark Haired Man said. “I’m looking for some supplies and clothes.” 
“The changing room is back there, and the clothes are right next to it. Did you want your lady friend to try some stuff on while you and I look at your equipment list?” Henry asked. 
“Sure,” The Dark Haired Man looked at Babs and she walked back to the changing room, grabbing all the clothes that she liked. 
“She sure is a looker,” Henry said to The Dark Haired Man. “I remember when I had a Bunnygirl in my harem. Does she give you a workout?” 
The Dark Haired Man smiled a bright smile, followed by a wink. “What do you think?” 
They both broke out laughing, “Ha ha ha, I guess you’re right. So, what are ya looking for?” 
“Well,” The Dark Haired Man said, taking out the handheld part of his Pokédex. “I was looking for these things.” 
Henry took the handheld piece and looked it over. The shopkeeper forgot to get his glasses when he left his house that morning, so he was holding it a little far away from his face. “Well, let’s see here. Rations we got right around here.” He walked over to the food area and The Dark Haired Man followed him. The Dark Haired Man picked out what he wanted and put it into a bag. “Let’s see, clothes are right back where your ‘girl is.” Henry led him back there and The Dark Haired Man put them into the bag after he checked the sizes first. Hmm, he must be like me. Henry thought. Knows his size, doesn’t need to see ‘em. Shirts are shirts and pants are pants. The Dark Haired Man did try out some hiking boots and found a pair he liked. “Let’s see, it says here ammo and guns…” The Henry looked at him, “What the hell do you need those for?” 
The Dark Haired Man smiled, “Well, you see, Sir. I use my regular gun here for target practice.” He pulled out his M1911 and handed it to the shopkeeper. “But I use this one for when I get into a tight spot.” He then pulled out his elemental pistol. “That Bunnygirl can’t handle the big ferals out there, so I kinda gotta back her up with ‘Faithful’ here, you know?” 
“You should just evolve her,” Henry said. “It’d save ya a lot of trouble in the long run.” 
“Well, you gotta keep ‘em happy, right?” 
Henry laughed, “Yeah, that’s true. I’ll look in the back at what we got.” Henry handed the guns back to The Dark Haired Man and went to the back to get the boxes of ammo and called back, “What kind of guns were ya lookin’ for?” 
“The same ones I got.” He called back. 
Henry came back with a M1911 and a Medium Elemental Pistol, along with some boxes of ammo. He did not see the guns out on the counter, so Henry assumed that the young customer had put them away. “Well, I got a few hollow point boxes in stock. They have 50 rounds in ‘em. The elemental rounds I have are lightning, fire and earth. Those are 20 a set.” 
“I’ll take the M1911, 4 boxes of the hollow points, the elemental pistol and 3 sets each of the fire and lightning boxes. Oh, and I’d like 3 extra clips for the M1911 too.” 
“Sure,” Henry said. “No problem.” He went back to get the supplies, but when he came out, he saw the Bunnygirl had come out of the changing room with a new outfit on. “You’ll be wearing that out then?” 
“Yes,” she said. 
“Alright then,” Henry responded. For some reason, it looked like her bust size had dropped and she was flatter than he had originally saw her. Oh well, Henry thought. “Okay, all those clothes, the boots, the rations, the guns and the ammo all comes to…” 
“Free,” The Dark Haired Man finished. He pulled out his M1911 from his coat and pointed it at Henry’s head. Before Henry could figure out what was happening, The Dark Haired Man pulled the trigger and a loud “BANG” followed. After Henry’s body fell to the floor, lifeless, the couple grabbed the credit register and began to hack it. 
“What the Hell is this supposed to be anyway?” Mabella asked with distaste in her voice. The harem was eating in the cafeteria of the Pokécenter; having the free breakfast the facility provided for them. Alia got a pretty good workout with the Amachop and Mabella decided that she wanted to test herself against a water-type. Jade and Joe both thought the Firecat was just trying to impress her new master by going against a pokégirl her type would have a challenge against. Jade decided to try Mabella against a Quackette, to which both Alia and Mabella hissed and spit at the pokégirl when they saw her. The Quackette simply smiled and started attacking Mabella with water attacks; most which were ordered by Jade. Joe remembered that Mabella did not seem to mind the long shower they both had, but she did mind getting hit by a Water Gun. After the pokébattles, the group had all gotten a shower, except for Mabella and Joe. The Firecat already had her “second” shower and Joe did not want to have shower sex two times in an hour. 
“I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be scrambled eggs and those are supposed to be hash browns,” Alia answered. 
Jade looked at her sisters and added, “The eggs are good for you. However, the grease in these hash browns isn’t.” The NurseJoy looked at Joe.  “But I’ll let it slide this one time.” 
Joe chuckled, “You know, back in my world, when I was in college, me and my friends would have this same discussion. It’s good to know that some things never change.” He looked at Jade again. “Thanks for letting me eat these too, Honey. Anything I got to do tonight?” 
“Hmm,” Jade thought. “How about you…” But she did not get to finish. A young tamer, Joe guessed he was about 16 or 17, came up to the group. 
“Hey,” he said to Joe. “How’s it goin’?” 
Joe had a good idea what this kid wanted, and he was not going to get it. “Bad.” 
“Why do you say that?” 
“For three reasons,” Joe explained. “One, you interrupted what that pretty ‘girl was saying what she wanted to do with me. Two, you interrupted me when I was eating. And three, you’re gonna give me a hard time and piss me completely off when I turn you down for a pokébattle.” He looked the young tamer square in the eye. “I don’t ‘battle for salvage or money. I ‘battle to train my ‘girls and get better, not to treat them as property.” 
The young tamer looked at him, questionably, “Aren’t they?” 
The dimensional traveler bit down on his jaw hard. This punk is starting to get to me, Joe thought. I better try and keep my cool. “I said ‘no’ kid, now take off.” 
“Fine,” he said. He grabbed Jade by the arm and yanked her off her bench. Jade yelped, since the pull hurt her shoulder and scared her a little. “I’ll just take her then until yo…” 
The young tamer did not finish his statement. When Joe saw him grab Jade, the dimensional traveler bolted up from his seat and lunged toward the kid, punching him square in the left side of the jaw. When Joe’s fist made contact with the kid, who was not paying attention to Joe when he got hit, he fell right on the ground. Joe knew I’d be only a couple of seconds before the kid would get a pokégirl or two out, so Joe started kicking him hard, mostly in the ribs and stomach. After a few good, hard kicks, the kid curled up into the fetal position. “IF YOU EVER TOUCH ONE OF MY ‘GIRLS AGAIN, I SWEAR TO ALL MIGHTY GOD, I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU! DO YOU HEAR ME?!” Joe kicked the young tamer as hard as he could in the stomach. “DO YOU HEAR ME?!” 
“Yeah…*sniffle*…I’m sorry…*sniffle*” 
Joe glared down at him, taking in some deep breathes. He then looked at his harem and asked, “You all through eating?” They slowly nodded from the table, except Jade who was nodding from the floor. Joe also noticed that the NurseJoy was rubbing her arm. “Good, let’s go then.” Everyone got up and left, except the young tamer, who was still on the floor sniffling. Before the group went back to their room, Joe went to the Reception Desk and told the NurseJoy at the desk, Francine, that someone needed help in the cafeteria. When she asked what happened and what everything was all about, Joe told her that a tamer picked a fight, but she should not try to ask the young tamer about it. “He already is a little embarrassed and feeling bad enough as it is; try not to make him feel worse by asking too many questions,” Joe said as he walked away. Joe then stopped, turned around and said, “But he deserved more than what he got, so don’t feel too sorry for him either.” 
