Three to One: When these odds are in place on a result, the result has a 25 percent chance of success.



At about nine in the morning, Joe began to stir. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes sheepishly. The first thing Joe saw was the dark blue material of a tent. Okay, Joe thought. This is new and different. What the hell is this now? He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Maybe if I get some more sleep, I'll wake up in my own bed. 
"I see that you are finally awake. How are you feeling?" A cheerful and seductive voice cooed to him. Joe paused for a second and opened his eyes in the direction of the voice. 
Joe saw a beautiful woman in a nurse uniform kneeling two feet to his right. She had straight neon pink hair that dropped halfway to her neckline. The nurse looked like it had come straight out of a Japanese manga page. She had big, dark green eyes, a bright smile and a perfect face that was starting to give Joe an erection. Joe did not even respond to her question; he just stared at her. The "nurse" began to blush and her smile got even bigger and brighter. "I asked you a question, silly." 
"I'm sorry," Joe started. "I just wasn't expecting a personal nurse to be as pretty as you are." He knew that was corny, but this was his dream. He could say whatever he wanted. "And I wasn't quiet expecting my nurse to look like an anime character."
Jade looked at him as if he just grew four more eyes on his face. "Anime?" 
"Well, that hair of yours," Joe explained. "It's pink. The only time I've seen pink hair on a girl is in manga or in a Japanese cartoon." 
Jade stared at him, deep in thought. What is he talking about? Of course I have pink hair...I'm a NurseJoy. Everyone knows that. "Well sweetheart," Jade started. "You can rest assured that I'm real, and not from fiction. But I wouldn't mind if you called me your 'personal nurse' again." Jade smiled seductively. "Can you tell me the last thing you remember?" 
Joe thought back to last night. He took in a breath of shock and sat up. Checking his chest for wounds, Joe answered, "I remember a giant jungle cat pouncing on me. I thought I was dead." The human started to shake, but he was not sure if it was from the cold due to being naked or if it was from remembering the event. 
Jade began to chuckle. "That was just Alia. She was very happy to see you walking around and okay. I suppose that seeing you in your Birthday Suit may have contributed to the happiness." Jade was now giving Joe a very sexy grin after her last comment. She looked adorable to him. 
"Who?" Joe asked. 
Jade's smile faded two seconds after he asked this. "Alia, your Catgirl...don't you remember?" Jade was looking at him intensely. What is going on here? Jade thought. 
"No," Joe looked at her with a serious look. "I don't. All I know is that I was attacked by a large cat that I've never seen before." 
Jade thought for a few seconds before she started her questioning. "Listen, I want you to ask some important questions. Can you please answer them for me honestly?" 
"I'll try..." Joe stated. 
"Okay," Jade started and took a deep breath before she began. "Can you tell me what my name is?" The NurseJoy stared into his face with hopeful eyes. 
Joe looked straight into Jade's eyes. Damn, what the hell do I say to her? Joe thought. I've never seen this chick before in my life, but she's looking at me as if we've known each other for years. I really don't want to hurt her feelings. Joe took a breath, reached over and held her hands. "I'm sorry; I don't know who you are. I have never seen you before." 
Jade’s eyes started to form a few tears and she sniffled a little bit. Joe rubbed her hands softly, but it did not seem to help. Jade looked away for a few seconds and then back at the human after she regrouped. It's okay...Jade thought. It's okay...I just hope I can get through this. "Alright," Jade started again. "Can you tell me what your name is?" 
"Sure," Joe stated confidently. "It's Joe. My name is Joe..." He noticed that Jade started to look even more worried. "Is that not right?" The question sounded a little sarcastic, but the human did not want to hurt the lady's feelings anymore. He could see that the pink-haired woman was about to breakdown and start crying at any moment. 
Ignoring Joe's question, Jade continued with another question.  Her voice had started to become shaky. "Do you remember how you got into the woods naked?" 
