Chapter 01: Cruelty's Choice


306 AS: June 16th...


       "So you're telling me that a fucking G-Spliced or something that looked like one just swooped in, dropped off the kid, and took off without attacking anybody?" The Crescent League official asked.
       "Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but we got the whole thing on a security camera." The ranch owner replied. "If I didn't know better, I'd swear she was either tamed or owned by somebody."
       "I'd like to see this video." The official stated.
       "Sure, follow me." The ranch owner replied, heading for the security room.
       The two men passed by a Queenbra, who was nursing the child in question while sitting on the grass under a tree, shading her self-appointed charge from the hot sun.
       "She's aware that the League is going to take the kid eventually, right?" The official asked, staring at what looked like a slightly more human, baby Dragoness with a penis. Thick violet scales covered his arms, legs, tail, back, neck, and the sides of his cheeks, but his chest, adbomen, and groin were covered by smaller, softer scales that didn't offer as much protection. His azure eyes looked around curiously, taking in all that they could while his long, fin-like ears moved and flexed to better pick up sounds. The child had dark blue hair on his head, while the claws on his hands and digitgrade feet were a pristine ivory, along with the spear-like point at the end of his tail and the small nubs of horn on his temples that matched the curve of his skull with the pointed tips sticking out behind him. However, the most unusual trait was an azure crystal twice the size of an eye that was embedded in his forehead.
       "Leave her be." The owner of the ranch sighed. "She's been pretty torn up ever since her son unexpectedly died due to complications from birth, and I know that it'll take a while for her to get used to the fact that she'll need to let him go sooner or later." A flash of hope crossed his face before he turned to the official. "Hey, tell you what... We'll raise the kid on the ranch until he becomes old enough to attend school, after which we'll turn him over to the League's orphan program. It'll save the League some credits and she gets to have a son for a while."
       "You sure you can handle him?" The official asked.
       "We already raise quite a few human children alongside the Pokekits. What's one more?" He shrugged. "Besides, most of the others are going into the League's orphanage-slash-boarding school system anyway. It's part of the deal we have in exchange for supplies and increasing the human population."
        "Alright... I guess..." The offical replied after mulling it over. "I'll send you a temporary adoption application when I fill out my report. The League rarely denies those, anyway. Back to the business at hand, however... That video?"


312 AS: September 10th...


       "Okay Nall, this is going to be your home for the next several years." Eulalia told him while helping to unpack some of her adopted son's things.
       "But I want to stay with you and uncle Damian!" The child protested, thumping his tail on the floor.
       "I know, little one..." The Queenbra sighed. "But you need to go to school here and learn other skills besides raising pokegirls and fighting. The ranch is good at teaching pokegirls what they need to do to get along in the world, but you need to learn how to handle yourself among humans. We pokegirls are strong and powerful, but because of that, humans fear us. We need a kind, charismatic, and knowledgable tamer to channel our abilities towards useful endevors, and to protect us from our own destructive natures. And if you really care about Pokegirls, like your friend Flora, then you should learn what you can and prepare for the day you can set out on your Pokegirl Journey. I can feel that you have great potential, Nall. Do your best and make me proud, okay?"
       "...Okay, Mom..." Nall quietly sighed, relenting to his adoptive mother's wishes.
       "Well, give me a hug goodbye, and remember that if you need me for something you're allowed to call home at any time." She reminded him, kneeling down to embrace him. Nall eagerly embraced the pokewoman, holding onto her tightly. "Oh, and be mindful of your claws. Humans are easier to injure than pokegirls, and they don't heal as quickly. Remember this especially if other children are being mean or picking on you, because it only takes a short moment of rage to do something that you'll regret later, okay?"
       "I know, Mom..." He replied as Eulalia broke off the hug and stood up.
       "Nall Nall?" A voice called from the doorway. He turned around and took a long, impressive look at the Warrior Nun standing in the doorway.
       "Ah... Well... I better be off..." The Queenbra reluctantly admitted. "Ten years may seem like a long time, but it'll be over before you know it, Nall." She remarked, heading out the door past the impressive celestial Pokewoman.
       "Well, Nall..." The newcomer stated. "I'm Essie, headmistress of this school. While my Master handles the administrative and legal side of running the school, I handle the actual day-to-day affairs and I'm in charge of discipline here. I don't usually make personal appearances, but Eulalia and I have a history together. Come on, I'll show you around the place." She stated, holding out her hand. Nall hesitantly accepted, noting the warmth and power flowing through the offered limb and she led him through the building. "Anyway, you'll be in the wing with the other boys that have obvious pokeboy gene bloodcurses. There's four dorms here, one for boys with pokegirl traits, one for girls with pokegirl traits, and the last two are for pureblood boys and girls. We used to keep them all together, but the pureblood children kept picking fights once they got it into their heads that purebloods like them were 'superior'. Sadly, the League agrees with that statement, and the difference in academic focuses is obvious to anybody that looks." She looked down and noticed the confused face of her new charge. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to ramble like that. You're too young to be dealing with the politics of fearful old men too set in their ways to notice the need for change. Ah, and here's the main study hall..."
       Essie showed him around the boarding school after collecting a group from the dorm. She briefly covered the study hall, the gym for CQC and CQCC training, the various wings that specialized in certain subjects, like the history wing, science wing, magic fundamentals wing, language wing, mathmatics wing, etc. The cafeteria was next, then the assembly hall, and finally the outdoor grounds.


312 AS: October 13th...


       Nall gasped in pain as the older boy slammed him into the wall.
       "What's the matter, pokefreak? Didn't they teach you how to fight among all the other pokebitches?" He sneered, drawing back his fist for a punch when a blur rushed in and dealt the pureblood boy a powerful kick that sent him sprawling. "What the hell?! YOU!" He snarled, glaring at the girl already in a fighting stance and ready for more.
       "Aw, what a shame. Don't like picking on the ones that can fight back?" The lithe girl with golden brown hair mocked, practically dancing on her feet as her feline tail tail swayed to keep balance and the feline ears on the top of her head swivled to track the sounds around her. The fur on her tail and ears matched the color of her hair, and her light blue, feline eyes twinkled in delight while her smirk revealed her longer, sharper, cat-like fangs. Her hands were curled, ready to make use of her claw-like fingernails if needed.
       "Screw you, bitch!" He snapped, rolling to his feet and running off, leaving Nall and the girl alone in the hallway.
       "Damn that little prick... Always running off..." The girl sighed, looking disappointed before looking over at her rescuee. "Hey, you need to watch your back. A lot of the purebloods bully anybody with obvious pokegirl traits to get their jollies around here." She stated, holding out a clawed hand. Nall accepted, and she easily pulled him up. "You might also want to consider signing up for one of the self-defense classes around here. Pretty much everybody enrolls in it, and they have an instructor that focuses on close-quarter claw combat, more commonly known as CQCC. I'm there every day. You'll attend, right?" She asked, putting her face close to his and staring into his eyes while purring slightly.
       "Uhm... Sure..." He replied, half afraid to reject the offer in case she decided to make her point by beating the tar out of him.
       "Great! My name's Mirya. See you there!" She exclaimed, practically bouncing off.


315 AS: June 7th...


       "Hey, have you heard?" Mirya poked Nall while sitting at her terminal in the computer lab.
       "Heard what? He asked, trying to focus on his assignment.
       "Somebody's claimed to have invented a drug that can suppress threshold in girls." She replied, excitement glittering in her eyes.
       "Seriously?" He replied. "I guess that's big news for you, especially since you're looking at looking at a ninty-percent chance of threshold yourself?"
       "Yeah, right." She snerked. "I'm stubborn as hell, no WAY am I gonna become a pokegirl. Just watch, when I go on my pokegirl journey, I'm gonna prove that girls don't have to fear threshold and can become just as good at taming as guys!" She eagerly vowed. Nall, tried to return to his assignment, but all he could think of was the words of Eulalia when he told her about the cute girl with cat ears and a tail...
       "Watch over her and keep an eye on her." She had told him, suddenly looking like her age had caught up with her. "Girls with obvious pokegirl traits ALWAYS threshold, and if this friend of yours is dead set on doing everything in her power to avoid it, then she'll be devastated even more when it hits her. If you really and truly care for her, keep her close and be ready to catch her. She'll need a great deal of support, patience, and understanding to pull through with her spirit intact."
       "Sounds like you have experience, mom." He prodded, trying to be as gentle as possible.
       "I do... Heh... It feels like it was so long ago... I was young, headstrong, and stubborn as a Cameltoe. When I thresholded into a Milktit, it crushed me. Not only was I a reluctant but still bound slave to whatever man owned and tamed me, but I wasn't even a decent combat breed. So, I got traded around a lot but rarely saw battle. Eventually, I got lucky and the tamer I was with had a recognition bond with another tamer's pokegirl. He offered all of us to her former tamer in trade, and our new tamer took the time to sit down and speak with all of us and fully explain the situation. His name was Dayshaun Landry, and he offered to let us stay in his harem, be sold to a ranch, or be traded off. I was tired of getting passed around, and he treated me better than many other tamers, so I stayed. That, and he liked cat-type 'girls, so my new harem-sisters just adored me due to my vast milk production. Even though I was his non-combatant, he cared for me like the person I once was. Eventually, he asked what I wanted to evolve into, and since I knew he wanted to become a breeder, I told him that I wanted to be a Queenbra. Next month, he surprised me with a dragon E-medal. Shortly after that, I said that I wanted to have children. He moved me into a maternity ball, and in short order I became pregnant. Due to the dangers of being a tamer, he sent me here to be tended to and looked after by Damian, an old buddy of his." She sighed heavily before continuing, looking like she was about to burst into tears. "And that was the last time I saw him, and my harem sisters... To make things worse, our son passed away shortly after birth due to complications." She suddenly snapped back to the present, slightly embarrassed as she rubbed her eyes. "Sorry... Thanks for letting an old woman ramble." She stated. "But keep an eye on that girl of yours. She needs you more than she'll ever know, and won't realize it until too late."
       "Alright mom, I will." He vowed before disconnecting the call.


317 AS: May 26th...


       "Augh..." Nall groaned as he hit the mat hard.
       "Damn Nall... You are hopeless in a fight..." Mirya sighed, holding out her hand and helping him up. "It's been almost four and a half years since you came here, and you still suck at CQCC. I don't even know why I let you hang around me."
       "Because history and literature give you headaches." He shot back, letting the ten-year old help him up. "Hey. did you hear anything about some Vale representatives coming here today?"
       "Yeah, I did." Mirya replied as the two headed out of the gym. "The Headmistress is trying to keep it quiet, but I think they decided to drop in for testing early this year after somebody slammed some sparkly spell-like thing into Eugene."
       "Well, the ass is lucky it only knocked the wind out of him!" Nall protested, defending himself. "Besides, he was the one threatening to pound my face in until it looked human, what was I supposed to do?"
       "Ideally, one would report such an incident to an instructor, but that's hard to do when cornered by two others and also pressed against a wall..." A stern, female voice remarked, making both children cringe before turning around and seeing a well-dressed, human woman.
       Nall blinked a few times before he started to feel the impressive amounts of well-controlled power radiating from the woman.
       "Are... Are you a Pokegirl?" He hesitantly asked.
       "PokeWOMAN to be precise, but yes. I am." She answered with a loud emphasis on her status. "My name is Zilpah, and I am an Archmage. I assume you are Nall?"
       "Yes..." He replied after swallowing the knot of fear that had formed in his throat.
       "Ah. Come with me, young one." She ordered. "I'm the representative that will be giving you your aptitude test."
       "I... Guess I'll see you later, Mirya." Nall stated, then turned and rushed after the Archmage as she led him into a room with several objects on a table.
       "Now, go ahead and pick up each object in turn." Zilpah instructed, summoning a clipboard and pen from somewhere. "I will score your potential in each field of magic, if any, and then the report will be turned in to a board of advisors. If you do well, we will have a talk with you within a few weeks."
       "Okay..." Nall replied, reaching out to grab the closest item...


317 AS: May 27th...


       "And then, when I picked up this wand, a massive stream of fire just erupts from the tip!" Nall told Mirya.
       "Holy shit, all I got were a few sparks..." Mirya sighed. "So how is the building still standing?"
       "Zilpah explained that it was illusionary fire, thankfully." He replied. "The other two weird things were this crest than locked onto my arm, and formed a strong shield around me. It took Zilpah a few minutes to bring it down, and I think she slammed a chair into it just to see how strong it was. The other weird thing was this plushie that glowed when it grabbed hold of me, and just wouldn't let go! I had to continue the tests with the thing attached to my side and hoping it didn't decide to start dry humping me..."
       "Geeze..." Mirya remarked, looking down at her lunch. "Well, I guess they'll probably want you to transfer to Vale then..."
       "But I'm sure you've got some magical potential too, Mirya. Wasn't your mother a Nekomata or something?" Nall asked.
       "Yeah, but magical talent is pretty selective when it comes to successive generations..." She sighed. "Some siblings will have astounding talent, others will have little, if any. All of the couple's offspring might become powerful mages, or they might all be talentless, while their own kids have incredible potential. It's all frustratingly random..."
       "Well... I'm sure things will work out..." Nall sighed, worried at how sad Mirya looked.