When Joe and his harem got to their room, Joe asked his two cats if they could go into the bathroom. Alia and Mabella nodded and went in the room. Joe shut the door and walked over to Jade, who was now sitting on the bed. “Is your arm alright?” 
“Yeah,” Jade said, trying to break a smile over her face. “I’ve had worse, I’ll be okay. I should be asking you are alright, though.” 
Joe looked at her questionably, “What do you mean?” 
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN?’” Jade shouted at Joe. “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT? WHY DID YOU GO OFF ON…?” Still standing, Joe grabbed Jade’s shoulders and moved so that his face was only a few inches away for hers. 
“He was going to hurt you. He did hurt you. What was I supposed to do? Just say ‘okay, bye Jade’ or ‘no sir, I’ll fight you, now that you are holding my ‘girl hostage’? FUCK NO! That little shit-head got what was coming to him.” 
Jade took a breath, “Are you sure it wasn’t because of what he called us? Prop…?” 
“Don’t,” Joe stopped her. “Don’t repeat it. And no, that wasn’t it.” 
“Really?” Jade had her eyes on “doe-mode”. 
“Really really.” Joe answered. It was not as though he was lying, but that was not the actual reason he had attacked the young tamer. 
Jade moved her hand to Joe’s cheek and began to rub it, “Good. I don’t like witnessing violence, and I especially don’t like it when it’s over me. Please, promise not to do something like that again, okay?” 
Joe gave her a small smile, “I’ll try, but I’m not gonna promise anything.” 
Jade stopped rubbing his cheek and looked sharply into his eyes, “I SAID, ‘PROMISE NOT TO DO THAT AGAIN, OKAY?!’” She had that look on her face again that meant that she was not going to take no for an answer. 
Joe sighed. “I’m sorry, Jade.” He sat down on the bed next to her and held her chin. “I’m not going to make you a promise that I can’t keep. I don’t know how Den-Mar acted to assholes like that or if he made you these great and grand promises, but I’m not him. I know none of you want to hear that and you want to believe that I’m him, but I’m not. Try to understand that, please?” 
Jade tried to look away from him, but Joe would not let her. He kept her facing him when she tried to look down or away until she decided to close her eyes. When she did, Joe saw that tears had begun to form in her eyes. “Jade…why…?” 
“STOP IT!” Jade screamed. She slapped Joe’s hand away from her and lay on her stomach. She took a pillow and moved her face over it, sobbing as she did. “Stop it…stop it…” 
Joe moved closer to the pink-haired beauty and asked lightly in her ear, “Jade, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? What did I do?” 
Jade continued to cry into the pillow for a few seconds. “Nothing. You didn’t do anything. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault he’s dead.” Jade wept and sobbed into the pillow. “If I was fast enough, I would have been able to save him…but I wasn’t. I couldn’t save Den-Mar. I’m a failure and deserve to die myself.” 
When Joe heard this, a small flame started to grow inside him. He grabbed Jade, harder than he wanted and meant to, and thrust her up from the pillow. When she was off it, he took hold of the back of her head by her hair and forced her to face him. When her wet and puffy face was almost nose to nose with Joe’s, he shouted, “I TOLD YOU THAT IT WASN’T YOUR FAULT! IT WAS THAT FERAL’S FAULT! I’M SURE YOU DID EVERYTHING YOU COULD TO SAVE HIM, BUT IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!” The human took a few breaths and closed his eyes before he continued. “Jade, I know that all of you are grieving right now. I’m sorry that I can’t feel or grieve for someone you felt so close to, but I can’t. I never met the guy, so how could I? All I know is that I look a lot like the guy and now that he’s gone; I’m left picking up the broken pieces. I know that sounds like a burden, but it’s not. I’m glad that I’m able to have three beautiful women to take me in, but I just can’t live up to your expectations of your perfect hero. I’m sorry, but I just can’t, because I’m not your knight in shining armor.” 
Joe felt a hand move over his shoulder, and then another one. By the tiny little pricks into his skin, he took a guess that Alia and Mabella had decided to join in on the moment of honesty that Joe and Jade were both sharing with one another. “I’m sorry,” Alia whimpered. “I’m sorry that I kept acting like you are my Den-Mar. I try not to think of you as him, but every time I see you, or smell you, I just can’t help but think that somewhere inside, you are him. And that you have come back to me…to all of us.” Before Joe could react to this new confession, he was wrapped into a huge hug, followed by two more. After a few seconds, Joe realized that his entire harem was hugging (but it felt like they were squeezing the life out of him) him and were letting out all the tears that they all had left inside of them. 
About an hour later, Joe and his harem checked out of the Pokécenter. Their next stop would take them all day and half of tomorrow to get to. When they would get to the city, it would unknowingly be the first change that would alter all of their lives for years to come. Tomorrow would become the first day of the rest of their lives. The place they were heading towards was the city of Waveland. 
Well this is great, Rebecca Kitz thought. Anyone who is watching TV right now are stay at home pokéwomen or nannies that are gonna be pissed when I cut into their drama operas about a news report that has nothing to do with any of them. She sighed. The Kitsune wanted to be a reporter that everyone would recognize and be happy to see her when she gave them the news. News about cheerful things, like a Kitten or Growlie being reunited with their tamer or owner after a serious accident or that wandered off in the city, but not distasteful things. With the rate that the Kitsune was going, everyone would be associating her face with death. They’ll think of me as the Angel of Death… 
“Alright everyone,” the director shouted. “We’re on in three…two…” He did not say “one” and in two seconds, the FOXX network theme music began playing. After the music ended, Rebecca started giving the report. 
“Hello, I’m Rebecca Kitz and I apologize for interrupting your current program, ‘All My Kits.’ In the city of Waveland, the shopkeeper of ‘Pokégirl Accessories,’ Henry Gusmen, was found dead less than an hour ago. It appears that he died from massive head trauma caused by a single gunshot. 
“Waveland Police have managed to get a hold of a surveillance tape that Mr. Gusmen had installed behind his counter. After cleaning up the footage, they have been able to determine that the suspect is:
·         A male in his very late-teens to early twenties 
·         Has dark, short hair 
·         Is clean shaven
·         White or light colored skin 
·         Has a height of 5’2” to 5’6”
·         Weight between 130 to 180 Pounds 
·         Last seen wearing a black Kattle duster and blue jeans
“The suspect was also seen with a bunny-type pokégirl. The pokégirl matches the description of the Mini-Top owned by Julius Smith. FOXX wishes to remind everyone that Julius Smith was one of the two men found dead at The Mosquito Bar early this morning. The Mini-Top, Babs, is still wanted for questioning. The Waveland Police would also like to remind anyone that if they believe that they see or know where the suspect is NOT to interfere or apprehend him yourself. You are urged to call the police at their emergency number or go to the station yourself. 
“And now, back to your original programming.” 
“What was that?” Jennifer Mercury asked her partner and taming master, Jerry Mercury. “Did you see that?” 
