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The Smith Chronicles

Book 1 Introduction and Chapter 1



This is a little more introduction to the setting and such for the story. The use of book 1 above does not mean there will be more than one, but it leaves it open if I continue the story. That somewhat depends on whether people want to see more of my writing too.


At this point I have a difficult time figuring out what is what for sure, but I attempt to explain things that may be different for the most part in the story.


Now for setting info. Johto and Indigo are still near each other, though the layout has changed. There is a large Island South of the Johto and Indigo leagues with a smaller Island to the East of it. This is the Smith Ranch. The Smith Ranch is made up of three islands and five smaller ranches set throughout the world. The entire ranch is owned by Jebediah Smith (or Jeb for short). While these ranches technically may be in the drawn out borders of other leagues, the leagues recognize them as separate from themselves. The leagues have grown to rely on the ranches not only as ranches, but for military support. The Ranches allow for the leagues to worry about the other parts of their land area, plus if the leagues tried to steal a ranch there is a self-destruct that would mean the league had a giant crappy hole in the ground. The escaping ranch occupants and pokegirls would then be a force to be reckoned with. The ranches are basically a miniature military country. Each ranch is led by an overseer and reports to the main ranch. All citizens of the ranch are listed as “Smith Ranch (____ League Tamer)”. In other words, the Leagues also don’t mind the Ranches as they supply tamers to the League they are technically in. Citizens of the Smith Ranch are required to spend a year in military training prior to their 16th birthday. They then choose their occupation or whether to move off the ranch when they turn 16. (They can still choose to leave or change occupations at any time after that.) That should be enough on that for now. There is also a basic world setting. The setting info is a work in progress.


Leagues at the beginning of this story (and maybe throughout, we’ll see) have little to no military force except for in the larger population areas (this varies from league to league). Most leagues do not require you to be in the military or go through military training to become a tamer. Population is sitting somewhere between 600 and 700 million, as a full survey cannot be done in the wild areas of the world. Only established Leagues/Nations have likely done a census. Most Leagues (this is dependent on the league) require a test for a tamer’s license and a separate test for storage of pokegirls. Tamers store pokegirls with a ranch or researcher. Technically, a person can be a tamer without a license (it’s not difficult to find feral pokegirls after all), but most leagues require it and ranches and places of business require a verified identification before they will do business. This has caused a small level of black market trading for some things. Storage units are large and can hold up to 50 pokegirls each. Most ranches have one or two storage units, and tamers are limited to six pokegirls in tournaments and in established leagues. The only exception is if they are taking them to sale. Excess pokegirls must be sold or sent to storage within a week of capture. Sending a pokegirl to storage is not automatic, it must be done by using the pokedex to scan and send the occupied pokeball into storage. Any level above the lowest level of tamer requires proof of expertise (usually in the form of badges from the said league). Most leagues will recognize tamers from another league, but generally charge a fee to allow them in. Some leagues are more hostile than others, so it is recommended that tamers consult their pokedex for current league tensions. Leagues/Nations have their own currency. Johto is JLC (Johto League Credits) and Indigo is ILC (Indigo League Credits) which have a 1:1 transfer between the two leagues.

A NOTE ON PEOPLE AND POKEGIRLS: Pure humans are very squishy, pokegirl descended humans are overall above pure humans somewhat, and pokegirls are above them both. Blood gifts only improve specific things. In other words, if you have endurance and you are a wimp, then you are just an enduring wimp. If you only have strength, then yeah you can maybe hit hard and lift a ton, but if you get hit it is just as likely to knock you out as any other pokegirl descended human.

Last thing that I deem necessary for the introduction is a spoiler. READ THIS EVEN IF YOU SKIPPED THE REST OF THE INTRODUCTION PLEASE!!! Jacob Smith comes back from the dead anytime that he dies, and he has no idea how to stop it. You will find out why in the story. In reality this is not that different from longevity that gives a person an extended life, but some people may not like death that is not permanent. That is why I am revealing it now. That being said, if you don’t want to read the story because you don’t like the idea of it, then that’s cool. Otherwise, continue on.


