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" wasted on the young." said a shadowy figure in the high noon heat. He stood tall, looking over the edge of a floating platform to the city down below. That city is what's called 'Sanctuary'. A Safe haven, in it's origins and intentions at least. But over the years it had grown corrupted by bigotry, greed, racism, and hate. Fifteen years ago, this city was besieged by the forces of Lady Sexmet and her allies. Burned to the ground, given command to an unknown human, and rebuilt to a new glory. Such is the vicious Cycle at work in the world of Pokegirls Omega.

"It's time. He's arrived." the figure said.

"He?" said a large cat-like creature, sitting at his feet.

"Now now, Snowflake. Don't go spoiling the fun."

"You're so strange." replied 'Snowflake', watching the mysterious new being who'd arrived at Sanctuary's gates.


"OPEN THESE GATES!" shouted a young man, no older than twenty-two. He slammed his fist against the stone gates, a sledgehammer in his other hand, and a very, VERY large white cat-girl next to him. Both seemed anxious to get inside, and extremely angry. Behind the gates, no one moved. None of the Sanctuary Goths, none of their Dameosaurs, not even the jittery Cheetits or Dolls dared move a muscle, knowing that timing was everything.

"I said OPEN THE GATES! I'll BREAK them down if I have too!" shouted the man, slamming his hammer against the stone. No one inside moved as another Sanctuary Goth, one practically frothing in anger, rushed to the door, her Tyrannodame in tow. She shoved others out of her way, fighting to get at the door and kill this annoying human. everyone around her knew, she was one f the 'Oldies', one of the S-Goths from before the Frontier War. beyond that, some knew she was the one who started it. Not one single citizen of Sanctuary was unhappy at the thought of Lindi Valiant walking to what would be her final battle.

"Gatekeeper! Open the gates! I'll handle this human filth!" she shouted, more than loud enough for the two on the opposite side to hear. Twitching in rage at what this witch had forced them through, the two prepared to fight, fully intending to kill Lindi Valiant no matter the cost. As the gates split, the first move was to Lindi, who shot a fireball through the opening.

"Predictable." the man muttered, having waited beside the gates. He moved fast and struck wiht his hammer, catching the T-dame in the jaw and fracturing it. his white cat-girl leapt and grabbed the T-dame's throat, tearing it out before the potentially stronger 'girl could react. With her only true 'weapon' dead in a flash, Lindi was too stunned to see the sledgehammer coming down onto her skull, splattering grey matter and skull pieces across the street, with the other S-goths moving fast to get out of the way.

"This is for Shanna!" he began shouting, slamming down the hammer onto Lindi and her T-Dame's corpses with each shouted name, "And this is for Kali! And for Tania! And Jericho! And Fala! And Orion! And this one's for us!" He set the hammer aside, looking over the two mutilated corpses before nodding to his feline, letting her rip, tear, and eat the two mangled bodies. He looked over the other residents ofSanctuary with thinly-veiled disdain, having had hope that it was only Lindi who was evil among this group. not one attempted to attack him or his 'girl, they all just stood there.

"WELL!?" he screamed, "Who else wants some!?"

"I do." said the shrouded figure, levitating down to the street. His jet black armor shimmering in the sun, an assortment of shredded black fabric covering what looked vaguely like armor. This mystery man simply faced the young man, with no visible emotion.

"Who the hell are you?" the young man asked.

"Who am I?" came the mysterious man's reply. "Why, you should know this by now. It's fairly simple. I mean, you may know of the events between being pulled here and right now but..."

"No more mind games, dammit!" the boy shouted "WHO ARE YOU!?"

"Tisk, tisk, tisk. you know nothing, don't you? you see, Mr. Mcferon, I know more about you than you know. I know who among the authors you've fallen for, who you feel are your friends, who you think are your enemies..."

"How do you know my name!? Who are you!? TELL ME!"

"Ah well," the mysterious man sighed. "You see, Jesse Thomas McFeron...I'm YOU!"

"....whut?" Jesse said, dumbfounded by the statement, and mroeso by the mysteryman's ensuing laughter...

"Oh goodness, sorry. I just noticed you're starting to get a phonetic accent."

"OK WHAT the HELL is GOIN' ON!?"

"Alright, alright. Just calm yourself, youngster." came ...Future-Jesse's[huh???] reply. "I'm you. thanks to a vicious cycle begun from a need for revenge against wrongs done to you by other authors." As he spoke, a fiendish glint struck his armor's 'eyes'. Suddenly, Real-Jesse's mind began to notice a nagging voice in the back of his head.

"You're useless to them. They can't stand you. Even your so-called 'friends' want nothing to do with you." 'Evil' Jesse continued, his victim simply muttering the same words, his mind slowly being taken over by something... "They want nothing to do with you. They're not open to your ideas, not because they're bad, but because they won't CHANGE! They ENJOY making the world of Pokegirls a living hell! They don't WANT optimism, or love! Just pain and suffering! And they HATE you because you want to CHANGE that!" This strange effect seemed to be taking hold, just as [one of the authors] was being pulled into Sanctuary's gates.

"Now then. Do you want to live life as a hopeless husk of an author? Or do you want to FIGHT?" [real]Jesse simply nodded silently, unable to comprehend what was happening. [Evil] Jesse smiled behind his mask, casting a spell that caused [real] Jesse and [past] Snowflake to vanish in thin air, screaming in pain. "Then so you shall have that power, given time."

"Sir." spoke up one of the Sanctuary Goths. "If that, where'd you send him?" [evil] Jesse simply smiled, waiting for the other author to be taken out of hearing range.

"I sent him over 300 years into the past, so that he can begin the journey to becoming what I am today." he replied calmly. He cast a teleportation spell, taking himself back up to the platform above Sanctuary. As he appeared, [future] Snowflake leapt and pounced him, hugging him tightly.