“See what?” Jerry replied. The two police officers were on the graveyard patrol in Waveland’s business district. The couple had been working together for the last four years, ever since Jerry bought Jennifer from her parents after she had thresheld into an OfficerJenny. Her name had originally been Sarah, but Jerry had decided to name the newly thresheld pokégirl after her breed. Jerry liked the name and the pokégirl found it fitting. They both saw each other as man and wife, even though the League they lived in saw things differently. The couple hated that law so much; Jennifer changed her named to “Jennifer Mercury” a year after Jerry bought her. That way, Jennifer would share the same name as her tamer. Whenever anyone would look at her record, they would see that the pokégirl had the same name as her tamer, as though the two were wed. For being a serious, law abiding pokégirl, Jerry found that his “wife” had a sense of humor. 
“That movement,” Jennifer informed her partner. “I thought I saw two people move down that alleyway. It appeared they were moving in there to avoid us. I think we should both go and check it out.” 
“Why should we, Pretty Eyes,” Jerry asked. “Maybe they went back there to have some good lovin’? Why should we go and interrupt them?” 
“Why?” Jennifer explained. “The reasons are as follows, Dear. One, it is illegal to expose oneself in public. Two, they are going to be having fun that we should be having.” She winked and cooed at her tamer when she said “we.” “Lastly, one of them had long ears. Do you remember that murder that happened at the pokégirl shop today?” 
“Yeah,” the police tamer answered. “That doesn’t mean that these two are the people we are looking for, just because one had a pair of long ears. Even if the girl had a pair of bunny ears, which you aren’t even sure they were; that doesn’t mean that it was the ears of a Mini-Top.” 
“Don’t you think we should check it out anyway?”
“Can I say something that will make you not check it out?” 
The OfficerJenny smiled, “No.” 
“Fine,” Jerry said. “Let’s go.” The police team moved down the alleyway, looking to see if the couple they were pursuing was still in sight. The couple the two police were pursuing had made it to the end of the alley and turned down the street to their right. The police duo moved to the end of the alley and looked over the side of the building. The couple, which one of them was a bunny-type, just started to go down another alleyway. “Alright Jenny,” Jerry started. “It looks like we may be able to get the drop in these two. You run ahead and try to cut them off on the other side of the alley. If memory serves correct, that’s a long one. You stop them and I’ll be right behind them to flank ‘em if they try to run. They probably won’t, but you never know.” 
“Alright,” Jennifer said. “Be careful.” 
Jerry smiled. “You too.” The police couple split up and headed to ambush the bunny and her tamer. 
“They’re following us,” Babs whispered to her master as they ducked down an alley; avoiding the police patrol that caught sight of them only a few seconds beforehand. “I think we’re gonna be in deep shit soon.” 
“Oh?” her master replied. “I thought you could take on one of those uppity, prissy bitches.” 
“No,” the Mini-Top informed him. “We are supposed to be equal; since we are both classified as normal/fighting. However, I don’t think that I can take her in a straight and fair fight.” The pokégirl pouted a little nervously. 
“Don’t worry, Baaby,” The Dark Haired Man reassured his pokégirl. He stretched out the “a” in “baby” more than was necessary. “With me by your side, you’ll be able to take on a Legendary.” 
Babs giggled as they continued down the alley. She looked over her shoulder when they got to the end of the alley and saw the police duo coming into view at the other end. Babs quickly moved her master to their right and told him what she saw. “I think they’re coming after us,” the Mini-Top squeaked. “What are we gonna do?” It was clear that Babs had not been in many situations involving combat, but she did have the spirit. The Dark Haired Man knew her breed did, she just needed to listen to her “inner voice” more. Her former asshole of a tamer turned her into this breed, but lacked the means to make her into anything more than a drunken plaything. 
Time to change all that, The Dark Haired Man thought as they came up to another alley. “Babs,” he whispered. “Down here. There’s some crap we can hide behind and this is a long, dark alley. If the cops see us, we’ll only be shadows until they get right on top of us.” 
Babs and The Dark Haired Man entered the alley as slow and casual as they could, but then started running into it as the darkness enclosed them. The Dark Haired Man moved behind a dumpster-like object, but a dumpster smelled far sweeter than what this thing was. Babs moved into a small crack in-between two buildings right across from The Dark Haired Man. She would be unable to move for about two or three seconds, but when she got herself out, she would be lethal to the cop duo. 
The Dark Haired Man waited and listened for any type of movement that was occurring around him. He thought he heard some mice or rats moving around the alley, but he was not sure. Aren’t those things dead? I thought the plague killed off all the animals years ago. Whatever, I’m hunting two, big rats right now. Fuck these little ones. He smiled to himself. 
Babs and her master waited for about thirty seconds until they heard the single set of footsteps walking down the alley. Babs was almost invisible while she was in her hiding place and waited for the officer to walk by. As soon as this piece of shit moves past me, I’ll grab and hold him until his partner shows up. When she does, my sweetheart will shoot her and then we can have some real fun! Babs thought to herself. The cop was only about five feet away from the hole, judging by the footsteps she heard. Just a little more, Babs thought. Come on gumshoe. Don’t be scared. Your death will be quick. The cop was now right outside her hole and he did not even look into it. That’s your last mistake, dear. As the male police officer passed by the hole, Babs slowly moved outside of the hiding place and got ready to grab him. The officer cocked his head, as if he thought he heard something, but it was too late. 
Babs grabbed Jerry Mercury by his neck and put him into a standing headlock. It looked more like a “sleeper hold,” but it did the trick. Anytime Officer Mercury attempted to move away or struggle with the pokégirl; the hold became tighter and tighter. “Don’t move, you piece of shit,” Babs growled and hissed into his ear as she moved him deeper into the alley. “I’d hate to have you die before you got to say ‘goodbye’ to your bitch partner.” Officer Mercury stopped when Babs told him this and they continued to move into the alley. 
After they passed fifteen feet away from The Dark Haired Man’s hiding spot, Babs and Jerry only needed to wait twenty seconds for Jenny to show up at the other end of the alley. As Jenny walked down the alley, Babs waited for the pokégirl to come into the trap. 
When Jennifer walked into the alleyway, she could not make out what was in the middle of it. The lighting was terrible, but she thought that she saw two people close together. Jennifer walked into the darkness in order to get a better view of the two, slowly moving her right hand over her Light Elemental Pistol. The OfficerJenny kept it on her hip, just as the Waveland Police protocol specified. She did not know where Jerry was, but the pokégirl was fairly certain she would be seeing him as soon as she got closer to this “intimate” couple in the middle of the alleyway. Where the hell is he? Jennifer thought. As the OfficerJenny got closer to the couple, she noticed that the two figures were both facing her. It only took a few more seconds for her to realize that the closest person to her was wearing a police uniform. Jerry! Jennifer’s mind screamed. Jerry! Oh my Gods, JERRY! 
Jerry was being held in what appeared to be a headlock that could snap his neck with just a quick turn from the Mini-Top, or that is what Jennifer presumed the pokégirl in front of her was. Jennifer went for her gun and pulled it out of its holster. Thumbing back the hammer with her right hand and raising the gun so that the barrel was pointed at the pokégirl’s head, Jennifer was in position to shoot the Mini-Top in less than two seconds. “Is your name, Babs?” Jennifer asked the Mini-Top. 
“What gave me away,” Babs asked the OfficerJenny. “Was it the fact that my tits are small? Or that my ears are more floppy then they should be? Oh wait, I know. It’s because I’m crazy and I’m about to POP YOUR PARTNER’S HEAD LIKE A CHAMPLANE BOTTLE!” Babs started to move in deeper into the alley, dragging Officer Mercury as she did. “I want to have some fun with him before I kill him. Wanna watch?” Babs hissed at the OfficerJennyCome on, sweetie, the Mini-Top. Just follow me. 
