The NurseJoy dropped the pokeball into my hand. I gave her a friendly nod.

“She asked to meet you,” she said, “and promised to be on her best behavior."

The NurseJoy shrugged. “I'd still be careful though.”

“I'm always careful.” I said.

“Then be even more careful today.” she warned and closed the door from the outside.

I weighted the pokeball in my hand. No need to scan it; I've read the application and the pokedex entry before. I expanded the pokeball to its full size and pressed the release button.

The pokegirl was tall, over 6 feet. A wide, white shirt with long sleeves covered her upper torso. Grey, bulky cargo pants and sturdy boots completed her outfit. Even these clothes couldn't hide completely that she was very well-build. Her pink hair was cut short. Her golden eyes watched me closely.

She saw a man with glasses in his forties in a dark suit without a tie. The gray-haired man even wore a vest under his jacket. He looked at her with calm blue eyes. The Hyperdoll looked around.

There were two piles of pillows on the floor. On one wall was a tall, x-shaped cross fitted out with heavy restraining gear. The door and a window to a park were the only other features this room offered.

“Hello,” I said, “welcome.”

She looked at me. “You're the adviser?” she asked.

“Yes, I'm what you may call a friend for hire. Since your tamer paid the fee, you'll get one hour of my undivided attention. You can talk with me about everything, even ask for my advice. Whatever you'll tell me, will stay between us. There are a few exceptions: If you tell me about a crime you know of, I'll have to inform the authorities. Otherwise I couldn't stay in business.”

“So, I'm business?”

“No, you're the client. Would you like to sit down,” I gestured toward the pillows, “or do you prefer to remain standing?”

“What's this?” She pointed at the x-shaped cross and the restraints. “You think you gonna tame me?”

“No, there'll be no taming here. Sometimes my clients get excited when we discuss personal matters. They can choose between either leaving or restraining themselves before continuing our talk.”

“What do most of them choose?”

I smiled. “That's between them and me. You don't need to know.”

“Aren't you afraid to be alone with a dangerous pokegirl?”

“Not particularly.”

“So you have your harem on standby to whisk you out of danger's way?”

“No, I don't have a harem.”

“One pokegirl then?”

“No, not even one.”

“Are you even a tamer?”

“I've got my tamer's license, if it's important to you.”

“Don't you like pokegirls?”

“Oh, I like them a lot. I just think it's better for my clients, if there isn't a pokegirl standing watch over me and listening in. Within the rules everything a client tells me stays private.” I smiled. “Now let's use your hour to your benefit. What brought you here?”

The powerful pokegirl fidgeted. Then she straightened her back and sneered. “My tamer thought it would be a good idea.”

“Is he a good tamer?”

“He tries.”

“You're a Hyperdoll. How did that happen?”

“It's my tamers fault, what else?”

“Tell me your name first, please.”


“I'm sure it was your tamers fault, Bridget. What exactly did he do?”

“Jason is a nice guy. He didn't believe in disciplining his pokegirls. He let me get away with a lot of things while I was a Bimbo. Someday through a blunder of mine another pokegirl got injured. He yelled at me for the first time and send me away to my room. He left me all by myself for four days, before I dared to come out. Then he was gone. I had no taming for two weeks. I felt more and more neglected and my fear of going feral grew. When he came in after such a long time, I hit him and knocked him into a wall. A light enveloped me and I changed.”

“What about your harem-sisters, why didn't they look after you?”

“They weren't there.”

“You were left alone for more than two weeks? What made him do that?”

“It wasn't his decision. After he sent me to my room he was challenged to a salvage battle. His Vixxen dodged and the other tamer's Amachamp hit him with a full attack. He was in a coma for two weeks, despite a NightNurse healing him immediately. He came home the second day he was awake, when I hit him. He had to go back to the hospital for another week, after I forced him to tame me. My harem-sisters, who had been in storage while he was in the hospital, weren't happy with me. They were less happy after I beat them up.”

“It was an accident then. He didn't neglect you on purpose.”

“It's still his fault.”

“Did he try to abandon you or give you away?”


“Not even the slightest try at all?”

“He never tried anything like that,” she said. “Half of his pokegirls asked to be traded away, but he never attempted to trade me.”

“How many pokegirls has he left beside you?”

“A Neo-Iczel he traded for the other three and a Guntit, his starter.”

“The Neo-Iczel stayed with him?” I asked.