317 AS: June 3rd...


       "Well, your test results were very interesting, young one... And now I'm finally allowed to discuss them." Zilpah began, sitting across the table from Nall with an older man sitting beside her and another Very Near Human Pokewoman that he couldn't identify on the other side. "First off, the aptitude test reveals that you have incredible potential in evocation, protection, and life magic. But the unusual thing is that you also have a fair bit of potential in some of the other schools as well. You're not the most powerful we've seen, but there's more than enough potential for us to warrant offering you a scholarship to Vale's campus in the Crescent League, better known as VCC. It's not that far from Womb, but because of the fair amount of forest and hills, it usually takes far longer than a week's travel from one to the other."
       "Uhm... Okay... Thank you..." Nall began, not sure how to continue.
       "At the VCC, you'll be taught how to properly and effectively use your magical talents and put them to good use." She continued. "In addition, most companies and places will practically wage war with each other to get you hired into their workforce. So, after graduating from VCC, you could go practically anywhere and do anything you want with your life."
       "And how long will it take me to pay off the tuition costs I rack up?" Nall asked. All three of the others blinked in surprise.
       "Heh. Smart kid." The man chuckled. "Vale has a pretty good work/study program set up, which the VCC also uses. Usually it's mundane jobs like stocking shelves, sorting books in the library, assisting the cafeteria workers in the kitchens, helping the instructors prepare for their next class, those sorts of things. However, after a year or so, you can move up to more challenging jobs like assisting with enchanting items, general pokegirl care which excludes taming the 'girls, or other jobs like that."
       "I see..." Nall replied. "How many of my other schoolmates are being offered the same deal?"
       "Three, and it's an unusually high yield this time." The other pokewoman stated. "A few others weren't offered a scholarship, but they do have some family that's agreed to lend financial aid."
       "And... What about Mirya Delora?" Nall asked, hesitant.
       "Mirya Delora..." The other Pokewoman muttered, flipping through some pages on her clipboard. "She showed some potential, particularly in Illusion magic, but not enough to warrant any form of scholarship. In addition, due to her difficulties in her current classes, we doubt she'd be able to handle the work-study program in addition to learning illusion magic, plus the other magic-realted basics that serve as the minimum core cirriculum of Vale."
       "I see... Then... I guess I'll pass." He answered, much to the surprise of the three adults present.
       "What did you just say?!" Zilpah demanded as she bolted out of her chair and practially yelling. "Look, do you have ANY IDEA how many people would kill to be in your position right now?! Hell, people HAVE killed others to be in your position right now! And you're going to just... Toss it all away for SOME GIRL?!"
       "Zilpah, quiet." The man sternly ordered.
       "Master Kaelem..." She gasped, then lowered her head. "Sorry..." She mumbled before sitting back down.
       "It's all right. Situations like this are why I'm here, after all." He remarked, then faced Nall. "First off, I'm not going to accept that response from you, young one, not as a rash decision anyway. Second, you don't need to pack up and be moved to the VCC. Vale has been rather relenting of requests from students to study at multiple locations in the past few decades, especially since decently experienced mages can teleport, and other schools can easily teach the other subjects that don't relate to magic. Thus, you can be allowed to study mundane subjects here while still taking classes on the Crescent Campus. Hell, all the smarter students do it to shave a shit-ton off their tuition costs. Third, we can help work out scheduling between your classes here and at the campus, thus making sure that there aren't any conflicts. Now, knowing this, are you sure you still want to reject our offer?"
       "Well... No... I guess not..." Nall sighed. "How badly am I about to get buried in homework?"
       "Considering that I'm going to be your Counselor and you just greatly annoyed me, VERY BADLY." Zilpah threatened.
       "Oh, knock it off, Zilpah." Her Tamer sighed. "He's not the first idiot that's been willing to throw everything away for a girl, and he won't be the last. Really, he should remind you of somebody you know."
       "Yes, and he annoys me just as much as THAT guy did." Zilpah retorted, glaring at the man. "So I'll be stuck trying to make sure that he avoids a certain SOMEBODY'S mistakes."
       "Can I go now?" Nall asked, eager to get out of the room before either a fight broke out or a taming session started.
       "Yes, by all means." The other Pokewoman stated, watching the youngster dash out the door.


317 AS: June 4th...


       "...And this is your evocation instructor, Nall. The dangerous yet gentle Nerice." Zilpah stated, leading him into a moderately sized classroom with only a few desks, including the large one for the instructor. However, most of the room was empty space.
       "Damn it Zilpah, I keep telling you to stop unloading brand new students onto me!" The very near human pokegirl complained after taking one look at him. "I only start with beta years!"
       "He's already used a weak version of mystic bolt." Zilpah stated, getting her attention.
       "What." Nerice spat out.
       "And he's done it without any magical training." The pokewoman added. "I saw the video of the incident."
       "You serious?" Nerice asked.
       "Am I ever NOT?" Zilpah sighed.
       "Point taken." Nerice remarked, getting up from her desk. "So, let me guess, you want me to give him one on one instructing to get him up to speed with the other beta years?"
       "Yes, but I also want you to check a couple other things." Zilpah stated. "His mother was supposedly a Dragoness and Elementalist G-Splice. Specifically, a Wyrm Mage. So, I want to know if he can duplicate any Wyrm Mage abilities."
       "Do you realize how rare that is?" Nerice asked.
       "Do you realize how rare it is for children to just suddenly cast pokegirl spells?" Zilpah countered.
       "Okay, okay..." Nerice sighed, turning to Nall. "Alright kid, looks like you're with me for my fun-filled, one-on-one training from hell. In case you were wondering, I'm an Elementalist. To be specific, a Wyrm Mage. I specialize in dragon-type attacks, and you're probably going to be somewhat similar in capability. However, there's one thing I want to check first... You say he's part Dragoness?"
       "Yes, and they normally have wings they can summon and dismiss at will." Zilpah replied, understanding Nerice's intentions.
       "Alright, take off the shirt so you don't rip it when they come out." Nerice ordered. Nall complied, revealing his lightly-scaled chest.
       "Now, focus on your back, and focus on trying to get your wings out." Nerice instructed as Zilpah stepped back a bit. Nerice cast a spell, and Nall suddely found himself flung into the air. Amazingly, a pair of wings with a span of twice his height appeared on his back, allowing him to semi-gently glide to the floor.
       "Why'd you do that?!" He demanded, getting up while trembling with shock.
       "Sorry kid. Sometimes you just have to learn to fly by jumping off a cliff." Nerice chuckled. "But don't worry, by the time I'm through with you, you are gonna love flying, or else."
       "Or else what?" He asked, fearful of the response.
       "You'll get VERY good at hiding and running." Zilpah remarked. "I'll leave you two alone to get the basics underway." The Archmage remarked, ducking out the door.


317 AS: October 1st...


       "Holy hell, this is hard..." Mirya grumbled, staring at her workbook and puzzling over the questions. "Hey Nall, can you help me with number twelve?" She asked, looking over to her companion, passed out over the study hall's table. "Nall? NALL!" She yelled, elbowing him in the ribs.
       "OW! I'm awake! What's going on?" He asked, still half asleep.
       "Nall, ever since you enrolled at the VCC in addition to here, you've been unconscious more often than awake around me." Mirya sulked. "Am I that boring?"
       "No, I'm just wiped out from tackling the workload..." He sighed. "There's a ton of magic I'm trying to learn and put into practice, and that's even when Nerice isn't trying to teach me how to fly without crashing." He remarked, slipping his long, forked, reptillian togue out into the bowl of rock candy the two shared for a sugar-based pick-me-up and retrieving a chunk.
       "Use your fingers like a NORMAL person, Nall." Mirya sighed as she rolled her eyes, having heard the story behind her friend discovering that he had wings a few times already. "How'd you get that stuff, anyway?"
       "Made it." Nall replied. "I can only do simple foods like candies, but I'm making progress with it like everything else... Slow but steady. I can make simple foods via evocation magic, but they taste terrible. Now, convincing the cafeteria ladies to spare a pound of sugar to be transmuted was the hard part."
       "You made them some candy too, didn't you?" Mirya guessed.
       "As soon as Essie finds out I'm the reason sugar consumption has doubled, I'm either dead or going to be making candy for her, too..." Nall sighed again. "So, enough about me. How've you been doing?"
       "Well, ever since I got a real tutor, I've been doing better." She replied, daring him to object. "And now I have to patrol around by my lonesome looking for idiots that are trying to pick fights with the pokegene'd students and kicking their asses without my nigh-useless sidekick. Oh yeah, plus I miss my punching bag, I mean, sparring partner in CQCC class."
       "Poor Mirya." He replied, rubbing the top of her head between her ears. "Well, after I get my first two or three years in at VCC, I should be dropping most of the classes for the schools of magic I don't have as much talent in and lightening my load down to my three main focuses. On the downside, I'll probably be a whole lot better at combat than you are. Magic-based combat training at the VCC is freaking HELL..." He sighed.
       "Don't bet on it." Mirya warned him. "The instructor's been stepping things up since you left. We've been using practice weapons for a month now.


318 AS: December 26th, Day after Yule. Morning...


       "So, how are you enjoying your cloak?" Mirya asked.
       "Waaaaaaaaarmth..." Nall practically drooled, enjoying the feel of double-layed Spinnertit silk and attached hood that slipped on over his horns. For most people, it would've been too warm for the relatively mild winters of an area just south of Epoch, but Nall had been having a harder time staying warm each winter. "So, how do like your illustrated guide to pokegirls?"
       "It's nice, but I wish they would've put some clothes on most of them." Mirya replied. "As it is, some of the rare ones are quite lovely. I think I'd like a Sphinx as my alpha, though. They're physically powerful, but they also have a sharp tactical mind and are competent with magic. One should be able to give even you a run for your credits." She teased, grinning.
       "A little early to be thinking about your dream harem, isn't it?" He asked. "What happens if you find a pokegirl that's been tossed aside and needs your help? Or has been abused and needs someone to be there for her? Or what if somebody thresholds and needs a tamer?"
       "I'll catch her and turn her over to a ranch, but I won't neglect my girls for a stranger, even if she really is in need." Mirya replied. "A tamer, regardless of how good they are, simply cannot take in all the troubled pokegirls of the world, especially on their own. They also must always remember that their harem relies on them to keep them lucid and tamed. Bear in mind that a tamer's harem is his protection from other pokegirls, and that the tamer protects his harem from other tamers, notably the cruel and careless ones that think of them as merely enslaved warriors and sex toys. Even if another 'girl needs their help, their first priority is their harem."
       Nall was about to counter argue when the speakers through out the school chimed up and Essie's voice came on.
       "Attention students..." She began, sounding tired and depressed. "I would like all of you to gather in the auditorium immediately. Events have occured yesterday, and I'd rather tell all of you about it upfront than let you find out on your own."
       "Oh dear..." Nall sighed, knowing that whatever Essie wanted to say, it was going to be devastating to somebody...
       Both students quickly made their way to the auditorium, where their homeroom teachers seated them according to a pre-determined arrangement. When all the students that were going to show up were there, Essie began to speak, but her tamer, an older man with fading red hair and a trim build stepped in and she relented.
       "For those of you that may not know me, I'm Kevin Ramirez, owner and administrator of this boarding school. And while I love Essie dearly, and appreciate the job she does, it's better if I say this." He stopped and sighed heavily before continuing. "Late last night and early this morning, agents of Mao's Spirit infiltrated and attacked several smaller communities. While there was little blood actually spilled, they used Loveballs on various humans, but their focus was on the leaders within those communities. By daybreak, the human populations in those villages had been transformed into pokegirls." He paused for several minutes before moving on. "Most of the former human population has been accounted for, but those that were heavily opposed to pokegirl rights have been taken, possibly back to the hiding places for members of Mao's Spirit, or tossed out into the wilds and left to fend for themselves. We honestly don't know, but your instructors will be handing out sheets that list the communities that have been attacked. Those that are sixteen or going to be sixteen this year, are eligible to take their tamer's test or apply for a tradesman's license, even if it means getting it early. We will be offering them from today to until the end of next week. For those who came from the affected communities, we will be allowing those that get their licenses free teleports to their homes in a League-sponsored attempt to clean up and rebuild what's left. Also, harem limits for tamers and tradesmen that return to these areas will be raised until order is restored and the former citizens are no longer in danger of becoming feral. There's quite a bit of talk about grandfathering in these limit increases for those that jump on this, so just a heads up. Those who have family in the affected communities will be allowed to use the video phones in an attempt to contact them. Just be forewarned that you may not get through due to how badly the communication lines are tied up. And... That's all I have for now."
       It took several minutes before the assembled students got over their shock and began to look at the sheets handed to them. Soon, the younger ones began crying, while the older ones quickly left the assembly hall and headed for the video phones. Nall looked over the sheet, but thankfully while the Adonis ranch was attacked, the pokegirl was quickly incapacitated and they had no major incidents. He looked over to Mirya, who looked pale and was trembling.
       "I... I need to go make a call..." She stammered, quickly leaving the auditorium. Nall followed, but she had always moved faster than him, and now she had fear to spur her onwards, thus she quickly left his sight.


318 AS: December 26th, Day after Mao's Spirit's Yule Attack. Afternoon...


       "Are you alright?" Nall asked Mirya as she sat alone in the study hall.
       "Yeah..." She sighed. "My adoptive mom was away from the town at the time on business and my mother was handling things at home. One of the Mao's Spirit terrorists barged in, and got one hell of a beat down from her and her other harem sisters. So as far as things go, I got off lucky compared to some of the others here." She sighed, holding up her head with her arms. "Word is already out that yesterday is going to be known as Mao's Spirit's Yule Attack, and the Overseer is promising to make things nigh impossible for them to pull this off again."
       "I wonder what he's planning on doing..." Nall remarked. "Might be a bounty for members of Mao's Spirit, but only the stupidest 'girls would admit that they belonged to the group. Whatever it is, I hope they don't make a knee-jerk reaction to it."
       "Yeah, bad enough that pokegirls are STILL forbidden from reading, writing, general schooling, and ESPECIALLY anything written by Archeon Dahl." Mirya bitterly complained. "Reminds me, are there many pokegirl students at that Vale campus?"
       "Only the teachers, and those were educated at Vale itself." He answered. "While the VCC doesn't directly support Crescent's laws, they make reasonable efforts to adhere to them. And since teaching pokegirls magic usually involves teaching them how to read and write at a fairly competent level..."
       "Yeah, I get it." Mirya sighed. "It's still unfair, though. I mean, pokegirls are only the way they are because Sukebe made them that way, and if the Chinese dumbasses hadn't released the engineered disease that became the Red Plague, humans might've managed to keep themselves together long enough to rebuild the population. As it was, they had to resort to breeding with pokegirls just to attempt to rebuild the population."
       "Hey, you HAVE been studying!" Nall exclaimed, clapping his hands lightly for her. He ignored her death glare and continued. "But it's painfully true. Due to those circumstances, any girl with pokegirl genes runs the risk of thresholding into a pokegirl, and essentially becoming the slave of whoever's willing to keep her libido sated. Speaking of which, if you did threshold, who would you want to be your tamer?"
       "You mean if I had an actual choice?" Mirya asked. "Heh... Like you of all people would have to guess? There's a ton of reasons why I like hanging out with you, Nall. And IF I threshold, I could do a lot worse than becoming stuck with you for a tamer."
       "Ah, gee... Don't lay the praise on too heavily..." Nall teased back. "So, what kind of pokegirl would you want to be?"
       "Me? A Sphinx, no question about it." Mirya answered. "They're strong, beautiful, smart, skilled at magic, and highly desired. Hell, I'd love to have one as my alpha someday after I become a tamer, like I told you yesterday. What would you say is your ideal pokegirl?"
       "Ah... So many choices that it's hard to pick just one..." Nall replied. "I have to admit that a Sphinx would be quite fitting, but I'd lean more towards a Dragoness or an Archmage for my alpha."
       "I knew it! You ARE sucking up to Zilpah!" Mirya laughed.
       "If you saw her up close while pissed off, you'd suck up to her, too!" Nall protested. "And I've seen her in combat! She commands like a general and coordinates like one too. And while she's sitting back barking commands and directing the battle, she's also tossing out spells to aid her allies and strike down her enemies."
       "Sounds like she's made quite the impression on you, Nall." Mirya snerked. "We'll have to put our opinions to the test someday."
       "I'll look forward to it." Nall told her.