“DON’T MOVE!” Jennifer Mercury ordered the Mini-Top. “Babs, let Officer Mercury go and surrender. If you do, I promise I’ll do what I can to help you. Where is your partner?” 
“Why don’t you come in here,” Babs cooed. “And find out for yourself.” The Mini-Top started moving back into the alley again at a much faster rate. Officer Jennifer Mercury called out to Babs, but she acted as though she was deaf.  Come on, you blue-haired bitch! Babs thought. Walk just a few more steps closer, and then we’ll have you. 
Officer Jennifer Mercury slowly followed her tamer and the Mini-Top into the alleyway. If it was not for the light on the other side of the alley, she would not be able to see anything. As the OfficerJenny continued to the alley, she knew it was a trap. I just don’t know where it will be, the OfficerJenny thought. What is she planning on doing? As Jennifer moved deeper into the alley, she thought she heard the sound of someone moving behind her. As she turned to see who, or what, it was, she heard a…
When Jennifer heard the loud noise behind her, she felt a sharp pain go straight into her side. Reflexively grabbing where the pain was coming from and dropping her pistol, the pokégirl fell to the ground. Jennifer was not sure if she had screamed, but whatever happened to her was making her eyes water. The wounded OfficerJenny tried to turn over on her stomach to get off her wound, but someone kicked her right shoulder and she fell back on it. The pokégirl tried to fight off the increasing pain and looked up at whom kicked her. As her eyes opened into little slits, Jennifer was staring up at a young man in his early twenties. He had very dark hair, probably black hair, but Jennifer could not tell from the lack of light in the alleyway. The man was also pointing his gun down at her face and smiling a deep, giant smile. 
“Well hello there,” The Dark Haired Man greeted her. “What is a beautiful, cosplay ‘girl like you doing out here in this dark alley? Don’t you know that it’s dangerous to be out here alone?” 
“You…” Jennifer Mercury tried to speak with an intimidating voice, but it only came out in a squeak. “You’re the one who killed those people…aren’t you?” 
The Dark Haired Man smiled, “Coorrect-du-mun-doe. It was I.” 
The OfficerJenny glared at him. With the sternest voice she could muster, she ordered, “Under the League Code of Criminal Law, I hereby place you under arrest for charges of robbery and homicide. Come along peacefully or…”
The Dark Haired Man broke out laughing before the OfficerJenny could finish, “Hahaha…Oh that’s rich. I’m sorry, baby, could you repeat that?” 
The police pokégirl tightened her jaw.  Becoming angry, she shouted, “I SAID, ‘I’M PLACING YOU UNDER ARR…” 
Jennifer Mercury screamed out in pain. The Dark Haired Man had lowered his gun from the pokégirl’s face and shot her right in the stomach. The gun barrel released a bolt of lightning, charring the OfficerJenny’s uniform a little, followed by a small amount of blood that was being released from the wound. 
“WHAT?” the human shouted at her. “I’m sorry; I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my gun going off. Do you want to repeat that for me?” Jennifer Mercury moaned and cried out at the new source of pain and began to roll slowly from side to side. 
Crying, Jennifer pleaded, “Stop, please stop.” 
“Stop,” The Dark Haired Man knelt down beside the wounded pokégirl. “Do you want me to stop causing you pain?” He reached his left hand down to her face and stroked her cheek softly. “Is that what you want?” 
With tears starting to roll down her cheeks, Jennifer whispered out, “Yes, please stop.” 
The Dark Haired Man smiled again at her, “Alright Cutie-Pie. I’ll stop hurting you.” He looked up at Babs and Jerry Mercury, who were both focused on him. The Dark Haired Man grabbed Jennifer and turned her so she was staring at the Mini-Top and her “husband”. “Babs, do it!” 
Babs smiled, and with the quickness of a jackrabbit, Jerry Mercury’s head turned over 180 degrees. Jerry was dead before he hit the ground two seconds later. 
Jennifer Mercury screamed when her mind registered what had just transpired in front of her. All the pain she was feeling from her gun wounds seemed far away now, as if they did not exist. No, Jennifer Mercury thought. No…Jerry? JERRY? Despair started to fill the, now alone, pokégirl. Jennifer was not quite sure how she had gotten on her back again or how much time had passed, but when she started to realize what was happening around her, she felt cold. The OfficerJenny looked down toward her body and saw that her uniform was ripped straight down the middle, exposing her bare breasts and her pants were completely off. She tried to move her arms, but she could not find the strength. When she looked up towards her arms and hands, she saw they were being held by the Mini-Top. With tears streaming down her face, she looked at The Dark Haired Man, as he was rubbing her clit through her panties, and cried out, “You promised you wouldn’t hurt me…” 
The Dark Haired Man looked at her sternly.  Grabbing her hair, softly, he lifted her head up and moved himself closer to her until they were only an inch or two away from each other. “Let’s get some things straight. One, my sweet, blue-haired beauty, I said, ‘I would stop hurting you.’ I did not say anything about Babs or your partner. Two, I’m not hurting you now. I’m giving you what you want…pleasure. Something that will…numb…the pain. It looks like you two were close. And three…” The Dark Haired Man kissed Jennifer Mercury passionately for a few seconds. When their lips lost contact, he slapped her hard in the face. It was so hard; both of them felt the pain.  For Jennifer, it was her face; and for The Dark Haired Man, it was his hand. “I didn’t promise anything!” He burst out laughing. 
Jenny Mercury tried to close her eyes, but every time she did, she was slapped again. It stung and ached so much, she could not feel the gun wounds anymore. As her attacker rammed his manhood into her over and over, she could only think, I wanna die…please…just kill me now… Her eyes remained open, but Officer Mercury’s world started to dissolve into darkness. The last thing she saw and remembered before her entire world slipped and faded away from her, was the smiling face of The Dark Haired Man has continued to steal pleasure from her defenseless body. 
“So this is Waveland, huh,” Joe Trades asked Alia as the group walked down the small city’s business street. Joe and his harem had just gotten into town after being on the road for a couple of days and all of them were tired. They were on their way to the police station to get the current list of bounties the city had readily available. Joe planned on getting the list, checking into the Pokécenter, and to look over the list with Alia as everyone, including Alia and himself, rested. All the pokégirls were wearing their “town clothes” again. “Why the Hell is it named that?” 
“Waveland got its name from being on the coast, taking in cargo from ships and other things from the bay. But that’s all I know.” Alia looked at Joe and smiled. “Why don’t you ask your ‘Dex? It should have all the information you need.” 
“I don’t wanna,” Joe responded, smiling at Alia. “It’s much easier to ask you for stuff I want.” The human got a glare back for the “joke” he had just told.   
“This is the police station,” Jade reported. “We should be able to get the bounty list from the OfficerJenny at the information desk.” 
The police station was a building that looked about seven stories tall, based on the amount of windows stacked on top of each other. It looked like a very small and traditional police station found in America back in the early 20th century. I wonder how they were able to rebuild the place to look like that, Joe thought. Or was this place miraculously spared after the continent was destroyed? As the team started walking up the stairs to the station, Joe thought the former choice was probably more correct. But why the hell would they rebuild a police station to look so old? 
