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Wanted: Unknown



         Below me I watched both men and pokegirls traverse the compound. "Patrols haven't changed, so you'll be infiltrating like we discussed." I mused. "And as always, I'm the expendable one."


         My partner's form flickered until a man in an Orange League uniform stood beside me. "You hid it well?"


         I chuckled. "I always do."


         “Except for that time in Blue, with the-"


         I sighed. "Yea, yea. How was I supposed to know there was a feral flock of Vampyra in the area?"


         He chuckled and climbed into the stolen jeep. "Just as long as you learned your lesson." His eyes darted over the road as the convoy approached. "And there's our entrance."


         I grunted my acknowledgment and climbed into the back, already snapping the quick release cuffs on my wrists. "Remember, they want maximum chaos. Whatever is in that convoy needs to go up in a fireball without anyone knowing it was the target."


         He nodded and turned in behind the line of vehicles, slowing to match their speed. "We're a go. In character from this point."


         We slowly approached the gate, pausing only briefly to flash I.D. at the guard before following the convoy behind the main building. As we did a man flagged us down.


         “You weren't a part of the convoy. Where did you come from, son?" He asked.


         My partner jabbed his finger at me. "Regular patrol. Picked up a rebel while we were at it."


         The other man frowned. "We? We who?"


         “Me and my partner. Little bastards got him, left me and my 'girl to bring them down." He glared at me. "I need to report."


         The other man nodded and stepped back. "Sorry to hear that. Good luck."


         We slowly pulled forward and parked nearby the trucks. Already they were being unloaded, and I surreptitiously formed a blood globule in my hand. If we were going to hit it, we would be making the move soon.


         My partner gave me a slight nod as he got out and pulled open my door. "Let's go, jackass." He snarled, grabbing my arm and pulling me roughly from the vehicle. "Someone's going to be very interested to see you."


         I mentally laughed when a few of the convoy drivers ambled over to us. "What's all the ruckus 'bout?" One asked, running his eyes over my cuffs and back to my partner.


         “We got a little rebel here. Killer, actually." He huffed. "Shithead shot up my partner. God there was a lot of blood."


         I nodded slightly at the word blood. "Blood for the blood god." I muttered.


         My partner smacked the back of my head and I fell forward, hiding my hands under my body as I released the cuffs. "See? Little psycho." He said to the drivers, who hummed sympathetically.


         I waited for one of the men to lean down to me before whipping my hands up, the globule now formed into a sharp blade that I sliced down his major arteries, sending a shower of crimson across the ground. He reeled backwards but could only fall as he bled out. The second driver immediately reacted, cursing and sprinting back to the trucks. I spun my legs and sent my partner falling into the spreading blood pool as alarms began to blare, guards and pokegirls rushing into the area.


         I glanced down and nodded to my partners prone form before pursuing the other driver, grabbing him and repeating the series of cuts to send blood cascading over two of the trucks. Behind me the guards had arrived and I noticed one of the pokegirls next to the first driver. Flicking my wrist I sent his blood stabbing upwards and through her throat, my partner swiftly pulling her down to join the pile of bodies. I made sure to catalogue her appearance before turning my attention to the man pointing a gun at me.


         “That's more than enough." He called. "Down, hands on your head, and we won't have to kill you."


         I glanced over his shoulder at a Blazikunt that had just sidled up. At her wink I turned my attention back to the man. "Captain. I suppose you'll do. You have been brought here today to add a number to the body count of Orange rebellion." I raised my arms. "Feel honored."


         At that he opened fire and I let the bullets pierce my chest, making sure to redirect them sideways as they exited in order to send sprays of my blood over as much of the convoy as I could. As he paused I began to laugh and summoned my magic, sending shards of blood through his head. I quickly closed my wounds and ducked as a fireblast whistled over, impacting the building behind me. I used the explosion to quietly duck behind the trucks and watched for enemies to step on one of the trails of blood before killing and spreading each one further. It took only a few minutes to cover the area to my satisfaction and I gazed up at the darkening sky. “Maria, detonation is imminent.