319 AS: January 7th...


       "No... No! NO!" Mirya screamed, looking over the text their homeroom teacher had passed out.
       Nall grimiced as he read it as well. Overseer Mikel Frost had issued the "Keep What You Tame" law yesterday, and Mirya was far from the only one that had issues with it. Most of the other girls had turned pale as they read over it, and those with the highest chances of threshold had the most horrified reactions.
       "Ha! This'll put those pokebitches in their place now!" Eugene snorted, one of the few purebood boys in the school, and an ass that viewed pokegirls as slaves that needed a hard pounding whenever their tamer felt like giving it to them.
       Nall read over the new law... According to it, pokegirl tamers, REGARDLESS of whether or not they had just undergone threshold, now had a menace value of twice their worth in bounty points and any tamer that captured them not only got the former tamer to do with as they willed, but also all of her belongings, and especially any pokegirls she had. Basically, by catching a single pokegirl tamer, one claimed her and everything she had worked to acquire, making them incredibly lucrative. Plus, there were loopholes big enough for a Snorlass to walk through, like if the former tamer's pokedex was damaged and no longer had any video of the encounter between the former tamer and her captor, the captor's word would be taken above the pokegirl's. However, if the pokegirl tamer was carrying any illegal items, the tamer that caught her was required to turn them in, but also got a massive bounty for them. In addition to the value of the pokegirl's breed, the bounty doubled again, to quadruple her value in bounty points just for catching her.


       In addition to all that, ALL tamed pokegirls were required to have collars on them that contained and revealed their owner's information when the 'girl was scanned with a 'dex. Pokegirls without a collar were free game for anyone to catch, and those with a blank collar had a meance bounty of their breed price.
       "Is there any way for a threshold victim to turn herself in and possibly get sent to another League to continue their career as a tamer?" Nall asked the teacher.
       "Yes, if they manage to make it to a pokegirl center or a police department, they will be treated as before." Their instructor replied.
       "Make it to a pokegirl center or police department while numerous tamers are about and they have an easy bounty hanging over their heads?" Nall asked. "Is that possible?"
       "That... Is something I don't think the Overseer took into consideration..." The instructor sighed, regretfully agreeing with the question before starting the day's lessons.


319 AS: May 28th...


       "Thank you for coming here today, Nall." Nerice told him as the two stood outside in the warm, belated spring air.
       "So, what's this about 'special' training?" He asked.
       "Well, since you're getting the hang of transmutation magic, I decided that it's time to test a theory." She began. "You're aware of how Wyrm Mages can change into a dragon form, right?"
       "Ever since you chased me down with it, yeah..." He replied, trembling slightly at the memories.
       "And you're also aware that you have some talent with using blood magic to cast dragon-element spells, right?" She asked, getting excited.
       "...Which is also a Wyrm Mage ability..." He remarked, seeing what she was getting at.
       "You catch on quick." Nerice remarked, smiling. "Well, I'm going to walk you through a dragon transformation. Close your eyes and focus on altering your body. Imagine becoming a dragon. Focus your mana into yourself and flowing through you, altering you and allowing your body to change."
       Nall did so, channeling his power into his own body and altering him... His claws lengthened, his face become more snout-like as his teeth lengthened, his muscles became stronger, he grew taller, and the scales on his chest, abdomen, inside of his legs and underside of his tail became thick enough to repel light injuries, like the scales on the rest of his body. He opened his eyes and saw that Nerice had changed as well, looking exactly like a dragon straight out of ancient fantasy books, having a long, serpentine body with four clawed legs and a long, powerful tail and covered with metallic green scales. Meanwhile, he looked fairly close to a Dragoness, but even taking into being more masculine, something still looked a bit off.
       "Not bad, young one." She remarked. "Now to test... Try and throw me to the ground."
       Nall dashed up towards Nerice and slammed into her, bouncing off and landing on his back. He lifted his head up to stare at his instructor, who only looked at him with a confused expression.
       "You've got the form, but you still only hit as hard as if you were human." She remarked. "Try focusing more mana into your body."
       "I can't..." Nall replied. "Any more and it starts draining my reserves too rapidly."
       "I hate to tell you this, but that IS typical for this ability." She informed him. "The amount of mana you put into the dragon form translates to how strong, tough, and fast it is. Since you're a human, it might be harder for you to fully manifest those abilities, especially since you're trying to emulate a fairly potent pokegirl. Have you considered charging objects, notably gems, with your mana?"
       "And how exactly am I going to be able to get said gems?" Nall asked. "Rob a jewelry store?"
       "How about using transmutation magic to convert carbon into diamond?" Nerice snorted. "If I remember correctly, it's the easiest and most basic transmutation spell to make gems with. Seriously, why else do you think diamonds are so cheap?"
       "Well, I guess I could try that..." Nall replied, before Nerice slammed her tail into her student. "OW! The hell?!"
       "In the meantime, this sounds like a good time to practice using your dragon form." She began, grinning. "Remember that you still have access to your magic, and you should be able to 'surge' it, hanging back and suddenly empowering yourself for when you're going to strike. As for me, HERE I COME!"


319 AS: May 29th...


       "Nall, think you can do more than just curl up on the ground and whimper in pain?" Mirya asked, staring down at her CQCC sparring partner.
       "Nerice had me using my dragon form yesterday..." He groaned. "Using magic to enhance my body is taking a lot more out of it than I thought it would. Well, and her beating me soundly didn't help."
       "Weren't you also telling me that only the lower leveled transmutation magic also just 'empowers' one's body to work beyond their normal limits for a time? Kinda like an aderenaline rush?" She asked.
       "Yes... Which means that it's a freaking MIRACLE I'm able to get up and move around at all today." He retorted.
       "Or possibly a bloodgift..." She commented. "Reminds me, have you gotten tested yet? I hear some of those bloodcurses also carry some serious drawbacks. Like suddenly dropping dead for almost no reason whatsoever."
       "Testing is usually pointless until puberty, Mirya." He replied. "Some of them are hard to detect until they manifest and it's possible to miss them."
       "Well, I still say yours are starting to manifest." She countered. "Welp, I'm going to encourage you to learn better buffing spells, then."
       "How are you going to-" He began, watching her jump into the air with a gleefully predatory expression on her face. "NOOO-OW!"


320 AS: April  25th...


       "Okay, class..." The homeroom instructor began, passing out a few sheets stapled together. "Yesterday, Overseer Mikel Frost has made changes to the 'Keep What You Tame' law. Familiarize yourselves with them, as you'll be expected to know it before you leave."
       Nall read over the text while sneaking glances at Mirya's reaction. Apparently, the law caused a major uproar among even the human population and thresholds have a twenty-four hour grace period once they enter city limits to turn themselves in to a pokegirl center or police department before they're considered feral and their captor can claim the bounty. In addition, pokedexes now note when a tamer thresholds into a pokegirl or a similar change in genetics in order to actually give the law some power. On top of that, any items that have been loaned to the pokegirl are to be returned, and said noting was already commonly recorded in a tamer's pokedex. Finally, ALL purchasers of collars and chips designed to hinder capture are to be scanned with a pokedex before the sale is made.
       Privately, he wondered what was to stop an unscrupulous tamer from catching the threshold victim and holding onto her for twenty-four hours before reporting her, and/or destroying her pokedex... In the meantime, his head was aching again.


320 AS: Morning of June 16th...


       "Alright, Zilpah..." Nall grumbled, barging into her office and flopping down in the seat across from her desk. "Why'd you call me in here?"
       "Nall, I've been getting an alarming number of compaints from you." The Archmage began. "Considering your history and dilligence in your studies here has been nothing short of exemplary save for this past week, that's especially alarming. Hell, you're even trying to dress like a Goth, now!"
       "Hey, MAYBE I just wanted to change my style and find ME, okay?" He snapped.
       "And that's anothing thing..." She began, getting annoyed. "You've ALWAYS been respectful to your teachers and me before this! And now campus security has had to pick up your thrashed hide after you smarted off to somebody each day this week! If I didn't know better, I'd swear you had a rebel bloodcurse or something!" She sighed, then looked at him like a light went off in her head. A quick spell later, and he was up in the air and pinned against the wall. "Jaunie, can you come in here for a minute or two? I need a blood sample extracted from a student to be analyzed for bloodgifts and curses."
       "Hey, wait a minute you crazy bitch! Isn't this illegal somewhere?!" Nall protested.
       "Not here." Zilpah remarked as Jaunie, one of the Night Nurses at the infirmary entered with an empty syringe in one hand and a pair of pliers in the other.
       "Hold still or this will hurt more." She said, painfully pulling back a scale on the underside of Nall's forearm, wiping the area down with an alchohol swab, and plunging the needle in. Despite trying his best to thrash, Zilpah's spell easily held him as Jaunie extracted the blood sample she needed.
       "So, how long until you can get the results back for a rebel bloodcurse?" Zilpah asked.
       "A couple of hours, and that includes what medication is needed to control the disorder." Jaunie replied. "I assume you want the test for that ran first?"
       "Yes, please." Zilpah answered. "In the meantime, Nall... I would like for you to take a nap."
       Zilpah cast another spell, and everything went dark...


320 AS: Afternoon of June 16th...


       Nall groaned as she slowly came to. The first thing he noticed was that his head was no longer in as much pain as before, and the second was that he was in the VCC infirmary.
       "Feeling better?" Nerice asked him.
       "Yeah, a lot actually. Thank you." He sincerely answered, slowly getting up.
       "What? No sarcastic, overly hostile response?" She asked. "No insults or threats? No smartass comments about the size of my breasts or the lack thereof?"
       "Why would I..." He began, then trailed off. "I've been a major asshole this week, haven't I?"
       "Oh yeah." She remarked. "Well, the good news is that you have a rebel bloodcurse, and it is treatable. In fact, the medication is in your system right now, balancing out that screwy brain chemsitry of yours. Good thing too, because Zilpah was about to boot your ass out for acting like... Well, an ass."
       "Augh..." He sighed. "This is going to lead to a lot of awkward apologies, isn't it?"
       "Yup." She answered. "Except for me, but only because I know firsthand the effects of a Rebel bloodcurse due to my Dragon-type. Instead, I'm just going to run you harder than normal for a while."
       "Oh joy..." He sighed again.
       "However, Zilpah did say that she was going to explain the situation on your behalf. So, take that as a blessing." She added. "Still, I'd be thinking up apologies if I were you. Oh, and be prepared to play catch-up tomorrow. Zilpah chalked up today as a sick day for you since it usually takes several hours for the anti-rebel medication to intitially take effect. Which, reminds me..." She stated, handing Nall a bottle of pills. "Take one of those every night before bed, or else."
       Nall sighed yet again and took the bottle before leaving the room.


320 AS: June 18th...


       Nall groaned as he heard someone knocking on his door. He got up to answer it, and found Aveline, one of the boarding school's Nurse Joys standing there.
       "I have the results of your bloodgifts and curses test." She stated, entering the room and directing Nall to shut the door. She passed the handout to Nall, who looked over it carefully.
       "Empathic insight paired with magic and dragon affinities?" He asked.
       "It will become incredibly easy for you to tame and bond with those types of pokegirls." Aveline stated, loosening her long, pink hair. "It would be highly recommended for you to include as many dragon and magic types into your harem as you can."
       "Recovery bloodgift?" He asked, still reading from the list and ignoring her actions.
       "You recover stamina much faster than most, and are able to tame all night with only a few minutes of rest between rounds." She explained while unbuttoning her blouse and revealing her bra-covered b-cup breasts.
       "Potent spellcaster... Well, that explains the scholarship to the VCC..." He remarked, sitting down at his desk.
       "Yes, it does." Aveline stated. putting her removed blouse aside.
       "Let's see... Curses... Pokeboy gene phase three... Like that's a big surprise..." He remarked.
       "Mmm hmm." She commented, removing her skirt and revealing her panties.
       "Cold vulnerability... Well, not that much of a surprise either..." He stated.
       "Yes. You've been into the infirmary multiple times for hypothermia and mild frostbite, especially during bad winters." She stated, freeing her small, but perky breasts and setting her bra aside.
       "Rebel bloodcurse... That's why I'm holding this list..." He remarked.
       "Uh huh." Aveline stated, removing her panties and revealing her shaved and slightly wet slit.
       "And... Tamer's disease? Seriously?" He asked aloud. "If I don't get laid once a week then I go insane and cause any pokegirls around me to go into a sexual frenzy?"
       "And that is why I'm here." The Nurse Joy stated, calling Nall's attention to her and her nude body.
       "What do you... Oh..." He remarked, staring at his first naked girl in real life.
       "I'm due for a taming, anyway." She stated. "After today, you'll want to look into getting a pet owner's license and a pet pokegirl to keep the bloodcurse under control. Most ranches are willing to work out a deal, especially when the buyer has tamer's disease. Now tame me, please..."
       Nall was too much of a gentleman to make the pokegirl beg for it.


