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“<<Text>>” Means that it is being spoken in a language other than English.

This is telepathic thought”


Chapter 24


         <18:00, Wilds West of Tralee>


         Ann picked her way through the trees towards the shouts she was hearing. As she pushed aside a branch and stepped into a small clearing she was forced to jump back to avoid an arrow that lodged itself into a tree next to her.


         Across the clearing Andrew dropped his bow and ran to her side, leaving Azhara and a towering man at the other end of the clearing. “Ann! Are you alright?”


         Ann shrugged and grasped the arrow, ice beginning to spread across it. “Did you hit what you were aiming for?”


         Andrew glanced at the man, who nodded. “Yea, I suppose I did. What are you doing here?”


         Ann withdrew her hand and tapped the frozen arrow, watching it shatter. “The teams have moved on from training and are having dinner. My Alpha asked me to find you, and to ask about your venture in Capital.”


         Andrew sighed and began to walk back across the clearing. “Tell her we’ll be in shortly, and also let her know that the venture will still be happening.” He waited for Ann to leave before turning to the man. “Have we made enough progress for today?”


         A cat leapt onto the man’s shoulder and began pawing at the mane of hair around his neck. Both the man and the cat shimmered slightly and he grinned. “You’ve done well. You’re finally allowing us all free reign, and you’ve become more powerful for it.”


         Azhara nodded. “The Gunny’s right. You’ve come very far in just a few hours.” She cocked her head. “Ah, and Brigid has arrived. She’ll take a look at you during dinner.” She bowed to the man and cat. “Naaz, Caio, thank you both.”


         Naaz disappeared and the cat dropped to the ground with a yell. “Shit! He’s not supposed to do that!” It cried.


         Andrew laughed and lifted Caio onto his shoulders. “I know you got along with Pyktis before, but things have changed. I’d like you to make amends with Mir. Heck, I’d love it if you made amends with everyone. I enjoy having you around.”


         Caio laughed and twirled around Andrew’s neck before jumping off his head and curling up in midair. “I’ll see what I can do.” His eyes danced as he began to disappear. “It’s good to be back.”


         Andrew nodded and let his newly unlocked emotions run through him before turning back to Azhara. “Let’s go meet your friend.”






         Andrew slowed as the tent came into view, as well as the figure leaning against it nonchalantly. Beside him, Azhara pushed forward. “Brigid! You found the place!”


         The girl’s eyes lit up when she saw the Kyuubi. “Azhara! It has been far too long.” She appraised Andrew. “So this is the one you’ve taken under your wing?”


         Azhara nodded. “Yes, and before you say anything, this one’s an offworlder, so he probably won’t be as boring as the last guy.”


         Andrew glanced between them. “Pretending I’m not here, who was the ‘last guy’?”


         Brigid waved her hand dismissively. “Oh, some minor mage. He started going crazy a few decades ago, Azhara got bored, she called me in, took us all of two days to get the man back under control.”


         Andrew scratched his cheek. “Just for the record, I’m in my twenties. You’re both speaking as if you’re centuries old.” He glanced at Azhara. “I’d already had my suspicions, mind you.”


         Azhara reddened and swiftly changed the subject. “So, Brigid, you think you can do something about his aura?”


         The other girl slowly circled Andrew, peering at him closely. “I can definitely see what you were telling me about. Tell me, -“ She glanced at him. “Name?”




         “Tell me, Andy, when exactly did you start feeling abnormal?”


         Andrew’s mouth worked at the nickname but he shook it off. “It’s been over a month by now.”


         The girl nodded sagely. “Some major trauma, bit of despair thrown in I assume?”


         Andrew snorted. “Kidnapped and held prisoner do anything for you?”


         Brigid nodded. “That would do it. Now, I’m going to describe what I’m seeing, and you tell me the first thing that pops into your head.” She pulled at a ribbon in her hair, allowing it to cascade down her shoulders to reveal a horn, which began to glow softly. “Easy start. Soft, green, gentle.”


         Andrew blinked. “Earth, nature.”


         “Blue, vast, also gentle.”


         “Uh, the sky.”


         Brigid frowned at his answer but continued. “Bit harder. Red. Violent-” She shuddered. “…empty.”


         Andrew winced as memories flashed through his head. “Gunfire. War.” He also paused. “…death.”


         Brigid held up her hands. “That one hit a lot more recently. We’re moving on. Another blue, but this time concentrated, and much more intense.”


         Andrew tried to force the memories out of his head before answering. “Water. Definitely water.”


         Brigid glanced at Azhara, the Kyuubi tensing. “Last question. Black. Chaotic.” She took a defensive stance as her horn’s glow intensified. “Powerful.”


         Azhara yelped and jumped backwards as a sphere of darkness surrounded Andrew, who growled. “Anger. Pain. Revenge.” His eyes seemed to bleed shadows, and he glared at the Unicorn. “Death. Destruction. Control.”


         Brigid just snorted and waved her hand, blasting the sphere apart. “Well, if it wasn’t obvious before which aspect of his aura was the problem, I think we just found out.”


         Azhara chuckled nervously. “You know, he hasn’t learned to control anything yet.”


         Brigid blinked. “Oh.”


         Andrew rubbed his eyes. “What did you just do?”


         “I asked you questions based on what I can see in your aura. You gave me mostly what I expected.”


         Andrew glanced around. “Mind explaining why I started seeing everything in infrared?”


         Azhara laughed and awkwardly shoved him towards the tent. “Didn’t you have someone you were going to talk to, plan a trip to Capital, stop asking us about things that we really aren’t prepared to talk to you about yet?”


         Andrew shrugged and ducked inside, while Azhara stayed outside with Brigid. “He’s a lot more damaged than the other one was.”


         Azhara groaned. “I made good progress today, but holy shit that aspect you found is terrifying.”


         Brigid snickered. “That was just him manifesting a shield to contain it. His mind realizes the danger of that side of him, even if his consciousness doesn’t. The true aura form I was watching was like some sort of abomination. Tentacles and fire and shit.”


         Azhara stared at her blankly before shaking her head and sitting down. “What have I gotten us into?”


         Brigid smiled softly and curled up next to her. “Tell me something. Is this really just another case of curiosity?”


         Azhara gazed out into the darkening forest. “No. I’m getting old, Brigid.”


         The Unicorn chuckled. “If you’re dropping the act, so will I. How many humans have we helped since the war?”


         Azhara shrugged. “Enough. And even with longevity, I can feel time taking its toll.”


         Brigid stretched and sat up. “Don’t be like that. You haven’t even come close to a second puberty. It’s only been what, a few hundred years?”


         “Three hundred. It’s coming soon.”


