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Pure Vanilla Chapter 9



         The sun had passed its zenith by the time Daniel noticed any change from the four pokegirls around him. The first to move were Cyrene and Aria, Cyrene pulling Aria to her feet and letting the Kamichu walk over to him.


         Aria came to a halt and gazed at him before sticking out her hand expectantly. After a moment Daniel extended his own in confusion, jumping when she snatched it and flipped it over to show his claws.


         “I have never lost.” She glared at him. “Never at the ranch. Not to a human. Not to a pokegirl.” She scowled. “I still have not.”


         Daniel cocked an eyebrow. “Oh? Then what am I?”


         Aria’s face grew resolute. “You are my Master, and are neither Human nor Pokegirl.” She smiled. “I will only allow my Master to defeat me unpunished.”


         Daniel chuckled. “I see. Do you intend to lose often?”


         Aria shook her head. “I never intend to lose again.”


         Daniel froze at her tone. “Would your Master not be an exception?”


         Aria scowled at him. “My Master may defeat me again, though it would never count as a loss. No other will ever defeat me unpunished.”


         “And what if I lose you to someone?” Daniel twisted his hand from her grip. “If they were to defeat me, would they not be stronger than me, and become your Master?”


         Aria gazed levelly into his eyes. “If you were to lose me, it would not be for long.” She blushed slightly. “Master.”


         Daniel blinked in surprise but slowly began to grin. “I’m glad to hear that.” He glanced over and his grin broadened at Cyrene’s nod. “Though I am sure we will both lose eventually.”


         Aria shook her head. “I will never lose in an even fight.”


         “My sister shows her conviction and wisdom.” Trish murmured. Moving carefully so as not to wake up the slumbering Tigress in her lap, she slid to her feet and approached the Kamichu. “Though I can not confirm she will never lose a fight, she has not stated such. In an even fight, as she says, I am sure she would take victory nearly every time.” She smiled at Adria’s outraged sputter. “No, I do not think you will be infallible even on an even footing, sister. Strive to be, but do not forget that you are not perfect.”


         “Is she-“ Daniel started to ask.


         “Whatever troubles you, ignore it.” Trish gently stroked Lily’s ears, causing the Tigress to squirm in her sleep.


         Daniel bobbed his head slightly. “Thank you.” He glanced back at Cyrene. “Both of you.”


         Cyrene just winked while Aria tugged at Daniel’s hand. “You promised me today.” Aria insisted.


         “I did.” Daniel agreed. “So. What would you like to do?”


         Aria thought for a moment. “Would taming me be out of the question?”


         Cyrene snickered as Daniel gave Aria a grin. “I’m sure I can make that happen.” He glared at the Magic Knight until she stopped. “Is that all you’d like today?”


         Aria shrugged. “Mostly. I’d also like to watch that fight you were talking about.”


         Daniel had to think for a moment before he realized what Aria was referring to. “Oh. Sure, I was already planning on watching Sarah’s fight. In fact, she should be starting pretty soon.”


         “Why deh yeh want teh see it?” Cyrene asked Aria curiously.


         “I expect to fight them in the future.” Aria explained. “So knowing how they fight will give me that much more of an edge.”


         “Oh.” Cyrene blinked. “Honestly I wasn’t expecting this kinna level thinking from yeh.”


         Aria’s eyes narrowed. “And what’s that supposed to mean?”


         Cyrene’s response was cut off when Daniel triggered the return beam on her pokeball. “It means you’re impressing her.” He said quickly. “Exceeding expectations.”


         Aria didn’t look convinced.


         Daniel recalled Lily, Trish gliding into her position while they walked to the gym. They walked in silence, Aria struggling to keep pace with Daniel’s stride and Trish’s measured steps. Eventually they made it to the gym and headed inside.


         The receptionist glanced up as they entered. “You’re just in time. Ms. Evies will be starting shortly.” He gestured down the hallway. “Arena two. You’ll see the door for the stands.”


         Daniel nodded and led the way, the narrower hallway forcing Aria in between him and a suddenly unhappy Trish. The Samurai only calmed down once they had made it into the stands and she had room to once again stand at her Master’s shoulder.


         Inside the familiar arena, Sarah stood talking with Julie Moon. Daniel could still see some slight damage from where Lea had smashed the Videogirl into the wall by the challenger’s stand, but he could also see other similar patch jobs around the ring. It wasn’t long before the referee called the match to order and Daniel settled in to enjoy the show.


         Julie opened with her Cyberelf Mimi while Sarah released Sabrina, the Ka-D-Bra having changed into a multi-tiered dress that Daniel identified as her battle uniform. She easily dodged Mimi’s opening volley of attacks with Teleport before using her Telekinesis, a handful of small objects appearing from her dress folds and shooting towards the Cyberelf.


         The surprised girl managed to dodge most of the projectiles but two scored hits, carving bloody streaks across her shoulder. Instantly the wounds began to bubble, Mimi screaming as the poison began to seep through her body. Shaking off the pain she blitzed towards Sabrina, intent on taking the Ka-D-Bra down before she could do any more damage. Sabrina let her close before launching a second round of pellets, the shotgun spray catching the charging Cyberelf head on.


         The girl hissed in pain but kept running, determined to at least hit Sabrina before the poison took its toll. Sarah shouted a command and Sabrina nodded, stepping back slightly as Mimi suddenly keeled forwards and smashed into the ground.


         Daniel clapped approvingly while the ref called the point and Julie recalled the now snoring Cyberelf. “That’s pretty good, giving Sabrina some of Abilene’s powders.” He frowned. “But where did she get the poison powder?”


         “From the Ivywhore?” Aria supplied.


         “I didn’t think they could make poison powder.” Daniel grumbled, pulling out his pokedex. “I’ll double check.”


         Meanwhile Julie had released a vulpine pokegirl that eyed the Ka-D-Bra hungrily. At the ref’s shout she vanished, prompting Sabrina to begin looking about wildly. Sarah shouted a command but it was too late as the Kunimitsu rose from her shadow to sink her claws into Sabrina’s leg, the Ka-D-Bra jerking from the Mega Drain until she fell to the floor. Sarah quickly recalled her and released Jackie, the Amazon barely waiting for the referee’s count to sprint forwards and pepper her opponent with a flurry of kicks that drove the Kunimitsu to the ground. The Kunimitsu’s eyes briefly glowed as she cast Area Illusion, slipping to the side in an attempt to get away from the relentless assault.


         “EYES!” Sarah screamed, Jackie beginning to pummel the illusions she saw. At her tamer’s cry she stopped, slamming her eyes shut and focusing her Chi. When she opened them they bled white, the energy cutting through the Kunimitsu’s illusion. Jackie whirled, swiftly locating her opponent and renewing her assault. The Kunimitsu finally fought back as she realized she wouldn’t be able to disengage, but had already sustained too much damage to be effective. Jackie took a few cuts on her arm from the Dark Blade the girl summoned before smashing past her guard and sending the fox girl to the ground.


         Ms. Moon waited for the point before releasing her final pokegirl, the Videogirl materializing and gazing at Jackie curiously before speaking. Daniel had to strain his ears to catch their muttered conversation.


         “You look familiar.” Serina said. “Have I fought you before?”