Joe closed his eyes for a minute, trying to remember what had happened that night. The events started to come back to the human and he answered Jade's question. "Yeah, I remember. I was trying to get to sleep in my bed, but I heard a weird noise. When I looked up, some sort of…black hole…thing…sucked me up. When I woke up, I was out in the woods." 
Jade looked at him for a few seconds, trying to comprehend the situation that Joe just stated to her. I don't believe this. It can't possibly be true. This guy can't be from an alternate universe, could he? I mean, Den-Mar would sometimes read a science fiction story once and awhile, but this can't be real, could it? Jade closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I'm glad I told the ‘girls to stay out of the camp and go catch breakfast for everyone nearby. Jade began recalling the events before she went into the tent to talk to Joe. 
"I want to be in there when Den-Mar wakes up," Alia whimpered to Jade. "It isn't far that you get to talk to him. I'm the Alpha, so I make the decisions of who sees him first!" Alia, Jade and Mabella were arguing about the situation before breakfast of how to handle this "new" Den-Mar. 
"You both can't be in there for two reasons," Jade began. "First off, I'm not going in there to be tamed. I'm going in there for the sole purpose of nursing him. I don't know what condition Den-Mar is going to be in when he wakes up. He might not be able to remember us."  Jade frowned. "I don't have very much experience with people who have been dead and have been brought back to life. Hell, there isn't even that many reported cases of this even occurring. 
“Second of all, and we need to talk about this too ladies, the man in there might not even be Den-Mar." Alia and Mabella looked down at the ground and frowned. "I know we don't want to talk about this, but he isn't exactly Den-Mar...even though he definitely looks a lot like him. So I'm going in there to help heal him, if he needs it, and try to figure out some answers. Is that too much to ask, Alia?" Jade leered at her harem sister. Her voice was slightly harsh and cut into the Catgirl like a dagger. 
Alia just nodded her head. "Yes Jade. I'm sorry for thinking that it was going to be just for taming. It's's just..." Alia started to stammer again. "It's just I miss him so MUCH!" Alia rushed at Jade and started crying on her shoulder. Jade embraced her Alpha and began rubbing the back of her head and neck. 
"I know you do," Jade said and looked at Mabella. "We all do." 
"Alia, why don't you and I go catch some breakfast and get it prepared for everyone?" Mabella suggested. 
"Alright," Alia moved away from Jade, still sniffling and wiping a tear or two away from her eyes. "Let's do that." The two of them took off in search for some food. 
Jade looked at them go in search for their prey and began to think of what the future may hold for all of them. I hope everything will work out for us, Jade thought. She turned and faced the tent housing Joe. Who are you? Den-Mar? Have you really come back from the dead to be with us again? Jade started to walk toward the tent. I hope so; we've all missed you so much. But, it just seems so impossible for you to have come back. And if it isn't you, then why do you have this…this…copy…walking around looking exactly like you? Jade stepped into the tent and looked directly down at Joe, still sleeping soundly. 
She knelt down next to him and rubbed his cheek with the back of her hand. Beside the hair and the lack of muscles, I'd say that you look exactly the way you did when you...died. A tear fell from her eye and landed on the ground. Den-Mar… "...I love you."  Jade whispered out. 
Joe eyes began to twitch from the silent, squeaky confession Jade gave. The NurseJoy sat straight up and took in a gasp of air, half from surprise and half to prepare for what lay ahead. She closed her eyes and thought, I must be strong. No matter what happens, I'm now responsible for this man, whether he is Den-Mar or not. She opened her eyes and stared at Joe, who began to stir. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes sheepishly. 
Jade was staring off into space and did not notice Joe asked her a question. The NurseJoy snapped out of her daydream when Joe looked at her and asked her another question. “Hello, Earth to Nursey. Come in, Nursey. Are you there?” Jade shook her head slightly and returned her attention back to Joe. 
“I’m sorry,” Jade apologized. “What did you ask me?” 
“I asked you what your name was,” Joe said. “You know my name; it’s only fair for me to know yours.” 