Joe Trades and his harem walked through the big double doors of the station, not really knowing what to expect. The Reception Desk was not far from the doors and the lobby was vacant. There were wanted flyers on the bulletin board, but when Joe looked at them more closely, the flyers were for missing people/pokégirls. We’re not interested in that, Joe thought. We want threats, money rewards. Joe walked up to the Growlie at the desk and said, “Hello, Officer…Nicole,” only pausing enough to read the nametag. “We are bounty hunters and are inquiring about your current pokégirl threats. Would it be possible for me to have a copy of your most current list?” Joe ended the question with a small smile. 
Nicole looked at him, hesitating slightly before she smiled back at him. I’ve seen this guy before, she thought. But where? “Sure thing, Mister…?” 
“Holten,” Joe put out his hand. “Den-Mar Holten.” The police officer looked at it for a second, as if she did not know what to do. Christ, Joe thought.  I hope I just didn’t make an ass out of myself. A few seconds later, Officer Nicole grabbed his hand and shook it. 
“No problem, Mr. Holten,” the Growlie said to the human. “It will just be a few minutes. Will you please have a seat? There are some delays with the computer network today. I’ll call you up when I have it on screen and ready to be downloaded onto your Pokédex.” The police officer apologized. 
“Not a problem,” Joe Trades said. He walked away and sat down next to his harem on some benches that were up against the “wanted” board. It felt good to be off his feet for the first time all day. Joe Trades closed his eyes, and tried to drift into a light sleep. 
Officer Nicole looked at the picture of “the most wanted man in Waveland” and she got a tight, sick feeling in her stomach. She looked up over her computer and looked at the young man sitting on the bench not twenty feet away from her. Could it be? The pokégirl looked at the picture Officer Jennifer Mercury stated to Sarah, the Waveland Police Ar-Tits, and back at the man sitting on the bench, his eyes now closed. Glowlie continued to look at the picture and the man sitting on the bench. Officer Nicole took a deep breath, and typed a quick message on her screen. The message read, “Situation URGENT! Officer Jerry Mercury’s killer in lobby! Rush in and take by surprise and force!” 
Officer Nicole sent the message through the police network on the emergency line that was hooked up to all computers and S.C.Ds. After, the Growlie leaned back into her chair and put her hand on her firearm. She would try to use her firearm first, but the pokégirl definitely could hold her own in a melee fight with the pokégirls the fugitive had out. He doesn’t have that Mini-Top out, Nicole thought. But that doesn’t matter. This guy is goin’ down. One way…or the other… 
“Jennifer, are you sure you want to continue right now,” Captain Morrison asked the OfficerJenny from her desk. The young widowed officer was standing in front of the Denmother, appearing strong and confident. This breed can act so tough and formal, Captain Morrison thought.  But when you are around them enough, you can tell that they have feelings just like anyone else; maybe even more. “I think that maybe you should take some time off to rest. We’ll find him, I assure you.” 
“No,” Officer Jennifer Mercury responded. It was two days since she was attacked and her “husband’s” death. The OfficerJenny just came back from the Pokécenter after she was treated for her wounds.  Officer Mercury wanted to know everything that occurred since she gave her report from her Pokécenter bed. The pokégirl wanted justice for the death of her master and for the attack on herself. “I will remain here…it’s my job.” That son-of-a-Byte Bitch will pay for his crimes! Jennifer screamed in her mind.   
“Jennifer…please,” Captain Morrison began, but the Denmother was interrupted by her S.C.D. The “S.C.D.,” short for Satellite Communications Device, was a small portable device used for sending messages and alerting each other. The S.C.D.s were mostly used by field officers when they needed to fill out reports and send them back to the station, but they also helped the officers inside the station keep in touch with each other too. When a field officer used the built-in microphone to call for backup, the station could use its GPS, Global Positioning Satellite, to determine where the officer was, if the officer was unable to give their position to the station. That was how Captain Morrison and her backup team were able to find Officer Jennifer Mercury. Her and…her partner… Captain Morrison thought as she grabbed her buzzing S.C.D. from her desk and read the display screen:
“Situation URGENT! 
Officer Jerry Mercury’s killer in lobby! 
Rush in and take by surprise and force!” 
“WHAAAT?!” The Denmother shouted. She looked up at the pokégirl in her office, but then quickly looked out the windows at the other officers. They were beginning to look at their S.C.D.s, reading the message that was sent by the officer at the information desk. Shit, the dog-type thought.  This could be good or bad. 
“What is it,” Officer Mercury asked. “Captain Morrison, what is it?” 
“Just wait here,” The Denmother ordered. She bolted up from her desk and rushed to the door. Opening it, she continued, “I repeat, you are ordered to stay here! Am I understood?” 
Talking in a breath, and then releasing it, Jennifer responded, “Yes, Ma’am.” The Captain gave the OfficerJenny one more look, and walked out of the office, shutting the door behind her. Jenny Mercury looked over her shoulder and watched Captain Morrison beginning to take control of the situation outside. I should know what is going on out there, she thought. I haven’t been given back my S.C.D., so I can’t even see or hear what is going on right now. She squeezed her hand into a fist at her side. After Captain Morrison had assembled the officers in the hall, they headed for the front doors. Some were speaking into their S.C.D.s, probably informing everyone else that the situation was being dealt with. Officer Mercury’s hand was now shaking from the anger growing inside the pokégirl. If anyone were to look at her that moment, they would see that a tear fell from her eye and rolled down her cheek. Sniffling, she thought, It’s not fair… 
Joe Trades was not sleeping, but he was not fully conscious either. Jade had moved her head onto his lap and the “kitties” were snuggling with each other on the bench to the right of Jade and Joe. The human was cradling Jade’s head with his right hand and holding her hair in his left. I wonder what’s taking so long, he thought in his daze. I guess even in the future, in a parallel world, computers and electronic systems run slow too. The trip to Waveland had completely drained the harem of their energy, much more than they all had anticipated. He was so dazed and tired, Joe was not sure if he had been there for five minutes or a half an hour. 
Just as the human was drifting deeper off into unconsciousness, both the front doors and the doors inside the station, which lead to the rest of the station itself, swung open. Before Joe and his harem could react, twenty police officers, ten from each side, surrounded them. Most of them were blue-haired women officers who had their pistols drawn, but a few dog-like pokégirls were there too. The dog-types had their hands smoking, ready to attack. Joe Trades, however, was unable to even comprehend what was happening around him. With his eyes wide and full of more shock, surprise and fear then he had ever felt; Joe Trades just sat on the bench. 
“Don’t move,” shouted one of the dog-like girls. When Joe looked at her, he noticed that she was the tallest one of the entire group. She looked like a giant to him. “Just don’t move, and listen to every…word…I tell you…got it?”  
When the two feline pokégirls caught sight of the dog-like pokégirls, they started to hiss. Some of the blue haired officers moved their guns towards Alia and Mabella. Joe thought his two pokégirls were about to be shot dead right in front of him. Without thinking, he turned to them and shouted, “STOP! DON’T MOVE!” With adrenaline pumping through everyone’s veins, something bad was about to happen. “Everyone, just take a deep breath, and calm down.” Joe could feel Jade shaking in his lap and squeezing his right arm for dear life, but he could not think about her right now. Christ ‘girls, the human thought.  Don’t fucking do ANYTHING! 
As if they could hear his thoughts, the cat-types curled up and just stared at the officers. “Good,” the tall dog-girl said aloud. “Now, put them into their pokéballs. NOW!” 