         Brigid hummed. “Fine, fine. So why him?”


         “I just… Well, he’s different. There’s something more about him than any of the others, you know? Something special. Maybe it’s just because he’s an offworlder, maybe he really has some special power, I don’t know. But I know that it’s time I made this choice.”


         Brigid cracked a small smile at her friend’s words. “Then I’m behind you. And, if you’re really sure you’re going to be with this one for a while, then I’ll help make sure he doesn’t self destruct.”






<11:00, Approx. 50 Miles SW of Poketown>


         Andrew watched the forest flow past him. Noira was making good time, even burdened with him and Kary, who held her normal position at the gunner seat. She had shot the few ferals that had bothered them, so he doubted many more would try. But the attacks had increased the further south they had gone, confirming Wildtown's reputation of being a feral haven.


         Claire hadn’t been happy with him splitting the girls, but she had finally caved to his logic he wasn’t going on this trip to Capital to fight, or even to make an appearance; he was going to find one man, and a small team moved much more easily when on a search mission. He sighed as her enraged face popped up in his mind and settled back. After what felt like an age, he looked forward to what seemed to be a clearing in the dense trees. If they were lucky, they had arrived.


         Twenty minutes later Noira was circling a large clearing. The city of Wildtown dominated the center, and Andrew could see movement as a couple of figures marshaled to meet them. An Angel suddenly took off and approached the Mecha Musume. As she approached she hailed them. "Please land and walk into the city. Your circling is making the Hunters stationed here nervous, and I would hate to see you shot down."


         Andrew chuckled. "I'd hate to be shot down. Do we have to land outside?"


         She nodded "There is nowhere large enough to land your helicopter inside the city proper. We'd be happy to keep it under guard for you, though."


         Andrew shook his head and stood, recalling Kary. "That won't be necessary." He said, releasing Cristina. "Cristina, this is our stop."


         The Ophanim nodded and grabbed hold of him. The Angel looked at him in confusion. "What are you...?" She started before glancing at the empty cockpit. "...What?"


         Andrew grinned and Cristina pulled him out of Noira's bay, Andrew recalling her and saluting at the shocked Angel. "We'll get to the ground, now." He snickered as she tried to formulate a response, Cristina winging earthbound.


         “Why are you always that dramatic?"


         Andrew hummed. "It makes the correct impressions."


         Christina nodded thoughtfully. "It showed me your character, and it will have impressed on her that you are a stronger Tamer." She said as the Angel darted past them and back to the group on the ground.


         Andrew chuckled. "Bingo. You, Noira, and Kary were a display of force. I'm hoping that the Hunters here realize that and leave me alone." He glanced at the growing welcoming committee. "Or it might make them see me as a threat. Shit."


         They landed in front of the group, a man approaching them. "What is your business in Wildtown."


         Andrew blinked. "I'm just traveling. Why?"


         The man frowned. "There was a Team attack on the transports for Sadie Pokens. A few days later, you come flying in on an attack heli. Forgive me for being cautious."


         Andrew shook his head. "No apologies needed. In fact, I apologize- that's just Noira's flight form. Couldn't change it even if we wanted to."


         The man grinned. "I share your sentiment. I'm Jack, by the way." He said, taking Andrew's hand and clapping him on the back.


         Andrew returned the gesture. "Andrew. The Ophanim is Christina, and the Gunvalkyrie was Kary."


         Jack nodded. "Well, you'll probably want to get to the pokecenter and all that. Good luck on your travels." He said and watched Andrew nod and walk off. After Andrew had left a second man detached himself from the group and approached Jack.




         Jack nodded. "He's painted."




         <Wildtown, 19:00>


         Andrew whistled as he walked down the street. So far he hadn't seen anyone matching the description he had gotten in Poketown, and he was beginning to think it had all been a drunken ramble when he heard a voice hailing him. Pausing, he turned and appraised the figure standing there.


         The man stood about his height and was clad in a similar uniform to the hunters he had seen earlier, but what set this one apart was the face. It was completely draconic, and as he watched Andrew could see wings swirling idly behind him. “Curfew’s at six. You’re going to need to make your way to wherever you’re staying for the night.”


         Andrew blinked. “Curfew? Shit, I had no idea, I’m just passing –“


         The man cut him off. “Passing through, I know. You’re the guy who landed here this afternoon. It’s the only reason you’re not already in a cell.”


         Andrew chuckled nervously. “I get it, I get it. Can you direct me to the pokecenter?”


         The other man nodded down the street. “Two blocks, on your right. It’s nestled in there a bit.” He shifted slightly as the shadow from the building covered him. “Don’t let anyone catch you out late again.”


         Andrew closed his eyes as the streetlights came on, and when he opened them, the other man was gone. Chuckling weakly he made a quick turn and strode hastily to the pokecenter. Once he had made it inside and had rented a room for the night he activated one of the pokeballs on his belt.


         Lucina materialized and yawned, glancing around the room. “It’s like, midnight. Wadda ya want.”


         Andrew sat on the edge of the bed. “I made contact with the guy I was trying to find. His features are almost entirely draconic, he has wings, and I want you to tail him for a few hours.”


         The Shadowcat stretched. “Fine, work time, I get it. And here I thought we were gonna do some fuckin’.”


         Andrew snorted. “First, get in line, and second, we’re not going to be in a compromising position while in Capital. There are too many people here who could notice me and get my enemies on my tail. While we’re here, it’s all business.”


         Lucina rolled her eyes but straightened up. “Got it. Where is this guy now?”


         “No clue. He was last seen two blocks east of the center, and he left quickly enough that I suspect he can fly, or teleport. You’ll have to pick up his trail from where I saw him.”


         Lucina nodded. “I’ll get on that. Back in a few.” She said and faded from sight.


         Andrew rubbed his eyes and released Aella. “I need you to get us out of here. You remember what the outskirts looked like?” Aella nodded. “Good. We’re setting up camp outside of town tonight. I was singled out much too easily and I don’t like it. We’ll hopefully make contact with our guy in the morning.”


         Aella nodded and took his hand, teleporting them into a small clearing outside of the city. After a cursory examination of their surroundings Andrew set up a tent and disappeared inside, Aella following.


         After a few hours Lucina ducked inside. “Found him. He can fly. He’s also got enhanced senses.” She giggled at Andrew’s questioning look. “He found me.”


         Andrew shook his head in exasperation. “Fine. As long as you can find him again tomorrow?”


         Lucina nodded. “Easily, I’ve memorized his imprint.”


         Andrew took a deep breath. “Good. We’ll set up the meeting tomorrow.”





         <15:00, Outskirts of Wildtown>


         Fu watched impassively as a figure matching Andrew’s description winged over the wall. After a few circles it glided towards her, landing a good distance away. “Are you the one I’m supposed to meet?” It called.