         Jackie shook her head and clutched her wounded arm. “Don’t think so.” She carefully went into a familiar ready stance. “Thank you for the match.”


         Serina’s eyes narrowed and she mirrored the stance. “You, but not-you.” She hissed. “I will enjoy this far too much.”


         Jackie blinked in confusion but didn’t have a time to probe as Serina blurred forwards and smashed her fist into Jackie’s chest, the powered up Double Edge attack shattering her arm and leaving her clutching at the sparking stump. It did its job, Jackie’s eyes rolling back into her head as she flew back and smashed into the wall next to Sarah’s platform, her ribcage caved in and blood bubbling from a punctured lung. Sarah hurriedly recalled her and stared at the Videogirl in shock, earning a glare as Serina fought to control her hologram.


         Daniel sat up straighter as something in Sarah’s expression changed, going from shocked to calm as she released Abilene. She gave her a short command before glaring daggers at the equally surprised Julie.


         Daniel blinked and glanced at Abilene’s back as the plant girl strode forwards. “Oh. That’s where she got the poison powder.” He chuckled. “Wonder what caused that evolution.”


         Abilene stood a good six feet after her evolution, and Daniel could see a look of fury on the feral-borne Venuswhore’s face as she stalked towards the suddenly terrified Videogirl. Serina tried to run but tripped, Abilene’s vines uncoiling from her back and lashing out to lift her prone opponent. Serina cried out in panic and her remaining hand shifted to a blade that she used to slash at Abilene’s vines, but her attempt only made the Venuswhore angrier. There was a collective wince in the arena as Abilene slammed Serina back into the ground, the force of the impact leaving a slight indentation before Abilene whipped the Video girl back towards Julie. Daniel shook his head in sympathy as the Videogirl’s body formed yet another crater in the wall, mirroring what Lea had done a few days prior.


         Abilene nodded decisively and turned, beginning to walk away when Serina stirred.


         “Not done…” She gasped. “Bitch…”


         Abilene turned back and smiled at the struggling Videogirl, the flower on her back beginning to glow. “You done.” She said cheerfully. “Bye bye.”


         Julie cursed and struggled to recall Serina but was too slow as Abilene suddenly lay down, thrusting her ass in the air to point her glowing flower directly at the paralyed girl. The Solarbeam tore through the wall she had been smashed against, and when the light died all that was left was Serina’s spinning life disk, her hologram completely vaporized.


         “Point and match to Challenger Evies.” The referee called, raising his flag.


         One of the pokegirls behind the referee raised her hand and Serina’s life disk flew into a small device she carried. A few moments later it beeped and the Videogirl rematerialized, shakily taking the disk before returning to Julie’s side.


         Daniel grinned and stood. “Well, that’s that.” He waved for Trish and Aria to follow. “So, Aria. What did you think?”


         The Kamichu’s face was pale. “I think I need to get stronger.” She muttered.


         Daniel smiled. “Nothing wrong with that.” He waited until Ms. Moon began to approach Sarah with her badge before walking back into the hallway. “I think all of you need to get stronger.”


         They emerged blinking into the afternoon sun and Aria immediately latched onto Daniel’s arm. “Thank you for letting me watch that.” Her face was still pale but there was a steady determination in her eyes. “I have a long way to go, don’t I?”


         “You do.” Daniel wrapped his other arm around her waist and pulled her to his height. “How do you think you should start?”


         Aria thought for a moment before kissing him, making sure he couldn’t pull away for a few seconds. When she finally let go there was a sultry grin playing at her lips. “I’d consider that step one.” She replied.


         “So would I.” Daniel glanced at Trish. “We’re heading out of town for the day.”


         She blinked her acknowledgement and fell back a step to allow Aria and Daniel an illusion of privacy. They made their way out of town, Daniel stopping where they had seen Sarah the day before and setting up the tent. Once he had finished he and Aria disappeared inside, leaving Trish to stand guard. The Samurai betrayed no outward sign that she noticed the sounds that began to emanate from the tent, merely stepping aside slightly when a leg punched out the door before being hastily retracted.







         Daniel was idly typing at his pokedex while Aria played with his dick, occasionally mounting him or giving him a blowjob whenever it held up enough.


         “I think I’ve discovered a new type of Vampire.” Daniel remarked, taking a sip of a recovery drink. “But instead of drinking blood, she just drinks my semen.”


         Aria removed her mouth from his cock and gave him a scathing glare. “I’m sore.” She winced as he shifted his body, rubbing her raw skin. “I… I wasn’t expecting you to have that much stamina.”


         Daniel just chuckled. “There’s nothing wrong with being overwhelmed your first time.” He teased. “Besides, I’ll take any victory I can get against you.”


         Aria stopped and Daniel heard her let out a slight gasp. “You saw this as a victory?”


         “Of course I did.” Daniel finished the drink and twisted his hips so his half-erect member slapped her cheek. “Sex battles are a recognized contest. And I think I won this one by quite a large margin.”


         Aria looked at his waggling penis with interest. “I amend my earlier statements. I will never lose an even combat battle. I may allow my Master to beat me from time to time, however.”


         Daniel’s snickers were cut off by a rap against the tent fabric. “Helllooooo?”


         Daniel rolled to his knees, drawing a hiss of pain from Aria as he rubbed across her tender body that turned into a sigh of relief when he tossed her a potion. Poking his head out the door, he found himself staring directly at Abilene’s crotch, Sarah standing just beside her.


         “Nice snatch, but no thanks.” Daniel finally managed to quip as his mind caught up to their reversed positions from the day before. “Nice battle.”


         Sarah slapped Abilene’s ass to get her to move, the Venuswhore giggling and bounding away to where Daniel could see the rest of Sarah’s harem were sitting. “Thanks. I thought I saw you in the stands.” She squatted down. “So, need a minute?”


         Daniel peeked back inside at his erection. “If you give Aria a minute, I’m sure she could suck the life back out of me. Otherwise, I’ll throw some pants on and you can tell me what you want?”


         “I want a casual afternoon.” Sarah’s grin was threatening to split her cheeks. “I just got my first badge and I’m going to CELEBRATE!”


         Daniel couldn’t help but match her grin. “Trish won’t play along, but I’ll let everyone else know.” He cocked his head. “You buying?”


         “Mistress, the food is nearly ready.”


         Sarah turned and waved at Sabrina before turning back to Daniel. “You heard her. Better get moving.”


         Daniel quickly nodded his assent and ducked back inside. Aria was already pulling on a crop-top and shorts, her skin healed by the potion. “Casual?” She implored.


         “You’re fine.” Daniel studied the skull logo on her top. “Isn’t that the symbol of that one really violent WAPL Tamer? The Punisher, or whatever?”


         Aria giggled. “Yea, maybe?”


         “Didn’t know he had merchandise.” Daniel pulled on his shorts and scrolled through the pokepack’s menu until he found the shirt he wanted. “Go ahead on outside. And here.” He grabbed his belt and tossed her the pokeballs. “Get Cyrene, Noeth, and Lea out and tell them what’s going on, will you?”