Joe Trades was about to do as she asked, but an all-too-familiar voice in his head chirped in. Why are they doing this? What did you do? Before he knew it, Joe was having another conversation in his head again. 
Nothing, I didn’t do a God-damn thing! 
Are you sure? 
Then…ask her why they are all pointing guns at you. 
Joe cleared his throat and addressed the tall dog-girl, “Excuse me…Miss?” 
“It’s Captain Morrison,” the giant dog-girl said. “And I said, ‘put your ‘girls into their pokéballs. NOW!’” 
“Yes, uh, Miss Morrison,” Joe started to stammer. Christ you are gonna get us all killed! 
No I’m not. 
“I was wondering first, though, uh, why exactly are all of you pointing guns at us?” 
“As if we need to tell you,” Captain Morrison growled at him. 
Shit, I hope that the laws of this place are like back home, or we’re in some serious shit. 
Here’s hoping…go get ‘em, sport. 
“Um, actually, you do…don’t you?” 
Captain Morrison just looked at him. After a fifteen second stare down, which seemed to last for eternity to Joe, she finally said, “You had better put them up, or you’ll be a few pokégirls shorter in your harem. I’ll give you to five seconds to get your ‘balls and return them…” 
Shit, now what? What the hell am I gonna do!? I need to play ball with these guys. 
No, you don’t. 
WHAAAT! ARE YOU INSANE! They are gonna…
…shoot the girls! I gotta save them! 
They are not
… ‘gonna shoot’ anyone. Look, those are all Officer Jennies. 
Just trust me. Cry out this is against the law. 
The blue-haired officers, the OfficerJennies, started looking at their captain. Their harden faces were now starting look a little unsure and guilty. Captain Morrison took in a deep breath, and sighed. “Alright, fine. They can stay out, but they will be locked up nonetheless. You,” she barked at one of the OfficerJennies.  “Go and get a pair of ‘Kitten Mittens’ for these two young kitties. Officer Tyler, fit the tamer and his ‘pink-priss’ with a pair of bracelets.” As the OfficerJenny rushed away, a dog-girl walked over to them, pulling out two handcuffs. The pokégirl locked both Jade and Joes’ hands behind their backs; removing Joe’s Tamer’s Belt in the process. The human and his harem’s poképacks were all picked up by four of the OfficerJennies
“Okay, kids,” Captain Morrison ordered. “Let’s get your rooms picked out.”  As the entire group walked out of the lobby and further into the station, Captain Morrison thought, It’s him! It’s Officer Jerry Mercury’s killer! His face is a perfect match with the crime sketch Jennifer gave. This is, without a doubt, Officer Jerry Mercury’s killer. 






Pokédex Entries
DENMOTHER, the Protector Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: Guardians, mothers, leaders, make excellent police Pokégirls (detectives)
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel, Ghost
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Tackle, Quick Attack, Dodge, Agility, Foresight, Flamethrower, Rage, Fire Floor, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Growl, Slash, Bite.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x7), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Reflexes (x4), Enhanced Senses (x4), Attacks will damage Ghost-types and other non-corporeal Pokégirls, Highly intelligent, "Rage"
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Growltit (special; giving birth)
The evolution of Growltit to Denmother requires Growltit to have a litter of pups either by Parthenogenesis if she is still a Pokégirl or via normal reproduction if she has become a pokewoman. The evolution itself does not occur until Growltit has finished giving birth to her litter before kicking in, a quick glowing evolution which restores the now Denmothers strength and allows her to get over the effort of giving birth.
Denmother keeps all of the traits of its pre-evolution form with a few differences; she still retains the canine features with the red fur with black tiger stripes down her back, arms and legs. Again the blonde hair on the top of her head becomes even wilder and spiked along with the blonde fur down her chest, stomach becoming longer and more pronounced, the blonde fur around groin and inner thigh remains roughly the same as it was in her Growltit form, giving her an appearance of having a mane on her neck and chest. The length of the fur on her tail changes too, making become much longer and bushy much to the delight of children.
The major change to Denmother is she grows in size until she is just under 7 foot tall, her muscles whilst not that much more visible than they were in her Growltit form look much more impressive at her increased size. It can be quite difficult to tell Denmother apart from Growltit, especially at a distance but there are a few specific differences, Denmother has Black tipped ears when in all of its previous forms it always has unmarked red furred ears. The fur down her nose ridge becomes blonde and joins the blonde hair on her head with the blonde fir around her mouth and down the front of her body.
Denmother is far more powerful than her previous forms, her enhanced strength, endurance, reflexes and senses make her an unparalleled tracker, almost impossible to throw off the scent. The Growlie family of Pokégirls have always been very intelligent but Denmother takes this intelligence to a whole new level, test have shown Denmother to be as intelligent as Supe-Bra Geniuses although she seems to prefer focusing this intelligence on practical matters rather than theoretical sciences.
Denmothers control over its fire elemental powers is stunning, not only is it capable of using powerful fire moves against its enemies with awe inspiring accuracy but it is also quite capable of nullifying all but the most extreme fire based attacks on itself. The majority of fire type Pokégirls are rendered helpless before Denmother.
An odd quirk that Denmother gains is her ability to attack Ghost types and other non-corporeal Pokégirls along with a ‘sixth sense' to detect them even if they are not visible, researchers are unsure how Denmother developed this ability or even how it works, it is presumed she gets this ability in order to better protect those under her care but this is idly speculation.
With traits like that, one would expect to find a lot of Denmothers in the police force however a number of factors generally render Denmother unsuitable for Police work, first of all to evolve into Denmother she must be pregnant and give birth. This means the Pokégirl must be pulled from active duty especially during the later stages of her pregnancy; Growltit gets increasingly protective of the offspring inside of her resulting in her unwilling to take risks which could jeopardize herself and her children, thus making her unsuitable for active duty.
Once the Pokekits are born, the majority of Denmothers have an overwhelming instinct to protect their pups which leads them to be unwilling to return to police work as they would rather look after their pups. It is possible to get a Denmother to return to the police force, those who have lived with another Pokégirl for a long time and developed a bond with will often entrust their pups with the other Pokégirl, one of the largest acts of trust Denmother can perform.
A fair number of Denmothers in the police force prefer to stay away from street duty and tend to become detectives in their own right, usually forensic detectives, using their senses and high intelligence to solve crimes, although some Denmothers do go into other fields. The avoidance of street duty is caused by the desire not to orphan their Pokekits or otherwise be unable to care for them; the strength of this desire can vary between Denmothers due to personalities and will last until the Pokekits become Pokégirls.
Those that remain on street duty are even faster than all of their previous evolutions and a criminal has little chance of escaping a Denmother, their intelligence, enhanced speed, endurance, reflexes and strength mean that all but the most powerful criminals and their Pokégirls are going down hard and fast. Because of the difficulty to acquire Denmothers who are willing to remain on street duty, those Denmother/officer teams are often assigned to large population areas or trouble areas.
Denmother are found in other lines of work as well, most commonly daycare centers or schools where they look after human children, often teaching them and in the more wild areas of the world also ensuring that no passing ferals harm them. Children love Denmother, young children particularly like snuggling up to her for an afternoon nap and the Denmother loves Children, she would rather have herself ripped apart than allow harm to those under her care.