         Fu nodded and pushed away from her resting place, barely waiting for the man to catch up before making her way to the tent. Once she had she took up position beside the tent and the chair Andrew had stationed there.


         Andrew gave the man a small wave. “So, you really are the pokeboy.”


         The other man frowned. “I don’t prefer that term but if it’s the only one you know, I can bear it.”


         Andrew snorted.  “With the way you look, if you had any semblance of tits someone out there would try to bang you. I just tell it like it is.”


         “I can tell you do. Now, why did you want to speak with me?”


         Andrew rubbed his chin. “A… Friend told me about you. Said you were good with a pen.”


         The draconic figure chuckled. “And I’m sensing a theme here. Mind filling me in on the details?”


         “You live here?”


         “Recent residence, yes.”


         Andrew rolled his eyes. “Recent. That’s cool. Where did you come from?”


         The man shrugged. “What is it now? Johto I think? Older home, lots of clicky heaters.”


         Andrew raised his eyebrow. “Now? What was it… When you were there?”


         “It was known as Colorado in Pre-Sukebe times. Why?”


         Andrew crossed his arms. “And what year is it?”


         The man frowned and mirrored Andrew’s posture. “I’m not entirely sure anymore. I’ve been through quite a bit here. It’s harder to keep track of details like that.” He said, narrowing his eyes. “You sure ask a lot of questions, and I don’t like answering circles. Get to the point.”


         “The point…” Andrew mused. “The point is that I’m still debating whether or not they finally succeeded. So answer me truthfully, pokeboy,” He nearly spat, “Are you your own master, or has Sanctuary finally created an agent.”


         “Sanctuary? If you mean that organization that sent the bitch to attack me the moment I woke up, then no. I drove her off and haven’t seen any others since. I’m not inclined to help them at all.” The other man huffed.


         Andrew smirked. “Well isn’t that a breath of fresh air. Finally someone who doesn’t want to kill me.”


         “I tend not to kill if I have no need to.”


         “Look, I hate this beating around the bush, so I’ll be blunt.” Andrew continued, swiftly steering away from dangerous waters. “Who are you, really, and who brought you here?”


         “I’m going to take a swing in the dark here and assume you are an Author from all the questions you’re asking me. If that’s true, then I could be willing to talk with you… But I need to know. Is that what you are?”


         Andrew shrugged. “I am an offworlder, yes. Whether or not I’m an Author is still up in the air.”


         The man nodded. “Close enough. I am Golanth and I was brought here by my deity for some purpose unknown to me at this time.”


         Andrew snorted. “There are no more gods in this plane. This place has been deserted.”


         Golanth smiled. “You are in the presence of one at this very moment, though I assume by your response, you can’t see her. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one.”


         Andrew glanced at him and back to Fu before snorting. “Uh huh. So you’ve got no idea what you’re doing here. Fucking great. Well, unless you have anything pressing I’m out of here. I’ve got my own shit to deal with and staying in one spot for too long could be deadly.”


         Golanth moved to stop him. “You mentioned Sanctuary earlier. Are they pressing enough since they have already attacked or otherwise negatively interacted with the two of us.”


         Andrew blinked. “…What? Ok, first of all? Big words are not good for conversation. We’re not scientists here. Second of all, no. Your time here seems to have been fucking roses compared to mine. Unless you have been held in cell full of your own shit, tortured, driven to the breaking point of insanity and then MURDERING PEOPLE-“ His chest heaved as he began to feel everything that was supposed to have been this encounter threaten to overwhelm him-


         He stopped at the hand on his arm and glanced at Aella’s worried face before turning back to Golanth, who was speaking. “Look, I’m sorry if I struck a nerve. I did not know exactly what you had gone through. I’m sure that is not the only thing you have had to deal with. Did you want an ally, or something? An information pact?” He paused. “Speaking of, how exactly did you know where to find me?”


         “I… I didn’t” Andrew managed, beginning to calm down. “I found out about you and came looking. You’re not exactly inconspicuous.”


         “I may not be inconspicuous but I am not easy to find. You had to at least know what league I was in. So I ask again. How exactly did you know where to find me?”


         “I found out about you. Then I went to poketown on Sadie Pokens, when people from across the region were there, and I eavesdropped. That got me the right direction.”


         “Alright, fine. Is there anything you might need help finding? Given that you did find me you might be looking for others.”


         Andrew laughed. “To be blunt? I didn’t come here for you. But if you ever need a hand give me a call. Or if you need it immediately, there’s a guy up near Poketown. Farmstead in the east. Tell him I sent you.”


         “Can I get a name?”


         Andrew sighed. “Remember how I said I wasn’t at liberty to discuss how I found you? If I gave you his name, and it got out he was alive? Nothing good would come of it. He can tell you if he wants, but I won’t betray him.”


         Golanth nodded. “I’ll seek him out if I run into trouble.”


         Andrew sighed and nodded. “Good enough. You’ll find my number on your dex.” He said and got up, quickly recalling Fu and grabbing Aella’s arm. “I wish you good fortune, Golanth. And an interesting name you chose for yourself. Bensvelk unef.” He said as Aella teleported them back to the main square of Poketown.


         Andrew grinned at her. “Congratulations on the teleport, by the way.”


         Aella snorted. “Just going to ignore the entire conversation you just had?”


         Andrew shook his head. “Focusing on the next agenda item. Courtney, you got my number into his dex, right?”


         “Of course. And the nearest evolution store is right behind you.”


         Andrew turned and appraised the building. “Perfect! Aella, question time.” He said, striding forward. “Where do you see yourself in your future?”


         Aella blinked as she hurried to catch up to him. “My future? With… With you, of course.”


         Andrew chuckled and pointed at the stones on display in the window. “Very funny. Which one do you want?”


         She continued to look at him in confusion before what he was doing finally dawned on her. “Oh… Oh, shit.” She glanced at him and the window before burying her face in her hands. “Now I get it.”


         Andrew grinned and pulled at her arm jokingly. “Cmoooon. Hurry up so we can get out of here.”


         Aella sniffed and withdrew her hands, her face a bright red. “I’d always wanted to outmatch my mom one day. But to really do that I’d need a thunder stone.”


         Andrew nodded. “Thundnaga it is. Wait here a moment.” He said, ducking into the store.


         Aella watched through the window as he approached the man behind the counter and they struck up a conversation, Andrew frequently gesturing at her. After a few minutes he returned, a grin on his face and a bag in his hand. “Now? Or later?”


         Aella just curled up and hid her head in her coils. “This is so sudden.” She mumbled.