         “Sure.” Aria crawled outside and he could hear her greeting somebody outside. He followed a few minutes later to find chairs set up around a firepit, and save for Trish, who hadn’t moved from the tent door, every pokegirl he could see was relaxing. Cyrene was in her dress, Lea in her armor, and even Noeth had put something on, though he wasn’t sure where she had found the string bikini. It looked suspiciously like Lea’s old outfit, so he figured she had given it to her. Aria however was nowhere to be seen.


          Daniel walked over and took the proffered sandwich from Sabrina. “Where’s Aria gone?” He queried to Cyrene.


         “Over there.” Daniel followed her gesture and nodded when he saw the Kamichu sitting in the shade of a nearby tree. “She explained teh me that yeh hadn’t asked for Lily teh be out for this. She wanted yeh teh know that she understands, but she refuses teh let Lily’s… condition affect what she’s allowed teh do.”


         As Daniel watched red light flared, Aria saying something to the Tigress before gesturing for her to take a seat. Lily didn’t bolt, so he turned away to let them talk. “I wonder where that came from. She’s a pretty abrasive girl.”


         “I did some reading.” Cyrene stuck her tongue out at Daniel’s surprise. “Read about the Neo-Iczel. They’re reported teh have a compassionate streak a kilometer wide.”


         “Interesting.” Daniel watched as Lily sat down next to Aria. “Well I’m glad Aria has the same character.”


         “Aye.” Cyrene looked around and smiled. “Your friend is in high spirits.”


         Daniel watched as a probably tipsy Sarah pulled out a deck of cards and began organizing a game of poker. “She showed that she’s as good as I am. For the first time since we started we’re on equal footing.” He snickered. “Too bad we’re going to take the lead back tomorrow.”


         Cyrene blushed at a whoop from the card game, both Sarah and Eirene hungrily watching Noeth slip out of her top, though Daniel could see the Loner was more amused by their reaction than anything else. “And they’ve begun the strip poker. I’d say the chances of this devolving into an orgy are nearing 100%.”


         Cyrene snickered. “I bet it’ll happen within the next half hour.”


         “Half hour? I give it five minutes.” Daniel shook his head as another losing hand was dealt to Noeth. “And now there’s a bare pussy in play. I think we’ll just step a bit more over here…”






         Groaning, Daniel slowly opened his eyes to the pre-morning world and began getting dressed. He still had no feeling in his groin after he had tamed the Rapha, Jenna. It had been crazy, since the civil pokegirl seemed to have owned every BDSM toy under the sun. And had insisted he use each of them on her. Finishing, he looked around and nodded happily at the empty roads before releasing Noeth. “Good morning. We’re heading back to Magikunt Village.”


         Noeth stretched sleepily. “Finally.” She grabbed his arms and they teleported, appearing in the clearing they had made weeks prior. “Gym?”


         Daniel nodded. “I expect you to fight.”


         Noeth’s face lit up. “I’m looking forward to it.” She said happily.


         Daniel grinned. “Glad to hear it.” He let her walk a few steps away and pulled out the rest of his pokeballs, triggering each release and nodding at the pokegirls as they materialized. As usual Trish immediately took up her position at his shoulder while the rest stretched and worked life back into sore limbs. Aria and Lily sat chatting, the Kamichu having elected herself as Lily’s best friend the day before. The Tigress had immediately latched onto her, allowing a relieved Trish to resume her own duties without hurting Lily’s fragile psyche.


         “Back in Magikunt, Master?” Cyrene asked.


         “Yep.” Daniel glanced around him. “I intend to challenge the gym today or tomorrow. The planned lineup will by Cyrene, Trish, Lea, and Noeth, arranged however Brian wants to battle. If needed, Aria will follow and Lily will close.” He gave the Tigress a soft smile. “We’ll do our best not to make you fight.”


         “No.” Lily struggled free of Aria’s grasp and stood defiantly. “I want to fight.” Everyone looked at the Tigress in shock as she glared around her. “I do.” She looked pleadingly at Cyrene.


         “If she wants teh, I see no reason she can’t.” Cyrene replied, glancing to Daniel.


         Daniel shrugged. “Alright. I guess you’re the closer, Aria.”


         The Kamichu nodded. “I know I’m probably the weakest.” She chuckled. “So, wouldn’t that mean I should open the battle?”


         “If it’s an unlimited, then yes.” Daniel winked. “If it’s not, why would I want to throw away a point on my weakest pokegirl?”


         Aria made a face at his teasing but nodded her assent. Daniel looked back around at the others. “Alright. We’ll head into town around noon. Rest, train, I don’t care what you do, but be ready by then.” He waved at Aria as she turned to leave. “Aria, I need to speak to you for a moment.”


         Aria waited for the others to drift off before coming up to him. “Yes?”


         Daniel nodded at Lily, the Tigress slowly practicing strikes, a light tension in every movement that Daniel hadn’t seen in her before. “What did you two talk about yesterday?”


         Aria cracked a smile. “If you’re wondering why she wants to fight, that’s not really my fault. She always did, I just convinced her to tell you that.” She suddenly looked worried. “Did I do something wrong?”


         Daniel shook his head quickly. “No, no. I didn’t want anybody pushing her outside of what she is comfortable with, but I guess it can’t be helped. And if she’s really ready, I won’t stop her.”


         Aria gave him a quick kiss. “I’ve only known you for a few days. And still I know that my vow wasn’t misplaced.” She hesitated between throwing a salute or a bow, settling on a sweeping curtsy. “My Tamer respects us for what we are, so I will work my hardest for him.”


         “Glad to hear it.” Daniel watched her run off. “’They have their own intuition. Let them use it.’” He recited under his breath. “Thanks, dad.”


         The sun had nearly reached its zenith when they left, Daniel choosing Lea as his bodyguard so he could hide Trish and Cyrene until they were in the arena. Entering the gym Daniel made a beeline to the desk and nodded at the receptionist. “Morning. I’m here to challenge Mr. Benoit.” He grinned. “I’ve got an open invitation.”


         The receptionist rolled his eyes. “Sure you do. Name?”


         “Daniel Adams.”


         The receptionist tapped a few buttons before straightening. “Oh. So you do. Brian will be out in a moment.”


         “I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME BACK UNTIL YOU’D EVOLVED ONE OF YOUR GIRLS.” Daniel heard roared from behind him. Turning he gave the larger man a level gaze.


         “I did, so I have.” Daniel glared at the gym leader. “You insulted our honor with your refusal. I’ve come to take it back.”


         Brian’s mouth slowly spread into a grin. “Not as docile as I thought you were. Come on, then.”


         Daniel and Lea followed him back into an arena stylized after a beach, the water half lapping gently against the firm dirt that made up the other side. A man lounged in the referee’s box and he straightened up at Brian’s nod. “Full challenge?” He whooped when Brian nodded. “Finally some excitement!”


         Brian chuckled. “I’ll be using four. Use however many you need to take the win.” He cracked his knuckles and gave Lea an appraising look. “I hope your Armsmistress isn’t too rusty.”


         Lea inclined her head at him before sitting and pulling out rubber soles that she began fixing to her boots, drawing a calculating glance from Brian as he made his way to his platform. Daniel chuckled and patted her shoulder, causing her to look up. “Nicely done.”


         Lea winked at him and finished arranging her armor. “He likes ice, right? These should help with any shenanigans.”