Also a repeat of the fact that feedback is encouraged and appreciated, or if you have questions about the setting aspects of the story then let me know. Thanks for reading!


Chapter 1


            Jacob heard the door close. Beads of sweat forming on his forehead and dripping to the floor. The doctor had finally made a mistake that would cost him. Jacob kept his hands still as though the manacles on the adjustable table were still locked in place. Jacob had grown to hate the doctor. The man fancied himself a “pioneer” of the medical field. At one time that may have been true, but he had crossed a line in Jacob’s mind. The doctor was still a genius in many ways despite being a mad man though. Jacob could still remember when he had seemed to be more or less a good man too. As the memory of that time came into his mind everything went black.




The woman, a young Megami, doing the psychic evaluation furrowed her brow as yet another memory was hidden from her sight. It seemed that any memory associated with a time from before this day was hidden from her somehow. Normally a psychic evaluation took a matter of minutes or hours to be done, but this boy had a lot of memories to search through. Not only that, there was a reason he was strapped into the taming restraints in a taming room.


“Everything alright?” asked the man standing next to her.


“Seems to be,” The Megami watched until Jacob’s memory cleared up. He was still in the same place in the lab. “I think we can stop now. Maybe he can stay asleep and rest for a while, but if you want to you should be okay to wake him up.”


“No, that’s fine. He isn’t trying to break out of the restraints this time, so I don’t see any reason to move him for now.” The man seemed focused on other things.


“Yes sir,” said the Megami as she turned back to watch the boy. The man’s name was Gary. Gary was the overseer of the GS Ranch that sat on the southern border of the Johto and Indigo Leagues. He chose a few pokegirls for starting tamers to look at when they came to the ranch, which they could then choose a starter from. He would always ask a few questions to get an idea what the tamer wanted and needed, and each tamer chose one at a time.


The Megami focused on Jacob’s mind again to see what he might be dreaming about.




Jacob was aware that someone was going to be watching his memories right up until the moment it was actually happening. Usually his dreams were foggy memories. It was more like watching them on a T.V. screen. Lately though, they were brought forward in a way that made them indistinguishable from real life. He guessed it had something to do with the Megami’s telepathy. He waited on the table in the old lab. There was a beep on the other side of the door. “There he is,” Jacob thought. Jacob knew that the card reader and finger print scanner had confirmed the doctor’s identity. “I don’t know why he uses such outdated crap for security,” even now Jacob thought of things that could have been improved. The door opened with a click and in stepped a balding, short man who looked to be around the age of sixty. Jacob glanced towards the large device in the middle of the room to his right. The large device was an older prototype teleporter that the doctor had decided not to share with the public. It was a remodel of the typical teleporter designs except it did not only teleport within a universe. It could also teleport outside of one. It was a project that Jacob had helped design when he was the doctor’s assistant, and still only a decade younger than the old man. That was his target.


“Hello Jacob. I have derived another compound to try out on you. I have decided to be generous to you, and give you a small amount of pleasure with your pain,” the doctor said it with a professional demeanor. The doctor smiled as he led another weird creature-like girl into the room and strapped her to the table behind him. He rotated Jacob’s table and set him upright. The girl looked like some sort of mouse. “I really have enjoyed my trips to their world. So many abilities to choose from if you can get one back here. That’s what these compounds are made from you know. Their genetic code.”


“Yeah, yeah. Just go back to the door already,” went through Jacob’s mind. He was nervous enough without the doctor having more time to notice Jacob’s freedom. The doctor said the same thing every time he had a new compound to try. He was about to tell him what this one was supposed to do, and then he would go to close the door.


“You see Jacob. This compound is special. I do owe you a gift since you botched my longevity serum,” He clicked his tongue after the last statement. “You see, after I tried my longevity serum on the next batch of participants and it didn’t rejuvenate them, I wondered why it hadn’t worked yet again. Perhaps the subject needed to be a different species. Then I found you, staying late and messing with my serum.”