"Well, now that we've gotten some progress, how about we get to that taming you promised." she said. His reply?

"In that case, how does a 2 hour time-skip sound?" Take it forward two hours, to find the pair resting on a bed of pillows. "Well now, that was fun."

"Says you...I was kinda hoping for the real thing." said [Future] Snowflake. "And since we're not jumping back to the past, can we PLEASE drop the [Future/Evil] thing?"

"...I'm corrupting you. That's the only way to explain that..." Regardless, the pair attempted to move, as unsure of what to do as whoever is writing this stupid thing. "hey! I'M writing this stupid thing!"

"Well," Snowflake replied, "There's those troublemakers from Soldier's situation. We've just brought in Yui_hime/RedPriest/Zack Shrike, so s/he could get a good howdydoo from you. Then there's an examination of the troops, maybe show off what we've got...or-"

"Wait a minute! ....You want me to fluff the chapter with an infodump?????"

"It's better than nothing. Then again, meeting with the other author should wait for later, like whenever one of 'em writes something. as for the two bitches, yeah..that may be a good idea. And the infodumping?'s better than simply calling Sky Fortress Babylon a 'floating platform' all the time. Especially considering how it's your HQ and all..."

"I still can't believe you got me to make a FLYING CASTLE!!!! It's so.....CLICHE! Cool, but cliche nonetheless... And kinda silly."



"Can we get on with it? We don't wanna lose too many readers."

"Point taken. We'll lose at least a few for the whole 'no Fourth wall' thing with you an' me." Jesse stood up, hopping form the bed and dressing in his uniform, if you can call it that. He left first before Snowflake, who stood behind long enough to adjust her new armored bra. The two walked quickly down the maze-like halls of the flying fortress[there, ya happy?], heading as directly as possible to the meeting room, where two Sanctuary Goths awaited them both.

"I still don't see how we're in trouble." said one of the pair. Her 'partner' remained silent, heading their new boss enter the room. The one who spoke, nicknamed 'Law' for her odd first name of Lawrene, simply glared at the human angrily. Law and her lover, G[something], were followers of Lindi Valiants way of thinking, they hated humans of all kinds, and equally hated any pokegirls who sided with them. The two had broken one of Jesse's key rules. If ordered to bring an author directly to Sanctuary OR Babylon, they are to NOT Be tortured. The author called 'Soldieroflove' was one of those few authors, alongside Fanfic Fetishist, Yui_hime, Red Priest, and Zack Shrike.

These two not only failed to bring him, but tortured him, and left the poor man for dead. They don't yet know that he's alive, and Jesse had no plans on telling either of them. He did, however, have a plan to punish them. To make an example. But first, Law spoke up.

"Why are we here?" she said, her spite blatant and open. She didn't believe she did anything wrong. She felt that the author called 'Soldieroflove' was useless and pointless to bring, unknowing and uncaring of Jesse's plans for those special authors.

 "It's simple. You broke a very simple, very IMPORTANT rule. Now then, I can be very forgiving for many mistakes, of which you two have made more than I can count. However..." he raised a hand to silence Law's coming retort, "HOWEVER, I will NOT TOLERATE KILLING THE INNOCENT! Soldier could have been a powerful ally! He was one of my few friends among the authors! And after makign it ABUNDANTLY clear that he was to e brought HERE! UN-HARMED! You decided that I was wrong. So you TORTURED HIM! And you LEFT him on a SANDBAR to DIE A POINTLESS DEATH! I WILL NOT TOLERATE SUCH INSUBORDINATION!"

The two goths cowered, remembering what the madman in front of them was capable of, and realizing just how much trouble they're in. They knew that if they only lost their limbs, they'd be getting off easy.

 "Now then...I will give you one, just one, and ONLY one chance!" Jesse continued. He slammed down a map of the Sunshine League. He then stabbed a double-edged dagger down onto a specific spot. "Take this dagger. Go to THAT Spot.... You'll meed someone with a Viepra, and what looks like a Dark Elf pokekit... Give him the knife. DO NOT HARM HIM! And do WHATEVER He says to do! This is a STRICT ORDER! If you fail, then the only thing worse than Snowflake ripping your heads off is ME Getting MY Hands on you two! Now MOVE IT!!!!!!" The sanctuary goths reacted, running for their lives outside of the meeting room.

" you think I went a tad overboard?" Jesse asked calmly, grabbing some water for his sore throat.

"All things considered...I think you were soft on them. I'd have just gutted them then and there. ...why'd you send them there with a knife?"

"Because, Snowflake. That's the approximate location of Kelvin's Choice. One of the authors. That knife is etched with healing magicks. It can bring the dead back as undead, and heal any wound that won't instantly kill on the living."

" it's a healing knife? And you're giving it to a fellow author? why?"

 "I've been keeping a close watch on all of them. Kelvin's dealt with two dearly departed pokegirls. It felt right. Also, I know damned well that he'll kill both of them brutally. But follow them anyway, incase he decides to let them go. Give their heads to Soldier on your way back home, OK?" snowflake saluted her master lovingly at the chance to cause some bloodshed. She moved quickly to follow the soon-too-be-dead s-goths. "Don't forget some souveneirs, sweety!"



Alright, everyone. I know it was a short chapter today, but I needed to at least get started. Expect one at least every few days and, yes, my announcements are in character. It's a schtick I do. So, if you don't like the idea of a villain who's at least trying to be comical...well, there's plenty of others with potential for it. Also...Kelvin, I forgot the name I gave for the other S-goth bitch, I like consistency. So...toodlydoo everyone! I hope you all enjoy the Author Insertion Wars like me!