“Oh,” Jade half gasped. “I’m sorry. My name is Jade.” She looked at Joe’s face and his eyes to see if there was any recognition. Joe looked closer at her. Jade began to blush a little. 
“It’s because of your eyes, isn’t it?” Joe asked. “Your eyes are jade green.” 
“Mmm hmm,” Jade nodded. “My parents named me that because my eyes would probably not change going through threshold.” 
Joe looked at Jade with small recognition to what she had just said. “Threshold? Did you just say, ‘threshold?’” Why does that sound familiar? Joe thought. I’ve heard that word before...but where? Joe noted that Jade was smiling again. It’s small, but at least she smiling. 
“Yes,” Jade answered. “I did. Does that mean something to you?” 
“Maybe,” Joe answered. God, I hope I don’t sound like a total idiot and douche by saying this. “Can you tell me one thing...are you a...” Joe lowered his head, faced the ground and closed his eyes. “Pokégirl?” 
Jade smiled from his question. “Why yes I am.” 
Joe opened his eyes and gasped a little. No, it can’t be, he thought. How is this possible? How did I manage to make it into the Pokégirl World? He looked up and faced Jade. She was still smiling, but Joe had a very serious expression on his face. “Um, Jade. Where is the restroom? I kinda need to relief myself. You know, waking up and all?” 
Jade looked at him, without the smile, but in a friendly voice. “It’s anywhere outside the campground. We are out in the woods.” 
“Okay Jade,” Joe said as he got up and headed for the door. He then looked down at his naked body. “Um, shouldn’t I put on some pants?” 
“There’s no need to worry about anything,” Jade answered. “Besides for your harem and ferals, we are the only ones out here.” She finished her sentence with a winked. 
“Alright,” Joe said. “If you say so.” He walked out of the tent and headed about twenty feet away from the campsite. As Joe got to a somewhat quiet place, since any spot out there was as good as any, he started to relieve himself and think. Christ Christ CHRIST! What the HELL AM I GONNA DO! SHIT!  SHIT!  FUCK! He started to breathe very fast, but as soon as he realized what he was doing, the human tried to calm himself down. Calm down Joe; calm down. Get a fucking grip. 
After he calmed down for a bit, Joe started to have another conversation in his head. Some people talked to themselves out in the open, but Joe kept everything inside. 
Okay Joe, recap: What happened? 
What do you mean what happened? 
Well, I mean, what have you learned so far? 
Well, let me see, idiot...1) I learned that I’m now in the Pokégirl world, 2) a NurseJoy named Jade is watching over me, 3) She seems to know me, however I don’t know her, 4) I don’t know WHERE I AM! CHRIST, if what I remember from what the writers of the PG World wrote, and if they are all true, depending on what League I’m in, I could be seriously FUCKED! SHIT! 
Christ, will you chill the fuck out, PLEASE?! 1) It’s not like your life was that great to begin with. Besides your immediate family, you didn’t really care about anyone, did you? 2) You got a HOT pokégirl NurseJoy watching over you. 3) She seems to know you because you’re her tamer, JACKASS. That means she is probably bonded to you, LUCKY! 4) Does it really matter where you are? Think about it. 
The piss was done, and Joe took a breath in to think. You got some good points. But how do you know all this about Jade? 
Oh, my FUCKING GOD! Think back to what she said, “...Besides for your harem and ferals...” Get a clue...and who’s the idiot now? 
Joe turned and looked at the tent he had come out. “No fucking way.” he muttered. 
Jade waited for Joe to return to the tent. She had been crying the entire time since he left. No..., Jade thought.  How can this be happening? Who is that person? Why does he look like Den-Mar? I should make him tell me who exactly he is. I don’t believe him. And he thinks that I’ll just go along and buy a crazy story like that? That...that JERK! Jade was now sobbing hard and tears were falling down her cheeks like a waterfall. She continued until Joe stepped back in the tent. The NurseJoy did not even notice that he had come back in until he touched her back. When he did, she gasped, turned, and was face to face with him. Staring into his eyes for a few seconds, Jade was taken into Joe’s arms as he slowly began to hug her. Jade tensed up for a few seconds, but then accepted the embrace. 