         Andrew snickered and glanced around. “It’s really not, it’s been a long time coming. If you want, we can get back to the main camp before you make your choice.”


         She nodded wordlessly and let him pull her back towards the travel agency building.






         <06:00, Dingle Peninsula>


         “You’re an interesting one. I can see why Azhara is interested in you.” Brigid mused.


         Andrew ducked a branch and glanced at the Unicorn. “I’ve been called that a lot. Got any other choice nuggets for me?”


         She smirked. “You’re possessive and aggressive. I can’t classify you as good or evil, since you yourself don’t believe in a concrete definition of the terms. You live in each moment, and while you analyze everything fully, nothing is set in stone. Oh, and you’re quite empathic.”


         Andrew stopped and turned to her. “How long did it take you to gather that much?”


         Brigid shrugged. “The first few hours. By the way, we never tested exactly what you can do. What do you know about your powers?”


         Andrew shook his head at the change of topic but allowed it to continue. “I can do things to the level of a minor mage. Small lights, fire, that kind of thing. That’s it.”


         Brigid shook her head and was about to speak when a voice piped up from behind them. “THIS big guy? He’s really scary. Why, he broke the laws of physics, like, a week ago.”


         Andrew spun around to see a Psivyx waving cheerfully at him. “Hi!! Missus Brigid, I came like you wanted!”


         Brigid shouldered past Andrew and embraced the grinning girl. “Heidi! Good to see you found us. And well done on your aura sense!” She turned to Andrew. “Heidi here is kind of my apprentice. She’s been tagging along with Azhara and I for a few years now.”


         Andrew waved her away and looked at Heidi. “You said I broke the laws of physics. You said that like it was abnormal, not just magic. What did I do?”


         She shrugged. “You did a portal thingy, and then you were in Capital AND in Blue at the same time. It was really cool.” Her eyes glowed briefly. “Ooh, you’re different from what you were then.”


         “Andrew didn’t make that portal.” Azhara said, appearing next to Heidi, who squeaked and leapt away. “He was under the control of an aspect of his self. If he tried the same things he did that day, nothing would happen.” She gazed at him. “Like I said, locking them away…”


         Andrew sighed. “Yea, locks away my magic.” He glanced around him. “And now I’m surrounded by women who I barely know. I THOUGHT I HAD BODYGUARDS!”


         Ishara crashed through the bushes next to him, her chest heaving. “Sorry! Phase, and Azhara kinda does what she wants, and I just-“


         Andrew started laughing at the look on her face. “Wait, you were the only one even WORRIED about the random intruders? What about the rest of Delta?”


         “The rest of Delta are smart enough to realize when a sister is bringing a guest inside the perimeter.” Fu said in his ear. “Ishara is just a bit jumpy.”


         The Scorpiagirl huffed. “I have good reason to be. There’s a house that could be the one you’re looking for, but I had to get away from it pretty quickly. There’s a bunch of ferals in the area.”


         Andrew’s eyes lit up. “Then let’s get to it! If it’s the right place, we might finally be able to think about the future, and not my goddamn past.” He mumbled as he followed Ishara to a clearing.


         As they exited the woods Andrew noticed the cottage first. After a quick perusal of the area he could see what appeared to be a mostly overgrown path, probably the main way people got to the house. “This is promising. All teams, fan out and start clearing the area of ferals.” He turned to Azhara. “Get Epsilon, analyze the clearing we’re in. I’m looking for a very special looking tree. It’s silver and black and should be standing on it’s own somewhere near this house.” As she left he pulled out his pack and began setting up camp.


         Claire sidled up behind him and looked at the house. “Is that the place?”


         Andrew finished setting up the tent and gazed at the building in front of them. “Possibly. I’m waiting on Epsilon’s report.”


         Claire jumped when Lucina teleported in front of them and threw Andrew a quick salute. “The area is clear.”


         Andrew clapped his hands. “Is the tree there?”


         Lucina nodded. “Big and menacing, and just like you described it. We’re already forming a perimeter.”


         Andrew sighed and strode past the house towards the Omega tree. “All teams, try not to appear threatening, we’re not here to fight someone. Cortney, can you find anything they missed?”


         “No sir. I’ve got no broadcasts nearby, but I will notify you immediately if that changes.”


         Andrew came to a stop when the Omega tree came into view. “Damn. That thing is scary.” He paused. “Lucina, I thought you said the area was clear?”


         Lucina blinked. “It is.”


         Andrew pointed at a figure kneeling at the base of the Omega tree. “Then who is that?”


         Lucina cursed as she noticed the figure. “She wasn’t there earlier.”


         Andrew pulled out a pair of binoculars. “Ah, I can see how you missed her.”


         Lucina cocked her head. “Is it a dark type?”


         Andrew shook his head. “Well, you probably avoided the tree since it’s so scary looking, so she blended in. It’s an Elf, and she’s obviously not feral.” As he watched, the Elf stood and began walking towards the tree line. “I do think we should talk to her though-“ He started before glancing at his feet in shock. “What the?”


         Roots had crept around his feet and a quick glance at Claire and Lucina showed the same. “She noticed us. Somone, intercept the Elf leaving the Omega tree clearing. I don’t want her hurt, I just want her detained.”


         Fu’s voice came back over the radio. “Can’t comply. A tree just fell and trapped me, and it’s going to be a minute before I can get out.”


         Andrew cursed as a chorus of similar messages came back. “Well, Epsilon, this one’s on you.”


         Lucina winked at him and teleported, coming out above the Elf with Azshara. As they did the ground erupted, roots shooting at them as the Elf broke into a run. Andrew could only watch as the two girls dodged the attacks, but were unable to close with the Elf. Each time they tried they were met with a new set of roots, until the lawn-like clearing had been completely transformed. “Can somebody PLEASE stop her!”


         “I can fucing stop her. Let’s see how she likes it.” Fu growled, bursting out of the woods and decking the Elf with a piece of a tree trunk.


         Andrew winced as the clearing stopped moving, the plants going still when the Elf was nocked unconscious. “Gale, we need you over here. Fu, I thought I said I wanted her unharmed?”


         She glanced at his position and shrugged. “She started it.”


         Andrew sighed and picked his way back to the tent. “Get her healed up.”






         Andrew watched the girl stir before raising his arms. “I apologize for Fu’s exuberance. I’m Andrew. I just wanted to ask you about-“ His eyes widened when she summoned a thorn cutlass and leapt at him, but Claire quickly intercepted her and drove the Elf to the ground.


         “Monsters! Blasphemers! You have no right to us, no right to the tree! You…” She trailed off as Andrew waved sheepishly. “…you’re not them.”