320 AS: Morning of June 19th...


       "Hey Mom, how are things at the ranch?" Nall asked into the video phone.
       "Eh, pretty calm and quiet." Eulalia answered. "Flora misses you, and she's at the age where she's ready to be partnered up with a tamer, now. I'd recommend that you swing by and see her before that happens."
       "Well, I've got a different idea..." He began, pulling out the list of his bloodgifts and bloodcurses. "I've been informed that I have tamer's disease, and I've been advised to get a pet pokegirl to help keep it under control. One of the Nurse Joys here told me that most ranches are willing to work out some kind of deal with those that have it."
       "I see..." The Queenbra replied. "Hang on, let me go get Damian." Nall watched Eulalia leave and then waited for a few minutes for his adoptive uncle to get on the line.
       "Hey kid, how goes things?" The older man asked. "Other than your tamer's disease bloodcurse, I mean."
       "Well... Other than a hiccup with my Rebel bloodcurse manifesting, things at the VCC are doing well and I managed to catch up from that." He replied.
       "That's good to... Wait, did you say the VCC? The Vale Crescent Campus?" Damian asked, surprised.
       "What? Didn't Eulalia tell you? I've been going there for a few years now. I'll be starting my Gamma year soon." Nall remarked.
       "Kid, I've got so many other kids that I release into the League-funded boarding schools that it's not even funny." He sighed. "Most usually take the name of their fathers, and those that don't end up with 'Adonis' to make the paperwork easier."
       "So, how did I get my last name?" Nall asked.
       "Eulalia said that the creature that dropped you off insisted that it was your last name." Damian replied. "Funny, I think that's the same last name of a Gym leader that uses dragon types... Anyway, back to the matter at hand. So, you have a pet owner's license and you've been advised to ask for a pet due to tamer's disease, correct?"
       "Yeah, that's the short of it." Nall confirmed. "So, what's normally done for situations like this? Because I'd really like Flora, but I kinda lack credits due to being enrolled in the VCC."
       "Well... Flora is a Boobisaur, a common type and a frequently picked starter pokegirl." Damian began. "So, her price would be twenty-five thousand credits. However, being enrolled at the VCC and in their Work-Study program, I imagine that you don't have a lot of credits to spare."
       "That would be correct." Nall replied. "Wait, how'd you know that?"
       "Even the Vale campuses aren't cheap, and I'd know if you were borrowing money from me." He stated. "Eulalia doesn't have much herself, being employed here and being a pokewoman." Nall stared at Damian, and the man spread his arms disarmingly. "Hey, I run a business here. Making educated guesses helps a ton, kid. Normally I'd turn you down, but because of your tamer's disease, I can make a concession." He pulled out his own pokedex, a fairly advanced model, and fiddled with it a bit. "Nall Nallimus... Yup, you've got a pet owner's license registered to you, and your psyche evaluation says that your empathy is rated at 'Hindering'. Alright, here's the deal..." He began. "Since you're asking for a common pokegirl, I can loan her to you until you pay off the debt of twenty-five thousand credits, OR you get your tamer's license and pick her as your starter 'girl."
       "At which point the League reimburses you for her." Nall knowingly remarked.
       "Keep that quiet, will you?" Damian hissed, then smiled a bit. "Although, if you decide that a tamer's life isn't for you, I imagine you'd become a pretty valuable asset to my ranch. VCC educated and working your ass off to do so does make you sound very attractive as an employee. However, if you manage to pay off the debt before you get your tamer's license, that opens up a second starter 'girl for you."
       "I... Probably don't need to worry too much about that." Nall began. "A friend and I are going to be going on our pokegirl journey together."
       "Well, if you're sure." Damian replied. "Where are you at so I can ball up Flora and send her to you, and what level of taming do you want me to put her through?"
       "Uhm... Just a level two, and send her to the pokegirl center at the VCC." Nall stated.
       "Got it." Damian stated. "When you go to pick her up, the attendant will ask you to sign a form outlining all the legalities of the loan. Read over it if you want, but Eulalia would thrash me if I tried to pull any fast ones on ya. Well, talk to you later, kid."
       "Can you put Eulalia back on? I haven't called in a while and it'd be rude if I didn't speak to her." Nall told him.
       "Sure. Hang on for a bit..." The older man stated as he left the screen.


320 AS: Evening of June 19th...


       "Here's the terms of the loan." The Nurse Joy stated, passing Nall a paper triplicate form and a pen.
       "Which copy is mine?" He asked.
       "The yellow copy is yours to keep." She explained, watching him read over the agreement. Nall noted that ten percent interest would be compounded yearly and added to his cost of tuition at the VCC until the debt was paid off or until he got his tamer's license. Eventually, he signed the form and handed it back to the Nurse Joy, who removed the yellow copy and handed it back to him, along with a pokeball. "Would you like a taming room?"
       "No, thank you." He replied. "It's getting late and I need to head back to my dorm at the Ramirez boarding school. I'll tame her there."
       "Take care, then." She told him. Nall left the pokegirl center and wrapped himself in conjuration magic, disappearing in a shower of harmless sparkles of light and reappearing in his closet at the boarding school. Opening the door, he found Mirya waiting for him.
       "Ah-HA! So you HAVE been hiding from me!" She exclaimed, then glanced at the pokeball in his hand. "What. Is. That?"
       "An old friend from the ranch where I was found." He plainly replied, sitting the ball on his desk as he put the terms of the loan into his 'long-term important stuff' drawer. "Wanna tell me how you got in here? Because I know I locked the door."
       "I have my ways..." She dismissively replied. "So, who's the pokegirl?"
       "Her name when she was on the ranch was Flora." He began, picking up the pokeball and turning it around in his hands. "She was a couple years older than me, and wasn't much of a fighter, but since Eulalia had a fair amount of respect from the other pokegirls and kits, they left me, and her by extension, alone. I hadn't seen her since I left the ranch..."
       "Well, stop stalling and let her loose, already." She remarked.
       "Are you jealous?" He suddenly asked.
       "What? NO! Why would I be jealous?!" She exclaimed, suddenly defensive.
       "Well, it's always been just the two of us, and now I'm adding another girl into the mix." He explained. "I know you hang out with some of the other students here, but when I'm around, you're never far from me."
       "Well... You're just such a loner that SOMEBODY has to keep you company..." She shot back, blushing slightly.
       "Yeah... Thanks for that, Mirya. It really does mean a lot to me." He told her, smiling slightly.
       "Just call out your pokegirl, already." She huffed.
       Nall activated the ball and released a mass of green-colored energy in front of him, which quickly materialized into a five and a half foot tall, green, reptile-like humanoid. She stood on reptillian, digigrade feet that ended with obvious, blunt ivory claws. A short tail about the length of her hand wiggled slightly above her plump butt, but below the wreckball-sized green bulb on her back. Her vaginal opening was hairless, and her slightly swollen lips gleamed with readiness. Her abdomen was slim, a stark contrast to her large, d-cup breasts. Her hands were tipped with blunt ivory claws like her feet, and her skin was a deep green with darker, Cheetit-like spots scattered all over her body. Her cute, human-like face smilied as she saw Nall, her lavender eyes shining with delight as she ran a hand over her shoulder-length, matching hair.
       "Oh, Nall!" She squealed, rushing up to him and grabbing him tightly, pressing her soft, generous breasts into his chest as Mirya looked down and appraised her suddenly small-looking chest. "When I heard that Damian had sold me to you I was estatic!" She exclaimed, pulling away slightly as a look of confusion crossed her face. "But wait... You're only fourteen... You need to be sixteen to become a tamer, don't you?"
       "Well, I got a pet owner's license after I found out that I have tamer's disease." He explained, caressing her cheek. "Damian sgreed to loan you to me until I get my tamer's license, at which point you'll be counted as my starter pokegirl."
       "Really?" She asked, her eyes shining brightly. "So I'm yours, then?"
       "Unless you don't want to be." He told her as she embraced him.
       "No... I... I've always wanted to be yours..." She began, crying a little. "I could tell back then that you had a kind heart and I'd count my blessings if I became yours, but I never thought it would happen due to our age difference..."
       "Wait, she's OLDER than you?" Mirya exclaimed, suddenly paying attention and breaking the mood of the joyous reunion.
       "Who is she?" Flora asked, gripping Nall tighter and glaring at the girl that had been staring at them.
       "That, is Mirya." He began. "She's one of the girl students here at the boarding school, and my best friend."
       "I see..." Flora practically growled, narrowing her eyes at the feline-like girl. Nall swiftly replied with a hard slap on the Boobisaur's rump. "OW!" She exclaimed, the sudden strike startling both girls and causing Flora to pull away. "What was that for?!"
       "That was for glaring at Mirya." He sternly told her, staring into her eyes. "Look, I know that you'll want me all to yourself, but I won't tolerate hostility from my pokegirls getting directed at my friends, regardless of their gender. Understood?"
       "Yes, Nall..." Flora demurely replied, looking down at the floor in shame.
       "I also won't tolerate fighting between members of my harem, when I have one." He added. "If you have a dispute with another 'girl, take it to me and I'll handle it. But for now, at least... You're my only pokegirl." Flora looked up at Nall again, her eyes shining brightly again. "So, you'll have me all to yourself."
       "You mean it?" She blurted, embracing him again. "You'll tame me every night?"
       "Most nights, anyway." He answered, holding her close again. "The VCC keeps me busy a lot."
       "Look, I'm gonna get out of here before I lose my lunch from all the sap." Mirya complained, getting up and heading for the door. "See you tomorrow, Nall."
       Mirya opened the door and left, then Flora used a vine to close and lock it as Nall led his pokegirl to the bed for their first taming session...


320 AS: July 3rd...


       "So, as part of the 'Magic and Sex' class I'm in at the VCC... I'm stuck like this for a month..." Nall explained once Mirya and Flora had FINALLY finished laughing their asses off.
       "Oh... Oh, by Th-Thousand..." Mirya stuttered, panting for breath as she looked over Nall's sleek, femenine body, wide hips, and d-cup breasts yet again, still trying to memorize the sight.
       "I'd like to point out, Mistress, that one of the Dildorans at the Adonis ranch taught me how to alter my vines into a phallic shape..." Flora suggested. "I believe the technique is called 'grass cock'. Would you like me to pleasure you with it tonight?"
       "Har-dee-har-har, you two..." Nall grumbled. "And for the record, it wasn't just me. The instructor gender-dusted the ENTIRE class. I got lucky and managed to trade outfits with Quiana."
       "Wait, you have ANOTHER girl on the side?" Mirya asked, suspicious.
       "No, she and I just happen to be at the same level and she's a very potent healer." Nall explained, slightly defensive. "Poor girl has pink hair like a Nurse Joy and breasts like a dry Milktit. On the other hand, she looks like a total beefcake now, despite the pink hair, and her shaft is... Oh... Oh fuck..." He cursed, feeling his lower lips heat up and beginning to moisten.
       "Wow... You really need to learn to control yourself." Mirya smugly commented.
       "The other instructors have given the students in the class a lighter load than normal due to... Side effects of getting gender swapped." He explained, trying to grind his long, lithe legs together. "Fuck it, I can't take it anymore..." He panted, recalling Flora and dashing away from the table, leaving the scent of his arousal behind as he left.
       Mirya shrugged and made her way to the infirmary, having her own problems to deal with. She made an appointment to speak with Evelyn and sat down to wait. Since she was free, Evelyn came out a few minutes later and asked Mirya to enter her office. Mirya relocated and began to explain what was happening to her.
       "At first it was just the occasional urge to nap in the sunlight, but now I'm noticing smells much better than before, I'm craving fish and other meat almost constantly, I feel like I need to sharpen my claws on things, and finally I meow in times of duress or excitement." She explained. Evelyn nodded, and dropped a bomb on the poor girl.
       "You're starting to undergo threshold." She sighed.
       "What?! NO!" Mirya screamed in panic, jumping from the chair and digging her claw-like fingernails into the Nurse Joy's desk. "I have a ten percent chance of avoiding it! It CAN'T be happening!"
       "And you also have a ninety percent chance of thresholding. Most likely a Kitten or a Catgirl." Evelyn calmly stated. "I hate to break this to you, but you're far from the only girl that thought she could beat the odds. You're also far from the only girl that's going to threshold before they leave this school. If you threshold here, at the very least we can turn you over to a reputable ranch that will try to pair you with a tamer that has a high empathy rating, even if somebody with a pet owner's license tries to claim you."
       "But... I want to become a tamer and travel the Crescent League... I don't want to be legally and mentally enslaved to some asshole just because he has a cock and sticks it in me on a regular basis!" Mirya protested. Evelyn sighed heavily before reaching down and pulling open a drawer. She pulled out a large vial, a syringe, and several hypodermic needles in sterile containers. "Is that...?"
       "This... Is a threshold suppressant." Evelyn began. "It was developed five years ago and is still undergoing testing, as I'm sure you're already aware of. However, nobody can guarantee that this will completely work, and threshold has always been a tricky beast to overcome. Still, this might work, if you're willing to sign the agreement and participate in the trial. You need to give yourself a full dose once a week, and a half dose after any sexual activity that involves an orgasm. There's also some odd side effects that you should be aware of-"
       "Give me the release notice so I can sign it already." Mirya coldly stated, staring at the vial with desperation in her eyes. Evelyn pulled out the forms and Mirya signed the agreement after briefly glancing over it. Evelyn then walked her through how to draw a dose into the syringe and inject herself with it. Mirya did so, and felt woozy as everything spun around her. Before everything went black, she felt her instinctual desires fade from a normal speaking voice to quiet whispers.


321 AS: February 23rd...


       "And that, students, is how to take down a mage or magic-type Pokegirl. Do whatever it takes to keep them from casting spells until you can get close, and then pound them until they drop." The Armsmistress stated, then dismissed the class.
       "I told you to go all-out!" Mirya complained, jabbing Nall's side for emphasis.
       "Ow!" He complained, unable to squirm out from underneath the annoyed girl. "I didn't want to hurt you, Mirya! The classes I'm in don't fool around anymore! I could have easily killed you!"
       "Yeah, and I could have easily killed you with metal claw gloves instead of wooden ones." Mirya countered, rubbing her left arm where Nall had managed to connect with a lightning-based spell. "When will I get the feeling in my arm back, anyway?"
       "It'll be a few hours. If you get off of me, I could make it sooner." He replied, to which Mirya finally relented and let the in-training mage up. Nall slowly rolled into a sitting position and held his hand over his chest and muttered something, channeling a whispy stream of light from his hand into his chest. "I think you fractured my ribs a little, Mirya."
       "At least they're teaching you how to patch yourself back up after a fight." She teased as he took her numb arm and did the same. "Ah, much better." She remarked, flexing the restored limb. "So, walk with me to study hall?" Nall nodded, and the two headed out after changing out of their gym clothes.
       "It's so cute the way you try not to look at me when I'm changing..." She practically purred.
       "Buh gyeh... I... Uhm..." Nall suddenly stammered, his face becoming a deeper shade of purple.
       "I just thought I'd tell you... I'm fourteen today." She added, enjoying his reaction.
       "And... Uhm... Erm..." He stumbled.
       "So, I want to spend the night with you." She replied. "We could practice our Taming techniques together..."
       Nall was just stunned into silence.
       "What? You like banging Flora like a drum almost every night but your best friend is too good for you?" Mirya complained.
       "It's not that, but... Are you sure you want to pick me?" Nall asked, finally able to get the words out. "Plus, Flora will probably want in on it, too, unless I ball her..."
       "The offer is good for you, only. And besides, would I have asked you if I wasn't sure? Boy, are you dense sometimes..." Mirya sighed. "How about this, I'll show up at your room tonight, beat the tar out of you, and tie you to the bed before we start practice?" She purred, pressing her B-cup breasts into his side, which looked all the bigger on her five feet of height compared to Nall's six feet, plus four inches including the horns that ran from his temples and curled back, offering additional protection for the sides of his head. "That way, we can both say that you weren't the agressor."
       "If you really must insist..." Nall grinned, pulling her close for a kiss. Mirya leaned in close as well, and the two broke it off after a minute. "Uhm... Where were we?"
       "Going to study hall." Mirya reminded him, smiling coyly.
       The duo seated themselves at one ofthe tables in the room and unpacked their books, getting to work on their assignments. Suddenly, Nall sent a mystic bolt at the brown blur of a Charlie Angel that tried to hit Mirya with a tackle.
       "OW!" The pokegirl yelled, collapsing from the pain and landing on her butt.
       "Damn it, Atori..." Eugene cursed, angry because not only had he lost his element of surprise, but his pokegirl had managed to injure herself in her attempt to attack.
       "You realize what's going to happen when Essie finds out that you used a pet pokegirl to attack another student while in the studyhall, right?" Nall asked, knowing good and well that the pureblood human NEVER thought these kinds of things through.
       "Hah. Like that bitch can actually DO anything to me." Eugene boasted. "But regardless, I'm sick of this bullshit! How the fuck did a pokeFREAK like you get a fucking free ride through THE VCC?!"
       "...You're pissed off at me, but you attacked Mirya first?" Nall asked, trying to comprehend the idiocy of his opponent.
       "Yes, because I'm going to destroy you by ensuring that she's in the infirmary for a week!" He retorted. "Atori! Use-" Eugene managed to get out before a half dome of magical force surrounded him, making sure that he wasn't going anywhere.
       "What is that?" Mirya asked, wondering why she hadn't seen this spell before.
       "Oh, it's just a modified reflect." Nall began, watching Eugene try to punch the dome only to cradle his hand afterwards. "It reduces damage from a pokegirl attack by half, but doesn't allow normal sound to travel through it. In the case of most humans, however, they can't get through it."
       "Uhm... What should I do?" The Charlie Angel asked from the floor, obviously confused without her owner's orders.
       "You should go and get the Headmistress." Mirya stated, trying to keep herself from grinning mischeviously.
       "Huh? Oh, right!" She exclaimed, standing up and running for the door. "Don't worry, Master! I'll be back with the Headmistress soon!" She called out before disappearing through the door. Meanwhile, Eugene looked confused, then angry, and then pale.
       "He doesn't deserve a pokegirl like her... Poor thing..." Nall sighed.
       "Well, with any luck he'll return her back to a ranch and get the pokegirl he deserves." Mirya remarked. "I'm hoping for a Domina, personally."
       "No love for Psi-Dykes or Dildorans?" Nall mused.
       "As funny as watching him getting a dildo up the butt would be..." She began, mulling it over.