“I’m sorry,” Joe started. “From what I can tell, it looks like something has happened to your tamer. Based on your kindness and sensitivity to the answers I gave, me and your tamer must have some connection with each other.” He started to rub her back a little to sooth her, since it sounded like she was calming down. “I’m sorry, but I’m just not him. I am someone else from another place and time. It must sound completely ludicrous, but I hope you can believe me.” 
Jade continued to cry, but it did sound like she was better than what she had been. Five minutes later, she was no longer crying, but Joe continued to holding her. “Jade,” Joe started. “I don’t mean to break us apart right now, but are there any clothes that will fit me? I really don’t want to be naked anymore.” 
Jade looked up at him. “Den-Mar had some clothes in his ‘pack.” Joe got up and found some clothes in the poképack, with Jade’s help. To his surprise, they fit perfectly. Even Den-Mar’s boots fit just like the Harley’s he had in his world. 
“Thanks Jade,” Joe said. “Everything’s a perfect fit. Oh, Jade? Where is the rest of the harem?” 
“Alia and Mabella are both out collecting breakfast for us. Alia is a Catgirl and Mabella is a Firecat.” 
“What color is each one’s fur?” 
“Alia is white and Mabella is orange and red.” 
Joe smiled. “Alright. I’ll try to keep it in my head.” 
“Jade? Jade?” A voice from outside the tent was shouting. “We’re back!” 
“That’s Mabella calling,” Jade explained. “Let’s go and meet the rest of your harem. Then you can explain everything to them.” She sounded a little scornful to Joe, but he tried to ignore it. He had a feeling he was hurting Jade by dressing up in her former tamer’s clothes, but he did not know what else to do. Joe was about to grab Jade’s hand and try to say something nice to her, but she had already rushed out of the tent to meet her harem sisters. Joe took a breath, closed his eyes for a second, and walked out the tent to talk to his “new” harem. 
When he stepped out into the campsite, he saw three pokégirls around the fire, starting to cook the food the “cats” had just gathered. Everyone looked right at Joe; in fact, he was slightly embarrassed by the sudden attention he got from them. The reddish Firecat, Mabella, smiled at him and pranced over to him. “Morning Master!” She exclaimed. When she made it to him, she hugged him and gave his cheek a little peck. 
Joe hugged her back and whispered into her ear, “I think all of us are gonna need to have a talk about this entire situation later. For now, just call me, Joe.” 
The Firecat looked at him hesitantly, and then said, “Alright...Joe.” They stopped their embrace and Joe noticed that the white Catgirl, Alia, was slowly walking over to them. When she stopped, Alia was inches from his face and was looked into his eyes. Joe did not have a clue what to expect from her. The last time they met, she had pounced on Joe and knocked him out. She had been staring into his eyes for only a few seconds, but it seemed like minutes to Joe. Alia’s eyes then started to form tears and her lips started to quiver. Joe was going to say something to her to try to calm her down, but the Catgirl grabbed him and hugged him tightly. 
Alia whispered into his ear so softly that no one else heard her make a noise but him. Joe was the same height as she was, so her mouth was right next to his ear. “Don’t you ever leave me again.” Alia slowly sank her claws into Joe’s neck that he flinched a little bit from the pain. “Do you hear me? Never...” She whimpered the last part out and started crying and sobbing uncontrollably. The Catgirl continued for the next ten minutes. All the while, as Joe stroked and rubbed her head, neck, and back. Joe did not realize until after the two separated, but for the first time in a long time, he was crying too. 