         “Smart.” Daniel glanced over the arena. “But now that you’ve shown your hand, he’ll probably start with a fire type.”


         Lea gave him an angelic smile. “Well it’s a good thing Cyrene’s going out first, right Sir?”


         “Oh, you’re good.” Daniel purred. “I guess that’s why I keep you around.”


         Lea just stuck her tongue out at him. “Is the challenger ready?” The referee called, waving to get Daniel’s attention.


         “Ready.” Daniel called back, pretending to wave Lea forwards.


         “On my count, release your pokegirls. Three, two, one.”


         It was hard to tell but Daniel thought Brian looked pleased when Lea didn’t move, Daniel releasing Noeth into the arena instead. Across from her Brian released a nude blue haired woman who immediately stepped over to the water, standing with her feet submerged as she watched the Loner.


         “I took a gamble.” Daniel glanced down in surprise at the two-way radio inset in the tamer’s stand. “Well played.”


         Daniel queued the mic and glanced across at the definitely grinning gym leader. “Fight isn’t decided yet.” He pulled out his pokedex and made a scan, wincing at the result. “Noeth!” He called, releasing the talk button. “Stay away from anything she creates!”


         Noeth bobbed her head in acknowledgement and cautiously began to circle the Chrysalis, pausing when she reached her hands into the pool and withdrew two rapidly freezing spheres that she heaved at the Loner. Noeth dove to the side, sheltering her face when the spheres exploded and peppered her with shrapnel. Quickly the Chrysalis formed new bombs and continued her assault, Noeth dodging and teleporting around the room to avoid the damage.


         “Get her out of the water.” Daniel barked. “Go where she won’t.”


         Noeth’s eyes glowed briefly as she used foresight before she teleported, coming out right in front of the Chrysalis and slashing her Dark Blade across her opponent’s leg. The bug girl shrieked, dropping to one knee as she released one of the spheres she had been charging. The shot, fouled by Noeth’s slash, flew wide, impacting against the far wall harmlessly as the Loner teleported again, her face haggard as she struggled to catch her breath.


         “Fade and recover.” Daniel urged, Noeth quickly vanishing from sight.


         The Chrysalis limped out of the water, each attempt to stop moving and focus on her tremor sense thwarted as her leg gave out from under her. At Brian’s command she sat, focusing her power and sending a Mist across the arena.


         Daniel couldn’t help but glance at the Noeth-shaped hole that was created, and neither could the Chrysalis as she lobbed her remaining bomb directly at the faded girl. Noeth tried to dodge, but the bomb detonated inches away from her. Daniel winced at Noeth’s scream, the Loner reappearing as she slid across the ground with multiple lacerations across her body.


         Daniel reached for her pokeball but stopped at Noeth’s determined look. “She’s unmoving.” He rattled off quickly. “Original position/Teleport/Slash.”


         Noeth nodded, shaking the exhaustion off as she teleported again. This time the mist worked against the Chrysalis, Noeth’s prone form hidden from her view until it was too late. She appeared directly behind the ice pokegirl, her Dark Blade already formed and swinging. Brian managed to shout a warning, allowing his pokegirl to form an Ice Shield at the impact point, though most of Noeth’s attack made it through to leave a nasty cut across the Chrysalis’ back. Staggering, she whipped around, launching off her good leg to gatling the flagging Loner with a Rapid Sting.


         Daniel winced and recalled Noeth before she had a chance to hit the ground, the referee already calling the point. Pausing for a second to let the mist thin Daniel released Cyrene. “Stay off the ground and go fast. She’s weak!”


         The Magic Knight materialized unarmored and quickly got her bearings, flaring her aura to lift off the ground and shoot towards the surprised Chrysalis. She managed to detonate a single bomb, well behind Cyrene, before she was bowled over and smacked her head against the ground, immediately out cold.


         Daniel could see as Brian recalled his pokegirl and almost saluted at Cyrene, the Magic Knight carefully tossing the landmines the Chrysalis had formed during the intermission into the water where they melted harmlessly. “The score is one to one. Continue.” The referee shouted as Brian released a leather clad black haired pokegirl, this one standing even with Cyrene as the two pokegirls glared at each other.


         Daniel hissed and shouted a command urgently. “Armor! NOW!”


         Cyrene quickly raised her hands into a block, her armor appearing as the Hun slammed into the still hovering Magic Knight, sending her flying through the air until she stopped herself. Landing, Cyrene summoned her axe and got into a ready position as the Hun advanced, pulling her sword from its sheathe.


         “Evolution one.” Brian called, his eyes on his pokegirl as she clashed, twisting away from Cyrene’s attempted pin. “But you were here weeks ago. What else have you got for me?”


         Daniel didn’t bother with a response, barely able to follow the battle in the arena. Suddenly, Cyrene tripped and he could see the Hun pulling a chain with her free hand. The links snapped tight, ensnaring Cyrene’s leg as she struggled to regain her balance. Seizing her opportunity the Hun darted in, raking her sword uselessly across Cyrene’s armor before flipping it and stabbing the Magic Knight through the side.


         Instead of twisting away Cyrene fell towards the wound, wrenching the Hun’s hand free and leaving the sword embedded in her side. Panting, she got to her feet, blood gushing down her leg to form a pool that began to seep into the water. “I’ll take this.” She said cheerfully, ripping the blade out and attempting to send it flying out of the arena.  As she did her arm gave out halfway through the throw, only heaving the sword into the slowly reddening water as Cyrene fell to her knees, her face ashen from the blood loss.


         The Hun waited a moment, warily watching Cyrene for a sneak attack before diving into the water to retrieve her blade. Cyrene struggled to one knee before Daniel recalled her, shaking his head slightly when Lea made to jump into the arena. “Wait.”


         Brian watched him curiously as the Hun retrieved her sword and returned to her side of the arena. “You had me at a disadvantage. Why not release your next so Rhewi would need to fight out of the water?”


         “Because mine would never forgive me if I pulled something so low.” Daniel shot back and released Trish. “Trish, this Hun beat Cyrene without taking a scratch.” He grinned. “Defeat her for your Master.”


         “Hai.” Trish intoned, turning and drawing her katana. “As you will.”


         Brian mouthed something, his Hun Rhewi cautiously walking forwards until she stood a few feet from Trish. Settling into a neutral stance she waited for the Samurai to make the first move.


         A few minutes passed without any movement from either side, so when Trish’s armor appeared the slight movement was enough to make Daniel jump. On the other side of the arena a snowstorm had slowly kicked up, though the weather refused to pass onto Trish’s side. Suddenly the storm froze, the snow falling to the ground as Rhewi yelled and charged forwards, Trish’s sword meeting hers. Behind Daniel Lea yelped, her eyes able to see the aura that surged around Trish as she kept the storm at bay. High, low, it didn’t matter as the two clashed for the next few seconds, neither able to score a hit. Finally Trish dropped her stance, bringing her katana up in a Demi Blade attack that easily slipped past Rhewi’s matching Ice Blade Mk II. The two impacted at the same time, and held their positions as the effects of the attacks were felt.