321 AS: February 24th...


       "I thought I told you to ball your pokegirl..." Mirya groaned, still completely exhausted.
       "Well, it's not my fault her ball fell off the desk and opened on its own." He protested, sitting up as he glanced over at the bed of dirt with a very satisfied Boobisaur lying in the sunlight streaming from the window. "And after she dropped the lust dust on us, neither of us had the mental capacity to put her back."
       "I still can't believe that you just let her bind my arms and legs while the two of you took turns using me like that..." She complained.
       "Yeah... That's actually a new technique on her part..." He replied. "And I was busy taming Flora while she was using you."
       "Your Boobisaur is a sex-crazed, infernal pokegirl..." Mirya remarked. "I'm going with something that has a lower libido."
       "I got her because they can subdue a fair number of pokegirls without harming them." He explained. "Even at high levels, there's little that can't be overwhelmed by a few doses of lust dust and vine bondage. Oh shit! I'm late for class!" He suddenly exclaimed, leaping out of the bed and tossing on his clothes before jumping into his closet.
       "Thank the Thousand I don't have any classes until this afternoon today..." Mirya groaned, pulling the vial of threshold suppressant out of her backpack, along with the syringe and a needle. With practiced movements, she drew half a dose of the supressant and injected it into herself. Before the dizzyness started, she slipped the objects back into her backpack. She then laid back down and closed her eyes before her vision began to swim.
       "That stuff isn't helping as much as you think, you know." Flora said from somewhere off to her side.
       "It helps enough." Mirya snapped.
       "No, it doesn't." Flora sighed. "Each month, you smell more and more like a Kitten. It's slight, but I can tell."
       "I'm NOT going to threshold!" Mirya loudly protested. "I will NOT become a mental and legal slave just because some asshole decided to fuck with women everywhere over three hundred years ago! I'm GOING to keep my freedom and my humanity if it kills me, and I'm going to go through life without some man claiming me as 'his' just because I need to be fucked regularly in order to stay lucid!"
       "Not even if said man is Master Nall?" Flora asked, causing a shiver to run down between Mirya's legs. "Oh, you smelled a lot like a Kitten when I said that."
       "Nall..." Mirya slowly exhaled. "He's a nice guy and I honestly think I'd enjoy being his pokegirl... But then all pokegirls tend to lean towards enjoying their demoted place in the world after enough time... It's the institution I'm opposed to, Flora, and the whole horribly ass-backwards system here in Crescent... Other Leagues are a lot smarter about the predicament facing most teenage girls and the fate looming over their heads for when they hit puberty... It's not our fault, and it's not fair!"
       Flora merely got close to the still-human girl and gently licked her feline ears.
       "At least you've had a chance to be considered something more than a horny monster that needs to tamed and trained into something useful..." Flora sighed. "I'm not even allowed to read, and I've heard of so many wonderful ideas in those books by Archeon Dahl..."
       "Heh..." Mirya chuckled slightly. "They do indeed contain many wonderful ideas. I'll have to read them to you sometime, Flora."
       "Thanks..." The Boobisaur whispered. "I'd appreciate it more than you know."
       "If I do threshold, and Nall does somehow managed to become my tamer, I'd be honored to have you as a harem-sister, Flora." Mirya confessed.
       "And you'd make a good alpha, Mirya." Flora stated, nuzzling her as Mirya finally gave up fighting to hang onto consciousness.


322 AS: June 18th...


       "And the results of your bloodtest have come in, Nall." Evelyn began. "Since nothing new has shown up and your psyche evaluation is the same, the only thing left is the results of the written portion of your tamer's test."
       "And...?" Nall nervously asked, gripping Flora's pokeball so tight that it looked like he was going to crush it.
       "Relax, already." The Nurse Joy sighed. "I watched you breeze through it. The only thing left is to register your name in the system and give you your pokedex."
       "Oh... Thank the Thousand..." Nall sighed with relief, releasing his grip on the ball in his hands enough for a vine to snake out and snatch it.
       "I'm glad these things are so resiliant..." Flora muttered, inspecting her pokeball for damage as she sat beside her tamer.
       "And your name is registered. I'd ask what pokegirl you want for your starter, but it seems that you have an agreement with the Adonis ranch."
       "Yup. Flora is no longer being loaned to me." He stated.
       "Is celebratory taming in order?" Flora asked, looking excited.
       "I guess so..." He answered, winking at the Boobisaur.
       "I'd ask to jump in, but I saw what happened when Eugene's Charlie Angel tried to attack you while Flora was beside you." Evelyn stated, feeling herself grow warm at the memory. "Regardless, here's your pokedex, six pokeballs, six ID collars, and belt." She stated, handing over the items. "You might also want to attend the survivalist training course starting on the second of July for two bounty points. At the very least it'll give you some bounty points for supplies to start your journey with. The tamer that teaches the course is pretty laid back, especially when he's dealing with pokegene'd students."
       "I'll probably check at the VCC to see who handles their survivalist course." He replied, putting on the belt and attaching the pokeballs before sliding the pokedex into its well-protected holster. "After all they've already put me through, I doubt they can do much worse."


322 AS: June 30th...


       "Nall, do you HAVE to leave?" Mirya sadly asked, eyeing his Boobisaur with only a hint of envy.
       "You know as well as I do that I'm sixteen now, Mirya." Nall sighed. "Hell, I'm lucky Essie has been overlooking our relationship. The laws are pretty lax since I've just reached the legal age of consent and you're fifteen. Besides, I have Flora to accompany me at the VCC now." He stated, rubbing the Boobisaur's head while the pokegirl pressed her d-cup breasts against him. "Besides, I know you'll miss your reading partner."
       "How'd you know about that?" Mirya asked, somewhat surprised as Flora blushed in embarassment.
       "Flora just cannot keep a secret." He smirked. "Even if her tamer didn't know any mind-reading spells."
       "Wait... Mind-reading?!" Mirya exclaimed. "So then, you know about...?!"
       "About the Archeon Dahl reading you've been doing together, yes." He explained. "I also know that you were trying to teach her how to read, which is highly illegal in Crescent."
       "But...!" Mirya protested, looking scared while Flora looked uneasy.
       "That cooking TM added a bit to the cost of my tuition at the VCC, but it's nothing I can't handle." He told the both of them. "The side effect of becoming literate is a clear exception to the Cresent League's law, however."
       "...Oh... So that's why she suddenly became a competent reader..." Mirya mumbled.
       "And I complained so bitterly about having to cook for you!" Flora lamented. Nall just laughed in response.
       "Oh, you should have heard her, Mirya." He chuckled. "But I don't NEED to cook, Master! I'm a plant pokegirl! I only eat sunlight and fire scares me!" He repeated, much to Flora's embarrassment. "But it also made an excellent lesson for Flora in terms of trusting her tamer, so I consider every credit for that as money well spent. Besides, she just looked so cute in that apron."
       "I hated that apron!" Flora protested.
       "I didn't hear any complaining when you got a surprise taming." He replied, making the Boobisaur blush even more.
       "Regardless... What about my needs?" Mirya whined.
       "It's only eight months, Mirya." Nall sighed. "Besides, this is my last year at the VCC. When I've completed my studies and spring arrives, then we'll set out on our Pokegirl journey together, okay? Hell, you can stay at my dorm in the VCC if you want. The rent is free as long as I'm enrolled there, and you know I can't take the cold well." He reminded her, then hugged her. "As long as you and your harem get along with Flora, you're welcome to stay as long as you want, but I seriously doubt that'll be a problem. I've already checked the rules, and it's okay for significant others, boyfriends, girlfriends, and especially other tamers to stay at a student's dorm in the VCC as long as they're not disrupting the resident student's studies."
       "Promise me..." She began, looking into Nall's eyes. "Promise me that we'll start our pokegirl journeys together."
       "I promise, Mirya." He vowed. "Oh, here's something for you." He said, pulling out a plain-looking silver charm on a necklace. "This is a teleport beacon. Mages craft these to easily teleport to a particular location. Most are crafted at a specific location and allow a mage to teleport to said location even if badly injured, having a hard time concentrating, or just plain out of mana. Each one can only be used by the mage that made it and if used in the last case, it will need to be re-enchanted. This one is a variant of that, and allows me to teleport to the wearer with ease, but doesn't allow for communication. When you have your tamer's license and need to leave Ramirez's boarding school, I'll teleport to you and take you to my dorm."
       "Wow... You've thought ahead..." Mirya commented, taking the necklace and putting it on. "Thanks, Nall."
       "It's not a big deal, really..." He began, looking slightly embarrassed. "It's one of the first things that the VCC teaches beginning enchanters, so pretty much any Vale or VCC-trained mage can make one."
       "All packed, Master." Flora stated, holding out a backpack.
       "That's it?" Mirya asked, looking around the room before remembering that Nall was never a big fan of accumulating clutter, knick-knacks, and other furniture. Hell, the room was freshly cleaned and spotless, too. Even Flora's dirt bed was gone without any evidence that it had been there. Mirya was baffled until she remembered that Nall was decently versed in cleaning spells.
       "Well, it has a temporary storage dimension inside it, so I'd better get going before it wears off and the backpack explodes." He explained, recalling Flora to her pokeball and returning it to his belt. He stared into Mirya's eyes for a minute, then the two lunged for each other, embracing tightly as lips sought each other out. After several moments Nall reluctantly broke it off and headed outside the dorm that had been his home for ten years. He turned back and waved goodbye to Mirya before casting his teleport spell and disappearing in a mass of sparkling lights. Uncomfortably alone, Mirya headed back to her room. Then she closed and locked the door before pulling the all-too-familiar vial and syringe out of her desk.
       "I WILL escape Threshold..." She vowed, drawing a dose from the vial before inserting it into her arm and slowly pushing the plunger down. "I WILL go with Nall on our pokegirl journey, and I WILL prove that one can keep their humanity DESPITE the odds..." Putting the syringe and vial back into her desk, Mirya laid down on her bed as everything went blurry for several minutes. She sighed with relief as the animalistic instincts rising up within her quieted down for another week and let unconsciousness claim her.


320 AS: July 2nd...


       "You have GOT to be kidding me!" Nall complained, feeling the weight of the hiking backpack made for a winged pokegirl on him.
       "Yes. You've spent over ten thousand credits on a personal babysitter, and got lumped in the with the League's survival course instructor anyway." Nerice bitterly stated. "And how do you think I feel about this?! Two weeks out in the wilds just to make sure you don't die of dystentry or some other disease that would look REALLY cute on a tombstone. Besides, ever since Quiana disappeared during her survival course, the VCC has become incredibly paranoid."
       "Wait, Quiana?" He exclaimed. "What happened?!"
       "I don't know..." She sighed. "I wasn't with her during the course. The only signs they found of her was a used syringe and an empty vial of threshold suppressant."
       "Threshold suppressant?" He parroted, remembering the vial that Mirya always carried with her.
       "Yeah, turns out that while Quiana has a strong command over healing magic due to her Nurse Joy mother, her father was born from a Milktit." She explained. "My guess is that she underwent threshold during the course, panicked, and ran off to try living in the wilds." Nerice sighed in frustration. "There's an increasing number of cases where girls threshold some time after puberty, and I think that so-called suppressant has something to do with it. The sad thing is that instead of being in a reasonably safe area like a town, they're usually out in the wilds and trying to be a tamer because they think they've 'beaten' their genetics. Of course, if the Crescent League wasn't so pants-on-head retarded with how they handle pokegirls, most of them wouldn't be completely rattled when they do threshold and most of them might actually look forward to it."
       "So... What'd you do to provoke Zilpah's wrath?" He asked, eager to change the subject.
       "Eh, I stuck a 'wide load' sticker on her ass when she wasn't looking. Turns out she spent the whole day wearing it." Nerice replied. "In other news, she's still sensitive about all that weight she put on during her pregnancies."
       "Wait, WHAT?" He exclaimed, completely surprised.
       "Okay people!" The survival course instructor began. Nall noted his fox-like ears and tail with interest, enough to distract him from the question he just asked. "My name is Jaxon Bonfils. I see that most of you already have your starting pokegirls out and..." He paused to consult his pokedex for a second, pointing it at Nerice. "Okay... You, with the gem in his forehead. Care to tell me how you have a high level Wyrm Mage Elementalist in your harem?"
       Nerice instantly cracked up, leaving Nall to explain the situation as the Elementalist had an uncontrolled laughing fit, taking several moments to calm down.
       "Ah, that explains things, then. It also gives me one less student that I need to keep close tabs on." He remarked. "The VCC was always pretty lax on how tight they kept the leash on their employed pokegirls, so while it's kind of surprising that they'd send one to personally escort one of their students, it does sound like something they'd do..."
       "After paying out the nose for the VCC's 'course', it'd be stupid if they didn't take a hands-on approach." Nerice snorted. "Plus, I'm gonna be terrorizing him for kicks-I mean, to see how he does under pressure. In addition to making sure that he stays intact through the course and ensuring that he learns something."
       "Fair enough." The instructor shrugged. "First off, I'm going to show everybody the various types of berries and the bushes they grow on. There's also a cluster of great grapes around here, and I want everybody to grab one for use in an emergency. Take two if you have a plant-type pokegirl and are interested in growing some due to their amazing healing abilities and use as a potent and compact food source."