         Andrew shook his head. I don’t know who you’re talking about, but we’re just here to try and contact somebody. He used to live here, in the house near the Omega tree?”


         The Elf’s face brightened. “The Master! You know him?”


         Andrew exchanged a brief glance with Claire. “He’s your master? Then why did he leave you here?”


         The girl shook her head vigorously. “He didn’t leave us, he gave us the tree as a gift! We call him The Master because he is the master of the tree, and the master of The Mistress who made the tree.”


         Andrew’s smiled locked in place. “They’ve formed a cult.” He thought. “So, the humans nearby have tried to force themselves on you, and the tree?”


         “No, the tree protects us from them. There are others who came recently. They abducted my sisters, controlled them, and hurt the tree. I was praying when you arrived.”


         Andrew nodded sympathetically. “These others, are they humans? An Elf court?”


         She shook her head. “No, neither. They are pokegirls, but they are different. They spoke and the weak minded followed. They forced us to attack each other and I had to escape.”


         Andrew nodded sadly. “Probably Domina. That’s too bad, but we don’t have time to exterminate.” He froze. “You said they spoke. Spoke, not acted. They weren’t feral? What did they say?”


         The Elf’s eyes shone as Andrew grew more animated. “I prayed, I prayed someone would come and you came, you came to stop them!”


         Andrew shook his head. “Were they feral? What did they say?”


         “They were aware. They said we disgusted them, to worship something a male had created. But He did not create it, The Mistress did, and used Him. They’re wrong!”


         Andrew tried to ignore the religious babbling. “Male. Are you sure they said ‘Male’?” Andrew cursed when the Elf nodded. “Everyone, listen up. We’ve got Sanctuary forces in the area. All teams, sound off.” He turned back to the elf as voices began responding. “Forgive me, what is your name?”




         “Well, Kuu, I’m Andrew. And we’re not here for them, they’re here because of us. And I’m sorry about that. I really am. And now, because they obviously knew I was coming here, and no doubt knew why, I’m not able to run this time.” His face set. “If they insist on following me, even as I try to flee, then they will die.”


         He had started out the door when he felt a hand on his arm. “let me fight with you.”


         He turned back to Kuu. “Hmm?”


         She dropped her gaze. “let me… Let me help you. Help them. I have to do this.”


         Andrew regarded her and nodded. “You’re definitely powerful. Extremely so. Fu,” He called, “the Elf is going to be joining you. I’ll let her introduce herself. Let’s be careful, everyone. I gave away our numbers when I let the PLC agent make his call during our first encounter. I was hoping we’d get intel out of it but it’s also working against us. Teams, form up, stay on guard. We’re going to sweep these woods until we find what we’re looking for. Remember, they’ve had time to set up. We haven’t. Be. Careful.”


         Adria stopped him as he tried to leave the tent. “Where do you think you’re going? She asked. Andrew tried to protest but she grabbed him and dragged him back inside. “You’re not going out there. Not when we’ve worked so hard to keep you alive. We’re almost done, and I’m not letting you throw it away now.”


         Andrew growled but let himself be sat down in the mess. “Fine. Fu, have you rendezvoused with Kuu yet?”


         “Yea, she’s here. Sup?”


         “Ask her if she remembers where the strange pokegirls took her friends.”


         There was some mumbling over the line before Fu came back on. “She says she does. We going in?”


         “Affirmative. Delta, take point. All others, except for beta apparently, follow. I don’t give a shit about collateral here. Tell Kuu that if she wants to save her friends, that’s her job. Our job is killing the S-Goths that are here.”


         Kuu responded over Fu’s line. “I understand.”


         Andrew exhaled. “Good. Radio silence, let’s go.”


         Outside in the woods Fu stared at Kuu’s back as the Elf slipped through the woods. “How far?”


         Kuu shook her head and pointed forward as a small clearing came into view. Fu nodded slowly and signaled the rest of the girls down. In the clearing, she could see numerous pokegirls walking around, though none of them seemed to match the description Andrew had always given for an S-Goth. “Are those your friends?”


         Kuu nodded wordlessly and pointed at the tent that dominated the clearing. “The bad ones are in there. They’re forcing my sisters to be shields!” She whispered as her voice cracked. “They’re evil! Evil!”


         Fu laid her hand on the Elf’s shoulder as she began to sob. “It’s ok. We’re here. And we’re going to take care of them.” She glanced back at the assembled pokegirls before motioning forward. “Kuu, save your sisters. Everyone else,” She growled, “follow me.”


         A Nymph in the clearing screamed as the tree line exploded, Fu roaring as she changed into her dragon form and blitzed the tent, the rest of the harem following close on her heels. Her terror turned to confusion when the giant dragon-girl suddenly stopped and fell to her knees.


         Behind her the tent opened and a Goth emerged, frowning at the trembling Dracass. “Foolish. All that our slaves see, we see. All that we see are our slaves.” Her eyes glowed as she surveyed the force arrayed against her. “Calming down and not fighting seems like an excellent idea, does it not?”


         The Nymph yelped as the Goth slowly stroked her hair. “There, there. I know, they scared you. But it’s just like I showed you and the rest of your friends, isn’t it? Not resisting is truly glorious.”


         The girl bowed her head. “Y….Yes.”


         The Goth smiled. “Of course it is. And with all of you helping us, nobody can harm you…” She trailed off as the Nymph glanced away. “…What are you doing?”


         The girl stumbled away from her, her glowing purple eyes wide. “You… You killed them! I… I killed them!” Her eyes began to clear as she fell away from the Goth. “You…!”


         The Goth frowned. “You shouldn’t be able to remove the control, what’s happening?”


         “I AM HAPPENING, BITCH.” Came a loud call from the other side of the clearing and the Goth whirled around with a gasp.


         Slowly walking towards her was Kuu, the Elf no longer diminutive. She was glowing with evolutionary light and as she passed the pokegirls throughout the clearing they blinked, the purple glow in their eyes diffusing.


         The Goth spat. “The one that got away. I told them we should finish you off, since you had so much potential.”


         Kuu grit her teeth as the glow grew. “YOU murdered our sisters. YOU harmed our tree. AND YOU WILL DIE.”


         The Goth shook her head and raised her hands. “It’s really too bad that I’m not worried about you.”


         “Then maybe you should worry about me.”


         The Goth screamed as Fu cannoned into her, the Dracass’ sharp scales lacerating her skin and they fell to the ground, Fu attempting to rip the Goth apart. Behind her the rest of the harem streamed towards the tent as the Goth’s control faded, each intent on taking out whoever was still inside.


         Melody and Ann somehow led the charge, the two having formed a partnership, their ambition pushing them in front of the rest of the harem. But as Ann reached forward to throw the tent flap open, it blew back of it’s own accord, a sheet of flame exploding out towards them.