         Rhewi was the first to fall, Trish staggering but remaining upright as she clutched at a spreading patch of ice on her breastplate. Breathing heavily she steadied herself, raising her katana again to face whatever opponent came her way next.


         “We’ve each lost half.” Brian observed. “A good match.”


         Daniel made to retort that he hadn’t lost half when Brian released his next pokegirl and barked a one word command. Trish screamed as flames engulfed her, the Flame Sniper dissipating to show her lying facedown on the ground.


         Daniel growled and recalled her, jerking his thumb over his shoulder at Lea. “Go.”


         Lea nodded, vaulting into the arena and blitzing towards the Firemaiden Brian had released. She rolled out of the way of the first Flame Sniper, her path dipping towards the water. Lashing out Lea sent a small wave over her opponent, the fire pokegirl spluttering as she tried to reignite her flagging heat aura. Taking the chance Lea jumped on her opponent and began pummeling, ignoring the flames that caught across her body when the Firemaiden used Ignite in an attempt to shake her off. Finally the heat became too much and she dove into the water, dousing the flames to show ugly burns across her skin. The Firemaiden staggered, her eyes fluttering as she fought to remain conscious after the beating Lea had given her but retained enough concentration to vent her anger, the Rage attack surging power back into her beaten limbs as she charged Lea.


         The Armsmistress frantically blocked, yelping when the Firemaiden’s hands lit up and she began returning the damage she had received. Disengaging, Lea desperately dodged out of the way of a Fire Scythe but dove right into the Firemaiden’s follow up Flame Sword, sending her skidding away to once again put out her armor.


         “Lea!” Daniel shouted. “How are you feeling?”


         Lea watched her opponent, praying for the Rage to wear off. “Like shit!” She yelled back. “I’m burned pretty bad.”


         “Try to keep away from her!” Daniel winced as the Firemaiden charged again, sending a flurry of blows that crashed against Lea’s flagging guard. “She’ll drop eventually!”


         “Can’t wait.” Lea grunted and cried out, her dodge grinding a section of armor against one of the burned patches of her skin. Panting, she continued retreating, breathing in relief when the Firemaiden began to slow. “Here we go.”


         The referee waited for her to fall before calling the point, looking questioningly at Lea and shrugging when she waved him off. “Leader Benoit. Release your final pokegirl.”


         Brian released a tall feline pokegirl, who immediately slouched against the wall and looked questioningly at Lea. “Sir?”


         “Clean it up.”


         “Yes Master.” The girl strode forwards and threw up her hands when Lea took up a defensive posture. “Whoa, whoa. You look a bit hurt, honey. I can cool you off.” She spread her arms. “Hug?”


         Lea relaxed for just a moment while she attempted to figure out what this new pokegirl was trying to do, and during her momentary lapse the Leopardess leapt forwards, wrapping her arms around the Armsmistress and ratcheting up her pheromones.


         Lea reacted instantly, breaking the hold with her enhanced strength and throwing the other pokegirl away, but the damage was done. Tottering slightly, a woozy smile flit across her face as the Sexy Hug took hold. “That felt… Nice.”


         The Leopardess groaned, rubbing at her back where she had hit the ground. “That fucking HURT.” She hissed. “Here, let me cool you off.” She snapped and fired an Ice Beam that drove Lea back. When the mist cleared she lay unmoving, a thin sheet of ice coating her from head to toe.


         Daniel recalled her and measured his options. Lily or Aria. Aria was still very much in training, without any real abilities to call upon. He’d do a better job if he got in the arena instead. Wincing, he waved at the ref. “Can I have a moment?”


         The referee glanced at Brian, the gym leader shaking his head. “Sorry, kid. No pause.”


         Daniel grit his teeth and triggered Lily’s pokeball. “Hey.” He called softly.


         Lily materialized and glanced around, brightening when she saw the arena. “I’m fighting?”


         “Go.” Daniel gestured at the Leopardess. “Beat her, and we win.”


         Across from him, Brian looked at a display and frowned. “A furless Tigress?” He nodded. “Decent surprise. Wonder why you kept her for last.”


         Lily saved her Tamer the need for a response by blitzing forwards and slashing the Leopardess across the face, receiving a howl of pain as the Leopardess stumbled backwards and clutched at her wounds. “YOU BITCH!”


         Lily landed softly from her jump before twisting and driving her claws into the Leopardess’ gut, the tips sparking as she poured her energy into her opponent. The Leopardess shuddered, shaking Lily free as she attempted a counter attack that the Tigress barely dodged.


         The one sided fight continued for another minute, with the Leopardess only getting in a single hit that did little more than anger Lily. Finally Brian held up his hands. “Hold!” He nodded at the referee. “I yield.”


         Lily stepped back, her body humming with suppressed energy as she surveyed her opponent. The Leopardess was exhausted and covered in scratches and cuts, with dried blood matting her fur wherever Lily had scored a deep hit.


         “She’s stronger than Malin. Slightly faster, too.” Brian shook his head. “I don’t need to watch her take us apart, piece by piece. It’s over. You win.”


         Daniel whooped and leapt into the arena, running up to Lily before remembering how she was. The Tigress was calm, the energy that ran through her dissipating, and she was nowhere near as scared as she had been the first day. “Hey.”


         Lily glanced at him and nodded shyly. “M-Master.”


         Daniel smiled. “That’s the first time you’ve called me that.”


         Lily gave a jerking nod and continued standing with her hands at her side, Daniel mirroring her posture. Finally she broke, lunging forwards to wrap him in a hug. She didn’t stay long, just enough time for Daniel to register and begin to move before she was back in her position, watching him carefully. “You care.” She began. “You let me fight. You gave me a name. You listen to what I want.” She smiled. “You are nothing like my old master.”


         Daniel hesitantly held out his hand to her. “Are you ready?”


         Lily glanced at it and shied away. “No. Not alone.”


         Daniel shrugged and dropped his hand. “Alright. Later.”


         Lily nodded again, jumping to the side as Brian approached. “I’d like to think Malin would have put up an actual fight if she hadn’t damaged her back, but your Armsmistress did well to get that hit in. You’ve got quite the group now.” He gestured at Daniel’s belt. “Who’s the last?”


         “A highly inexperienced Kamichu who would have done nothing but give your girl time to relax.” Daniel quipped, chuckling at Lily’s outrage at the insult to her friend.


         Brian nodded. “Fair enough.” He handed over the badge he held. “Congratulations. But remember, I went easy on you.”


         Daniel shook his head. “You gave me a fair fight. If you wanted to go easy on me, you would have handed me the badge the first day I walked in.”


         Brian grinned. “And then where’d you be now?”


         “A lot weaker.” Daniel replied. “Thanks for the battle, Mr. Benoit.”


         “I expect to see you make it through the county finals next year.” Brian’s face was serious as he looked at Daniel. “You’ve got a good team there. I came in hoping to shut you down with ranged attacks and durability, but your girls negated my advantages and when I thought I’d won you pull out a perfect counter. Maybe some of that was luck, but it doesn’t change the fact that you did well with what you had.”


         “Thanks.” Daniel clasped Brian’s wrist. “I’ll be doing my best to make it to regionals.”


         “You’ve got a long way to go, don’t get me wrong.” Brian clarified. “But you’ve got a solid base to work from.”