322 AS: Afternoon of July 7th...


       "I still don't understand how you managed to talk me into taking you to the area where Quiana was having her survivalist training course..." Nerice sighed, following the young tamer and his Boobisaur.
       "Simple, Jaxon said that all survivalist courses take place near civilized areas and have a cluster of great grape bushes nearby, which sounds like a decent hiding place for a threshold pokegirl." Nall explained. "Plus, she was always nice to me and helped me out when I was struggling with healing magic, not to mention patching me up after I made it through one of your classes. This sounds like an excellent way to return the favor."
       "We're pretty far away from the rest of the course's group. If we're attacked, I can't guarantee your safety." Nerice pointed out.
       "You've said that already." He replied. "Still, I've got to try this. It'll be even more dangerous for me to do this without you, and Quiana might not survive until I'm ready to start my pokegirl journey. You know teleporting spells, right?"
       "Of course I do." Nerice retorted. "What kind of-"
       "There's two pokegirls nearby..." Flora suddenly stated, kneeling on the ground with her eyes closed. "Both are normal-types."
       "Oh, NOW it makes sense!" Nerice exclaimed. "You're not just a breast man, you wanted a scout that could remain hidden!"
       "In addition to disabling pokegirls with little harm done to either party. Thus, Boobisaurs are a common starter for a reason." Nall grinned, following the direction Flora pointed out. The trio peered out of the bushes into a clearing and witnessed an interesting sight...
       "No, you stupid bird!" A near human milktit exclaimed, yelling at a Chickenlittle. Overall, she looked like a humanoid Jersey cow from the pre-Sukebe era that was six feet, two inches tall with a slim build and covered in light pink hair that looked like it had been taken from a Nurse Joy. Her body was covered with hair, save for her slightly bovine face, turgid f-cup breasts that strained against the almost overwhelmed sports bra holding them in place, round stomach, and presumably her pelvis, which was concealed by ill-fitting shorts that tightly hugged her ample hips. Her hands consisted of two large, hoof-like digits and a matching thumb. Her bovine tail flicked in annoyance as the large, bovine ears on the sides of her head perked up at the sound of something in the bushes bordering the clearing. Her dark blue eyes widened as she slowly turned her head, looking away from the six pairs of eyes watching her, stroking her braided pink hair as she did so while minding the light brown, bovine horns that added another three inches to her height.
       Three feral Furrites jumped out of the bushes, hesitating for only a second before one dashed after the Chickenlittle while the other two made a beeline for the Milktit, who shrieked in terror and ran away, crashing through the bushes and ramming into Nall, knocking both of them to the ground.
       Flora swiftly reacted, using her vines to fling lust dust into the faces of the oncoming Furrites. Both of them collapsed to the ground as they coughed on the fine powder entering their asthmatic lungs. Once the poison took effect after a few seconds, the two weasel-like pokegirls began to slowly sixty-nine each other.
       "Get off me! Help!" The Milktit yelled, her mind racing as she struggled with the vicious-looking creature underneath her that managed to quickly roll on top of her and pin her to the ground.
       "Will you calm down already, Qui?" Nall snapped. "Flora! Where's the Chickenlittle?"
       "Over there and running from the Furrite." The Boobisaur replied. Nall snatched the single pokeball on the Milktit's belt and tossed it to Flora, who immediately understood and recalled the useless pokegirl. Enraged at losing her dinner, the remaining Furrite turned around and raced back towards the group, only to meet the same fate as the other Furrites as she got a face full of lust dust. Keeping the squirming Milktit underneath him pinned, Nall pulled out three empty pokeballs and cast a spell on each one. The trio of balls zoomed off, tagging their designated targets. Flora called out that each one was a successful capture, and then dashed off to retrieve the now occupied pokeballs. In short order, she returned with the three balled Furrites, and the balled Chickenlittle in her hands and vines.
       "VERY impressive!" Nerice exclaimed, clapping her hands as three pairs of eyes turned to look at her. "I must admit, if your Boobisaur was used to strictly relying on your orders, that could've gone very badly. But as it was, you saved the Milktit, her Chickenlittle, AND bagged three uncommon pokegirls.
       "Nerice?" The pink Milktit asked, calming down. "What are you doing here?"
       "Escorting Nall during his survivalist training course." She replied, looking at the pokegirl.
       "Nall?" The pokegirl gasped, turning towards the draconic human on top of her. "NALL!" She happily exclaimed, grabbing him and yanking him down onto her to press her lips against his.
       "As much as I like watching this reunion, we need to get out of here before more ferals show up." Nerice stated, prodding Nall with her staff. The male tamer reluctantly pulled away from the overly affectionate Milktit and got to his clawed feet, then offering the rescued pokegirl a hand up. Once Quiana was onto her hooves, the group quickly withdrew from the area, heading back to the campsite with the other trainers and the course instructor.


322 AS: Evening of July 7th...


       "...After I finished drinking my fill from the Milktit, my own breasts began to swell, stopping at e-cups." Quiana explained, once the group was reasonably close to the main campsite. "At first, I thought it was the effects of the Milktit milk inducing lactation, but then my head and lower back began to ache as my horns and tail appeared. I started to panic, but then I fell over because my legs and hips were suddenly engulfed in pain. My hips widened while my legs became digitigrade and hooved. Finally, my ears changed and hair grew out from my body as I became the pokegirl you see now. I was in so much pain that I don't know how long my threshold took. It felt like hours, thanks to the incredble agony. When I heard voices approaching where I was at, I panicked and ran, probably leaving behind my vial of threshold suppressant, along with the syringe."
       "It's okay, Qui." Nall told her, rubbing her sides as she sat in his lap, her back pressed against his chest.
       "No, it's not..." She mournfully sighed. "My life as a tamer is OVER... Now I'm going to be either some guy's pet because of my unusual coloration, or sent off to a dairy farm and milked like... Well, a Milktit. YEARS of VCC schooling to learn healing magic now completely WASTED... My parents are going to be sorely disappointed... People at least respect Nurse Joys, you know? Who's going to want a cow pokegirl with healing abilities?"
       "You'd be surprised." He began, licking her bovine ears. "There's tamers that would trade far rarer and powerful 'girls for you. You're probably worth an Enchantress, maybe a Dracona, possibly even a Unicorn or a Griffon."
       "You really think so?" Quiana asked, perking up.
       "Of course." He told her. "However, right now, you're technically mine."
       "Wait, what?" She exclaimed, trying to pull away. However, Nall easily held her down due to her overfull breasts.
       "Hey, hey..." He began, trying to soothe her. "I said 'technically'. I still have to report your threshold to the authorities, and you can be sent off to another league to try to continue your taming career. You might also be sent to a ranch to be level fived, which I do not want to happen to you, or you can choose me as your tamer and I can either keep you or trade you off. Personally, I'd much rather keep you for myself because at the very least, you should thank your hero for saving you."
       "Yeah, I think Flora wouldn't mind having a taming session with me." Quiana giggled, ignoring the hurt look she knew Nall was tossing at her. "But you saw how I did. I'm only still alive now because I ran from every predatory feral that popped up. If you hadn't shown up just then, those Furrites would've had a Milktit and Chickenlittle dinner. Plus, I'm nearly feral myself and I could REALLY use a taming... As well as a milking..." She sighed, carefully running her hands over her swollen breasts. "And really... I'm impressed that you dashed off to rescue me the first chance you got. It was pretty reckless, but then if you hadn't..." She paused, shuddering in horror at the thought.
       "So, what are you saying?" Nall asked her, eagerly listening.
       "I guess... I'm yours to do with as you will..." She admitted, slowly shifting around to lie on her back. "Could you please milk me before you tame me? My breasts are so full..."
       "I don't have anything to put the milk in, mind you..." He remarked, then noted her expectant stare. "Well, I guess I am kinda thirsty... Hey Flora! Got a few minutes to spare?"
       "Not if I'm guarding the tent." The Boobisaur shot back.
       "And I'm supervising, so don't ask." Nerice bluntly informed the young tamer.
       "Note to self... Get a portable milker..." He sighed, sliding down to Quiana's chest and carefully removing the strained sports bra to free her massive tits and revealing her large areolas and inch-long nipples as thick as Quiana's thumbs, looking more like teats than typical nipples. He gently rubbed her breasts, making the Milktit moan in pleasure as they began to get warm. She quickly reached down to her shorts and struggled with them for a bit until he gently removed them before they could get any damper from her engorged, wet, aching slit. Moving back up to her large orbs, Nall closed in on a nipple and began to suckle on Quiana's left teat, causing her to squirm in relief and pleasure as her milk left the stimulated nub. Much to her surprise, Nall knew exactly how to caress her breasts while suckling away, giving her notable relief after just a few minutes. The edge taken off, he switched to her other breast and repeated the process, leaving her wet and ready for taming.
      "Wow..." She panted. "How are you so good at that?"
       "I thought I told you, my adoptive mother is a Queenbra." He explained. "Since there were a few Milktits on the ranch, she taught me how to 'properly' milk a lactating pokegirl."
       "Remind me to thank her..." Quiana murmured, rubbing her engorged slit. "Well? Aren't you going to tame me and make me part of your harem?"
       "Well, if you insist..." He teased her, using his long, draconic tongue to lick and tease her entrance as he practically shed his clothes while in front of her opened legs. Once his clothes were off to the side, he sat on his knees in front of her, teasing her engorged clit with his long, thick, draconic shaft so she could get a good, long look at it from between her breasts.
       "Yes, I can see that it's impressive." She complained, desperate for release. "Stop teasing me and put it inside me, already!"
       "Look closer..." He told her, muttering some words as he fondled it. His member took on a glow before it began to change. The head flared as the organ became even thicker and longer, quickly becoming a phallus that looked like it belonged to a horse, or maybe a bull...
       "By the gods..." She moaned, feeling her body shudder in a mini orgasm just from looking at his transmuted shaft.
       "And finally..." He told her, lowering the appendage to her slit and sliding inside her. He briefly felt some resistance before he buried himself inside her as she gasped, her juices surging out as she shuddered in another mini-orgasm. "Oh! I'm so sor-" He began. only for the deflowered virgin to reach out and grab him, pulling his confused mouth to her lips.
       "It felt great..." She panted after breaking off the kiss, gazing into him with lust-crazed eyes. "Keep going."
       He began to pump his hips, sliding his length back and forth inside her welcoming, receptive depths, yet never allowing his shaft to leave her. Quiana massaged and fondled her sensitive, enlarged breasts as Nall steadily and quickly drove her to a massive, gushing climax.
       "Oh... Oh wow... Quiana really liked that..." The Milktit rambled, feeling her tamer... Yes... Tamer... The word just felt SO right to her now... Feeling her tamer bury his altered shaft to the hilt inside her just before he unloaded his seed into her womb. After holding it inside her depths for a moment, he withdrew his spent member with a wet sucking sound, releasing another flood of her juices mixed with his cum.
       "Sorry. I would've liked to drag it out for a bit longer, but any ferals in the area will be drawn to here due to the phermones." He told her, caressing her cheek as he used his magic to clean up their bodily fluids.
       "Quiana understands..." She tiredly sighed, enjoying the afterglow too much to be bothered by her taming shock and referring to herself in third person. Slowly, she got up and slid her shorts back on and adjusted her sports bra, glad that it was a bit less snug than before.
       "Ready to be balled?" Nall asked, holding up a pokeball he had removed from his belt. Quiana nodded, and he tapped her with the ball. In short order, the ball dinged, indicating that the threshold Milktit was contained within. After placing the occupied ball back on his belt, he walked out of the tent, stretched, and then ordered Flora to help him pack up the tent as they were hiking the rest of the way back to the main camp.


322 AS: Afternoon of July 10th...


       "Do you have ANY idea what kind of risk you just took, kid?" Jaxon asked, blatantly annoyed. "Having a student from the VCC, EVEN WITH an escort, just up and disappearing is a MAJOR black mark on an instructor's record. We're STILL taking flak from when that girl disappeared!"
       "First off, Nall is MY charge during this course, not yours, and he got my permission before heading out." Nerice began, stepping up. "Second, I was watching him every step of the way, and was ready to render assistance if needed. Third, it was hardly a risk as both of us are easily able to teleport. Fourth, he headed out to find said student that had disappeared, and he managed to do so with his own pokegirl. Fifth, he fended off an ambush from three ferals on said former student and her pokegirl. Finally, with the information we got from the missing student, the VCC will doubtlessly drop most of the flak as she willfully ran away from the group."


       Jaxon looked stunned for several minutes before sighing, knowing when he was beaten.
       "Alright... I'm still annoyed about you taking off without alerting me, but it seems like adaquate precautions were taken... So, where's the rescued student?" He asked.
       "In her pokeball." Nall answered. "She underwent threshold as the VCC suspected, and I captured her with her permission. Do you want to speak with her?"
       "Yes, please." Jaxon replied, simply trying to make sure their story was correct. Nall reached to his belt and called out Quiana, who yawned sleepily before bowing slightly to Jaxon and introducing herself. Nall returned her pokedex to her, and she unlocked it, sighing sadly at the notice that she was a pokegirl now and should turn herself in to the nearest pokecenter immediately. She called up her tamer identification and showed it to Jaxon, who nodded with satisfaction. "Well... Since your story holds up, I'm going to go ahead and note that you've passed the course. In the meantime, hang around the camp and practice your foraging skills. You're going to need them soon, and some of the other students are having a hard time getting the hang of roughing it."
       "Hey... Uhm... Do you have a bucket Quiana could use?" The Milktit asked, hefting her breasts. "They're really full again, and I need my tamer to milk me..."
       "I guess I could..." Jaxon stated, ducking into his tent and returning with a large, clean pail. "I also have a feline pokegirl that would just love to help you with that, if you want."