“I was fixing it.” Jacob acted like he was struggling against his bindings as he strained the statement. This had to be convincing. He only had one chance to get away.


“So you have said time and time again. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. I had a subject and it seems that your little batch even worked. Too bad it was not in the way that it was intended. You die in agony, and wake up in agony as a younger self, a marvelous side effect,” He smiled, “I am glad you did. I always found pain interesting, but it’s too difficult to collect enough subjects to test projects on. With you, I have no need to collect any,” His smile grew even more, “According to this device that I… obtained on my first trip,” He held up a small device that he referenced what he said were called blood gifts and curses with, “descendants of this particular type of girl have a tendency to climax in a sexual encounter rather quickly just like they do. Observe.” He brought the mouse girl to climax just by stroking carefully around the creature’s exposed breasts. “This serum contains the genetics to give you that same problem, as well as my own enhancement that will make it physically painful when you do. Your desire for a woman will fight with your desire to avoid pain. It should be interesting to observe as I work on the next compound.”


Jacob shook his head at the doctors continued persistence in making new compounds. Like he didn’t already have enough “gifts” to deal with. All he could think was, “Please go to the door before you use it.”


The doctor did as Jacob expected and set the table to rotate with his movement as he walked to the door. Jacob pressed a small button in his hand. He had been working on this plan for a few years now, since the professor had finished with the first creature-girl, and it was finally ready. Jacob moved his hands out of the containment shackles. The doctor had not closed them all the way in his excitement for testing his new project. As the old man reached the door an explosion sounded in separate rooms at each end of the long hallway that sent a tremor through the building. The doctor turned with a wide eyed look, a fear that Jacob relished as he grabbed a nearby tube and smashed the doctor’s hand. He continued to beat the doctor before pushing him out the door and closing it. He locked it as the second and third explosion went off. He rushed to the teleporter and switched it on. “Damn it. Wasted too much time. I shouldn’t have beaten him,” and yet part of him disagreed with what he was saying. He didn’t have enough time to put in a destination, so he just brought up the last used one.


“WARNING. Universal Tear unstable to this location. This will cause the tear to close and block access to further travel. It is advised to use another destination.” He didn’t feel like being followed anyway. Jacob pressed the button to continue. “WARNING. Without stabilization band, teleportation may be deadly.” The explosions were happening quicker and getting closer. “I don’t care,” A slight smile crossed his face as the explosion outside the room guaranteed the end of the doctor. He pressed the button to activate the teleporter and turned to the mouse girl. “I’m sorry” was all he said before stepping into the machine. Ten seconds before the room exploded. “Come on. Let’s go…” Six seconds… three seconds… A beam of light surrounded him. One second left. He wasn’t sure whether the roaring in his ears was from the teleporter or the explosions when suddenly every part of his body was filled with an agony that only meant one thing. He was dead… again.



The Megami abruptly stopped watching as she felt a small figment of the pain that Jacob had faced in that moment.


Jacob awoke with a jerk. He fought against the restraints that held him. There was a young girl in front of him that looked similar to one the doctor had kidnapped.  He fought harder to no avail. He focused on an object in the room. It was one of the “toys” used in taming pokegirls. He calmed down as he realized that he was in the pokecenter at the GS Ranch.


“It’s always worse when you’re watching. Couldn’t we do it while I was awake, so I didn’t have to see it. Jeb didn’t make me do this at all when I got here, he just asked me about my past,” Jacob was still a little shaky as he said it.


The Megami shook her head, “Johto and Indigo both require a psychic evaluation before a tamer license can be given. Jeb just took you to work on pokeballs when you said you were an animal engineer. An engineer does not require one, and technically you haven’t officially existed.”


Jacob laughed, “It’s animal science and biomechanical engineering. They are two different degrees. Though I guess there is some overlap that can be involved.” He tried to move again. “Can you get me out of these restraints now?”


Sarah went to work releasing him from the restraints. “Would you like a glass of water?”