         With a cry Melody leapt in front of the Ice Maiden, a wall of water erupting from her hands. Ann stumbled backwards away from the flames, Claire snatching her and relaying the Ice-type further back through the harem. As soon as she was safe Melody dropped her hands and followed, allowing April and Nami to take her place fighting the flames.


         Nearby Fu continued struggling with the Goth as Kuu walked up to them, a handful of the other pokegirls drifting to her side. The evolution had finished, leaving her as an ElfQueen and her eyes nearly glowed with anger. “Your arrogance is disgusting. For all your power, you could only use it to ambush us. When someone actually stood up to you, it was worth nothing.”


         The Goth glanced at her from underneath Fu. “And your arrogance is the same.”


         Fu hissed when the Goth disappeared and quickly got to her feet. “Where’d she go?” She yelped when an arrow pinged off her scales. “What the fuck?”


         Laughter filled the air as the bonfire that burned where the tent had been began to falter. “I don’t believe we formally introduced ourselves.” The Goth called across the clearing. “I am Gini. And this,” She said as another woman joined her. “is Enya.” Gini’s teeth glinted in the dancing light. “And you are all going to die.”




         Adria glanced at Andrew as the chaos of the battle began to stream through the headsets. “Ann slipped out? Well, she works better with Melody anyways. Something about those two just clicks.”


         Andrew nodded. “Did they recognize, you think?”


         Adria grunted. “Doubtful. We’d know if they did. I just think they’re highly compatible with each other, if you catch my drift.”


         Andrew chuckled. “It seems to be an asset, not a liability, so there’s no problem with it. Remind me why you’re here and not fighting with the rest?”


         Adria glanced at the tent entrance and pushed Andrew behind herself. “That’s why.”


         Leah stepped into view, a slight smile on her face. “I do hope those wards weren’t meant to keep me out. Or that you thought you could hide.”


         Adria shook her head as the rest of Beta clustered around Andrew. “We were waiting on you, actually. Glad you could join us.”


         Leah’s eyes darted to Andrew’s face. “The Author. You know, you almost ruined everything.”


         Andrew frowned. “If your plan could be ruined by me running away, then you need a better plan. Because that one sucks.”


         Leah shrugged. “Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you running was the plan. Maybe it was to keep you contained. Maybe it was something completely different – You’ll never know.” She blinked when she saw Shamira step out from the group. “Ah, but there’s a predicament.”


         The Goldina’s eyes seemed to shift as she scanned the Goth. “You’re the one who brought the Master here.”


         Leah blinked. “No, I wouldn’t say that. Why, does it matter to you?” She gasped and leapt back as Shamira blitzed towards her, already in her battle form. “Oi, oi!”


         She slashed at Leah but held back, making sure she didn’t overextend. “I’ll be blunt. Fuck off.


         Andrew tensed at Leah’s frown. “I don’t like that attitude.” She muttered, leaning against the wall. “And here all I wanted was to get Soldier boy for a little chat.” Her face brightened when she saw Kary. “Ooh, but here’s a toy I like!” She cried. “Yes, yes, I like you! Your strength is mine!”


         Shamira’s eyes narrowed. “Strength? Wha-“ She started before suddenly being blown backwards.


         “MIRA!” Andrew screamed, whirling towards Leah, who stood with her arm outstretched. Slowly the Goth locked eyes with him before brandishing the plasma rifle she now held.


         “It’s too bad, really.” She mused, resetting her aim towards him. “That the GunValkyrie’s one weakness would be her greatest strength.”


         “H…how…” Kary whispered. “My blaster, it’s short circuited, how do you-“


         “She sketched it.” Andrew replied. “That’s what she meant. She sketched it.”


         Leah’s face split into a mad grin. “Smart boy. I knew there was a reason Morgana likes you.” Her smile turned into a frown. “buT NOW.” She cried, “YOUR SMART MEANS NOTHING!”


         Andrew just shook her head at Leah’s antics. “You’re insane. You’re literally insane. Kary, Adria, take care of her. Gale, help Shamira. Noira, be prepared to get me out of the way.”


         Adria strode towards the laughing Goth. “My fucking pleasure.” She glanced back when Kary didn’t move. “Let’s go.”


         Kary grit her teeth and summoned her swords, holding them at the ready. “Yes ma’am.”




         Constance ducked as another arrow flew past her head. “Damnit, let me kill them!”


         Claire shook her head and ducked as well, directing Ashba forward. “Root them, don’t hurt them, we made a promise and I’ll be damned if we can’t keep it.”


         Kuu sat in shock among the few Elves that had managed to resist Gini’s re-influence. “Why? Why is this happening?”


         Fu growled as flames lit up the treeline they had taken refuge in. “Because they’re evil. Plain and simple. You’ve got a duty now, girl. This is your Court they’re now threatening. Not just some group of friends.”


         Kuu stared incomprehensively at her. “My… Court?” She jumped when one of the Elves touched her shoulder.


         “We will follow you, Mistress. You rescued us. Give the word, and the heretics will die.” Her eyes shone. “It is a crusade!”


         Fu shuddered and turned away. “Damn zealots.” She waved down Cristina. “Oi, what’s the deal out there?”


         The Ophanim left off from tending to the wounded to respond. “We can’t get a good target on the Goths with all of the innocents in the way. They’re not making it any easier, since most either have bows or are using techniques of some sort to keep our heads down.”


         Fu growled. “They’re planning something. That wasn’t an empty threat. If we could just do something about all of Kuu’s friends, break the control again, we’d be fine. They’re being used-“


         Her words were cut off as an explosion rocked the clearing, sending bodies flying. Fu cried out in shock as Nami slammed into her, the Sharptits unconscious. “WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?”


         April crawled over to her and began ministering Nami. “The other goth just threw some sort of grenade, there was a huge explosion of flame and I think people are dead.”


         Cristina coughed and attempted to stand. “We need to move. We’re completely at a disadvantage here.”


         “I completely agree.”


         Cristina spun around with a curse. Standing casually in front of her was the other goth, idly twirling an object between her fingers. “Not only are you at a disadvantage, but even those with a resistance will feel this.” She said, tossing it at them before jumping away.


         The Ophanim only had time for a prayer before it exploded.






         Leah leapt away from Kary and sighed. “You’re all too much of a bother for me. Looks like we won’t be able to come to an understanding today, Soldier.”


         Andrew frowned. “Stop calling me that. Besides, I have no intention of parlaying with you. Leave me alone, and I won’t kill you. Those are my terms.”


         Leah chuckled and ducked Adria’s attack, parrying Kary’s blades and tripping her. “You won’t kill me anyways.” She straightened up. “Be seeing you.”