322 AS: Morning of July 16th...


       "Hey, I'd like to report a tamer that underwent threshold." Nall informed the Nurse Joy at the pokecenter's main counter. Quiana shyly stepped up and sadly handed over her pokedex while he felt relieved that she had gotten over her taming shock today.
       "Quiana Palomer..." She began looking at the identification, before suddenly jumping up. "QUIANA?! You're alive!" She exclaimed, grabbing the startled Milktit and embracing her. "When we were told that you disappeared during the survivalist training course, we all feared the worst!"
       "Yeah... Uhm... Sorry to scare everyone..." Quiana sighed. "When I thresholded, I panicked and ran. Nall managed to find me just before some Furrites made me and my useless starter into a meal."
       "Usually a 'poor' starter is a sign of a bad tamer." The Nurse Joy stated, giving her an odd look. "What's your starter?"
       "...A Chickenlittle..." Quiana sighed again.
       "Oh... Did anybody advise you to pick something else?" The Nurse Joy asked, looking chagrined.
       "Yeah, but I thought I knew better..." Quiana lamented. "So I'm turning myself and my starter over to Nall to do with as he sees fit."
       "Are you sure?" The Nurse Joy asked, looking concerned. "We could send you to another League, or-"
       "I'm certain." Quiana firmly stated as her tail twitched from determination. "I know Nall, and I know he'll take good care of me. He's going to sell off my starter, but I can't blame him for that. His Boobisaur is leaps and bounds more skilled than that dimwit bird will ever be. Plus, he knows I'm skilled with healing spells, and he's a great milker. He's good in bed too, and just look at how red his face is!"
       Nall coughed and tried to hide his blushing cheeks, much to the Nurse Joy's amusement.
       "I see..." She remarked, entering some information into the computer system. "Well Nall, I'm giving you eight bounty points for rescuing this 'menace' of a pokegirl, seeing as how she DID run away. Adding the reward for passing the survivalist training course brings you to ten. If you want to keep her as a Milktit, I'd advise getting her an everstone, otherwise she'll probably become a Minotaura after a couple battles and she won't produce any more milk."
       "Ah, I see. Where can I get one?" He asked.
       "There's a pokemart on the other side of the campus." The Nurse Joy explained. "You might also want to get some clothes that'll fit her, preferably before those break."
       "Thanks for the advice." Nall replied, glancing over at the straining fabric. "First, I think Quiana needs to call her folks and let them know she's safe and sound while I call the Adonis ranch and ask about selling some ferals."
       "The video phones are over there." The Nurse Joy stated, pointing at them.


322 AS: Afternoon of July 16th...


       Damian had agreed to purchase the Chickenlittle for two bounty points, and the three Furrites for three bounty points each, giving Nall another eleven bounty points. Adding Quiana's pokeballs to his gave him a total of eight, and still being enrolled in the VCC meant that he was exempt from the Crescent League's quota for turning a hundred ferals over to a ranch. After waiting over an hour for Quiana to finish speaking with her parents, the Milktit ended the call and joined her tamer and Boobisaur harem sister.
       Nall stopped by the pokemart first, picking up two everstone collars. Quiana was about to ask why, but Flora tapped her and shook her head. After paying for them, he gently put one around Quiana's neck and stuck the other into his pack. With five canteens and another ten pokeballs added to the list, he found a nice pokegirl milker for Quiana that plugged into either a wall or could be powered by an electric pokegirl and was also easy to clean for two and a half bounty points. The trio checked out and took everything to Nall's dorm before they headed back out for the clothing shop.
       Quiana immediately picked out a few extra-durable, well-padded sports bras and loose, cut off shorts. However, the main problem was trying to get Flora to find something she'd wear in case they eventually visited some of the more conservative towns, as Quiana pointed out. Thankfully, the Seamstress working at the shop pointed out some tan-through outfits that allowed more light to pass through the cloth, which meant that most plant-type pokegirls were tolerant of them. Once the 'girls were satisfied, the Seamstress grabbed Nall and showed him some men's clothes. When he revealed his wings, she light up like an electric pokegirl and quickly modified a few of the outfits that had caught his eyes. Nall used three bounty points, and added the rest to his tutition tab at the VCC. Seeing as how it was mostly paid down already, it didn't add a whole lot on top of everything else.
       Exhausted, the trio returned to the dorm to put things away and connect Quiana to the new milker. She was set up in the common room when Zilpah barged in.
       "Oh, please." She snorted. "Not like I haven't seen things like that before. So, Nall! I dropped in to thank you for rescuing one of our lost students. While her parents are more than a little annoyed that she's decided to stay with you, they're going to respect their daughter's decision. Especially since they're aware of the fact that you're an excellent student here as well."
       "So, why are you here?" He asked while attending to Quiana.
       "You might want to remove her shorts before you turn that on." Zilpah advised, and waited until he heeded her advice before continuing. "As a thank you for saving her, I'd like for you to come to my tamer's place in Epoch, where I can give you a reward of a more personal nature..."
       All three looked at her strangely before she clarified.
       "I have a daughter that's going to be thresholding soon." She explained, suddenly looking less like the hard-driving instructor Nall knew and more like a mother concerned about her child's fate. "I know you have a promise with that Mirya girl from the boarding school you attended. Both of you plan to set out on your pokegirl journey together when spring starts next year. Shortly after that is when she'll threshold. Come to Epoch and I'll introduce you to each other."
       "Why are you so sure about this?" Nall asked the Archmage.
       "Because I've seen the results of your psyche test, and I know how you treat your pokegirls." Zilpah began. "Your ranch-raised Boobisaur rarely calls you 'Master', yet she's almost always glued to your side. You took a massive risk and crossed a few miles to try and find one of your friends. And upon saving her, instead of forcing her to become yours, you ask her what she wants and she went to you willingly. Hell, even standing here I can feel your comforting warmth reaching out to me. I might've taken you up on that if I hadn't met my tamer and husband years before. However, my daughter hasn't been spoken for, and she'll need a tamer soon. So I'm asking you, Nall... Please... Take my daughter with you on your pokegirl journey." Nall sighed heavily before speaking.
       "We'll see how things work out, and that's ALL I'll promise." He told her.
       "Thank you. That's all I ask." Zilpah sighed in relief. "In return, I'll personally walk you through creating your own dimensional space to create a home anywhere you can put an entrance into it at. Sorry, but she IS used to a certain amount of luxury, being the daughter of a tamer that made his forture with an Enchantress and all... We can start next week."


323 AS: Evening of February 29th...


       "Wow, this is a pretty spacious dorm you have here..." Mirya commented as Nall showed her through the place.
       "Yeah, Zilpah helped me set up the pocket dimension." He admitted. "I'm not completely sure why, but she really seems to like me."
       "Keep dreaming, Nall." She snorted. "She's not only an Archmage, but already has a tamer."
       "I know... She's offered me her daughter instead." He replied, then quickly changed the subject to avoid further questions. "Anyway, this is the combined living room and dining room." He gestured to a large room containing a table with several chairs around it, and a couch large enough for five. "This is the kitchenette." He explained, pointing out the electric stove, cupboards, cabinet, sink, and refrigerator.
       "A fridge and electric stove?" She stated. "How the hell are you powering that thing? Hell, for that matter, how do the lights work?"
       "Oh! Simple, a large battery that converts pokegirl electric techniques and magical electricity into standard power." He explained, opening the door to the living room closet, revealing a large device with several lights on it, a fair number of wires leading from it and into the walls, and a pokegirl electrical converter attached. "Damn... I'd better top it off..." He muttered, placing his hand on the converter and converting his mana into a weak electric technique, sending the power into the large battery. The LED gauge on the front increased a bit, indicating that recharging the device was successful.
       "Where were we?" He asked, closing the door. "Ah, off to the side of the kitchen is the milking room, here." He stated, opening up the door to reveal a small room with a naked Quiana lying on a waterproof, padded bed with soft, plastic cups attached to her breasts that tirelessly pulled milk out of her and pumped it into a large container that was almost full. Between her legs was a dildo that she pumped in and out of her wet and engorged vagina.
       "Oh... You must be Mirya." The busy Milktit dreamily sighed, sitting up and paying no mind to her lack of dress. "Would you like a drink?"
       "Yes, please..." Mirya practically drooled, completely unfazed by the Milktit's activities, heading for the milk-laden pokegirl as if entranced.
       "Hey, don't you have a Kitten that might be thirsty, too?" Nall asked, trying to keep from smirking.
       "Huh? Oh, right!" Mirya suddenly exclaimed, snapping out of it and releasing her starter 'girl. The glow condensed and faded into a naked, four-foot tall girl with b-cup breasts, shoulder-length dusty gray hair, a slight muzzle, cat ears, a long matching tail, green feline eyes, short dusty gray fur all over her body, feline claws on the ends of her paw-like hands and feline paws at the end of her digitigrade legs. Her oddly shaped hips allowed her to drop down onto all fours, leading Nall to easily identify her as a Kitten of the "not very near human" variety, sometimes known as a Merrowl, and a formerly feral one at that.
       "What do you want, Mistrrress?" The girl sleepily asked as Nall noted the everstone hanging around her neck. "Oh, is this a frrriend?"
       "Yes, Avila. This is Nall." Mirya began. "He's the boyfriend I was telling you about."
       "Is he going to tame me too, now?" She asked, looking hopeful.
       "Not right now. He was just showing me the milking room for his Milktit, Quiana." Mirya explained, glancing hungrily at the milk-filled pokegirl.
       "Milk?" Avila eagerly asked, her ears perking up. "Can I have some?"
       "You may both have some milk." Quiana stated, turning off the machine so she could remove the cups and lie on her back. "Just promise to be gentle, okay? My breasts are very sensitive."
       With that, both Avila and Mirya advanced on Quiana. Their hungry mouths quickly latched onto each of her teat-like nipples as they comfortably leaned on the bed and greedily drank from the generous pokegirl as Nall... Supervised... He watched with interest as Avila and Mirya's breasts gradually swelled. They barely grew in size, but they hung lower due to the milk filling them. Mirya broke off first and stood up as she wiped her mouth off onto her sleeve.
       "Mmmmmm... That was good..." She practically purred, her tail lazily twitching in contentment. She quickly stretched, causing her shirt to rise up and reveal her well-toned abs. She ignored her bared midriff as she felt her heavier c-cup breasts. "They're bigger and heavier..." She gasped, fondling her twins and giving them a slight squeeze, making a pair of small wet spots on the front of her shirt. "Milk? But how?"
       "Prolactin M." Nall informed her. "It's a hormone produced by Milktits that is also present in their milk. It's easily removed with treatment, which is simple aging to allow the hormone to break down on its own. However, the hormone causes women and other pokegirls to start lactating, and surprisingly quickly at that."
       "Well, how do you stop it?" Mirya asked, grabbing some paper towels and stuffing them down her shirt.
       "It'll go away on its own in a few days, as long you don't get milked." He explained. "You can thank Flora for willing to experiment."
       "But they feel so heavy and swollen..." Mirya complained, hefting her breasts.
       "Then just be glad you stopped drinking from Quiana when you did." He stated, pointing at Avila's nearly c-cup breasts and obviously swollen nipples.
       "Should I stop her?" Mirya asked, looking concerned.
       "Most pokegirls don't have super-elastic breasts like Milktits do, so she should be stopping on her own." He explained. "Besides, they look so content like that that I'd rather leave them be while we move on with the tour..." He slid open the door beside the common room and the kitchenette and revealing a large space with a well-padded floor, high ceiling, and thickly padded walls that looked like it belonged in a dojo.
       "A sparring room?!" Mirya squeed, dashing into the middle of the area. Nall reached into an obvious hand-hold and opened a section of the padded wall, revealing an assortment of training weapons. "Holy shit, you went all-out on this, didn't you?" She gasped, glee in her eyes. Nall walked over to a different wall and grabbed a nearly invisible handle to open up another section of padded wall, revealing a set of real and battle-ready weapons. He barely had time to react as Mirya raced across the room and tackled him, knocking him to the floor and pinning him there. Her lips pressed against his in a heated, passionate kiss while her hips ground aginst his and she purred against his chest.
       "Oh, and here I thought you two were trying to kill each other." Quiana smugly remarked, interrupting the two humans before clothes were cast aside and they tamed each other in the sparring room. "Besides, you have a tour to finish, Nall."
       "Ah... Right..." He sighed, pulling away from the estactic girl and closing the walls. He led an embarrassed Mirya back into the living room and then into a long hallway that connected the wall-less rooms. "Ah, yes... Through here is the garden." He began, opening a door into a room with a deep layer of dirt with several berry bushes, four unusual lights in the ceiling, and a snoozing, pale green Flora in the middle of the room. "Flora kinda insisted on something like this and I thought it would be a good idea to grow a few berry plants, notably some Great Grapes, since I have Flora to fertilize the soil."
       "You go all-out for everything, don't you?" Mirya asked, smirking slightly.
       "Well, Flora IS a plant-type, and they're not fond of being indoors." He replied. "But, since the pocket dimension doesn't allow natural sunlight in, I had to make some adjustments. Besides, I want my Harem girls to be comfortable. And contrary to popular belief, my ability to magically create food is terrible."
       "Wait... What?" Mirya asked as he closed the door. "I've had the food you make, and it's delicious! It's not very filling, but..."
       "Yeah, that's the problem." He sighed. "It tastes like the real thing, it feels like the real thing, and it smells like the real thing, but it doesn't have the nutrition of the real thing. It I want food that consists of more than empty calories, I have to transmute it from actual ingredients. I'll probably figure out why someday, but let's continue. This here is one of the waterclosets." He stated, opening up a door to a small room, but still big enough to manuver in, with only a sink and a toilet. He then showed Mirya the other one, and led her into the bathroom, which contained a much bigger sink, a decently stocked medicine cabinet, and a decent-sized shower stall.
       "So where's the water coming from?" She asked. Nall left the bathroom and entered a small laundry room, opening a large closet to reveal a water tank than filled almost all of the closet, with a water purifier close to it. "Geeze, are you expecting a siege against your pocket dimension or something? And how do you refill something like that?"
       "A magically linked canteen. And I'm paranoid, so sue me." He countered, shutting the door. "Besides, creating materials out of raw energy is a lot more draining than it looks. Plus, VCC guidelines for pocket dimensions insist that everything that can be done with mundane means, should be done with mundane means. Mages have ran out of the mana needed to maintain their 'homes' before and have been suddenly tossed out after being laid to siege by a menace. The results were never pretty..."
       "Oh... I see..." Mirya stated, looking uncomfortable. "Wait, can't you just teleport out?"
       "In theory, yes." He began. "But, due to being inside a pocket dimension, teleporting to an area outside of said pocket dimension is a pretty risky venture. More than likely, I'd end up having to teleport this whole place and all its contents into the real world for that to work, and I know I don't have the power to do that."
       "Oh..." Mirya replied, completely confused.
       "Well, two rooms left." He told her, leading her into a reinforced room full of various alchemical agents in sturdy, well-built cabinets and a sturdy, well-built workdesk made of metal with a heavy metal "lid" that was currently open. "This is my enchanting room. The lid-thing on the desk is an emergency explosion contaiment device. If whatever you're working on looks like it's going to blow, drop the lid down and vacate the room. The VCC's insurance rates went down drastically after they started using these things, but you don't want it dropping down on your arms or your head. If I'm in here, I'm probably working and I'm not fond of being disturbed. Just ask Flora when she rushed in and startled me, ruining the enchantment on an item I had been working on for the past two days."
       "What'd you do to her?" She asked.
       "I put a chastity belt on her for two days." He replied. "Speaking of punishment and taming..." He began opening the door to the last room and revealing a harem-sized, pokegirl-resistant bed and plenty of floor space in case restraints needed to be brought out. Last but not least was three closets, a small one for Nall, and two walk-in ones for any harem members that liked to wear clothing. The walk-in ones were mostly empty, containing Quiana and Flora's outfits for when they weren't wearing them. However, they were planned with a decent-sized harem in mind.
       "Huh..." Mirya stated, looking around. "You really like planning ahead and overkill, don't you?"
       "Well... Truth be told, I was expecting you to travel with me." Nall admitted. "So, I wanted to make sure this place could handle two tamers with their respective harems, and this place can be accessed wherever I create a portal to it..."
       "But it only has one bedroom, correct?" Mirya coyly asked, closing in on him. "Planning on doing some tamer taming?"
       "Maaaaaaybe..." He replied, embracing her before the two shared a long and sensuous kiss.
       "Wait, before we start this, I need to make sure the pokegirls are sufficently distracted." Mirya began, breaking off the kiss and dragging him to the living room. "Avila!" She called out.
       "Yes, Mistress?" The kitten asked, stepping into the room. "Is it taming time, now?"
       "No, Nall and I are going to tame each other tonight. Mirya stated. "It's been a while since I've seen him, and I want him all to myself."
       "Little greedy, aren't you?" Quiana asked, somewhat defensive.
       "She does have a point, Qui." He replied, patting the Milktit's head. "I've known Mirya for a long time, and the two of us haven't seen each other in over a year. Besides, we're going on our pokegirl journey together once it warms up, and it would probably be best if you, Flora, and Avila tamed each other tonight. Speaking of which... Flora!"
       "Yes, Nall?" Flora innocently asked, after rushing in and attaching herself to her tamer.
       "Would you be nice and tame Qui and Avila while Mirya and I have some private time together?" Nall asked her, tenderly caressing her face.
       "Oh, I guess..." Flora huffed, giving Mirya a jealous look.
       "You've tamed Avila before, haven't you Mirya?" Nall asked, certain she had.
       "Of course." She confirmed. "She's an excellent pussy licker."
       "What about taming involving penetration?" He asked, glancing at Flora.
       "A little, but not a whole lot..." Mirya answered, recalling Flora's grass cock technique with a shudder of arousal.
       "Flora, I want you to be gentle with Avila, okay?" Nall ordered the Boobisaur. "All three of you are going to need to learn to get along, so be nice to each other, and don't use large vines on Avila, okay? Quiana is okay because she's built for them and is used to it."
       "Avila, same with you." Mirya ordered. "Be nice to them and try to get along. And watch out for that Boobisaur's lust dust and vines. She's quite good at mimicking various, human-sized, animalistic penises."
       "Wait, what?" Avila asked before a grinning Flora released a cloud of said dust. Nall reacted quickly, grabbing Mirya and dragging her into her bedroom as he held his breath while she coughed and sneezed a couple times. The couple was barely in the room before Nall closed and locked the door.
       "Damn, that stuff is potent..." Mirya panted, feeling her nipples get hard as her pussy began to warm up and moisten.
       "Yeah, she practices using that stuff daily." Nall told her, watching her eyes glaze over with lust as she stared at him and licked her lips. "Oh dear... I'm about to be molested by a cute, lust-crazed girl. Whatever shall I do." He remarked in painfully obvious mock terror as he removed his shirt to reveal his trim, muscled chest and flat abs.
       "Damn right you're about to be molested by a cute, lust-crazed girl." Mirya growled, removing her own shirt to reveal her bra-clad, swollen c-cup breasts and her own toned abdomen.
       "You filled out nicely, even before Quiana's milk." Nall commented, removing his pants around his tail and the increasingly obvious erection in his briefs to expose his muscular legs.
       "And your two pokegirls must be keeping you in shape." She teased, sliding off her long skirt and letting him view her flared hips and long, lithe legs as her tail swayed sensuously behind her.
       "I need to keep myself fit enough to keep up with six pokegirls one day." He replied, removing his briefs and exposing his large, firm, draconic shaft.
       "You've got your anti-fertility spell cast already, right?" She asked, backing up and lying down on the bed before removing her obviously damp panties and spreading her legs, showing him her engorged, wet, and hungry slit.
       "Of course." Nall confirmed and approached the waiting girl on the bed. The two passionately kissed as he reached around behind her and undid her bra, tossing the garment onto the floor. Mirya sat up as Nall lowered his head and suckled her left nipple, pulling milk from it while carefully nipping it with his inhumanly sharp teeth. Once it was well-teased and slightly drained, he moved over and did the same to the other nipple as he reached down and rubbed Mirya's nether lips.
       "Oh FUCK..." She panted, revelling in the increased sensitivity in her nipples. "No wonder Quiana orgasms just from having her breasts pumped!"
       Mirya returned the favor by moving her tail around to rub against his scrotum, making him shudder as he fought his instincts to take her now. Instead, he suckled and licked until both milky nipples were erect, then moved back as Mirya rolled over onto all fours. Using his hands to continue caressing her breasts, he licked her feline ears and nipped at the back of her neck as her tail continued to tickle and tease his almost painfully hard shaft and dense testicles. He kept up his teasing until the girl underneath him was shuddering with every touch until he manuvered his tail up between her legs and rubbed it against her opening, checking her readiness. Mirya cried out as she spasmed underneath him, a climax overwhelming her and causing her fluids to leak out onto his tail.
       "The more you tease me, the longer I wait until the main event." He whispered into her ear, continuing to fondle her breasts as his tail continued its teasing.
       "Oh, come on!" She gasped. "I NEED this! Stop teasing me and fuck me already!"
       Nall ignored her, continuing to continue his three-pronged assault on her ears, breasts, and cunt, making her gasp louder and louder before finally flipping her over and sliding his painfully erect shaft into her depths, causing her to spasm in climax once again. However, he began thrusting, not giving her a chance to recover as he plunged in and out of her depths. She barely noticed him chanting, but she felt the magic wash over her like a tingling wave as he caressed her neck.
       "What'd you do?" She panted between breaths.
       "Just a... Small spell... To ensure... Mutual climax." Nall grunted as Mirya felt the stimulation robbing her of all thought. On and on it felt like he pounded her box, making sure that the head of his shaft rubbed her in all the right places, driving her higher and higher as she became eager for release... Then desperate... Then obsessed... Then crazed... Then mad for it before she finally felt something give as Nall buried himself up to the hilt within her as her entire body convulsed, drenching Nall and the bed with her fluids while he unloaded his magically sterile seed into her depths. He withdrew his shrinking cock from her with a wet, satisfying pop and laid down beside her.
       "That was mean..." She finally gasped after a few minutes.
       "You know I like to drive my girls wild before giving them release." He smirked. "You missed the numbing spell I cast on myself before we started."
       "And, if I remember correctly, you have the recovery bloodgift..." She remarked, climbing on top of him. "Well, you rest for a bit while I get to be the aggressor this time..."