“That’s fine. Can we finish the psych eval?” Jacob didn’t feel like going through another day of being put to sleep. “I will stay awake and tell you the rest while you finish it. Sound good?”


“Okay, but let me take blood samples first,” She was already finishing the evaluation of the memories that she could see. “Once the blood test comes back and Gary looks over it, you can be a tamer. He just left a little while ago.”


“That’s if the Johto and Indigo leaders recognize me as a tamer and don’t see my “problem” as an unfair advantage.”


“I would not be doing blood tests if this was still in question.”


The Megami took some blood in a vial she had been carrying and left to give it to one of the other pokegirls working in the pokecenter. Jacob used the time to organize his thoughts and push away some of the worry about the League decisions.


The Megami came back with a glass of water and sandwich that she handed to Jacob. “You need to eat something since you didn’t eat lunch today,” She said as she headed back to the door.


“Hey. Aren’t you going to finish the evaluation?”


“I already have.” The Megami continued out the door.


Jacob decided to go back to sleep for a couple hours.



Jacob woke up to a figure standing over him.


“Wake up.”


Jacob rubbed his eyes. “Sounds like Gary, but he just left?”


“Hey, Jacob. Get up. We need to go over your blood tests, and you have been sleeping too much. We need to have everything done by noon.”


“Definitely Gary… Why was he back so quick?” Jacob thought.


He realized what Gary had said. “What?! Why didn’t you wake me up when you got back?!” He was definitely awake now. He had planned to get things ready to leave. This was the day he would get to become a tamer. His sister, Hannah had left as a tamer two weeks earlier. Stephen, his cousin who was going to be leaving two weeks from now, said that it was just because she was Gary’s daughter that she got to leave first. Technically, it was because she was five years older. Granted Jacob was actually the oldest since he would have been alive for a total of 126 years in a couple of months, but Gary had decided to go with his physical age instead. That put him a year older than Stephen. Jacob had never liked people before he came to this world, and had kept to himself unless he needed to manipulate someone into getting him something, but Gary, the ranch, Hannah, and Stephen had all grown on him. He was ready to be able to adventure in a new world as a friendly rival with them.


Gary answered his question, “No need to wake you up then. It was in the wee hours of the morning, but you better get up cause we have a lot to get done.” He started walking out the door. Jacob jumped up to follow.


Gary continued through the pokecenter. “First, you can be a tamer on the condition that any official competitions will not allow you to use pokegirls from a past cycles harem. Now, we are going to check out your blood tests and set up your pokedex and Tamer file with the information. After that we need to get you a starter and send you on your way.” Gary had been a little different around Jacob ever since Jeb told him that Jacob would be his adopted son. They had been more like friendly, albeit distant brothers before. Now, Gary treated him more like he would a student than an older brother. Something to do with the fact that it was hard to see Jacob as an older brother when he was supposed to be treating him like a son.


Jacob chuckled at the name for his condition, “So, they are calling them cycles?”


Gary smiled and put his hand on Jacob’s shoulder, “Yeah, it works. You should have been there. One of the researchers on the council wanted to see if taming a giantess was possible. I thought it was a great idea.”


Jacob laughed as he shoved Gary away, “You wish.”


They went into an office where the Megami had laid out the blood test results.


“There were some irregularities in the blood work, so it cannot be simply uploaded into the Tamer file and pokedex,” The Megami pointed to one page, “These are the markers for blood gifts, but there is no pokegirl DNA in his blood. It’s more like attachments that are stable yet should be wrong.”


Jacob sighed, “No surprise there. The pokegirls look like a rip off of our own military experiments. Abandoned projects…” He shook the thought from his head and looked over the results to see what showed up.


Gary seemed surprised, “How is that possible? He is showing blank mind, empathy, toughness, endurance, recovery, and poison resistance blood gift markers, but not a single curse.”


Jacob answered, “That’s because they are all modified into their own types of curses, and none of them are gifts in the way that you know them. Not exactly anyways.”


“Something a little less vague please? We need to get moving if you want to be out of here by noon.” Gary didn’t like not knowing things.