         “Thanks.” Daniel glanced at Lily. “Do you want to stay out?” At her hesitant nod he turned back to Brian. “Can I get the rest of my girls healed?”


         “Of course.” The gym leader waved the ref down, Daniel handing over his belt. “Good luck again.”


         Daniel thanked him and headed back to the lobby, picking up his pokeballs before heading back onto the street. Lily carefully plodded along behind him as they left town and returned to the campsite, at which point she peeled away and sat under a tree with her knees pulled up beneath her chin.


         “Lily.” Daniel called as he broke down the tent, the Tigress glancing up at him. “We’re not staying here.”


         “Oh.” Lily said quietly and got to her feet. “Where are we going, Master?”


         “To Aberystwyth. It’s a few days walk.”


         Lily nodded and waited for him to continue moving before returning to her spot behind him.






         Daniel blew water out of his nose as he ran through the rain, Aria sprinting along beside him. Daniel spared her a brief glance as they crossed into Aberystwyth, ogling how her bodysuit had become semi-transparent in all the right places. Aria caught him staring and gave him a sultry grin, flaunting her chest as they slowed. “You like?”


         Daniel laughed. “Custom design? Where’d you get that made?”


         “The ranch made it for me to make me more desirable.” Aria shrugged. “I don’t own many other clothes.”


         “Remind me to fix that some time.” Daniel ducked under an awning, pulling Aria with him and pressing her against his body. “But try not to make it any time soon.”


         “And the flirt strikes again.” Aria stuck her tongue out at him and pulled away, pointing at the glowing sign that marked the gym. “There’s our destination.”


         “I was happy here.” Daniel pouted but followed her back into the storm. “Walk in there now and I’ll just get challenged again.”


         Aria dropped an extra sway into her walk as she pulled open the door and bowed Daniel inside. He rolled his eyes as he entered and saw exactly what he had been dreading, three of the handful of tamers inside openly staring at Aria when she walked in. Deciding to salvage what little he could of the situation he recalled her and stepped up to the receptionist. “Good after-“ He glanced out at the storm. “Uh, I think it’s afternoon. I’d like to challenge the gym.”


         The Espea behind the counter didn’t look up. “I’ll have an assistant assigned to you immediately, Mr. Adams. They will explain your challenge.”


         “How did you…” Daniel started before shaking his head. “Right. I’ll go have a seat.” Following his own instruction when the Espea proceeded to ignore him he sat with a reasonable buffer from the other tamers, having to stare one down before he was left alone.


         The storm showed no signs of slowing as the hours passed, tamers streaming in and out of the arenas with semi regularity. Eventually a man walked out and called his name, motioning Daniel to follow him.


         “I’m Francis and I’ll be your assistant today.” The man recited in a bored voice. “Pokedex and name, please?”


         “Daniel Adams.” Daniel handed over his dex, the man slotting it into a machine. “How does this work?”


         “You will fight two matches before challenging for the badge. Your badge challenge will be handled by an assistant or the leader on a case by case basis. As this is your first match, it will be a single battle with three pokegirls to each side. Are these terms acceptable?” Francis pulled out Daniel’s pokedex when it beeped, not even bothering to look at the screen. “Well?”


         “Yea.” Daniel glanced at the machine as they passed, grinning slightly at the message it displayed.


         “You seem to be a new tamer, so I’ll try to get you through the first round at least. I’ll be a bit of a challenge, but my job is to make sure you’re competent.” Francis motioned for Daniel to take the challenger’s podium before moving to his own and waving at the referee. “Good luck.”


         “This is a three pokegirl single battle.” The referee called, his demeanor a complete opposite to Francis’ apathy. “Are both parties ready? Begin!”


         Francis released a Catgirl, prompting Daniel to stuff his hand into his mouth to stifle his laughter. “A challenge.” He choked. “He didn’t even look at my tamer rating.” Calming, he released Aria and pointed at the Catgirl. “I know you’re wet, but get to work.”


         Francis sniffed at Aria’s state of dress. “Leading with the pokegirl you walked here with. Exhaustion is a status condition, you kn-“ He gasped as Aria lunged forwards and dealt the Catgirl a solid punch to the jaw. The girl had been waiting patiently for her Master to give her a command, so the attack encountered no resistance and instantly knocked her to the ground.


         “Point to the challenger!” The referee immediately called. “Assistant Francis, release your next pokegirl!”


         Francis sputtered, recalling his Catgirl and releasing his next pokegirl. “You bastard, I was still-“


         The next pokegirl materialized as Aria made another swing. To her credit she at least reacted, blocking the first punch but looking to her Master for instruction. Francis was still yelling at Daniel, and so the Peekabu’s indecision cost her the precious time between Aria’s attacks. Once again a solid hit, this time to the temple, sent the girl to the floor.


         “Point to the challenger!” The referee yelled again. “Assistant Francis, release your final pokegirl!”


         “HE’S NOT EVEN GIVING HER COMMANDS! THEY’RE OUT OF CONTROL!” Francis screamed, pointing a quivering finger at Daniel. “DISQUALIFY HIM!”


         “Assistant Francis, release your final pokegirl or forfeit.” The referee called calmly. “Score is Challenger two, Gym zero.”


         “RAH!” Francis slammed his hands down and triggered his third pokeball. “GET HER!”


         The Trixie that materialized looked at her Tamer in confusion from the command but moved forwards, blocking Aria’s punches and managing to sneak in a Quick Attack of her own. With her new opponent showing a competent defense Aria dropped back, the grin dropping off her face as she focused. The Trixie faltered for a moment as she also looked to her Tamer for instruction and got none, Aria using the opening to unleash a Meteor Punch that sent the poor girl cartwheeling through the air to lay unmoving in front of her ashen faced tamer.


         “Point and match to the challenger.” The referee nodded at Daniel. “Good showing, Sir.”


         “WHAT WAS THAT!” Francis recalled his pokegirl and stormed up to the referee, the other man turning sedately to face the assistant. “HIS POKEGIRLS WERE ACTING ON THEIR OWN.”


         “This is why you are merely a trial assistant at this gym.” The referee raised his hand as Francis started to bluster. “I will already be reporting your conduct to Mr. Betancourt. Don’t make it worse on yourself, Francis.”


         The assistant immediately clammed up but continued to glare at the referee as he walked over to shake Daniel’s hand. “The name’s Arron. I’ll be handling your challenge from this point.”


         Daniel clasped Arron’s wrist with a nod. “You’ll be my next opponent?”


         “Tomorrow.” The man clarified. “Go rest your pokegirl. I know she didn’t take any damage, but I want you fresh for our bout.” He grinned. “Unlike Francis, I read your file on the way in. I expect a good fight.”


         Daniel grinned back. “I intend to give you one.”


         “Excellent!” Arron clapped his hands together. “Be here by 9am tomorrow and we’ll see how you do. If you do well enough, Mr. Betancourt may be available for your challenge that afternoon.”


         Daniel blinked. “You already expect to lose?”


         Arron chuckled. “I haven’t even seen your real power yet. According to your profile, that Kamichu is your weakest pokegirl. Good show bringing her out to wipe the floor early.”


         “Thanks.” Daniel glanced around. “So. Where should I stay?”