The desire to protect and nurture can also cause Denmother to be found in Pokécenters or Ranches as staff where they look after the other Pokégirls and mother the other Pokégirls, even those which are older than itself. Denmother can comfort and nurture even the most depressed threshold girls, allowing them to see some light in their new existence.
Its all of these traits have given Denmother a reputation to rival that of Catgirls and Megami, they are given significant leeway in all but the most conservative leagues and harming or abusing one is likely mass uproar, if not hostile attacks from other Pokégirls and tamers.
Denmothers tend to be out of the reach of most pet owners due not only to the difficulty of getting Growlie to evolve into Growltit for most pet owners but because Denmother is also in great demand for daycare centers, Pokécenters and Ranches. Those who do own Denmothers will rapidly find themselves part of a large family if they weren't already, Denmother will often ‘adopt' abused or young feral Pokégirls and turn them into members of the family. League officials are quite aware of Denmothers habit and grant leeway to most Denmother pet owner to go over the 3 Pokégirl limit. Denmother itself tends to limit itself a family of no more than five, which is the usual number of Pokekits born in a Denmother litter, although some are known to adopt others for shorter periods of time until they can carry on their way, and any orphaned Pokekits are adopted regardless.
Canine and Cat type Pokégirls are the most common Pokégirls to be adopted by Denmother as she still has the trademark like of cat type Pokégirls although this has become a much more mothering relationship rather than the purely playful one it was before. Similarly Denmother has no love of domina types and heaven help any domina which chooses to start anything with someone under the Denmothers care, this is not to say that a Denmother won't help an abused domina but when it does, the Denmother will make very sure the domina is aware of who is in charge.
Generally, Denmothers are not a hugely popular as pets, mainly because most pet owners only want one or two Pokégirls to look after and that's it. With a Denmother you are likely to end up starting a mini Ranch, Pokécenter or Haven whether you want to or not, hence its usually chosen by people who have a large enough family to keep Denmother happy or those who honestly want to help Pokégirls.
In the wild feral Denmother tend to be the core of large Growlie packs, size usually ranging from around 20 to 50 members and rarely consists purely of Growlie and Growltit, often including Pokégirls and Pokekits that the pack has adopted into its own. This means that each packs strength can not be predicted as they could potentially have almost any other Pokégirl in their pack, although predominately the non-Growlie or non-Growltit members tend to be Canine or Feline types. Denmothers intelligence often means that sentries have alerted the pack of intruders long before the intruders know of the packs presence; this means the pack can decide to fight or flee depending on the strength of the trespasser.
Its strongly recommended you do NOT attack or attempt to capture an unwilling member of a Growlie pack containing a Denmother because she views her fellow pack mates as under her protection and will go full out to protect them. Denmother has a ‘Rage' attack in which her strength, reflexes and speed triple which she uses whenever those under her protection are harmed, unlike other Rage attacks Denmother does not go berserker, maintaining a tight control on her actions making the attack all the more lethal. She will not make a mistake or let an attack slip through because she has to protect those under her and failure is simply not an option for her. Regardless of the fond memories you may have of that harmless Denmother in daycare that you may have, feral Denmothers are extremely dangerous when provoked.
Feral Denmothers tend to undergo parthenogenesis far more regularly than other Pokégirls, so they often have offspring (Pokekits) around to protect. Their standard tactics are to bark and bite in an attempt to drive intruders off, like they did when they were Growlie. They'll often place members of the pack between the intruder and any Pokekits they have, as well as some spaced around in case the intruder is merely a distraction, however if a fight breaks out then the intruder will have to avoid coordinated attacks from the entire pack, those guarding the Pokekits will freely unleash their most powerful fire attacks whilst the others will move in close to take down the opponent. Any direct threat to the Pokekits will result in a lethal response, the target being hit by numerous fire attacks before being brutally mauled and ripped to shreds by the Denmother and Growltits.
Denmother lead packs have known to take on and defeat rampaging Widows effectively when escape is no longer an option, albeit with casualties, using group tactics and intense fire strikes to wear the Widow down, pack members distracting the Widow from fellow pack members long enough for them to avoid death strikes. Hence Denmother lead packs are far beyond the ability to capture of all but the most experienced harem masters.
Recommend capturing something else, feral titmice are always a safer choice.
GROWLIE, the Puppy Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Canine)
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon (Crimson, Indigo)
Diet: near human diet (omnivore, but mostly fish and nuts)
Role: originally tracking and frontline, make excellent pets or police Pokégirls
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Flamethrower, Ignite, Growl, Slash, Bite, Tackle, Takedown.
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), High endurance and loyalty
Evolves: Growltit (Normal, experience needed)
Evolves From: Goth (Sarcastic Goth sub-types only; Fire Stone)
Loyalty, this is the first trait that comes into mind when one thinks about a Growlie and this reputation is well earned. Besides being extremely loyal, Growlie also has a brave and trustworthy nature, it will fearlessly stand up to bigger and stronger foes to protect its tamer from harm. Growlie along with Kittens and Catgirls were one of the breeds to fiercely battle Mao during the Rebellion, their loyalty to their owners being so strong that to break it leaves the Growlie crippled both physically and mentally. They simply do not betray their masters, being loyal to the end.
Growlie has a distinctive appearance; the canine features with the red fur with black tiger stripes down her back, arms, legs and tail is complimented by blonde hair on the top of her head and a short soft blonde fur on her chest, stomach, groin and inner thighs. Growlie has a nose which grants them a greatly enhanced sense of smell allowing them to follow scent trails days old, making them excellent trackers. Their high endurance means they will track a target for days even weeks and when they finally catch up their enhanced strength means they can quickly overpower and bring down the target.
This combination of traits not only makes Growlie an excellent pet but also makes them one of the few Pokégirls ideally suited for police work along with others such as Tigress. Once a Growlie is selected for police duty they are assigned and bonded to a partner then both the Police officer and the Growlie go on an intensive training course that taxes both the Officer and the Growlie. By the end of the course both the Officer and Growlie forge a strong partnership allowing them to function better as a pair, instinctively understanding each others strengths and weaknesses. The Growlie will also learn methods of tracking and taking down criminals which makes them superior combatants than pet owned Growlies.
Growlie is a popular pet Pokégirl and often considered members of the family much like Kittens, Hounds, Pidgies, Evas, Bunnies and Titmice however they do not share quite the same level of popularity as the others because they require such large amounts of love and attention. Another Pokégirl is recommended as the Growlies can then occupy themselves by 'playing' with the other Pokégirls. They are very competitive with any and ALL amorous or lustful Pokégirls.
Growlies are often found in a large family with at least one other Pokégirl for this reason, their intelligence is such that they are quite capable of doing any job a human can do although their favorite job will be patrolling and protecting the family home which they consider to be their territory.
Unlike most canine types, Growlie gets on well with cat type Pokégirls especially when both discover a mutual love of fish and love of play. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it's strongly suggested that you _not_ have any of the Domina-type Pokégirls, though. Growlies and Domina-types do NOT like each other.
Feral Growlie are very protective of their territory, they will bark and bite fiercely to repel intruders from their territory; however they will not viciously maul or kill their opponent like some feral Pokégirls but instead aim to drive their opponent off. The favored territory of a Growlie would be near a river or large stream running through forest land, predominately because Growlie are omnivores like humans but particular like nuts and fish as their primary diet, nuts mostly only available in forest land whilst fish are obviously only available around large water sources. Growlie are excellent at foraging for food in the wild making them idea for tamers who will be spending large amounts of time in the wild, also due to their love of fish they are awesome fishers which is odd for a fire type!