Jacob put his finger on each one as he described them. “The blank mind one is more of a gift than a curse. A side effect of the memory drug that the doctor used to block my thoughts is the ability to intentionally block or open my mind to intrusion. It was meant for memory observation machines, but seems to work against psychic pokegirls. The downside is that if my mind is open to others then I get to relive the memories that were blocked correctly by the drug. That tends to cause problems.” He was referring to an early event in his psychic evaluation where he attacked most of the pokecenter staff until subdued. He had nearly turned one of the storage machines into a bomb… He had chosen not to tell anyone that, and kept that memory blocked, even during his evaluation. He pointed to the next one. “Empathy is equally a gift and a curse. After the unwanted side effects in the first compound, the doctor worked to improve the later ones before applying them. I have always been able to have an idea of what people were feeling, so the doctor amplified it. I can detect others feelings, but I cannot control it. It can be overwhelming at times if I am not expecting it.”


Gary turned to the Megami, “put blank mind and empathy on there as is. They are close enough. Mark the blank mind as a gift, and empathy as high and both a gift and curse,” He turned back to Jacob, “What about the rest?”


Jacob continued, “Toughness, endurance, and recovery all work the same from a physical standpoint. I can take hits, stay up for a while, and recover easily, but it has none of the benefits from a taming standpoint. Lastly, it is specifically designed to allow a subject to feel the most pain. This means that while I can withstand more, I don’t feel any less pain.”


“Mark them all down as modified and all as gifts.” The Megami did as Gary said.


“The last one was taken from a pokegirl that I am unfamiliar with. She looked something like a cobra. I am completely immune to her type of venom. Otherwise I won’t be affected visibly by poison or killed by it, but it brings pain similar to a nasty migraine. Paired with other methods of torture it causes an increased pain. A strong enough poison could conceivably cause enough pain in my head to basically cripple me.”


“Mark it as a poison resistance and poison vulnerability,” Gary pointed to the page that showed no pokegirl DNA, “Why is that showing up?”


“Simple, pokegirls have an unstableness that allows for evolution. That is what you test for. Mine were done using better methods and technology and the bonds were stabilized. The Megami is right. They are more like permanent attachments to the DNA strands to put it simply.” There were a lot more intricacies to it than that, but there were few people on this world who could grasp how it worked.


“alright,” Gary turned to the Megami, “Please get those put in.”


“Should I add his ability to come back from the dead, sir?”


“No, the fewer who know that, the better. Just put a line for Cycles and put 1. Those who need to will know what it means.” Gary headed to the door. “Let’s go get you a starter Jacob.” Jacob followed after him, wondering who he would get to choose from. Gary gave every starter five pokegirls to choose between. The Megami stayed behind in the pokecenter to finish getting Jacob’s pokedex and Tamer file completed and uploaded.


The ranch was separate from the pokecenter and Gary used the walk to help decide who he would put up as a choice for Jacob.


“Do you think you are going to try to be a league champion Jacob?”


“You already know the answer to that. Maybe someday, but I am more of a collector and researcher. I plan to increase the variety of pokegirls on the ranch and improve storage and training methods as a priority after I get back from being a tamer.” Jacob had told him all of this before.


“Just checking. What do you think would be a good starter?” This was a new question, “Keep in mind that the Leagues agreed that you would be exclusively a Johto League tamer for the first year.”


Jacob thought about it for a moment before answering, “Depends on the direction I head first. The grasslands are in the Indigo league. The mountains on the border are too dangerous for a beginner. That leaves the beach, the desert, or the forest. The beach and desert lead west and the forest leads north. In any case, a pokegirl that can heal would be useful. I plan to go to the north, therefore forest and either a fire type or healer to begin with would be a solid choice. There are probably some other good choices as well.”


“Interesting. What about rarity?”