“Yes, he told her he would understand if she couldn't stay in a harem with a Hyperdoll.”

“She took that as a challenge certainly.”

“You bet she did.”

“How do you feel about your tamer now, Bridget?”

Her cheeks colored faintly. “Like I said, he tries to be a good tamer.”

“I agree. He must train hard to keep up with his harem.”

“He does. Violet, she's the Guntit, has two Thunder Stones already. She will evolve to GunValkyrie soon. Even Monique gets along with him.”

“How do you feel?”

“I hate him for allowing me to turn into a Hyperdoll! I don't want to become a Redeemer!” she shouted.

“You don't want to become a Redeemer?” I was astonished. “Do you like being a Hyperdoll?”

“Yes, I like it. I'm strong and beautiful, and my tamer gives me a lot of attention, even though I treat him like crap.”

“You don't like treating him like crap?”

“No, he doesn't deserve it!” The Hyperdoll closed her mouth with a snap, hearing her own words.

“You like him, don't you?”

Bridget stared at me. “I will not answer that question.” she declared very clearly.

“You don't need to. I know you like him. Still, I wonder why you wouldn't want to become a Redeemer.”

Bridget continued to stare at me.

“Remember, whatever you tell me will stay private. I want to help you to find out how you really feel. It's okay to talk about your fears with me.”

“I don't fear anything or anyone!”

“Answer my question, please. Why wouldn't you want to become a Redeemer?”

Suddenly Bridget was standing directly in front of me, her bosom nearly touching my chest.

“I will break you in half, old man, if you continue your questions.” she threatened.

I remained calm. “Then you should either leave now or restrain yourself.”

“Fuck!” she screamed. Her spittle hit my face.

“Make your decision now.” I said calmly.

Bridget took a step back and breathed deeply, visibly fighting for control.

“Restraints!” she barked and walked over to the x-shaped cross.

“Do your ankles yourself,” I told her, “then I will take care of your wrists.”

A minute later she was restrained. I took a few steps back to give her space.

The Hyperdoll tested the restraints. “You think these will hold me?” she asked.

I held up her pokeball that hadn't left my hand the whole time. “When you try to break free, I will recall you. The restraints will hold long enough.”

I smiled. “What's so bad about becoming a Redeemer?”

She mumbled something intelligible.

“I can't hear you. Say it loud, please.”

Her golden eyes glowed at me. “I don't deserve it!” she spat. “Happy now, old man?”

“You may call me Mr. Fuchs. No, I'm not happy. What made you think you don't deserve it?”

“It was an accident and bad luck that turned me into a Hyperdoll. Jason strives so damn hard to impress me, he surely will get hurt again. I even want him to hurt.”

“I'm a bad pokegirl,” she added in a whisper.

“Bullshit!” I called out loud. “You are a good pokegirl. You care for your tamer. You love him very much.”

The Hyperdoll stared at me in shock. Her mouth opened, but no words came out.

“You want him to get hurt, yes, but not badly or seriously. Just bad enough that he stops to strive to better himself and impress you. Because deep inside you don't believe you're worth it. You're lying to yourself. You're just scared of disappointing him again. You'd rather stay a Hyperdoll then show your love for him openly.”

I made a pause to let my words sink in.

“You're neither a coward nor stupid.” I told her. “Without a doubt your tamer thinks you are worth it. He has put a lot of effort and sacrifice into striving to correct something he feels responsible for, even though he wasn't able to prevent it. That proofs how much he cares for you.”

Bridget lowered her head slightly. I counted that as a nod.

“Now it's your turn to tell him how you truly feel about him. Maybe you'll change into a Redeemer, maybe not. But without a doubt you can show him your true feelings and talk to him about your concerns. He deserves that much.”

Bridget shook her head. “No, he doesn't!”

“Don't lie to me, please. It never helps. Besides, I haven't told you the most important argument yet.”

“You have even more to say, old man?”

“You deserve it as much as he does. You both deserve to know the truth and be happy.”

Tears were running down her cheeks silently, while the Hyperdoll tried to rally a last defense. “I don't believe you. Jason paid you to tell me that shit!”

“I don't lie, Bridget. It's an old and over-used saying, but it remains true: The truth will set you free. Think about that when you meet your tamer again.”

I raised her pokeball. “Your hour's nearly over. Any last words?”

“I hate you!”

“No, you don't.” I said and recalled her.

The End