This is formerly chapter 2 and 3 of AIW from the wasteland forums. 

Chapter 2: Mistakes and Reparations

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED BACK THERE!?" Ancelot screamed into the phone. On the other line was the head of the Sunshine faction of Sanctuary's espionage arm.

"What do you MEAN the ambush failed??? WHO SAID THERE SHOULD BE AN AMBUSH!? .... What the FUCK does Skara have to....are you...ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME!? That bitch went around my back to launch an AMBUSH!? Kitten's DEAD!? Wha....WHAT THE HELL!? No. You, stop talking. Your words are like GLASS being shoved into my EARS. Sanctuary is already bein' evacuated.... I will say this one last time. THERE WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AN AMBUSH!!! That braindead bitch Galla was SUPPOSED to tell him where Sanctuary was so he'd come HERE! Then SNOWFLAKE would kill her! NOT YOUR TROOPS!!!! ...I DON'T CARE that that bitch is dead! She broke the rules. YOU DO NOT BREAK MY RULES! ...this conversation is over, or else I'll wind up strangling you personally for not TELLING ME ABOUT THIS PLAN!"

"Boss." Genevieve said, the nearly nude sanctuary goth hugging him from behind. "The evacuation's complete. Everyone's heading to the Beta Site. No one will be within the blast range if he goes through with his threat.." Ancelot sighed and petted Genevieve's hand softly.

"Thanks. At least something is working right. I just can't help but wonder...are you the ONLY Sanctuary Goth who's brain is NOT Hardwired to be a brainless man-hating bitch???" the two chuckled harmlessly, Ancelot pressing a few buttons on his desk, setting Babylon to move towards the beta Site. Outside, the tiny few captured authors, not even a quarter-dozen, had already boarded his airship, Ragnarok, with his tiny entourage. Snowflake had yet to join them, as she had more work to get done, but was informed of the situation.

"So. what do we do now, boss?" said Genevieve.

"Simple. We pick up New Fate, head to the Beta Site, and begin preparations immediately." came Ancelot's reply as he boarded the black propeller-lifter airship after Genevieve. At the helm was Tate, a Dameosaur with a 'Speeder' charm. And at the fore were a trio of Panthresses from his personal battalion, awaiting the trio of authors to decide if they're on his side, or not.

"Captain Tate. To the Beta Site, if you please." Ancelot said. "Operation: WarGames has officially begun."

Elsewhere in the world. Snowflake, the White Panthress, watched the door carefully, waiting for Kelvin and the others to back away. Once they moved, she rushed in and grabbed Galla's head and ran. she'd already grabbed Law's deformed skull and was going to complete her mission. but she knew there would be problems from that moment.

"Dammit." she said, cursing her luck at the sight of a trio of Tamers a few miles from the camp. They'd seen her, but she had already run into the woods before they could react. Deciding to not take more chances, she activated the teleportation runes in her golden StraitJacket and teleported to the Tropic League. She sniffed the air for Scott's scent and rushed to where he was sleeping, intent on completing her mission, to deliver the heads of his tormentors and a full apology for his treatment. How he would react to the situation, however, was fully up to him "This...will not end well."
Chapter 3: Shattering Hopes and Forgotten Friends

"Y'know what I don't get...?" asked Ancelot, as they flew through the cloudy skies on board the Ragnarok.

"What's that, boss?" Came Genevieve's reply.

"Why in the world do the Legendaries use these weird-ass nicknames for us? And why are some of the grunts starting to use 'em too? I mean...who's the 'Madwoman'? And the 'Hero King'? I can guess that Storm Knight refers to FF-kun, I mean his online persona is that of a lightning-elemental."

"Honestly? Not a clue. Maybe they don't know your real names?"

"Possibly. Except for Sexebii. I mean she can skip dimensions at will. She should know my name, seeing as she yoink'd me over here personally and got this whole thing started...."

"Why DID she do that??? It's always confused me, boss. She seems so harmless and doesn't go after anyone directly."

"Bah. That little pixie makes no sense sometimes...I gave up trying to figure her out before this even began...let alone when she slipped me the specs for the D-Ripper."

"Well, at least we've got her as an ally...I think...maybe?"

"Bah." Ancelot said, waving his hand in an annoyed manner. "Whatever she's got planned, we've got bigger problems. Send Shana and her 'girls to Kelvin. We need SOMEONE who can speak with him personally without starting trouble. Do NOT drop the SLIGHTEST Hint about her mission, especially since she's going to Kelvin to try and fix up this whole damned mess." Genevieve nodded and rushed down to the lower decks.

"Well, hopefully things will move along at a less fucking bonkers pace now." said Tate, still at the helm of the airship.

"Yeah. I got news that Monty's been caught and is being brought to the Beta Site for questioning. Thankfully we got to him before the bitches or the council could." The news didn't really help is mood much. FF had been taken away by Macavity. He's likely in the Capitol league and he's way too smart to fall for the tricks and traps that got the others attention. What's worse, Red's been out cold for a week and he hasn't a clue where Yui is at all. It's beginning to seem like everything is falling out of his hands. Especially after the royal fuck-up with New Fate. They still need to pick him up before he can try and make an escape....

"Tate. Set a course for the village where new Fate is held. I want to pick him up personally. Afterwards, prep my hover-cycle because I'm going to go after FF personally, take everyone to the Beta Site and make sure they stay safe." At the dameosaur's gentle nod, Ancelot returned to his view over the bow of the ship. Everything was crumbling apart. Snowflake was stuck in the tropic league, dealing with Soldier. Kelvin was still in the Sunshine league and wouldn't ever trust them again at this rate. Kerrik was somewhere in the Blue league and they still couldn't track him down. FF had been stolen away by Macavity. And half of the authors taken had gone missing or been critically injured.... "I'm sick of everything falling apart. Time to start fixing things the old fashioned way."