“Unimportant for a beginner. You can buy a rare pokegirl later if you are worried about it, but rarity doesn’t mean usefulness. You also need to be able to get along with them whether they are rare or not.” Jacob liked the idea of collecting rare pokegirls, even planned on it, but practicality was important for a beginner. Gary opened the door for Jacob and followed him into a room with a viewing area similar to what you might see in a criminal line up. Gary went into a room behind the viewing area where a storage machine with a handful of pokegirls sat hidden from view. Gary had picked and moved the pokegirls there earlier, and would narrow it down to his five choices. He came back and stepped into the room with Jacob, the girls walked in and stood against the wall.


There was a Charamanda, a Cyndacunt, a Rapha (Nurse Joy), a Megami, and a Smokey. Gary pointed to the Megami. “She is skilled in healing and,” he paused, “very rare. A good choice and rare,” he emphasized each point.


Jacob knew she was a good choice, but not for him. “She would be for most, but I get annoyed with Megami. So, for me she would not be.” He continued to look over the pokegirls as he thought. He knew the Rapha would be good for healing, but the others would be better fighters. “I will choose the Smokey.”


Gary was surprised. She was more of a placeholder for the fifth spot, as he had expected Jacob to choose from the first four. “Why her?”


Jacob laughed. He could feel the surprise coming from Gary. “Unexpected? I would think it was obvious. She will be strong or equal against most types I am likely to encounter early on. She will be a good starter now with lots of potential later as well. She has a curious nature as well.”


“How can you tell?”


“I can feel the curiosity coming off her.”


“How do you know that it’s not one of the others?”


“Simple. It is strongest coming from her. She is my choice. I would like to trade out some of my rations for some of the garbage if that is allowed.”


Gary rolled his eyes, “will do, crazy kid.”


Jacob spent his last hour going through his hidden memories with Gary. When he was a kid, his time in the military on his old world, and his early days with the professor. After that, Gary brought him the Smokey that he had chosen and left them in a taming room.


Jacob sat down next to her. “What do you think of the name Sarah?” He could tell she was nervous and a little excited too.


“I…I like it.” She was very nervous.


Jacob began slowly caressing her face and stroking her hair. He felt her nervousness fade and turn into arousal. She leaned towards him and kissed his cheek. He turned her head and kissed her deeply as he removed her clothes, lightly squeezing her breasts as he kissed his way down her neck. He found that she was sensitive on the skull mark that was above her breasts, and decided to stay there for a moment. He continued on to tease her nipples as his hands worked their way further down. She let out a loud moan of pleasure as he traced his hands along her stomach. He was doing more than just taming her, he was searching. He wanted to know what worked the best for her, and made it the most pleasurable for her. He also needed to please her as much as possible without finishing himself since his endurance did not help him in that regard. He worked his fingers inside her as he continued to tease her breasts and kiss the skull above them. He continued to do this until he brought her to climax. He positioned himself between her legs and removed his pants, slowly entering her and sliding deeper until he was buried as far as he could go. He slid almost all the way out before sliding back in, starting out slowly and increasing in speed. He felt her orgasm again and continued on until he finished. He watched her lay there with a content smile for a moment. He felt something was different. He had formed an alpha bond with her. He cleaned up and got his clothes on while she did the same. “Ready to go?”


She smiled. “Yesh.”


Jacob didn’t see any reason to put her in her pokeball at the moment. He went to his room and got both his backpacks. One had medical supplies in it, and the other had the gear that all beginning tamers received. Ten pokeballs, an emergency field guide, and a week of rations. He could tell that Gary had switched some of them out for that morning’s trash. He handed the medical pack to Sarah and headed out with her close behind him.


Stephen was waiting at the ranch’s gate for him. “A Smokey? That’s different.”




Stephen stuck his hand out. Jacob took it and gave it a firm shake. Stephen looked out past the gate as he spoke, “Well Jacob, you better train hard because I will be hot on your tail in two weeks now that we are gonna be rivals. Oh, and good luck too.”


“Thanks bud. Good luck to you too. I will give you a call in a couple weeks, maybe we can get Hannah and all meet up somewhere.”


“Sure thing.”



Jacob walked out of the gate. It was time to explore the world.