323 AS: Early Morning of March 1st...


       Mirya suddenly awoke, feeling her pokegirl genetics trying to overwhelm her once again. Quickly she got out of the bed, carefully untangling herself from an exhaused Nall and crept out to the main room. Flora, Quiana, and Avila were both passed out in a puddle of their vaginal fluids and milk, exhausted from their multiple rounds of taming. Reaching into her hiking backpack, she retrieved her vial, syringe, and a clean needle. She entered the bathroom and quitely shut the door before turning on the light and plunging the syringe into the vial, drawing a dose from it. With practiced ease, she plunged the needle into her arm and injected the cold fluid into her veins. Placing the syringe and vial on the sink where they wouldn't fall off, she leaned back against the wall and slowly slid down to the floor as her vision blurred and she felt dizzy. This time, it felt like her eyes were hurting her. After a few moments, her vision cleared. and the dizziness passed. She was just about to get up when she gasped as her eyes painfully throbbed. Closing her eyes, she gritted her teeth as the pain almost became too much to bear before mercifully passing. She slowed opened them, noticing that the dim room felt brighter...
       She gasped with horror as not only did the room seem brighter, but her eyes were able to pick up details far more easily than before. Movement instantly caught her attention, as did anything shiny. However, she quickly felt her teeth, gums, and toungue ache painfully as her mouth began to change. Her teeth became sharper and pointed, like a cat's.
       Her heart pounding in terror as she realized what was happening to her, she tried again to get to her feet, but was thwarted as pangs of pure agony shot through them, pulsing and throbbing as she watched in horrified fascination as her feet morphed into digitigrade, padded paws and sprouted retractable feline claws. Golden brown fur quickly grew, covering her newly changed lower legs and stopping below her knees. She gasped in pain again as the same agony flared through her forearms and hands, staying human-like as her nails changed into sharp, retractable feline claws while pads formed on her palms. Fur grew over her changed hands and forearms, stopping once it reached her elbows. She felt her body shrink by half a foot, making her four and a half feet tall as her tail grew longer and her ears became more pronounced.
       Shakily, Mirya stood up on her altered legs and stared into the mirror, noting that her light blue, feline eyes were more pronounced and that all of her teeth were cat-like, not just her canines. She suddenly noticed an Everstone collar around her neck, wondering how it had gotten there. Her ears suddenly turned towards the door as she heard a slight sound, and her eyes quickly followed. She gasped in horror as she noticed Nall was standing there, sadly looking over her post-threshold body.
       "I put it on you while you were distracted from the spell to ensure mutual climax." He explained. "Knowing you, you'd hate being a Wildcat."
       "You... You KNEW this would happen?!" Mirya almost shrieked in rage.
       "No, but I was so very afraid of this..." He heavily sighed. "Girls with pokegenes don't have an 'If' with threshold, they have a 'When'."
       "But... But the threshold suppressant..." Mirya protested, having gone back to almost being overwhelmed by shock. "I... I should've beaten it!"
       "You can't 'beat' genetics, Mirya." He sighed again, looking off into the distance. "All you can do is learn from those that have come before and do your best. And I have to confess... Quiana's a threshold pokegirl like you. She was even using the threshold suppressant."
       "What?" She gasped. Then she recalled how Nall had called her and tried to warn her about the threshold suppressant not being nearly as effective as most of the girls taking it were hoping, but she ripped into him and hung up.
       "As I told you, I've already graduated from the VCC. Sticking around was mostly a formality and to finish working off my tuition debt. But more than anything... I feared you being out in the wilds with the ferals and thresholding." He admitted.
       "But I'm CAPABLE of handling myself out there!" She argued.
       "Yes, you are. But for how long?" He grilled her. "I know that right now, you're panicking. It's a long run to get outside of a town normally, longer if you're dodging a bunch of pokegirls trying to take you down alongside a bunch of guys lobbing pokeballs at you. And ASSUMING you get outside of town, then what are you going to do? You'll need food, water, shelter, taming, AND to avoid getting eaten by ferals, assuming you don't go feral yourself."
       Mirya didn't say anything in response, looking totally and completely defeated. Then sniffled as tears welled up in her eyes before she suddenly burst out into loud crying.
       "Hey, don't cry..." He began, quickly stepping up to her and wrapping his arms around the distraught girl. "Shhhhh... It's okay..." He told her, petting the back of her head as he gently guided her to the couch and sat down with her. She buried her face into his chest and sobbed uncontrollably in response. All Nall could do was sit there and hold her, futily trying to comfort the new threshold as she mourned the loss of her humanity, her freedom, and control over her own life. Mirya's crying woke up the other three pokegirls, and Nall explained the situation. All of them looked forlorn, but since Flora was born a pokekit and Avila was feral-born, neither could fully understand what Mirya was going through. Quiana, however, sat beside Mirya as well, lending the new Kitten her shoulder to cry on. She tried her best to console Mirya, telling her that Nall was a good, kind-hearted tamer and thet she'd love being part of his harem, but that didn't help. Eventually though, Mirya passed out on the couch, completely exhausted by the lack of sleep and the physical energy expended due to her threshold.
       "So... What now?" Flora asked. Nall thought for a minute, before realizing that he had to make a sadistically cruel choice.
       "Get me Mirya's belt from the bedroom and one of my pokeballs." He ordered. Flora ran off to do that while Avila hissed and took an agressive position.


       "I will NOT let you capturrre my Mistrrress..." She snarled, claws ready. However, Quiana easily grabbed the Merrowl and held her face between her massive breasts, quite adept with her smother technique. Shortly, Flora returned and the beam from the pokeball in her hand recovered the Merrowl.
       "Good job, Qui and Flora." Nall stated, rubbing the Booisaur's head as he took the empty pokeball from her. He looked at the ball, then looked at Mirya before sighing heavily... "I hope she can forgive me for this..." He wished, before gently tagging his friend with the pokeball.
       Mirya was too mentally and emotionally exhausted to even realize that she was being captured.


Tamer Status...


Nall Nallimus: Active Tamer
    Ivory foot long draconic horns and matching claws. Long pointed fin-like ears. Protective violet scales covering his body save for face, chest, abdomen, and groin. Azure eyes and matching gem-like object on forehead. Dark blue hair.
Harem Size: 2 (Storage: 0)
Caught Ferals: 0/100 (To date: 3)
Inventory:  SLC: 0
Current BP: 4.5
Pokedex (Basic)
Pokeballs: 19
Pocket Dimension Home
Hiking Packback (Winged)
Canteen: x5
Milktit Milker


Nall's Harem:
Flora (Boobisaur)
    Deep green skin in spring/summer, red/brown/yellow in fall, and pale light green in winter. (Small, darker spots covering her skin.) Large D-cup breasts. Lavender hair and eyes.

Quiana Palomer (Milktit)
    Light pink hair all over her body, save for her face, breasts, stomach, and groin. Light brown hooves and horns, dark blue eyes. E-cup breasts when completely drained.


Mirya Delora: Active Tamer (THRESHOLD DETECTED)
    Golden brown fur on her forearms, lower legs, and pubic region. Matching hair on her head with feline ears and a tail. Digitigrade paws and slightly paw-like hands. Light blue feline eyes and c-cup breasts.
Harem Size: 1 (0)


Mirya's Harem:
Avila (Kitten: Merrowl)
    Dusty gray fur all over her body with paw-like hands and digitigrade feet. Oddly jointed hips that let her walk on all fours with a slight muzzle on her face. Feline ears and tail with green eyes. B-cup breasts.