The morning sun shined down into a clearing of the thick forest. The warm rays of sunshine blanketed the ashes of the dead fire and began to cheerfully awaken The Dark Haired Man. He opened his eyes; however, he immediately squinted in reflex to the brightness. Hmm, so that is what the sunlight feels like when it hits my eyes, he thought. That's a real drag. The Dark Haired Man got up and started to stretch his muscles. When they started to pop, he was worried at first, but then relaxed when it started feeling good. He took in a deep breath and looked down at his newly acquired clothes. Smiling, he began to think to himself. These new threads and coat are great! I can't believe I was so fortunate enough to come across them. The equipment was a plus too. And I can't forget these babies... The Dark Haired Man put both of his hands inside his coat and rubbed two firearms. 
One of them was a standard M1911 pistol, complete with three full clips in the holster under his coat. The other was a Medium Elemental Pistol, or at least that is what his "new" pokédex stated it was. In all honesty, he never did hear of or see a gun that fired electric shots. He had a good amount of ammo in his pack he was carrying. In fact, he put some spares in his coat pocket. The M.E.P. had six extra clips in its holster under his coat on the opposite side of the M1911. The Dark Haired Man thought back to last night and how he became the owner of these firearms and all his other items. 
The Dark Haired Man was wandering down a path that was traveling west, for the most part. He knew this because he found the North Star in the sky, showing him which direction he was going in. The human had been walking for about an hour and was getting cold due to being naked at night.  Seeing something way off in the distance, The Dark Haired Man made his way to the object. As he approached the small and flickering light, the naked human realized that it was a campfire. Hmm, The Dark Haired Man thought. Fire usually means people. People mean supplies, let's see what I can get. 
The Dark Haired Man got about thirty feet from the site, but used the trees as cover from any wandering eyes. Looking into the camp, he saw something, or rather someone, which took him off guard. There were two men, both wore black leather (or at least they looked like leather) dusters and what appeared to be a woman-cat. She was sitting on the lap of one of the men and the other man was watching them, occasionally talking to the man. All three of them were sitting around the fire pit, with both men on opposite sides. The cat-woman and her "boyfriend" were on The Dark Haired Man’s left side and the lonely man was on his right side. The naked human thought about what was happening as he listened in on the conversation the other humans were having. 
"Christ, why the Hell are we out here in the middle of nowhere Stan?" The lonely man asked. 
"Because," Stan replied. "We're hiding from the law right now. We were trying to steal that box of Evolution Stones for the Boss...and got caught. If it wasn't for the guns, we'd be pushing up daisies right now, or worse, rotting in a cell." He started to rub the cat-woman's stomach and she purred loudly. 
Evolution Stones? The Dark Haired Man thought. I think I've heard of that term before. But where? 
"That wasn't my fault Boss!" The lonely man exclaimed. 
"Oh really," Stan spoke. "Who fired the first shots at the delivery boy and didn't even look to see if there were any police around? Huh? It wasn't Charis here. And it sure as Snow Bunny SHIT WASN'T ME!" Stan was mad now, but The Dark Haired Man noticed that Charis, the cat-woman, was not scared. In fact, she seemed to be smiling and getting a little friskier on Stan's lap. 
"Okay, okay Boss," the lonely man proclaimed nervously. "Do you think they'll kick us out of Team Trinity now?" 
Team Trinity? The Dark Haired Man thought. That group is from the...ahh! Now everything makes sense. I'm in the PG world. So that's what a cat-type pokégirl looks like up close. These guys are criminals too. Hmm, they got to be loaded with fun stuff. I'll have to play this smart and fast. The Dark Haired Man was not listening to them yell and talk anymore. He squatted down and waited for the perfect opportunity. 
After about ten minutes, The Dark Haired Man's waiting paid off. The lonely man, Ralph, stood up and stated, "I'm going to take a piss Boss." 
"Be careful," Stan said. Ralph headed farther to the right from The Dark Haired Man, but the naked human began to creep behind him, hiding within the dark. As he followed Ralph, the creeping human grabbed a nearby rock that was the size of his right hand and waited for the Team Trinity member to stop. About fifty feet from the campsite, The Dark Haired Man saw Ralph start to let out a stream of liquid from his waist. It had weird shine to it in the moonlight, but The Dark Haired Man was not interested in piss. 