One must be careful though, in the wild Growlie tend to form packs which have a similar intense loyalty to each other akin to that they develop with their tamers, any attempt to harm or Pokéball any member of the pack is likely to incite a violent response from the entire pack, worse yet the captured Growlie will refuse to bond to its owner and will attack once released from the Pokéball before attempting to return to its pack by backtracking the tamers scent unless heavy mental conditioning is applied.
If one wants to capture a feral Growlie without trouble then the entire pack must be caught together or the individual Growlie must be encouraged to come willingly with the tamer though whatever methods.
Kitsune, the Mischievous Fox pokegirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (vulpine)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: domesticated Pokégirl
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost, mouse Pokégirls, bird Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Fighting, dog Pokégirls
Attacks: Scratch, Bite, Pummel, Leap, Tackle, Psychic Illusion, Ember
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed and Agility (x2), Enhanced Hearing (x4) Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x4)
Evolves: Vixxen (Fire Stone), Foxxsea (Water Stone), Hoarfoxx (Water Stone and arctic conditions), Nogitsune (personal dishonor; loss of tail), Psivyx (Psi Crystal)
Evolves From: Vulvixx (normal or Fox E-Medal)
A Pokégirl based on the pre-Sukebe animal known as a fox, this Pokégirl was designed to create confusion in the ranks of the human armies. One of the first of the mass-produced breeds due to her relatively simple genetic code, the Kitsune was distinctive for the bushy tail that is about two feet long and the vulpine-like muzzle on their faces. However, numerous accounts are known of the Kitsune assuming human forms with their Illusion and Psychic Illusion techniques to bring confusion to most any human command structure.
There has been some confusion in the centuries since, as the Vulvixx was discovered. The Vulvixx, a Fire-type, evolves into the Kitsune, which is a Normal-type, and then evolves in one of many directions (although, admittedly, most include a fire-type in the evolutions). Research remains ongoing into this particular phenomenon, but it's widely considered to be a genetic quirk, and nothing else.
The Kitsune, or fox Pokégirl, is a common form for girls undergoing Threshold to evolve to. Like the Eva, it has multiple evolutionary tracks but is not high powered in its base form. Kitsunes are highly mischievous and delight in innocently causing trouble (no malicious intent), such as taking pictures of embarrassing situations and posting or selling them, inciting romantic triangles from both sides, enjoying the good life and stiffing total strangers with the bill, etc. It's this particular trait that kept them from being targeted widely by anti-Pokégirl organizations, as even they realize and understand a good joke when they see one (or can at least find a use for the Kitsune, one way or the other). They also make great pets, as most Kitsune are rather intelligent and are proficient in the kitchen and at household chores, though do well with children also. Just be sure to keep an eye on them so they don't teach the children how to play pranks on their parents.
Despite not being a fire-type, the Kitsune does have access to an array of elemental techniques to assist in their mischief. Not especially great in either sex battles or standard battles, the Kitsune are often evolved quickly when found in a combat harem. These Pokégirls have a slight quirk, however: despite their mischievous nature, every Kitsune chooses their own rules and code to live by- whether it be as simple as never allowing her tamer to be harmed, to never harming a child. If their rule, or code, is broken by a certain measure (by choice or accident), this often triggers the evolution into a Nogitsune, which all Kitsune dread with a passion. Kitsune get along well with Trixies and other Pokégirls that enjoy playing jokes on others, and it is not recommended to have two or more pranksters in a single harem as they will constantly attempt to outdo one another.
(Note: Name is taken from Japanese fox-spirit which are highly mischievous.)
OFFICERJENNY, the Police Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Normal
Frequency: Uncommon. Not found in the wild.
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Law enforcement of all kinds
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Fighting, Flying, Psychic
Libido: Average
Attacks: Counter, Evade, Pose, Headbutt, Takedown, Body Slam, Toss, Stone Palm, Focus, Focus Energy, Resist, Gatling Punch, Gatling Kick, Mirror, Throwing Handcuffs, No Sell, Dream Time, Seismic Toss, The Calm Soul, Giant Toss, Chain Throw, Chump Change (over level 50), Master Blow
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Strength (x6), encyclopedic knowledge of all laws, better-than-photographic memory, incorruptible
Evolves: Lawfoxx (Fox E-Metal)
Evolves From: None
OfficerJenny was the second breed of Post-Sukebe Pokégirls to be created, right after the NurseJoy. And like the NurseJoy, they quickly became well-regarded by the rest of the world, with the obvious exception of the criminal element. They are good fighters, focusing mainly on grappling and takedown maneuvers, and are incapable of being bought off or bribed in any way. The scientists who made the first of the breed wanted a breed who could counteract police corruption, and found that in the creation of the OfficerJenny. In addition, the Leagues wanted a policeman capable of taking other Pokégirls, the OfficerJenny (called Jenny for short), fit that bill superbly. Unlike the ineffective tactics of human police forces before the Revenge War, these Pokégirls are far more capable of fending for themselves. Most often, however, they are teamed up with another Pokégirl, such as a Growlie or a Hound.
When confronted by corruption in their fellow officers, they will automatically try to correct the situation, confronting them with their Tamer and either getting them to fix their ways or turning them in. OfficerJennies regard the so-called ‘blue wall’ as an insult to honest cops everywhere. If their TAMER is the one that turns out to be corrupt, they will be hurt on a spiritual level, suffering great emotional pain and regarding their Tamer’s corruption to be a failure on their own part. But despite this, they will NOT hesitate to turn their Tamer in if they cannot change his corrupt ways, although their methods of change will be far less harsh than the methods they would use on someone not connected to them so deeply.
OfficerJennies are loyal to the law almost completely. But they are also aware that at times there is a difference between ‘law’ and ‘what is right.’ If at all possible, they will let some things slide (such as the stealing of food to prevent starvation, the emasculation of a severely abusive Tamer, etc.), pretending they didn’t witness it. But more often than not they will follow the law and arrest the person involved. Jennies possess a strong belief that without law, chaos will reign. As such, they as a breed entire PASSIONATELY hate Macavity and Jenova.
OfficerJennies make good Alphas, not because of their fighting skills, but because they tend to think great strategies for combat and are great at keeping other Pokégirls in line. They have a high level of street smarts and cunning, and can easily be trained as detectives, possessing a great capability for reasoning and common sense decisions.
OfficerJennies, or Jennies, as they are usually called, are almost always found amongst the harems of police officers, rarely being seen with wandering Tamers and NEVER being seen in the wild. Their feral state is similar to that of an Ingenue or Bimbo, and usually results with them being trapped in their own handcuffs, usually in an uncomfortable position. They always have green eyes, similar facial appearances, and hair that is some shade of blue, although they use different hairstyles. There is more various to their appearance if they have DNA in them other than OfficerJenny or human DNA, but the commonality of appearance is unusual. NurseJoys have a similar genetic anomaly. Considered an oversight, this was never corrected in subsequent batches. Both breeds manage to find ways to look different from one another, so this was considered a non-issue. Their bust is usually a B or C cup without Bloom Powder, and is always proportionate to their height, usually 6 feet tall.
Thresholding into an OfficerJenny is not unheard of, and commonly occurs amongst the families of retired police officers. It never occurs in the wild, however, as mentioned earlier.