         Her reply was tinged with boredom. “Can’t we have one mission where you don’t go up with it? I know it’s orgasmic for you but one of these days it’s going to bite you in the ass.


         I chuckled. “Already forgetting the benefits to you. Get out, get back to my phial. We’ll celebrate tonight, yea?


         Her mood flipped immediately and she sent a confirmation. In the main area I watched the Blazikunt flicker and disappear as I turned my attention back to the blood soaked trucks beside me. With an anticlimactic thud, I sliced open my throat and dropped to the ground.


         The Blazikunt stood above the compound and watched the soldiers stream around the convoy. She glanced up at the setting sun. "Three... Two... One..." She murmured, watching the last ray slip below the horizon.


         As it did a deafening explosion rocked the compound, sending billowing flames into the sky. As each truck caught she could see lightning and ice mixed into the explosions. Laughing, she teleported away and lit a campfire, settling down for the night.


         The next day she made her way back to where they had started the mission and dug up her master’s phylactery. Setting on the ground she traced the correct symbols and began to mutter the spell. As she spoke the glass burst open, the liquid inside shifting until the man lay nude in front of her.


         I groaned as I sat up. “That always fuckin hurts.” I glanced at my partner. “Thanks, Maria.”


         She nodded and shifted back to her normal form. “It’s not like I’m going to leave you or anything.”


         I shrugged and got to my feet. “The time spell would trigger even if you did. Although being buried alive again is not on my to do list.” I accepted my change of clothes from her and began dressing. “Well, let’s get back to the employer and get paid.”






         The man nodded as he listened to Alec’s report. “You hit the right trucks, then. You wouldn’t have known about the elemental effects otherwise.”


         Alec shrugged. “We hit the convoy. Whether or not those were the right trucks were your concern. Not ours.”


         The man chuckled. “Of course. The usual payment will be put into your account.” He stopped Alec as he rose to leave. “There’s another job. Over in Blue. A customer there wants some strong, rare pokegirl for the black market.” His eye’s glinted. “I said I knew someone who could help.”


         Alec shook his head. “I don’t work for you, old man. You just happen to be a regular customer. Tell your friend to contact me if he wants someone.”


         He stopped when he noticed the guards blocking the door. Alec slowly turned back to the man behind the desk. “What gives.”


         The man shrugged and lit a cigar, taking a few puffs. “You don’t want to walk away from this.”


         Alec’s eyes narrowed. “You know my reputation, and yet you insist on making threats?”


         The man nodded. “I do. It’s the only way to get through to you. This job pays quite handsomely – and I’d only require a small percent as a finder’s fee.”


         Alec growled. “What is the deal.”


         The man smiled. “You kidnap and rob tamers. You send one third of the captured girls to the client. The strongest third. The others are yours to do with as you see fit.” He grinned. “The client will also be providing loveballs. To, ah, clean up the situation.”


         Alec blinked. “This client, are they a Don?”


         The man nodded. “A foot in the door.”


         Alec smiled. “You’re on, old man. Send me the info.”


         The guards moved away as the man chuckled and spread his arms wide. “I knew you’d see reason, boyo. Have fun out there.”


         Alec waited until he was on the street before releasing Maria from her pokeball. “We’ve got a good lead on a Don. Finally we’re getting somewhere.”


         Maria grined. “Excellent. What’s the job?”


         Alec shrugged. “Kidnap, loveball, send the strongest girls and keep the rest. They’re the pay.”


         Maria gasped. “Loveball? No shit?” She giggled excitedly. “We’re in the big league now!”


         Alec nodded in amusement. “By the way, the old man up there wants… A cut.”


         Maria nodded sagely. “I can cut him in.” She said, her arm shifting. “How much of a cut?”


         Alec shrugged. “Not a large one. Maybe just an arm.”


         Maria’s hand twitched and she turned away as a splatter of red smeared across an upper floor window. “Something like that?”


         Alec nodded in satisfaction. “I’ll let him know he’s gotten his cut.” They walked away as guards began streaming out of the building. “So. We’re going to Blue.” He smiled. “For real now.”