He stealthily made his way behind Ralph until he was about two feet away from him. Raising the rock up into the night sky, The Dark Haired Man smashed the back of Ralph’s head. As they made contact, they created a noise that sounded like raw, wet meat being hit hard. Ralph fell quickly, but The Dark Haired Man did not take any chances. He bashed Ralph’s head three more times, checking his pulse after he was done hitting him. It was weak, but after a few seconds, it stopped. Excellent, The Dark Haired Man thought. Now, what do you have in stock for me Ralph? He patted Ralph down and found a firearm, but it did not look like a firearm he had ever seen before. Hell, it looked like a toy to him. Hmm, well, this new. Let's try it out. The Dark Haired Man smiled and made his way back to the campsite. 
The Dark Haired Man walked straight towards the man and his pokégirl when he arrived at the campsite. From the direction the naked human came in, Stan was on his left and the pokégirl was on his right. He had the pistol down next to his right thigh and had his eyes set on the lovebirds. The Dark Haired Man was purposely making noise as he approached them. 
"What the Hell took you," Stan asked. He neither of them looked at The Dark Haired Man. "Did you get lost?" 
"Nope," The Dark Haired Man responded quickly as he continued to walk towards them. "I just had to get this." He pointed the gun at Stan and thumbed back the hammer of the gun. Stan never knew what hit him. The Team member was struck in the temple by a bolt of lightning, killing him instantly. Charis fell off Stan's lap and looked in the direction of the shot. Before she could comprehend the situation and attack him, The Dark Haired Man fired the gun at her until it was empty. 
As it turned out, he only had two more shots left, and they both made contact with Charis's chest. As she laid on the ground in pain, gasping for air, The Dark Haired Man looked at Stan's belt. He found a pokéball and touched Charis's chest with it. She glowed with a bright, red light and vanished. The Dark Haired Man smiled a wide, tooth-shining grin. That wasn't so tough. He thought. Now to see what these chumps had. The spoils of war, my friends. 
After remembering the previous night, The Dark Haired Man looked down at the three pokéballs on the belt he had collected. Smiling to himself, and chuckling a bit, he began to think about his next plan. Well, he thought.  I guess I can get to taming one of these ‘girls right now. It's time they met their new master. 
He pulled one of the pokéballs from its spot, ready to throw it on the ground. “Let's see what's on the menu for breakfast,” The Dark Haired Man chuckled to himself. Just before he threw it, The Dark Haired Man stopped and looked at Stan's corpse. The carcass was starting to attract flies, as they flew around the dead Team member and started to land on him. Hmm, The Dark Haired Man thought.  That could be a mood killer. I'll walk up the path a ways before I begin. The human turned away and started along the trail to find a good taming spot. 




Pokédex Entry
TIGRESS, the Fighting Feline Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (Tiger)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: meat, milk, human style foods
Role: Combat, security, adult entertainment
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Bite, Pummel, Scratch, Slash, Super Claw, Uppercut, Growl, Pose, Puff Puff
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Senses (x6), Enhanced Hearing (x5), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced strength (x5), Quick Recovery time, Claws, night vision
Evolves: Panthress (mistreatment), Ebony Tigress ([Classified] Ebony Stone [Classified]), Titter (mechanism unknown), Sabretooth Tigress (Diamond Stone (eaten), Round Stone (does NOT have to be eaten), White Tigress (E-Stone Ceremony, high level, strong bond with Tamer), Romanticide (Shiny Stone)
Evolves From: Catgirl (battle stress)
One of Sukebe’s original Pokégirl breeds, the Tigress was one of the primary front-line fighter of Sukebe’s forces during the War of Revenge. A deadly warrior thanks to enhanced senses, strength and agility, not to mention the attributes given to her by her tiger genetics base, such as claws and night vision, this was a Pokégirl breed was highly adaptable to most given situations. There are many newscasts and articles produced before the new age that exist today that best show the ferocity and cruelty this breed was capable of. Ironically, this was also among the first Pokégirl species that were turned to humanity’s side. They were a very sensual breed and it was easy for soldiers to turn captured Tigresses to their side with a satisfying Taming. In the end, this was the many Pokégirl breed that made the majority of Tamer forces that attacked Sukebe’s stronghold at the battle of San Bay, and making them popular amongst Tamers even today. Their willingness to do hard work and the intense, near Growlie-level loyalty they can posses makes them an ideal Pokégirl for both Tamers and as partners to Police Officers.