         Andrew winced as she teleported, the plasma rifle dropping to the floor in a flash of light. “Get away from that.” He hissed when Kary reached for it. “GET AWAY!”


         She stepped back. “But, it’s mine, maybe I can use it.”


         Andrew growled. “Adria, blast the damn thing.”


         The Groaning nodded and fired an ecto ball. When it impacted the weapon exploded, the explosion quickly consuming itself. “See? It was a bomb.”


         Kary shuddered but nodded. “I understand.”


         Gale looked up from Shamira. “She’s going to be fine. How are the others?”


         Andrew frowned and tapped at his earpiece. “I don’t know. I think they interrupted our coms. We’re going to have to get out there and find out for ourselves.”


         Azhara faded into view next to him. “Epsilon can take over, Beta. Treat your wounded.”


         Adria flashed her a relieved smile. “Thank you. Be careful out there.”


         Azhara chuckled and followed Andrew out the door. “We will.”








         The Matratya lay face down, her normally soft skin completely blackened from the explosion. She turned her head until she was looking at April before cracking a smile. “I was never going to be… the best of fighters, ma’am.” She whispered, her iron defense technique slowly wearing off. “N… Nami needs you.” She winced and rolled over, displaying the wound she had taken. “I just wish I hadn’t died on land.”


         April knelt beside her and tried to heal what she could. “You’re not going to die on land, you’ve done your part and we’re going to get you healed. Fu, where the fuck is her pokeball?” She glanced at the Dracass. “FU?”


         The goth stood over the panting Dracass. “Man, she’s a tough nut. So, that one absorbed my flame explosion? Interesting. No matter, even though I’m out of sacs I can still take you out.” Her hand began to glow red. “So many water types. Fucking annoying is what you are.” April stared in shock as Enya raised her hand. “Goodbye.” She sighed, firing the fire blast at the frozen Seabra.


         When the flames cleared April could only stare at the blackened corpse lying in front of her. Enya sneered and kicked at it. “She knew that would kill her. Why did she jump in the way?” She shook her head. “Worthless little shit.” She muttered, charging another blast for April.


         Behind her, Fu struggled to her feet. “Stop.”


         Enya twisted around. “Eeeeeh? You’re still up? Shit, you people are like rats.”


         Fu snarled, her fangs glinting in the flamelight. “Yea, we’re like rats. Ever hit a rat before?” Enya blinked. “The swarm fights back.”


         A blast of water shot from behind Fu and threw the goth back, Melody stepping forward. “Fucking bitch.”


         April gaped at her. “You…”


         Ann stepped up beside her. “April, get Juel’s body away from here. You’re just a liability right now.”


         April stared at the two. “You were… Neither of you…”


         Mist began to swirl around the two girls as they turned to Enya, who was standing up. “We what? Weren’t strong?” Melody asked, the newly evolved Wet Queen smiling. “We protect each other.”


         Ann giggled as icicles formed on the trees around them. “She’s right, you know. I couldn’t just stand by while my lover took all the fun.” She flicked her newly whitened hair, the Ice Empress’ eyes hardening. “And I will not stand idly by while my friends are killed.”


         Fu glanced at Cristina before stepping back. “We’ll leave her to you, then.”


         Cristina reverently picked Juel’s body off the ground. “April. Grab Nami. Let’s go.”


         Enya watched as they made their way to the others. “You’re not saving them. Gini is stronger than I am. They’re just going to their deaths.”


         Ann snorted. “Please. Your friend is hiding behind her shields. As soon as they’re gone, she’s nothing.”


         Enya shrugged. “Maybe.” She shook her head. “The water girl I can understand. But you, you’re just going to melt. Are you sure you want that?”


         Ann laughed and stepped forwards. “You know, I’ll humor you. Go on. Melt me.”


         Enya’s eyes lit up and she quickly fired a blast at Ann. Melody stepped back slightly as the Ice Empress concentrated, the air around her growing cold. Two feet away from her, the flames died out.


         Enya blinked warily. “How’d you do that?”


         Ann released her breath, the air returning to a more normal temperature. “Can’t give you all my secrets.”


         Melody raised her hand. “Leave now, and we won’t destroy you.” She blinked when Enya threw her head back in laughter.


         The goth returned to looking at them and they gasped at the crazy glint in her eye. “Destroy me? I really wish you would. Nobody has been able to give me a fight in years.” Her hands burst into flame. “Come on, little girls!” She cried. “FUCK ME UP!”






         Grace nearly cried in frustration. “I won’t kill them, I’ll just shoot them a little! We’ve got to do something!”


         Claire shook her head. “I want to. I want to do something so badly. But Lyn is working on something and we’re going to let her try.”


         Grace growled but turned away, plopping down with Constance. Claire turned back to the Enchantress. “Lyn, what’s up?”


         Lyn’s eyes were glowing as she continued building up a spell. “I’m almost ready. Be prepared to incapacitate as many of them as you can when we move.”


         Claire nodded. “By we you mean you and the rest of us, yea?”


         Lyn smiled serenely. “Use your com.”


         Claire frowned but tapped into the all channel. “Lyn’s being cryptic. Who’s moving with her?”


         A vaguely familiar voice answered. “Lyn’s not the one moving. I am. The innocents will be stunned when I do.”


         Claire shook her head. “Who is this? What is the plan? I need to know.”


         “You don’t recognize me? Oh, my. And you don’t need to know the plan. Just when to move.”


         Claire growled but turned to the second team as they returned. “Hey, what happened over there? I saw an explosion-“ She gasped when she saw who Cristina was carrying. “Shit!”


         The Ophanim lay Juel’s body down. “She took everything that was meant for April. She was a hero,” She glared around her. “And she will be remembered as such.”


         Claire sank to her knees. “That is unquestionable.” She glanced around her. “Where are Ann and Melody?”


         Fu winced as a blast of steam rocketed into the sky behind them. “They’re fighting the fire one.”


         Claire gaped at her. “Alone?”


         Fu cracked a smile. “I think you should promote those girls. They’re a lot more powerful than they let on.”


         Claire just stared in shock. “It’s all falling apart.”


         Lyn grinned. “Let’s put it back together again.”


         Claire spun to her. “Are you ready?” She nodded. “Good. All hands, listen up. If you’re good to go, get ready to take out the pokegirls that goth is controlling. We’re about to move, and I don’t want any of them harmed if possible.” She glanced at Grace and Constance. “Got it?”


         They nodded and Lyn winced. “I’m getting some feedback. We need to move, now.”


         “I hear you, honey.” The voice replied, and Claire suddenly noticed a pokegirl walking through the trees towards them. “Thanks for doing this for me.”