         “There are a couple of inns around here.” Arron gestured out the door. “And you’re welcome to stay here until we close, just in case the storm passes.”


         “I’ll take you up on that.” Daniel nodded one last time before turning away. “C’mon, Aria.”






         Aria grumbled sleepily when Daniel’s pokedex began beeping, the alarm piercing into her dreams. She stumbled over, trying in vain to turn it off before giving up and shaking Daniel awake. “Master, wake up.”


         Daniel yawned, smiling at Aria as he woke. “I hate waking up, but the view is worth it.”


         He yelped as Aria dropped the beeping pokedex in his lap before turning away with a snicker. “Turn that thing off.”


         Daniel jabbed at the screen to silence the alarm and glared at the Kamichu as she began to get dressed. “What do you think you’re doing? Take that off.”


         “It’s 8am, we have a battle in an hour, and I need to be focused for it.” Aria decisively slid her bodysuit over her arms and zipped it up with a sad noise from Daniel. “Come on.” Her eyes softened slightly. “I appreciate what you’re doing to make me feel better about my body, but I want to fight, Master.”


         Daniel grumbled but relented, pulling on his own clothes before the two left their room and headed back to the gym. They were still a half hour early, so Daniel went over various strategies while they waited, Aria helping point out holes in his logic. At 9am exactly the back door opened and Arron poked his head out to wave Daniel inside.


         “Mr. Betancourt has a few matches already lined up for today, so if you do qualify your bout won’t be until late.” He explained. “But I’d recommend focusing on right now, eh?” Daniel nodded slightly, prompting Arron to continue. “We’ll be having a three point bout as well, but a double battle, not single. You’re allowed free substitutions and it will be an unlimited battle. Any questions?”


         “If it’s free substitutions, how will points be awarded?”


         “KO or at the referee’s discretion.” Arron waved him into the same arena as the previous day. “Is the format agreeable?”


         “I have to say yes.” Daniel chuckled. “It’s an interesting way to do it. Should be fun.”


         “I’ll give you some time to form a strategy with your pokegirls.” Arron gestured at the challenger’s podium. “That’ll be yours, once you’re ready.”


         “Thanks.” Daniel paused but proceeded to trigger all of his pokeballs. “You already know my lineup. So this isn’t a trick to see what I’ve got.”


         Arron’s smile grew as Daniel’s harem materialized. “You’re an astute thinker. Any interest in applying for a GA position?”


         “Maybe after I take the championship title.” Daniel replied with a grin. “Alright ladies, we’re at the gym.” He turned to address them, prompting Arron to walk to his side of the arena. “This is going to be a weird battle. It’s going to be a double unlimited free substitution battle, but it’s first to three points. Which means we need to avoid getting KO’d at all costs.” He glanced around. “Most likely situation here is we’re going to have to wear down 3 of his pokegirls before we’ll start earning points. Aria, Lily,” He turned to them. “You’re going to be our finishers.” He gave the Tigress an apologetic smile as she glared death at him. “I need you in reserve, but I know you won’t fight with anyone other than Aria at your side.”


         The anger instantly changed to relief and Lily nodded at his explanation. He almost got a smile from her before she thought better of it and latched onto Aria. “Cyrene, Trish.” He turned to the taller girls. “You’ll be leading us in. Noeth, Lea, you’re on standby.” He glanced around. “This is going to be a fast battle. As soon as one side starts to get behind they’ve lost.”


         Trish glanced at Cyrene and sighed. “Armor.” She tugged at Cyrene’s dress. “Can’t be pretty.”


         Cyrene nodded back and the two girls summoned their armor, Trish foregoing the theatrics and simply changing into her Kozane while Cyrene had to adjust slightly so her dress didn’t get crushed.


         “Don’t you think you should just take that off?” Daniel interceded. “I know Trish has some sports underwear on under that thing, but those are easy to replace. I don’t think I’d be able to get you a new dress for a while.”


         He could tell Cyrene was looking at him from the tilt of her helmet before it vanished and she pulled the dress over her head and handed it to him. “I need teh stop wearing that as my norm.” She said sadly before summoning her armor and turning to join Trish.


         “You don’t need to stop.” Daniel sent as he packed it away. “We just need to either get you some more or figure out a more durable way of making you feel beautiful during battle.


         He could feel Cyrene’s gratitude before she returned to focusing on the match. “Noeth, Lea, remember that you’re on standby.” He recalled Lily and Aria but hesitated on the next two. “If possible I’ll have you both fighting together, too. I’ve seen what you’ve been doing during training.”


         Noeth looked at her mentor and bobbed her head, Lea’s eyes unfocused while she thought. “Yea.” She mumbled.


         Daniel triggered their return and hopped into the challenger box “We’re ready!” He called over, triggering Cyrene and Trish’s recalls but holding their pokeballs ready.


         “Challenger Adams is ready.” The referee, a Thundrix in a black and yellow striped uniform, watched attentively as Daniel and Arron raised their pokeballs. “In 3! 2! 1! BEGIN!”


         Arron led with two masked pokegirls, one vaulting into the air while the other dashed towards Cyrene and Trish. As soon as her momentum began to slow the airborne one threw out her arms, black feathered wings unfolding and launching her directly at Cyrene.


         “shit.” Daniel scrabbled with his scanner and ground his teeth in frustration as the grounded pokegirl dipped to the side and phased through the floor. “SHIT!”


         “THAT’S PROBABLY A FUCKING VAMPIRE!” He managed to send to Cyrene as he began shouting instructions. “Trish, guard, Cyrene, up! Trish is going to be attacked. Distract the flyer and save a burst to get back to her.” He nodded as the winged pokegirl had to spin away from Cyrene’s axe, the Magic Knight easily keeping pace. “We don’t have much that can hurt a vampire, if that’s what she is. You’re going to need to dominate her to keep her still long enough.


         “I hate using that.” Cyrene replied in annoyance but sent her assent. “Command her. I have this one.


         “Trish, watch the floor.” Daniel urged, Trish swiveling away from the aerial battle to hold her weapon ready. “Trust Cyrene.”


         “Aye.” Daniel blinked at the voice but remembered Trish’s budding Delta bond and did his best to take it in stride. Down in the arena Trish had to leap backwards as the second pokegirl phased back underneath her, the Samurai easily deflecting her attack and countering with a Toxic Blade that didn’t seem to have much effect. Daniel managed to get a scan on the girl before she disappeared and frowned at the result.


         “She’s a Steel type!” He yelled, quickly scanning the entry for the Shadetaura. “Cyrene, finish yours off!” He widened the scanner, sighing in relief as it finally got a positive match on the dodging aerial pokegirl. “That’s a Tengal. She can teleport, so watch Trish’s back.


         Cyrene quickly disengaged and raced back to Trish as she realized the implications but was too late. Daniel cursed as the Shadetaura phased in front of Trish and shifted, her armor snapping into view. The heightened threat distracted Trish sufficiently to allow the Tengal to teleport and score an easy hit against Trish’s unprotected back, the Feather Shuriken cutting streaks in her armor. Trish staggered from the impact and turned, allowing the Shadetaura an easy attack of her own before Cyrene arrived to intercept.


