"The Medra has been spotted once again, this time headed towards the forest of a starting tamer town. Authorities say they have the dragon type cornered and will have her captured within the week, but still advise residents to stay in their houses as much as possible until the threat has been taken care of. In other news, our Champion has once again defended her title, the first member of the Elite 4 taking the win once again. People are starting the wonder if they should still bother with the gym bat-"

With an annoyed sigh, the young male clicks the remote, shutting the tv off, shaking his head in disappointment. The same news had been going on all week, and he was starting to get sick of it. Medra this, tamers are weak and pathetic that, same old same old. With an uprising of Team activity, the local government thought running this on television would motivate tamers to get stronger. Sadly, this had almost the opposite effect, and more tamers nowadays were becoming lazier, choosing to stay safe and tame their harems forever, cutting off their journeys early. It angered the male, the thought that so many were content to give up.

A happy sounding yawn caught his attention, turning his head to the half awake Eva that was currently cuddled up to him, trapping his arm with her chest and using it as her pillow during her nap. She yawned once more before looking up at her master with her hazel eyes, and gave him a sweet smile.

"Nothing good on?" She asked, seeing the tv off. He simply shook his head at her and motioned for her to get up.

"What was your first clue? Honestly, I can't wait for our journey to start. Can you see it Hana? 'Astonishing, the upstart rookie sensation took out the champion on his first try, with nothing more than an Eva!'" He grinned madly, gesturing in the air as an imaginary crowd went wild at their win. Hana simply giggled a little and rolled her eyes, but in her head she was just as confident as he was, knowing she could do it. She took that time to admire her master as she had so many times. His well defined muscles that came from training everyday for the past how many years, she had lost count. His favorite black t shirt underneath his blue trench coat that went down to his ankles. She always wondered why he liked that thing. To her, it looked like it gets in the way, but he always defended it, saying kept him warm, made him look cool, and hid his hand-and-a-half long sword, currently resting in it's sheath at his side. Finally, she locked onto his deep blue eyes. She had spent many hours just starring into them, and looked forward to spending even more doing just that. She had gotten lost in them again, which made her jump as she suddenly found her master's hand waving infront of her face.

"Hmm? Sorry Valk, dozed off there for a sec, what did you say?"

"I said we are going on our journey soon, two days from now. We should spend tomorrow getting our supplies and look over our plan once more, but for today, I was thinking we should go over your attacks a bit more, we might run into that damn dragon and need to be prepared. Wish that would kill it already, how long has she been running around?" Valk repeated.

"Valk, I know you hate dragon types, but please drop it. We're starting out journey together to take down the champions, lets not start it with another one of your tirades on how dragon types nearly killed you as a kid." Hana said with a soft sigh. She loved him with all her heart, but she wished he would let that go.

Luckily for them, Valk's parents hated the city life, and were wealthy enough to get a little house out in the middle of nowhere, but was close enough to a town to get food and such. Meaning, they had plenty of space for Hana to shoot off attacks without fear of hitting anyone.

"Alright Hana, we're gonna start with Keep It Simple." Valk said. Hana nodded and checked her wrist, looking at the gems inside her to make sure they were full before she started. Hana is a bit unique, something Valk had gotten in the habit of calling an Eva+. She was dropped off on his parents doorstep as a baby, meaning she grew up along side him, but also that they have no idea where she came from, only that when she was given to them, she had a strange what looked to be bracelet on her left wrist. All sorts of colors were on it, making it look pretty while serving another purpose. When she was 6 and playing with Valk in the backyard, it was a scorching hot day. She was sweating profusely, while Valk didn't notice. He ran up to her and nearly pushed her over while saying "Tag, you're it!" and running off. In a bit of a tantrum, she opened her mouth to yell at him, only for a jet of fire to erupt from her mouth, scorching everything in it's path. Thankfully she missed, but she barely had time to register that fact before falling over face forward in exhaustion. Three months later, Hana woke up extremely tired, not sleeping well that night. She shuffled along the carpet, dragging her feet to get to breakfast. When she got to the living room, she came up to the grandfather clock off to the side, only to see the cause of her tired state, it still being 3am. She gave out an irritated growl and reached out to slap the clock in frustration. When she did, however, she released large bolts of electricity through the clock, causing it break immediately, a few of the pieces flying out from it, missing her as she passed out again.

After years of experimenting, they figured out how that bracelet of hers works. Each color represents an element she can use, but there is a harsh limit on how much, the attacks taking large amounts of stamina to be used. With training, she's managed to come so far as to be able to use each move twice. When a move is used, half of the glow from the bracelet inside her wrist fades, but slowly comes back over the course of the battle, drawing stamina to be refilled, tiring Hana out quickly. Another thing they discovered is each color only allows one attack. She can use Flamethrower, but not Fire Punch. Psychic, but not teleport. Valk shuddered for a second, remembering what they black one contained. Needless to say after finding out, he and Hana both agreed that was off limits.

Keep It Simple was one of the codes they came up with over the years, this one meaning use one attack at a time. Hana walked up to the middle of the yard and faced an open area. The red color in her wrist glowed for a second, then she released a Flamethrower out towards the distance. She held it for a few seconds before dropping it, immediately charging forward and releasing a Thunderbolt towards her imaginary opponent.

"Get Creative." Valk said. Get Creative was their code for use two moves at once. Gathering the Thunderbolt in her hands, she took a deep breath and spewed out a Hydro Pump. She brought her hands up and wrapped the electricity around the water, combining the attack. The two moves hit a tree, and despite not being able to deal much damage to a tree with water and electricity, a bit of a damp scorch mark was left. Hana wasn't even slightly winded from those consecutive attacks, years of training getting her more than used to this, but she'd have to wait for the yellow gem in her wrist to come back before she could use Thunderbolt again. Luckily it doesn't take long, but this was just a warm up, something to keep her loose before they went off together. They had two more codes between them, but those were for either gym matches, or emergencies, not to be used around the fragile house.

Hana turned around and ran up to Valk, throwing her arms around him and trapping his arm with her chest as she often loved doing before giving him a sultry smile, filling their delta bond will wave after wave of lust in an attempt to get him onto her way of thinking. Valk simply rolled his eyes, far too used to her charms...but that's not to say it didn't work most of the time anyways. This time however he shook his head at her, earning himself a cute pout before she let go.

"Alright you horny little Vixxen, tell you what. You do an hour of stamina training, and then we can spend what little of the day there is left however you want." This proposition had Hana's mind buzzing, and through their Delta Bond, Valk could see every idea, being both excited and afraid of what the little girl had in store for him. She immediately got to work, running inside to grab her weighted gear, putting it on and taking going for a light jog around the house. Valk on the other hand was not going to be sitting idly by, and drew his sword as he walked over to a nearby tree, taking up his stance.

An hour later, and Hana was panting slightly, the weights being heavy and after using those attack, the gems drawing stamina from her, and an hour jog, it was catching up with her. She wiped a bit of sweat off her forehead before dropping the weights down and putting them back inside. She came back out with a glass of water, watching her master practice his form. After an hour of practicing, the tree was sliced into firewood, Valk sheathing his sword after his work. With the hour up, Hana once again ran up to him and grabbed his arm, this time pulling them into the house as her mind went back to her wicked thoughts, a large smile on her face, as well as Valks'.


Valkerous Denei

Status: Tamer


(A)Eva- Hana lv35