         Claire followed her progress. “Who are you?”


         The girl stopped next to them, idly watching attacks fly past her. “Still don’t recognize me. Well, I guess that’s fair, since you haven’t seen me in a few days. And you’ve never seen me with legs.”


         Claire gasped. “Aella?”


         The Shinryu grinned. “Hey, Claire. Sorry I haven’t been in touch.”


         Claire shook her head. “Since when did you go this far?”


         Aella shrugged. “I convinced Andrew to get me both a stone and a scale. Do you know how much energy is released in two evolutions in rapid succession? It’s a lot. If I had been around someone would have been hurt. As it is there’s a few dead ferals and a blast zone a couple miles away.”


         Lyn grimaced. “I hate to interrupt the reunion, but now that you’re near me the feedback is increasing. We need to move.”


         Aella nodded, electricity arcing over her body. “Sure.” Claire squinted as the lightning increased, her vision growing slightly dark. “I won’t hold back.”


         Behind her Kuu whimpered as the air grew heavy. “You said you wouldn’t hurt them.” She whispered.


         Lyn gave her a slight smile. “That’s why I’m here.” She said, seemingly breathing easier. “I’m the lightning rod.”


         Aella strode forward, every attack that got near her being neutralized by the electricity that continued to arc across her. “Oi. Where’s the bitch in charge.”


         Gini stepped out from a swarm of pokegirls. “And who are you?”


         Aella slowly spread her arms. “I’m your worst nightmare.” She quipped and released the energy around her.


         Lyn’s eyes flashed as most of the energy from the flare was funneled through the spell she was channeling, leaving their side of the clearing untouched. A few of the pokegirls who had been ungrounded fell to the dirt unmoving, but the rest spasmed as electricity rooted them in place. Claire vaulted into the clearing. “LET’S MOVE!”


         Gini frowned as they streamed into the clearing. “That’s fine. I’ll just control you-“ She hissed when Aella teleported in front of her, energy blade in hand.


         She spat at the goth’s feet. “I told you. I’m the one you need to fear.” She said, swinging and leaping after the fleeing girl.


         Cristina bypassed the paralyzed pokegirls and followed Aella. “Claire, come on!”


         Claire nodded and followed her. “Fu. You’re in charge here. We’re going after the goth.”


         The Dracass looked up from where she was binding a girl with Ashba’s assistance. “Gotcha. We’ll clean things up here.” She looked around as the harem worked. “Two goths did all this.”


         Lyn winced and walked up to her. “Yea. Did you think Andrew was joking?”


         Fu shook her head. “I knew he was serious. I just needed to see for myself.” She turned as Ann and Melody emerged from the trees. “Did you kill her?”


         Ann winced and sat down, Melody following suit. “She managed to hit me and fled. I’m still regenerating.”


         Melody sat next to her, supplying water when needed. “What happened here?”


         Fu nodded at the bodies strewn about the clearing. “Aella showed up and paralyzed everyone. She went after the other goth with Claire and Cristina.”


         Melody whipped her head up. “Just those three?” Fu nodded. “They need to get back. There’s not two goths, there’s three!”


         Fu stumbled at her words and began to sprint to where Claire and Cristina had disappeared. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” She screamed as an explosion rocked the forest. “Everyone who can move, MOVE!” She gasped as she saw who was stumbling towards them. Cristina was barely holding Aella up, the Shinryu pale. “She used too much energy. She needs help.” She collapsed as Fu glanced behind them.


         “Claire. Where is she?”


         Cristina was trembling as she pulled off her helmet, and Fu could see tears leaking from underneath her bandage. “I tried to save her. We both did.”


         Fu’s heart sank. “She’s…”


         An inhuman howl echoed from behind them as Andrew sprinted across the clearing. “WHERE IS SHE???” He grabbed Cristina and pulled her up, shaking the Ophanim. “WHERE IS SHE!!!!!!”


         Behind him Azhara and Lucina stood, both ready for him to snap. “Andrew. You need to set her down and abandon your emotions. You’re more of a danger to your women than the goths were.”


         Andrew stood, chest heaving but dropped Cristina. Tears flowed out of his eyes as he turned to them. “I can’t feel her. I can’t hear her.” Azhara gasped as his tears began to turn red with blood. “Tell me, where is she?”


         “Lucina. Like we discussed.” Azhara blurred forward, her tails winding around Andrew’s chest, Lucina following and clasping his head between her hands. “Brigid!”


         The Unicorn teleported in, her horn already glowing as she suppressed the magic that threatened to explode. “Cristina, I suggest telling him what happened. NOW.”


         The Ophanim nodded. “We were fighting. We had the upper hand, and suddenly the other goth was there. We started to retreat, but there was a third, and she… Aella barely managed to fend her off, but Claire was hurt. I tried to grab her, but the third goth pushed me away. Aella used the last of her strength trying to stop her, but the flame one took the hit. I think she’s dead, I don’t know. But they took Claire.” She bowed her head. “She’s gone.”






Andrew Ranger

Age: 27



Tamer:                 Y

Master Tamer:       Y

Researcher:           N

Watcher:               N

Breeder:               N





England; Coventry, Shrewsbury







Ashba – Rosebreasts, Level 40 (Alpha)

Adria – Groaning, Level 39 (Beta)

Fu – Dracass, Level 46

Cristina – Ophanim, Level 51

Azhara – Kyubi, Level 79

Gale – Night Nurse, Level 41






Tech: Cortney – Upgrade VideoGirl


Andrew Ranger


Alpha Team:


(MIA) Claire – Armsmistress (Alpha)

Ashba – Rosebreasts (Alpha)

Melody – Wet Queen (Beta)

Lyn – Enchantress

Nial – Assasara

Tracii – (Red) Longfly

Constance – Tank Vixxen

Beta Team:


Adria – Groaning (Alpha)

Gale – Night Nurse (Beta)

Noira – (Flying) Mecha Musume

Shamira – Goldina

Kary – Gunvalkyrie

Ann – Ice Empress


Delta Team:


Fu – Dracass (Alpha)

April – Seabra (Beta)

Rein – Myobu

Nami – Sharptits

Ishara – Scorpiagirl

Aella – (Hunter) Shinryu


Epsilon Team:


Azhara – Kyubi (Alpha)

Lucina – Shadowcat (Beta)

Brigid – Unicorn

Heidi – Psyvix

Sigma Team:

Omega Team:


Cristina – Ophanim (Alpha)

Erren – Guntit (Beta)

Kuu – ElfQueen

Grace – Mini-Top

Yin – Nereidame

Yang – Nereidame

Phial – Gravelgal



Juel - Matratya