         Trish fell away from the Shadetaura’s Pneumatic Drill attack, her armor cushioning the blow before motioning, prompting Cyrene to shift her trajectory slightly. Daniel watched in awe as the two impacted, Trish acting as a springboard to send Cyrene rocketing into the surprised Tengal.


         The Double Edge attack went unmitigated as the Tengal tried but failed to twist out of Cyrene’s grip and the two slammed into the arena wall, Cyrene’s weight only adding to the blow. She grabbed the struggling girl and dismissed her helmet, her eyes glowing as she used Call Me Queen.


         The referee’s arm shot up as Arron moved to recall his pokegirl, staying his hand. “Tengal Jay is unable to battle.” She called, Cyrene letting go of her opponent and watching her quickly speed away. “Point to the Challenger.” She began to lower her arm before raising both. “Double KO!”


         Daniel glanced back at Trish in time to see her falling, her armor twisted from the Shadetaura’s blows. He quickly recalled Cyrene before reaching for Trish’s pokeball, using the time to study her opponent. The Shadetaura’s mask was gone, fragments littering the ground around the unmoving pokegirl. He was pretty sure he could see blood pooling around her upper body from what he guessed was Trish’s attacks. “What happened?”


         The referee dropped her arms. “Samurai Trish scored first. Shadetaura Neru exhausted her opponent. Point to each.”


         “Exhaust… Venom. Shit.” Daniel angrily swiped away from the Shadetaura’s entry. “If I had been paying attention we could have avoided that point.”


         “The battle is still continuing!” The referee called. “Contestants, release your pokegirls or forfeit!”


         Daniel winced and grabbed at Lea and Noeth’s pokeballs but was seconds slower than Arron, his next two already positioning themselves before Daniel’s release beams triggered.


         “Noeth, LEAD!” Daniel managed to scream before their opponents both teleported in for a strike.


         The Loner had already grabbed Lea and teleported before the words were out of his mouth and he silently thanked her precognition. He could see Lea’s disorientation as Noeth teleported once again, one of the pokegirls seeming to follow almost immediately every time she tried.


         Time seemed to slow for Daniel as Noeth appeared and glared at the pokegirl as she appeared next to them once again. “She knows.” Daniel heard her say before tensing and heaving Lea at the other opponent. “I might lose.


         The two vanished, Lea skidding to a halt and looking around wildly. Daniel watched as the second pokegirl took stock of the arena and vines unfolded from her body, seeking to bind the Armsmistress before she could recover.


         The next few seconds were a blur, Noeth and her opponent blinking in and out of existence randomly around the field, while Lea finally got her bearings, only to be lashed by the plant girl’s vines and lifted. “NOT AGAIN!” Daniel had to laugh as Lea panicked, undoubtedly remembering the Boobisaurs she had lost to back outside of Radyr. Luckily for her she wasn’t as weak as she had been and easily broke the hold, dropping to her feet and jumping into range.


         Instantly a recall beam stabbed out, snatching the pokegirl away just as Lea began to swing. Caught off guard she tottered, the unexpected momentum sending her to one knee. Daniel shouted a warning as Arron released an avian pokegirl but Lea was too slow as the girl zipped past the still teleporting combatants and slammed into her. The combination of Agility and Water Spear lifted Lea off her feet, the summoned spear protruding through her back as she began to scream.


         Daniel quickly triggered her recall, cursing as the referee began raising her hand to call a point and reached for Cyrene’s pokeball as a second scream rent the air, closely followed by a sonic boom that shook the walls.


         All activity ground to a halt as the referee once again raised both hands and began shouting for a double KO. Inside the arena, Daniel could see the teleporting pokegirl step away from Noeth, the Loner folded over the avian pokegirl. As the ringing in his ears died down he started making out what the referee was calling. “…ner Noeth! Challenger wins!”


         He blinked and recalled Noeth before stepping down and running to the referee box. “Sorry? Say again?”


         The Thundrix smiled at him. “You win. Three to two. Asprey Gina successfully scored against Armsmistress Lea, but was then taken down by the Loner Noeth. This brought the score to three to two in your favor. Dash Kura did knock out Loner Noeth, but not before she scored her point.”


         It took him another few seconds before Daniel began to grin. “I won?”


         The Thundrix nodded. “You won.”


         Daniel whooped and punched the air, calming when he saw Arron walking towards him, the Dash at his shoulder. “Holy crap. That was amazing!”


         Arron shook his head and stuck out his hand. “Kura had your Loner beat. I’ll be sure to watch your battle with James, if only to see what other decisions she makes.” He sighed. “That was perfect. I made the switch, got your Armsmistress into a vulnerable position, and Gina took the point. At that point all Kura needed to do was finish off the Loner but she lost a precious moment chasing a shadow while your girl took the match.”


         Daniel grinned and took his hand, the adrenaline beginning to recede. “I picked her up at a ranch a few weeks ago. I think I made a good investment.”


         The Dash bowed. “When she recovers, please extend my compliments. I was better, but she found an opening and in the end, that was all that mattered.”


         “Yea.” Daniel glanced at the Thundrix and his look became calculating. “Well, I’m just glad I didn’t have to use all six.”


         Both Arron and the Thundrix slowly grinned back and the girl curtsied. “I look forwards to facing you this afternoon, sir.” She replied. “I hope the two you held in reserve are just as impressive as those four.”


         “You’re one of James’ pokegirls, then.” Daniel continued at her nod. “Likewise.”


         “We’ll send you a message when we’re ready for you.” Arron cut in. “Get some rest.” He gestured at the door. “I can guarantee you a good fight. Now that you’ve got two badges under your belt, and after this morning’s bout, your pokegirls’ scores should have stabilized.”


         Daniel frowned. “That old system is still in use?”


         Arron nodded. “I know most people have stopped caring about power levels, but in the gym circuit it’s still in use so we can monitor fight odds. I think there are some gambling sites that use it, too.”


         Daniel shrugged. “I’m one of the ones who don’t care about it, but are the scores public? I’m curious.”


         Arron pulled out his pokedex and showed Daniel a screen. “You have to turn them on, here.”


         Daniel pulled out his own and synchronized the settings, blinking at the numbers that popped up. “That’s not at all what I was expecting to see.”


         Arron chuckled. “And that’s why they were phased out. If you only look at the numbers, and ignore experience, you’d make some very wrong assumptions.”


         “Yea.” Daniel shut off his dex and waved. “Thanks. I’ll see you tonight.”






Daniel Adams

Age: 18

License: Basic



Pokegene 2


Enhanced Senses (Auditory, Olfactory)

Latent Strength

Latent Rage



Points: 1576


Badges: 2
Wales Gyms:

Magikunt Village




Cyrene (A) – Magic Knight, LV 24

Trish – Samurai, LV 26

Lea – Armsmistress, LV 25

Noeth – Loner, LV 28

Aria – Kamichu, LV 19

Lily – Tigress, LV 37




Sarah Evies

Age: 17

License: Basic



Access Restricted



Points: 1081


Badges: 1




Jackie (A) – Amazon, LV ??

Abilene – Venuswhore, LV ??

Eirene – Dark Kitsune, LV 22

Sabrina – Ka-D-Bra, LV 19

Zoe – Marylith, LV ??