Physically, the Tigress breed has strong genetic association with their namesake. The breed is built with muscled, sleek feline frame, having furred tail and cat ears and normally covered in reddish-orange fur with black stripes, covering their bodies entirely. The breed is noted for their healthy breast-size, which hovers around a large C-Cup. Although there are members of the breed noted with larger cup sizes, larger breasts can often impede their fighting skills. Most Tigresses stand at a height between 5’5” and 6’, all of which is well toned, sleek muscular forms that are capable of some impressive flexibility which can be used in combat or the bedroom. All of these physical traits are what make the Tigress so highly sought after.
Almost universally the Tigress Pokégirl species possesses a very passionate nature, both within a combat arena as well as in bed. Their battle-lust keeps them ready for battle anywhere, anytime, even against opponents that they would be considered weak against. Fighters to the core, they will throw themselves into battle, always pushing their limits to the max. Simply pointing them in the direction of their opponent is all a Tamer needs to do to get the results they want as most enemies are often intimidated by the ferocity with which Tigress fights with in combat. However, such is not advised, considering the damage that can be incurred during a Pokébattle with a wild-running Tigress. Instead, Leagues have put out educational material for educating Tamers on properly handling and training their Tigresses, made free upon request at most Pokécenters. A Tigress, even if Domestic, is a wild being and Tamers that don’t help their Pokégirl properly channel her skills can meet with some disastrous results, often very lethal to the Tamer.
Equal to if not surpassing their love of battle, Tigresses are imbued with an insatiable appetite for sex and act with a wild manner, making this Pokégirl a wild one in bed. During Taming, the Tigress breed are extremely passionate always pushing the limits of both Pokégirl and Tamer to the limits. Feline flexibility, sleek muscles and an insatiable appetite all come together for a Taming with Tigress that is a memorable event for even the most experienced of Tamers. They are very sensual, loving any attention paid on them, particularly having their fur stroked with their tail being particularly sensitive. Despite all they’re capable of in bed, Tigresses are Average Libidoed Pokégirls, however, they only require the average and are more than willing to go for the extremes. Indeed the phrase, “like a Tigress in bed” refers to all this, setting a standard that all other Pokégirls are judged by.
However, not everything concerning the Tigress is a bed of roses. The breed has taken some serious hits in its popularity over the years, especially in the past century. Due to the intense loyalty, if not fanaticism surrounding one Tigress had for her master and the events that lead to his death, saw the rise of Mao’s Rebellion in 248 AS, sealing the fate of Pokégirl Rights and leaving humanity to face factions of her Rebellion to this very day; the Limbec Pirates included as such. And then the discovery of the Panthress Pokégirl breed only a couple of decades later has caused people to look at Tigress breed in a new light, leading them to realize that while they have the potential to aid humanity, their same versatility can also be used to cause great harm; a true double-edged sword. Nevertheless, despite the shortcomings and hits to their reputation, the Tigress remains among the most highly sought after Pokégirl breeds.
Although a rare outcome for girls to change into when they hit Threshold, it is not a surprise that women with a strong feline ancestry to have a solid shot at becoming a Tigress. Especially if they were many felines of the Catgirl branch rather than the Kitten in their family tree. The families of said girls are advised to be careful, as the onset of the girl’s new instincts cause her to become rather wild. Although it may be dangerous, it’s best to give the girl company as she goes through this trying state, lest the invading animal mindset be allowed to take over completely, causing the Threshold Tigress to take flight. Once she’s fully Thresholded, it’s then safe for the family to sell her off to a Ranch or a private party.